Crazy Gift Wrapping Challenge (IS BACK!!!)

– Welcome to Let’s Talk About That, the show about the show I’m Stevie and everything’s made up and the points don’t matter This week’s guests think they can scat but just wind up repeating the phrase scoobity boop bop bah in varying volume levels, please welcome Rhett and Link (light clapping) Oh man, hey, it’s the green brothers – Hey! – And sister, you guys saw what I was wearing and then you commandeered the look for yourself – That’s right, we did – [Stevie] But I don’t mind, it looks good – Slumber party Before I get into what’s ahead this week, now is a good time to let you know that today’s episode is sponsored by Audible, with audible you get access to an unbeatable selection of audiobooks including bestsellers, mysteries, thrillers, memoirs, and more, members also have unlimited access to more than 100 audio guided fitness and meditation programs, I just started listening to Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, mostly because that title seemed like great life advice but also because I’m a fan of their podcasts, My Favorite Murder, in this book Karen and Georgia share never before heard stories ranging from their struggles with depression, eating disorders and addiction and recount their biggest mistakes and deepest fears, reflecting on the life events that shape them into two of the most followed voices in the nation, super funny So join audible today, and start listening Right now for a limited time you can get three months of Audible for just $6.95 a month That’s more than half off the regular price, visit, or text, LTAT to 500-500 That’s,, do it – [Rhett] Man this is a work out – You can do it – Still doing it – Man – [Stevie] Guys, burning those thigh calories in your sweat suits – I used the wrong phrase there – [Stevie] What? I missed it, did I have an opportunity to make fun of you? – I said sometimes you get off – Oh! Sometimes you do – And I meant like off the rhythm – Sometimes you feel like a nut – Sometimes you don’t know – Nope, okay This week, it’s time for our semi slash biannual gift wrapping challenge – Oh we get to wrap gifts? – Yeah, which we did in 2015 and 2017 and now it’s 2019 – The odd years – So I, we just by accident I just figured we do it, we do it on GMM, we’re going to do it on LTAT, you guys have been just asking for it so it’s going to come, it’s going to come today Also Dani at Everything Is Editing, is everything also Everything Is Editing – [Rhett] Right – That’s not true That’s, that part’s not true – There are other things that aren’t editing – Has a brand new GMM Christmas trailer that I think you guys are really going to enjoy and so we’re going to react to that – Christmas trailer – Yule time – But first, is our rejected snack This week we did Willett hot chocolate on the channel – [Rhett] Yeah we did – So I figured why not try hot chocolate from the top three coffee chains, to determine what our favorite hot chocolate is – The hottest chocolate – [Stevie] Yeah – From the top three chains – Wow, this is a great idea – We’ve had some little taste tests, bips and bops happening, you know, we learned from the Taco Bell thing, we learned from the cheesy bread thing So this time we’re going to do this taste test in just a perfect way – What are the different coffee places? – Yeah, well I’m going to tell you in a second cause after I snap my fingers, you’re going to see what the perfect way is – Oh look at those cups just appeared there – I didn’t tell anyone that I wanted to really do that so I don’t know – [Rhett] Look at that, A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, C – Maybe it did Maybe it did look cool – It looked cool Stevie – Well here it looked really cool when Nicole and Daven were passing these out, whew – That didn’t happen – So these are generic cups – Okay, yeah, so we don’t know what’s in what, but the three the top three places are Starbucks, Coffee Bean and McCafe – Oh McCafe is in there, huh? – Yeah, and I have some, I have some deets about these places, I don’t know which one is in which, but I do you know that a grande hot chocolate at Starbucks costs, $3.45 and has 400 calories – Shew – Good lawd – A regular at Coffee Bean costs $3.30 and has 400, so same amount of calories – 400 calories – 15 cents left Boy it’s a day And then a premium hot chocolate – [Link] You can drink three cans of coke – At McCafe has 470 calories – You know what you got to do to get through that many calories, like you, I gotta get on some sort of treadmill for like an hour to get through that – But it only costs $2.59 So McDonald’s is the cheapest and has the most calories, I mean like we didn’t already know that – You gotta watch those liquid calories – [Stevie] Okay, you’re going with A? – I didn’t know those calories in liquid until I like last year – Stop it with your calorie liquid humor – That is that is sweet that’s very marshmallowy

