KaizenMaster – Hitbox Interaction – Zaferino Top3 Majors Finisher

you you allow me to record you your voice Robo all right so I’m gonna share this link this chun-li let’s see you you still you gently right look not as much as Karen but I’m definitely gonna get back into flight so all right tell me when you have this Chumley expert kick thing this one is very complex so i just want to see if you can break it down so please break this one down for me I press play and you can you know look through it if you want and just tell me what you see tell me everything you can figure out about it warm watching it a probable not a press play to just so I can be coming freshed haven’t seen this in a while alright so tell me what you think um well big thing that jumped out to me was she’s airborne it looks like her her box does it helps the ground for looks a bit below comp also see there are hey foxes in wads after all it looks like the first the first active frame I don’t know app yeah it like maybe that’s what I’m with distantly vacuum so hold on so I think I think we have maybe I’m misunderstanding on the first frame tell me what you see yes is lower but movable yes but what else do you see big gray box okay what is that oh no idea to be honest this gray box here and all these and all these uh on all these moves if you see that gray box in any of these moves this is the proximity block hitbox okay if a person holds back in the in the middle of that you know while interacting with that box then they’re going to be put into a block see welcome so you know what I mean right oral okay so if I’m pressing jab in the training room and I’m not hitting you I’m just whipping in the air but but the you know other character is holding back then they’re gonna flinch you know every time I first grabbed they’re gonna flinch all right so oh yeah cuz I’m gonna flinch into the block state that’s what this box is welcome ok so now notice this box exists for three frames so let’s go to the fourth frame or so the fourth frames is the first first attack box and yes your right is invincible so so far the move is still one hundred percent invincible on all parts and on all parts of her body and so this is basically a for frame DP wow this was a four frame DP so when you practice against this move you want to practice for frame save jumps or for frame attacks or look anti-poor frame attacks that put in any way you can block yeah you want to practice you know save jobs for like dashing forward anything where you can block on the fourth ring so let’s look at move seven our frame seven explain this to me so the hitbox I endure so it looks like that makes it a lot more consistent for jumping’s because you know on this game a lot of the entire normals and like specials they move forward so it makes a lot easier for people to jump in but this kind of the box appears behind her also it also means up until this point you could actually try to hit you know land in between her you know in the middle and you might accidentally end up behind her because you because there will be space behind her you won’t get hit there remember that so on the sixth frame is empty space on the sixth frame there in that same spot well you know so you’re safe jump might actually be able to save jumper behind her getting getting into the empty space there oh ah so you wouldn’t even have to see her as up warframe safe don’t you could just spaced it like a sixth frame safe jump cause it is behind her and it would accomplish the same feat yes xingu Bob also if you notice on a sixth frame in the seventh frame the first hitbox moves upwards and backwards do you know that yeah that’s that’s important so you gotta you know this will help you their spacing you could actually do some kind of well Seattle you have to account for vacuum property I don’t know how much vacuum property this moves has in this game you know whoa but if it has a vacuum property then you got to count for it but you can actually end up doing some kind of safe jump or some dash forward right where you time it where you could dash forward into this the seventh frame and not hold block you can just just empty dash into it with no block and where you would have got hit you won’t get hit right here starting on

this frame well you could literally just stand still better with and she’ll whiff right there in front of you with no vacuum property and you don’t have to hold block and you’ll be able to you’ll be totally free to do whatever so that’s where this starts now look at the eighth frame bill that’s when the heart boxes appear but what’s important about this assortment of boxes um her collision box appears and the her boxes are outside of the hitboxes yes that’s that’s important so now now you won’t be able to pass through her body unless is some kind of glitch or or if you pass directly in the middle and the game has to force you to one side and it chooses binder so this means that yes even though this move is invincible and on as active for all these frames you can actually use a jump and attack that has an attack box first and interact with this hurt box that sticks out first so that shows you you know how well you can hit but notice as you move forward to the 11th frame click on 11 wow that’s crazy see that did you know that she doesn’t have an attack box here whoa Wow what now of course not now now let’s look at the 12th frame what’s different about this the hitboxes are now they’re underneath that the hitbox is underneath the heart box but I’d spread out across it like in terms of wit yes now if you try to interact with this with our foot her toes you’ll be hit first if you don’t you know have the right move whoa see so yes that’s that’s a very important detail and notice that her torso know like the attack box on a pelvic area is actually further up the attack boxes so this is more likely to trade right here you’re more likely to trade okay so now let’s keep moving forward and you see that this 16th frame has no heart box or no attack box now this is where it changes on the twenty second frame so look at 22nd tell me what you see there whoa what the hell um so now it’s like her hitbox encompasses eggs entirely like