#289 – The Disney Bracket

In episode number to eighty nine of the reasons i’m broke podcast we cover the street fighter tv series, we also have frank miller who is back on dc comics after what happened with dark knight master race that is not the end, mr frank miller on the scene we got is projects that were covering today at home at the groovy this week is dark nights model number six all of this and so much more on today’s episode Music Hello and welcome to the reasons i broke podcast thing is the reasons were broke ranging from comics movies tv video games and more in the amazing amber papa kelly and i am the terrific darth vader daniel For those of you joining us for the very first time welcome to the show the way the format is first were gonna start out with some news and then we have, the broken block and a comic book highlight all the way at the end of our show, first news item this week according to deadline cap com street fighter is in development for a television series Pants Well why it matters is because the show is going to have executive producer joey answer jaclyn kay and mark wedding who actually produce the live action street fighter assassins fist web series which fans adored, so these were kind of independence type of thing of the fan fillmore fan television shows up with more budget and amy the series, and then they took that work that people love the fans enjoyed the the actual video game story more substance put it on line, and now they took their work and went and pitched it to a network and said this is what we get on line this is how many views we got, now let’s put this on a tv show and pay us it’s a success story and i wanted to cover this good for them i don’t care that’s great for the night of the american dream right there, make fucking something web series get in and that is the perfect Perfect way to show what social media can do for people cuz that’s really what it is right now social media is making people fucking famous and so great for them It’s another case of just like the past interviews that we had with creative of this is how someone got into the industry dissolving broke and they went out and they made their own project And sure they might have gotten some help on the side with budgeting but in this case they then took their completed projects they saw it through to the end, and then maybe like a i just get me some kind of presentation package that must’ve been what they’ve done what they did with all of this because you got pics best that stuff Two television executives to networks And now it’s actually gonna happen if there gonna redo the thing or if it’s gonna be a sequel to the web series but now whoever buys them network when they have the first season, then working put out the blue ray that the dvd those episodes along with the web series and i can be extra supplemental material to That’s really cool from i’m not a street fighter fan i watch you play wit and, send the one with with it in the long arms floats around yeah yeah that’s all i know that they’ll siemens is may hue coral numbered sixty re you, sexy rio that we covered that about a year and a half ago and this is where they added a beard on him and that was it that all these fans freak out and i cannot re you Beers do make guys sexier when the focal part came out the cold heart revue and the beard on him that is amazing So next news item has to do with david a year of course the director to suicide squad the award what nominated, no the academy award winning bra slovenian suicide squad so i’m twitter david there explain the deleted joker inch interest sub That never made it to the blue ray or theaters someone end of screen shotting those images of the joker were half of his face is burned off and he has the grenade, all the stuff that included in the trailer that didn’t end up making in the film and they said it so r we gonna get an explanation for this cuz it never came out on dvd as a deleted scene Yes of course what is it so we have a call your from air quote after joker job harley quinn from the helicopter crashed, in kansas made a deal with him he was going to take riley home and be king of gotham hardly stand up to him and refuses to betray her new friends The squad turned on him and he escaped that was her art growth and empowerment in quote So we both really enjoyed shoes size wire fag do you think this would have Benefited from this extra subplot or did you feel like harley quinns turned off and defense of her team against the enchantress Why is stronger in that in the way that we ended up seeing i think it would strongly either way

The thing i like about how they did it is because of the in we have the joker saving her from jail and she is excited i think we have that other seen you when it had that sweet moment the end where it’s like there’s so i will do whatever And then by doing that you also have the opportunity to have Movies where she can do the same thing or Which like i say gives a lot of opportunity for other things so it’s finally did it either way would be good it would be cool to see this but with how hot harley is How great job margot robbie did i don’t think that we won’t get that opportunity still because there’s still so much you can do with the care Also remember in our review of a your favorite thing about suicide squad was the fact that this was a harley quinn that was in love this is a joker that we haven’t seen, abuser aside from running off the fucking bridge the car library in but once we got new the end, she will turn down the offer of bringing back the joker and and giving her the life she wanted which was, to have a baby with him their both normal and they have this regular american life she stays at home and goes off to work, what is included twins it was crazy anyway so haha remember twiggs other two kids remedies play with one of the high chair in all she cared one that’s right there is when, what’s the state of she is insane after a So the way we got he turned that down he was still a type of i i still miss my joker but these are my friends and i know that, as the apple said and we need a fucking devil returning to sex for example movie But in turning that down she believed will she believe and her teammates and to stop the enchantress whereas if it was her and the joker and chandra’s as well that same seen one of had that same impact as you mention at the very A woman i we want you guys fighting then the tray you would be a little confusing And that’s not to say that that she would have been in there if we got this alternative ice but i think as you said it does have more impact the way we did we did receive it Like i said we’re still going to get more harley and joker movies this will happen people love them and all my facebook it’s i would love like joker and harley’s, i’m insane and they like try to kill each other if the shit out of that guy that’s what you what is like, mental and physical abuse but okay whatever There’s currently attached to direct the gotham city sirens as see that’s a great movie to put that in because he’s got her girls behind her and she standup do we see the joker in this movie we well of course we see the batman in this course Or one of the girls gonna try and seduce me and preferably cat woman yes do we give back early in this movie maybe happy cool I don’t feel like you can’t have the sirens without back right and i know the word she wasn’t in the comic book series that this is named after but in the office you batman the animated series web series that came out, in the other contradictory stories they always have back row tracking down the three and put in a way I hope we get to see your that would be great i am leading into the backroom movie isn’t coming out before back yeah okay, so that would be great i’m reading into that because you get people excited for back row ago shoes trying to stop the sirens again to, but of course the of the sirens they happen in the being good guys yeah absolutely there’s gotta be a bigger enemy of car and, and they were there has inside the joker should have been the main villain in the movie on my count down baby was fine it that well you won an academy award for a fucking that, i get everything defy don’t care face makeup it’s still wanna give me one academy award if you have not, directed at the way you did if you camera operators had not on their job as you told them to do, who knows maybe would have known as the makeup i don’t out so you should still be happy look did you ever notice to make up in the room Hell no i did exactly because they’re so focused of how crappy that movie with So frank miller he has actually signed on with dc comics as a writer and artist forty five book project deal i feel like i don’t like frank miller He did the dark knight returns that’s probably like he is where my other things in the three hundred is okay Are never turns is probably gonna be the book that they whenever he does pass away from the book that people show, or whenever they remember him it’s gonna be about the dark knight returns because that was such a an important work for the future of that man you know bring batman back to, the darker tones along with your one along with the killing joke, which were by different writers and artists but his was so remember and it shifted everything and they’re still doing books based on the universe that future,

