GIGANTIC Vegas Beauty Haul! (Sephora, Cle de Peau, Chanel, drugstore, duty free)

hey guys and welcome to my third um vegas hall i know i did go a little bit crazy there cuz i love shopping and the u.s. just has so much fun stuff that you can not get in Europe and in and/or in the ring so I decided obviously to put it into four parts and first ones you may have already seen it was a victoria secret semi annual sale haul and a bath and Bodyworks semi-annual sale ha i will link those two in the downbar below so you can check them out if you haven’t already seen them the last haul will be a fashion and accessories hall coming up hmm next week maybe or the week after that and as soon as I can get it done basically and this is like the main big haul though it’s obviously the big beauty haul um I’ve been doing a lot of shopping um I have this big guy here from Sephora heaven on earth basically I think I took four trips there have this jo Malone bag which is actually from the duty-free at Heathrow Terminal five and it’s not only jo malone and hair is also other duty-free stuff and in this Creek the bag which is from target I have target stuff and some stuff from walgreens and CVS so basically drugstore stuff so this is probably gonna be and a gentle warm eternal video so sit back relax get yourself a good Starbucks drink or something iced tea lemonade whose green tea yeah do that and let’s just get into all this so why don’t we start with the duty-free stuff first cuz i did not get in a lot there and all of this is from heathrow terminal 5 which is just awesome coolest you get a terminal ever there is to die for anyway I got two things on the way out I don’t have the boxes cuz i just bought them to replenish blit replenish my stash cuz i was running out at first I got my favorite little gel eyeliner it’s tiny tiny tiny looks like this is you bobby brown long-wear gel eyeliner in the color one black ink this is my favorite gel liner ever and I’ve repurchases like five times next on I got this my little baby is back in my life is the crème de la mer this is 16 milliliter which is a nice size and this last six months for me when I use it day and night so a little does go a long way and it is amazing it’s the only thing that really works with this so that’s what I got on the way out and on the way back I did also have managed some stuff that I needed to a certain extent and I stopped by Mac actually and I got a new brush in this is d.a 266 brush it is actually and an eyeliner brush but I use this for my eyebrows I’ve been using this for I can remember how many years and the one that I have had i think i got in 2007 so was that eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen so seven years i think i got it in august i think it’s been seven years and is looking kind of Maggie so get a new one also got a new base coat I was looking all over like Walgreens and CVS for what I wanted and I was looking for a particular one but I couldn’t find anything that tickle my fancy so I just got this I’ve used this before it’s awesome is the base protected no protective base coat ah basically it is awesome oh I also got a body lotion i just decided in the meeting one cuz it did basically cost the same as they did at home but I was um pretty much all and it is just creme de corps from kiehl’s it is my holy grail body lotion that I’ve been using for years another holy grail like I think feel like we’re working through my holy real stuff with em this duty free shopping so my holy breath cleanser looks like this you can if it’s reflecting it is just the purifying clean cleanser from a la Prairie it is pretty expensive but it’s just a dream for my giant sense of skin and this lasts me about three months so it’s not terrible and then my little dairy-free splurge which was planned and I mean yeah comes in this cute little box it has a boat is from jo Malone I’ve been so curious about her clothes as they call them and discuss this little baby guy and it is the peony and blush suede kalam I am thinking that this is one of her most famous sams just smells

amazing I just a smell I was like spraying it on my hand when we were shopping on the way to London and I was like oh it’s kind of nice but the more settled and the more I smelled it I was like keep smelling I kept smelling it during our a 10-hour flight and like before long before like probably before we would have way I was like yes I have to get that is amazing it is just floral and salmon and gorgeous and happy and it is moving on I have to kind of random things and one is from Saks and it looks like this it is the clay the PO and just the regular concealer comes in a little stick like this it is in the color ivory I’ve heard so many amazing things about this I first heard about this I think from Amelia Leanna was one of my favorite YouTube girls and every time she mentions a product that she loves I’m like okay I have to check that check that out and she has not steered me wrong yet so this is a concealer it is probably the most expensive concealer I will own in my entire life but it is gorgeous and when it was arrows at Saks a fashion show and um this guy named Paris hook me up and he did like him makeover thing on me and he he showed me one of their foundations I was blown away guys I’ve never seen a foundation like that in my entire life and I didn’t find this time cuz i was on a budget it’s not gonna seem like I was on a budget but I was most of this stuff is very well planned okay just saying but I will show you that foundation later cuz it was like I was i I was blown