Sminkkollektion | Mars 2015

Hi guys In my latest video I promised that I would Show you my makeup collection Well, here it is I have three drawer units They’re called HELMER And they’re from IKEA And then I have a tiny shelf Which I believe is called RIBBA It’s actually a picture ledge But I use it to store perfumes and all of that So, let’s take a closer look We’ll start with this shelf Above it I have another picture ledge With things from musicals that people have singed And Playbills and all of that But I’ll just show you this shelf Because I guess that’s more interesting for you As you can see I mostly store perfumes on this shelf So, I’ll just go through everything We’ll start with the left side I have two hair products from Big Sexy Hair Or whatever that brand is called It’s a teasing spray and a shine spray Next I have three body mists from Victoria’s Secret As you can see I’ve barely used them Honestly I mainly use them as room sprays They’re basically just standing there Next we have my perfumes I have four perfumes from Burberry I love Burberry perfumes I think it’s my favourite perfume brand I won’t go too much into all of my perfumes So if you want a separate perfume collection video Just let me know in the comments Here I have four mini perfumes And I LOVE miniature perfumes I get really excited when you get these kind of Deluxe samples or you can get them in a kit That makes me really happy So I have two from Dolce & Gabbana One from Viva la Juicy, one from Lancôme Which is the same one as this one I have the One Direction perfume I’m not really sure why I bought it But I have it Next to it I have two rollerball perfumes They’re perfect for your handbag If you don’t want to carry around a big perfume bottle This one is from Elizabeth and James And this one is from Chloé And it’s the same scent as this one and this I talked about this one in my February favourites About two weeks ago or something I also have one from Marc Jacobs Chanel, Jo Malone And from this brand that I can’t pronounce It’s called NUXE And the perfumes name is even harder It’s called Prod- Prodigieux I will never be able to pronounce that It’s a very summery scent It smells like French summer That’s a really weird description I have this one from Tocca, which I love I think I’ll use it a lot during spring I have this one from Dior Which I mentioned in my January favourites And this one from Elizabeth Arden Which you can’t really see It’s one of their Green Tea scents I think I bought this one on the ferry Between Sweden and Denmark I think it was like 50 SEK ($6) And on the right side I have a toner This is from Pixi and it’s their Glow Tonic This is the old packaging A brush cleanser from MAC And as you can see I need to get a new one And last but not least I have this Non-acetone polish remover from CVS It’s really rubbish but I try to use it anyway Yeah, so that’s everything on my shelf On top of my drawer units There’s not really anything exciting I have some flowers right here I bought these ones on eBay They’re fake, of course It’s a bunch of peonies, which I love If you look closely, they look fake But from a distance I think they’re really pretty So I have that one there Behind this one I have this little jar One of my friends gave this to me But I think it’s from Lagerhaus She bought it many, many years ago And in it I have some like jewellery That I don’t really use anymore In front of it I usually have this body spray It’s a dry oil spray and it’s from No7 It’s so nice to just spray all over your body It’s an oil but it sinks into the skin really quickly

I think it’s fantastic Next to it I have this Cocooning Body Balm From No7 and I love this one Because it’s not too thick I don’t really like super thick body butters Because they make my skin itch So that’s what I have on this HELMER The HELMER in the middle isn’t that exciting either I have this acrylic container, which I bought From TK Maxx when I was living in England And in it I have my short makeup brushes Some from a Christmas collection by MAC Sephora, Anastasia and a broken one from EcoTools And some bobby pins and tweezers Then I have this body lotion from Chloé And I got this in a set together With the perfume and the mini perfume And I bought it in New York And in this jar I keep my cotton pads This used to be a candle but I used it up So I just removed the wax And now I use it to store my cotton pads I bought it in a random store in Göteborg And if you’re wondering about this weir box underneath- I’ll show you My sister got it for me as a Christmas present It wasn’t a serious present- Oh this is the wrong way- Because inside there’s makeup from One Direction I really like One Direction But they’re makeup isn’t the best that I’ve tried We were laughing so much when we tried it It’s basically the same quality like the makeup that You got from the Toy Store when you were like five But it’s a pretty box On my last drawer unit I have this makeup organizer It’s from MUJI and my parents got it for me As a birthday gift many years ago In this one I store some brushes and eye pencils Most of my brushes are from Real Techniques I have one from Sigma but other than that They’re all from Real Techniques In this compartment I store some eye brushes I have this really old one from IsaDora Sephora, Mist, and this eyeliner brush from Kicks But other than that they’re all from Real Techniques In this compartment I have some eye pencils Brow Wiz from Anastasia Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Some from Sephora and apparently a mascara I also have some eyebrow knifes Or whatever they’re called And I use these to shape my eyebrows And down here I have some lipsticks and lip glosses Here are my MAC lipsticks, I’ve lost two of them Which is really sad But I’m really good at loosing lipsticks I have some from Sephora It’s their Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Colors I don’t think we have these ones in Sweden I don’t know why And I have one from YSL It’s a really nice colour but I don’t use it all that often But it’s really pretty to look at On this side I have a lot of stuff from NYX I have some Soft Matte Lip Creams I really love these ones I have four of those And then I have some Butter Glosses Which I love even more Yeah, I have a bunch of those And last but not least I have some Wicked Lippies Focus, please I love these fun shades This one is purple But it doesn’t look that purple on camera I have this one, which is green And last but not least, my favourite colour Which is blue These ones are very inexpensive So I thought that they would be fun to have In my first drawer I keep some eye products In the back I have some unopened sample mascaras A gigantic Primer Potion that I use when I Swatch eyeshadows because it’s pretty old I have two pigments from Makeup Geek