that he created many years ago what flea market to me that the next book that he signed on for, the first one is superman you one it will launch first with artists genre me to junior you did kickass on dc’s recently announced creator driven black line label Black label line is this the one in which they don’t tied down the creators they this is not in continuity this is Just like batman white knight its own separate thing it does not match up with the sea rebirth universe now with the dc universe now with what’s happening and no justice are dark nights metal, it is just them telling their story, as they would if if you were a an original graphic novel infection per say pretty much fiction i get paid to write yeah i hate to drive in Fuck it i wanna be a part of this line listen i write you some fan fiction guys with that this is my moment With someone like frank miller you do one as like you can work over there you can use those things but i’m wondering concert those things until after having Who killed after having which robin because they’ve all men died that was gram or sell as i need him to The second announced project by frank miller is going to be an original graphic novel which is in collaboration with artist band held well who did that to be on the limited cool and this is gonna be the one with Carrie kelly yet to use all the images to the concert or anything about that look for carrie kelly in this book, i think it looks pretty cool for me and see like it was more geared towards, kids that i use pick up on that wrong it’s the for young adults okay with some people of insane front roller does not to books for young adults doesn’t for break if for adults they do where we belts are exposed to now, but lots of fucking tripods wondering if thick and so, i don’t see a problem with that i thought it look will you ask your toward young adults is awesome I think carrie kelly is the character to do that with in this universe cuz again carry calories young adult who wants to see change in the world that’s out of control and that’s what What is all of this book isn’t gonna have haters they’re not gonna have yeah frank you can just throw in prostitution everywhere he thought stick just everywhere We have a quote here from dc publisher then to do in a statement he said Frank creative force in this industry not just with a trans formative take on the iconic characters like superman and batman but also tackling the young reader genre He is an icon as a publisher i’m thrilled as a fan and even more excited and call The other three books will be announced at a later time but they are gonna kick off this year Aces is rolling on some newspaper over here in the corner such as newspaper kelly design comic shop and unit is a comic shop so she is comfortable bed but the newspaper and, comic shop news is what she wants to lay on with your little twelve pound dog by the city and the she wants to make all the noise Her new story is it’s pretty comfortable this comic shop news like this ink against my for i’m not a fan of the material they don’t really like the previous catalog better but this isn’t bad thank you a we appreciate that can accommodate So that is there some exciting things were in dc but every time i know if it, long time bro cuz haven’t picked up yet my voice sounds lol i been battling a cold all week it’s just so all of my sinuses and my throat Having slapped to sleep so need someones something six and my mom told me today that seven months is when i started sleeping some like it hot were almost there What do is like the person that’s been keeping me up is a What she’s been getting up and barking at frog sucked into the house and there was no rooms he started barking at that and have a soft spot for frogs are my favorite animal cell to get outside you know what clean that off with the hose gave it some water and off it went But with one time up in the middle of the night i’m not like most people where they can just fall back asleep i bring starts going and i have to be watching something to fall back asleep after my mind I guess not entertained focused on some free occupied yeah yeah has to be working on something and then i fall asleep So it’s like legally has been fucking out for most of the night she gets up maybe once has he said diaper change but, other than that he’s fucking asleep for seven hours six hours but then he gets up and she hears a fucking owl of course of the fucking corvallis outlet drop i got them back yard And then she has to protect the house from the assassins no no should he sees there we gotta fuck up and now i’m awake

I’m telling you the owl and the possum the other night the early Still in some nasty things her way i’m gonna kill your whole fucking family is in place when i’m, okay well i’m yelling at a select the mac i need to sleep it’s like it is going to get his going for threatening you did not hear me but inside you idiot you can understand possible The more of the story is i have a cold maybe some year or get better And i am in declared and is too fucking expensive mode so i’m in allergy season but does this always happens every single fucking year of, for the five plus years that we’ve been doing a podcast Hehe it says right around this time but is one of those moments in which were both fucking leave liquids from our from our face That is horrible fucking hate head colds my dad More of this in the broken block next news story at wonder con twenty eighteen these he also announced the justice league series that launches after the four part no justice wraps up First was a previously covered justice league number one with scott snyder gym chung and what hey have minutes, this verse arc is gonna put the team against the legion of fucking do manager love doing snyder cannot reveal which villains would comprise the roster promised it would be packed with fan favorites astro boy does the than the joker or, she has four exclude for, more people like mentor no black manta wasn’t there was grandi history i go and see us be on wasn’t the riddler and the scarecrow uses their the ruler, i’m gonna be in the swamp again i fucking hope so yeah i only have two cds one the first place you look, like someone told me look for villain i would go to the shittiest creepiest place i can think of all like a small, songs are bad for me i’m so conditioned to batman animated series um like where the abandoned theme park what is the band and warehouse where to go to the doctors ox there’s a fucking legion right fucking there Not a goddamn swapping a fucking giant helmet w i’ve ever been to was I actually don’t know i don’t think i’ve been so swamped well i’ve been in florida like an actual legit ninety percent of florida is a swamp, where have you been i understand this but to me in my mind a swamp is one of those things where it’s just so much water that you have to take one of those water bowls with the giant would yeah in the back, that is looking for one like ten minutes away i have not been to that ten minute away sweet babies like thirty minutes away, you can take boat tours through the swamp that’s true that’s a true fucking swag weekend that i should never laid some days it americans in and Alligators to to can i tell you rabbit trail sorry i know the scientific name for hair and now What is it it’s like right near ruby is there something weird sound the dinosaur makes sense you know i know it Because of the magic school bus was because ms frizzle the role in the boat to get tickets Please like it’s areas and we can’t forget that looking tablespoons of iphone and I can hear a fucking herring yeah and then mistress like, she probably knew she is normal and she does she let the kids figure things out she was given a lot of danger to the left arm fucking write an eagle What the fuck are you could help us use tiny there an airplane okay and then the kids are hanging off the wings like emily disposables are You never felt safer with with ms frizzle id there’s no nothing you can have that minimus for isn’t like whoever you put me without me find lamp on zero seven zero robinson died with ms frizzle zero robins And zero children to i found the irony this week all say this in the middle and who am i to the news that it’s the magic school bus but they’re looking at science But it’s magic school s one who joined who created the fucking magic school bus by the way, what’s your name is for those boyfriend or whatever the wizard like what the fuck is making a body mechanics Robots and magic school buses and an spaceship susan engineer yes i got a genius ten, ms frizzle knows more about the flu before ovens or whatever reasons hacks to know all the pieces of machine school is the measurement clobber in the shrink are scope which is actual name, he is a she it’s a he other bus yet we know the buses okay just cause a bus What’s yo stephanie that lizzie girl by the buses just the bus made out of recycled parts by the way