– It’s so tasty though isn’t it? – I don’t know, it kind of just tastes like powdered hot chocolate to me – Okay it’s not great, you’re right Let’s move on to B – It’s good though, I mean I enjoyed it – Yeah, I mean I wouldn’t say no Actually I probably would say no – B stands for? – Bitter – Bossa Nova – This one has a much – [Stevie] It is yeah – But it’s a good bitter, it’s like a dark chocolate bitter almost – Oh, this is a higher qual – You think? I still, still feel powdery territory – This is hot chocolate for adults – Okay – This is hot chocolate for babies (Link coughing) (Stevie giggling) – A is for babies B is for adults, which is weird because A is what adults start with, and B is what babies start with – Tweens, teens – C stands for? Cockroaches – What? – Jeez – Ew, what is this? – C is nasty – What on? – What happened to C? Something got into this – Cockroaches is right – It’s just a lot of milk, y’all Aint nothing but milk in this – Ew! Shame on you No, this is not okay I’m not okay with this – C is– – Who did this? – Definitively horrible – Who do you think it is? McDonald’s? Cause it tastes so different, and the other ones are 400 calories? – I tend to enjoy almost everything at McDonald’s – Ew – Look at that C It’s just watered down B is so dark and A is in the middle – [Rhett] I like A and B, and it depends on what mood I’m in – The child mood or the adult mood? – I feel like A is like a morning hot chocolate like hello I don’t wanna, I gotta ease into the day, and B is like, I’m at the party, I got my hot chocolate No B is like hot chocolate at the club – Do you like dark chocolate? – Yeah – Okay More than milk chocolate? – Yes – [Stevie] Really? – But it’s not dark chocolate – You don’t? – Do you like dark chocolate more? I know I should, but I don’t Cause like yeah milk chocolate, I know it’s like trash here, but like, I’m, I’m more into milk chocolate – I like I like a 99% like a, like a, like a joke chocolate Just a joke chocolate, it makes you just, like you just put your mouth into just a cocoa plant – What did you say Link, you like dark chocolate? – No – Yeah, I figured, I figured you would say that – [Link] And I’m not embarrassed – But you do like dark chocolate – I am embarrassed – I don’t hate dark chocolate – I’m fine with it I’m just saying this one, B tastes like dark chocolate Like it has more– – You don’t like it, is that not your vote? – It’s not my vote A is my vote – I like A and B, C is so bad that A and B could just ride off into the sunset together for all I care – So C has to be McDonald’s – Well, but what’s your vote, what’s your? – B is the best – Oh, so you like the darker chocolate? – I wouldn’t call it dark chocolate – But it’s more bitter – And it’s darker (giggling) – Okay fine, I’m going with A, you guys are going B, Daven, what’s C? Let’s go with what C is – [Daven] Yeah so you guys hate C the most – Thank you – [Daven] That’s Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – Man I’m never going back there – What seriously? – That’s it – So A must be McDonald’s – Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, I’ve been a fan Whoever makes your hot chocolate in the San Fernando Valley area, fire them, and I’ll come back – So A must be McDonald’s, yeah? A is McDonald’s? – [Daven] Yeah you got that – Yeah, of course Of course it is Because everything that tastes better has more calories – No, that’s the thing It has like this, engineered taste to it, that’s why I like it, but B is, again, people crap on the taste of Starbucks coffee and stuff, I’m just like, man, I think it tastes good I think the drinks at Starbucks taste good I’m sorry – There’s no, I mean, listen – I think it tastes good – Everybody, I mean there’s one on every corner – Casey just gave me a sour face But it tastes good Casey – What the coffee? Yeah, the coffee tastes good – Yeah, especially the blonde roast And that’s a compliment to you Casey (chuckling) – We call Casey the blonde