And a Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Which I have to use more often because it’s gorgeous In this compartment I have some eyeliners, I have some glitter eyeliners from Collection Some jumbo pencils from Sip- Siphora? Sephora And I also have some from NYX And then just some random eye pencils I have this eyeliner from Kicks That I got in my Christmas Advent Calendar It’s a silver one and I haven’t used it yet In this compartment I have some Color Tattoos From Maybelline that I have to start using I never really use cream eyeshadows But I should give them a go I have some eyshadows from Make Up Store I never really buy single eyeshadows I usually buy eyeshadow palettes So these ones are from Make Up Store I have some from Mist and I bought them ages ago I got them while I was still in high school But I love them so I’m keeping them I have one from MsChic, which I got in a Glossybox Then I just have some from Milani These one’s are amazing So I definitely want some more In this corner I keep my glitter stuff I have the Too Faced Glitter Glue What are you called? Illamasqua Sealing Gel I have some glitters, this one’s from Barry M Make Up Store, this is a pigment from Make Up Store Lit Cosmetics and Make Up For Ever And this Clear Liquid Glitter Base I don’t have that many glitters But I’ll probably get some more in the future To the left I have this eyeshadow from MAC It’s like a cream-powder eyeshadow One from Jane Irendale Which I got as a sample somewhere One from Make Up Store I have these two from Stila It’s their Magnificent Metals Foil Eyeshadows They’re super pretty but really hard to use I have this gel liner from Inglot Just a standard black one And then I have two pigments from MAC I love these two I’m going to have to tidy this again later So that’s the first drawer The second drawer isn’t as pretty- Not that the first drawer was pretty, but you know In this compartment I have some eyebrow- No, I have some sharpeners, a pain pot And an eyelash curler that I don’t use In THIS compartment I keep some eyebrow products I have these ones from Make Up For Ever It’s like a cream that you fill in your brows with I have this eyebrow pencil from IsaDora And then one of Anastasia’s Dipbrow Pomades Here I have some mascaras that I don’t really Know if I want to keep or not And some eyebrow pencils that I’m not currently using Here I have three opened mascaras That I’m not using right now I use them but I like to change up my mascara In the back I have some random stuff Like things I’m going to Back2MAC If I’m ever in a country where you can actually do that And some samples of eyeshadow primers There’s not really anything exciting in this drawer Now you can see my pyjama pants with foxes on them This is the drawer where I keep all of my palettes It’s a sort of organized chaos in this drawer What I really hate about palettes Is that they come in all different shapes and sizes So I can’t really store them that neat So this isn’t my dream storage- Actually my entire storage solution isn’t my favourite Anyway, this is what it looks like I have this palette from Inlgot That you can put together yourself Mine looks like this and I bought it in Norway I really like that one I have the Electric palette from Urban Decay I really have to use this some more Because I’ve only used it like twice I have Urban Decay Naked 2 and 3 Both of the Lorac PRO palettes The Too Faced-

