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hey miles here miles Beckler calm in this video you are getting full access to part one of my premium how to choose a lucrative niche for your online business course now past customers and members have paid ninety seven dollars per month for this course and you’re getting access to it free here today part two will be released next so if you want to get notified on youtube when part two comes out be sure to subscribe and hit the bell so they’ll push a notification to your phone now why am i giving this away for free my wife and I have been building our businesses online since 2009 we currently have five web sites generating more than enough cash flow I need in order to survive at the same time over 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the last six weeks that’s an atrocious number and there’s a group of fake gurus out there there’s snake oil salesmen and they’re trying to sell you scams in the how to make money online world and I need for you to become an economic engine for your family and for your community and those gurus need to get your money because they got to pay for their overpriced houses and they got to pay for their overpriced oil changes for their Lambos okay so I need you to unsubscribe from them and do the work so I’m gonna give you the work I’m giving you everything you need for free this is my answer to the question of how can I help in these crazy-ass times we live in today with that said what you’re about to go through is literally a collegiate style course this thing’s deep dive you’re going to need a notepad and pen and you’re going to need to do the work specifically you’re gonna learn the three types of niches that make big-time money fast online okay not every niche does and you’re not only gonna learn what they are and how to find them where to go find them which is one of the big keys you’re gonna learn the best trick for finding your passions and your interests which is the number one way to build your business even if you don’t know what you’re passionate about or interested in I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs on this I’ve perfected this little prompting process that you’re going to go through today trust the process go through all of the steps here and then finally you’re gonna learn the one way to prove that there’s money in the niche before you get started again this is how to choose a lucrative niche it needs to be able to provide for you for your family for your community so there’s a specific process you’re gonna learn to make sure money in the niche for you before you get started because you don’t want to go put a bunch of work in on something that doesn’t have the possibility of actually paying out for you so that’s where I’m at with this if you enjoy it thumbs up subscribe do what you do and enjoy the premium training here today welcome to part 1 of the how to find a lucrative niche that you’ll love training in order to accomplish the goals within this training you’re gonna need to have a pen and paper handy have a nice notepad we’re gonna do a big batch of brainstorming I’m gonna trigger you to come up with ideas you haven’t thought about for a very long time and then we’re gonna start the research process in this video and then in video number two that’s when you’re gonna go deep into the database research and we’re gonna let data guide you to your perfect niche that’ll be lucrative and that you’re gonna love so let’s jump right in first off what is your niche now it’s the main concept for your entire website your big idea of the whole site needs to have one core theme and out of this it’s going to help you focus on who you will help and what you will help them with could be problems solution it could be helping people who are passionate about a topic get deeper into said topic your niche is not set in stone you can always change your niche you can always pivot within your niche later my wife and my big main brand based on my wife’s content she creates that niche has pivoted several times in our history all under one brand so all of the work we did at first once we’ve pivoted that work still supports us to this day for myself I still have several niche websites that I built over the years that are still driving traffic still bringing in some sales and moved on from them but it’s okay to create a collection or a portfolio of niche websites so really the goal is to get one great idea that you’re willing to move forward with blazed forward with let’s get some momentum and remember you can change your niche you can start over again you can pivot your niche there’s all kinds of options this is not set in stone so let’s just make the best decision we can to get you moving forward the goal of this training is to help you identify three possible niches you would really enjoy working in for a few years we’re gonna help you compare the competition and the opportunity in each of these niches so ultimately you’re gonna be able to let the data combine with your personal kind of opinions and your personal goals and desires right so there’s a little bit of data and there’s a little bit of your personality and out of those two things your best first niche pops up and that’s where we’re getting you today the niche selection idea is the most important step you’re going to need to work on this site probably for approximately a thousand hours now the average person should be able to get a thousand hours of work done on one site in about three

to five years is it possible to speed that up absolutely there are many ways through outsourcing right hiring other people to do some work as a way to leverage more time on your asset or if you simply have more time available you can definitely spend 4-6 hours per day and get through that thousand hour time period very very quickly so the average person I would say it’s gonna take about three to five years to create serious lifestyle success so you need to be interested in the niche it needs to be something that you’re willing to show up for day in and day out month in and month out for years and that’s why it needs to be something that kind of at least ties in to your personality but then we need to look at the data right because too competitive of a niche and you’re never gonna get traffic you’ll never be able to stand out in too crowded of a marketplace on the other side of that coin if there’s not enough search volume you’re never going to be able to earn a lifestyle income because you’re never gonna be able to grow a big enough list and a big enough audience so we’re looking for that sweet spot right in the middle for your personal niche and it needs to have a passionate audience of buyers and consumers to show you exactly how to find them in this training these have low competition for your particular segments you’ll understand more about segments here and what that means and I’ll show you exactly how to find the competition numbers in part two and then it needs to have a high value and demand for your content obviously you’re gonna learn exactly how to identify that and figure all of that out here as well so first off there’s three main types of niches there’s a passion niche a lifestyle niche and a problem-solution niche now the passion niches are really hobbies that kind of they’re on steroids right they’re hobbies that have turned in two obsessions for people fishing golfing horseback riding woodworking photography all of these niches and there are hundreds and hundreds more these are the kinds of niches that when people really get into the sport or the hobby or whatever it is they consume and buy everything photographers who are really really serious about photography may very well have two or three different DSLR bodies they’ll probably have five to ten different lenses for different applications they’ll probably have point-and-shoot cameras they roll around with backpacks that have camera blocks in them they have many different SD cards and right they it’s a gear based game same with fishing and golfing I would put bowling on this list if you’ve ever seen a bowler who’s really good at the sport they’ll roll up with eight different bowling balls they got different wrist braces and shoes for different applications for different lane conditions horseback riding is another one from the boots the helmets the feed the I mean the property that you have to build and woodworking there’s so many woodworking tools required you want a new jig that’ll accomplish that you need a new router for this if you want to build that new style of table or that new style of fitting you need these new dovetail routing things that I don’t know anything about but I’ve just seen woodworkers in my friends and family’s spheres they’re very passionate people and they buy lots of expensive things so passion niches are full of people who buy new items to support their passion frequently that’s the key is that they’re constantly buying new gadgets new things new tools to get better at that passion then there’s the lifestyle niches these are people who really truly self-identify with an external activity when you meet them in a coffee shop on a bar or something they may very well say that this is Who I am so what do you do oh I’m a parent or what are you on the vegan right what are you oh I’m a cyclist and some people literally get to the point where they self-identify now where does the line between passion and lifestyle change I would say that the lifestyle is even the next step beyond the passion right an MMA fighter a mixed martial arts fighter who gets to the point where they’re pro they’re all they do is they diet because that’s gonna help their MMA they watch MMA videos all day every day they train all day every day they’re entering different their code like 100% of their life gets consumed by mixed martial arts so some ideas of lifestyle parenting professionals right you meet a lot of people what do you do and they’ll reply with I’m an architect or on a lawyer or I’m a blank and they’ll put their profession in there there’s dietary options that people choose cyclists pets people are so amazingly crazy about their pets oftentimes people will buy toys and and healthy foods for their pets when they won’t even do the same for themselves CrossFit triathletes all of these things get people to a point where they literally get consumed by it and they rearrange all of the aspects of their life – prior to prioritize this one thing again they’re consuming lots of new products in that world then finally we have the problem solution type niches when people really need to make it change now oftentimes it requires the pain or the challenge to get big enough for them to really actually be willing to take action and make change weight loss acne diabetes quitting smoking PTSD

