Final Assigment Helps

okay you made it it’s the last of all the series of lectures today we’re going to air this one we’re going to go over your final assignment and we’re going to do it pretty quickly but this will hopefully help you out a little bit to be able to do it let’s go ahead and go to InDesign we’re going to create a two-page magazine spread in fact or not really can create at what we’re going to do is take the information that we need and and pull it create or recreate the magazine spread that we had so we’ll go to file and we’re going to create a new document this one is going to be tabloid remember by 17 but instead of being portrait or high or make it 11 x 17 wide right okay now you’re going to want to take a break for a moment and go to the blog so we’ll get in the blog and we’re going to go to the arch smart blog this is going to be where you’re going to need to get materials for your go-to course resources you’ll click here and then it’s going to take you over to 1400 online you want to make sure that you go in there to the magazine replication assignment now this is going to give you all the information that you need there’s a positioning document right here that’s going to show you what you need as far as an image then there are different books that are available or not books I’m sorry I saw the book there that threw me out there different files here that you’re going to need as far as photos and then here’s the instructions okay so you want to download those and save them because you’re going to need them later now i’m also going to go into photoshop because i want to show you something that will be significant for you one of the files are going to download will be 1400 magazine spread positioning okay for positionally but this is going to tell you what you need to do okay so you’re going to go in here and you’re going to zoom in and get a hundred percent so you’ll see you’re at a hundred percent here and then what I would recommend is push command are to get your rulers and then you’re going to drag over here this is going to help you with dimensions to be able to solve this you’re going to go to image image size and where these three are connected right there we’re going to change our width on this to 17 inches so now that’s 17 by 10 now the reason we’re going to do this is to help you with your assignment okay and hit okay see the actual size hasn’t changed at all but the rulers have changed what I want to do now is I’m going to zoom up in this area oops getting close and I’m gonna drag a guideline down now this tells me that I have let see here’s a quarter here’s a half an inch to this this is a sixteenth all right yeah sixteenth of an inch I’m we’ve got a 32nd of an inch between there so we’ve got really about 12 38 or or seven sixteenths of an inch right here so i had to take that measurement now i’m going to come over here in my InDesign document and I can zoom in and I’m gonna drag this line down to 7 16 now here we have three eighths so here’s 716 and then I know we’ve got a sixteenth of an inch gap and then an eighth of an inch right here now the reason I’m going to do that is that gives me now my dimensions zoom out to create a black square right here I’m going to fill that with black I can drag that down so that it fits ok then i’m going to go ahead and to make this easier i’m just going to copy that command C command V and paste it I’ll move this over here I bring this up and I’ve got to make that about fifty percent gray which was about what our colors better come over in here and

check really fast let’s see this so yeah we’re roughly a tag right here that’s about right so I can live with that now this is one half inch in that’s where everything is going to start here roughly right at half an inch and so now I need to come here and an InDesign or drag your guideline in one half inch and I know that that’s where this is going to have to go now I’ve got you be index right here and if i look at that we’re going to try to figure out how high that UV is and what i’ll do is i’ll click on this little section right here and drag that andrea just where everything all my measurements are so or i can do that and measure from there or i can say well let you becomes too let’s see use of eight alright see half quarter 83 16 little bit over 36 days so i’m going to try to be as close as i can i don’t have to be exact but i’m trying to come in here now come down here to eight there’s three six teams right there now I get my text box and I know this is you be better highlight this so you can see my type change that to white really fast it says UV index UV space index now the key for me is I want to try to duplicate as much as I can this magazine layout because that’s one of the things that’s really important about in designers you have to be able to create you have to be really meticulous with detail in this because you’re dealing with printing and measurements and stuff like that that’s one of the things that this will help you to do is to keep those measurements accurate well first of all I’m going to change my type and I think this type is probably going to be off of guards so scroll up here ITC avant garde and will do book okay looks pretty close this is white this is red so let’s go window color swatches we also need to get this time to go down to that baseline I’m going to select the type in here we did this before we’re going to go object text frame options and we are going to have this rest on the bottom of that text box so grab this drag it up now what that does see how that gets that to rest right there now I’m going to move this down a little bit and I know that my type needs to grow until it gets to that size so first I select that UV and that looks like it probably needs to be changed instead of book too bold okay and now we’ll select all of this or go to our type size increase that type size until he comes to the same space how does I make that bigger I’ve can see that my box isn’t big enough soap and wash my box a little bit it feels like the letters are just a little bit small I mean a little bit tall as well so i’ll select this all again and it drop it down one point okay goodnight now this feels a little bit heavy so instead of being bold I’m gonna make it Demi see if that works that seems to work a little bit better now let’s compare the two so we can see that looks pretty close haven’t worried about Hell right at two inches here let’s come over here and double click so that if we double click on this it will readjust everything and we’re a little bit long on this looks like we’ve got a little bit of a letting issue here recurring issue here so we can go in to our text adjust that car need a little bit these need to be collapse maybe just a little bit d in that in right there we’re going to just r Kearney there just a little bit and also the I in the end will click between their just that and then finally

