ELD MOOC Live Session III by Sarah Odera

so welcome to this third session of the eld look I’m very happy to have you all on board and to see you again online I am Claudia music um and I am the online tutor and the moderator for this session and I will guide you through the presentation before I introduce today’s speakers Sarah on-air are you all already seen window at the bottom before I introduce Sarah vedera let me make a few remarks on the assignment we have i’ve looked at some of the preparation that all of you have been doing in the last two weeks and i have to say that I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen so far there have been some great assignments in preparation about let me just say name few word about cutting florist about the Brown County us about drop belly and Morocco dongsaeng gafar about Heba hillock in India same botanica mangrove India but Mount Kenya the victoria lake paso grande bharat say so I’m really happy how this has been going so far and I’m really looking forward to all these assignments ready later this week I have been asked to present a paper which has been written by one of the tutors of our online look I will do that a little later because i forgot to upload it but it’s a paper which also talks about the different values of the ecosystem and how to look at it it has been prepared after sessions of desert net and the UN sees unccd all these applications unccd scientific committees meetings we will have a presentation this afternoon on ELD and the business sector on the private sector Sarah Adara will be our speaker but before we turn open Sarah I would like to ask you two questions I’ve seen that there is has been already some debate about getting businesses involved in the practices of sustainable land management and so I was wondering do you think we should engage business businesses at all in sustainable management or do you think it’s really not worth doing it so you should be able to see the poor now I will show the results as they come in please answer our question of whether you think we should engage businesses in sustainable land management practices we know that not so many businesses have started

engaging sustainable land management that we’ll hear more from Sarah about the reasons what can be done but what I would like to know from you is do you think there should be an engagement I think most of you have already replied so I see a strong majority is in favoring in favor of engaging businesses in a sustainable land management practices and give this result I would like to ask you another question and the question is what do you think what do you think why have business not been engaged in sustainable land manager that management so far what do you think they don’t want to engage in sustainable land management it’s not in the business interest they are they don’t want oh and the singer I’m sorry I have to put in soil they don’t I’ve to revise the question sorry they don’t do you think they don’t want to engage in sustainable energy or they don’t know about sustainable land management or do you think they don’t know how to do it what do you think is most probable in terms of businesses and sustainable land management I see strong opinions coming in here okay so how do you think about business is a private sector so as you see about half of the group’s thing business don’t know about sustainable and Megan they don’t know how to do sustainable land management so that’s the question of educating how to do it another third more of the things that is they don’t they are not informed that theres sustainable land management practices or only one-fifth beliefs they don’t want to engage I guess we all hear now from Sarah odera today I’m very happy to present her as a speaker and sterile is as a bachelor in communications she’s originally from Kenya but has lived in Germany for a long time as far as I understand she holds her own there are all the master’s degree in global political economy and she has worked with the German Ministry of the Environment for some time later has joined the tep also an environmental organization and she is now with the Eid Secretariat as the communication specialist so welcome with me Sarah odera to this afternoon top talk about ELD and sustainable and finish and private sector a unique okay great I’ll send us half and the Nagas didn’t really need to change in plans for the presentation so that it went hunting you

got enough time off by welcome you all with sensation on Yogi and what souls we are going to talk about this vacancy okay which everything for watching that the just this last week import hearing this station you’re going to go through your big target group we’re going to lose it reasons for engaging your toilet paper back once in for Roger resources expertise in that regard of rupture we keep with the distance to be obesity elph deep follow us as well as the kids ready I can see the desert problem with earth with a sound is there anything I can do to adjust it before and some genius ok so I have continued since everyone leaves that he is much better cloudy could you move to the next line liner between the next thing I would like to start off by introducing the lb target groups is healthy fruit also the weather what’s the year leading questions based upon one of us have a group is the political decision makers they are the key drivers policy change due to their critical role in allocating resources and policy for me later the report is intended to provide them with accurate and suitable information online education this information is to enable them to make informed decisions and take appropriate measures on matters such as reform of harmful subsidies or development of pain for every 15-30 our next target group are the scientifically ELD assuming you were in the scientific endeavor and they are the main generators of scientific knowledge that provide reliable data and application or ranges tool as a basis for quality making an investment decisions the report is planned to provide a state-of-art synthesis of journeys and methods for burning land degradation and Lance services for the NZ this time and an interesting discussion with the private sector is from the main stakeholders who met in red and in the wedges of lime this component of beauty is intended to benefit business by identifying business investment opportunities and incentives linked to the preservation and sustainable management of Lance husband and from what new tools for measuring and reporting they are in next we would like to look at the reasons for engaging the side effects are you to change the slide our entry or engaging hybrid sensor play an important role in the management and use of natural for our company or any company in direct contact with 99 is key and is managed with normal business a new investment has to have a flavor science return investment an entire rate of return that means the company’s criteria for new investment for operations we need for companies distance in the value chain line is more see notes in a scoreless which leads it from the standard calculations in 20 risk analogy for supply chain and in investment Israel and unscrews existing companies to assess land education risk to their business is a path that we can can be taken when involving the private sector from the side of the silences there is a growing overlap between public and private interest and addressing sustainable issues in a way to get new markets and create new business opportunity landing beaches induces changes EG in the cost and availability of resources and have a direct impact on the cost cost structure and profitability for any company the means back degradation risks and opportunities may not have been very well and a tooth fairy movie however

