Livestreaming Decoded Part 8: How To Repurpose Your Livestreaming Videos & Marketing Via Streamyard

it’s flailing a little bit yes Oh are we live right now it’s always funnier to come on live when we’re actually talking as opposed to just just waiting for yes cell to ring because I’m having a conversation right yeah which is really good so yes we are live and hello and welcome to the live stream decoded show hello digital challengers and live streamers we’re going to be showing you the strategies tools and the platforms that your business needs to be able to brand value create remarkable digital experience and deliver an online anytime anyplace my name is Doyle Bueller and I’m with my co-host here Keith Keller who will say a few words coming up we also have a special guest Lynda ray who will be joining us on the other side of the world and will be joining us as well and so we’re really talking about what’s really important here we call it our live streaming ABC audience building and content and today in part eight of our limited series shows we’re talking about marketing and video repurposing so let’s dig in Keith Keller considered by many to be one of the world’s leading authorities on Twitter marketing especially Twitter video marketing and Lynda Ray’s talent is in building businesses using the 21st century tools alongside old fashioned selling and networking effect efforts resulting in 800 increase in revenue and my name is Dale Bueller I run a strategic digital marketing consultancy where we are creating real-time connected and adaptive digital challenger brands in this disruptive digital economy welcome Keith hey look look at this this is this is amazing we’re on part eight we’ve tried just about every site available now we’ve tried ECAM which is really hard but look great we tried restream which was awful we tried all sorts of different things zoom be live and here we are back and I want to say it this way we’re back on stream yard because we’ve made a decision we’ve made a decision that stream yard is of the sites we’ve tried the one that we prefer it’s easy to use you can send it to six sort of five sites at once you can have five guests can record and all of the bells and whistles and all of the tics are there and we had a checklist and we’ve done that in there are other parts that have the seven parts but what we’re doing today is we’re gonna take it up a notch and this show we’ve called reuse it or lose it because most people I know that a live stream and they send it out and they forget they send it out and they never come back they never reuse it they never repurpose it they never retweet it so we’ve got Linda Rae calling in from Connecticut to talk about her live streaming experience how she has done some shows before and how she’s been repurposing those as podcasts as blog posts and how we share a common addiction to editing and why that’s so powerful so welcome to the show Linda and thanks so much for being part of this journey with us thank you so much for inviting me and I have to have a special shout out to sivanna two heads because I had put out a poll you know stream yard or restream and she connected us on Twitter for you guys to weigh in and I’m so happy I’m coming in where you guys have chosen stream yard because I just subscribe to stream yard so what luck is that let me pick up on what you said there this this is actually Twitter 101 took less than two weeks ago a friend of mine in Israel sent me any tweet to say mate you might want to jump in on this Twitter poll that this friend of mine in that Connecticut’s doing and we chatted and hit it off and suddenly within two weeks not only are we chatting but you’re on our show and this is exactly the way the world works now isn’t it the magic of virtual streaming and do you know I’ve been a Twitter holic since 2009 Twitter has always been my jam and I kind of got out of it a little bit for a couple of years I sold my interest in gents agency that I was a part of and kind of you know took a year or two off and started a new Twitter account but I love Twitter so yes Twitter brought us together I’m so happy Bostick tool to use and that’s why we’re actually wanting one of the reasons why

we picked stream yard is because Twitter is the Twitter god or sorry Keith is the Twitter god so we wanted to broadcast onto Twitter but we can only do that with periscope and stream yard is one of the few that actually has a periscope one of the very few isn’t it but be Levi we start with and we live is very popular if you’re using Facebook and it also uses YouTube but surprisingly it doesn’t access periscope which I found amazing and periscope was there right at the beginning and everyone else has come afterwards and it seems to have been this Forgotten child but we’re creating some miracles there aren’t me we are and we’re also sort of going back over this and seeing why is this piece missing like why don’t we have that and one of the biggest disappointments was the ability to pre-scheduled alive not all the software not all the platforms have it so we’re kind of stuck we’ll do we actually send out a link you know as soon as the show goes live are we able to sort of set one up in advance and that’s been a huge issue for us especially for periscope because how do we connect with that Twitter audience directly without actually being able to do that and I know periscope can’t do that period in terms of scheduling in advance but Facebook you can and and but at the same time not every platform allows you to schedule directly into Facebook so that you’ve got that reserved slot that you can then send out right in in marketing that’s one of the the the major things is to you know build some buzz around it and how do you get people excited how do you get people coming so we came up with a good solution I think it’s being used quite well but using utilizing Eventbrite as sort of a third party – yeah – schedule it it’s nice because it has the registration and you gets reminders of the events and I think too from last week the link is right there for people to then click and they’re in the show and here we are you have the viewers already set up in there or the viewers are already attending because of the event right that’s the night my experience from last week on how the yeah I don’t we pick up on what happened last week we had 300 live viewers and you know we’re just gone ballistic and this week we’re for fun we’re shooting for 500 live because this particular show is about the buzz of the live experience we can record and we can edit and we can make these glorious videos in 4k we can send them out to YouTube and that’s good too but this idea that people are on the show and they can ask questions now and we actually don’t know what’s going to happen we we have no control in a way in a way that’s fun and dangerous and someone recently called Leiby I love the danger part of it especially as the newbie in the group here with live streaming I love that it’s dangerous because you know the highway to the dangerzone so tell us about your experience with video Linda how you’ve been using it live streaming I know it’s it’s new for a lot of businesses but we’d love to sort of hear your insights and your experiences absolutely thank you again for having me my name is Linda Rea I live in Connecticut like we talked about in Roxbury Connecticut which is where Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe lived when they were first married and my company is Aurora consulting and we do a couple of different things which I won’t get into too much other than we do commercial financing for businesses to help them grow with the pandemic that has been a little challenging My partner Trevor is a professional musician and so what happened was he does a lot of live shows I our L wear straps his guitar on the back and goes out and plays music for restaurants and nursing homes and that also took a little bit of hit with koban 19 yes so what happened was we kind of pivoted real quick in a couple of different realms and one of them was to do live streaming shows on Facebook where he was playing music and we would pick a theme to the show and then I would be on I would be there with him and I would be doing trivia questions in between songs it was just like this fun quirky let’s have a little let’s keep things as light as possible because things are challenging so it was our my first time really going live and Trevor doesn’t have the same camera shy issue