Of course designs are her so this winter before back to the news justice league, tell me one as a sensor twenty one complaining is the last week that this is getting no new number one you’re getting scott snyder and if you haven’t seen you have not seen the sales to justice league, if you’re complaining and whining about us is the number one this is going to be the perfect start it relates to marvel which were gonna talk about soon That you do need kind of a flash of the system and a new number one to get people back on board has not every shop, does jumping on point which is something that we do at that the store i work at Where do i even know this issue forty six this is a part one of the story and it actually gets a lot of people in the series and works and, i want comedy we publishers to do that more often because it helps everyone now So like the number one you’re gonna see the justice league up against the legion of doom we also have the return of justice league dark as written by james tiny in the fourth Is wrapping up detective comics now with art from all her lopez roll fernandez and brad anderson This new liner for justice league dark which i don’t know maybe this will be the movie lineup who knows like now they can go in different directions the features detective chimp fuck yes i got a fucking beer bottle is one hundred that you little alcoholic The town will you Who is the current design about a big fan of the classic man battle of all fucking people swamp thing cool, and others all led by wonder woman again this is the magic crowd we discuss this before when they first revealed b c maps Magic people i really care about something don’t care about the rest of them have you seen the new that i don’t think i should be that the new design the man that, it’s more realistic looking at a group that’s kinda more hunched over a big guys that’s what he looks like now and the new redesigned stomach is like a little, the giant bad bad this is amazing it doesn’t have like a humanoid type of packs ladies on your raise raise So it’s like that like me and nipples right like man that nigga i don’t know little things on the full good thank you that’s nipples Do they have a few their babies milk have you not watch the match is that possible with this so you not budge, so did its job really was eject i true education After using them for you seven times yeah it’s i know what episode it is by the opening like five seconds and like this is the second but i believe you, how are we going to submit to this new lineup of justice league dark never gonna give it a shot out of the first one i am not a big fan like i said something go when i’m in like wonder woman to, add something to wanna be like in there it was fun thing and not ryan constantine lucifer than hell ya this is This fucking song companies in here right now it just says and more I don’t care about beer to him for whatever reason for the title and i really don’t care of hot water five The third justice league series that is spinning out of just said no just this is going to be justice league order see, and which side or star fire as real jessica cruz and dark side yes start side explore the universe and one of brainiac old headshots This sounds cool the only thing is i don’t want ask a cruise and i don’t like as real I’m with you there yet but there’s there’s always gonna be some members that you’re not a huge fan of but right there with cyborg i think starfire and dark side Those two are my hopes person exam account are taking wanna see that his is designed to on the cover of a looks like he’s, trying to seduce all of them are the handsome now is like craftily a local people i talk to would never work with the siemens like fucking read a book glasses the fuses he was So josh williamson will write the the series and he will work on the flash previously on this rebirth and stepan say jack, who just wrapped up aqua man and also did some stone in the past like five or six volumes now for sunstone but i do like stephen Yeah i do i really like the art from aqua man is really interesting But for long time letters are not mature or persons off i know what they’re on it’s a pretty good sign so i think we’ll do good things with this team Again except for dark side looking like he’s all handsome now achiness and use them or something with his crystal ball on the cover it makes sense cuz say dick, does very sexy books on the independent side is that is that there’s a house with a, excise sexy he’s already sixty seven thank you for this short and a little more is that some Hashtag sexy dark side they should be giving them a beard if they want them to the fucking true i the should get there get sexier with a beard

Who did you go to Did you never got a funeral in fl why you didn’t see that was so i solve the go t that he had it all mustache and go tee there’s an episode with fucking hero, they went into the hyperbolic chamber and they both came back with the beard me ask you something does come out looking like king video with a longer beard just like is that is that i can see like yeah that and, the reason for every it’s and it’s really it’s not for him are There they go it’s fine summer weird, i think it’s because you already thought judah was handsome probably or so when you chang your handsome before beer think your handsome with your beard What’s like i’ve said before when i finally have to shave my head i’ll now be out transition from like the longest hair Handsome is to like the handsome as bald guy with a beard like it my title which is transitioning to something else it’s transforming you go your super saying to, the weather news i guess exceptions are here growing like longer and spike your disclose away grows away like that, lol i think your handsome daddy i appreciate you book up fast Are we serving the odyssey you more excited for this than never send are sent us the dark absolutely there’s more characters than that i like and again you have sexy dark side so i gotta see what’s gonna happen, is he gonna try and seduce i were like Maybe we don’t clocks my omega beams at least likes batman but everybody loves that man martin got some stuff happening Yeah yes it is positive like this is They could have only done good things on us they went back to legacy number again so this is like okay there’s less than get latest lee legacy number happening good give me your new number one as we said before give us a full slate, of new number once cuz if you have facet people notice and they get confused and they don’t see it as a movement to change so what are they doing who they bring him back The fantastic four is coming back this aug within slot into the silver surfer writing and serpa chelsie did miles morales ultimate spider man doing the art I am it tempted on this fucking serious try it super tender have also been studied me in No i don’t know maybe super citizenship fucking shop we will dance lot of his come back to twitter yet, because he spontaneously leaves every get so mad at people don’t like liberals tweets and get mad when people argue with him but he’ll continue arguing with them, as opposed to just putting out or blocking them let me go, you’ll forever continue are you enough to get so upset that he just leaves twitter and comes back like a week later social media isn’t for everybody i get angry, i’d like some people like before my maternity leave cuz of the fuck you mean the, and then now like now we’re mono anymore and i’m just like no sleep but everything’s okay whatever i drink coffee i get through the day Funny enough they stay just announced the death of the in humans and i think it’s a new mini series one of all marvel quite as often people upset okay, so now we have the fantastic four back now that they’re on the disney side you start publishing them on the comics and fucking humans i guess so the human fans are like what the fuck man, click for the fantastic four it frustrates me so much that the do They put these things out the saw on his face lmfao that is so frustrating to me because realistically there two different franchise i’m gonna get on the soapbox i need to stop do as i feel is anger right now Because the people who read the comics are gonna go see the movies that they like it, the people who is he the movies just to see the movie because tomorrow movie like ninety percent of people i know are not gonna go read the comics because of that you will get some people reading comics because of that Ninety percent of your audience is not going to so why you going to use the movies to dictate your comics ridiculous Yeah this is something i gotta get this question all the time has to find out that i work in the industry of how much to the movies help comic shops And that’s is always the exact same response and it always is going to be the same response we get a boost from focal pop sales trade paper backs and whatever that book was that month Of the movies release outside of that you don’t get readers like i watch black panther i pick up the latest comment from your wall and i now want to subscribe to the series, that does not happen instead, you know we sound of uncle pops we sell the merge was on the statues because they they’re excited that you saw the movie the impulse buy a lot of things they don’t subscribe to it the next month it’s the next thing anthony was coming out and i love that an hour you know that that’s how it happened how it ends up going so

Comic shops do benefit in that that month but it’s not like it is boosting the industry like alright how comics are really now it does not work out that way, so that’s right so frustrating to me in and to you as well where the let the movies dictate the books as opposed to writing the books as than to set to Inspire the future movie since it shows so now the fantastic four looks to be going back to disney in three years so whenever this all gets approved Now there they feel like the shoe polish it’s all the fantastic four fans while happy that this coming back there probably still frustrated like We were ignored for all these years because this and that are on this franchise that no one supported them published all the books they want because even on the movie rights they did not want As to support your box in the fantastic four franchising wanted they wanted to kill it with the target brand t-shirts where they would license out marble they had a secret wars comic book page that they put on t-shirts, when a license now that artwork they re did it to photoshop out the fantastic four insert next man because it in on the rice’s and want to promote the characters that they didn’t always movie rights to add people in the far command so it’s kinda like the, does it cause the comic readers are suffering and have been suffering for many years, because of this fucking nonsense with the movies and once again feels like we’ve said this many times on the show that the people hi of the marvel who are dictating what they do in the comics do not understand the comic industry, they’re ready from a business standpoint which is not Yes you need to look at the business but its atomic business need to look at his little definitely than any other business and it’s me doesn’t feel like your doing that I agree completely and that’s go back on your soap box but your your complaint of the people that only watch the movies, was perfectly summarizing that image you sent me of reality dc and marvel are the books movies and everything, and then how a marvel fan sees it and you gave me this perfect charging perfect image i put up on twitter and it’s like okay i’m gonna try to be Is it objective or neutral in this and i’m going okay with or the categories and its like animated movies and this is on the reality column animated movies the city is greater than marvel and its like everyone agrees that announces that With the comic books this is killing and in the long term run they have enough stories throughout the years that the trade paperbacks two hardcovers and novels Marvel doesn’t for every killing joke superman red son court of owls as recent as that bad of internet love, you don’t have the same number of our iconic so is ninety years of fucking geoff johns that equivalent does not match on the marvel side Sure gonna have your phonecall that’s been have annihilation gonna have civil war but for the number that dc has he been like sandman even fucking help laser, does not match to a marble has in the publishing side so the graphic novels it’s obviously dc is greater than marvel so it’s like i’m just going down this fucking listen you just pull that up there At the very top so we went to comic books cinematic universe marvel has me way more money than dc sure That that when it says mobile during the scenes the only one who where it is and that’s and that way for tv series they have them both as equal and i’m guessing they mean, the live action ones not entirely sure but with the netflix running marble there including that with netflix and it’s like yeah okay if you’re calling that and your just a live action, great but if you including batman b series of including justice league justice league unlimited the enemy tv shows compared to marvel in that category cuz there isn’t a separate one, for animated shows right dc kills them of course but then every other side what marble fancy’s and all the sea is tomorrow’s great and dc Because i was the story of my twitter and i show this to the marvel family that i work with the my are you about marvel and dc movies all the time and i got to the point where i just say You know what i’m happy that these movies are doing well, you like what you like but it’s not for me and that’s how i have in a conversation like politics as you know it just keeps going it doesn’t ever stop so show this to And you know the first thing you said to me was from but is that that’s bullshit marvels better than dc and all those things it’s and i said so so let me ask you let let let me ask you this Have you read the comic books will no oh okay have you seen any of the animated movies no Okay well have you watched the tv series have you play the video games on no all i care about is the movies that are happening right now, and i said yeah and the chart says that they’re better but it says disease better and all these well that’s not true marvels better, but you just told me that you don’t view any of these other things so you literally have no knowledge you really haven’t will get because all i care about is the movies And it says the movies are better weather i believe that are not does not matter this chart says it’s better and you’re telling me this chart is wrong