What are they called? Chocolate Bar palettes I have a couple from MUA, which are really cheap I think they retail for like £4 each So I have four of those I have one palette from Sleek That I couldn’t fit into my Z palette This one’s called Arabian Nights I have another one from Sleek, which you saw In my Antique Rose video I have a little quad from MAC Wet n Wild, Tarte, Stila I have this one from Chanel I bought this at Heathrow because I wanted Something from Chanel I have this extremely old one from IsaDora And as you can see I’ve only got two eyeshadows left I’ve had this one for- This was one of the first palettes I ever bought So I can’t throw it away just yet I have a MAC palette, which looks like this I showed you this one in one of my videos recently And it’s my Z palette and I have all of my Sleek eyeshadows in it And then I have Urban Decay’s Naked- No, Vice 2 So these are all of my palettes In this drawer I keep all of my liquid base products And some Beautyblenders Hah, now you can see my slippers as well Very pretty In the back I keep some Beautyblenders This one’s really dusty- I have some primers And then I have a bunch of foundations I don’t really need all of these foundations But I buy foundations to try them out And you know, it adds up It’s really annoying that you can see my foot I have a couple of setting sprays And here I have some concealers And foundations samples that I never use In this drawer I keep all of my powder products I forgot to mention this before But I have these drawer inserts They’re called ANTONIUS and they’re from IKEA They don’t really fit these drawers Because they’re too wide Which made it really hard to open and close the drawers But I cut the sides of them and now they fit perfectly In the front I have some highlighters This one is from Soap & Glory I have this one from Becca Which you’ve seen in some of my videos I have this Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette From Hourglass- I just said that I’ve managed to crack this one in the middle Which breaks my heart Here I have some bronzers This one is from Marc Jacobs And I’ve cracked this one as well But I fixed it Sleek Contour Kit, Benefit Hoola NYX Taupe and MAC’s Harmony In this compartment I keep all of my blushes I have some from MUA Benefit Dandelion, one from Nars, Sleek Two from NYX, Marc Jacobs This one is so pretty, it’s called Reckless My blushes from Hourglass You’ve seen this one in a million videos One from Make Up Store One from Max Factor, and one from Natural Collection This one cost like £1 but it’s really good And one from Tarte In this compartment I have some powders Clinique, Rimmel, and I’ve cracked the lid on this one Urban Decay De-Slick And in this compartment I have some sample powders That I’ve gotten from Sephora I have a mini Make Up For Ever HD Powder And some from Bare Minerals So that’s everything in this drawer This is my skin care drawer I keep stuff in here that I’m trying to use I have some samples from NUXE

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil, Origins GinZing Face- what’s it called? Face cream The Origins Drink Up Face Mask, which I love A hand cream, a body butter from Soap & Glory Some face oils, face mist Exfoliating pads from First Aid Beauty And some Korean products from the brand Benton And they contain snail slime It sounds disgusting but they’re pretty good I haven’t used them in ages So that’s my skin care drawer In these other drawers I don’t really have any makeup So I’m just going to go trough them as quickly as possible In this one I keep some hair stuff I have some extensions that I don’t really use Because they don’t match my hair 100 % Hair spray, styling cream, heat protector Teasing comb, some mousse, more mousse Hair spray, and this hair oil from Bumble & Bumble That I really like In this drawer I keep some body lotions I have some hand cream And a bunch of samples A foot file A body butter from The Body Shop This one is a bit too heavy for my skin But I’m trying to use it up I have a Konjac Sponge that you can use When you’re washing your face And a foot cream You can see my tripod now but oh well Here I have my nail polishes, it’s kind of full I try to keep them sorted by brand But it’s pretty hard to keep it that way Because whenever I paint my nails I just grab one And then I just put it back anywhere it will fit I have some from Formula X, I love their nail polishes They’re available from the Sephora in Stockholm I’m not sure if they have them in every store in Sweden So I have a couple of those I have some mini ones from Depend IsaDora, Essie, Barry M, O.P.I Revlon, Models Own And then I just have random ones So these are almost all of my nail polishes In the next drawer I keep nail stuff I used to do my own gel nails And I tried to do nail art and all of that But I realised that I wasn’t any good But I still have some gels here in the back Some buffing blocks, a quick dry nail spray Nail polish removers, Instant Cuticle remover I don’t know what it’s called in Swedish It sound way more brutal in Swedish Toe separators, some glitters, I love glitter Nail tape, which I bought from eBay Some nail decorations that I use sometimes Some nail tools, a bunch of nail files, also from eBay And then some nail brushes that I never use Because I’m really bad at doing nail art In this drawer I keep all of my false lashes I have some from H&M, Eyelure, Ardell, Kiss I have one pair from Sweed Lashes And some eyelash adhesive So just a bunch of eyelashes basically This drawer is kind of empty I just have some Q-tips, some nail swatch sticks I like to use these ones when I get a new nail polish