around the hurt box so like it doesn’t seem like there would be a way to counter poke it from above where her legs are exactly that’s a very good point from above but notice the entire time after you know the farting on the first frame where the her boxes appear you could have hit you could hit her low the entire wall so if this was like she photo for a con could slide underneath all of these attacks and slide a hitter on her head or for example you know dhalsim by the way it could slide and hit her yeah and i’m assuming Chumley can do it also with multimedia approach oh yes so there you go so now see now you have a way to interact and I don’t know I mean of course she’s airborne so there’ll be a reset I don’t know if that could create some any kind of mix-up but you know it just adds some possibility for creativity or confusion you know maybe if you were to do a chun-li slide and it was spaced a certain way or make Noah dhalsim slide that goes really far like is I don’t know if it’s his sweep his hard kick but imagine if dowsing is really close and then he slides he’s gonna go behind her because he’s gonna hit her reset her and he might actually slide to the other side as she hopes so that and then that means Dawson can do an overhead or some kind of you know high-low mix up right there well you know it’s like things can happen with this airborne you know property and her box being pause right there let’s get back to the attack boxes above how much I notice that yes the attack box overlaps exactly on her box in when any hitbox is overlap with a hurt box exactly at the same point for any move what does that mean the trade issaquah possible yes these moves or those frames are the ones that are likely to train at the highest rate will go sober I use why you sweep is one of them mmm that makes sense okay yeah cuz they’ll be will be too polluted I thought that when I was 14 against Rico he would neutral jump and I would spinning the expert kick early and then betrayed it’s because as he was descending that’s when he would be very neat frames and that’s when his poke would just like go if I am eyeball good Bob oh yeah so if i remember correctly i haven’t looked at this website a long time from ever correctly ryu sweep at his toes uh has a tack box in her box that overlaps exactly on the same frame right there let just like Chumley’s now let’s go to this 24th frame yep and

notice that so this is the point where i want you to notice she’s still airborne and she has no attack box so this is the point where where there’s no there’s no risk to you and you can start hitting her but notice she’s airborne that’s not us look to see where she becomes rounded she was world yep so that is important if you want max damage combo now notice from 33 to 250 notice that you have 17 frames of grounded frames to punish me with max damage 17 frames so that should make it so that you don’t get anxious and nervous imagine if imagine if this is the last hit and you have to land your ultra combo in order to win you’re about to lose the whole tournament and if you don’t time this right you’re going to get an airborne reset and you’ll whip your super and everything whereas whereas if you understood this you would be patient and calm and look for these frames and you would punish her with max de machine win the tournament see that yeah it’s very important to know but we’d have to factor in a hit stone right so it would be like maybe you recover as soon as of a ladder active frames of airborne oh yes you mean on a block you mean blocks on right there yes that’s of course in the training room you take all this information into trainer of manufacture those in use you understand that Porsche that part of the move you know but just looking at by itself this is what you can gather there’s other things to consider too so as we talked about before we don’t know about the you know grab boxes and the fire bullet invincible frames they only they don’t show much here on other websites like on deviantart thing that I showed earlier I share it in the groups there you can see grabbable hit boxes so let’s go to birdie so we can see what those look like on this website so when you go back on your own and look at it you’ll know what to look for when it comes to graduate eb2 birdie or do I go to other one BBT to bird bird on the very top boom we can look at that first and then I’ll get the grab one next let’s go down to hate hang hanging chain x na TX hits ye x do you have it yeah I got it okay so press play on that and notice just press play we don’t to break it down so for one thing notice how huge the proximity block is yeah what also notice how he’s hurt his a heart box is taller it’s like a rectangle taller than most characters you see that well okay now press play and you’ll see that his arm you can hit his arm so this will help you know how to jump on him from far away oh wow okay instead of aiming for his head now you just gained extra distance on it Wow I just saw something just now for the first time actually let me see I’m gonna tell you what train to go to oh wow so look at this look at the frame 14 really good whoa so you know rofel I’m brain ah it’s in it like an entire you’re like ocean of the screen like from mid height a bit low for a wonderful uh yes and in and notice it’s above his arm so yeah you can get grabbed if you try to hit his arm unless you bypass this frame Wow all that makes a lot of sense Wow cuz it there will be times like reasons well get a entire jumping I’m like well yep so there you go no you know how Wow so now you can choose a different jumping attack or you can delay your attack an empty jump a little T empty jump for a little longer so that you can keep your body away from this Wow let’s see and remember this is a grab so now you see what grab boxes look like on this website is just right it’s the same thing as a hitbox let’s go to this one I want you to see it’s called a bull revent revenger well what’s worth what yes yes press play on that one whoa and notice that it doesn’t have a collision box so so keep that in mind you might be able to use that information at some point as he’s flying through you probably he possibly could use this to you know for movement purposes I mean look up for it look how long he does another collision box or an attack box so he won’t even grab you people we can dash that’s explains why sometimes there would be it was like a lot of awkward situations that would happen in the game especially cuz everybody’s just in that experimentation mode and one of them would be like I would be moving you know trying to do what I’m doing and then I forget you know that my opponent has something like more revenge right and they just so happen to do it and I would dash like through it yes I’m like what with this command grab if you notice that hitbox