he would go live all the time to prepare for his shows if he was going to a restaurant or whatever but not me so when we started these live streaming shows we you know we planned it out we had some kind of semblance of order and then we would record the show we would save the show and then we would capture snippets of funny little things throughout the show and then promote post show we would promote if someone gifted us with something because they appreciated the show they would bring something by our house whether it was a pizza or a bottle of wine and we would cut that clip and and then thank them on you know with that promotional piece and then in the end of all the different shows when we ceased all the live shows I put together a montage of as best as I could a five minutes show which was condensed from about 30 hours of footage and put together a montage to say this was we thank you so much for supporting us and this was our this is a little bit of what we had going for a little while live and it was great and it was fun and it was just that’s what you do a video I mean you just kind of recycle it as best as possible yeah it’s a gift it’s just such a gift what I love about what you’ve said there is you’ve taken because it Maps perfectly over this and Doyle and I are tracking this with several people here in Australia you know it Maps perfectly over the live experience you go to a venue you put your singing songs and in between the songs you’re bantering about the previous song or the next song or you’re taking requests and it’s a very interactive process and so if you take the the analogy of the live gig then live-streaming is like purpose-built for this yeah it’s like okay we’re we’re not singing although I can sing and I will if you wanted to but but the point is that we’re taking this live experience and we’re saying okay look we’re all we’ll all locked in our houses but we can still communicate in fact Linda and I came up with this really cool phrase live streaming is a new networking because what are we gonna do we can’t go into the city we can’t jump on a plane we can’t get in the Train we can’t drive anywhere anything for any distance because you know everyone’s in lockdown and everyone’s a bit cautious so we’re taking this is technology which is available to us for 25 bucks a month and we’re talking to people all over the world you know last week we had people calling in from Jamaica from Portland Oregon’s I’m in Melbourne Doyle’s in Perth and we had people calling in from Sydney and Brisbane and Tasmania and and and this is the live show I want to have right because sure it’ll go better afterwards but we’re we’re here now and we’re creating something unique at the time and I love that don’t you yet to make it interesting and exciting and just to that point whoever’s watching live like please drop a comment drop a question in the comment section and you’ve got some amazing people that we can talk to you right now so yeah go feel free drop drop a question in there anytime you want I have a question actually so especially with stream yard as being type it in the Lynda I have to say so I have to I have to actually ask myself a question so is that what’s happening okay the thing would stream yard that I found that seemed a little unfortunate is when you choose your destination with stream yard and say you choose Facebook one of the benefits of Facebook is you get to have a watch party if you’re doing the stream yard if you’re the originator of the stream yard and you want to share it to your personal page and I’ll I should preface because I know I know how you’re gonna answer this that you can actually put it on your business page and your personal page and you can have up to five destinations however if you don’t want to pay for that and you want to do the $25.00 I think it’s only two destinations so if I do my I do the live stream show on my business page because I want to attract attention to my business and what I offer and then I want to do a swatch party to my personal page because I have 1,500 friends you can’t do it unless unless if you can what’s the what’s the what’s the workaround for that do you use your phone on the side and then have to take the time away from the viewer and then like hold on while I start my watch

party like how does that work go ahead give so while we’ve been chatting this is exactly an answer to your question back through the periscope lens because I’m a Twitter dude and I love periscope and periscope cannot pre-scheduled what I have done and I’m guessing this could be done for the watch party is I pre-formatted our tweet at 10 to 11 and had it waiting to drop in the link and while we’ve been chatting and hopefully it’s not too distracting while we’ve been chatting I’ve been cutting and pasting and clicking right mouse clicking all my friends to say hey we’re live now come – this what we’ve been chatting you might not even a notice hopefully you didn’t notice well yeah I didn’t notice because I’m in the stream yard app watching you two handsome gentlemen to keep focus on all right don’t lose my cue you know so I wasn’t in another tab with Twitter but that’s that’s good to know yeah look I’m guessing I’m guessing we can do we can do something similar one of the things that I personally love and I’m the jury’s out here is that I personally love the multi-streaming idea I love the idea that I can send this file to periscope which goes automatically to Twitter I can send it to LinkedIn live if you have it most people I know don’t I can send it to YouTube I can send it to a Facebook a page a profile and a group and I can send it to twitch if I have it I’m really interested in that idea but the the jury’s out and the gut in the idea that maybe maybe you should just do one at a time and focus there’s some value there one at a time and focus let’s just do Facebook let’s just do a Facebook watch party and see how that goes we might even do that experiment gravy and yeah it really depends on ya who your audience is and that’s part of our live streaming ABC’s is defining that audience and for us sort of as a introductory type show for businesses it’s good to be on these different challenges or not challenges these channels rather so we kind of have to look at how do we you know interact with people across the interwebs but if you’re looking for something more specific that’s where you could actually and the cool thing is is you can broadcast directly into a private Facebook group live which gives you that specific audience that you know you’ve done you’ve worked with them before so really kind of gives you an opportunity to be to be able to show them exactly what you’re doing in regards to the watch parties like honestly I haven’t used them a lot but what you can do is generate them after the session as well and that’s how I’ve seen them used also so well yeah so it’s it’s something to try to see you know again bringing more people in to sort of give it that feel of being alive but not as a live show so good question that do we have any questions do we have anyone in the audience that wants to jump in and and and be part of this process for us not yet okay don’t worry it’s it’s looking kind of quiet but hey we’ll just keep going excuse me well let me pick up on lost sorry we lost Linda where to Linda where did you go I don’t know well well while we’re waiting for Linda to jump back in there because it isn’t it’s all based on internet speed in whatever location you’re in we’re going to talk about two very different ideas on this particular call one is we’re going to talk about my three-step plan now for the live stream one is there’s a pre-show there’s a pre-show marketing phase where you put out tweets and Facebook posts and Twitter messages on LinkedIn to tell people that we actually are going live and in that particular part I want to I want to pull apart for you this idea that you’ve now created Eventbrite pages and how hard is that and what value proposition is that proposal come back to their idea the second part is what what is it like to do the live streaming show itself and then the third part is what are the what’s the value of chopping it up and making it all repurposed sending it to a podcast sending it to a blog sending it to little snippets on Twitter so while we’re waiting for Linda can you can you jump back a bit and tell me how you did the event by page because that’s a piece of the pie we’ve only started experimenting yeah yeah definitely not thanks Keith for that lead-in yeah I mean that was one of the the biggest barriers we saw was how do you actually

