Learning Technologies 2009 – Andy Tedd – Collaborative learning at work

does anybody here work for the BBC apart from the people i know that means i can show you some stuff they don’t want me to show you okay before i do that what i want you to do this is really cool anybody not good well that’s the lecture social media is really how is this man most important by the world pretty much use social media scale active here our social media stats five million friends on social networking sites it’s quite a lot voted for it so you can see lots of stuff I think this one’s pretty amazing 442 thousand user-generated video sources on youtube so someone called the earth would make their own video posting it to youtube presumably someone who say we want to look at his stuff will recommend it it’s a really good example of how to use social media to do really important that big things the only thing i do is that surely okay what I’m to do now is going to show some pictures when you think what you’ve got what I’m on about a week okay so one picture this next picture next picture next picture show people often ask Oh social networking of words really bad what we need to stop it I think what you’re showing shows a social networking something that’s involved over millions and millions of years of evolution even if you could stop it employs doing it what you can’t would you want to and even if you try to score they probably can’t stop themselves today you are born and quickly devolved to the social networking machine Taylor and any effort to try to stop it we finally finally I don’t you work easier one of our clients what’s big city lawyer they make bank social networking through a very kind words who then said it what really surprised me was when you go into this big corporate lawyer and give me really nice coffee table everywhere the organization is facebook and so they were still surprised that all their employees with using the IT equipment of this thing corporate culture so I think that’s a really important thing I just want to get on to this this this stuff is here and it’s happening and really what it is a technological what are you doing yeah what happened right stuff as well that would be best facebook

sorry about this okay so one of the first kind of recent jobs been doing is working for college germs and the BBC and one of the things like they’ll ask the eTech Jesus they all my stuff is working to notice that they’re nice protective a greater when all the problems happen and we created website which when you look at it here at the 20-29 site is traditional common quick one no tactic website we thought is really great without a blog sort of interactive stuff you can comment and all the technical web to feature of Ariel’s wikia’s discussion board but no one used them and the reason no one uses them really more than one Italian partly kissing cousin Tori we have loads of stuffing but it hasn’t got these comments and what can be a client coming back because people don’t comment on study learn anything so that’s what you say this is one point is really critical eye thing is when you’re producing stuff social media stuff your communities even in p24 8,000 journalists it’s kind of lurker to poster ratio which typically have one 991 post and close original content 1990 being through eight thousand Gervais you know aging a topology losers you probably see all those guys Vitelli 720 colleges 7200 workers so if people are pulling their hair out saying oh my god you’ve only got hundred colleges how about 50 postage actually doing pretty well and if you’ve got quite a big so the next you’re now the BBC and do and we did some research quite extensive research various parts to be about what they wanted on the social media site and what they said they wanted something that was a g-protein vilest rates are pharma sharing combination human and poor betraying that we’ve been delivering was this kind of stuff and in fact they said you’ll know where you fail because the director-general will have a champagne party two more children sterics here we’ve got a moment well it’s really important this is cultural again stop technology talked about the time about leaving space for people not chasing interesting search later on about trusting trusting one of the things we found out also another research was how to us that they wanted and what is it exactly just in time like doing stuff with inspiration feedback from experts say that’s quite important environment today and you can see how

this grace probably because you feel the fetus or during the project you’re probably Navy that these guys your audience you’re trying to sell it to these guys and these guys were probably been promoting it and what happens is although these guys get technology they don’t really deal with it the same way of these guys did good in karate what I think digital natives a better way of understanding particularly for Aquinas about leaders these guys have grown up an ipod something music is 0-2 whines it’s ed not kind of james’s gate lock sweet mr. this guy you can see him he’s on the truth he’s got a ipod and it’s just looking at wrinkles this guy’s this guy’s just you know it’s just there and so the point is when they commit your organization they’re looking to learn stuff they expect to learn computer because computers just passed their life everything I do and it isn’t this is sort of completely at popular in the times a little thing which is very very catchy and it’s nearly always open which i think is a fire station device or it’s not my products blackberry so social our chief executives are social networkers but they just do a nice posture blackberry they do it but they’ve got facinated animes place you just have to sort of everyone is suitable differences right this is a stub out of sight immediately research so you can see right Bob so lots of them read them and awesome don’t go there talked before Game Boy tourism right away which usage similarly this bit for asian guy once I say they make you more of a contribution to wikis and they asked close social bookmarking devil deceived our video sharing that’s quite big actually so what are people up because again we think what the nature of the organizations that you can have a surprising and having listened to the first keynote address this morning actually I think that might just retreat or anybody people’s language the primary language teachers and you might expect things like you to click Add to be more interesting than which discussion forums and quite high percentage photo sharing photos social network so we also asked around white-rodgers stop look at content is shared and primarily recommendation otherwise of marketing and the absolute killer is CEOs these are trusted sources also really social media so the highest trusted source is a person like yourself an academic regulate for you accompany a lot worse so you’ll see ya okay one of