and this goes on and on and on our world is forever but everybody’s got problems like in our world literally everybody’s got problems and the way our world works today is Google is all of our kind of trusted confidant most people will not ask their coworker about weight loss acne diabetes or any of these things most people will not ask their family members they’re gonna go to Google and they’re gonna ask their questions to Google and they’re going to find the most helpful people in that space they’re gonna trust them they’re gonna follow them they’re gonna listen to their recommendations and ultimately you can become that person and these people by systems they buy information they buy tools they buy actual equipment they buy all kinds of things to help them achieve their goals now many of these niches overlap right passion and lifestyle I kind of already talked about it they’re they’re often interchangeable and sometimes you can combine a problem solution with a passion you can actually help people within a passion with a specific problem and solution many of the top-level niches are too competitive today right so weight loss is just too competitive so you can look down below to find that underserved segment within the niche that’s where you’re able to stand out that’s where you’re really able to gain ground quickly which is a big part of the goal here so how do you go from the niche to the actual segment for your site concept we want to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to stand out on the search engines which is gonna drive traffic so you can grow your list more quickly and ultimately make money and this is we’re targeting a segment within a niche is key so from photography you could focus on portrait photography for parents parents are taking lots and lots of pictures of their children and they want to take great pictures that make their kids look flattering and currently they don’t so you could be the person who helps them do this and you could talk about the different uses of different types of cameras you can have a DSLR right like a fancy camera side of your website you can have an iPhone photography side of your business I’ve got a kind of a mutual acquaintance who teaches iPhone photography and he makes over a million dollars per year teaching people how to make great photographs with their iPhone so this stuff works there’s the weight loss niche and then you got to go deeper right the weight loss for new mothers over 30 this is a brilliant focused niche because the new mothers are going to have challenges they’re gonna have time restraints they got a baby right and when your content talks about how to lose weight when you have a baby and you need to be ready for the the blowouts and the challenges and the breakdowns and and the the constant feeding and the lack of sleep you are speaking directly to that new mother and when they feel that when they feel that your weight loss content is speaking directly to them their needs their challenges they’re gonna fall in love with you they’re gonna ignore the big gurus in the weight loss space because they found somebody who is tailoring everything to them personally so for golf again golf is too broad of a niche but you can segment down to helping women hit better tea shops so it’s one aspect of the game it’s the tea shot and you’re focused on helping women you could add it age variant to that right it could be women over 50 hitting better tee shots retired women hitting better tee shots there’s a lot of ways you sub down and segment down for your site concept and ultimately you can segment down to far it too small of a segment and you’re never gonna get enough traffic kind of mention that before so iPhone portrait photography for parents might actually be too small of a niche but it could be a great category or segments or silo within the last one we talked about which is just portrait photography for parents weight loss for new mothers of triplets over forty is just too small than one almost like a joke right like I don’t think you would actually go to triplets but it’s an example of how far is too far too niche down and ultimately how to hit your seven iron off the tee that is too small of a niche because you really will need to you know that that’s maybe one or two times per round that someone has that need and it would just be too small of an audience of people searching for that particular problem would make a great category would make a great blog post could make a good silo on your site which you’ll learn all of the bits and pieces for that later but ultimately you need to find that sweet spot in the niche so let’s talk about the process that’s what you’re going to go through right now the niche research process first step and that’s what we’re gonna do next is create a large list of possible niches that interest you we need to create as big of a list as possible I’m hoping you’re writing page after page after page of ideas let it be messy you can refine these down later it takes thousands of hours again to build a successful niche site so we need to find one that you like I’m gonna prompt you with lots of ideas and then I’m gonna show you resources where you can find even more ideas so you can

really build out this master list and then we’re gonna go to step two which is eliminating the niches that don’t meet basic general criteria we want to find passionate communities we want to find products to promote and we want to find profitable competition competition is good you want to see that other people are making money in the space because if no one else is making money in the space odds are you’re not going to be the only one to figure it out so we do want to make sure that someone has laid a path they say that the second Mouse gets the cheese so we want to make sure that that someone has proven the model works and then you can come in and outwork them and be more strategic and that’s what forums and that’s what everything else in this is all about to help you be more strategic than your competition we’ve got to identify that right niche for you and then finally we’re gonna compare the supply and demand numbers on your final options this is part two right so step three on this is actually part two of the training and that’s what we’re gonna let the search volume and profitability numbers really truly guide you to the best option that matches your personality but has great numbers today we’re all in on the stuff that matches your personality that excites you etc so creating your big list of niches is the next thing we’re getting into so if you haven’t already grab a pen and paper and start with brainstorming what interests you I want you to just write down the things you’ve probably been thinking about the different niches those little things that interest you and intrigue you whether it’s Julie jewelry or lapidary or silver smithing or photography or cell phone photography or gadgets whatever write down what you can think about just let yourself brainstorm I want you to get some time moving the pen across the paper in the future we’re going to prompt you with questions ideas and resources you’re going to need to pause this training as needed to get those ideas out of your head I’m gonna move through these things quickly but you need to take time letting this all soak in and I’m gonna be kind of throwing out ideas I’m gonna be sharing and vocalizing ideas that you maybe haven’t thought of for a long time my goal here is to say something like model trains and you would think oh man I used to love model trains when I was a kid I was all about it I had all these Mao I haven’t thought about that for 15 years great write that down so we’re gonna go through this process of me prompting you with ideas but don’t think that these prompts I’m vocalizing is everything because I’m gonna show you where to go to get even more promptings from a few different locations on the web that will give you access to hundreds if not thousands of potential ideas you’re looking for things that have interested you in the past things you’ve spent time with in the past things that you’ve known other people to be really passionate and excited about and you maybe never got into it but you know like those folks are super passionate and I got some friends who are into that that could be interesting all of these ideas that kind of resonate with you as huh okay that sounds kind of interesting write them down the goal is to make as big of a list as possible for this next phase the questions I want you to answer first are if you were getting on an airplane and you had to choose a magazine to read or browse for a couple of hours you got a quick flight you’re standing at the magazine newsstand there in every airport in the world and you’re like I’m just gonna flip through a magazine on this flight what magazine would you get if you need some promptings on magazines pause the video and go to magazines comm would it be a handgun magazine would it be hunting would be camping would it be National Geographic would it be about selling or about knitting would it be about cars Road and track right what magazine would you enjoy reading the ads reading the copy look into the pictures just kind of flipping through would it be the the home and garden the sunset magazine the the outdoor adventure magazine what magazines would you like to read with you had an hour to just to flip through then the next idea is what seemingly random topics really light your fire what gets you excited in this world right everything there’s something in this world that excites everyone and you’re probably at some point gonna think you know how to make money online really excites me that’s all man that that really excites me feel free to write that down and you’re gonna see when we get to the data side to the numbers how incredibly difficult it would be for someone new to actually break out in that space the the analogy I like to use is I’m gonna help you climb a mountain of sorts here you obviously have the option to choose to go climb Everest as your first mountain ever but remember professional climbers died on Everest every single year literally the trail to the top of Everest is littered with dead bodies from people who have trained for years and something happened and they did not make it so I highly recommend you don’t go after that mountain first let’s get you climbing a couple of hills in your neighborhood maybe the highest peak in your state if you’re in California and you have the highest peak in the lower 48 maybe we won’t even go over the highest peak right maybe we’ll just get you to hike up to the top of the Tahoe Rim Trail from the bottom right we want to get you in a mountain that’s big enough that’s going to really flex all of the muscles and it’s gonna challenge