connect a live stream with an actual event because again look you can can you can connect sort of Dainius Lee into a Facebook live and that sort of thing which happens very quickly but if you’re planning something like a training or you know something with specific content then it’s obviously really good to be able to do that in advance so we have to be able to have that link to the to the live and actually here comes Linda she’s backing nothing like living in the country when you’re having a storm it’s not only nighttime but we’re having a storm in the country just in case you didn’t think it was live you now know we I was really I’m really really really impressed with how dwellers have been able to pull apart this Eventbrite piece you know up until now we’ve just sort of gone live and sort of see what happens but now we’re as early as possibly Monday before Doyle puts together a lovely Eventbrite site which has a link to click so you get an email an hour before the show and it’s all starting to be very sensible we were just about to talk about that so if you’re okay can I throw to Doyle and get him to talk about how we did that yeah so anyway as I was saying you you need to have the option to be able to market the show specifically so we’ve sort of went hunting to see what can we do that obviously again the the issue was how do we actually get that Facebook link in advance which you can do only on specific platforms be live you can do that in advance you can do that on stream yard and what else the other ones you can’t so for example zoom you can’t schedule a live stream on Facebook 8/10 what was they came on you can you can you can yes correct that that’s correct but you can’t with the other one restream restreaming yeah it doesn’t allow you to do that it allows you to munch multiple channels but you can’t schedule in advance so anyway the point is is that it once you have that Facebook link it’s basically reserved that spot for you but how do you actually promote it and so event brights come up with the great idea what we did for some of the shows where we didn’t have that opportunity to have that direct link was just put in a Facebook event and then direct people to the Facebook event but with the Eventbrite you actually pasted in the upcoming Facebook link at the time and date that you select and then it’s actually sent to people automatically so really allows you to you know monitor it and to notify people to give them a reminder to say hey this shows coming up in a couple of hours as well so it’s it’s really quite slick quite honestly and it can connect back into a Facebook page as well so I’ve been actually quite impressed by the whole capability you do of course have to create an extra asset here right there’s extra page on event right but once you have it kind of set up you can create it as a template and kind of add additional events and go yeah it’s really quite helpful and I think going forward that’s that’s the key ingredient I know that on Facebook you can actually when you do reserve that Facebook live if you schedule one in advance it does send out a notification to say notify me of this live or something something like that so you can get notified by Facebook but again people are pretty busy and that sort of things so it’s hard for them to just drop everything but when you’re planning it you can add it to your calendar when you get the Eventbrite link when you get there the reminders you can add it to your calendar as well so and you can learn more about the event also you can customize that text within each of the emails so overall it’s been a that was the really good experience and I think as I said Keith we’re gonna be using that going forward for for the stuff that we use that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a spontaneous event either right because because those are super fun and super important to do as well so what do you thought cylinder does that create some additional functionality that you would would appreciate I do appreciate it because I think part of I know the part of the lineup with the agenda that you guys had structured was you know pre marketing of an event and I think there are a couple of challenges that I have seen in the 15 years of marketing and doing live events in person events and then you know just trying to get engagement and creating content is you know how are you gonna get people to show up and I know you guys have already had event shows of

talking about you know ways to increase engagement to the events and this is one element that is incredibly useful the Eventbrite to broadcast to your email list to get people to be notified of course there’s a percentage of people that aren’t ever gonna show up because there’s there’s a lot of there’s a lot going on now with a live event and with virtual events and with zoom meetings and go to meetings but you know you increase your chance of people being notified by email because email is still King email marketing is still absolutely the best way because you own your contents and your contacts and you own your content so it’s still the best way to broadcast what you’re doing and where you’re doing it and with who you’re doing it with that’s my thought on that that’s the extremely interesting idea because I I noticed that this particular show had a lot of pre marketing more than the other and the reason why I want to do a show with guests and why I want to preform at the show is that you now get a chance to tell your friends and your tribe that you’re on this show which means that you introduce us to and your tribe and we introduce you to our tribe and chances are none of my friends have been to Connecticut and none of your friends have been development so it’s a different I want to go to Melbourne and Perth ok Melbournians haven’t been to per so that’s [Laughter] Falkon part diametrically opposed to New York around I didn’t know that it’s a different time zone because once we all connected on my world clock winced Melbourne and Perth to know that oh there are two hours apart so it’s you know for us it’s Eastern time zone compared to the central time zone or Mountain Time Zone but you know I think with live streaming if if I want to hijack the agenda or anything but I think a live streaming is one of the key points of it is that people aren’t embracing it yet just some extent well so I say that I might be projecting because you’re asking that question so I might be rejecting I think live streaming has some challenges with just the psyche itself of oh wait okay so I I can’t edit it so I already told you I love editing so I’ve we’ve been doing videos we’ve been doing videos we’ve been doing two weekly videos since September but I would get to edit those but then you add in live and you’re like oh so you’re stammering there’s breaths there’s all these things you get to take out of in the editing process maybe you can’t form the words so you’re just a little bit you know and did air but that’s natural that makes it more natural and that sort of takes away that sort of expectation of perfection this is us you know pimples and and everything ugly hair and all that says hey we’re just gonna do this we’re gonna have fun we’re gonna have a conversation as well so I agree that we can’t necessarily we do like editing certainly helps clean up well what I love about live streaming is that it’s there it’s done and you don’t have a lot of pre a little bit of pre-production but not a lot of post-production so when you say look I’ve got I’ve got a thought about this because I’ve been talking about this a lot and there’s a there’s a couple of things that are going on with live streaming if you have the hutzpah the courage to do it you’re gonna be you’re gonna be out on a limb because there’s no one there with you I mean how many people do you personally know doing live streams there’s a handful of us right it’s hard well it’s it’s hard the thing is that if you’ve got the courage to do it instantly you’re standing out from the crowd because everyone else is doing the easy stuff getting their blogs written for them doing podcasts and not showing their face doing videos and editing them those are all great things but it’s very crowded in those spaces very crowded yeah it’s never crowded on the extra mile run the extra mile is live streaming this is the new extra mile and these are challenging it took me a long time to get my head around it but once I’ve turned it on and on am i up for it

