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♪ All you ladies pop your purple like this aye. ♪ ♪ Candy coated raindrops. ♪ ♪ You’re the same, my candy rain. ♪ – Hi guys welcome back to my channel it’s your girl Jackie-o Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie That kinda hurt my shoulder dang So in today’s extra beyond extra news Too Faced just recently launched their collection called Life’s a Festival and it looks like it is an ode to all things barfing up rainbows and Coachella aesthetic type of looks Which is right around that time Coachellas’ in line a couple months It’s a lot of fun It’s a lot of color And because you guys asked in my last video I’m going to be reviewing it and showing my thoughts giving you guys a demo on everything Before we get started today’s video is done in partnership and sponsored by Audible Thank you Audible for sponsoring this video today and also can I just say a huge huge huge thank you because I don’t think you guys understand how much support I get for all of the sponsored opportunities that I take 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I was like there is a lot happening and I’m not quite sure what yet As I’ve gotten older I’ve kinda strayed away from all of the super super colorful palettes, but I’m also not mad at this either What I do actually kinda like about this palette is there’s a nice mixture of like duo chromes and some frosty shades

I am however kinda feeling like this is a palette best used with other palettes a.k.a. a companion pallet Just because I need a little bit more matte Like they need to be sandwiched in between other more meaningful colors you know I do like the color selection though it kinda reminds me of like a rainbow I mean like it literally goes from red, orange yellow, greens, purples and blues so You got all the bases covered Pallet is 42 dollars and you get two, four, six, eight ten, twelve color shades and there’s also a mirror I feel like I’m the only person in the world who just started using shadow insurance like what was I doing? I’m gonna pop a little bit of that on my eye Pop pop pop pop-pah! Dennis and I have a date tonight at a really bougie restaurant and it’s just going to be funny you know to have me walking in with purple eyeshadow everywhere It’s fine Take me as I am or don’t take this American express how you doin’? Okay I think I really wanna go in for some color like these purples are kinda– literally I actually feel like this whole row I wanna have a word with these four colors right here I want a one-on-one meeting right now Let’s see how much of this palette I can use on its own without having to bring in reinforcements from an outside pallet Okay so I think I’m gonna start with Desert Vibes which I think may be a little bit on the light side but it’s kinda like a beige camo color and I’m going to blend that Actually you know what? I know what I’ma do I’ma take Desert Vibes and Rainbow Life I’m just gonna do a combination of these two colors right here, right there And then blend those into my crease Yeah we definitely need more Rainbow Life because Desert Vibes is a little bit on the light side Rainbow Life is doing just that! Bringing this look to rainbow life It could have a lot to do with the fact that I mixed this with Desert Vibes but Rainbow Life is looking a little dull so I’ma see how it looks like on its own on this side Okay yeah that’s better Oh you know what it is it’s ’cause it’s frosty Not getting a lot of fall-out yet but, I am getting some kick-back on the shadow palette not particularly, I’m like either or I mean it’s annoying but, it’s definitely doesn’t stop me from using eyeshadow palettes I definitely have some other ones that kinda do the same thing and it doesn’t really bother me, but I do know that some people do make a note of it So far she blendin’ nice though she lookin’ real cute Blending out those two colors also along by bottom lash line I do it all for the color C’mon the color! C’mon! So you can take the color and shove it up your wam! Shove it up your wam! I wish Rainbow Life wasn’t frosty I’m kinda regretting using it in my crease because you know how frosty shadows look like when you use them in the crease they just don’t they just don’t feel welcome, they don’t fit right in you know Lets go into Funtasy– I just realized that’s not fantasy it’s called Funtasy that reminds me of it’s like Hunty but Funtasy And pop that along our bottom lash line Purple’s actually one of my favorite colors to smoke out along the bottom lash lines So lets really make it worth our time Sorry, I’m sorry was I blocking you? Damn my bad Doing this into the mirror just because my eye shape is just a lot, it’s a mess, its tragic you know Uh ooh that’s a pretty color though! Stunning! Me and my big ol’ bug-eyed self ♪ My love ♪ ♪ Do you ever dream of ♪ ♪ Candy coated rain drops? ♪ ♪ You’re the same, my candy rain. ♪ Don’t get distracted keep blending I’m also going to bring that color into my outer– Ooh that is stunning mixed with Rainbow Life Oh my gawd It almost turned it into a fuchsia color So I’m popping that into the outer corner of my crease area I’m gonna really pack on that purple I can’t find my blending brushes where are they? I just learned something fun, all of the brushes the new set of brushes from MAC that have an S at the end of the number so this one is 221 S