Pink makeup look for blue eyes

so I’ve already done my foundation I’m coming up a very strange color on this camera i don’t know if it’s because of my very nice purple dressing-gown but i am not as braden orangie looking as what I’m coming up anyway i am using studio secrets anti-shine mattifying primer as obviously my primer i have actually got foundation on my skin is cleared up i’m quite a lot i am using maybelline dream at fresh BB cream eight in one BP BB cream instant fresh-faced fresh-faced glow light in light and it’s SPF 30 which is really good it’s this I’ll just say quickly it says it creates a natural glow compliment skin tone SPF 30 hydrates all day blows imperfections oil-free non-greasy looks visibly smooth and feels fresh so that’s always a bonus and that’s quite good if you don’t want to use foundation and you know if your skin is relatively good or you’re going for you know I like jus elliptically good in summer SPF 30 you need sunscreen no matter what color you are matter what your skin tone is you need to sunscreen especially in the summer because skin is the biggest problem with aging and I’m using in ivory porcelain number 17 miracle matt christopher press that powder i can’t speak today matt flawless finish up to 16 hours and this is also oil-free this is not an intentional thing that I’ve done I just hands be using oil free makeup so the first thing I’m going to do is find yup this is just a shimmer it’s not a name brand it come with a concealer thing that I bought in the complete wrong color for me and don’t know I’ve just on that and i’m just going to use it to prime my eye obviously i already of primer on here but just so that the eyeshadow has a little bit something to stick to i am and you know if shimmery apparently I can’t see a shimmer I can on its on my finger it’s not like really thick but then when I go and put it on the eye or any shimmer than if you can see a shimmer there but on my eye no there isn’t but still good to have I’m going to be using number 17 starry eyes trio in pretty in pink oh that’s what inspired the name for the tutorial I am going to use a this is a gem a kid I believe yet Jemma Kidd it says it’s a highlight brush but I don’t generally care what brushes say I know I use whatever brush I feel like pretty much I’m hoping you can see it’s good sleep out of my eye I’m going to move you over just a little touch there we go and yes I don’t care what it says on makeup brushes i will use whatever brush I feel like it’s my eye so if I thanks using a highlight brush to put my eyeshadow onto my eyelid that lovelies and jellyfish it’s what I would do someone said something about them in the doobly-doo it’s a gentle fish but when I say it I say jellyfish well it’s interchangeable I thought I always come my ladies my lovelies and you know we have some gentlemen we have some brothers I don’t know why but we do you know each to the right see I’ve done that and I haven’t tried my eye I’ll tell you what my insomnia is really bad at the moment and obviously in my last video which was two days ago Tuesday yeah I wound up being awake for the grand total of thirty-five hours I went to sleep and I have now been up since yesterday it’s now quarter to nine in the morning I can’t remember what I got up they what time I got up babe away I better so excuse me if I can’t you know if I don’t know what I’m talking about and I have a very basic grasp of the English language and we’ve eyeshadow I you know do believe in the old tried and tested of layering you know get a little bit on your brush blow off the excess and then you know build it up to the color that you want because if you go and put too much on one you’re just going to get so much fallout there is no point giving your foundation and then pile in the