there is an increase from what life on small private sector companies they interest is due to increase the scene ability confirmed e.t on raw materials & Company C economic benefits and we opportunities in reducing large region the results from this watch it will contribute greatly in the creation of the year in business report that is said to be produced in January 2050 showing there it is what for businesses to invest in sustainable land plane engine going on to the background could you change the next light lawyer outline to shortly taken back to the first really private sector workshop which was held in june 2013 the workshop was attended by over 30 parties are resulting in an economic analysis by yielding on business exposure to the risk of language teacher and the benefits of sustainable management agement this is put free excuse me it is well for trade in the energy business great opportunity loss that is available for download as well on our words pinpointed was also the seventh heat sensors heavily exposed to high risk is include basic resources EG for a free special of metal construction and materials food and beverage industrial goods and services for example transportation packaging leisure and travel airlines hotels restaurants personal and household goods for example consumer electronics to bustle clothing footwear and you change his water and electricity based on these we organized a second private sector marshal that was held on eleven two terms much in born we had invited companies and institutions that directly or indirectly with lance and language ecosystems in their value chain is also included on clean then had taken part in a fast in your reflexes of action this workshop brought together over 40 participants from multinational small companies and other international organizations some of the interested companies included share syngenta vass lonely keys of death and RSVP the image of this workshop cloud approves the next the aim of this function was to establish how to incorporate lance into private sector processes and strategies we also wanted to pinpoint components of a toolkit for the private sector as a set of sources for companies to integrate sustainable land management in that process it will take the Jeep of Elizabeth platform where own data needed to implement sustainable land management response indicates values list of websites which corporation- could actually make individual another aim of their workshop was to raise awareness in our work don’t only from the private system but also perform innovations has not been dealing with a fair assessment and remediation asian we will also create a track where we can share expert advice who is emitted and the next slide which is pinpointing resources expertise and heart it has a lot of things but this life the two snails that will arnett out like this new theories are not go deep this week and we can share this one is ingenious well is that sure as they were sold in dust and what should and that work you think woody table we have the area for us which will be appointed the resources which are available from Japan orientation as well an expertise in future I would like to highlight that are indicated in place for example under awareness they are dust is both of these actions as benefits of action in response wounded burning changes under ducks in quickly are indicated to the table if you can do in nature we would