you know this there’s not many people doing it by comparison would you agree I I think that it’s still a work in progress with there are more people are not the early adopters for sure and I think you you know I love the word that you use which is courage and it got me thinking about why do we need courage to be lying on video because I go to a networking event I’m not editing my behavior like in the moment you know I’m in that networking event and you see me and this is me and I’m having a conversation and this is how I do it you know it’s it’s real life well that’s the same with live video but I’m just still kind of coming around to that being in reality for us to I take advantage of these technique not the technology and the tools I’m still you know coming around to it I mean this morning I went on live for 2 minutes and 44 seconds and I will tell you it took me longer to get online live then how long that was on live so I was like you know what I just my hair is pulled back and I haven’t showered and I’m wearing the same thing from the meeting from yesterday like I don’t know if I can really actually go on I don’t want to do this and I was like you know I bleep I’m gonna do it and I did yeah fantastic there’s a huge psychology pani will you made that point Linda like you go to a networking event and yeah you you get ready and all that kind of stuff but you’re not so self conscious like imagine if you did that every person that you met at a real networking event it’s like always my hair okay is my you know am is my shirt on is my lighting okay am i sounding okay I’ll oh hello is this thing on you know so if you did that like every single time like it would just be ridiculous so I think I think it’s a barrier that we put up by ourselves just new because we may not understand the medium and I’m like you I like planning alive like sometimes it takes a lot of time to plan it and even if it is sort of more of a spontaneous one I make my notes because I want to make sure that I you know cover off once on specific components that I want to talk about so I can’t remember everything right so there is a little bit of preparation advanced I do respect and totally love the people that they’re like just the way they go and they’re talking about this and talking about that it’s like I’m not like that so I have to prepare myself in advance to say okay I need this checklist I need these items that I’m gonna as discussion points even to help me through the show so I don’t know Keith what do you think well look I think there’s two things one is the idea of preparing means that you in you know in a environment which will eventually become crowded once people start to get their head around the fact that there’s an app for that instead then suddenly people will just start live streaming on the couch while they’re watching the cricket or you know that the gorillas are the Superbowl and that those things are not that interesting so if you can prepare ahead of time and have a core guest have an agenda and have a nice graphic then suddenly the the experience is much more pleasant for the viewer so if we create an experience like this the graphic so we’ve created a graphic with a theme and people know in advance what to expect from us and we’ve got some ideas of what we’re going to talk about so even if something happens we’ve still got a bit of a basis then suddenly I believe the show is better you know there’s something about just going completely spontaneous but I find those a little boring I mean if someone just was live streaming on the couch or watching the Super Bowl you know I’m not sure I’d watch them but if someone but someone said look what today we’re going to talk about the difference between ekm and stream yard they’re very cool and I’m going to pull apart the differences you know what to expect and you read that you know you’re out I’m in this because I want to know about this thing they call ek and how does it work ok it’s going to tell me so the idea of pre formatting the show means that we know what to expect and we’re getting stuff the thing I love about the live though is that people can force up the questions and say hey I’m watching life and I’ve got a question I tried to use stream yarn and can I do a watch party now that was a great question there’s a real question that came out of your experience here yes exactly I still don’t know the answer but I mean I’m going to we’re so we with our live streaming and with the stream yard every Monday in June its DIY marketing month

so myself and another entrepreneur we’re gonna be talking about video marketing on Monday but this past Monday we tested it and I got so hung up on the nuances of navigating the platform and having an app for that that I forgot to have my my device that I had on my on the side I forgot to set the watch party so I didn’t get to test it the first time in that regard so I’m gonna try to do remember to do that on Monday but I think too the things that we were all wanting to discuss was the repurposing of content and the how valuable and rich that is as a as a strategy when it comes marketing well so alright besides just being new to the live streaming and then figuring out that you can save well that you can save the live streams you can download the file and then have it as an mp4 before that and we were we were doing videos for our business we had two weekly series if then Thursday and Finance Friday as commercial financing brokers we would want we we were we were talking to business owners on the facts and fundamentals of finance and that was finance Friday and then on Thursday we did if then Thursday which is circumstances and consequences that business owners face every single day so we wouldn’t have these two videos and what we would do is we have we subscribed to a caption service so because a lot of people watch video without the sound on that’s a that’s a real situation so we would I would get the captions the transcript downloaded and then from the downloaded transcription we would create a blog from that and then put that on the website and then with the website we would have the thumbnail to the video and link it to YouTube to the video on YouTube then from the blog we created from the transcript we would take snackable z’ from the blog whether it was a sentence or a paragraph and we would then create social media posts and and then from the video we would take a snippet from the video whether it was like two takeaways or two key points and then BOOM and it’s less than a minute and then do a post from the transcript with a snippet from the video and then put it on the social channels and then just all over the place Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn whether it’s a long-form short form blog really you know written word audio whatever you know the video it just it’s not good let me just jump in there and decode what you just said because a lot of my friends say are mad I don’t have time I said no worries I won’t I ran an experiment yesterday on this exact story I was interviewed by a very good friend of mine in Sydney Angela and she has this really cool TV channel on YouTube and so yesterday the video came out on YouTube and I said I’m gonna run an experiment we can just send it to YouTube which is what most people do just send it once and just forget it there it is just let it go just whatever happens so the video has had 75 views in one day on YouTube great and that’s what would have happened it had we done nothing well what I did was I took a two-minute snippet and I sent it on Twitter I had 625 views in the same time period you know so that’s the six times increase in viewers with one idea if you then if you would then take that one idea and we’re gonna start doing this turning that into a square video and put it on IG TV yeah only another thousand views we’ll get somewhere then you put it on Instagram and you put it on LinkedIn and then you put it on Facebook and then suddenly as time allows and that’s the key phrase you know we all know that time is finite but you can do nothing and then suddenly your videos are getting 20 views and then some people are probably happy with it but I’m not happy with it and I’m running experiments to say well which platform gets the best views just today we decided we’re going to make the video Square and put them on IG TV we’ve never done that before so we’re gonna try the oils been experimenting with putting two-minute videos on LinkedIn and then we’re going to compare it to a five-minute videos because you can have up to 10 minutes on LinkedIn so each

platform has a slightly different audience and a new audience what they’re different people so in a way it seems a shame to me to do it once and let it sit there I mean it just seems a shame to me to do that I know some people are just happy to do it’s a shame but you bring up a good point that is a real challenge who has the time for this you know I make the time because I enjoy editing and I love marketing and I again I’m fluent with how I can navigate and I have my Trello board so I’m organized with my gut and and you know where I’m what video is posting where and the post and the caption and you know it’s systems is everything systems the freedom to do what you need to do to the level that you want and if you want 20 views then yeah just do what you were just saying right Keith so if all you want is 20 views and you’re getting conversions and people are buying from you because you got 20 views and you don’t need to do anything else if you want 200 views and maybe you get one more conversion or one more client from that you know it’s just a matter of you know moving the needle on whatever the the goal is and whatever let me just pick up on what you just said there des let’s let’s explore exactly what happened here a friend of mine in Jerusalem siobhan uh-huh recommended you to me and we’re chatting and we would never have met otherwise and then suddenly you’re on my show our show Doyle and I and you would get to meet doral who lives in Perth and you get to meet me who lives in Melbourne and we know you now who lives in Connecticut and all of my friends in Atlanta and Chicago and Toronto and LA and Jamaica are watching the show going hey this Linda go she’s pretty funky let’s see what’s happening there you are we are introducing you to a new tribe don’t forget about San Francisco Francisco before and so there it is we’re talking about reach twenty views means is a number and you might get some clients that way but if you if you suddenly throw yourself into Jamaica in San Francisco and LA and Vancouver and Toronto and Melbourne and Sydney and Brisbane and Perth you’ve got more chance of reaching a target market that gets you and this is the exact opposite of the in-person experience where you have to go to a shop in your town and pay cash you know that is a bit of a 21st century view of the world within that world I like yesterday I went to a hardware shop I clicked it I cooked everything online I was there two minutes they put it in the boot and as I I just want to say something my hand I just want to say something about what you just said with the whole the metrics of the views as a newbie to live and if there are any other newbies that are watching the thing is I we get hung up on okay there’s nobody on or there’s two people on yeah the thing is the replay I think has there’s just more going on with replay people are watching the replay maybe they’re not watching the entire segment but they’re watching what they need to watch and it grows it’s it’s sort of like I have this mantra in my head that you can’t celebrate progress if you don’t start something somewhere at some time I don’t think that you should I don’t think a newbie should concentrate like oh I have two people what does that mean because Trevor and I we went bananas it’s like there’s only ten people coming to tunes and trivia it’s like yeah except for actually we had the numbers if all right so then we would look at the numbers after the replay and we would have 596 engagements and you know 257 views and we’re like oh and there were only 10 people on all right I’m good with that you know it’s the longtime production of intent that we’re actually dealing with right it’s it’s how do you produce the content so it’s not necessarily for everybody but it is in a way that ability to create that so live-streaming may not be sort of front-heavy in terms of getting lots of viewers but it is sort of you know back-end heavy where you’re able to reuse it to replay it to continue to grow your audience and you know one of them one of the things that that’s really cool is is you were kind of briefly alluding to that Linda but