we’ll come here and we will adjust that dried actually huge decrease the whole area there little smaller okay now it may not be the exact right font but it’s really pretty close and so we can live with that and and we’re good okay so let’s go ahead and enlarge this again we’ve got that in the right area ok so I’m going to put some of my texts in I’ve got to also measure all of this other text and make sure that that’s working out as well I’ve got these iphones now you’ll see right here all this text you will have to retype that because I want you to try to adjust the size and the kerning or adjust the size and the track are the leading the space between those lines of type also in this case you’re going to see that it’s aligned right okay so you want to look and make sure that that type is going to be in roughly that amount of space make sure it’s pretty close that it’s all going to start in the same place it’s all going to end in the same place and so on you’re gonna have to create this graphic and illustrator okay so you’ll get back to that you’re going to make a red circle create the little slash and if you look on your keyboard down above the the period that will give you the one that you want ok now the 4-position lonely you don’t need to worry about but you do need to worry about some of these other things let’s put in a couple of different images here for you to be able to see let’s find the middle of our page which is eight and a half right there okay and now we’re going to come in and put this cupcake right here so we’ll go ahead and select this and go to file place I want the cupcake jpg image click here that’s the right size maybe we’re going to see you have to look and see looks like we’re a little bit bigger so we’ll come here figure out what our dimension is okay this zoom in close it’s not that close zoom in a little bit closer here and eight and a half and the picture ends at five are about four and three-quarters so we can come here to eight and a half and we’ll bring this to four and three quarters we know that this has got to fit width wise in that dimension push the command key select this and start dragging it as i drag it and push the shift key to constrain it so it will come and we’ll meet right at that edge now I’ve got to also select this bring it down just a little bit and then go or I can put it behind there if I want to make sure there’s no gap in there go object range send to back it’s going to drop it back behind that okay now i need to get that lip gloss over it you’ll see that we’ve got that lip gloss but we’ve got a little bit of an edge there and so I’ve got a room figure out how to make that work okay I’m going to go ahead and go file place there’s my lip balm get that in okay that’s a little big so I have to to size it down okay so I want to see the size that it should be so I need to come in here up close on that and come here up close on this and if zero is right at this line where the edge of this picture is and also I’ve made 02 where the top of this is ok so we are about a quarter of an inch in for of it is close enough to a quarter of an inch and and so we’ve got to figure out bring that in here let’s do this let’s figure it out a little bit better and it’s like this we are exactly one quarter of an inch in and we are one half of an inch the top where that image is so if this image is in the right spot I think it is you want to come we’ll grab these guides bring it down go quarter of an hour happening an inch up in a quarter of an

image in let’s go back to zero we’re going to figure out where the bottom of this is that is right that will say three inches it’s close enough to three inches maybe just a hair under so we’ll say three inches we’ll come back to here zoom out and we go three inches so I can see it three inches okay now what we need to do is in this case we’ve got to get this to be the right size so we’re going to get get this to the same location will drag this up right about there i believe so we write it or just actually a little bit over so you need to be run right there and then go ahead and select this push our command key so that it will enlarge it and shift so it will constrain it that’s going to give us roughly the right size may need to enlarge it just a little bit more to make that fit now you’ll see that on this window all of this right here has been has we’ve created a mask with that so I’m going to do the same thing right here okay now what I need to do is get this line and add some anchor points to it so I can make some changes in it go ahead and add make a point there oops I’ve got to make sure that that line is selected there we go I’m an anchor point here and an anchor point here and so I’ve got multiple repair make a point here I’m going to add just a couple more and add one right here then I’ll take this drag this down and in like that I’ll take this one bring it over here and this and bring it down here now with this cliff I get a little closer and make sure it’s nice and tight against there now this I’m just going to push my option key so I get that convert tool just like in an illustrator and drag that up till I’ve got that edge now I’ll do the same thing over here go ahead select as anchor point drag it down up I’ll come in here and add another anchor point here and one here let’s let this drag down to about right there this one I’ll bring in to here now push the option key or the Alt key if you’re on a PC and I’m going to drag that until we can get a little better shape as far as that goes so that’ll work like that little bit off but that’s okay once I’ve got this I got to go ahead and scale it down so the fits in there and that you’ll see obviously that’s going to change somehow I messed that up so I’m sorry about them and go ahead and grab that line that’s an easy fix to do that I’ll just grab this drag that down there and i’ll grab probably create another anchor point right here and then that guy right in here like that and now that works out a little bit better there’s one area that though we need to make sure that we get that I that we didn’t talk about this while two areas the first will be this circle right here we can create an image or an area like this we’ll go ahead and get a circle drive it like that and then with that selected go to file place we can place that bead inside of there okay so that box with the ex and there will allow us to place the images directly inside and then we can scale that or do whatever we need to to get it to be the size we want so that will allow us that rounded shape that depending on how placement is you know if it work it’s going over the top of this and so that’s going to allow us that placement okay so that’s one thing that we can do the other thing that I want to touch base with you on before I

let you go is this you’ll notice that we can see through this a little bit of slow transparent so what I’m going to do is show you how to do that let’s go ahead and place those leather books right here I’m not going to worry about scaling it too much right now I just want to get sort of a general sighs okay let’s see what you got here oh yeah those are actually pretty big so we’ll have to scale up okay now to get this shape going to go ahead and get a rectangle tool I’m going to drag it over the top of this now I’ll fill it with white okay and then I’m going to go to object effects transparency and I’m going to drop that transparency it’s just like illustrator and just like Photoshop all those I’m going to drop that transparency down quite a bit okay and see what it does and I’ll drop it I guess I did it may be a little too much so I’m going to object effects transparency I’m going to make a little bit darker okay now the next thing is I need to get those round corners and see the round corners right there it’s easy to do and the black arrow you’ll notice you’ve got a couple of different dots this is to drag into text see this box this will let us round the corners so I want to click on that a double click now click and drag and I can drag it in like this click and drag to give me those rounded corners when I’ve done that then I’m good and I’ve got that shape and I can put another text box just right over the top of it like that and put the text you like to have go in there okay all right now once you’ve done that once you have all that finished you’re going to need to go in here to file export and I want you to export that in the smallest file size there you go small file size and then you’ll write name final assignment and you’ll give it your name of course and save it then you’re just going to email