welcome to my channel as you may have realized by that no introduction bear today April 22nd is my birthday as it is Earth Day to make sure you well you can’t go outside to litter so remember for next year not to litter I’m sending you today for next year don’t litter ever so what we’re going to do today to make sure I still enjoy my birthday because the show must go where must go on in fact yes I’m back oh I forgot something okay now we’re ready to rumble okay so today’s my birthday and here are my tips I got myself so I’m gonna open them I’m gonna open it so actually this one I already opened kind of because it was in a box with the Amazon box I ordered my tripod in and let me just moisturize my lips okay I don’t know why I bought this belt back with me it’s off Queenie um I’m really interested in literature that’s written by black people or have black characters in it because I feel like relatable disability auntie she is with braids Here I am with braids and I think I saw the blurb someone look at this look at this beautiful one earlier she’s so pretty Candace candies she’s put Indiana you know what what am i doin xpick reviews because I’ve got a few more books to get through this will be included hope they would have finish it right then I just love the color I love the cover I love here I have my PLT bag which I ordered on Saturday via Shanta lysing thank you so much Chantelle izing for being of service to me to ensure that I’ve got my my gifts in a speedy fashion so here we have I really like this bit I’m gonna open it like a regular so I got a little cheeky dress and a onesie which I am going to get dressed into I loved it I was happy it’s really hot in my river quite like right let me tie my hair up so got something breathing air cuz I got this cheating it or don’t love I actually got this dress I’m gonna wear it to the first hit weather then I guarantee you and that I’ve got this little croc dress I want to try it on but I don’t want trouble because as I said I want to write to hip love I know what she wasn’t gonna wear this is gonna look great on me I just know it it looks weird but like without you know a body inside it but I’m you know it’s gonna look great if you’ve seen me in that white dress of water the wedding and I’m sit down yeah just know what we have next this was one of the first from UT Bay Wow to me from me Wow I got myself a concealer brush by I can’t read that I thought concealer brush to conceal cuz I just feel like that’s what growing girls do these brushes and I had this cheap like this cheap sponge and I was like this is so childish but it’s not childish but I wanted to try out how brushes how brushes work cuz I’ve got sensitive skin here and it just it just hurt I also got brow pomade but revolution I’m hungry and I got some lipstick I was going to get some lipstick from dossier but I didn’t arrive on time but luckily they have really good customer service bien because lipstick Wow it’s got out embrace you’re supposed to

be brown it’s not up they get angry and an eyebrow for made Wow Wow oh it’s kind of great I want to dip my finger in it by doing little company Wow the next book is from from from revolution by Ricky Wow I just bring outdid myself this year and here we have we have another brow product and I love a brow product whoa I just love doing my brows oh this was heavy so I had the three front one before guys why is he that girl why is it that color oh oh it’s like it’s just a she okay okay that’s okay look everything’s fine and then we’ve got a beauty on the back wow this is Wow and we’ve got another brow from AIDS now this one’s a clickable brow pomade pen which has like micro bleeding thingies now as you may or may not know I think I mentioned it loads of times before but I’ve had my brother micro bladed so I thought I need to get a top-up I haven’t gone in time like since before going on obviously you guys been a little bit broke but now I’ve got this pen whoa it looks like like um you know that when you get like a Hoover oh yeah kind of thicker how does this work how this is work who figured out later and then we’ve got mascara Wow revolution I like what it’s called a cover I don’t go through my pink right this mascara I mean wow goopy okay I almost opened this actually did open it and I thought exercise patience the reason why I almost opened this one is because it had like skincare stuff in here so I hadn’t really massive inflammation in my last video as you saw and I hide in here with Mary oh but the shoe drying lotion and I wants to get in there then I got here and I was like oh this box it’s really nice you know I swear because I chose to give myself the gift box option sometimes you just need to use your head in certain situation Wow look look at this box Oh you can how can we use this books this is remember when I said it was Earth Day this is recyclable and in this little box we have my products so I’ve got a bubbling paper mask I’ve got a a really mixed up drying lotion which seems to have new instructions I’ve got this toxic fuck it was black I thought I thought the bottle was black with the liquid is black okay all right this is micellar water to remove makeup cleanse and moisturize all-in-one without