what happens when we can sort of you know quickly scan to find exactly what we want where we’ve got same sort of tool maybe Sergey maybe you can answer this because you’re sort of high in that tech tech area but you know why can’t we index videos as easily as content why can’t you know a I go through it and and it’s kind of about the words and use that as sort of a searchable form to say hey I want to find out stuff just about presenting on live stream so here it zips you through you know the first five minutes or whatever the case may be so you can really locate that content so yeah that’s really what it’s about is how do you get that content out there and away we go maybe just one second Linda that’s yeah that’s my that’s my nan husband live-in lover yes he is the rock star he has makes no bones about it he has no self-image issues at all he’s actually his own in his own right he is keen on marketing so yeah but that’s one of the things we’ve seen like with the Cova you know quarantine and all that sort of thing I’ve seen like a lot of really good musicians take a tool like live stream I only turn it into something good there’s a fellow from I think he’s from Australia Keith shake some bar and buy a gun yeah yeah yeah so he’s created these these big events just from doing the live streaming so yeah it allows you to reach out and Sergey was talking about he’s got followers in you know 90 countries amazing by the way what Trevor is gonna be Trevor look away because that right there is a rock star 90 plus countries yeah that’s a rock sorry players I want to pick up on this idea this just happened since well last stream Twitter has now invented a scheduling feature within Twitter you’ve always been able to do it with tweet deck and with tweaks map bandwidth buffer but now you can do it inside tweet inside the tweet it’s just a little calendar right at the end of your tweet and so what I decided to do as an experiment is that every other day other than show day at 11 o’clock Melbourne time I tweet previous shows to say here’s what we’ve been doing so far and by the way we’ve got another show coming so the replays get more views because they’re replayed but also we’re getting more people on our live streams because they’re getting used to okay at 11 o’clock every day there’s a live stream there there’s some sort of content we originally thought we would do this with restream which is exactly what that site does it restreams your other live streams and we’re in the process of experimenting with that but when when I found out the Twitter invented this brand new idea where it constraint you can actually tweet inside it you can schedule inside your tweets I was right onto that and I’ve been actually retweeting my previous our previous shows and the replays are building as they would yeah well you know um the scheduling tweet is it wasn’t on my phone so so Keith had sent me a PM a private message and you said you have this I’m like no I don’t and then I didn’t look at my desktop and I have it on my desktop and alerted me to that which you might want to look it I don’t know if you know Christine grip man but she is a social media goddess and she’s alright she’s in New York and her knowledge is so expansive and she was the one that had tweeted me back and said I have it on my desktop desktop but not my phone so that’s when I finally looked like oh I do have it okay I don’t feel I don’t feel left out I’m with the cool kids right now okay well maybe we could have her and Trevor on our encore show like we had originally planned to do ten episodes the next the last one which is on in two weeks it’s going to be a loom so where we’re going to have all our previous guests but then we met Linda and Trevor and anybody else is all welcome to come on now we’ve got an encore show with Linda called live streaming is the new networking because we are getting a very strong sense that this is the way things are going and I think Christine could come on that show well yeah for sure she’s she’s she’s a she’s a queen she is really she her podcast her it’s social podcasts she’s had it’s just she’s epic she’s epic but I will say I talked to somebody today who is a caterer now I’m from I’m from the insurance world 30 years commercial financing there is

nothing sexy about insurance and financing when you’re trying to position your marketing campaign okay I’m listen you can argue with me and I would I would welcome anyone to challenge me on that okay because I’ve been doing it for years and she’s a she’s a caterer and so I was like oh my gosh Annie do you know what you can’t do video that you can do get in the kitchen have set up a tripod go live with doing what you do in the kitchen with your magic and you know so people are I think they’re this kovat 19 is it’s tragic with what’s going on and every what’s going on in the world right now there’s there’s a lot of tragedy going on in the world and it’s causing us to pause and when we pause we have to stop what we’re doing and we have to take a breath and we have to figure out what’s going on in our own personal world given what’s going on in the global world and this is a time where we can reflect and we can figure out what’s working and what’s not working and what’s effective and what’s efficient and what can we implement and what can we discard and eliminate and this is the best time to figure out all right what tools are out there that can make my message powerful that can bring my brand to life this is the time so listen I did a I did a live video today without showering and without doing my hair and if you if if I can do it you can do it so that’s all I have to say about that yeah it is definitely the right time and it picks up on what Doyle has said even in the first episode that something like MasterChef could be done as a live stream where you could cook with them now you could buy ahead of time and say look we’re gonna teach you to cook just by the packets they’ll arrive in a box and at seven o’clock we’re gonna teach you to make dot dot dot yeah there’s a tremendous opportunity out there but you have to kind of get in there and test it and see what works for your specific industry or niche or whatever right because yeah I mean I I do digital marketing right how do you show that or there’s like you want to watch a website kind of thing it’s not that exciting and I’m not sure about insurance but it does involve a lot more people but yeah there’s so many industries out there that have this huge immense opportunity in front of them to say hey I can connect with my audience I can build a community and I can you know create some amazing content and to me that’s like so so powerful okay let me pick up on the second point we were making and that is about a sh grunt world who lives in Byron Bay which is a really funky place on the coast now he’s a guy that’s already pretty popular and would have sold out many gigs that he had one of which was in Melbourne that was cancelled so what he did very creatively used ECAM which is a site you have to use on your Mac and he created an experience on a Saturday night and he made it donation but recommended $20 and we went and 518 other people went to this event 518 people paid $20 to watch Ashe play on his the television right he was any studio it sounded unbelievable because he’s so unbelievable and he’s the guy that’s thinking creatively he loves to play he loves to perform he’s not going to be content to not do it he’s found a way and he’s making a bit of money on the side to fund his lifestyle and he’s you know we’ve got to make money so he’s made ten grand out of that gig plus or minus whatever the expenses were and then he had a meet and greet idea at a meet and greet where okay 50 bucks I’ll jump on zoom’ and you know help the kid play guitar for ten minutes or you know I’ll teach you what I’m doing with my mic setup or we can talk about pedals because these are men he’s a super brain he can play drums with his feet he’s playing bass and guitar on one unit and he’s got all these pedals and he can sing and he’s looks funky so he can sing and play guitar and play drums with his feet like he’s three people in one and so and and and the the gig was really entertaining he had 500 people there he made some money P made people happy and he and he’s using this technology in an environment where he can’t play like we we had scheduled to see him play at a hotel near us and he couldn’t make it so he just adjusted and I’m very inspired by this story because he’s adjusting to an environment where people want to see him play but they can’t and he’s giving them an opportunity to see him and also you know keep himself alive and I just