Three things that you haven’t even seen you are exactly what this charges no i’m not not yet yeah you how are exactly what that says Like i said on twitter if there was a truth stone for Then that would be the image will be the stone itself would have the stones and then like a print out like this you need a better true story you will only shift that is the twenty third so it’s gotta be cut out like, printer ran out of ink half way through the civil horizontal lines i was still hear the fucking stoned venue with the truth it, it will not argue with dante knows one of my favorite writers, one on twitter and i knew it next news story comfortable writer mark miller, set on twitter that he’s done with marvel and dc with no plans to go back later bitch is bad so he said it will not really this is it to recover from a month later code, full time on staff creating tv shows movies and comics for netflix and loving every pico second, no plans to ever do dc or marvel again and quit Alarm and sorry miller as i learn to to to go by miller signed a deal with netflix last year giving them rights to his miller world properties including kickass reborn which we really adore you burgers like a seahawk, connor nuts and many more guys got it fucking made good for him He’s done for life as we said when he signed on right he never nice to ever write another fucking comic book again now so miller’s work, at marvel and dc comics included altman expense of a war the authority and superman red son, that makes me sad because if we could got another superman red son out of him yes like i’m glad netflix signed them on after he that sits address because that is and may ceo just finished it, yeah i just finish your address on the He’s a pussy that at the library never check that out and finally did and he’s like it is it is fantastic and al mister preservations cell phone on their knees like it is is Some of my perfect from beginning and there is it is perfect like there is nothing wrong with that book even though that artist change half way through the story because i can’t about the schedule The receipts were really well and i love that he fought the artist fault so hard To have them and keep the russian hat is so do i know the or do i get rid of it it’s gonna look silly news like what the fuck any do it in any way up my works are submitted don’t, and i use your readers to criticize like the fucking house stupid like fuck you man you had it you know it’s who is batman red sun yeah you do It’s going down the whole fucking sends their Actually dark knight metal that were by review you fucking get if i knew you is batman red sun i knew it doesn’t look silly cuz he’s batman you’re looking for be my ss is you see that fat like, what’s your pockets and bag of clothes if so what do you think about this i know you can the seventies never gonna do any work in either for the big to do I never say never he could potentially do work for the big to again we’ll see right now is that mean he’s making money doing his own thing is that everybody stream my cassie got the opportunity right superman at the opportunity right x-men, and now he’s getting paid probably a shit ton of money to do his own thing to tell his own stories, and as a creator i feel like that’s really what you strive to do, so it’s very easy for him to say i’ll never do this again giving five years he’s gonna come up with a story for one of these guys is gonna go to them and say i got this great story for you put a couple more zeros on that paycheck And potentially it could happen I’m not a writer and i can say i’m going to consider myself a created please visit with the call is fishery of that is huge enough Just as i grew up with and i use to draw a lot and it was always like i like draw like to do a shoot with it we when i went to college for some film and that’s always been my thing i can’t do math i can’t do like heavy signs like chemistry Island chemistry of, i got excited and so content creators are creative so we’re always haunted by a project or story writer hunting by story you wanna tell this is why dance move from spider man to iron man, cuz i’m sure he had his arm in store this is why brian michael then this move from over the sea cuz he sees that himself even though was a A pay check thing he still said there’s always been that’s romance story one to tell right and when they ask him what he wanted the reset superman do is like fuck jesus commutes of something are fine will give you superman So there’s always that story that they want to have out there in the world so with with the large with miller he’s going to eventually i think as you said,

many years down the line alright let’s do an original graphic novel of this cuz i’ve i’ve wanted to put it out there and it’s not right it doesn’t exist i have many fan fictions waiting in my head stories that i went out there that will never be out there how, how much with the picture bro cats have low easy hiking gold Once a month they get x amount of pages to a certain fanfictionnet be great that’s what fan fiction is Is that go number ten Yes okay goal number ten i put out five pages a month of this fan fiction i put out a chapter a month of the spin what percentage you got all you gonna give me carrots to chase after a man and means a tara’s the one that floats around in my mind the most, seven last the rent is that’s what would be its been alternate universe i got my head and it’s great invention once, but you know how that when i dont even know if it is it’s a push am on all yes he was bad for all the whole thing community just pretend like it never existed, add its fine they only got half way through and they didn’t make another Everyone does their she with ashley episodes he said shitty million dollar is that movie website as shitty as i don’t know that’s that’s up to them to decide it like we have the So that is it for our news this week but we do have since it is the first episode of the month, what is new on netflix year the april twenty eighteen highlights we give you what relates to the show what you need to be adding to your This of course not the fullest you can google what’s new on netflix april twenty eighteen read the full list of everything that showing up what did the show up and everything that’s leaving as well But lights out with battlefield earth i download focuses his movie as bad as him ones every so much it because it is good for bad movie night like last or bender this is actually kind of entertaining, it is john travolta being goofy ass shit so being john travolta, being martyr john travolta is scheduled he’s the strongest of the past right nexus cabin fever don’t know what that is either, what is his name from boy meets world corey’s best friend sean shut, he did this movie and this is why i initially saw them no that guy and it is all about people all these teams gonna disease and they’re slowly dying of But it is a parody gives a horror parody where The these horny teens like eventually shot and some other girl like it on but she singer he’s sick out that one of them is contagious leaving each other’s contagious but they can help but they still fuck and when they do she’s clean yourself off so bad At one point like a disease pretty much makes you deteriorate and is she even alive like your skin so i said it is funny like it’s done in a funny way john puts listerine on his dick Like the borders are open the birds i’m glad, so it’s one of those like if you wanna laugh or be that’s the one you wanted intentionally why i could the just Can not resist that you think we could not die But i need to come right now okay there’s other ways to do that on my return i get back yet the mom in me is just like He brought this on yourself responsible adult decision i live with the adult consequence because i know the fucking time at work and now i find my It’s been line that’s great, mortal combat didn’t didn’t the internet to to to internet, the tv to do today is that really what does that is how goes it perfect brain pulled out from the past and never seen no, my wrinkled up from like fucking care for fried i’m always forever press play brings memories like it always blows me away that, i don’t remember much less nowadays so Sync your still not to my level of not having severe stabbing you are everything to set on the show like four years ago i don’t remember what we said last Some or comment of course it’s it’s it’s fine it’s okay it’s it’s i like more combat medicine its a great movie but i enjoyed Hey man, my next is this part of the caribbean dead man’s chest with a one with what’s your name and i really hated the mermaids in the third is the second one the second worst one in my name and, that second and third one piss me off with elisabeth just kissing everybody in there’s cracking than killing people in davy jones in, bullshit income or norton dies in porn or eating i’m alright use to love her and then you save her in the end and fucking died for it that’s the one good thing that came out of the second one although you get ahead of it in the first part of the caribbean,