roast (laughing) Because she’s blonde – Just so y’all know she’s blonde – [Stevie] If you haven’t seen– – Hey blonde roast, that just doesn’t fly around here – I’m over the hot chocolate, are you over the hot chocolate? I’m done, we’re moving on – Hey, this time I’m gonna make it disappear (snapping) – Oh, I beat you to it (laughing) well that’s not gonna work – It didn’t work did it? Nope it’s still here I snapped before you Rhett – It’s gotta be Stevie – Okay I’m gonna make them disappear now – Oh, dang, I wish I had that power – Don’t know if that worked either, but it maybe did, and that would be cool – [Link] Look it’s gone, it worked – Okay so if you if you’re not caught up in the gift wrapping, GMM gift wrapping saga, I have some, I have some catch up clips because I went back and I watched 2015, 2015, 2017 So, 2015, there were multiple tantrums thrown in the,

you know what I’m talking about right? Where you guys were wrapping stuff – And you got a lot of hate, as the judge I remember that – [Stevie] Yeah, I got a lot of hate – Yeah because you like, you shafted me – Which doesn’t mean, no I did not It doesn’t mean anything, like just watch, you’re throwing tantrums in 2015 – I hate Christmas – Could have done it normally and beat me at this point – Where’d y’all get this? – I’m blaming it on you Done! (banging) (loud laughing) After all that tantrum how could you win this, with a bow technicality? – It’s not a technicality it’s called the rules, brother – Dang it! (roaring) – Gamesmanship! – And I got the hate, I got the hate – Right, and thank you for that, I totally forgot I thought you went against me – And then in 2017, this was the most talked about moment Link I’m gonna have to give this round to you – Oh come on – I felt like your artistic interpretation really, really nailed it Oh! (laughing) – Oh! – Everybody talked about a side hug? – Yeah, no, in a good way, they thought it was really sweet – Look at that, that’s sweet – Yeah they thought it was sweet We also did– – But I did break your collarbone – That’s true – Like it just snapped like a twig Still recovering – Role play, we did role play This is Christmas morning Rhett, you will be playing the child receiving this gift – Yeah – Please begin – Hey dad! It’s jiggly! That’s right, son Can I play both characters? – Yes, yes – That’s right son, you just need a little knife, or scissors, you know how we let you play with those What do I do with it dad? You puncture it in the side son And then what do I do dad? You squeeze it into your mouth, son Dad it’s not coming, well you gotta hit again, guy – Uh oh, uh oh – Now you squeeze it in your mouth son – There’s no pudding in there is there? There’s no friggin pudding, there it is – I love you dad – So confused What were we doing? – I don’t even understand what was happening – We wrapped pudding? – Well, yes, you wrapped pudding – And you wearing the same outfit of the previous year – Was I? Probably – No, no, no, the last two clips are from the same day – Oh – Gosh All right, let’s do it again Okay, gentlemen, you know how this works I have things for you to wrap – And then we’re gonna wrap em – You’re gonna wrap up em And then I’m gonna judge the heck out of you – Then you’re going to judge em – And then people are going to judge your judging – In the comments – That’s true – Ha! – Okay round one, I’m just gonna come back here Ice brains On your marks, get set, go – Oh yeah ice brain time – Is there a time limit? – Oh it’s cold! – [Stevie] Yes, it’s arbitrary, I will tell you to stop – Is it a race? – [Stevie] No – It’s also being judged, right? – [Stevie] Harshly – Parsley – [Link] Parsley – Whoo it’s slippery – Oo it is slippery She wants to escape I don’t like having to wrap cold stuff Gosh, I hate the way these bows work Good God, why, come on now, why? Why does it gotta? – What is this, what is this? – Just come off of there Just wanna cover up all of your mistakes with that – Come on, come on, come off of there Why, why you got to be this way? Come on, just get off of there Why isn’t there a corner to peel? – [Stevie] Okay, we have 10 seconds – Oh 10 seconds – Why is it, why is it like this? – [Stevie] Five, four, three, two, one, time Oh that was thrilling – Hey, he’s still going, no hey, that shouldn’t count That shouldn’t count – You know there’s a little leeway, cause you know it’s, it was me, and I’m pitiful – Mine requires a demonstration okay? – Okay well yes