away and I’ve seen a lot of donations in my life but I was blown away so if you’re at in Las Vegas go to Fashion Show go to Saks and Paris will hook you up with tons of gorgeous clay topo makeup then also while it was a Chanel I picked up something I have one for a Jess and it is the sole a 10 Chanel bronzer a universal it comes with this huge tub you’ve all seen it and it is there a cream bronzer I’m so excited to try this for so many people talk about this I’ve never heard a bad thing about this so I am very very excited especially since I’m totally getting into bronzers lately so moving into this giant norm crinkly bag let me just get everything else so i can show you what i’ve been making too much of a noise so all of this is from target walgreens and CVS so let’s start with this ginorm a bad boy oh so that’s something in the bag oh this ginorm bad boy almost set myself pretty bad there it is the Tresemme tray two hairspray and it is the extra hold or extra firm control version and i heard another one of my favorite beauty gear is Tiffany D she always talks about transom I try to just like her holy grail hairspray and it’s only four dollars so of course I had to check it out it does come like three different versions though so it’s just hoping this is the right one and this huge I’ve tried it once and so far I really really like it I also need to get a moose also Atari it like the first love is from target okay I got a moose and I got the Pantene pro-v curl defining mousse and it is the like four days maximum hold and it’s the one in the pink can okay um I really like this I tried it when I was curling my hair and I just use these two for hold and my curls still looks basically the same the morning after which is like sleeping with all I’d like not trying to do anything to make them last the night basically so okay loving those one more thing everyone’s raving about this it is rusev it is the it’s a 10 miracle leave-in plus keratin everyone talks about the miracle even from its attend and everyone says get the buzz keratin so I did I don’t ever think they have the regular kind anyway so got that one i also got to mascara from l’oreal and when i first started using makeup first started using mascara l’oreal was the brand to use there wasn’t a lot of brands um like cheaper drugstore brands growing up in norway we had this and we have max factor and mabel in this i mean l’oreal so uh when i was using miss manga this fall I was so amazed so I thought why not pick up some oldies but goodies and see if I still love them while I was in the u.s because they’re like a third of what they cost in her way so I got the voluminous original I remember loving this when it was new and it is of course in black and then I got the double

extend this one has like a primer and then the mascara and that one and i remember i love i used the red one because I think there are different ones with this was the only one they had avatar yet that I went to it was black and I just remember when these first came out and I bought it when I was brand new and I really really liked it I also got a Maybelline Baby Lips I wasn’t too amazed with the regular baby lips so I just got one cuz this is the baby likes baby lips dr. rescue medicated bomb you guys know that I’m really medicated right I think it only has menthol and it yep that’s it that’s the only difference it’s not a medicine or anything but something will he let it smells mediciny I don’t know I hope I like it I got it in the color 60 very soft and hopefully it will serve me better than your regular ones and I also got this little guy target gotta replenish duo eyelash glue it is the best one and so I go and okay one more thing from target oh well you can get it anywhere if you’re going to us or if you lived there and haven’t tried these you gotta pick up these little bad boys it is the tide to go instant stain remover holy crap I don’t know how I have lived my life without these bad boys before they are amazing I always spoil myself stain everything like white t-shirts nah but I was an easy ruling clothes by spelling on them and you keep one of these in your purse and as soon as you spill something math-amazing gone and I got them in a three packet Orion and think they’re robots 654 three pack which is awesome so I just had to tell you guys about that and then oh I got some eye drops for my conflict lenses at target as well as I have super dry us so i asked the stuff from CVS if you’ve seen my vegas vlogs if not i will lincoln to you I’m in one of the episodes I got a raving around a walgreens babbling about my ardell demi wispies eyelashes okay I love the slashes they look amazing on me we were amazing together I love them I warned them in a million on my videos so f pn i’m at a CVS on the strip and I find these these are the 120 Demi’s in black and I’m like okay they’re the closest thing that I can find I’ll just get them so I got four packs i just took off the thing cuz you know we’ve all seen ordell lashes so i got four and also almost no I don’t want to buy too many girls are like 550 I could always buy them on ebay later and then our very last day we are at walgreens and I see this little bad boy set it is distant Oriole just an order to lashes set and I see this little guy whoo-hoo looks familiar I’m kind of cracking it open huh wouldn’t you know it demi wispies my face so I was like house yes these were 550 and this was like or 55 something and this was like 730 and the other set is 205 they’re kind of double ish they look gorgeous so up the flying out guys so I ended