you but I don’t want you to get to the point where you’re gonna pull in three to five years of work and still get no results that is the dying on Everest challenge and again if you want to put those ideas down I have you know internet marketing digital marketing interest Instagram marketing if those really do excite you and really light your fire feel free to write them down but complete the other aspects of this too and let’s let the data guide us because the data will help you find those niches that are underserved they have great search volume that you could stand out and quick and start making money with quick and that’s a key then the next one I want you to write down it you should be pausing this to take time to write these ideas down as they come to you what are you already good at what games have you been playing for a while what games board games video games computer games right like what types of games do you enjoy arts are you into any art so you’re good with charcoal pen and paper pencil right it could be arts and crafts it could be scrapbooking it doesn’t really matter but what kind of arts that leads us to the crafts as well what have you been doing professionally for five years for ten years for 15 years for 20 years if you’ve been doing something professionally for 10 to 20 years if you’re in your 50s and you’ve had a career and you’re just tired of it oftentimes the fastest way for you to replace your day job with your own income to where you own your time you regain that ownership of your time it’s to go do more of what you’ve been doing professionally but let’s just change how you’re doing it so you could reach a broader audience so you can get leverage on your side and get you to stop trading dollars for hours and start actually building systems that could create sales while you sleep that’s where we can go so write down anything you’ve been doing professionally whether that’s current or even past professional interpersonally what are you good at are you good at talking to the other gender right are you a guy who’s really good at talking to girls or vice versa are you a girl who’s really good at talking to guys are you a matchmaker are you able to really understand people’s challenges and problems easily are you just kind of a natural-born coach what are those interpersonal things that you’re good at or that are fun and then physically what are you good at physically this could be anything from from hacky sack and foot back to juggling all the way to power lifting or Crossfit flipping over gigantic tires or all those crazy things they do in the CrossFit world physically what are those things you’re good at gymnastics flexibility stretching trampoline I mean anything that you do physically that just lights you up that’s fun that that’s exciting slacklining rock climbing all of these different physical activities mountain biking what what do you enjoy doing in that world then the next one what topic do you know a lot about that most people don’t understand we’ve all got access to these little things that we know about that everybody else in the world’s like what like that’s even a thing like oh that’s so random but with the internet these tribes of I’ll call them weirdos cuz I’m a weirdo we’re all weirdos right these tribes connect online that’s actually where they connect with each other so maybe it’s the magic in the gathering type games maybe you you just love old retro video game consoles maybe you build entire stand up video game cabinet like gaming cabinets and and nobody else gets it but you just really enjoy doing that these are often great ways for you to identify these unique and seemingly random sub niches that in your local fear right your your co-workers your your family your local friends the people you see in in day-to-day interactions they wouldn’t really get it but when you go online and when you get into an online community there is a raving community of people who love this 3d printing gunsmithing reloading ammunition for you know reloading shotgun shells for skeet shooting who knows what that actually is for you but what are those topics that you know a lot about that most people don’t understand or don’t even care about write them down is your list growing at this point are you doing the action because we can’t get you to the point of finding your niche and ultimately growing your niche audience and growing your business and growing your list and making money if you don’t do the work so I need you to be doing the work right now I need you to be actually writing down these ideas if you haven’t started pause go get a pen and paper but I trust that you are so we’re gonna move forward here more questions for you to write your answers to what problem in your life do you need to solve in the next three to five years right this is going towards the idea of document don’t create and again if you think well making money online is that thing I have to figure out go ahead and write it down and we will see what the data says in the future because ultimately I can tell you right now that the the competition is just too fierce to make that a very logical reasonable first approach for most niche marketers but we want to get these other ideas what problems in your life have you been diagnosed with something do you have stomach issues that you just got to figure out are you overweight and you

realize that you’re approaching an age and your weight is at a point that it’s getting harder and harder to lose weight every single day and you have to change are you trying to get competitive in a sport are you are you trying to become a a competitive steeplechase horse back that’s where they they race the horses over the courses that that jump over the the different pylons and stuff right are you working with a new dog and you’re gonna help your new dog get into the dog racing and those different types of dog racing where they run through the obstacles and stuff like and that is that the three to five year challenge do you have a newborn in your life and you’re gonna have to learn how to live life with a newborn over the next three to five years what are the problems in your life that you’re facing that you’re gonna need to solve in the next three to five years have you been making really good money and not doing anything with your investments and you need to figure out what you’re gonna do with your money are you looking to become a real estate investor and you’re brand new and you’re trying to figure out how to dominate at the game of becoming a landlord in your local market these are the things that you need to write down next what do you see is meaningful that is often underrated or overlooked by others now this is really getting in your heart center right like what are those things that you care about that you think the world needs more of these are the ideas that are like biodiesel or plug-in electric hybrid cars or electric bikes or riding your bike to work or zero waste lifestyle right like these ideas of bring your bags and and eliminating plastic from from your world or what are those little things inside of you that you’re just so passionate about it could be it could be have a political slant right maybe you’re just so passionate about libertarian or you’re so passionate about universal basic like any of these ideas that really light you up that others whether they it could be a polarizing idea and that’s often a really good thing or it could be something that most people ignore or don’t even think about but you see it as actually really really important in life and other people ignore it you know for my wife and I nine years ago when we started our main niche site that we’re running today together meditation was one of those things for us like most people overlooked it they they didn’t value it it wasn’t nearly as trendy then as it is today um Yoga was just starting to become kind of trendy at that point in time it really for us it was something we saw as vitally important to our health our well-being and ultimately to our business because when we took time to recharge and that that’s how we found ours right it was that thing to us that most people overlooked that really had a big impact on our life and we decided we wanted to share that with the world next prompting question what will many people need more of in the next few years so there’s a couple of ways of thinking about this idea right I want to repeat that what will many people need more of in the next few years so you can look at population segments we have the Millennial population segments who are you know they’re getting out of college they have a lot of student loan debt on average they’re kind of getting into the world of professional the professional world a little bit they’re probably gonna want to buy houses in the next few years they’re probably gonna want to qualify for mortgages in the next few years they’re probably going to want to maybe start their own business maybe they’re gonna want to get on a career path in the next few years right what are those things they might want to have children and start a family in the next few years then you look at the baby boomers right there they’re retiring at a massive rate of speed tens of thousands per day are retiring so you have this population of people who have money they’ve spent the last 30 to 40 years of their life working right commuting to a building that they didn’t necessarily want to be at and being around people now they go home and their kids are gone and they’re kind of empty nested they’re like what do I do with myself right what are the challenges that these individuals are faced you could talk about weight loss and staying healthy activities fun activities hobbies not getting bored and depressed because they’re now not feeling useful anymore at their day job they’re now at an empty house they might do more gardening moving forward they might have health issue that they’re gonna have to take care of moving forward right so what are the ideas that you have that many people are going to need more of in the next few years based on demographics then there’s you know where do you see the world going type ideas obviously in the last 10 years we have seen the proliferation of screentime everyone is spending more time focused scrolling through screens than ever before and that has all the signs of continuing to speed up and it might go to the point of augmented reality and virtual reality you know the pokemons go video game was one of our app I guess a game app that was one of the first real augmented reality experiments in our world and it was a massive massive success so this is kind of the futurist idea of what technologies and what things are gonna be coming out into the world more and if you’re interested in those segments that’s another way to look at this question of what will many people need more of in the next few years that’s one of those interesting questions home