weather could shop my fucking pirates and blown away that could be the internet to delete it But instead of the first when he says is this where your heart lies elizabeth electric very hot nice tits did you know better than i do and it’s like re and they go and that’s it In the second one he fucking dies for that’s probably the best thing that is the most hair development was from nineteen himself is it was great me and it was very good now who’s the other guy And the joys and like this character and not enough to know is name but he died news going down as it is neither coming nor, fuck face or something on the fuck face give us the greatest slow motion scene and a part of it all the fucking movie cook dinner His ship is that you’re reading in slow motion around them what is splintering as cannon balls go through it just as hand had gracefully slowly gwen across the really and it’s just blowing apart and it’s cd is four, i love it i adore that see your favorite thing and all the pirates All things are movies that we have no my favorite scene is i feel Cool and died is because it mean so much she feels fastener came back in the second, he was good to where’s my shit audience with, no solution would wasn’t with you guys fucking like this guy when he dies like every right to be all booed in my booty out like what the heck, and why was he bad i just not never so that i can get that seen in the final movie Where he says you are my treasure oh yeah is that was working good shit and throw the sword down or whatever or features of my mom just keeps them in a no for too manly to keep poking at him Oh his fingers but his hands because i thought It’s movie logic you know what glad to the big dildo hundred, i was happy that he came back as a fuck yeah geoffrey rush feedback my favorite villain amazing no longer available now, i next netflix sin city i saw this i never saw the first another friend miller work yet they go we have speed racer, yes fucking speed racer i saw that in theaters i love it, not really really needed they said it was over done with the cgi with the green screen i thought it were, everything’s fucking over done with the cd i think it is only a where normal people are like fuck cgi disraeli’s practical, and it was fully one hundred percent green screen but i love that fucking movie and i don’t know if it was because the story and the characters in the acting was so good john goodman, this is fucking and he doesn’t so well he fucking russell these ass holes frozen around greater from them from the matrix to what people were fucking expected are there spec and something like major just like no, this is the fucking speed racer cartoon don’t live action you get the lines in the background, i think it was because it was the first movie to do it kind of like an animated which was speed racer and got criticize for it and and it didn’t do well in the box office number so that i loved the, and then years later it’s like now it’s slowly getting recognition it’s like having like really guys watch speed racer here fan of speed This is a cartoon in which you would race guys, and then get mad get out of the car and kick their fucking ass you can was just the cars in this movie we got speaking as resolved john goodman kicking ass and and and you see the fucking little kid who normally like Tell that is annoying as shit this kid killed it he likes off to go the fucking guy from the i don’t know the heat of using In happy gilmore actually moving and am i get my actors confused but this was such a good fucking movie if you do not see these you’ve never seen speed racer and you’ve seen speed racer the past cartoon which are on hulu, watch this live action speed racer you i recommended recommended over Over some superhero movies even watch it trust me another one that comes highly recommended from us is the iron giant Everyone seen it everyone’s love that everyone should have seen it in jan apparently shows up and ready player one with sonic hours Superman my pogo so meme on twitter where it was just three shots and is its hogarth is that you are who you choose to be in that scene where he’s always been blown away, and it shows the orange in with the red eyes and then they cut to a scene ready player one wiese using the right size to put You’ll despicable me three only click this because it was fucking little yellow thing is the minions,

popular shit yeah benefits and every other state but here in florida there all over universal studios people by the shit out the merchandise to seat on cars is the counters they are massive I have never seen despicable me this that the despicable me movie i probably never will see one of us are kid fines and once watching but no like people were in love with the minions, everything i’ve seen from many and some just over there right, they say banana is a song that in the trailer is yours is not fresca yes very popular so if you like the minions despicable me three, something for kelly season two is the magic fucking school bus clarify the magic school bus rides again When they changed up everybody and all around the insides are gone so is a bad it’s not dad i so enjoy watching it as a school bus rides again is much more political than the first one Set an example things like global warming isn’t mentioned in the first one original Was there or what i thought there was no more me the original to know is there was recycling, what was michael and they were christmas songs like here we go recycling to say that evening here we go recycling to keep the planet clean, when the dinosaurs though and they said millions of years ago which is controversial college essay millions of years i talked about how things are billions of years old it’s not about a lack of its average yes was controversial and the feminists for their time and But the new one a straight up to global warming go, the into the ice thing look back in time and say all oxygen levels were this much and now this much and if we continue going down this path is going to be even more so these things need you to stop Okay cool There’s me there’s some cool episodes the thing is i just change the character so much like one is one of my favourite characters from the original she’s all bad ass and you think you weasely winsome got them pussies ago do this is so cool And so the governor fee because he was the other way girl and they pretty much money to made on the phoebe So phoebe before sending to go see the falls and one of the other fine to you later one is like this big book of rules to say like, fuckers when do you care about and in the same continuity cuz the yet the torch is passed on from one frizzle to another friend valerie to Fiona And again why you should do a medical this podcast hair i’m love sick into, what do all the psychology behind magic school is, i will use should we do a patron exclusive let’s watch magic school bus whilst on netflix do episode by episode commentary And not just bought interesting how it learning everything from you put, i really surgery like another piece of trivia again another carry wait wait what haven’t i given you so i told you about the relationships right want an arnold are together Yes and carlos and the air together right hand i’m slowly working as well watch these observe, i’m putting them in chronological order in my head not just based off the things that they know where don’t know because you think like alright this episode earlier but in this episode they don’t know it’s obviously this episode comes for that one Right you think you would but now i’m looking at how the characters interact with each other and putting in an order based in part Is it like in this episode one and carlos really hate each other that the beginning of their budding relationship in over here they’re working together or jumping in to help each other all the time so obviously that’s further down the line It’s a sickness so would you would we watch the commentary in order You know how do you have the machete order with star wars like with kelly this is the definitive magic school bus order This is how you gonna watch there’s one episode in season two where in season two season three where the going to space to find comic right that’s the episode is where miss for the had the princes la hermosa stress like spock It’s like star trek and star wars put together so ms frizzle is doing start acting like stargate that whatever with the eastern star trek but she goes She says field trip number twenty six am like okay that’s the twenty sixth when crazy shit You know it’s clearly for than twenty six episodes i don’t tell you what i do my dad This is how many times i watch too much school buttons Every time they say something will happen in thirty seconds so and so will be here in fifteen minutes i fucking time that shit and i tell you it’s been right three out of four times motion of