up getting too cuz I’m like yeah finally got some Dame wispies and then I come back to the hotel and see that these are demi wispies that maybe they just maybe they’re just call something else in the u.s. cuz i got my other pair and UK oh maybe not like maybe they just got a new name who cares I was like hell yes no I have six Paris Oh demi wispies awesome so I was very pleased I love demi wispies they’re gorgeous and I got one more thing from all rights actually uh just so you know I think these are walgreens exclusive there’s a hole Ariel Ariel hi last thing i got was from covergirl because i love me some cover girl and can’t get that anywhere else it is the lip perfection jumbo gloss balm in the color ballet West 205 and I think I saw Tiffany talking about this as well and I was like yeah she liked it i got i have to admit that i didn’t get a bit overwhelmed when I just step into the makeup and beauty oils at like target and walgreens and CVS and all that is just so so so much I’m not used to those crazy amounts of makeup and stuff and I was just blood banking there was a lot of stuff that I

really wanted to get our check out or swatch or anything like that that I just forgot while i was there cuz i was is I ok where I start what was I gonna get I want last far enough to bring a list I gotta I gotta get one next time i use always bring list so i don’t know whatever i won just change of scenery i guess and i was planning on getting a lot of gifts for my friends while was there but I haven’t like plan on exactly one who’s gonna get and I left empty hand and I’m such a terrible person but it’s like it’s a lot Oh last but certainly not least we’re moving into this a bad boy my favorite place to shop in the whole world and I’m just gonna pull stuff from hair like a random and just show you what I got first thing this is beautiful tanning went from San Tropez we gotta have a nice fresh clean tanning it don’t use them for meat for years let’s see I also got a sephora Brad nail buffer needed a new one of those i picked up this pretty early on trip and is the ola henriksen all I hammer a time as high hair so many people say is the walnut complexion scrub I have heard nothing but good things about this grub so I got it really early in a trip just to see if I liked it because it’s twenty-four dollars in the US and it’s like 70 or 80 in Norway I’m not joking like for reals so if I like that I was I wanted to get to so I had them for a while and once you know I liked it so I got to I also got this bumble and bumble thickening and dry spun finish just a minute travel size and I believe but this is like it’s like a texturizing spray and I’m hoping this will be a good dupe for my orb a dry finishing now got the you know which one I’m talking about and one more thing from bumble and bumble I got the press of powder equal parts dry shampoo / sander and volume in a pinch it is just a dry shampoo in pure powder form so you don’t when you have it in a spray get ton of fillers as well so I wanted to try this I wasn’t going to get this this trip I was actually gonna get the Duff dry shampoo but I couldn’t find that at Target it was completely sold off and I needed a dry shampoo that day it was too far to go to CVS so I got it goes it was on my list anyway let’s sit I got a North lip gloss I love me some Norris this is an oldie but goodie and a free formula actually it is good old turkish of the night i got a lip scrub as well this is for fresh it is the sugar lip polish and your show you the box even though it’s not super excited looks like this smells like I don’t I seriously can’t describe this kind of like bubble gum but not like bubble girl I needed a lip scrub I got that I have the NARS of pro pro prime is that what it’s called Pro Prime this is just a little lip primer got more Nora stuff in here and this is not even last one this is the radiant creamy concealer this is my favorite concealer the been using ever since it first came out a year ago I’m almost up so I just got a new one while I was somewhere that they sold Norris and this is the color one chantilly is the absolute latest one last NARS thing I promise this one you may have guessed seem design or mugs what it is and it looks like this it is a good a bronzer everyone’s favorite I or already have this in a palette but I didn’t want to finish just that one in my power cuz it’s my travel pal powered I got a deodorant this is just a little mini one from Al a vanilla and this is the pure vanilla scent they have tons of other no sense as well but the mini one only comes in the pure and this is a hundred percent natural deodorant no aluminum and no parabens and I had our good things all good things all good things I got a lip gloss from hourglass it is the extreme she in high shine lipgloss loving hourglass they are really having their moment right now looks like this it is the color canvas the Limoges give your level so watch this watch it is almost like I thought it would be more of a pinky nude but is definitely moving into a ma vie thick but I love me some pink I also got a lipstick that I was super curious about it is from by beauty