It means that they’re synthetic Normally they’re changing all of there animal hair brushes and turning them into synthetic or not, turning them but they aren’t making animal hair anymore Going back and forth with my blending brush and like softening out the purple too Oh there’s our fall-out Fall-out alert! This purples really having a hard time blending on top of the shimmer color Lets also pop it in the inner corner ♪ All you ladies pop your purple like this aye. ♪ ♪ Shake your body don’t stop don’t quit. ♪ I’m gonna pop that right on your corner Yeah this looks much better on its own Oooh it matches my nails! That’s the kinda stuff I like to see All right I been checking for Mystic Rain ever since I opened this palette this colors stunning I’m gonna take that, okay that’s not doing what I wanted it to do ’cause it’s i’ts blue Okay whatever if it’s blue then if it’s blue then Definitely got way more of the blue pulling through than the purple is It’s not like it doesn’t match the look so let’s just let’s just go with it it’s fine

Oh you know what? Lets take Euphoric and put that on top to soften some of– Oooh that’s exactly exactly what I wanted it to do Now that’s much prettier Ooh I love that For the lid I’m gonna take Artist Pass it’s one of those– Ooh wow and then I’m gonna put– Ooh now that’s blue I totally said I was gonna go for blue and here we are, ya know its just where life takes us Oh its a bright blue too Its practically turquoise if anything This is stunning color though I’m not even gonna lie Artist Pass and Mystic Rain at this point All right this is a lot more colorful then what I originally envisioned in my head but, how am I gonna say no to color ever? I’m gonna go back to (laughs) that’s such a funny name I’m gonna go back to Funtasy and take like a tapered pencil brush actually you know what? I’m not gonna use this brush I’m gonna use the Sigma E20 short shader and I’m going to just line my top lash line with it This purple with this green is doing it girl like its doing all of it My halo got kinda lost so now I’m applying a little bit of purple Ahhh it’s so funny I came in here wanting to look neutral and here I am, three carnivals later For mascara I’m going to take my number one favorite Most of the time when I apply mascara and I don’t say what it is its usually this one And you’ll know because you’ll see the little pink lid (tongue clicks) Lots of fall out though! Oh a lot more than I realized Mm-hmm I have some of these Violet Voss glitters that I thought would be so pretty to put on top Oh my god these are glitters! This is the color Amour Wow wow Wow! Okay I need glitter glue Pause I need glitter glue okay So the flip side is the fall out did dust off easily so that’s good Sometimes when it stains under eye oh my God that’s the freaking worst Apparently I have a glitter glue from Violet Voss so guess we’ll just use that Just gonna dab a little bit of that on my eyes And then pop some of that Amour glitter on top I’m also going to take a little bit of Love Shack, I’m gonna pop that on top ♪ You wanna be on top? ♪ This makes a really nice edition to this look this purple Oh yes oh yes oh yes! This is toning down the look making it more church appropriate you know better for school, board meetings, things of that nature Okay so I’m pretty happy with what the eyes are doing As for my lashes I used the- oh shoot I used the Vegas lash from Whiplash I will link it down in the description box below The eyeshadow palette I think, I liked it but then again I didn’t I felt like the quality is mainly in the mattes was slightly different from what I’m used to in Too Faced shadows like the Sweet Peach Let me tell you something this was guaranteed palette of the year for me 2017 I already have two back-ups because I I love the color selection I love the quality the it’s all matte so you pretty much just stuck with all matte which I think is really hard because shimmers are kinda easy to get away with I felt like Funtasy even when swatched it’s just not, something is just different about the mattes in this pallet it may even just be Funtasy because you know Desert Vibes isn’t swatching like that Young and Free kinda is like they just feel a little a little chalky powdery The duo-chromed shimmers though I did like I really liked those I’m here for the shimmers and not so much here for the mattes If you do like a lot of color and you like a lot of shimmer you’re gonna be all the way here for that pallet I just kinda need an even ratio of both that has a lot of duo-chrome shimmer shadow so you have to use that with another pallet Kind like the Fenty Galaxy pallet you know how it was like all shimmer? Yeah This is kinda the equivalent of that And the few mattes that are in there like I just wouldn’t I’m not really checkin’ for them Lets move on shall we? Too Faced also came out with these unicorn highlighting sticks and I’m not gonna lie every time I see them I pick them up and I just sniff them Ahhh they smell so good I feel like highlighters sicks can afford to have smell its not like your foundation or your concealer I’m not bothered by it but I can totally see why some might be annoyed These are 28 dollars each and this color is Unicorn Dreams It looks pink but it’s duo-chrome so it actually reflects more of like a true yellow gold And this is Unicorn Tears you– Ooh wow That’s real purple This is really purple girl This is Unicorn Tears you know Jerrod has the whole Unicorn Tears line with Too Faced I’m not gonna lie though I’m having withdrawals not using the Peach for this look It just doesn’t feel right I’m gonna need them to bring it okay I’m really need them to bring it the La Peach is just life La bronze is life as well Shout out to Jerrod who just enjoys the finer things in life like something that smells pleasant because smell is sentimental and for me like, it just makes me feel good that’s all Using the magic rainbow strobing brush, I’m gonna pop on a little bit of that Unicorn Dreams

