Hello guys, welcome back to my youtube channel, my name is elizabeth and let’s go ahead and get started with today’s video today’s video is going to be very Interesting because it has been something highly requested ever since I spoke about it during my q a video So for today, I will be doing my makeup how I used to do it about three to four years ago which It’s not gonna be much of a long video because back then my makeup literally took me 20 to 30 minutes because I didn’t do much and whatever I did do Obviously wasn’t being done the right way So the things for this video I actually had to go back to the dollar store and buy them Because I don’t know if I mentioned it in my video But most of the time whenever I bought makeup back then it would all come from the dollar store cvs or walgreens But for today’s video, I just went ahead and went to the dollar store and got a couple of stuff One thing that I noticed when I went out today to buy these different things is how much it has expanded Back then years ago when I first started my makeup There wasn’t many options for foundation bb creams concealers or mascara in the dollar store The dollar store for my house is honestly three to four minutes away So it was always my go-to place if I needed anything for my makeup That or the cvs and walkers was nearby but it was typically the dollar store because obviously it’s a lot cheaper So yeah I got these clips from today when I purchased these things and it just amazed me to see how many new options there is There’s things like maybelline in here now Um l.a colors has always really been there But back then it was literally just one column of a couple of foundations and a couple of eyeshadow palettes It wasn’t really much to look for in there. Now. There’s things like eyeliners bronzers highlights There’s even like little mini acrylic nail kits Which i’ve never really bought before but it’s interesting to see how they added that now so the four things that I bought off at the dollar store was a little eyeshadow palette An eyeliner that I was used to be obsessed with when I first started learning how to do my eyeliner I got a foundation brush because I don’t really have Bad quality foundation brushes now and back then the one I used to use was so bad. So I figured I would get one That’s very similar to it And then I got a bb cream which would work as my foundation because back then I didn’t understand the difference between bb creams and foundations So I used to literally live off of these from bb creams Some additional things that I will be using in this video, which won’t purchase is going to be this mascara And this little brush that will be used for my eyebrows As i’ve mentioned before this video really shouldn’t take me long because there really wasn’t many steps to my makeup routine back then There was a lot of things I didn’t do then that I definitely do now Not necessarily like bronzer or blush or those things but just little things like prepping my skin before putting on any foundation or any concealer or prepping my eyelids which back then I literally never did and it just You know thinks that if I would have done before I would have avoided my skin breaking out so very often So, I think I talked about it in my first video but my makeup palettes usually actually come from ross so At ros there used to be many, um palettes that were from profusion and that’s actually where I had my concealer palette Which was kind of like a cream concealer i’m gonna see if I can find some pictures I Went to raw to see if I can find a couple of the items that I used to use But that has also expanded there’s many new options. There’s many new palettes there’s so many things and there’s a lot it’s a lot more expensive when I From what I remember back then those palettes that I got like those makeup palettes and um the concealer palette when I got that It was only like seven dollars each now. They’re rounding up like 15 and up So I wasn’t planning on spending that much money for one video And the ones that I normally use weren’t there anymore so i’m gonna see if I can find a couple of pictures But I remember I had this one palette it wasn’t even a palette. It was like a box It was like an actual box that I got for christmas and it was like a box and you would open up and like the first um steps where all the eyeshadows then the middle section was like bronzers blushes and highlights and then I Believe the one all the way in the bottom like the one where you had to actually open it It was like lip stuff and a couple of options for eyebrows And it came with like two brushes. It came with like two brushes and it obviously had like a little square mirror In the front, so that was probably like my first official palette eyeshadow palette It had like a variety of colors, but obviously I only stuck to the nudes And then I had a palette A concealer palette so we literally had six shades. It was like it was literally like white white there was like a beige Tannish one then. It was like a light brown and then in the bottom the bottom ones was like

A darker brown. It was like literally different shades of brown So i’m pretty sure it was for concealing like contour, but I only really did concealer And I actually think it was called contour palette, but I used it for concealer So when I went to the dollar store, I was trying to debate which eyeshadow palette to get because there’s so many different eyeshadow palettes now Especially like this brand the day tonight Um, I didn’t buy any makeup products for my eyebrows because back then I didn’t have any products for my eyebrows anything I did on my eyebrows strictly came from whatever eyeshadow palette I was using which Back then was that one that I was talking about that it was like a box Um, I know I mentioned that there was like a little eyebrow section, but I didn’t like it because it was like it wasn’t powder It was like a jelly fork Trying to think. What was the word? It was just it was a weird, um consistency of it that I didn’t like for my eyebrows. So I literally used a black eyeshadow Black eyeshadow, like I didn’t even