Hey guys, so today’s video is going to be a full face of Sephora makeup, but it’s all of the cheapest makeup Sephora sells I’ve been getting this comment a lot recently like to do a full face of the most affordable products sold at Sephora because obviously Sephora sells like high-end brands. There’s no drugstore stuff there Everything is pretty pricey But it would be interesting to see a full face of makeup with all of their most affordable items So that is what we are doing in today’s video. It’s like affordable high-end Kind of plus let’s start to start this video. Ok, so I’m gonna start with my face makeup first for primer We have this guy. I’m not gonna lie it. The majority of their affordable makeup is from their own brand It’s from the Sephora collection. So we have a lot of Sephora collection products in this video today I tried to use other brands, but it’s just that their personal Sephora line is the most affordable thing that they offer there So just keep that in mind We’ve got we’ve got a few Sephora things but a few things that aren’t this is the high adherence Silicone primer and it’s from the ordinary. I’ve had this primer for a really long time now and I use it on and off It’s not my favorite. I mean it’s not bad, but I don’t love it The thing is this is only four dollars and ninety cents This is like the most affordable primer they have on that site and I feel like probably one of the most affordable primers Ever even the primers at the drugstore are more expensive than that. I really do love the way that this smells I don’t know what that scent is, but it’s delicious for me I really really like it and I do like that this primer really smooths out the skin It creates a nice layer like a nice canvas for your makeup, but it’s just nothing special It’s not gonna make your makeup last a really long time and I mean for five bucks. You cannot beat it Okay. Don’t get mad at me. Don’t get mad at me. Don’t get mad at me talking about it. I honestly lost my foundation I had purchased a few products that I needed to complete this video and foundation was one of them I bought the foundation stick from Sephora I’m pretty sure that’s like their cheapest foundation on Sephora, but I honestly don’t know where it is. I Sat down to film this video today and I had everything in a box and the foundation what’s missing completely gone I don’t know if my she was back and she is taking my things again I don’t know, but I could not find it and I got it so I am so freakin. Sorry I don’t have a foundation for this video and I feel like that’s like one of the most important things I’m sorry, so I’m just gonna put any random foundation on I was just in the mood to use a foundation stick So I’m going to use this YSL one one of their more expensive foundation sticks that they offer I don’t know why I would do that But I just I wanted to use a stick and I wanted to use a stick. I don’t haven’t used it on time So I’m using the YSL fund agency. Okay, but ignore this part pretend it’s not happening pretend this is the Sephora foundation stick just gonna brace through this parms gonna breeze through You won’t even notice you won’t even notice. By the way. I completely forgot to get brow products for today’s video They have like a bunch of affordable bra products as well This is the UH Nastasia brow Wiz and it’s not their most affordable brow is so okay two things I did two things wrong in today’s video, but it’s okay, right? Don’t be mad. Okay for concealer I’m going in with ISA for a bright future gel serum concealer actually used to use this concealer all the time I had just haven’t used it in years. I kind of got rid of it, but I used to love this So going to apply some of that underneath the eyes. This is the most affordable concealer you can get at Sephora It’s from the Sephora brand and it is $14. Jesu me.we a little bit. I’m not gonna take that onto my eyes because I am gonna be using a Primer and I actually really like this concealer for it being the cheapest one at Sephora. It’s really good. It’s really lightweight It’s easy to blend. It has pretty decent coverage. I like it. I’m gonna put some of that on my nose and we my browser Builds issue. It’s super easy to blend and it’s just so lightweight. Okay another support product for powder I’m gonna use the beauty amplifier set smoothing translucent powder. I have a feeling this is gonna give me a crazy flashback I probably should have gone with the pressed version since this one doesn’t have the best reviews online and they’re both the same price but This is sixteen dollars and it’s the cheapest powder. You will find at Sephora and based on the reviews. You probably better off going to Walgreens or Walmart and buying the Maybelline fit me powder that comes in a little square It’s amazing and I’m pretty sure it’s cheaper than this. Anyway, I don’t wanna judge it. I haven’t even used it yet I like the little sifter. I like that. It has like a little powder sifter. That’s nice it like helps with mess the Glossy a Wilder powder is like that and I love that. Oh That smells strange not strange but like strong. Oh man. I just put powder everywhere All right It’s gonna set the area around my mouth and in between my brows, make sure you’re really dusting that off or flashback You know We’re gonna take a picture right now just to check but it does a really good job of smoothing out the skin and filling in The pores I feel like it’s very similar to that old classic white makeup forever powder is very similar to this