I was gonna ask you to tell me– – You were going to ask him if his had a demonstration? – I was gonna ask you to tell me what your influences and inspiration was for your creation – My thought process was when you give an ice to somebody (laughing) – When you give an ice to somebody – That you really, you gotta think about how it may not get to them in the way that you were anticipating, and it may slip and slide And so it’s got to look good from every end That’s why I covered my mistakes with this pretty bow, so if it handed it to them like this they’d be like oh that’s nice, but if you hit them like this, they’d be like, oh, that’s also nice – That’s not as nice – Well

– But it’s smooth, this side’s smooth – Okay, – And this side has mistakes covered with beauty – So your inspiration was practicality and covering your mistakes – And giveability and just the spirit of the holidays and ice – I would say emphasis on mistakes – What does yours like on the bottom, bro? – Mine needs no demonstration Oh, you want to know what my looks like on the bottom – Well that wasn’t a question but yes now I do – Stevie, you want to know what mine looks like on the bottom? – [Stevie] Yes – [Link] It looks like that – I mean, come on, man Yeah, yeah that’s an insult If somebody saw that all that wiry mess down there – No one looks at the bottom of things – Yeah when you give an ice they do – I mean I’m just saying, and as far as– – Your bow wanting to stay on – The bow won’t stick cause it’s wet, cause it’s all melting You’re ruining it – Okay, everything– – That’s some secure crap right there – Look at, look at that– – Relying on your explanation of why this, what your inspiration was – Watch, I can drop mine, and the bow will stay on – But you’ll shatter it (metal clanging) – Oh, my God! – I mean one of them did – So two of the bows, the majority your bows came off All I see now is mistakes – I’ve got some sort of exquisite finaglery happening here This type of ribbondry is just like, this is something they would do in France So France was your inspiration? – Yeah like a French gift of ice – I don’t like the way your blue bow clashes with your blue wrapping paper either, I feel like that was a huge mistake – Just lay off, man – Clash – Well, I know there is no right choice for this, which makes it fun, so Link, it goes to you – Je t’aime La Louvre – Well, isn’t this fun? – No – That’s why we only do it every two years For this will be, you’ll be wrapping martinis designed by Josh which apparently are pickle and a Hawaiian themed martinis, which I have never had – Do we need to keep the martini in there? – Heck yeah – That is the point But here’s something else This is the blindfolded round So, I’m gonna need you to wrap these martinis, keep the martini in the martini glass, and do all of it while it’s blindfold Easy! – Oh my gosh – Okay, all right, I’m going to leave And here we go, and three, two, one, go! – Oh gosh Give me it! Give me that, give me that What? Something just fell on my foot Hold on, is there more wrapping, I’ll, hey I’ll just take this (laughing) – Hit my freaking foot man What happened? – Hang on, where’s my Martini? – [Link] Is my martini still? How did that not turn over? – I don’t know, I don’t how we Are you okay? – You don’t care It’s just another holiday to you – Why did we grab the same wrapping paper? – And why didn’t we let go? – Why is this? (laughing) – [Link] Almost turned it over – [Stevie] Oh gosh Oh gosh – Gosh this is so stressful I feel like– (groaning) – I think you just dropped your martini Am I mistaken or did you just spill your martini? I heard a spill, but no one’s acknowledging it, what happened? – Oh no, nothing happened (Stevie laughing) I feel pretty good about where I’m at now Done – [Stevie] Okay – Done – [Stevie] All right guys, you can remove your blindfolds – Oh that looks – Wow, that’s pretty – Oh man, that was actually typical for this, it does usually get this violent – What hit your foot? The table? – Look at the top of my foot Look at that blue mark – Oh no, that is gonna become more and more purple That was from, I believe, the table falling – My poor foot! Boy, if I was a judge I know I’d vote for, even just out of pity because of his foot – Well here’s the thing, there’s no martini in Rhett’s situation – What are you talking about? You don’t know that do you get, until you open it – Open it – Okay, we’re gonna do some role play I’m your dad, and you’ve gotten me a martini, and go – Hey dad, listen, you’ve been drinking too much – Son, it’s not for you to judge it’s for you to not emulate – No, listen, here’s the thing is that I really feel like you have a problem And I feel like I don’t want to contribute to it so I want to give you a gift to symbolize – This is probably not a great role play activity and I apologize I want to give you a gift to symbolize