the other things happy Mother’s all bounds research was trying architecture start this works bit more for so what we need by level one more time to do is really boil down our existing content into a web friendly 30 second bite size of war yeah so that’s like if I say I chase but if you’re writing a story about China there’s only two things one is that this there are two China facts best Packer datastore you write about it and the other fiscal resources so it’s kind of foreign policy is played out against its backup desperate losers so you know there’s two things you’re really much better decision to write your piece level two and it may be a ball kind of detail the content that are quite a bit more involvement so things like having it built or short days and then level three is the kind of wiki ES File encyclopedia article so what we’ve done or what we do is take your content and angular secretary and these levels full of Mencia course we get five things you need tonight and then some short videos and beeping and you’ve only got time for everyone stuff they’re still Carraway most important stuff now I’ve just realized that I haven’t uses confused so probably like they’re looking in want me to show you some quick and dirty prototypes that we’ve put together okay so this is some stuff on China and this is just for user testing this is one of the major problems for China right now it’s one of the problems identified by the Communist Party because they’re worried that they might lose power because of it the to China’s effectively the rich China on the coast around Shanghai and all that area where people live like they lived as if they were in Sweden and then there is inland China where people live as if they were in Namibia and it’s this income gap between those in inland China and those in eastern China which worries the Communist Party they worry about what happens when 600 million people who are left out of the economic miracle suddenly start to organize and to say we want a piece of what you’re having and we’re not happy with the way you’re not giving it to us it was great now what people expect to know about China 30 seconds and it’s free which means you have to take quite different approach to grow to teaching people about it and having a bit of credibility in terms of the BBC’s possibility to get away with kind of pettiness of the context might otherwise genetically the short coming other stuff we’ve done is put some links and delicious and see what kind of stuff I’m just looking everything’s so the college is creating a certain links there I won’t be able to show I’d have to login to show you that network by actually quite juicy news programs have deliciousness was around the other good things where generally the audience that program that’s what they delicious site might look like that’s quite useful for a really easy way to share me to me thing i love about delicious is the way the categorization by tagging allow them to take multiple user subject in the way that convention or the hierarchy doesn’t

so you go down in silos revolution especially cause Kris Kross water has done what else just mention a single page place feed aggregator and yet i miss you re to help and so that really important wintry what we’re just trying to do is find ways where we can kind of get the information that is the system anywhere to look at so they can kind of pick up where a store we’ve done so this is God this one is I p.m. so that’s the interactive version of here and so they’ve got Twitter and they’ve got delicious floor and then we’ve done a podcaster demos recent stuff so on that page asleep is roughly what they’re up to another good one is Captain Jones is technology correspondent probably seen and reported from Mac expert places okay he’s twittering very stories that cool to use and so there’s quite a lot of stuff that goes on which we’re just trying to capture without the correspondent doing any more work so people can look at battery keep informed about it and this is something you really very high-end it’s difficult people who just saw such a million to product so simple things that are easily understood okay so in summary what’s great about social media is that in harness the power of ESP recommendation and it’s very convenient for designing content oh the law is a big sharing some web works exactly delicious

today is this is this storytelling trainer no that’s a good story you can’t beat Dirty Harry but to get lost in a film that’s got it open while you’ve got to have a good beginning but what exactly is a good beginning there were three questions that you need to know the answer to before you can start your story whose story is it what’s the story and how are you going to tell it your job is the storyteller is to set those three questions up as soon as possible first question this is just a demonstration mr well what is the use of this is just objection screaming and all projector enormously laptop as an interactive whiteboard so right personalities credibility we find it absolutely Oh ok now okay yep Thank you Thank You Angie tape I know that gentleman they had a question earlier can you remember it