Just to see what it looks like I also have some nail wheels But I prefer these ones I’ve tried to do some nail art on a few But I basically just like to mess around with these ones Instead of painting my own nails On this drawer it says lip products But I have some mini nail polishes From O.P.I and China Glaze that didn’t fit in my Nail polish drawer, so I have those here in the back And some lip balms that I’m not currently using In this compartment I keep my lip glosses This one’s from NYX, MUA, No7, Kyrolan, H&M I have this one from Yves Rocher, as I’m pronouncing it But my dad is always like: It’s called Yves Rocher And I’m like: I know but that doesn’t really roll off my tongue So I pronounce it Yves Rocher, I know it’s wrong In this compartment I keep some lip pencils And some liquid lipsticks I also have this lip crayon from Bourjois Some lip pencils from NYX, Urban Decay and MAC Then I have these ones from Too Faced And it’s their Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks I have some mini OCC Lip Tars And here I have some random lipsticks I have some from Clinique, Revlon, MUA, IsaDora A mini one from Make Up For Ever Which one is this? Max Factor, Milani, Maybelline Bite Beauty and a mini one from Lancôme Now were getting to all of my random drawers Where I just store everything basically I have some Crest White Strips that I use whenever I have to freshen up my teeth I have some Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works But you’re supposed to use them in this wall plug But this one stopped working after like a week Then I just have a bunch of hand sanitizers I bought them while I was in the US And I think they’re so cute and they smell delicious Well, here I keep some fake tan and shower gels Oh, I had forgotten that I had one of these ones left This one is from Original Source And it’s super minty and really fresh I had completely forgotten about that one I have some fake tan from Nivea, Yves Rocher St. Moriz, Cocoa Brown And then I have some shower gels from I Love… Which my brother gave me a couple of years ago This drawer is all over the place In here I just keep some samples And some backup products I have a Brow Wiz from Anastasia Some Kat von D Tattoo Liners Some replacement toothbrush heads Urban Decay’s Primer Potion Some lip balms, a self-tanner from St. Tropez Some foundations, concealer, eyelash adhesive A primer from Hourglass and a deodorant As you can see, this drawer isn’t that organized But that’s life, you know This is the most boring drawer ever Because this is were I keep all of my makeup bags I have a few and I needed somewhere to put them

And last but now least we have another Very unorganized drawer, this one is called Other This is where I store a lot of crap, basically Plasters, mini wax strips That I use to remove my moustache Because that ain’t pretty Some flu pills that I bought in the US When I was coming down with a cold But here are my zinc tablets As you can see my drawers are very unorganized I didn’t know I had them in there Eyebrow tints, some brushes that I don’t use This one from Bare Minerals is horrible It ‘s really scratchy Earplugs, some feather that I used in school Perfume samples that I don’t know where to put I don’t have anything in this box I think Some glue and then some more eyebrow tints They’re from Refectocil, which is my favourite brand I forgot that I had some more makeup on my desk I have this box where I keep my everyday makeup My parents bought this one for me as a Christmas gift They bought it somewhere in Stockholm, I don’t know where So in this box I keep my everyday makeup But I like to change it up from time to time So this is what I’m using right now In it I have a powder puff I have this highlighter from Laura Mercier Eyelash curler, the mascara that I’m currently using This one is from Maybelline and it’s amazing Eyeliner from Kat von D, this primer from Lorac And this eye pencil from NYX I have my primer from Hourglass, which is my favourite I have this lip gloss from NYX that I use most days This one is in the shade Fortune Cookie Of course my favourite concealer from MAC Their Pro Longwear that I use everyday Brow gel from Benefit Powder from Lumene And this blush from Max Factor Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde Which I decided to give a go to see if I prefer this one Over the one in Taupe NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Anastasia’s Contour Kit, which I love And the Tarte Tartelette Palette Which I use every single day It looks like this And then I just have this jar with all of my brushes That I use on a day-to-day basis A bunch from Real Techniques, some from MAC Sigma, I have one from Zooeva, EcoTools I just like to keep all of my Everyday brushes in the same jar Well, that’s it We managed to go through my makeup collection I don’t have that much makeup, really I mainly have makeup in the left drawer unit But I have a lot of other stuff But that how I store my makeup at the moment I hope this video wasn’t too long and boring Now you know what my makeup collection looks like If there’s anything you’re wondering about Or you want a separate video on something Just let me know in the comments And I’ll try to make it happen Thank you so much for watching And I hope that you have an amazing day And a fantastic week And I’ll see you on Wednesday