Navy blue smokey eye & nude lips NEW YEARS EVE makeup tutorial | Veanna Shaba

hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel so today’s video is going to be my first New Year’s Eve makeup tutorial and I thought really hard on what I wanted to do on this look and I I wanted to go out with a bang so today’s video is gonna be a navy blue smokey eye with a nude lip I know contain your excitement it’s pretty freaking exciting I’m excited as well I have my concealer my eye primer my brows my foundation and powder it’s all done I did it off camera because I did do a first impression on a new foundation and I will have it linked down below for you guys but it’s on the L’Oreal True Match Lumi cushion foundation so i’ll have this first impression link down below but so far i love it it’s amazing it’s pretty freaking awesome guys if you if you ask me so I just did my base off camera and just because I had to do my first depression and it will be doing another first personal on another foundation methods and I later finding them so um as always I’ll have all the products that i am half on my face listed down below for you guys and i’m gonna go ahead and get started so when I thought navy blue I have two pallets here’s lorac Pro contour no no pro contract this is lorac Pro I shadow palette 2 and then this is the kat von d i don’t know if this is the monarch or chrysalis but i think it’s the chrysalis palette and as you can see it has beautiful purple shades is very colorful very cool toned but it has to navy blue shades which I was like I really wanted to use them and in this one it has a navy blue shade called Navy so I mean like yeah so I’m going to be using these two today I’m not sure how this look is going to come out but I’m gonna try my best and I jarana I really want to make it like spot-on like beautiful so without further ado let’s just jump right in and get started plus I have to wash my brushes today and I don’t want blue eyeshadow on all of my clean brushes so I’m just gonna make some clean version starting okay so i’m going to go ahead and go on with the lorac palette first and i’m going to pick up the shade right here light brown and i’m going to take that with my 228 from is Jill wava and tap off the excess teach others are so pigmented and i’m going to go ahead and put that in my crease area just very lightly blending it my house is so cold right now you have no idea ok so once you’ve laid down that we’re gonna go ahead and just jump right into the lid shade where’s my where’s my brush for my lid where is it can’t find it what out there just ok so now I’m going to take a go on to the chrysalis palette and I’m gonna pick up he’s like to say maybe oh no this one oops comments weren’t blue which one do I want I’m just going to mix them so I’m going to take this dark navy blue color and then I’m going to take this one Navy right here in the palette and I’m going to just mix those two and just apply them on my on my lid actually you know I’m just going to take that Navy color from the lorac palette I’m just going to pick up that shade well this can go really good or it can go really bad I kind of wish I had a blue base but I don’t so I’m basically just like kind of tapping this all over my lid and then we’re going to go ahead and blend blend it out number one blue eye shut up before so we’ll see how those cups and I’m going to very very lightly take a little bit more all right we’re getting somewhere

I don’t know I something about colors on New Year’s just gets me so excited so my next Janelle will kind of be like a traditional kind of silver smokey eye because when I think of New Year’s I think of very colorful colors like blue and purple and especially silver that’s a very important color in your years time so then I’m going to go ahead and take that 228 again and I’m going to go ahead and blend out the edges just a lot that on the harsh lines yeah nice you can get so is this not wring out the way I want it to be but I’m not finished yet okay okay so don’t worry we can do this I’m not giving up on this look yet so you just gotta blend and then build color putting this a little bit more in my crease filler be like a little but a something something there I’m going through at your 20 that looks like a smurf okay I’m going to blend out the edges okay I can do this I can do this okay what do we need what do we need okay so i’m going to take a dirty 228 i’m going to go back into little brown but I mix a little bit of cool grey in it I’m just going to kind of mix those two thick and forth I like this one but this one’s just I don’t know what the hell is having happening here so understanding those two combination and just kind of put them together okay I’m all go I don’t what the hell’s happening here try to cover up blue because I only wanted to show on the lid okay we’re getting somewhere then go back in with that Navy color just give me get it I want the this blue to stand out okay oh my makeup brushes are gonna be right now okay going with this monarch pound pick up this kind of light brown shade in here and then go right in here okay all right I just want to add a touch of blue to the grease but again and might look like a hot mess but i’ll trust myself you know what I’m gonna actually take this really dark one this is darker than Navy from Little Rock I shadow palette and let me put this on the outer corner this item dang it I’m very slightly into the crease when I don’t have I just want to kind of blend everything together we’re