And that’s hard to do because when you’re i guess if you’re the editor you have to make sure that you get enough cells or less of um to match the fucking thing But it even back then to know that someone you know why twenty years later kelly would be watching on netflix and time es el i take that back Because, the one time they were off that i found so far there at like twelve minutes instead of fifteen but there’s commercial on its fucking true holds the producer you do you call me in like mr producer, you said fifteen minutes but it was twelve minutes Re enter your twenty eighteen and you just stream through shipped back in a cunt and how can we fucking now thank you click So cool like that but the point of magical was a game and now i analyze the art it was the time on the dark about shit, look at the black cords in the back to see what the lesson will be for next week and that’s it for the benefit of, you might be the biggest school bus fan of all time income is cool that’s fed me the most knowledgeable about school but i feel this point i know more than the people who wrote school bus from south holy shit because the more produce has i have watched, so much school of We’re nearly at least so i can six months old and says someone who’s deception is their first one ever lighting watching over us working six months old When you first came home he was very noisy sleeper so i could not sleep, so i told you know just put on netflix and school bus ride to give was on so you cycle this is a kids show whatever will put my doing delicious so if school bus rides again so that i could sleep cuz that background noise would be over his breathing And that let me into the original school bus i watched all of school bus rides again got sick of it cuz there was only ten episodes of the time as a cool school bus rise again fifty two episode four seasons Are the original magic school bus let’s start watching that And now that is all my could fall asleep to i put on school does anyone drop like a light because that’s what is her for the last six months of her whole life for his whole life since he came home he’s heard magic school bus and you will i can get him to sleep, in ten to twenty minutes because that’s how long episode is is twenty two minutes silence but the son and then i just fucking leaving on cuz he sleeps through and i’m on my phone or whatever why change it Because he’s asleep so i have seen every episode of school bus i would say at minimum a times each at minimum Is it gonna fall sleep there in science class when he’s really wasn’t like i’m carrying frizzell only tablet benson jumpsuit or something and there’s there’s nothing against you but i’m thinking i use you know these terminology is right, as a baby and hear quits of on asleep So whenever they get to the volcanoes in science class is just kinda fuck out of the way and i’m so fucking tired jesus, and is it is acting like that psychologically changes i just in a bad thing no matter what you falsely to those and fuck you up it Like that’s that’s what i’m thinking now is in science class that can be is weakest subject or strongest I feel like is strong is because if he falls asleep to it he’s a beast hearing in his sleep to, to learn all these things i think it’s a mix of the voice and the music how great they did i need a podcast and the music is so great that show to Anyway disk we gotta move on i deserve a school bus all day i could do an hour Podcast just on school bus and before get off on that and is on the rollers but you said the, his breathing would keep you up and we need fucking breathing but when you’re a parent when you this some biological thing that snaps on your brain will your hyper aware where of whether your offspring is doing And seven even like sometimes you’ll be like, i give you more credit than what your problem or where the knives are mother and my mother’s biological or more and more you page me in scientific studies that baby cells are in mother’s brains Yes please tell me about leo cells are in my brain and we don’t know what purpose they serve Except that his fucking cells are in my brain will like sometimes i’ll be like is easy like it was breathing and that’s one of the weird things to do as a parent when i suggest you just You rather be sure you know what i mean and me i’m already the kinda guy that double checks things just the I don’t know something in my brain mri have to make sure of certain things and its weird things cd, not as i would have been and now i feel custody is what is worse like she’s like open the door twice or something different parts of ct right now okay well maybe that’s what is that my own city to my child living there there’s worse things So that’s anyone that’s not a parent that your breathing your child breathing will affect whether you sleep that night gas it does is Crazy cuz inside he makes like i wake up and its gotten to the point where i have to sleep in a different part of the bed Because if you rolls over i will wake up

Yeah that’s and the final little thing on the flip side and still today and, i don’t know the science guy finally back on after we can go watch some film i except his science is very outdated bag school bus covers their ass by saying, with what we know now this is what happens when i didn’t do that, this is still like that people are or say we didn’t have a fucking science degree okay so we can fact check the signs that he had on the show away, we can hand it out at those states they were fine now fuck off man i hate that fucking bullshit, hemoglobin a host like just because he’s call bill nye the science guy that’s the fucking term of the for a show that we meet is career out Jesus people take the shit seriously i’ll start watching some bill nye and then experience by fifth grade science knowledge which i have a lot of What is good knowledge honestly it’s pretty good i mean i feel i love when people bring up something at work and like, well actually i like and starting all these facts accounting of the magic school bus with my receiver instead of the fucking heat da, their little pony tails and stay up when you take things so before we head into our patron shots of the week and our comic book review Let’s head into are broken block which is the background of the show what happened this week so happen for me this week isn’t hot summer magic school bus No that’s something that has been in use online i thought on twitter and that is the disney pixar What’s the bracket so what exactly is that, so you have me much like you do sports teams you have two different racquets a great example of why they se and se and as people when they move forward in the bracket so they do that we have all the disney movies on one side all the pixar movies on the other side, and people are going around rating okay between these two i like this one best and the between you strike this semester until you get to the very final one The problem with that is causing a lot of hate because of course that the all these like this, are looking at the disney channel are you know the original animated movies and say yes these are the best, and then you have people were ten years younger seeing the new ones like tingled and milan and say no these are the back door nor am sorry is nora And then on the other side you know you have all the pics are once again i’ve seen cars three b dot co co that blows my but So its causing what he between because the car is gay he was third acre yeah they hands that the main racer at the end is gay, okay whatever so its causing a lot of problems between people ultimately i just say what is your favorite movie because obviously that’s what’s going on when you not gonna get like both of these and they both got to the end much when it’s, it’s all opinion why tweeted the definitive list okay based on what i get but we’re gonna see where kelly disagrees in I might be wary we actually do relate on a lot of things so we’re gonna give you the breakdown where kelly nice stand between disney and pixar and can give you the term of breakdown where the matchups are why we like certain movies worry agree disagree And so does any longer episode for all of you and we it’s disney everyone see this fucking movie i really to let us know where you stand on this is the bracket The first one is on the business side is the enemy movie lion king vs tarzan who you pick and why lying came, because tyrese it wasn’t a great movie the content everyone who you go I think liking deftly have more impact as a movie there’s there’s scenes and medicare development is just hamlet sure but anyway to talk about music sure you had phil collins, turn the most concerned he tried really hard any but so some good songs in there but on the inside you have be prepared I couldn’t get hot and who doesn’t know the queen of the top and speaking of the characters to moan improve the square again, freeway before cars and have elton john can you feel the love tonight more gay bar when’s that which movies that is insane because the oven has rosie o’donnell so, all of you put thing on john deere than rosie i carry the booty like that he looks more gay Okay pivot idiomatic that its like he is not saying anything negative or positive i’m simply stating a fact that needs to be that is negative your the intolerable get Up up up up up up, next move organ of the battery tender beef prison the frog vs lilo and stitch chances of a frog i agree look were green hundred percent on the exact Drinks in the frog only because of the little lightning bugs with the alligator gate to the maybe a little lightning bug was great with,