is right this website I’m saying be careful with it because you’re not getting all the information the good thing is you get to press play before you get videos on YouTube you get to press play here on these moves and see them for your breath frame by frame now let’s go to hit though I want you to see what hit it looks like because this move yeah you just saw what happens when they grab but now let’s see what it looks like so press press play on ax hit Oh what cuz it’s him slamming you down on the floor remember how he slams you down oh go missing it this is what it looks like but this doesn’t matter because once you grab you grabbed you can do anything about it right so yeah I just wanted you to see how the website displays the data Wow yeah the animation after it’s like confirmed by the game like you’ve gotten grab yes so I’m gonna show not a show Tammy there’s something I forgot to show you on cam II there’s something very interesting i’m kemi’s move so go to kami one orbit and let’s see hard kick and I’m have a kid yes so that would be five HK right yes go to frame 11 this is not the interesting thing but it’s something to note for a matchup experience I’m assuming her leg is hitting completely straight up yes Bob so that’s good oh well that’s another thing though but but what I wanted to but you’re here for isn’t frame 12 Oh what exactly whoa oh 12 we doing brain masculine exactly which means that they could be like a Cody glitch you know the ryu cody glitch or yeah the right you cody place where he passes through yeah or something and i’m karen might have something like that I don’t know but you know basically it’s easier to pass through the characters body when they don’t even have her collision box you can still pass the real collision boxes if if you know you overlap your to collision boxes the game has to choose which side to put you on so I might put you behind them but when they don’t even have one yeah you can pass through so just have to find out how so years later years later after this phone call people are going to find things like this you’re gonna see these types of things in the desks videos or some of the person’s videos so this is where some of the creativity in the game is hitting this is where some of the uniqueness or the glitches that you’ll see an event hubs these these things are pending and they are found in these little little interesting hitboxes whoa also another big thing to note notice how her leg her her her body becomes fat she actually extends herself I mean do you see she has two rectangles good what I’m gonna mention it’s like around the 17 frames I’m like that yes do you it’s not just one it’s just like it’s like pops up like randomly like so that’s that’s now extra space for you to potential yes to poke lacrosse medium kick so people complain about Ryu’s crash medium kick I I don’t complain about it but I know that it’s you know definitely like the e-version you know so it’s definitely weaker and I think people should use 10 medium kick more the thing is though if you wanted to work better you can use that you can poke at that on that frame yellow six frames that were that second block look worse yep so that’s why I’m gonna bring you the Karen unless he did I can’t find what I was looking for I think I can so let’s go to karen’s stand medium kick this is what she uses a lot 5 okay yep so if you notice until frame 5 up to frame 5 she moves forward without any attack yep that’s where I poker Oh before the movie comes out Wow well not only that but from a deceptive range because because it looks like I’m on a range but then no you move forward ah ok wow so you’ve been playing against a Karen that abuses that I can be that much further away and they won’t well what it means is that you can press buttons preemptively and they’ll run they’ll throw their face into it yeah well I could like I could be out of range of stand and with a button they otherwise wouldn’t with punish but if they press their button then they will basically just run into it yes now continue pressing until after the active frames and tell me what you see while she’s still moving forward exactly but but after the actor friends what else do you see her heart box stays out and it stays on this slowly starts to shrink yeah the point is though it still is still out there with a nun attack box yeah she’s go forward without a hip it’s just heart box for moving forward and then she slowly wow this is pretty big so awesome so this is what I’ve been doing even though i’ve been playing I want to end this segment of the call just by helping you see like how hitbox

expand so even though I wanted to stop that Karen and you did get a little idea of it I want you to really like understand it by watching Ryu here and this link soon where I use fireball to you so you know how to poke against righties fireball how much we see something interesting about it do you see what the french first frame looks like uh frame 0 oh ok you moves forward no I don’t know I’m snot forward I’m not the first but like frame 0 yeah do you see uh yeah he has like a hurt box that is what is what I’m assuming is his hand that takes his extended hand well the one was a bomb then uh yeah like his front leg has a big wall around it so when Ryu throws a fireball like entry for a five-member my Dookie magic magic magic magic I was able to throw fireballs and their foot pass right through my leg right whoa the game designers don’t want you to play Ryu like that in this game as much right on purpose they don’t they don’t want