delivery of groceries might be something like that it’s there’s a lot of different interesting ways to go there’s a new book by Kevin Kelly I don’t remember the name it starts with a tie it’s got a lot of arrows on the cover I’ll make sure I’ll link to that below Kevin Kelley in he wrote KKK org anyways KK door you find his newest book it’s all about this futurism and about what’s coming down the pipeline so if you’re interested in this stuff definitely check out Kevin Kelley’s new book KK org is his website and then what is one habit that people need to implement to live a better life so again this is back kind of one that caught my wife and my attention we really do believe that the habit of daily meditation really helps people live a much better life diet right like eating less processed foods eating more leafy greens as one habit that people need to implement and when you’re looking at this what are the ones that are you’re just super passionate about it can be chia seed green smoothies right it could be exercising every day it could be cycling right you could see that as the solution that people need to implement to live a better life so we’re gonna kind of keep going down here the next thing I want you to look at is a little mental exercise back through what are your recent big purchases and when I say recent I’m talking like you know 1 2 3 years what have you spent a hundred 300 500 $1000 or more on in the last several years if you bought a fancy pants vacuum cleaner for your house do you continue to buy fancy kitchen equipments are you a kitchen gadget freak and you’re just like I need that new food processor and I need the juicer and I need the the the excalibur dehydrator like is that your game cool write down these big purchases and then see if a little pattern forms to where it’s like a kitchen gadgets like wow I do spend a lot of money on kitchen gadgets because when you build an authority site the right way you’re actually able to deduct from your income the expenses of purchasing the products that you review that you’re kind of using that you’re recommending now it often not often it requires you to make money in order to have a deduction right if you’re deducting from a loss that just creates more of a loss so at some point you need to be earning income but if you have a day job and you’re already spending a lot of time and energy in the world of cycling there is a way to get this to work really beneficially for you to wear as you’re buying new wheels new tires new tubes new pedals new bits and pieces for your bikes you’re doing reviews on them that actually can be a business deduction for you you do need to turn a profit at some point with your business talk to a CPA to get all the the bits and pieces of that but that’s why we’re looking through your recent purchases because it’s what are you already spending money on what are you already kind of doing regularly in your life that could become a little side business for you so gym memberships have you bought a weight bench have you bought a treadmill what about an elliptical machine a DSLR body what about a 50 millimeter lens to make excellent portraits or an ultra zoom lens right have you bought a new guitar an acoustic guitar bass guitar what type of guitar have you bought a tennis racket a table saw have you done any training or personal coaching have you got a road bike or maybe a drafting table or maybe an easel for painting right if you’ve got crystal singing bowls what about a fly fishing rod maybe some new golf clubs a sewing machine a Blendtec blender all like backpack right have you gone down the path of an ultralight tent and then an ultralight backpack and that’s another little segment of the outdoors world where once they go down that slippery slope everything needs to become titanium and ultralight it gets really expensive and they look for the best ones on Google so this is this is one of those those ideas to look back through your recent purchases of big purchases and big items to try to identify those things that you’re already buying because often times we can look at our behavior we might not be able to think of it but when we look at our behavior and what we’re actually spending our money on the pattern might appear from there so pause the video take a moment for yourself and really dig in and think about what you’ve spent money on in the last few years specifically hundreds of dollars on or you just keep buying it over and over and over you buy more and more and more of them it could be a type of makeup it could be different makeups maybe that’s the the second segment of the the beauty area that you’re just you’re so passionate about that’s what you buy you love doing your makeup hauls perfect that could be it for you so take some time press pause and write down some big purchases next up we go to Amazon now most people think Amazon is an e-commerce website although you can purchase things on Amazon Amazon is actually a search engine and it’s the one search engine in the world that when just about everyone goes to it they’ve got their credit card in hand and they’re ready to buy something so that’s what’s really powerful about Amazon now I’m gonna run through some of these categories again my goal is to mention something you’re like oh yeah yeah that’s cool right boom write it down when you hear something that resonates that your body lights up that you perk up a little bit

your ears perk up that’s what you want to write down so do you care about the beauty realm the health rum housewares we’re not smart home stuff are you into smart home gadgetry electronics toys kids stuff do you buy lots of kids clothes and kids toys what about video games are you in a new video game so you know old video games are you a fortnight fan or you are you a retro Atari or Genesis fan what about team sports an individual sports and this doesn’t have to be for you it could be for your kids do you have kids who are entering a world of team sports are you coaching these team sports what about outdoors we already talked about backpacking and hiking and what outdoor activities do you enjoy doing weight loss products tools DIY are you a DIY person do you do a bunch of repairs around the house what about the automotive world kitchen appliances run natural products do you do you like green products like bamboo socks and bamboo clothing or sustainable products board games do you buy board games do you like interested in board games what about card games what about fashion items look at jewelry could be costume jewelry it could be real jewelry could be gemstone jewelry could be silver jewelry what about shoes clothing handbags run new and exciting gadgets right D are you always interested in what that new stuff is and you just you want to know what new products are coming out on market and you love reading opinion pieces about them and just just really experiencing them gardening do you like gardening like would you love to have a green house at home do you already have a green house at home do you love flower gardening do you love creating a garden for butterflies or maybe a fruit or a vegetable garden or do you love your fruit trees what about pets right people buy a lot and a lot a lot of things for their pets pets are incredibly expensive long term because people spend a lot of money on their pets photography another one do you love taking pictures what about videography are you an amateur cinematographer do you love vlogging what about art you really into art is there a certain type of art that you’re really into now I want you to go to Amazon after just hearing those and I want you to look for more so simply go to and then up top right where that red arrow is there’s a button that says departments okay super quick update for you because amazon moved the link that gets you over to this main directory so it’s not on the top navigation anymore you just click the three lines on the top left that’s called a hamburger menu it pops out the pop out window and scroll down just above the help link and you’ll see full store directory just click on that and it’ll load the directory so you can follow the next steps from here if you’re enjoying the video give me a thumbs up here on YouTube and enjoy the rest of the show now it pulls up these different departments that you’re seeing you can scroll down for hundreds of niche ideas and actually you’ll notice like on the right it says automotive and industrial and then it’s got all of these little sub niches right and that’s where you really want to focus is on all of those little sub niche items so take a read through there and really see and look around for ones they like oh that’s interesting or oh man when I was younger I cared about that or I got a friend who really really likes that in her never dabbled in that but boy I know a few people who are really interested in that so pause the video go to click on departments and then go through and pull out any ones on your master list your list should be getting big you should be turning pages your legal pad or your notepad should be getting full and that is a very good thing we want to exercise the process of breaking down that thought of I can’t think of anything and proving to ourselves that we have hundreds of ideas around and then we’re gonna go through and filter them down and Phil’s room down and filter them down to find your perfect niche so jump over to Amazon now and then come back and hit play again when you’re ready to go on the next step okay indoor hobby ideas now we’re gonna go into a whole series of different hobby ideas and then a break them up based on indoor and outdoor and an individual and team based etc and collecting so there are more I’m gonna show you where to find more but I’m just gonna save these again because I’m trying to trigger I want you to use your auditory experience to tell you when ah that sounds kind of cool so indoor hobby ideas gunsmithing candle making 3d printing photography sewing soap making leather crafting and again like when I say sewing right like what about needlepoint what about crochet what about knitting right knife making coffee roasting lapidary what about silver smithing or goldsmithing or gemstone faceting you see under each and every one of these there’s often dozens of segments that are available knitting I already mentioned woodworking what about cosplay do you love dressing up and goofing off and doing cosplay like would you dream about going to the San Diego comic-con every year or whatever Comic Cons there are in the world would that be like a dream come true for you to be able to go to that every single year and fully deck yourself out and really immerse yourself in that write it down what about table tennis what about real tennis right like any of these ideas are very possible and I wonder if table tennis is actually an indoor hobby um I play table tennis very crazily so maybe I’m an outdoor guy so there’s the outdoor hobby ideas next what about air sports like airsoft fishing snowboarding

sailing people martial arts metal detecting prospecting for gems and and rockhounding whitewater kayaking what about flat water kayaking polo or not steeplechase what about dressage or a horseback riding mountain biking bushcraft right bushcraft is you know kind of tags onto – camping but a little bit more about sustainability it’s that interesting or or self-sustaining I’m kind of survivalism we’re a horseback-riding kite-flying backpacking rock climbing obviously drone flying right drones could be in on this collection based hobby ideas people who have collections are so passionate about getting that next one and finding that that one that fills their collection up antiques what about cards could be baseball cards could be magic of The Gathering cards right there’s all kinds of different types of cars coins numismatics why is that interesting to you comic books diecast cars diecast models vintage Hot Wheels old-school Barbies right from the 70s in the 60s what about like retro toys from the 80s the the toys from when you were a kid type thing or retro video games right the old Nintendo consoles and stuff a lot of people who have those left in the attics when their kids left mom might just want to dump them and not know what the value is or mom might go to Google and search for it and try to figure out what the values of those things and maybe you could become a hub and a source of information to help people identify which is good which isn’t stamps model trains fossils gems minerals flower pressing or uh insect hears either like dried kind of insects that are in those little things mom not a huge fan of those things I buy them for family members for gifts because I think it’s funny because nobody likes them put them here’s a giant beetle for for Christmas cousin haha anyways we’re about competitive hobby ideas writer you do you love competition are you a competitive person darts foosball right table soccer knife throwing hatchet throwing archery slot car racing first-person shooter games eSports oh my gosh eSports is a massive massive massive industry at this point in time it’s not only the prize money for the best eSports players in the world but but just the whole world of Twitch and people walk other people play games is incredible we’re not fencing chess I know a friend who runs a chess education website and they do extremely well it’s actually two guys I know they’ve been able to afford the lifestyle they want to live for many years I’ve been one guy bought a condo down in Mexico and literally a hundred percent sustained off of selling information on chess and if you think about it chess is such an old game there’s so many great books from so many of the masters and yet these guys who they’re not even that great at chess they just chose it they’ve been working their booties off for ten years on it and they’ve really they’ve actually partnered with a bunch of different course creators in chess and they’ve created kind of a library or a platform for great chess content and they’re doing extremely well so that’s a that’s crowded market place that they’ve still been able to find themselves niching down what about bowling I pulled a ton as a kid and if I was near set of lanes and I was kind of more stable a man there’s a really good chance I would start a bowling niche site because I’m pretty good at it already and with a bit of focused effort and documentation I could get really really good really quick and it would be a fun process for me just don’t have any bowling alleys around where I’m at so I just play Internet games um what about go-cart racing is that something your kids are into is that something you’re into what about just building go-karts right building them from scratch from the frames and the old vertical lawnmower engines etc lacrosse first person view Racing drums rowing RC car racing RC planes right cricket poker weightlifting air pistols skeet shooting dog sports steeplechase another horse racing idea right what are observational hobby ideas astronomy right amateur astronomy geocaching whale watching Birds watching I don’t even spell that right and that’s okay fish keeping photography meteorology astrology we’re not just reading books like you just love reading meditation rote learning do you love learning do you love the art of learning are you just fascinated with how we can keep filling our brains with more and more information and it’s never full and you keep adding more and like where does it all go like are you just is that some you’re really interested in what about cinema right do you love movies you have old movies do you love new movies do you have old horror flicks old b-movies from the 70s I want you to research even more hobby ideas so go to google and search for Wikipedia’s list of hobbies and you’re gonna see this page it’s it’ll come up as a top it’s literally Wikipedia’s list of hobbies now on the left you’ll see that they have all of the different hobby types I just broke out a few of them for you here but if you scroll down all that left navigation