think it’s extremely inspiring I know you’ve been now following it to Doyle yeah yeah definitely I’ve been seeing because he’s now using ads for this specific events and his Eventbrite pages have like expanded so he’s sort of creating a whole ecosystem based around these live streams which which really are quite fascinating and and he’s sort of taken that look that hey you know what maybe I didn’t try maybe it’s someone that I can do and you know we just sort of seen him explode in terms of what he’s doing and then it’s it’s really impressive to see well that’s important is that we need to get you need to get kickstart yourself to say hey look it’s not gonna be easy it’s gonna be tough and what do I talk about and how do I talk about it and you know where do I really start and I think that’s a lot of people’s problems or challenges rather it’s deciding that so I don’t know what what made you start Linda well so this is this is a really good point because Trevor as a musician he did not have five hundred people showing up and he did not make ten thousand dollars but we did do the live streaming and we did have contributions coming up but what we didn’t have is we didn’t have stream yard to have some of the banners and stuff that you can where you can promote and have it live there you know on the show when I was researching types of platforms for musicians switcher was nice I think yeah but it wasn’t it wasn’t so easy to navigate and it wasn’t as affordable as I was planning to you know that I wanted to spend for that so but the thing is I think the key point is you hear someone who has the success story of five hundred followers and ten thousand dollars but you know how long did it take for him to start like when did he start and how like did he have maybe a couple of views and not even did he have a couple people showing up to a gig there’s I think people are so mired in hearing the success of someone after they’ve been working it for years then all the sudden they think oh boom I’m supposed to have 500 views and $10,000 yeah you’re absolutely right Linda and for most people that that’s that’s 100 percent correct I think you have to go into it knowing that it’s it’s a specific channel and it’s an opportunity for you to build that audience relationship so yeah initially yeah and you’re not gonna have a lot of people watching because it they are busy but if you build in that consistency with your content and you’re always there and you show up on time and you’ve got some great ideas or some fantastic guests and you’re providing some great value yeah that that’s what sort of attracts people so it’s no different than running a shop or running a TV station you think if a news TV station sets up they automatically have a million viewers you know did Facebook have one you know one person sign up or what is it now two billion people sign up right it took them ten years over ten years to get to that point fifty men the thing that’s very important and there’s another one coming up this week if you want to watch it is that we we love ash we’ve seen him play live and he already had a an echo system that were hanging out to see him like he was gonna come to our town and we had to cancel that gig so we already had a growing audience that was eager to try and the first gig actually had some issues and he’d be the first to concede that and there was a couple of moments there where we said we’re here to say look just talk about amongst yourself we’ve got to work out which button to push or which and we all were having a laugh and thinking well look it’s the first one and we forgive you and and we’re part of it with you and he had such a strong overwhelming supportive issue that the thing with sound is that his mouth didn’t sink with the music but so there was this a three second delay between singing and you know he’d go into a solar when three seconds later his hands would move and you know he stopped and he said look I’ve got to sort this out give me ten minutes I’m sorry I’m so sorry and we all forgave him because he’s he’s the evil Knievel of music marketing he’s having a go and we we just wanted to wrap her hands around him and say make you winner you’re having a go we know this is hard and you’re in there trying it and we can follow him now he’s got a model we he’s the gunner we’re looking to to say you’ve done it you’ve sorted it out and you are such a brave sort of courageous being for that and he had to come on live and say man I don’t know what I’m doing and and guess what we we don’t know where to put this cord in and how do we get that to work and how do we get there we get those things to come up so that we can see what people are saying and you know and the fan doesn’t sink and I can’t get my mic to work and he had template and the courage is the right word he acted the courage just so but bear with me guys I mean I’d rather

be your turn playing at the pub I mean I just rather jump in the station wagon come and see you but I can’t and and please forgive me for that and it’s a lot of fear I would say just just base it on what you’re talking about key then what I have experienced too I think fear is itself should be its own show because it is absolutely a show stopper people don’t want they don’t I mean fear rejection fear of like negative comments like oh why is your hair sticking out like this right over here like what’s going on there you know it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter because usually the message is someone’s gonna glean something if even if someone doesn’t watch this entire show they’re gonna glean something at some point for the motivation that was the thing that this woman I spoke to today you know she’s not gonna hire me and I was sort of like Annie you don’t need you don’t need to hire me you just need motivation to know you can do it you need inspiration to know that you can do it you know how to do it you just don’t want to get on video so you need to just get on video I was on so hurt the reason we she and I had spoken was because I was asked to speak a weekly networking group and they wanted me to speak about marketing during a crisis so I put together four myths of marketing during this and basically I you know it’s this isn’t even during a crisis this is just in regular times a business owner marketing you know people don’t think they know they don’t have anything to say of course you have a lot to say people don’t understand the value of what they know and how to deliver that message they think everyone knows what I know no no no they don’t you’re sitting on a mountain of value right crazy yeah but it does take work right it’s not something that you can automatically come up oh I got to do a livestream you know let’s do a livestream it does take some planning and that that’s okay but that’s no different than any of your other marketing any of your other operations or accounting you know did you understand accounting right at the beginning probably not right it took some time but ya know you had to do it and as we get more and more into this this is becoming a must-have right there’s no way around and you have to be able to create those ideas create that those pieces of content and deliver it right I think Doyle to your point I just want to jump in and say that one of the things that people they miss the mark on the little bits of things that they learn that they learn that their clients don’t know and that their clients want to learn that right there that’s marketing you just take that take everything your clients ask you questions about you can do a whole campaign just on frequently asked questions and that’s it just make a whole your entire marketing is designed around fa Q’s and you’re golden that’s the challenge is about being able to identify that too that that little tiny gap that there is a difference in what you know to what other people know but a lot of times myself included I don’t always recognize that you know I can zip through and one of these platforms pretty quickly and try to you know coordinate all the banners and all that kind of stuff not everybody knows how to do that but being able to recognize that I think is is that that mountain of value that everybody sitting on sometimes it just has to take that that starting point to say okay what is that like like the christ’ marketing in times of a crisis like that’s that’s brilliant like there’s so many opportunities for content it’s just how do you then relay that into the the medium of video and being able to repurpose it as well yeah we had a quick comment another one from Trevor everyone had the problem with the reverse image on Facebook right hand and guitar players look backwards yeah guitar player he’s actually a lefty but he plays we act like every show where we we didn’t know that you can click on the orientation on Facebook at the bottom under the effects tool and so forever everyone was like why are you playing like that that looks odd but you know you learn different things you learn new things when you try new things why don’t we go through a couple of your latest polls and then we can wrap up okay so I’m just Twitter polls so here’s