go for a light brown or a medium brown or even a dark brown I went for black so I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I obviously haven’t done my eyebrows Specifically for this video I figured I would just leave them how they were because back then I used to get my eyebrows waxed maybe every two months or so Something like that And it used to be waxed very very thin i’m gonna see if I can find obviously I have pictures But i’m going to pull up some pictures somewhere around here of how my eyebrows used to get waxed Because i’m not kidding when I say they look like Sticks sticks with a curve. It was like blue. That’s it. Like it literally looked like I had 20 Little eyebrow hairs. I had no eyebrows. I don’t know why I let them pluck my eyebrows. I mean wax my eyebrows so thin So when I had to do my makeup It would look very interesting because I would literally just fill in whatever I had and then I would add more Which I never understood why I didn’t just tell them to like wax it less so that it could be easier for me I don’t know ever since then. I haven’t waxed my eyebrows I at some point went to threading But then once I figured out my shape and how I liked it I figured I could just maintain it at home and even if I couldn’t I could just um shape them the way I want it with whatever products I was using for my eyebrows But yeah back then they used to get waxed. Very very very thin Like I mean, it didn’t look bad for how I looked back then but now if I were to get my eyebrows waxed that thin I don’t think I would ever be happy with them So, yeah, thankfully. I stopped getting that done Um So yeah, whenever like let’s say I had gotten my eyebrows done in august and I wasn’t planning on going back into october If it was like the um last week of september or something, and I had a partner to go to I wouldn’t pluck my eyebrows. I wouldn’t do anything to my eyebrows. I would literally just Do them how I normally would and normally around that time they will look a lot thicker because obviously they outgrew and my eyebrows grow out so fast like Very fast. I have to plug my eyebrows every week If I don’t do my eyebrows every week by the time the second week is over. I Already lost my shape and have to like struggle to find it because it already outgrew a lot so it’s been a week and a half since I did my eyebrows and I already have to like Go back in there and actually take off the little ones that matter the most To get my shape and I have very naturally thick eyebrows like they’re very thick so So after like a whole five minute discussion about my eyebrows, I think it was five minutes was probably less than that But after a whole discussion about my eyebrows, we’re going to go ahead and jump into how I used to do my eyebrows I’m not kidding when I used to say that they were like a rectangle towards this like front part It was like a rectangle out. It was like a rectangle here Here and then it would be like a line Literally a line going down. I found some pictures actually of This one specific makeup. Look I did which it wasn’t really a look. It was just like an eyeshadow my eyebrows eyeliner and then lip gloss And obviously like the foundation I was using back then and that was it that was literally all I did for that. Look And I remember back then. I didn’t take any pictures using my actual camera the reason why I didn’t do that is because it was my makeup will look so splotchy on my face and I hated how it looked so every time I find a picture of my old makeup it it’s normally with um Snapchat filters like the flower crown. I have one with like a the doggy face I have one that makes like your background look kind of like bluish I don’t know i’m gonna pull up the pictures so you can see what i’m kind of basing my look off today of But yeah It’s probably not going to be as accurate because my eyebrows aren’t thin and I can’t you know thin them out for the video I wasn’t going to So the palette i’m going to be using today for this video is going to be the day to night palette from la colors

There was like six other options but I figured that I was normally more of a nude girl because I Never stepped out of my comfort zone back then and I would just stick with browns Because I figured it was a lot easier which they are So I just went ahead and picked this one up I’m trying to find the name of like the exact name of it But I don’t know and then it comes with this little this palette comes with I mean all of these palettes come with this All of these palettes Come with this little brush That I will be using trust me and i’m gonna show you guys what I used to do with this little brush So The reason I opened the eyeshadow brush already is because i’m going to use my little brush for my eyebrows I did have an eyeshadow. Um, I mean, I did have an eyebrow brush back then but the eyebrow brush I used was like honestly, it was like This long That’s how long my eyeshadow brush used to be. I actually threw it away About a year ago because I just wasn’t using it anymore and I decluttered a lot of my makeup stuff, but it was that long So it was very hard to work with and like the bristles felt very disgusting So I figured I would just use the um eyebrow brush for my second eye brush kit Which I have right here. I don’t really use any of these brushes ever I just literally haven’t because i’m such a like a memory holder anything that had any special significance to me i’m going to keep it And this brush I act this brush set. I actually got it off of amazon for 16 and it was the first Brush set that I bought for myself my first um actual brush set was given to me for christmas But this one to me is considered my first because it’s the first one I ever bought for myself So I still have it with me. I don’t really use them I just use like the smaller brushes for highlight and stuff like that But for today i’ll be using the one is considered to be for the eyebrows But yeah, so as I mentioned before I would literally go into the black eyeshadow Black and oh my god, there is so much fallout on that palette. So then I would go off here and I didn’t