the future of our family, and that is empty glasses that we don’t drink out of – Oh son, that was a good save on your toes Let me unwrap this – That’s right, it was all intentional – It’s very wet – Yeah, because that’s supposed to symbolize you pouring out the alcohol, and then filling up the glass with the love that we give you – Oh it smells also like paint thinner – Yeah, that’s what you’ve been drinking dad – It might be the pickles – That bottom shelf crap – Thank you son, hello son from another family What have you got from me? – Hey Dad, thanks for coming over Just like always, I’m getting the leftovers Spend time with your other son and then you come over here and I get whatever’s left over, but you know what, I want you to have a great, great holiday So I worked really hard to wrap this and so that would still be drinkable – And I’d save chosen my favorite color which is green – Right, because you’re Irish – And yes – Oh look at that, you know what, dad? You don’t you don’t even have to open it to drink it – Oh, let me just take a sip – Dad this isn’t good for you I’m telling you – Just have fun Dad Holidays are for you too dad – This is the beginning of the holidays taking a turn for the worse I want you to understand that – Ugh! Son! – Here, bite a pickle – No son! Son, I said I would never bite a pickle on camera – Bite it – You know why – Oh really? – But son, I don’t want you to feel left over anymore – My foot really hurts, dad – And so this round goes to you – Ah! – Reenactment! – Rhett, do have something that you like to say? – Link I’m sorry that you hurt your foot when you were struggling with me and you did it, I know you didn’t mean to do it, but you did it to yourself and, but I feel bad for you And I’d like to give you your gift back, it’s your ice brain, and I think you could put it on your foot – That’s a good idea – That was very nice (clapping) – [Rhett] You know I’m just in the Christmas spirit – [Stevie] Okay guys – I didn’t hear him say it was his fault – That’s okay, baby steps – He’s sorry that it was my fault – It’s little baby steps – I feel sorry for you – It’s almost as if he was saying, I wish it was my fault, is what he was saying – Well like, I also have something for your foot And it’s a bunch of pills – Oh goodness – And you also get a bunch of pills because I want to be fair, so round three is pills, but there’s a twist Because it would be too easy if you could just use your human hands What you need to use is your human hands but also tongs Am I right? Do you guys understand this exercise? – So we can’t use fingers? – Yeah You’re tonging it up – For any part? – For anything Ready? Three, two, one, go! – You got this last time, man, lemme have it! – Okay How on earth am I gonna do this? Gonna move this on, now if you spill the pills, you’re disqualified, just like last round – [Stevie] Oh also this round is worth, you, I mean, it’s anyone’s game – I think I can use the tongs to actually cut Oh yeah Going all in on that idea Let’s see, here we go What are you doing? – [Stevie] Are you holding your breath the whole time? – How do you? So, are you abandoning the concept of actually getting all the pills in there? – No, no, look at what I’m doing right now – I mean you don’t need all those pills I’m actually pretty good with tongs – [Stevie] Guessing that the end is near – [Link] Oh gosh – Five, four, three, two, one Time Oh my, all right, you’re both messing still You know what I won’t go that hard on you, even though this is very serious Are you both in a good place right now? I don’t mean mentally, I can clearly– – Emotionally, this has really ruined my holidays But, and physically I may have broken my foot, but otherwise I’m doing great – Alright, once again mine comes with a demonstration – Okay – Why don’t you save yours for second Cause mine sucks There’s no demonstration to mine – Okay – So let’s start over here – Okay – [Link] Merry Christmas – I got you assorted pills for Christmas Fish oil’s in there, can you smell it?