also like to draw your attention you can see that there are various ongoing project by defaced routinely typically be here this a is to build up an expertise and experience and focus on areas that are still meeting on the table you can also see the various expertise the different companies and organizations are willing and ready to provide you further discussion of sustainable land management and the private sector on the result of the workshop now if you remove the next yeah let her just ah skp a short last question what do you think it was the reason I I asked what the question that I asked at the beginning what do you think other reasons that many business haven’t gone or haven’t really adopted sustained in org and got engaged in sustainable land management practices was that they didn’t know about it that it didn’t wanted or they didn’t know how to get engaged opening the reason why businesses have not so far increased my landing with one if their businesses that that are not aware of their race or opportunities that are we being given in sustainable land management there is also the other side that they do not know how to increase it or how to how to integrate it in their corporate system and these needs to because I box as well hello when we look at we look at they added the next slide which is on the results for the webshop if you can move to the results of the web show Phil are inside on the result of the workshop Claudia yes thank you from the web show we were able to establish the required company over toolkit for the private sector these will be available in a final enforce the rules we able to share with you by the end of this week or by the beginning of the next week we also benefited from expert advice on how to increase the cynical land management in companies standard protocol we also managed to receive committed interest from companies in organizations this concludes our concerted magenta shell case of Earth in organizations such as I use the end and be consistent with our foundation commitment I will inform of organization of the next workshop carrying out a study expert advice and resources finally we were also able fellow a clear plan on further states in engaging the private you can walk to the next line with the critics and conditions with akira me images one of the few g for those with more participation including you shop for mac i suspect we also find as the gesture then we should involve more financial and educational institution such as business food and other organizations dealing with private sector EG world sources they also called upon what the private sector on our organism called upon more awareness raising for the private sector and also form of organization really needed a language that is false teeth and does hungry tantric sex between stomach or the do business sector hands because my sporting from these we had also clearly Initiative follow-up activity how they move to the next slide some of the activities that are ready for the sphere also sunny already and is developing of the content of the truth weeks and this will be done the close supervision with a high respect sir and others annotations we also working on how to eat in this process into their existing you’re really shitty important we will also advance our outreach to enhance for

humans between private and park expect this was called upon by the private sector and we plan to organize this hard prior exit for workshop at the end of june 2013 to concretize the toolkit with further education and contribution from the toilet paper lastly i would like to present on the kids had cloud is moving from the marks here i have highlighted just focused study but will not go into discussing each i will just take an example from one of the ones that come highlighted and that is the new ones gonna keep our minds this is a gold mining industry that has caused severe land implications for local communities affecting there are two cultures land and water what kind of whiskey for opportunity called hands away and indigenous and profitability with there’s the risk of accessibility between the local community license to operate and future impacts the newmont mining company wants to eat chicken last implication effect and support the local business community how supports to dictation in your community where they have been able to be strict inaudible compete yo creek that affect local agriculture and that diversity makes business of the land for the local PD this case is built on collaboration with local education image game in the red business game through the strengthening of supply chain through creation of local services for reminding for the mining industry what I would like to highlight is that there are 9-6 of kisses these are available or the only people with of which I totally told you can download from our site and these are case studies that have retired out but companies such as we want on wish earnings or alonia these case studies focus on the seventh sector heavily exposed to risk and was highlighted in the business report aging the basis of sources or utility industry region have in mind that venturing in dialogue with a private sector is a new film footing and therefore we are in the process of designing and developing further engagement fears in the end we hope to be able to present a private sector to study a witch yearly is part of around levels and from beginning to the end thank you that’s the end of my communication and our time over to cloud here thank you thank you Sarah for this overview of the results of the business sector I have now understood a little bit more about what moves the business sector and assume that risk analysis is a big part of their consideration as well as new opportunities and now I’ve got two questions and we asked those before i head over to you again and one is there has been talk about a toolkit for business and i was wondering what would be the toolkit about or what would be the idea of the two kids and the tools available that’s question number one and the second is I’ve seen that on that map you have also the case of the Ecuador three people that’s on the left side on Ecuador and it’s a lot about tourism and I have learned that tourism particularly flying to a destination is really bad

for the environment leaves a heavy ecological footprint and so I was wondering isn’t that a why while on the one hand and tourism makes a new livelihood for people it creates ecological problems on the other side so that’s my questions to kids and the Ecuador case I hand over to you once the question about the suitcase we would like to in the discussions of all we wanted to establish the areas where the tool features offered on and leave and the areas that you mention such an old raising awareness for screening on focusing on the goal and objective of this method and under management options so basically the toolkit is going to help is method so that they will know on how to integrate sustainable land management into the normal operating system that will be our active on on on ecuador as you can and you can see maybe i should have a lead before cost of the case that is presented on the business or not most but all of the kids having prevented of the business report our dress studies that have been taken up with companies or organizations dealing on the area or in a particular feature for example now when we take the infinitely is have you done by a company that is conducting tourism in april so i would i would assume that when they do an analogy they do not go as far as well it’s working but you do have a point when we say that when the tour is rather then it causes a lot of time even though when they arrived in this particular place and it helps the community i think in this case is well news handy as we’ve used in our 20 so that then a company does not just look in one end but then focuses on the whole value chain of what they have engaged in this case then there was not only proper not equal 0 but then it would have a chance to use the e 0 UT and see them from where literally comes from or all the aspects that can affect a business in one way or another one in there ever also most only to focus on affordable and create the week but also to focus on how they can try and mitigate the effects of the journeys coming for example for 10 hours of germany to get okay thank you Sarah for these comments I’ve got more questions to be answered coming from the chat I will just read them and then hand over to you question number one do you feel seeds patenting by MNCs effect potential of land degradation so question number one is about seat patenting second what do you think is the best way to educate the youth so question number two on education and question number three do you feel that CSR corporate social responsibility is enacted because it’s a trend or do you think it will be long lasting so corporate social social responsibility just fancy or a long list lasting commitment I will hand over to Sarah give me your physicians will I meet me out Oh this week all right I with it for the first question I think you see potential and Amy indeed and how they affect potential atlantic station I