that it’s placed out so that’s why they put that there well go now just click all the way through until frame 44 and just click on your own and notice how much you know how much he’s extended and how you can poke them yes um you don’t get to see the fireball projectile you know animation but you do get to see where to him you know so to conclude on this hadouken one look at a frame 11 and 12 and compared 11 and 12 football yes I was gonna tell you really but sliding forward he’s good as electric slide for that all of a sudden sliding back yes okay I start sliding so that means that means there’s more deception you can apply right there that’s really weird and it’s like you’re not even back to his like ending place either yes so little bit wow that’s so weird so I think this is a way this is basically a simulation of street fighter 4 s hitbox hip I’m fireball hitbox or her box change because it’s free for the four if I’m correct I haven’t seen a website like this crispy pata for so I don’t know exactly how it looks but the theory is that Roger becomes 2 times as fat standing in the same place or like his his back and everything the first hitbox is in the same spot but then he doubles in size in front of him well and this in this scenario he moves forward as if he doubled in size in street fighter 4 you see I’m saying so that’s what I think they did I think they just try to simulate it without literally making a huge square around his body so that’s all just have fun looking at these different hit boxes out you might want to look at Dow seem a little bit more since you play against lucky d now there’s one specific frame in one of these does one of those same ones the jumping fierce bunch of tax or some airborne attack his heart box is although he pointed up and his attack boxes put it down that words and and I’ve been trying to think how can I hit those heart boxes you know well what do you think about this overall this you know just seeing it you know what’s your overall assessment of do this how much did this help you you know yeah it’s one shattered my contacts because I knew something was missing and it was definitely this like just being able to play the game um before the stand although the intricacies like that we can’t see on the screen and now it seems like more than although this is a good board because in for it seem like you know playing like you know and visually trying to it did work but in this game it’s so deceptive and I feel fine for me as even as possible for newcomers versus veterans that you close off the better compliance and then it gives the new players enough time to get adjusted to you know a new fighting game or you know new like I guess a competitive field you know some people play but Italy before so well if you want to emphasize that point well I want to emphasize that point so that that point we can emphasize it by and show evidence of it by a I don’t know if you’re still there but you can go to Ryu’s Crouch medium kick yep and you can see and tell me what you see about his crotch medium kick tell me what’s what what type of a high level player or like you know experienced player thing they removed from that move ok so the her box comes out frame before maybe bots and the her boss her boxes extended past the hitbox and it stays oh my goddess days retracted and moves back not just that notice he doesn’t low profile oh yeah you’re right back let go fat mountain of the squares by your shoulders did you see the deviant deviant art version of that hit box ah no I didn’t actually all right I’m gonna get that for you right now different

what there’s a look completely different I feel like they just take the best looking up for you know yeah frames and they’re like oh yeah you know it this will make sense you just throw it there like look yeah that’s what even update I think here it is I want you to see so you can put that oh by the way you can use these these images to overlap onto that website and you can get a better idea what’s going on now what am I looking for i’m looking for a little forward right so I’m gonna give you the list experience and light kick this decimates Ryu in low for bridge that’s why I think that’s our best button and the conversions I’ve come with I done off of it it’s just a matter of me understanding the boxes and her boxes and then I can amplify my consistent yes and so that’s what I do that’s why my chun-li was a little bit more unique than other Chumley’s is because i was using chun-li stand like kick the same way and and 350 43 44 so let’s let’s look at the deviantart hitbox images for i use low for please so we can I just want to move on and wrap up the call to you I gave you the link right yeah I have to pull these other tabs all right look I got it up what’s funny do you see how much her boxes above his end it’s almost fifty percent well so my stand medium kick with like Karen would probably be really good at four with real stand medium oh I remember hey box but a little bit because yeah because um the bottom of your attack box would interact with the top of my low Ford you know like that corner the corner the corner of the green yeah it would interact right there and you can poke yeah was it her her box is extended past it but it completely like bypasses the my attack box yeah yeah just glides right over it yeah so as long as you can glide over it then yeah you can be you can be close you don’t have to poke from far you can be closer as long as these don’t interact in a way that they attack each other here trying to find out seem because I was looking for something that now I can find on one page on the team you know deviantart page oh yeah for example look at his crazy stand like kick his far stand like Dixie yeah and look at his crush Connor has ten roundhouse on the deviantart page these things you can interact with these very easily all right now do you see this move this normal attack move his a fierce punch as the air air air born first punch that points up in a tangle on the bottom on the bottom corner there’s a frame where the hurt boxes you see how the current green horde boxes are creating like a stair stairwell state those actually don’t move they stay