one of the places that you can go it’s actually I’ll post the link here but it’s it’s a cool little tool a friend of mine from Singapore Rodrigo Rodriguez Martinez from Singapore is actually the Builder of this and where did I put it shoot where’d it go disappeared anyway it’s FYI dot t oh well here it is the launch pad so yeah so you can go to that launch pad v on ly slash live stream learn about but what it is is it’s a collection of content that you can use in and Keith has been amazing and sort of digging into sort of the motivations and the inspirations and the understandings of what exactly you know it drives people towards content we’ve actually collected some of the Twitter polls here and Keith if you wanted to take over yes so Doyle asked me a question during the week and Twitter polls linkedin has polls everyone every side has polls but the reason I love Twitter polls I love them and and I do them all the time is that you can ask a question and you can have four answers for potential answers one of which could be all of the above which it often is and you can run it for a week and that’s a great way of asking your tribe what they want so if we’re talking about repurposing content Doyle and I were talking well how should we repurpose it I mean he had said that many of his friends that said I made I don’t watch videos is that true we wanted to test that so we ran the Twitter poll to say if you had a choice where do you take in your information these days in the new normal do you read articles do you watch videos do you listen to podcasts you know and the variation on that could be do you read the newspaper do you watch TV do you listen to the radio which was a separate poll and we found that you know most people take in information from a lot of different sources but that reading still is the thing so that means that blogging can still work and the reason why these Twitter polls are very useful is is we are busy and we’ve never been more busy and we don’t want to do everything for everyone just for for the sake of it so if podcasts are not that popular with your tribe then you can just forget that piece for now you can do that later but if blogging is really powerful then spend a bit of extra time on it and so suddenly you’re getting this discernment to say look I’ve got time a little bit of time today what’s the best use of my time should I write a blog post should I convert my video to audio and make a podcast should I edit my video because you can’t do all three unless you got three heads you know you can only do one thing so these Twitter polls and I’m doing a lot of these he’s really trying to understand what my tribe what you know I don’t know everything and I don’t pretend to but my tribe knows what they need and that was a very useful one wasn’t it because it picked up on the question you had wasn’t it yeah and that’s the cool thing is that you can you can see what actually you can verify your assumptions right we all have tons of assumptions when we get started on anything so we can see okay did it make sense do other people agree with me or not or should I be looking in a different Avenue so yeah to me I think that they’re very very powerful for that and it picks up on what Linda was originally going to speak about that in the days before she started stream yard you were already blogging in podcasting weren’t you how did you do that and how did you find that work well we weren’t podcasting that is a whole nother level of the courage that you speak of no we we basically we during the summer we were researching okay how are we gonna kick off with our commercial financing business and I said you’re gonna do a weekly video and I had if then Thursday in my mind I was like if then Thursday I just I love alliterations so I just loved the sounds of it and then he was like yeah and we’ll do Finance Friday I was like okay so now I’m like oh crap I gotta do two weekly videos that’s enormous that’s a lot it’s a lot but the repurposing piece was expedited because I subscribed to a caption service and like I had said before I was able to take the captions and then are the transcriptions of the captions and then we would make a blog about it and they put log on the website and then take the thumbnail create a thumbnail in canva and then hyperlink the thumbnail to the YouTube video and then you know I I definitely stick to I make more work for

myself because I stick to uploading video natively to Facebook natively and LinkedIn natively an igt niji TV natively so I you know I just I don’t use an accurate I don’t even know if there’s an aggregator to upload videos I do it natively so but yeah so podcast is not in our it’s not in our purview right okay and that Twitter poll there would indicate that you’re on the right track because of the people that I’ve surveyed podcasting seems to be a very very poor third now that’s not to say that that’s the case with everyone in my tribe if I had to decide if I was gonna turn my award video into an audio turned it into a transcript or turn it into a video edit my tribe can help me decide however let me just say a lot of podcasters they record their videos they record their podcasts video whether they use Skype or ECAM or zoom or YouTube live they create their podcast by utilizing a video platform and then just extract the audio boom it’s a podcast and a video yeah yeah they’ve reduced a step yeah yeah so I’ve had a podcast for a number of years likewise live streaming for you know quite a few years three four years but yeah I think that’s you want to make it as easy as possible and true not everybody necessarily has a podcast as their does their priority but it does depend on your audience and it does depend on what you’re doing and what your podcast is actually both to so you know what the people who haven’t don’t listen to podcast maybe they haven’t found my podcast yet right right so it’s more a matter of what is the audience thinking what are they doing and where are they going to listen to that right so it takes specific I mean with video it’s nice to have the captions right so you don’t have to necessarily turn on that and with that in mind can you talk us through that caption site what do you use and how do you use it me yeah oh yeah so I use quick cue you I see see I will that my disclaimer is I am an ambassador so if you ever wanted to subscribe please let me know because I have a link for you and actually anyone who subscribes through my ambassador link they get 10 extra minutes when they subscribe and when you’re first starting video 10 minutes is a lot you’re not used to you know long if you’re used to shorter form video I’ve so I use Qi cc quick quick doc I don’t even know if it’s quick oh but anyway you can find it what we do some variations because I this is a really key point that a lot of people ask me about you know okay a lot of people want to watch my videos on the train on the plane and the car and the tram I love people surprisingly a lot of people watch the previous with that sound really high percentage so something like quick is a great example can you can you do some quick videos without with our livestream and will demonstrate it from people and then we’ll send it back to your link can ask me that again can I do videos can you get transcripts of the recording or is it only live you have to set it up beforehand or if if I sent you and you so yeah live stream I don’t think they have I don’t think their platform I could be wrong but I don’t think their platform allows for you cuz stream yard does it like I can’t see it cuz I’m in the in the broadcast studio but I think it’s doing the captions right now right I don’t think so I we actually found that last week and this is still maybe a bit of a mystery but with ECAM and skype it’s that we did have captions coming through and those were clearly visible I did go back and check the live video and I didn’t see them I think junior does live I think stream yard does live captions I just don’t I think it’s just it’s a default that you don’t even have to make you wait to do that yeah yeah I yeah because I definitely saw that it does that but I don’t think quick does live I don’t think it’s that kind of platform I think the line they caption or they don’t caption but I do know when I downloaded stream yard it didn’t have the captions so you have to then