Just on the corners of my cheek-bone Ooh I’m not feeling like gold is attacking my cheek-bone Like sometimes those gold highlighters just have too much yellow in them and I’m just like ‘oh no, mm-hmm, honey, back up. Back up!’ I love the way this is paired with this look whole look though Lets also carry it, lets carry it, lets cross it over All the he way up into the cheek-bone This is definitely like, not an everyday Well it could be, it could be Just depends on what you like girl I’m not judging And the fact that it’s cream also makes it so the gold doesn’t stand out too much like this looks really pretty especially with this look So here’s a side profile of what that looks like As you can see it definitely compliments today’s look This collection also comes with two bronzers This is the Iridescent Mystical bronzer, and the Rainbow Strobe Effect highlighter You guys remember these right? The rainbow strobe highlighters, these are not really new like they been out for a while I don’t really know if I’m into them What you’re supposed to do is take the strobe brush and do your stroke situation and then swipe it on and it’s– Oh that’s pretty but I don’t– I need to see more of it though Okay so lets try it again Oh that’s so pretty I’m not gonna lie I was ready to roast but that’s really pretty But how do you put that on the cheek though like that’s not really like I don’t want a big ol’ rainbow stripe down the side of my face Maybe you do but I don’t Oh there’s a smell Or is that coming from the rainbow highlighter Kinda smells like sweet-tarts I’ll report back later Let’s just see what it looks like on one cheek I guess let’s just, let’s just do it Oh no, okay it’s not terrible but its definitely a lot I wouldn’t call this a practical collection but I don’t think it was meant to be practical I think this was literally meant to be festival Coachella serving you abstracts you know extraterrestrial Katy Perry type of tease you know I don’t want this to look blotchy so I’m going over a little bit with my blush brush just to kind of marry all the colors but you know what? I’m not like I’m not really against this I would actually use this product if I had a look that called for it Now let’s try the Iridescent Mystical bronzer I can’t tell if this is meant to be a highlighter or like a bronzer bronzer I’m not really sure There’s lavender in here and I just wouldn’t think to pop lavender on my complexion to bronze so This is a product that I don’t really know what to do with You know what I’m gonna try mixing the two colors and just highlighting Okay these two colors are actually stunning together I’m feeling like the lavender tones down that yellowness a bit and oh that’s really pretty I’m keeping that Gonna hang onto that for now This is gonna be my favorite product from the collection that I been using all week It’s the Festival Refresh Spray I mean it looks pretty it smells amazing It just Looks pretty it just looks mystical and pretty I feel like this collection was more of an experience not just a look like it was about an experience like experiencing festival This one I feel is one of the more practical products from the collection And I love oh my God it smells so good I love the fact that you can smell it when you spray it because I feel like sometimes those sprays the smell doesn’t transfer I’ve been using this a lot to kinda de-powder up my fresh fresh make-up looks You know how when you put on makeup and its fresh and it’s all powdery and chalky and um you know I don’t got time to waste to be (cough) I’m not gonna, I’ma take my selfie now I don’t want to wait two to three hours until the oil in my skin breaks through for me to start lookin’ lived in This is 24 dollars you get three point four fluid ounces I would happily pay 24 dollars for a spray that smells this good Another product that I’ve also been using are well, I shouldn’t say all of them but the Fairy Tears, Magic Crystal Transforming Lip Topper It’s not sticky it has a very unique feel compared to their other lip products So this is Fairy Tears This one I actually wore earlier today I love these because this kind of is a more subtle approach to having like foil glitter lips Sometimes the foil and the glitter and the stickiness is just too much and then I find myself taking them off and re-applying them all throughout the day because it’s like so sticky and so heavy These don’t feel like that This is Angel Tears I love this one with like no liner, nothing just the natural color of my lips It just looks so good So that is Angel Tears Even though I wasn’t expecting the texture I’m telling you you have to swatch them This is Mermaid Tears that is one hell of a color Well that’s definitely gonna match today’s look You know who I feel like right now?