ever do I didn’t ever do my eyebrows softly like I would go been harsh like Trying to draw my eyebrows for no reason That actually looks a lot better than what I expected it to look like But here you would just assume that with like a brush. I would like brush it and with the excess. Nope, I would go Oh, I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that. Oh my god. All right I would go Something like that Doing this video is bringing back so many memories Like I said, my eyebrows were a lot thinner but I would go something like this And then I will continue that rectangle shape up until like right there So it’d be something like that. It wasn’t this long Oh Oh, this is becoming a mess already So how incl how I just cleaned up that side of my eyebrow That’s actually how I used to clean up my eyebrows back then I didn’t use any makeup wipes. I didn’t use any makeup remover I didn’t use anything that you would consider you. Oh, I didn’t even use concealer to clean my eyebrows. I would literally go like up and fix any of the ugly spots like that Even then after I already put all that on my eyebrow. I still went in with some more to fill in like the gaps That I had I kept my rectangle box. All right, so I fixed my eyebrow a little bit off camera um, you can definitely see right here on top how my skin is getting irritated and a little bit over here in the bottom because of all like The rubbing I had to do you can see like literally On my fingers like my fingernails how i’m like taking it off Like that but this how it used to look it’s obviously not the same because my eyebrows are stretched a lot different now But it’s kind it kind of gives off the idea of how it used to look but the color Is definitely there i’m not kidding when I say my eyebrows used to look this color I will put out pictures all around this video So you guys can see i’m not being dramatic when I say that my eyeballs were literally black black I remember one time I did my eyebrows and I sent the picture to my friend because I thought it looked good

And she sent me back the picture With the duck emoji right here. So it looked like a bird and it looked like my eyebrows were about to fly away that’s how bad they looked see if I can so you see the front of my eyebrows were literally boxes like this is a box and I used to like make sure that it was like very straight here like a very rough line and then it goes Off into being kind of like a rectangle And then blue a line Rectangle blue a line. I actually went to parties looking like this like that’s the crazy part I used to be out in public with these eyebrows All right, so I think we’re done with my eyebrows It looks a little bit better after I put eyeshadow and foundation and a little bit of highlight in the eyeliner It starts to like sinking a little bit and obviously with like the snapchat filter. It covers all my imperfections, but So far, this is looking disgusting like Whenever I felt like doing my eyeshadow for a party or something I would dig in with either this brown or something like this brown I would stick a lot with the browns I think for today i’m going to go with this a lighter brown because I think in the picture that i’m telling you guys about That i’m basing on today’s look I think I had like a very nude brown which would be something like this so I didn’t prime my I I didn’t prime my eyelids back then. I didn’t put any concealer Or any eye primer in general. I literally just went in with the eyeshadow so There was so much fallout on this little thing I don’t And I would just go So literally just straight up like that and although it looks like a very dark brown Most of my palettes weren’t very pigmented back then so it didn’t look bad continue This little brush kind of hurts my face and there’s like no way to blend it so I would go like this I think you see half the time I would just take off Whatever. I just put on my face, I would come off on my pinky Sometimes that one came out better than the first one i’m not gonna lie So Yeah back, then. I didn’t really go out in public. I didn’t like having attention of people saying oh look at your makeup or oh you did your makeup today or something like Wow, you’re growing up you do makeup now because I hated makeup all of middle school most of high school And then once I started doing it and started liking it I didn’t want people to acknowledge that Then again my hands right now like with my pinkies looking like that my other fingers having like the eyebrow stuff It’s exactly how my hands would always look and this is how they would stay until I finished everything Disgusting so i’m going to go in with the la colors precise eye marker, which is what I used to use for eyeliner back then It wasn’t so bad I think I think the problem with this one is that it’s a marker and I don’t really like markers As much anymore and more of just like a liquid one but Yeah, I mean, it’s really not bad quality I actually stopped using it like a year ago So I think I actually still have it in my little makeup containers But yeah back then I would go Wow, it’s actually very rough to work with So that’s how long it used to be like it used to almost touch my eyebrows then Oh The way I did my eyeliner back then it was so weird because I wouldn’t close my eyes and try to like do it I would kind of like look down And do it like fill it in it looks so weird watch Something like this, let it down and then Wow this hurts my eyelid, it’s so rough. It is so rough right now Ow I poked my eye to look like ah this hurts This actually hurts i’m not enjoying this I am not enjoying this at all I am regretting every second of this right now Because this hurts so much ah