eyeshadow onto your eye because it the fallout you know you’re gonna have to get it off and you’re just going to ruin your foundation the other thing as well is it snow you don’t wind up I don’t believe any way with more eyeshadow on your eye because it just falls off because you haven’t put it on in it’s the same theories doing your lipstick blotting doing your lipstick again instead of just doing one massive thick layer so yeah I have done my base color I am now taking Gemma kid deepen what’s that what does that mean who knows nobody knows and i’m using the lilac from this palette I like I’m pressing that one I’m pressing the lilac Inn just above my crease just above I have completely forgotten while I was going to say I like trios and I like palettes for multiple reasons 1i think they’re better value for money because there is less sort of packaging they’re not selling three individual eyeshadows in three different packages they tend to be cheaper the other thing as well you will probably hear some shouting in the background there is no arguments in this house at present because there’s only two of us up well you know that’s going to work but my am 12 year old is still in bed because it is a lunchtime yeah but it’s my son playing an xbox game and he likes to shout very loudly you know the angry birds or whatever it is the atmosphere play in that day so yeah there we go that is a crease I’m then he wiping my brush on my dressing gown because that’s how i roll and well-heeled I can hear him so I’m going to keep chuckling because I’ve been here my boy I am going to take the brush I used to do the base and again I’m wiping up my dressing gown don’t do that particularly if you don’t do your own washing don’t go and draw all over your dressing gown and then go and give it to your mum to wash and say it’s all right off mommy does it because i do not want any angry mum messages being among myself I just blend in that out the purple lilac should I say just blending that out now I didn’t do this the other day and this is the first time I’ve tried it so I’m gonna she knows my hay fever is awful I have got a berry am super soft I crayon and I am just going to very lightly draw over where I want this lovely bright pink to go because I wanted to stick I wanted to be prominent you know I’m making a statement with this color and it also is very handy for giving you the shape that you are trying to achieve and I’m going to use my finger and just give that a little but it will rub down just not on quite as thick as that and then I’m going to try and match it up with the other I barely mind or I’m going to tell you a little secret when you watch these tutorials right on YouTube the many many many of them are there is and you watch him and you try it for yourself and you can’t do it you know you do it she does it she looks fabulous and beautiful you know you try and do it and what was happened was that that is not what you know the result of Wang’s in a video how have you managed to do that to yourself I’ll tell you for why right you are trying that the one time and wondering why you can’t get it right she’s done exactly the same thing right when people do cheat or generally as a general rule there’s some who will just make it up as they go along but as a general rule people have done this particular I look or makeup look whatever it is they’ve done it a fair few times before they start filming you know and you’re not going to get it right the first time you know so give give it a little practice don’t be hard on you see can you see how I’ve done that uneven that’s because it’s the first time I’ve done it like this you know no what no one does it right the exact first time so don’t think that you’re going to be able to you know if you’re watching a makeup artist do an eyeshadow look and they don’t get it right the first time you’re not gonna you know just go easy on yourself i’m

using my deepening brush again and I’ve rolled it in the eye shadow right let’s see we are testing together oh I like it so far I’m liking I’m liking I’m going to watch this back and probably just sit there and laugh at myself for the rubbish now I’m talking I am also trying to do this as quick as possible because i am yet to have one person who has actually said maybe it’s because I’ve made you know I made it quite clear that I can’t edit but I’ve had so many comments from people saying no I don’t want you to edit I don’t want you to edit I want to see you do it in real time baramon it does take a little bit longer when you’re filming and you know because I’m talking and you know I’m having to concentrate on talking I’m now just blending that out just at the top into the purple and you know so it doesn’t take as long as what what I’m filming does not take as long as what the actual makeup look we’ll we’ll take you and yeah but barely might you know I’m talking and stuff I mean I need to concentrate but so many people have said you know I want to see you do it in real time because you know when you’re do it in real time you make mistakes you have to correct them and you can show people how you’ve corrected it instead of doing a video and it’s just absolutely perfect from the second you do it and you know there’s no steps skipped when you’re watching me do this in real time this is another Jemma Kidd this is an intentional free to do this is highlight as I am actually using the right the right brush and I am just using that just to blend down look well I don’t edit stuff like that happens and I don’t even know what happened my camera just stops working completely and you probably noticed I’ve done my eyeliner that’s because i got bored and i have shown how i do my eyeliner in a previous video if you would like me to just do a tutorial on how i do my eyeliner just that leave it in comments and I will do it and I apologize when i SAT there going on about you know you can see it step by step and you know you don’t miss out on anything and then I’ve just done this but I got bored listen to the harm on my hand in eyeshadow and so yeah hmmm excuse me yeah sorry I dipped my eyeliner because I was incredibly bored and all I did what was I up to blending that was it I just literally just blended it out and then what I did was exactly the same as what I’ve just shown you over the top so where I did the bottom and then I did the pink and then I did the line look I did that again that is one of the things I say about layering what I like to do is finish my makeup all sort of right you know do the eyeshadow how I want to do it and then go over it exactly the same and you don’t need me to show you that because of odds douches are all on the video and watch it again so I’m now doing my mascara I’m so tired I really AM I’m record and this shows how dearly i love you lord oh the mascara I’m using is false lash effect fusion volume and length max factor s’alright either i’ve used worth of you spell I use two mascaras or possibly through when I do my I sure my honor I am very blessed that my eyelashes are naturally curly I don’t own an eyelash curler and as you can see well maybe gone and people that when you liaison and that they are long and they are curly the only problem is for some reason they’re blonde I don’t know why they’ve always been blonde either it’s not since up and going gray and my nine-year-old Connor said to me about me discussing the fact that I’m gray with you and not hiding it um I don’t know if some people think that’s weird because you’d think well you know if you’re not bothered why do you know your hair and that’s because i don’t want gray hair quite simply i’ve also got light brown hair you know i’ll tell you that people say what their natural hair color is all the time don’t dyed their hair because they’re ashamed of it have died it because it’s not their preference you know to keep their natural hair color and I if all of my hair with gray I