rinsing well I will be rinsing we’ve got a coffee body scrub because I just love to wake up in the morning yes-yes-yes with lemongrass let’s see how this process I know I like the smell I like the smell of lemongrass I like the smell of coffee apply scrub to body Buffy it’s quite heavy I thought maybe tiny there’s quite good size now who knew that the lids of these things can be used to quickly when interesting amalgamation of smells great and I’ve got the electric violet swirly swirly bootie blender now the website made it look a lot bigger than this maybe when you apply water it’s gonna grow I thought it was gonna be like the size of my hand but it’s okay and that concludes the unboxing of all my kids I just want to thank myself all these marvelous gifts that I got me I couldn’t have done it without me I hope yeah I hope you guys have a great rest of your day I’m gonna have a concert now if you wanna watch the concert then tune in to part two of this thing log it stays off don’t you never believe it hi Jesus I just went downstairs to go and take a bowl and look what arrived it’s the glossier package oh my gosh and three steps I can’t even I gonna stuff whatever in it no good I didn’t think it was gonna come for the media wait okay basically I ordered this wasn’t April April right because like I don’t know I just got feeling and it isn’t pursued on the website that was slow shipping or whatever and I didn’t receive any dispatch think so on Saturday I messaged I’m just learning my edges for the concert later I messaged him saying oh like is there is there like a dispatched time because I really want it to arrive for my birthday I feel like I can’t give it time I’m really sorry this is I take a bearing minus one Saturday and I was like is it too late to cancel it then because I really wanted it for my birthday for this video and stuff and then she was like you didn’t respond the veg school my wreath but she like I got a refund even I was like no I didn’t want to leave I just want okay and then she was like oh I said I didn’t want to be first ones to know when I would arrive and she said no don’t worry don’t wanna trouble you with her with having to send anything back you keep the items and have the roof own ah and then I just went downstairs to go and put my appetizer bottle away you know and I opened the door to cause obviously the little blue box where the glass is guys I just had read with openness I’m gonna associate babes and it was well it will only say slightly something comes well it’s it Ernie it was for like a little lipstick kit thing glossier and i put this little note on it over to Irene from Irene a birthday to you because I’m I got my little sharpener cuz I had to make it a certain amount of money before it could be delivered so I’ve got a little sharpener and these are the items that actually went to buy so bomb calm lip gloss and then a

lipstick and then some like wipes to again make it make it enough to be able to like the liver the stuff and then then it will song or with this oh this is the sample I mean wow you ready skinned you there but thank you oh I like that anyway let’s use this lip balm guys you know okay my lips are like chronically dry let’s get this bum home Wow universal so selves like Salva from money heist Wow look at me my lip balms in a tube yours vanished in oh let same way still want oh oh shoot em shoot em shoot em lip gloss Wow I have a glossy lip gloss Wow my lips have never been so moisturized ever in its life doesn’t spoil if anything wow wow wow hey this smells good and then I smile at the Queen yes my queen before what no you have it when you meet me oh let’s go sis Gerson sir I keep looking behind cause of him to cut the mirrors there because I’m using my back camera and then I’ve got this little lipstick when I got it as soon as I call it a next I saw there was pictures of it this is the lipstick it’s sheer and it’s matte so I’m just going to swatch it because hmm this is the color very precious wow this was Leslie my mom’s no mean Betsy what mom said mom did I tell you about my package that wasn’t gonna arrive and they gave me the refund that just came now on my birthday report they just left it doesn’t will be your daughter though yeah smell me really know me I didn’t know another way anyway she doesn’t new perfume my nose is broken let’s spread some birthday cheer hello everybody it’s my birthday oh hi I’m setting this my birthday it’s my birthday today thank you the neighbor mom I really hope this will be this is my birthday outfit Oh your mom’s cooking for you yeah mom I can’t lie to you I want Jamaican food you want I want you make I didn’t make any huh I’m not a Jamaica Jamaica food it’s my birthday ah BRB guys so when I just win um Deacon Stephanie who at my church is

also Baycrest um she bakes cakes and other things that go in the oven and things and she just bought me something and a card and her social medias Evelyn’s bakery which I’ll even put it here if I can or in the description box I got brownies or the brownie brownie oh wait you’re supposed to cook it everyone’s not supposed to cook that because they’ll be but I am NOT making how can out-cook Jamaican food I am okay okay I think I have some in de me for breakfast okay now I’m gonna go for real I promise