gonna go i’m gonna go in with a shimmery shade go ahead and take that as the way we want to 34 pick this really sparkly maybe the shade it’s boy i like to pack color on top it off so I don’t have any fallout then I know the brush is nice locked and loaded I’m just gonna go ahead take my settings right from where yup oh I’m just going to spray them well play this to the lip ok all right I I can work with this like Scott such a mess them everywhere I’m just going to just edges with this concealer brush that is not really consider she was going to I’m like I’m not exactly what I had in mind but I guess it looks good I don’t know okay I’m gonna go ahead and highlight my brow bone I’m gonna go ahead and take buff from the Little Rock palette and then I’m going to take a pencil brush and I’m going to start off with little brown a little bit of cool grey a little pencil brush I’m just going to take this all my lower lashline and basically what you want to do is you want to do the same so that’s up to the bottom when take a very detailed brush oh I’m going to take this little smudger brush room check the shade Navy all right and I’m really closely but this I’m going to go back in with that pen suppose take a little bit more of cool gray and light brown okay eyeshadow and your eye we go ahead and highlight the energy abduct with puff again

I’ll just pull ball with it and yeah it’s okay it’s all good anyways so now okay now maybe it’s maybe it’s good and I can’t okay I’m going to go ahead and tie line and put some block on my waterline just to make it more intense because it’s New Years why the hell not so I’m gonna take this room all wounded analyze my liner in black I hate that horrible okay I’m going to take a break on my eyes all right now and I’m gonna go ahead and finish up the rest of my face because eyes are pretty irritated right now so I’m going to contour take a rock concert about it I take the medium contour shade mice away by 127 and we’re just going to start bronzing the skin going to take around the hairline then I’m going to take a so we have a 109 and I’m gonna take the light contour shade and go ahead and take some blush I’m gonna take Milani baked blush because who am i kidding it’s like my favorite blush ever and then use it like literally every single video I’m not surprised I thought peach would look nice with blue is that is that how goes on gen 4 Highlander I’m going to take Laura gallery guilted honey are you setting brush from melting me swollen brush in it I love this highlighter it’s gorgeous oh yeah right topside munching okay so I’m gonna play some lashes actually because it’s very dramatic you want eyelashes app so I’m going to take my sonia kashuk full goalie on my lashes which look like these and these are new pair and i love these lashes he has no I love these last change is like my favorite lashes ever and I’m going to

just go ahead and apply some my duo brush on eyelash adhesive and the eyelashes fail I just going to take some of that and write them to the lash and still not a prob lying rushes I’m getting there gonna make sure you again when I just kind of all teasing oh go ahead I’m attentively guys I love the way that I applied this latch the one not so quick this one’s a little bit more straight the other one was a little bit more curved so I’m just going to enough in the one a little bit make a little more curbed I some Jesus thanks so lightheaded right now put these on it oh that was so easy okay so the last thing or a couple more steps but i’m going to take mac honey love lipstick and just going to go ahead and play this clear that mean you guys can do whatever new you want or even call the look i do a red lip I’m gonna stick for some news I’m going to take the Anasazi Beverly Hills lip gloss in undressed and I smell this but I’m just going to go ahead and apply that on top I’m going to go ahead and set my face with the Loreal infallible Pro spray on set and the last thing I’m going to do is just curl my lashes and blend my real ones with vehicles ease I hope their drive but I think they are just to add another girl i’m using the Milani run real ash by the way hi and we are done we are completely

done with this look finally so this yeah this is what the finished I look looks like wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but close enough but um after I kind of put everything together I like the way how it turned out as like it looks really good um yeah it looks really nice and dramatic and smoky and yeah it looks good I like the way it came out so this is the completed look I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give me a big thumbs up down below also double up subscribe to my channel and all over you guys want to see from your necks and my next first impression of a new foundation will beat the revlon colorstay two in one compact makeup and concealer look if you guys a little sneak peek so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys in my next one muah bye