would probably leave it to be honest I wouldn’t mind having an all gray hair I think it’d look quite funky especially with all these pastel colors coming in for hair dye however isn’t all breaks like eighty five percent gray so yeah i’m using next flowers shine flower shine yeah flowers shine lipgloss random and ain’t God car so it’s that one it looks orange e it’s not i just put way too much on the glare terrible terrible guru I don’t really consider myself a guru two guns I consider myself a person who makes YouTube videos I apologize all this like random you know talking I’m doing but I always find with a makeup tutorials and that they all weighed like talk really intently about makeup and right on what they’re doing and it’s like I can see what you’re doing I don’t need you to tell me you know and now i’m going to open the lip gloss lid I’m going to squeeze it gently and rub it against my lips and then spread it along my lips and then rub them together and then following the shape of my Cupid’s bow I’m going to just fly little saigon lip gloss oh you don’t need me to tell you that because you can see that i’m doing that however things like this I always block that’s useful information for you to know I’m now going to use a volume flash express or something mascara not keen on this one I will admit but it’s alright as a second mascara and tick for you this is a little tip this is a little added bonus for those of you that are actually still bothering to be watching and keep your mascara wands when you’ve used the mascara take the one down wash it just poke more time and keep it because a lot of the time we’ve mascaras they don’t do anything different than the scar you bought for the car you bought before that it’s the brush it’s the brush that makes all the difference lightning were really weird then yes the brush that makes all the difference so keep your brushes save yourself an absolute fortune on buying all these high-end really expensive mascara you don’t need to do it by your favorite mascara the one you like the one you can afford use a different brush like this was a sample it’s empty virtually there’s a little tiny bit left I usually two separate I said that really weird I use it to separate because that other mascara laughter seized leaves my lashes quite comfy so so i use it to separate them and to just spread that mascara long and that’s it that’s all this is quite a goodness car actually i did like this when i got it but then again it’s doing exactly the same thing and like i said that mascara i’ve just used I’m not keen on but I am going to use it with this brush and that is virtually the finished look I’m just going to quickly draw well I do apologize for that most unprofessional video I’ve ever done I’m so sorry I did apologize to all of you and my friends our family for putting you through this video I’m so like that I’m so sleep-deprived my insomnia is awful but it’s just because i have got the best and most loyal subscribers in the world that i am making this video for you and when i finish this i’m making you another one because i will be better i am going to be better with uploading i am going to upload more regularly i am going to get your requests done a lot quicker than i ever have done in the past because you all mean so much to me you really do and I think I am so lucky so lucky to have the subscribers that I had your you know intelligent your thoughtful if you disagree with me you say it in a respectful way you know I’ve had the other day it wasn’t a disagreement it was actually a misunderstanding I didn’t work my

comment particularly well and someone misunderstood what I said and they made their point in such a polite way and you know so I just went back and was like oh you know sorry that you know this is what I meant you know I actually agree with you and you know but I’ve seen on other people’s videos where someone will it make it you know sort of comment like I have and they will get the rudest rudest reply so yeah I love you and that’s why I’ve done this and I’m not gonna put my hair down and go and get dressed in that just because at times sake this is the longest video ever let me just stand myself up stand better in the light and here it is you can see I hope this video has been good enough for you to be able to see see what I’m actually doing and to be able to recreate it yourself and I the next video is going to be a fun one and it’s not going to be that long it’s going to be how not to do your makeup with at the end makeup tips not going to do tutorial show you exactly how to do everything i’m just going to tell you because it’s quite straightforward so i’m going to vamoose because this has been way too long thank you for hanging around give this video a thumbs up if you’re still here because I will be amazed at how many of you have actually bothered to watch at the end so yeah if you’re watching this thumb it up now so that I know how many of you have actually bothered to watch to the end and that’s everything I hope everyone likes my nails and obviously that this comes in useful for you lose my pretty in pink summer look so as always bigger to each other my lovelies