have to I have to admit the death Road further on beyond my scope and the hood for Delhi with scientific advisors for the next session if they can look into it and utterly on how do you think the best way to educate the youth on sustainable and amazing and one hour days awareness-raising by involving the booth in some of the activities knowledge to be a Jewish confirming sustainable non-management we can also we can also involve it in the curriculum and you ath on setting and in one where occurs when we talk business school we look at people for ready universities but this is one area because we are chicken feed this is where the business teaching goes on and if we conduct this schools and it can also be integrated in these ways also on the other hand it also depends depends on the community that we are having then we have to do community and see how their interruption in the church for example host John I would say that the best way to use this is katie is to put is to talk about sustainable lan- in what do you find interesting leave your Facebook put it on the cheese’s food another video reduce film so that they get to learn about but in other mmm for example if you want to educate you and we are targeting maybe somewhere in anything in the growing region then we have to package it in a different way in order to use which you get things you can put it on people we could put them as planned out where they can ski or where they usually you know and hold small discussion swing for thinking of me so I’m as much as we would also like to be choked with you there are various ways that can be can be used and these depends on our target area on who excel vba target is between these youth group the last question asking on yes are if CSI is an artifical trend or if we think that long lasting two hands for sustainable done we have to accept that for businesses image is seventy percent they worry what people think for them because this also affects their faith so their involvement in fears are maybe their goalie for the email but also we have to accept that as we continue and as businesses come to realize that addressing sustainable and management issues is wrong one hand the right thing to do today is also in a way surfing on a clinic so as much as there is no clear line that we can say that CSR is on one type in just a minute or baby we compliment you work what we have to what we have to do is that we take up water and is really fun and really talked with you because the fact that they are UTC it means the day I’ve already aware about what is going on and we can do that so that when the you work from here are and have a completely in evoking themselves as being able that money okay thank you Sarah so far um well they they have been a couple of questions already on the private sector and some questions in the chat but I would turn over the microphone to you to all of you now so anybody who would like to talk now may do so now I would if you want to talk you may want to raise your hand it’s you can use that hand button in the very upper left corner you see that hand if you want to talk please raise your hand Santiago from the GSN team will assign the microphone to you if you are our assigned speakers rights then you have to click on that little red microphone just next to your name and the microphone and the camera next to your name click on the microphone

private businesses and it was said that private businesses are not really interested in getting involved in sustainable land management because it has a cost for them so could you comment on that Sarah please hello I do i do agree that you have but that’s why we’re doing it was what we need to show generally what private education is profit share values in opportunity and with an economic sense in doing half number we are able to show them that engaging in sustainable management is not only good for the community but also is good for the businesses in the long run and i believe that one tcp then they also changed because what time is it is possible it insecure me what is data or market or even where they get a good is there for additional boots has a very good happy number then we are able to get some of the pelvis happen to be king housing manager there okay thank you Sarah Sarah is included in the kit if business businesses face opposition from NGOs or government organizations we out I would take a step back and not locally from when businesses fit or petition because we are already advising defected to engage with government to engage with NGOs to engage with other organizations including with sustainable than honey so we would ask you then whatever they come up with will be a collaboration thing will be something involving as many stakeholders as possible so that they do not face this in the air but in cases where because that’s what happened that they have involved other stakeholders but still faced opposition then Jamie reason for Oakland back you should look very not a critic then you can read as a way to develop we could inspire people here and see what we can do from then on we would also tell is that they could also expand on the benefits for their other engagements and adobo back okay thank you Sarah Souls periences civil sector and visit a citizen society organizations and business sector those of use audio is not working maybe you can repeat your questions in the chat when i head over to sara’s civil society and business sector well really i think i concealed HR Thomas Bayes that RT murder he led the business fiction or civil society and I thought that that was not his Christian and and I’d like to answer that we are not even expect some er de el even organisation we are conducting a stag is a project that has received funds for various patna organizations to conduct a study on the economic value of practicing sustainable management for different sections so we are not a business better and we are not a single to panic even though ELD importance by G I said which is an item fee of the Ministry of development in German okay I take the negative comment on