what ever name was in the sky love with the with the star is possibly plan and my son live on stage was good for a lot of reasons I liked the message behind it about family there’s some things that i’ve read where For example she pick stitch even though they said that was terrible six has broken all these things because of how she felt and wanted to give him a family i think those things are really sweet i think the, place where they lost me was the big shark captain guide and the we’re all that other weird alien he is gay actually, the one that says she tracking down the bag already in the movie This started a long time since i’ve seen captain is your captain side nyc yet to start the psychic is gay, can a tv series cross dresses always doesn’t mean you’re gay that just means he feels right What is the process to get it also wasn’t so aggressive that elements in lilo and stitch like her sister Getting fired from her job because of lilo and she’s just like now my boss just a vampire like trying to give her great life but it lost me and some other parts Princess and the frog i like that was more complete well rounded movie throughout continue next next bracket is tangled versus big hero six tangled, why i’m going be here six No big hero six is good i cried and i want you i cried more untangled i don’t care for these movies but i care slightly more or slightly Yeah i’m for big hero six god why the opening rather live together for another brother dying yeah i guess that would be it Tingled there is nothing in that i was i related to, i know there was is a big thing that disney prince how to go to hooters so progress but no that was the big thing and that less and there is like the cosplay are disney that’s hired by disney when it was getting hit on a shit ton because he could actually have a fucking go to units like, this is what were taken out of this but maybe this was nothing that’s not like i don’t like flying writer But the thing that i liked in tango on my watch again recently and it strikes me differently now because i’m a parent because the whole thing about it is The daughter was taken away from the parents and they spent Eighteen years still celebrating her birthday even though there child was gone You know somebody a kidnapping not seem to travel eighteen years he still have that love for that kid At the end of seeing her see her father for the first time see your mom for the first time in eighteen years That moment of love i thought was very well depicted but i also love the moment with the writer he’s fucking dying and she has the opportunity to save him, but because she will be locked away forever it’s not worth it to him she is more important than he is in his fucking life in that moment and that’s it cuts off for hair fucking kills the evil witch even though he knows like this is the last thing i get to do, but i know she gets a little before life of freedom which is what she’s always wanted them, like i can relinquish that point already my favourite you’re probably right on that doesn’t matter cuz next movie is better than this one frozen vs menorah yes I watch that movie many times to i have all the songs stuck in my head mama ko go in a restaurant is really am that you know it gets me more than that though and i mention that again because i’m a parent now, is that moment after the grandma dies and more and is likes filling up everything in the mom busts in and sees her and with tears in her eyes help her daughter pack, and here’s for the bag because she knows what she is not what she wants for her child this is what your child needs to do to feel complete And she doesn’t know she’s ever gonna see your kids as far as she knows her kid is dead and that’s it was when her kid needs to do It is not heavy moments in this thing the other one too is when the rock’s character with his name maui now he tells her straight up You’re only here because the ocean told your special and you’re not and it is like to speak follow up mom and which is always and every one of these fucking movies and that’s my biggest criticism about these kids movies there something that were the characters in this green and they have one sad and, i it’s like it’s doing for my that sometimes i can follow with these animated movies and we got them and are and this is why some my favorite disney movie but, it is better than frozen and a lot of people give credit to frozen because there was a love story because it’s all about sisterly love but I wouldn’t really women like frozen i was like yeah i think nora was more heartfelt there’s more to it i think frozen to is it was too over done by the time is all said and done it was so blown out of proportion that it was just too much What are the winner on that going down is cracking of the first part of it we’re gonna have a first champion is in the first quarter so lion king vs menorah That’s how these these workout What is the overall ranking civic while thank you yes better gone better acted better music

News about the same better animators even the ones, and john was complete pyramid but liking a several portions and there, what were cgi but is it even now you can’t really tell The like all that stuff we like the animal computer and do the drawings which is awesome so yeah i agree so lion king right now we’re completely in agreement On a dizzy side of the first champions two quarters in this business in the first one is the lion king aladdin vs hercules in order to will, that’s a tough one for me and they are both really good i think i’m probably gonna have to go with aladdin I disagree her ass Apologies to new listeners as a quick break because much like the genie in aladdin as soon as i get someone to go pick up my child i got Because this is mommy time fuse not with mommy he is like eighties for mercury see it i have an imperfect a, yeah i i was are you like hercules more Simply based on the of the fat lead the singing one said the only reason you like hercules more and i also like that whoever voices dizziness gives me now hades It was james earl jones now he needs woods james thank you thanks for boyds refuses to let anyone else voice that is true that have from scott from a game guys are legit at And one from use and for the first and the front everyone is happy now so he he will always voice her he’s long as he’s alive so that’s the reason i get more dedicated than aladdin, really cuz the fire is like a great villain He is good but he’s more laid in aladdin is post popped apocalyptic world rate is in no way to set the future hell yeah have you did not see all of the Modern references that wasn’t even there so the genie yeah there’s a bunch of my references to the theory is it suppose apocalyptic world Because all the shit is already happening the past is in the future and has a great smile is very urgently songs to a latin songs which you know more of One like a hero he rosie row do years you already know it’s a gravy day Find the song is songs are better let’s go grab it bad that and then you go through freaking drive all and you know it or mean to the was poor and had no money, that’s why they’re all shitty and kicked him out cuz would pay those women a lot has no nipples, find the lego movies i think i just like a lot and a little bit more Next track a little mermaid vs pocahontas honest me too it is a little mermaid what’s, fucking christian bale killing of coke one poor coconut have workable thank you you file your with me, select cocoa ids dead milan vs utopia oh this stuff for me to move on to better myself really like the top yeah there’s a lot of things i like about adobe ever like madelyn better Yeah thing one is more balance of rose took is very political and it does have a message behind the, which is what love what hollywood love that’s one of things that we did crazy for reviewed it but milan is definitely more watchable more enjoyable and i think over all the movies kill that villain, yo is mentioned what is nice chain you who who as you always say isn’t surprise them a lot of his army why Because the huns back in history the women fought alongside them to, so for him it’s not where the woman is is the soldier from melted island in history that they actually have their babies on their backs that has the fun war because that’s do no one else can watch the baby right, directly in her during people with their baby with their babies have a fucking back is there anything more Woman reading that has a manly well no more baths really is, are there any can you imagine the strength you have to have the carrie larkins fucking seventeen pounds carry seventeen extra pounds while i’m swinging, the house is out the front baggage is that you get as being a mother i guess now it’s you said it is what it makes a noise that cool like how many men does it take to deliver a message, yes to one fucking kill that guy was not as the winner so cool, and the winner of this first brac complete quarter ounce apple cores not right now it’s fucking beauty the beast vs number for chris s is heating the beast Now i appreciate them for a person for that would stop motion picture and i wish these weren’t, put up against one another cuz that never for christmas what have me if i put any movie on disney side of you put against disney’s beauty and the beast with the beast wenzel is no discredit to die before christmas this is the problem brackets anyway