does is actually bring you to lower portions in this page so it’s all on this page it’s a very long page and there are a ton of hobby ideas read through them which ones were you enjoyed when you’re a kid which ones were you interested in as a teen but you never got around to it or you never had the time or your your family couldn’t afford it or you live too far away from the thing needed right like what are those areas in life that you would enjoy that’s the key at this point we want to find those things that overlap with what you enjoy will you be what you’d have fun learning about talking about researching about making videos about making blog posts about making podcast episodes about that’s the real key so at this point I would like you to pause the video and go Google Wikipedia’s list of hobbies then go to the list of hobbies and take some time reading through and grow your list so we can get that master list as big as we possibly can next up I want you to look into your personal your professional and your life experiences now when we teach from experience I’ve found the process gets easier you are always able to go research a topic come up with an outline and create a new piece of content on something you don’t know a ton about it is possible but that takes a long time for me to create my YouTube videos that I put out I generally come up with an idea like I’m gonna talk about this today I turn on the camera and I go because I’ve got 15 plus years experience making money online I’ve been full time as a digital marketer internet marketer since 2010 so that’s over eight years of experience actually doing day-in day-out 60 hour 80 hour weeks pretty much going full-on for 810 years plus that’s what I’m bringing to the table so what comes easy to you and that’s one of the ways to look back into your past your personal your professional in your life experience what comes easy to you that others compliment you on this could be playing a game right you could be tied into the world of online gaming and you could just master this game and it was like damn you are like they want to be on your team when when the the teams are chosen right what are these things you’re really really good at what have you been doing for five or more years professionally now remember we live in a day and age when every niche has an audience this doesn’t have to be a super exciting or high-value thing to you it could be you’ve been a florist for five years working at the local grocery store in their florist department that is a huge opportunity and then it could be what have you been doing you know non professionally for five plus years gardening a specific type of gardening flower gardening on your balcony etc what aspects of your life feel normal to you that others comment on in MB right like that could be the garden thing right if your garden if your yard on your house just is thriving and the butterflies and the bees and it is just a booming metropolis of life in your garden and all your neighbors around just can’t keep it together and their yards look like rubbish and they just can’t grow their plants and it just like it’s just normal to you right that’s what you’re looking for it’s really difficult for us to actually see what our talents are in this world because they’re our talents they feel easy to us but to others they seem like magic that is something that you need to try to identify and it could be a little challenging and looking at how other people react to the things that you do that come naturally to you that’s a key to write these down if any if these spark any ideas be sure to write it down then what challenges have you overcome that others struggle with have you lost 50 pounds at some point in your life have you overcome something that was debilitating at some point in your life have you learned how to manage a diagnosis or a challenge right now without needing to use the the pharmaceutical path right have you learned how to manage diabetes naturally through diet and exercise in a way that you don’t have to run your blood sugar level every day anymore and that you’ve literally there’s no insulin required anymore when at one point there was insulin right there’s a lot of people who are growing older who are experiencing more challenges in their lives and there’s a lot of skepticism around the traditional pharmaceutical way of doing things if this doesn’t definitely doesn’t have to be a physical ailment type thing but it could be so think back in your life what challenges have you overcome that others struggle with are you a a woman who in the in the business world you were able to get promoted up to manager and now you’re in the c-suite right you’re you’re the chief technical officer in a space just dominated by men but you found the way to advance quickly as a woman in the workplace great that is a challenge that you have overcome that others will absolutely be struggling with and you could help this audience overcome that and maybe it just came natural to you that’s just how you

roll but to a lot of women it doesn’t right and that’s the kind of thing you would identify and it can be difficult to see so so take some time for introspection on this really really think on this feel free to pause this video and really kind of get deep on this with yourself cuz now at this point we’re gonna start pruning the list so at this point you hopefully have a giant messy notepad full of different pages of ideas and we’re gonna go through these in several different ways there’s there’s three specific processes that you’re gonna learn here today in this video in order to prune the list but at this point before we go forward you should have everything that you need to be able to go through we’re about how long are we into this about 45 minutes in or so into the video so if you need to pause it and you wanna you want to go back through this part again great start over go through it again see if you can get more ideas the more ideas you have down right now the more research you do on this niche stuff is how you outwork your competitors right not all the work is not always just right the blog posts grow the email lists write the blog post right the blog post it’s out researching them and it’s finding these underserved audiences and everybody sticks with one of the big threes and that you know weight loss for women that’s it right but you taking time to be more creative to think a little bit deeper and to really go deeper on this that’s how you stand out that’s how you find these segments that are under served and how you can absolutely explode on the scene because when you’re one of five people creating content on a specific topic that gets searched a lot you’re gonna hit the first page of Google pretty quick because there’s only five other people but if you walk into the space where there’s hundreds of thousands if not millions of people creating content on how to make money online and you’re gonna try to step into the how to make money online space you have hundreds of millions of people who you potentially have to outrank verses five and I’m just trying to help you understand making it easy on yourself by going after the kind of underserved audiences that aren’t currently dominated by big big money big business that it’s a really easy way to align yourself quickly with the result you desire which is a growing business so maybe one more chance to posit here feel free to take a note of the time stamp if you want to go do a walk whatever you need to do come back and let’s go through the prune your niche here next okay let’s jump into it here so we’re gonna do three types of research here we’re gonna do community research competitor research and product research and you’re gonna have to pause this video in order to complete the research for the different niche ideas before you get started I recommend taking a moment to read through your niche and if it’s completely messy you might want to transfer this into a new format at this point you could use an Excel spreadsheet and you could just put each niche idea in one in the first row right so so just call them a becomes the niche idea after a niche idea after a niche idea and then you could build on it from there or you may just want to rewrite it out on a notepad so it’s a little bit cleaner or you might just be like miles stop talking let’s go I’m ready for it and that’s where we’re headed to next but um if you want to rework this and make it a little bit cleaner we’re gonna be taking notes we’re gonna be we’re gonna be building on what you already done so analyze your approach from here as you see bit as you see fit so the first thing is community research we want to find if there is a sub reddit on the topic if you’re not familiar with reddit it is the largest forum on the internet and reddit is full of sub reddits and it’s a place where people who are excited about similar topics gather to talk banter and and yell at each other sometimes randomly uh-huh but it’s a place where people about sub topics join together to talk about what they’re interested in and you can often find that there are sub reddits about the most random things in the world like the subreddit of birds with arms where people photoshop big beefy arms and little skinny arms on pictures of birds I don’t know why it’s hilarious I enjoy browsing it from time to time but there are so many obscure niches on reddit that that’s the first thing is go go look so reddit list com gives you a list of the top 5,000 subreddits I would just go plug in each niche idea into reddit list com does it come up with a subreddit within the actual top 5,000 is it one of the top 5,000 reddit sub niches if so that’s a very good sign because reddit is a community driven website there’s no corporation creating these sub reddits these are individuals who are passionate about a topic they rarely make money on the topic they’re just passionate about it so they build these forums and they manage them and they have to moderate them and they have to create rules and there’s actually a lot of work so when someone is putting that kind of work in for something for free that’s a good sign that there’s a commercial potential for it as well then on reddit if you just google list of sub reddits you’ll