I’m gonna take a picture. I must see how it looks. Oh Yeah, okay there’s flashback for sure Probably not my first choice for a powder not gonna lie Drive Cosmetics glossy Maybelline. They just do it a lot better I don’t think this is worth it personally for bronzer actually have two options I tried my best to avoid all of the mini projects that were a lot more affordable like for example This was cheaper than the Sephora concealer, but it’s a lot smaller. So really it’s not cheaper I mean if you don’t care about the size then I would definitely go with this one if you just care about price But I mean, I don’t know if it’s worth it, you know So I tried to avoid all the many products as much as I could but there were just things I couldn’t avoid because I didn’t Want to do a full face of Sephora collection, you know, I wanted to switch it up So for bronzer, I have two options one is a mini and the other is Oh Minnie This is the Too Faced chocolate Soleil bronzer. Oh, no, this is the chocolate gold Soleil. Oh I thought it was so I’m gonna shut it solely, but it’s this shimmery one. That’s fine We’ll use it and then I also got the tarp program Because for the price you get two highlights and a bronzer I’m gonna take the tart one and I’m gonna contour with this shade do a little chiseling with the shape. Chisel Oh so good. I Really like this shade does a nice job contouring but also Bronzing. I’m into it. I’m into it I’m gonna take a little bit of the chocolate Soleil gold bronzer just to Sheen it up a bit with my amazing wedding wild bronzer brush These little bitty those I’m just gonna have to deal with my ears for five seconds MMmmm the lit cheese. I love it when the bronzer just like dusts off your brush and finds its way in your mouth I love it. Such a pleasant surprise it tastes good. Oh I remember okay. Okay. I haven’t worn this gold bronzer and so long but it has such a pretty Golden sheen perfect for this time of year. How many times do I say that in a video currently? Oh, there’s time of year I like it though. It’s a really nice bronzer. It’s nice and golden II very warm and pretty but not like orange I really really like it pretty sure I use the decor but I didn’t remember this is where things get tricky These were the most affordable blushes Sephora carries. These are from the brand Ncredible and they’re called the for the first time bounce Blushes they retail for ten dollars each. So this is as cheap. This is gonna get a Sephora I feel like have used these before. I wonder if they were sent to me turn the waiting on flashback I don’t know. I got two shades. But I’m gonna use the she’d be my first kiss. Oh, I love that name And yeah, okay. So moose Very much a moose. This is weird This is like super moose e why do I get the feeling this might be a little patchy actually? Let me not judge here. Let me know if judge I’m gonna put some on the back of my mouth This is weird. Okay, I’m gonna put some on the back of my hand And actually I’m gonna use a damp sponge For the blush because I feel like it might look better if I use a sponge like it’ll get more even No bad ass in it I mean, I feel like you got to use a lot but I thought it was gonna be a patchy mess I think the sponge Really really helps but look how much stays on the actual sponge and not a lot comes off on your face Which could be a good thing if you don’t want something that’s so pigmented, but it could be a waste of product But then again, it’s only ten dollars. I don’t know so many thoughts. How do you guys feel about that? Is it like not worth it? Should we just invest in a color pop blush stick? I feel I don’t know What do you think? I Like it. I’m not like crazy about it. Well, it’s nice It’s nice. I like it. I like it. It also has a very slight sheen to it Which I think is my favorite thing about it. I think that’s what’s making me like this It has like a very subtle glow and you can kind of see it when you move your head around, but it’s barely there But it’s nice. I like that. It’s cute. It’s cute. I like blushy and kind of glowy and like subtly like it I like it. I like it. Like I think so. Yeah. Yeah, okay it’s exciting to see something so affordable at Sephora without it being like a Sephora thing for highlight the most affordable highlight that’s on Sephora’s website is the Sephora collection glow stick in the shade Luminizer so no. No no, it’s in the shade sunrise shimmer sunrise shimmer, and I’m nervous about this I gotta be honest because when I swatched it on the back of my hand It ain’t all that this is mainly a glow I mean it’s called a glow stick it’s not so much a highlighter It’s it’s a glow. So yeah, that’s yeah, I Didn’t think about that, it’s me, though, because I got another option I got the bouncy blendable highlighter from the brand Kasia Which I really like this brand and I was shocked to see that this is own Oh Wait a minute. This particular one is only 9:50. All of their other blushes are $19 This shade is 950. Why are you? $9.50 but all your other sisters are $19. Hmm does like nobody like this one? I don’t know