repurpose your videos that you download from stream yard you have to figure out cuz I’m not uploading so we’ve been on here for an hour and 15 minutes I’m not uploading just too quick an hour and 15 minutes because that eats up the your subscription is me minutes that you transcribe so I might take the video and then I edit it and then I might have three minutes and then I upload it to quick and then have the cap for that there’s a word document or does it how do you get the caption file yeah you get it our search team or you can get it as a as an mp4 with the video with the captions and well let’s do that I’ll do submit it will tag him on this I’ll make some small videos send them to you you put quick on it to show people how to do it and then would go tagged him and say that I did the editing Linda did the captions here’s the link to the editing site I use filmora yeah is the link to the caption site you use quick and it’s a great little learning and this is exactly what we’re talking about here with this live stream we’ve just chatted and we’ve been talking for an hour but now we’re going to repurpose that’s right we’re going to repurpose little snippets demonstrating what we do it’s perfect it’s a perfect use of our skills isn’t it well I think to also people are overwhelmed with the tools there are a ton of tools and it’s a matter of like well alright forget about the actual execution on the marketing of whether it’s a video or writing a blog or doing a podcast then it’s like all right well which platform am I using or which tool am i using like how do you then navigate the platform of the platform that you’re using it up it’s a lot so I think people are just so they get paralyzed with without ease with the options and the possibilities you know it’s it’s so you kind of just have to have a little bit of inspiration and it’s no different than when you needed an insurance agent and you asked your neighbor which insurance agent to use okay you just um I’ll trust them and then you call them and then you’re using them it’s a decision that’s made already because the referral is solid or you trust well I had that experience today someone said when I want to buy a television you just bought a television what did you buy yeah I bought a Sony so I’m very happy I don’t work for them but I’m very happy to recommend Sony TV’s because I’ve got one and it works and I love it so vision fatigue is real right now wow it’s real yeah I wish I could say I made it up but I didn’t somebody said it sometime and how much do you is it is it for some people to say well look I need this thing called captioning Linda recommends quick I’ll just use that Howie you’ve already done the hard work you’ve already yeah I mean unless they unless you know there’s there’s four different personalities of people who how they make decisions I’m a quick decision maker like I don’t want a lot of data don’t need a lot of data to make a decision if you trust it I’m just gonna do it so you know quick stream yard I went in I tested did a demo maybe I checked out the price below a lot bum boom I’m done I did it I downloaded it I bought it and I’m using it if there are some people that just need to do more research and there’s nothing wrong with that with how you make decisions there’s a lot of options out there so you have to decide how much time do you want to allocate to your decision-making to make a commitment to then execute on something that you know is important perfectly said and that’s why there is what we’ve been talking and I have been talking about is putting together like a challenge to kind of help people get to those stages very very quickly so that you’re not wasting time like Keith and I the purpose of this show was to test things he’s been live streaming for years I’ve been live streaming for years and podcasting for years so we kind of had a pretty good idea but there’s so much out there it’s like how do we actually condense this into something practical and usable and that you can get with it and go like right away so what our objectives here and I want to say is the last thing because I know we’re over I think the normal time that you guys do I will just we have a great guest so one of the things I want to say if people are saying them themselves in this crazy unprecedented challenging time it’s there saying if they’re watching their numbers or however they study their metrics if they’re saying I need to do something

different or like the woman who called me today I don’t I’m not sure but I things are slowing down and I’m seeing less calls coming in and I feel like I might be missing the boat on something it’s like well then you have to do something you aren’t doing already yeah period oh stop you’re do something you’re not already doing if you’re doing email marketing which I always condone email marketing but how can you spice it up do a video embed it in your email hyperlink it to you to do a little live on our Instagram one minute start out with one minute you don’t like how your hair looks who cares do it on stories it’s 24 hours it doesn’t matter it’s gonna go away anyway dami their possibilities are endless just keep going so in closing then Linda what is like what are your final words on live streaming do it and don’t think about it because no one is critiquing you worse than you no one is looking at you and and doing the thing you do in the mirror worse than you they want to hear what you have to say they want to learn they don’t care what you look like just do it that’s Keith closing comments I have this very very cool phrase that I I tell myself all the time being the the Twitter ninja or a Twitter key evel knievel I I just say that the best way to avoid criticism is to do nothing so if you don’t want to be criticized do nothing and nothing will happen and you’ll never get criticized and but that’s not a way to live it’s not a it’s not a way that human beings evolved so what the exact opposite of that story is that I’m just gonna try it and I’m just gonna hope that the people that that I want to hang out with will forgive me for my experiments like ash he is a rock star in every sense of the word now if he’s he’s actually tried something any failed and we were with him we with the gwee forgave him we helped him people were wringing him so I may just plug this button into this cord and try it there and try this and you know he was off the air for ten minutes but we forgave him I think I think we’re in an environment now 20 20 where if you want to stand out you’ve really got to do something different as Linda said you’ve got to try it you just got to have the courage to have a goal and if you don’t like live-streaming you’ll try making a video and deleting it you know just try something that goes away and eventually you will get your you know your cuts hutzpah you’ll get your courage and you’ll say mate I’m here because there’s a lot of people doing what’s been done before and they’re not standing now that’s why we’re I haven’t written a lot of these people are having trouble they’re they’re doing what’s been done before and they just they just blending in in in the environment there’s it’s all vanilla whereas this is a great opportunity we’re right at the cusp etre as an on an amazing opportunity that could be really could really explode would you agree yeah 100% I think that that’s the people who are doing this today and are starting to do it today it does take time it’s like anything right but it gives you that opportunity to be able to to you know stick your nose out but also you know being able to grow that audience as you get it we have to start with version 11.04 get that we want to get to superstar status you know right away we want to have that perfect website we want to have that perfect you know book launch we want to have that perfect whatever and it doesn’t happen we have to think back and go you know the big companies they didn’t start fig they started small we have to start with version 1.0 and to what you said Linda like it’s really a matter of just getting out there and getting started and don’t sort of be scared of you so and I need what you said so so true right people are forgiving we’re not as critical as ourselves to ourselves so people are more giving their watch through the you know we’ve had a few shows that just kind of off the hot off the Hut they kind of dive because the the feed was lost or whatever we lost the guest no no offense Linda but that’s okay it doesn’t happen but the understanding is that it’s going to happen you are gonna have these tech issues but guess what it’s more again as they say how how many times you get up as opposed to how many times you’ve fallen down sorry mmm really really want to thank you Linda for joining us all the way from yes Keith thanks again for being my wonderful and amazing co-host for everybody Sarge eat and Trevor who left us some amazing comments and join in the conversation really really appreciate it if you’d like to get started on your live-streaming journey

you can look take a look at some of our earlier episodes some of Keith’s Twitter polls our 20-point checklist as well to see what platform actually works for you and a bit da ly / livestream launchpad thanks again everybody have a wonderful day and we will see you online c’est la da show you