find this list of sub reddits wiki right there’s the link there I will be adding these this PDF so you can flip through to this slide this is slide number 25 right here but I think if you just searched on google for a list of sub reddits you can find that link and there’s the other one you can literally use ctrl F on that page which is find its find on page and that’s how you can find those different niche ideas on that page to see what’s going on there now if they’re in the top 5,000 you can pretty much guess that there relatively active because that’s part of the ranking but you might want to click into the different sub reddits when you find them and just take a look how many users how active are they like look at the recency of posts on the subreddit and how many users are there 30 users in it right are there 300,000 users and when there’s a larger audience on a subreddit that generally means there’s a bigger audience in the world this is kind of a random slice of what’s going on in the world I do think reddit their demographic skews a little bit younger but um I think it’s a really good understanding of whether there is a community viability and if you don’t find a subreddit or if you only find dead sub reddits then you want to eliminate it cross it off your list this is the first way that we’re pruning things off of your list here so eliminate the niche ideas that have no subreddit so you know in the world that my wife and I live in we would look for things such as obviously meditation but really going deeper to like Angel cards and channelings those are kind of those core sub niches within our main niche where we really stand out and there are actually some very active sub reddits in that space there so doing reddit based community research first and remember the the the exact word that you wrote down as the niche idea might not be it so you might need to search for two or three things to find the actual subreddit but everything from woodworking photography you’ll find that there’s often dozens of sub reddits about that topic there’s probably a portrait photography there’s probably a night sky photography there’s probably a nature and landscape photography there’s all kinds of different sub reddits around photography so you’re not just looking for the one you want to kind of just survey the landscape to see how many different kind of niche subreddits and groups are there and then how active are there is what you’re doing with the goal of eliminating the ideas that have no subreddits or dead subreddits or very low numbers how do you know it’s very low well you’re gonna go through this process probably dozens if not a hundred or so times here when you press pause because you have that many niches on your list and you’ll just be able to compare them if everything else is in the tens of thousands of redditors subscribed and then you find a few that have like a hundred and three hundred five hundred those are the low ones and the tens of thousands is kind of your norm so it’s it’s really a factor of what you’ve taken down here once you’ve done the reddit research which you should have paused it and then done the research you want to go look for niche forums because not everybody gets on reddit right that’s understandable there is a specific demographic that uses that site even though it is one of the most popular websites in the world so just go google niche comma forums so Woodworking comma forums on Google and see what kind of different forums are there and how many are there and then open them up are there new daily conversations inside of these forums you can usually see on a forum list on the right side it’ll say it’s a you know when the most recent post was and it’s okay if a few of those sub forums and threads aren’t updated every day but you want to see a lot of activity within the last day within the last week and then click in a few read around look around is this a real forum right if there’s several different thriving forums on a specific topic that’s a very very good sign and then you can also look for top ten and then whatever that niches forums you should join so don’t Google that when you’re looking at niche comma forums so if you did like Road Cycling , forums and then on that first page it says top ten Road Cycling forums you should join that’s a good sign that means not only are there so many forums out there that a content creator actually felt it worthy or necessary to go create a list of the best ones to join which means there’s actually a plethora of them where someone was like I need to actually kind of make sure people know which are the good ones so that’s a really good thing to search for go do that press pause do the work this is what successful people do they take time to do the work it’s a pain in the neck I know I’m actually forcing you to do work you can’t just watch and listen and get the value out of it and have some aha moment we need to actually do the work here so I really encourage you pause it go in spend time look through the reddit’s look through the niche forums your goal is to eliminate the ones that are dead eliminate the ones that don’t have any niche forums if no one’s put together a niche forum on this idea over the years and it hasn’t gained any traction or there’s one and it’s dead like the biodiesel forums right if you search for biodiesel forums there’s one it’s an info pop forum

that was thriving in 2007 2008 2009 and then it’s completely dead and there’s barely any new posts on this forum that would get crossed off the list because the community is not strong anymore so eliminate the ones that don’t have strong communities feel free to circle and highlight put little asterisks and stars next to the ones that you think look really really good here then we’re going into Facebook and Facebook we want to look at the groups so what I’ve showed you here on this screenshot is you simply type the niche in the actual search bar and when you search it brings you all and then I’ve got the second red arrow on the right side below my mugshot click on the groups and now it will show you only the groups and it’ll tell you right on this list if there are ten posts a day plus that’s the biggest number as of this recording they might change that but you’ll see it might say two posts a day it might say one post a day but if you see multiple groups with 10 posts 10 Plus posts per day that’s a really really good sign click on these you’re also looking at the member numbers right so right here we can see 58 hundred thirty three thousand twenty-six thousand these are really big groups and they’re really active groups so click on them look through is there a lot of banter is there a lot of conversation or not only the posts being posted going live but are there a lot of conversations on the posts right you want to see the engagement and interaction you don’t need to build a Facebook group you don’t need to leverage Facebook marketing we want to know and make sure someone has they’ve proved the model remember you’re the second Mouse you’re looking for that first mouse who’s got some cheese right they or they went for the cheese they hit the trap and you’re gonna go get the cheese cuz yeah that’s a bad analogy it gets a little weird but anyways look through the Facebook groups and make sure that they have active Facebook groups there’s several active Facebook groups they have large numbers I mean thousands and tens of thousands of users and there are lots of them having ten plus posts per day pause the video go to to the research and again the goal is to find the ones that don’t you can highlight the ones that have a but the goal is to cross out you want to be pruning your list at this point you want to be removing the ones that clearly don’t have many groups and I’m gonna show you some more hacks in Facebook here soon but that’s the goal so at this point I really need to make sure that you’ve gone through the process of eliminating the niches that are clearly dead or dying competition is a good thing competition proves that there’s money in the niche if I would have resisted creating content on how to do internet marketing because there was competition where would that a foot put me right my wife when we first started her main niche site in 2009 there was a lady who backed by a major major major publishing company she had written 65 books and created 65 books and Angel card decks by the time my wife even started her website this lady published her first book when my wife was two there was some heavy heavy heavy hitters in the space and we still were able to make a name for ourselves that actually just proved that there was some money in the space it actually proved that it was possible to talk about the ideas that we still talk about to this day and it had some commercial viability so competition is a good thing and now you want to add if you haven’t transferred over to a spreadsheet or a word doc you probably probably now is a good time to do that but if you’ve been in a word doc and a spreadsheet you’ve just been eliminating them and you’ve just been thinning it out you can add additional notes in the next research steps which is key that’s what we’re gonna get to next I really need you to complete this phase of research there’s just a couple of more little phases that we’re gonna go through and then then you’re done but um every hour every minute every page and research moment that you give is actually gonna serve you for years and years and years to come this is something you can get through in a weekend in a day in an afternoon takes a lot of work okay kind of really bounce some ideas in your head but once you’re done then you get to know unequivocally that’s your first niche that’s what we’re getting you to so trust the process really trust the process this will work for you because next up we’re doing competitor research and this is going deeper on the petition is a good idea in this step you’re gonna look for paid ads for each niche now you may need to go beyond the basic site concept for example road cycling gear versus road cycling now this is gonna make sense when you go to Google and you search it if you just search Road Cycling there’s a lot of like what is it and how does it work type content but if you look for Road Cycling gear that’s when you unload and unlock the the realization that there is a ton of gear around the world of Road Cycling and we all probably already knew that because you see them all decorated like you know in the way on the roads trying to ride their bikes on on