No I’m still gonna use it if 70 is but I am gonna go in with this First or should I go in with this second because this is more of like a glow no, let’s go in with this first let’s go in with this first never rub some of this on my Finger I still think you’re too far. Oh Okay, I would probably love this without any makeup on you know like that Becca champagne pop silky highlighter drops I was recently talking about I mean, I like that other one more but this gives a really pretty gloss effect for a second I thought I was really gonna hate it, but I don’t really see it lifting up my foundation underneath It’s just very glossy and it has a little bit of color to it Like I just moved my nose a little pink now. Let’s throw on a little bit of Prism from kosheh and let’s see why it’s 950 and not 19 Maybe this isn’t the rush for this maybe that one was too fast. That wasn’t really seeing anything happen Okay, I could kind of see it. Yeah, but it’s very very minimal. I’m gonna use my finger Either the combination is weird like the glossy product Underneath this like that might not be a good combo or this just isn’t pigmented enough You have to apply a lot to really get that pink sparkle and then by that time I feel like you’re already applying too much on your face feel like nothing has really failed me so far in this video, but I’m not feeling this. I don’t think this is worth 950 and it’s definitely not worth $19 Nia no centre of inequality, huh? One fail so far. Not bad I mean, it’s Sephora we should have zero fails cuz I’ve done that just take my ass to Walgreens. You know what I mean? Okay, we are pretty much done with the face. How do you guys feel about it? I mean things always look nicer from far away. I feel like it could be better. It could be better Okay, now it’s time to jump into the eyes I don’t think I have a mascara. Actually, I don’t know. What was he when I get there Okay, nigga cheapest eye primer on Sephora is the Sephora beauty amplifier perfecting and smoothing eye primer This is one of those clear eye primers. Not my favorite But I mean, I do have a few that I love that are clear like the Fenty Beauty one. That one’s amazing I also really like the smashbox one Well, it’s super amazing for an eyeshadow palette. I went with the sephora flash sequence palette pretty sure this is the most affordable palette that Sephora offers at the moment and I swatch them and the colors aren’t really pretty. I like that they’re warm I mean, they’re really nice. I like them So I’m gonna do a very simple look with these shades and we’ll see how it turns out Okay, so obviously I just wanted to do a really simple look I just wanted to really test out the formula of the eyeshadows And first I want to say that this shade in flame is amazing It was so buttery and I just loved how it looked in my crease and it’s the type of shade that I would love wearing like all over my Lid for a quick smoky look but the shimmers in here are pretty dusty. I mean I only use two of them This one was not very dusty actually This one was pretty smooth and I can tell just by swatching it but it’s a lot less crumbly than the shade dazzle This is the one that I put on my entire lid. This would be amazing if we wet it with fix+ I just did it because I wanted to see how it would wear by itself You know what? I am gonna add a little bit of water or a fix+ actually wait wait Wait, I have a mini setting spray that I’m gonna use on my face I’m just gonna use this because I feel like that I shadow would look gorgeous if it was wet And I mean, I gotta be honest. I wear my shadows all the time. That does not bother me What’s happening you better start looking I did not pay a whomping, okay Okay, I’m gonna fight you later this color is Gorgeous. It’s like a smoky quartz. So freakin pretty I love it I have to throw on shades like this like all over the lid Normally, I wouldn’t pair it with a very warm no relaxed line But whatever now that I would it and loved it like I loved it You know, I think this whole palette might one hundred-percent be worth it just for the shade flame and for dazzle I love them both so much when I think about it doesn’t colour-pop have Eyeshadow palettes for nine dollars not the ones in the cardboards the ones in the plastic

Those are on dollars eeper than this and I think that they’re better Somali like you can 100% skip this palette and go pick up the makeup Shayla palette from colour-pop M It’s a dollar cheaper and it’s better than this, but I do really like this eyeshadow It’s just I want to sit here and I compare it to other brands that are more affordable I don’t think this is worth it. Okay, I’m gonna take the cheapest eyeliner. We’ve got at Sephora This is the Sephora colorful crayon Contour eye pencil 12-hour where it’s waterproof and this is in the shade of my boyfriend’s jeans. I’d love that and you know what? I like that. This is affordable. And it’s not wooden. I love that. I hate wooden eyeliners, okay Now I’m gonna take this little brush right here and smudge that out. I really like this eye liner I thought I wasn’t gonna love it. But I do it’s nice. It’s pigmented and went on it glides. I’m into it I’m into it. I’m into it. Okay, so I really don’t have a mascara to use today, but I got falsies I got the most affordable policies you can get it tomorrow So I think that counts so maybe I just put on like random mascara and then discounts As my affordable product because I’m an idiot. I forgot to get mascara. So let me pop on some mascara really quick. Okay