– No – Oh okay – This is definitely type of, the way that you would wrap something if what’s inside we’re a bunch of pills Now I will point out that all the pills are in there – That’s good, yes – And at no point did any of my pills that I was wrapping touch the ground, the table, any surfaces – Those are all good points, they’re fair point – Like, my pills are sanitary – Okay – Okay – Put that on a t-shirt Am I right? – Overrated – Or like a, like a hospital gown Rhett, I’m ready for your demonstration – Okay All right, so this is what they call a pill tube – [Stevie] Tube, yeah – And so you get it, and you take it apart like this – [Link] Like, oh dad did you give me a telescope for Christmas? – Take this off, and then you just (pills clattering) – For some reason I thought you were gonna blow them out, but you sucked them in (Rhett murmuring) For some reason this is making me gag – This is not just a present It’s also a pill delivery system – I want to apologize to the entire Mythical crew Because there’s a lot of pills on the ground – What kind of workplaces is this? Pills everywhere – Think about it, the day after Christmas, all you need to do is you take your pills, you just turned to my pill tube – Okay – And it comes with a bowl, I will say, I did that for dramatic effect, but you could just empty it all into the bowl Again – I don’t know why I’m saying this but Rhett you have won round three, which means you guys have tied, I don’t know, just tell me about it in the comments how much you hate all this, it’s fine and happy holidays – Oh, you shouldn’t have – Well that it was thrilling – It’s not easy – I mean yeah you definitely don’t make it look easy – Wrapping ain’t easy – Okay so, as I mentioned at the top of the show Dani from Editing Is Everything has a new mashup trailer for the holidays, we’re going to watch it right now, and react to it So let’s do those things – [Rhett] Rated C, oh horror film – [Link] Christmas horror That happens? – You don’t remember that from when we were kids? – [Link] No, maybe just came to my house – [Rhett] What scarred us a child, – Just allow me to tell you my story – That’s weird, I was just having a nightmare – Headed into the kitchen to get myself some coffee And there was this guy at the door that I talked to for a second – Wait a guy? What was he like? What was he wearing? What’d he say? – He had on like a robe – Hello? That was him What was that? – [Rhett] Magic? – No tricks, like actual magic It’s real – [Link] Some rotund dude in red pajamas, flies around the world, breaking and entering – Impossible – [Link] Santa, when viewed in the proper light, he can be seen as a terrifying individual He doesn’t exist – [Rhett] Oh yeah, he’ll be here any second – [Phone Woman] Tonight – At midnight – [Link] That is the lore Explain this letter he wrote – I have Timmy, if all goes according to plan, I’ll return him to you safely – [Link] He’s going to show up – Tonight at midnight I haven’t been that bad of a boy – [Child] It looked like Santa – [Link] He’s behind you again (link laughing) Rhett, do you think any of that was true? – No, she’s just a little girl with a big imagination Come on – Yeah, you’re probably right – I knew the whole time – [Link] Goodnight Rhett – [Rhett] Goodnight Link – [Link] I still don’t believe that’s the thing – [Rhett] Oh he’s real (intense music note) (cryptic laughing) (scary laughing) – [Link] Santa’s not real If the anti-Santa comes to visit, beware his set – [Rhett] Anything could be hiding in the dark – [Link] What’s that, evil Santa Claus? – [Rhett] I don’t think that’s what it is – I’m calling the cops (phone ringing) (evil laughing) – [Santa] Merry Christmas, this is Santa Claus, and remember kids, I know, who’s been naughty and nice (evil laughing) – [Rhett] This is my worst nightmare – [Link] The nightmare aint before Christmas It is Christmas (screaming)

– I’m scared How could you not be freaked out by this? You watched me sleep (suspenseful music) This is all a dream, this is all dream Wake up, wake up ♪ You better watch out ♪ Rhett? ♪ You better not cry ♪ ♪ Better not pout I’m telling you why ♪ – [Whisper] It’s inside ♪ Santa Clause is coming to town ♪ (screaming) – Is that real? Did we really make that movie and I didn’t remember? – Your laugh when she does the effects to your laugh under that title, it sounds– – I didn’t know that was me – What? – It actually brings it into focus and let you know just how maniacal he is – That was awesome – It does remind me that you can watch Buddy System Plug, with the holidays – Yeah, but first we’re plugging Dani at Editing Is Everything, wow I’m having such a hard time saying that today Go check out her YouTube channel– – [Link] Thank you, Dani, great job – Another excellent edit – But now we could also plug Buddy System Seasons one and two are available for free on YouTube so if you don’t recognize some of those clips that’s because you haven’t watched Buddy System and what are you doing? = Yeah, come on y’all – It’s free – Get with the program, it’s free And you got time – That’s all I got I’m kind of like, that gave me like, the chilly, goosebumps, it gave me the willies – I like that Santa, like the evil Santa stuff We can even call Billy Bob Thornton – Thornton up Okay, now it’s time for our final line – [All] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB – [Link] F, o, s, h, o (upbeat pop music)