mountain roads wearing their peacock outfits just endangering everyone around but that’s how they roll so here is the Google Ad Research example you can see up top I went to Google and I typed in Road Cycling gear again I tried Road Cycling first nothing came up so I adapted and I typed in Road Cycling gear and what you can see here is above the fold there are literally seven paid ads the big circled area I got that aerialist arrow inside of it shows you this is a sponsored ad section these are actually website these are actually ecommerce sites so something you can do is you can actually go into them and you can scroll the bottom see if they have affiliate programs right this is a great way to find affiliate programs because if if an e-commerce shop is paying money to get traffic here they might be willing to pay you for any sales that you generate but that’s kind of a side note now below you notice we’ve got the word add in a little green box next to the URL I’m talking about the two text results below the shopping results it says road cycling gear competitive cyclists and you can see right where that arrows pointed it says add and then below performance cycling gear right where that arrows pointed it says at this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt there there is a lot of merch there’s a lot being sold and people are making enough sales that they’re willing to invest money right pay-per-click they’re willing to pay for clicks which means if you grow an audience and you’re able to drive clicks through the content you create there’s a lot of value there’s so much value that someone will be willing to pay you for said clicks might be on a paper action or a paper acquisition type thing right you get paid a commission when you make a sale ultimately you’re still getting a specific amount of earning per click you send them so this is a good sign and this is what you want to find so when you find the niches that you can’t find any Google ads on remove them from your list if no one can pay to get that going right if no one’s paying for ads in order to get clicks that means they’re probably not making much money or any money in that space and that is a big big sign right there that is a red flag and you’re looking for red flags right now so an optional process is to do product research at this exact same time which is the next type of research and since you’re searching these things over and over I’m gonna go back real quick you could clearly see that cycle jerseys make really good sense but if you just click on any one of those different websites you’ll see really quickly what the different types of gear are you can see the gear categories in there and knowing whether there’s high ticket products and low ticket products on that is really really powerful right because if you’re making a 5% Commission and you sell a $2,000 product versus a $20.00 product that’s a big-time difference in what you’ve got going on so when you find great ads take a minute to click through and look at the different items they’re selling take quick notes right you can just say like clothing bike parts gear complete bikes what are they actually selling from the ad right not not if you click through three or four links in the navigation where do you end up what are they actually selling from the ad itself it’s also good to note down like I said price ranges right so when you go in through the cycle gear and you look you’re like okay I’ve got a seventeen dollar shirt and I can find a four thousand dollar bike all after one click from the search engines Wow that means these people are selling everything from a 17 dollar product to a four thousand dollar product from a click and again those are the kinds of commissions that are going to make big big big time deals for you as an affiliate marketer moving forward but you have to build the audience so you can drive the clicks which is what we’ll what we’re altom utley going towards we just need to know which niche to focus that attention on and remember the gold still removed niche ideas from your list it is more important for you to identify the niches that will not work that have no commercial viability right now but but again it can save you a little bit of time to take a quick note on the products being sold so go through and do the Google research at this point then we’re going new facebook ad research so just like we did on Google you want to go now see if people are advertising on Facebook and you just go up to the top of the search bar inside of Facebook type in your niche and notice I’m doing Road Cycling again here I’m not doing Road cycle gear because because the way that the search engine Google works compared to the way that the social media network works is we want to stay topical on the social media network and we want to stay problem-solution or you know on the search engines right the the user behavior is different which is why we’re treating them different so type in Road Cycling up top click on pages it’s gonna come up with a list of pages now you notice I’ve circled the I love Road Cycling now this is a total hack for you the there was an internet marketer who taught a method he sold a course in the otago method of go create and I love whatever that niche is Facebook Fanpage build up an audience of people through the I love blank fanpage and then number one sell them products and number two sell a low price monthly membership

called a VIP club now I’ve seen this done if you look up this has done a lot in the gun world so sig Sawyer is a brand of handgun Glock is a brand of handgun so if you go to Facebook and you you search for like I love my six Sawyer I love my Glock you’ll see more of these types of pages and when you’re looking for and I mention those because you can go in and look at their offerings and I’ll show you how to do that here soon but as you’re doing your niche research if you see a page that is the I love whatever that niche is that’s a really good sign that an internet marketer has gone after that and you want to look are they do they have a big fan page are they still actively posting is it still active because it is for them you’ve just proven there’s the first Mouse and there is some cheese available for you there so we’re now on road cycling with a search we clicked on pages to really identify the pages and we’re gonna go inside of multiple of these I’m gonna show you one example you don’t want to stop with one you want to look through several of these and we’re gonna go inside of the I love road cycling because I know that they were taught by a digital marketer how to kind of essentially sell things and make money online so we’re gonna reverse engineer what they’ve been doing so here we are on the I love road cycling page and I just click through so I scroll down a little bit and you’re notice there’s three areas I’m linking to here that show they are monetizing the heck out of this page we’re gonna start on the far right under our story and it says have you enrolled in the VIP club yet that’s a monthly membership I think they usually charge something like nine dollars a month to get in the secret group and that’s where you know the insiders talk about there’s nothing they don’t sell anything there’s actually no value at all like sometimes they’ll give you a free like keychain or something ridiculously dumb but it’s it’s literally people paying to be on an inner-circle group then there’s the shop so okay quick update for you since facebook changed their interface as well you’ll notice that the items for sale are not showing up on the fan page anymore and we don’t have that info and Abbot’s tab anymore so you scroll down on the right side you see a page transparency you simply click see more and what its gonna load is this pop-up box that when you scroll down you’ll see ads from this page and it says this page is currently running ads it would say is not currently running ads if they didn’t have ads and when you click to the go to add library it essentially loads their page on the out library and you can see every single advertisement that they’re currently running now this add library I have a full video that teaches how to use it it’s one of the the most powerful free market research tools available on the market today because you can see exactly where they’re running ads for today but remember if they turn these ads off or if they rotate to different ads tomorrow or next week you’re only gonna see what’s running live in the moment and advertisers are always turning on things and turning them off so when I clicked on the ad it takes me here to their actual landing page and this is where I can start to dig in and see the other items that they’re also selling so you can see these are the the bike components that they’re selling so we can see the the items themselves and then the Jersey is the hoodies the print-on-demand stuff etc etc the research potential from these two tools in facebook’s to the ad library and then looking on their site is quite profound and on that note I’m gonna let you get back into the video and this is where you can see what they’re selling what price point what they’re advertising and are they selling one product or many so now I’m on there info and ads scroll down a little bit so you can see they’re selling this this bike seat this fancy bike seat I would click on the shop now button I would go look at their offer is this a free plus shipping offer is this take me to a shopping cart is this a sales page I would my internal marketer would be trying to reverse engineer what are they doing because when you do this research over and over and over for the different niches or even in the same niche you’re going to notice the patterns and then you have a really good survey of what’s working for other people which will help you get to money more quickly once you have built your audience so then if you scroll down you can see get weekly pointers and tips too so that next ad that I’ve got the circle around they’re actually the I love road side that’s where they’re actually promoting their VIP so you could click on that ad and see the sales letter for their VIP program so this is how you can do ad based research in Facebook you’ve never really been able to do that do this for at all it was never easy until very very recently I think maybe two months ago so maybe August of 2018 they actually added this info and ads tab and you can kind of search on it there so this is the other place you want to go look for the ads and now you need to go complete the competitor research and this is going to be one of the longer aspects of this training because you’ve got a lot of niche ideas and you need to go through and eliminate ones that you cannot find lots of great ads lots of high ticket mid to get low ticket products being sold by other people because if other people aren’t selling it and they’re not building the audiences and their communities aren’t getting engagement the odds are you’re not going to be able to either and it’s really good to know that up front it’s really good to know that before you spend two three years of