So now let’s hop on these Sephora collection lashes in the shade hypnotized number 31 in the style Hypnotized and I gotta be honest These are hideous, these are so thick they remind me of Bugs some sort of creepy-crawler, but this was the most affordable one And I bet you I know why I don’t think anybody’s buying these. Oh man. This is stiff, which me look. Oh My god 100% the most I’ve ever struggled putting on a pair of falsies in my life I keep Fanning my eyes because my eyes keep crying so badly. Oh I’m seeing a little blurry now. Oh god. I hope I didn’t get Eyelash glue in my eye. Oh my god. Oh my god. I see cloudy. I’m not even you see cloudy These are ten dollar falsies, but these specific ones are on sale for $5 I tried not to do any of the sale products because obviously if it’s on sale, it’s cheaper than what it would normally be and I wanted to avoid those but this one is marked down to five dollars and I Understand why and I’m looking online and I’m shocked that this has so many good reviews. I couldn’t even put it on I mean, I know I’m gonna amateur when it comes to falsies, but like the inner corners are like lifted and honestly, it’s just so Stiff it’s so so stick I Look like a bird like you can’t even see my eye shadow You just see black. This is crazy ten out of ten Do not like I’m in. Oh my god. I cannot wait to rip this off. It is stabbing my eye stabbed I was getting I’m getting stabbed. I’m getting fat. I hate these Yes, okay. Let’s move on. We’re almost done Okay, so I saw these on the website these are super affordable there are these Sephora lip liners to go but they’re wooden Which I hate but is so chic and this is in the shade light brown I don’t hate wooden lip liners to the degree that I hate wooden eyeliners. Like I hate those but what are lip liners? I don’t mind I can’t even see my lips have to have my eyes open like this so I can see it because honestly I feel like my eyes have a black umbrella like hanging over them. Yeah, I like this lip liner It’s wooden but it’s very creamy. I like this color a lot like brown. This really is a nice lip liner to go Really? I think I’m gonna take these Sephora collection Lipstick in the shade of life. It’s a really pretty nude. I don’t wanna make this lip too nude. So I’m just gonna Stamp it. This is the most affordable Lipstick that Sephora offers if you want a lipstick and even the lift scent is not my favorite It smells like traditional like drugstore play-doh clay kind of scent it has that kind of scent the formula is really nice It’s very creamy and super comfortable. Okay, and I’m gonna finish it off with this other super affordable lip product from these Sephora collection It’s the lip powder in the shade brownie. I just want to add a little bit of this I just want to see how it how it works. Oh Okay This is weird not my favorite not my favorite now my favorite kind of made it really cool toned and kind of dead looking Okay, definitely the color I had before the lip powder knotted a little corpsey. Let me add some more little oh Yeah, yeah, my lips are not even like at all. I can’t even see with these parrots on my eyes. So it’s hard Hey guys, so that completes this video. This was a full face of the most affordable makeup

You can buy at Sephora. We had some hits and we definitely had some misses. I Would say now looking at my face. I’m not crazy about the whole bronzer blush highlight situation I feel like it looks very splotchy here and I can guarantee you that’s because I applied the glow stick and this is definitely not meant to go on top of powders and I already had my bronzer down so I do think That this is a good product I just don’t like how it layers on top of powders and I don’t like it underneath that cause I highlight this was a no-go For me, I do not I do not like this. Oh, I forgot to put on my setting spray, okay This is a mini products I tried to avoid the minis but it’s the most affordable setting spray that I found and it is the Tarte rainforest of the c4n one setting mist It smells like oranges I just got giant droplets all over my face. Well, not the best mist at all terrible waste actually absolutely terrible mist, but it smells really good and It’s hydrating. So that’s nice. I like the way that my eyes look – the falsies, but I really like the eye shadow Especially once I wet it was really nice. I really like that eyeliner And I do like my whole lip situation except the lip powder That was not my favorite, but the rest was really nice I would say we had more hits than misses for sure, but there was definitely a few things here I would not use ever again ever again, and I’m not gonna lie I feel like there’s a lot of makeup at the drugstore. That is a lot better than this You can find better things at Walgreens at Ulta Target. Even though there were a lot of good winners here I feel like for the price you can get really really good stuff at the drugstore You don’t need to be shopping at Sephora. Let me know if you want me to do these videos more often and I will I Guess but that completes this video guys. Thank you so much for watching I love you guys so so much. Please subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in my next video. Bye Hey guys, so today’s video is spitting everywhere Well close we think bum. No just spit everywhere. I don’t what’s up with my other what’s up with my mouth these days?