there as the red boxes go down oh wow yep and so the red boxes aren’t fully invincible because the green boxes are up air and red boxes are pointing downwards for for certain amount of frames i don’t know how many so yeah i just wanted you to note that if you look at his v.v skill you can see the first frame pour the you know startup frames you can see that his leg is wide open so I’ve kept noted that because if that was cami as soon as I as soon as I see a V skill being started up and I see that you know he’s going on his leg EXT xrl I hit him all these things are very important and people don’t account for these things when they when they play it’s just fun you know going through these things so is it what makes me really fun to like me grant credit good wait a lot funner like this because I feel like I’m not relying on anybody else and i feel like i can introduce things that people are not aware of okay so i’m now see him you can look below his ultra or before below his flames and you can see he’s doing the dive kick look at the first dive kick do you see the red box around his leg the red her box oh I’m his bond is mummies were on the other yes on the first mummy yeah I’ll calls it notice how there’s no green her box on the front is only other person red well what is the red one mean on this website um for this move well what proximity so these are empty these are empty this is not solid red this is a red outline so a red outline on this website means well one thing they have a key they have like an actual hitbox key somewhere in this on this page you come on the bottom yeah

but this one basically means in general on most hitbox websites when you see something like this it means that it’s hits you can hit it you know so as a projectile invincible but it’s not attack invincible oh okay i just read it it says uh wow invincible but not physical invincible yes so this will help you know a little fireballs or any any projectile like a psycho crusher or anything you know dhalsim dhalsim can literally beat out psycho crusher with this specific mummy without trade or without losing well as opposed to the other two you see this helps that doesn’t player know which one to use Wow so we’re pretty much done with these hitboxes think so but now you have enough tools to help you with these challenging matchups until know you and I could play or other you can play with other people until that time you have tools to overcome a lot of things that have been holding back for now yeah yeah what’s your feedback overall is no recording yeah because like this could be a hitbox lesson for other people we don’t know their stuff and you know and having having a pro like you offer your perspective you know the feedback yeah I’m like unlike what you know what you think is important if they know what you think is important they’re getting the head of in the mind of a pro and then that will help them improve and see the game differently so whoa hold on a sec I’m just writing this down I’m gonna write down um I don’t write down something right now or for my notes um so the biggest thing by far ones of this game because of the intentions of the development I think very important things like at surface love this well there’s a lot of things in this game that are like just embedded in secrecy you know that you have to like dig into a lot of research to discover because everything you’ve told me today I did not know about but now it opens up the options of actually mastering your character because example I know the combos with Karen I have set ups right but in my heart I knew I didn’t master her and I know I know that like uh you know in order for me to be the top player I have to master my character so I was wondering what is missing and it was definitely this now will allow me to be a lot more fluid it’s footsies you know because there are going to be rules that are going to become instilled you know based off of the previous iterations of previous games so like we were talking about earlier a lot of those like you know ghosting hitbox effects with like fireball evasion and stuff like that they got rid of that see if you didn’t know that he translated is getting much too far for you’d end up getting counter poked a lot and then looking like you know really frustrated in a match like what’s going on so it’s just a good reminder um to not try to take things at face value in this game what you see is not what you get you know because it’s very deceptive do your research that’s a big one because if you just go about looking at other people’s information like example you know how we can we can find a you know frame data right positive we can find frame data that’s another person source technically right even though it’s universally shared that’s cool but it’s still not like your own created content you know so like to utilize a tool life but what is it dantarion I’m in the home pronouncing it right but so you some you know I something that like that it’s really efficient because it makes you grow or allows you to grow as a leader you know because you’re creating content and now you can distribute to your community something that’s never been known a lot of the things that are in that program you have to find it on your own you know strengths of observation it’s not like somebody can hold your hand and walk you through it like a lot of stuff had you just shown me maybe I wouldn’t even have i’ve noticed it but not because you gave me a frame of reference I can pinpoint a lot of strange subtleties know like effortlessly like i did it with Karen right now I looked at her didn’t like it and I was like boom I are automatically visualize that this beat this button without me even going to training mode yeah that’s how I’m improving without even playing the game finally play like once a week but i’m improving because of these these types of things you don’t love earning these resources in my own brain you know the value of what i’m trying to do here is how people literally listen in to what I’ve been doing for all these years with players I have a third but it’s about personal some of the personals we learned today okay well then I’ll stop I’ll stop recording