It burns my lid it’s braiding my lid people it is burning my lid, ow I can’t I can’t we’re starting over. It didn’t burn back then. I don’t know if that one should expire you See you see how easily that they came off that thing was fake. That thing was like a fake. I don’t know We’re gonna stick with the one I always use from wedding wild the mega liner You guys have proof that I did attempt using the one I used back then but clearly My skin changed and it gets easily irritated with that now, I think I started off with like the front Okay, okay, all right it’s coming back now so yeah, I would start off with the front like this And then I would keep my eye open like I wouldn’t close my eye and like no I would keep my eye open Put my head down a little bit and I would go down like this It’s crazy because this actually doesn’t look as bad as I thought it was going to look like I got it. It looks exactly how it looks How it looked it looks like it like i’m gonna get closer. It looks like it kind of curves out once it starts getting out Did I actually do my makeup like this back then I mean one of my eyeliner used to always come up better It used to always be this one This eyeliner no matter how bad I try to mess it up. I can never really mess it up. Like it was always perfect You see once I put like eyeshadow in the eyeliner My eyebrows don’t look as bad anymore because it was probably like the same color as everything else face now. I didn’t use any primer Any color correcting any concealer before foundation? I didn’t even use actual foundation I just went in with a bb cream for oily skin The brush that i’m using for my foundation Is going to be from beauty accent that I got from the dollar store the total face brush Feels weird to me I hate it on my skin it like bends so easily I don’t like it I don’t think it’s very consistent for foundation or things like that but it’s what I used back then which would explain why I had to buy bb creams like every two weeks because The product would just go everywhere except my face So, yeah for today i’m going to be using the covergirl clean matte bb cream for oily skin in shade 540 which is medium Which i’m hoping it’s my shade I don’t know. Does it look like my shade? It looks a little bit yellow everybody find out though It comes out like water All right, that was disgusting. Okay I would go with my middle finger Ew it literally looks like water Wow It smells weird So over the bigger areas, I used to just go with my finger This and I would just use the brush like the smaller areas which is weird because the brush is actually like a big brush Little Dude, so yeah, normally the first round of like found um bb cream or foundation I used to call it foundation back then. Although I said bb cream on the container. I just wanted to feel cool by saying foundation So I would like the first round I would be it would be applied with my fingers And I would go back in for the second round with the brush Because yes, I used to put my foundation in two rounds And then i’m going with the second round I don’t think it’s a good sign if it’s burning but yolo. Let me go in with my magical brush I’m not being dramatic when I say that this feels disgusting Even now, I don’t like using brushes on my face like for foundation, I always use a beauty blender because I don’t like I don’t know if you guys can see but it leaves like little streaks. I don’t like that For mascara I’ve never really had a go to mascara because i’ve actually never been the type to do. Mascara

So I would just go in with whichever one. My mom had if I didn’t have one at the moment or just whichever one And then I told you guys we were going to go back to this little Brush this little brush would also be used for my highlight for my inner corners and my um eyelid So I would go in with whatever shimmer which in this case i’m going to go in with this You can’t really see it on camera, but it’s like a whitish with kind of like glitter Kind of like it And I would just go in And do something like this And I would bring it forward never understood why I started that I don’t know where I got that idea from But I would put it here and then I would go ahead and bring it a little bit forward like this Like that the more the better for me I don’t know what it was back then that I used to be obsessed with highlight on the inner corner So I would always put a lot which I don’t do now And not with every look obviously so this is how my makeup used to look four years ago It looks better on camera than it does in person. Trust me. I have a lot of splouching going on I have a lot of splotching going on and there’s a lot of streaks on my face because of the bb cream There is spots that i’m missing like i’m missing some here i’m missing some up here of my eyebrows because I avoided I wanted to avoid um Messing up my eyebrows i’m missing some over here for my lips. Um I went ahead and applied just some regular lip gloss something too crazy back Then I used to literally get the ones that cost a dollar to dollar store But right now I forgot to grab that today, so I just use a regular lip gloss today And yeah, this is how my how I used to look whenever I went out for um a party or whatever It was I mean, like I said, it doesn’t look as bad as it’s on camera My eyebrows definitely look like they were fit to look like that Like they looked a lot crazier when I actually did them on camera today, but Yeah, this was actually disturbing And I never took any pictures on my actual camera. I always took them with my um Snapchat so yes, that’s it. For today’s video guys. I had a lot of fun doing this it definitely brought up a lot of memories Good and bad memories. I guess you can say I wouldn’t really consider my old process of make of doing makeup To be bad. I feel like I learned a lot from the mistakes I did back then and yeah, so if you guys have any suggestions of anything, you guys would like to see anything like anything specific or Just a look. You guys would want me to try out or whatever it is You can just go ahead and dm me or like I said you guys can go ahead and comment here And i’ll make sure to take a look at it and take it into consideration And yes now that we’re speaking about social media Don’t forget to follow me on all my social medias which are going to be linked down below in the description box And they’re going to pop up somewhere here Don’t forget to turn on your post notifications If you guys want to be notified every time I post a new video and yes guys I hope you guys all have a great day