government’s role and the government should play main role in engaging private sector businesses you want to comment on that I’ll switch off my microphone at three with you and 11 of our aces where is to is to work closely with the public and private sectors which is people at the moment will attend to also engaged different different governments not only as partners that that they may also join it with in this discussion especially for the next meeting that we are organizing for june so i do agree with you the government should be important and this is an area that we will reach a guilty we work on youtube integral and see how it’s an important government but if I mean are as well do not just one of our traffic use a political decision makers and here is where we put also government and when we talk about political solution methods it’s not just the high-ranking political decision maker why we also talked in what we shall may help you in the community international net in regional level and this is one of our major stakeholders about the scope of the private sector as well can you comment on what would be the business sectors range of engagement and what would be the boundaries nice Widow hi um I’m looking at the reins of involvement of privacy and is Audrey i’ll be speaking here seven idleness and that’s what we want to hang up the development is cooking they talking and engaged apparently when he sees how happy in what was to what school that is what we’re trying to help so then whatever comes out this end is something that for the services of work and that’s why we have involving premises it is more business in getting the private patient with solutions for the credit and not bringing something from somewhere and we can talk living work I have to accept an amount obsolete when he comes with a lot of things so I believe in things working out just fine another question on that I would like to take the question on what if he doesn’t work that our approach does is not able to convince the cognitive and they are not everything that is the reason why we are trying to engage not only the private sector but other states coolest as well by involving the for all the areas that we are by involving an accreditation Commission case besides our I believe their other bees then other people can use to make them or to convince it to get into practicing sustainable not money are not someone would go for pressure that would be abundant by the local community and by the into you in that case then all these other things would be able to work and therefore our things that instead of just focusing on what private sector would do you think that would work hand-in-hand not only does a private sector get involved into sustainable and ministry but also government who are rules and regulations for loans that support sustainable land management practices then local community are aware and nobody works and what is good for them really you know so it’s not just have it in the private sector alone but we are trying to build up on all the stakeholders so let’s move at 1p and all but you thank you it will be fine in the end I hope and I think that’s a very nice final word for this afternoon’s presentation on ele and the private sector will be staying and lime

online for a couple of more minutes after I close this meeting so if there are more questions we’d be happy to take those and thank you Sarah for your for telling us more about what makes business take and how you want to get them involved thank you for all of you for joining us today thank you to the GI set team for making that possible um will have a now before I should present you sorry this year d team has asked me to show you this downloadable file it’s it’s a sorry it’s a file by that has been set up by mariam akhtar schuster she is a long-standing expert on combating desertification and she has worked with desert net and come up with all these information on how to value ecosystem that’s what we will be doing in the next couple of weeks we’ll have already looked at ecosystem services that’s this week’s assignment is due on March 22 and she is talking in this report on on what our different approaches is to valuing an ecosystem you can download that file by left-clicking if you have a Windows computer should be left clicking this file very interesting to read and another organization from the field desert net and unccd so please download that file but it will also be available in on the website so this is what the VAD Secretariat has asked me to as to present to you and next week we’ll have a speaker on economic evaluation methods that’s next week’s topic we will look at different methods of how to value the ecosystem in this assignment will make a summary of ecosystem services in the cases you’ve chosen next week’s we will look at what economics has to offer in terms of actual evaluation on valuing and putting on sort of putting a price tag on to ecosystem services so that will be next week’s next week speaker and I’m looking forward to seeing you on line next week again so now comes the real fun part switch on your web cams I say you