I’ve never tried anything from them before this is just the limbless cream lipstick just a lipstick lip it lipstick it’s the color fig it is what I’m wearing right now and I’ve been using this for I’d use this a lot ever since I got it and i can say that i love it and i’m really excited to try out more by products in the future i got this little bad boy this is the blender cleanser solid by beauty blunder so this is just a bar of soap which super 30 cuz i washed my eyeliner brushes in it and this is basically there’s a bar soap it is meant to wash your beauty belair blender but you can also wash your brushes in it and I got this to use for travel basically cuz i usually wash my brushes with baby shampoo but when I’m traveling I don’t want to bring the big bottle of baby shampoo I’ve used it i used this when we were in vegas and i can say that i love it like i was blown away I can’t wait to try it out more I got a little roller ball arel now I’m I’ve been talking a lot now my mom is getting tired a rollerball from Balenciaga it is the flora botanica just the pattern and bottle like the full-size bottle is just gorgeous and I went into the trap I was at the register and I wanted to get something that was 250 points and I had 240 still no sec though it was on last night I was like oh I just want everyone to get this 250 guy cuz I just a perfume and they can shape it in the mail so instead of getting something that I plan on getting at a later point I got this but but it does smell amazing i did smell first I was like whoa that is nice and as you may know I’m totally into perfume so I cannot say that I regret that purchase and the last thing that I bought I have some point perks inherit that i want to show you as well for the last thing i bought looks like this you may recognize it it is the drm the rose lip balm everyone says this is amazing everyone is right it is awesome I should have gotten more while while I was there you may know that this is discontinued but I mean I haven’t seen it in stock in Norway oh the UK in ages but it seems like it is still in stock everywhere in the US so yes i will be purchasing so more when i get paid next week cuz i don’t want to be the one left without any limb they fun they’ve been out of stock so if you like this go and make yourself a stockpile so have some point works as well that i just wanted to show you cause alone for a hundred points and you can get this online as well it is the elizabeth and james perfume in nirvana white this smells awesome they just launched two perfumes nirvana white and Nirvana black this is by far my favorite so I so happy to see that this is pretty big for just 100 points so go check that out 250 points I got another little been working and this is the miss your blooming bouquet from the or actually think and this was 250 and this was a hundred but this is more but this smells awesome and then it’s so cute and I’m a little perfume attic than at the moment so I basically spent all my points I have 17 points left but not on these two cuz yeah there’s more in this bag and both of those you can get online and here in UK Canada they don’t ship perfumes to Norway they do ship to Norway now but they don’t ship um they won’t shoot them to the UK or probably like Germany the ship were also the ship South Korea and I think Japan no i’m not sure if you live you probably know i will do like list below the country’s to do ship to so I want when I want to perfume I thought let’s just use the points on those perfumes while I’m here and again and i also got a 500-point park and not all these points are from this shopping trip I had a lot saved from before and for 500 points I got this a little set from Laura Mercier I got a tinted moisturizer in nude it is a bit dark for me but I’ll probably use it world town I got the information primer and radiance and I was really happy about this because I think this is the best one for my skin type I got a little face polish for all this skin you can always use a facial scrub that’s never

going to be a bad thing and I got this little guy I like that it’s a real plastic case looks like this and it is the highlight Sarah one that’s awesome and I love me up allure me a highlight know if you can see I put it right there looks pretty nice maybe repowering but I’ll put it right on my hand so I’m gonna try it out hopefully I like it cuz i love is a highlight and just about two seconds ago but less little thing i got was this little lip gloss it is the lip glaze or not lacroix say sorry guys and this is the colour rose I thought this was a generous sized always 51 points feeling good about that feeling cuz you know you guys probably know what the 500 points sets oil is afraid that you’re going to regret it and then and that there’s going to be an amazing set next month and you don’t have points but I’m feeling really good about this right now so hopefully I’m feeling good about this the next time so this is what the lip gloss a looks like will sigh it doesn’t sound really good when I’m saying it so yeah I’m gonna go get a drink now cuz i’m finished with all of us i really hope you like seeing what I got on my honeymoon in Las Vegas I had an awesome time and I can’t wait to start trying out all this let me know in the comment section below if you want to see like first impressions or reviews or anything of all the products that I got or some of them something in particular just let me know and I will make it happen if I can if you’re super sick of looking at all this I can promise that this is last video then I’m filming today I’m binge filming right now cause I’m sad Sam is not home my husband and Eddie sleeping so I finally have the whole house myself and I’m just filming like a madman but it is it I promise next time it ain’t gonna look like this so thank you guys so much for watching I always enjoy making videos for you guys I love you so much LC my next video please subscribe you know thumbs up all of that you know the drill and yeah ok bye