energy working on a project they have no data that says it’s even merchantable viable right so that’s what you want to do here so eliminate the niches that have no Google Ads eliminate the niches that have no Facebook ads take notes on what products are being sold and at what price points if you want start your swipe file now copy down headlines ad copy take notes on or you can actually just take a note on the different fanpage names they have lots of really good ads and then you can go back if it matches the research on the next step you want to be quick through this right the goal is still to shorten your list you don’t need to do extensive exhaustive research yet you can do that in the future we’re still working to eliminate these we will still eliminate other ones over time based on the data we get out but really the goal at this point for you is to just kind of shorten your list down to where you’ve got it to where not only have you taken time to dig deep and think this is something that would interest me this is something that kind of captivated me I have some connection with this in my life from phase one but then you went and found is there a community here there is and then you went found is there some sort of merchantability here and there is so you want to come up with a shorter list your list will be very short at this point I’m hoping you’re down to three to six maybe eight different niche ideas at this point before we’re gonna move on to the next one so more product research is able to be done though because you want to search to see if there’s any memberships or information courses that you’re able to promote as an affiliate this is where you can search for Clickbank share sale or offer vault now I have a youtube video already up that’ll show you how to find great offers for great offers from Clickbank and how to find offers from other affiliate networks this is really the the highest margin type product you can sell or the information based products so you can just go to clickbank you’re able to search under the categories for outdoor sports and then you click on cycling and you can see that there’s a few different cycling offers available know that you don’t have to have information based courses on every single niche in order to make it viable it is possible to build a business based off of physical products but it is gonna be more common in the problem-solution world to find information based courses and memberships than it is in the you know possibly in the fishing world you’ll see a lot of lures a lot of fishing poles a lot of physical products a lot less information products doesn’t mean there’s not a possibility for selling information products it’s just kind of the natural flow of that niche itself then you want to search for categories of products on Amazon and in the big stores in theory you already maybe even found some of these niches from that search so you maybe don’t have to reproduce that but you and it’s worth taking time to make sure that on Amazon you combine an actual product like a category page that not only has products but it’s got subcategories full of products and when you find a category like Road Cycling there’s gonna be a bunch of subcategories there’s many bikes there’s me closes retires there’s me you know all of these different categories and then under those there’s individual products and this will tell you quickly at a glance from Amazon page there’s probably hundreds and hundreds of different products you could review over the years from that so then you want to search for your niche , affiliate this is how you can find the different types of offers that are available for you to promote as an affiliate that aren’t on a network anyone who sells via Infusionsoft which is a really really common tool for high-end professional internet marketing companies they won’t be listed on your average Clickbank or share sale they’re gonna be managing their affiliate program in-house and the only way to find it is to actually you know search for rode cycle gear , affiliate and then go scroll you can find it on page and then you go down to the bottom you click on the affiliate link and it’ll actually take you inside and they’ll tell you about their program how much you can earn the different products they sell etc and then finally what have you bought you know back to that original idea of what have you bought and where have you bought four are there affiliate programs for there so if you purchase on REI a lot you’re in backpacking you’re into the outdoors and camping and you want to go in that direction you just scroll the bottom bar II I and you’ll see there’s an affiliate link and they actually run their affiliate program I think through two networks I’m often link is a great affiliate network a VA NT Li and K com they are access to a lot of outdoor sports the road cycling stuff you you would find if you go to all that link there’s they have probably the best of the best affiliate programs for physical products for outdoor retailers backcountry comm yeah all kinds of Moose Jaw REI Sierra Trading Post etc so we’re at the point where you need to complete the research we are about to part my friend we are one slide away after this before you are just gonna dig in you’re gonna roll up your sleeves you’re gonna put on some awesome music that pumps you up that gets you fired up and you’re

want to put in the work because those who put in the work get rewarded and you’re gonna Whittle this list down you’re gonna take this branch and you’re gonna Whittle it down to a toothpick and you’re gonna find those the goal I think the goal is to come up with three three that you’re just like wow these have booming communities all kinds of products to promote they look really exciting don’t force yourself to list down to three if you end up with a list of 12 or 15 or seven great we can you can do the next level research where we get into the numbers on all of them but you need to have at least three for this next step you do want to know which ones have information products available that is potentially a really big step up most of the weight loss world the fitness world is gonna have that as well in the investing world there’s a lot of options there as well you want to note which niches have a few products and which have a lot of products as we were saying with Amazon right do they have a category full of subcategories full of products like that is a huge opportunity for you because there’s so many review based pieces of content you can create over time and again remove the niche ideas that have very few affiliate products or they only have low-priced products available if all you can find is 20 dollar products 20 $25 products and that’s it generally with the cost of goods sold with the cost of shipping with the cost of everything there’s not gonna be a lot in the room of margins for you as an affiliate so you do want to see some of the 50 100 200 500 thousand dollar products and they’re out there I guarantee you can find a fly fishing rod and reel set up the cost you know fifteen hundred bucks or more I know those guys spend a lot of money on those tools golf clubs are the same way you can find a you know eighteen hundred dollar driver for sure but you can also find the two hundred lower driver and that’s where reviews come in very very handy so right now we’re wrapping this up you need to go finalize your niche brainstorm and you need to take all of the remaining possible niche ideas and if you haven’t already move them over to a spreadsheet or a word document so we can get going on the next steps with them you want to choose the top three even if you have a list of seven or 12 or 15 you want to select three that you’re ready to move forward with on the next level make sure you Whittle your list down to where you’ve only got 12 or whatever to choose from but then we’ll choose three and that’s where I’ll meet you on the next I’ll show you how to use this new tool to really get the the data and you can obviously use this tool for more than three right it takes up to three different niches at a time two really cool tools the only tool I know that will allow you to essentially like put three totally different niche ideas against each other so you can like literally in one screen put like fishing and photography and you can see which one has better numbers right the supply and the demand and the profitability and you can actually get data on very very different ideas we’re gonna get into that on part two you need to choose your next three here and then we’re gonna jump in on that on part two so I’ll see you on the next video so we can go get these niche ideas that you’ve really rundown and we’re gonna be able to find the search volume and the profitability numbers so you can let the data really guide you but again you have to do the work if you’re not doing the work don’t expect it to work for you right like those who create success online or those who take the time to spend the afternoon or whatever it takes to do the work if you’re just watching this video you jump in and watch the next one great realize that’s not actually going to help you unless you actually put in the work and do the work so the work for you now is to take this big ol messy list that you created and keep refining it keep removing the ones that prove they don’t have communities they don’t have products available no one’s running ads in those spaces great get those off of your list then bring it back together and we’ll meet on part two to go through that list deeper but be sure you take a moment to at least put a star next to the ones that you were like I really like that I would really like to be in that niche or highlight them if you’re on a spreadsheet whatever it is you need to do identify the ones that you feel like would be more fun for you because this business can be fun right you could spend three to five years playing with things that you like sharing things that you like talking about writing about being on video about things that you enjoy anyways and ultimately you can grow an audience you can grow a list you can grow their trust and you can sell products and make money doing something you love it’s really really cool so if you have a bigger list than three identify the the three that you’re really excited about that they just seem fun and meet me on part to where we’ll go into that next tool I’ll show you around that whole interface I’ll show you how to use it I’ll show you how to do the deep dive research will not only choose your niche and help you put together a master keyword list so you have your entire roadmap for that new niche so you’ll know exactly what needs to get done you’ll have your roadmap for your 90-day challenge and literally you will be able to kick into high gear after that next video but first complete your research do the work and I’m really excited to help you get this going because once you get that right niche once you really have the overlap of your heart you know your passion and then the data and

everything confirms like that’s my niche and you know that that’s your niche and you’re excited to just blaze forward with it man the the universe rearranges things for you that’s when we start creating our luck we create luck through our action and you take action when you’re confident and that’s what we’re doing here is we’re taking time to do the research so you can get really really confident on what your niche is so you can turn the page on this you could stop doubting and wondering and thinking about this tough question because it is a tough question for so many of us once you turn that page and you get into action and you start building you start creating and you start giving value to others oh you’re gonna love it because that’s what momentum happens that’s when the traffic happens your list growth your money starts to come in that’s when the magic happens and we create our own luck through doing the work so I’ll call it at this point thank you again very much for your time and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until then be well and get the work done I’ll see you on part 2