Y’all seen that gif of a little girl putting on lip gloss and looking in the mirror and being like (pop) that’s exactly what I feel like right now I need somebodies from the PR team to reach out to GloZell and send her this lip because this has GloZell written all over it This just isn’t me I think it looks good on me but it’s not me I won’t be looking to make any mermaids cry in the near future any time soon And the last color that I have is another one of Jerrod’s signature Unicorn Tears I would much rather see Unicorn Tears than I would Mermaid Tears It was just a lot to work my head around you know? I still think Fairy Tears and Angel Tears are my two top favorites My highlighter looks more lived in now that I’ve sprayed my face Too Faced added four new lipsticks to their La Creme lipstick line in this collection So we have Fairy Tears, Unicorn Tears which already exists Angel Tears which is really light girl I don’t know about that one You know I actually want to use these as eyeshadows That’s what I want I don’t need this in a lipstick I need this in a eyeshadow like a pot And this is Mermaid Tears Which looks kinda different compared to the lip topper I think ima go with angel tears why not? You know what ima do, I’m actually gonna put Angel Tears on the inside and then Fairy Tears I’m actually going to put around the outside of my lips Ooh Give them a little dimension just a little Okay this is doing a lot with the eyes though Nah, actually on camera it doesn’t look too bad I’ma put a little bit of Fairy Tears lip topper on top because that’s just what I’ma do I do have to say the lip products are probably my favorite I wouldn’t wear all the colors Very subtle both on camera and in person very wearable Ooh the longer I wear this lip the more I’m into it I would really like the lip to be a look on its own with the highlight Like just this, you know what I actually kinda like this look Its a lot less bold on my face now then I envisioned it like when putting it on Okay so likes dislikes about the collection Palette we already talked about that I think it’s for me it’s passable only because its just a lot and I would only use a palette like this for like specific looks that called for a lot of color like that And some of the mattes were just not that pigmented not that great Shimmers were gorgeous though so if you like duo chrome, which this palette is more shimmer than it is matte, you know so there’s always that Best thing from the whole collection hands down is the Unicorn Tears spray This should be called– This is what needs– Jerrod, this should have been called Unicorn Tears because its wet, its dripping, I’ma just spray more just because, makes me feel like I repent it smells so good I actually ended up really liking the highlights The Rainbow Strobe situation I was expecting to be like cliche stop it, stop ‘Cause I’m not really into the whole Rainbow Strobing thing But it was cute I don’t really feel like this is something I could put on every skin tone though especially not someone that’s significantly deeper than me Somehow someway I feel like the gold and the lavender and these two work They’re a team, They’re a family I feel like if there’s anything Too Faced never got right again they would always always always be amazing at lipsticks And like lip products in general I love the formula and the finish of the lip toppers On their own I feel like they’re gorgeous like it just looks like a subtle tone down foil lip And the lipstick: same Angel Tears and Fairy Tears just kinda did it The highlight sticks I did think were really cute Especially she’s lookin’ real good She tryna get my collar bone poppin’ All-in-all don’t go out and buy out everything in this collection if you don’t want to I mean don’t go out and buy anything from any collection for that matter You don’t – do you ever really need the whole entire collection? Well if you don’t mind me I’m gonna take myself and my lip toppers off to bed now Actually I have to drive to Orange County tonight but I really hope that you guys enjoyed this Life’s a Festival review slash demo and tutorial Thank you guys so much for watching I’m on Snapchat I’m on Instagram I’m on twitter Everything @JackieAina And I’ll see you guys on the next video Yeah I make it so easy all you gotta do is click it’s right there dude! What I want you to do is tell me what you did for Valentines day We started a fun twitter discussion so now we can take it here to youtube Tell me in the comments down below what you did for Valentines day, if anything, or if you did Galantines that’s cool too And yeah lets just keep the conversation goin all right? I’ll see you I’m waiting I’ll see you in the comments Bye!