Begin the base is the better movie it is almost one It was nominated for the friend academy award best to nominee for best picture which is a bigger deal of fact there’s always an enemy category, yeah because i was the lambs and as we lost exactly and not only that but it was before they had ten fucking movies on the best picture of it and there were five, add me the beast was on the fucking shit is very complete movie is what is the only disney princesses movies where they fall in love over time yes passage of time for the fall, sucking about beauty is not skin deep it has some fantastic songs written by broadway, stars voice my broadway stars every song in that movie is perfect There’s nothing you can do to those songs to improve and tried to trying this equal and it just mean they were okay but It’s also got the ugliest prince and all of disney movies what’s your answer says the stock So there we are first round winners so we went liking was when you was where with one of your men are, what is the best movie better movie pocahontas to be in beast is usually goes away so great gives a those broadway songs broadway style songs but still beating these So to very well done movies lion king vs beauty vietnamese dong you another easy one so That is a first champion what is the site is being abused releases the best animated movie from disney ever yes you may disagree you’re wrong who is better one thing that is not on here’s fantasia They are our life and is finish does the data should some of these though it’s better than prison frog usage tarzan i heard it ahead of lying king big hero six frozen menorah, a lot of these i think except for it being maybe in the slammer for christmas like there are, very good movies at the b and b sweat in the winter anyway so it does not matter if it was included or not over to the pixar side Starting off in this is that the argument forever like what is better computer to get admission today versus traditional animation which is trying, computer versus rests up who is the first movie, percentage movie to be nominated for best picture since being the beast and fucked up because of that cuz he was back when the expanded to ten moms so fuck yourself up but vs brief I like better Just because that first ten is that itself could be that movie is in grave told very good story of a mother and daughters relationship because it tends to be rocky aa can be rocky But the first ten minutes the whole life that they show to those first ten minutes and then stabbed you in the fucking got And in the fact that his whole journey was to Put her to rest to give her what she wanted and in that he found peace and found other relationships That is that is very good when he could never flip through the end of their memory books does he it was nine pages from seven blank pages cousin you can take your on that journey of what they decided they were gonna do for the whole life, he failed her life is what do is beautiful as and then it’s not until the court three fourths of the way through We go to the back and of the book and she had at all of these pages of their life of their adventures this is every fucking day things going to the grocery store and other there, doing all these things together their life together was heard venture and i do not have to be anything big and it says thank you for this and it is still in the accused you, okay and that’s the thing that he this is where he finally like has that piece of of Realizing that that was a veteran that something is he never saw was planned to write he was always stuck on on her be the adventure she that was her thing and that’s something that He never could give her that but it was like in the ever so much is and it killed me to when, i couldn’t have kids jesus christ like the very first ten minutes of the movie and we’re looking at me like what the fuck is laughing at your friend played after meg over the last weekend of his on jesus clean, he is got dark humor behind them but, where it’s like there was this is all they had was each other right and now it i think yeah it up good for it had not best picture material but i think it’s weak to me but it beats out brave, because those ten minutes were so strong and that realization everything around there was so much weaker comparison i its victim of its own excellent rights The next one to go up against who’s gonna be toy story was toy story two lighting twenty story one better i agree so And to answer to was good to i really like all three toy stories, i think again i like the better now as a parent because when the movie’s really are learning to let your kids grow up learning to let the move on so we sold thing is he’s been with the andes whole life in india has a new toy any has

A girlfriend is in georgia right you know somebody who is more important in their life Can you and learning how to let them go through that and you follow offer movies up until the end when you learn to let them go off to college which is what id eventually does But the first one for me and i am sure it will the some the podcast for those first movie ever son peter’s, when i start my dad took me is five years old i remember sitting in the theater for that movie i don’t remember all the movie i fell asleep halfway through book at the that was the first one that i saw, and i have since then seen all three toy stories with my dad in theaters and that’s all just go to see them, cuz that was first movie he took me to that one for me was so much stronger than the second one, there’s a humming so i could moments we got to see if there’s a cab to see the different characters, but the first one really six out for me yet sorcery twos all about the collector it’s more about the characters themselves and it is about the overall message of a movie so i completely agree you can of it does not much mark and say, so that’s it up against up out of let’s keep going on the bracket coco vs cars three coca easy yeah that’s another one that, i think has more way more are the car, become or the razor become the train right he becomes doc mc oftener name is so i i i’d like are three more in cars two and i know i really of course you should the guy i like cars one to, but the cars one is actually my favorite of the whole bunch first three what is A little too predictable was too flashy when you say shit about cristy said from the trailer this is what’s going to happen moco i did not figure it out until the very end And is like oh shit this makes so much sense that they would do this and there is nothing wrong with knowing what’s gonna happen but you if the journey is rich enough great but car three wasn’t with coco, i know a lot especially mexicans like my fam they might mice my family really liked it because that works like They have that’s because i was affected me and many other mexican the mexican americans of the time of i know that govern speedy this is his good is a positive Symbol in our culture a really that’s all we have Like right now the us and now with coco is it was more genuine more like there’s the fucking heart as gram and even my dad, who’s as mexican as they come like he he came over as an immigrant worked and got is is is is is shit everything you know he went though Nine yards worries i know people need to work for the zack i was like no they need to work for citizenship the ganges work here from them that is like old school mexican right but also like We’ll with what’s happening with you when its hot coco and he doesn’t like going to the movies he does not like me like gracie does not lose he mostly falls asleep and am And when he saw the whole thing and he told me Fishing of crushes guitar at the beginning of the movie like that was too hard like that was his that we took away from election of achieving like grandma the great grandma who is kyle but he like memories these like now she was Elements cover on a new she was the toughest of minas know what’s the fucking thing like the meanest one And that’s what he told me that we took away from like a fishing a broken is getting, we have soft hearts guide us alert me and really enjoyed it was a beautiful movie was gorgeous to look is absolutely, at four thirty three versus the good dinosaur i never thought that dinosaurs it was very three pm by the fall writers are, also enjoy street three have that moment where they’re going into the incinerator in a hole in michigan the and that should have been the end like in the dot It also has this we moment where they learn to indy go off to college but through that they get a new near me, somebody to have fun with this the little girl little boo yeah it was fucking funny always daycare, yeah i know how to torture one verse two thirty three for the champion of the first quarter on the pic’s i say one yeah i think that’s of I’m more stand alone movie it it has a better story and yeah the graphics are worse but Honestly the better villain is sitting on the kid that makes bad boys as opposed to the bear who was forgotten and it’s like i get i understand that he had turned That was way worse than what we got was since it’s just a fucking shitty kid have a shitty parent any did we sell it in the movie So toaster one clearly but in the toy story three as our first champion next bracket ratatouille versus a bug’s life ratatouille Yes fucking ready to work the most of this fucking thing i’m is already to re i adore that was one of my very first blue rays i have first remember, first one i think was part of the caribbean house we’re gonna games up at the time and we were taking trade ins are blurry as it was one of the experiments that we were doing as company

Blurry so fucking expensive you know they were forty six dollar is the price of a video game and when they got traded in you know i got my discount and a ten percent off from the power of card, so was like okay i can finally buy blurry because we had a ps three and i was a blue ray player that’s the genius this is why the blue rays one and a lot of people, credit to porn like that with dvd and i’m sorry vhs and the other thing that i don’t remember because of the fact that they fucking lost And glory cornell’s when with blurry but i think the video game console played a big part in that, that did the play station was more popular ps three it play blue ray which is something that was later adapted and adopted by other companies eventually you know blu-ray disks were what video games played on And our the dish were moving into did you oh so sure but blue rays again that’s why that’s why va fucking ready to have her i’m going to use is trying to cut the power And it was a good fucking movie there yo that runs out of his house circuits fucking bugs in there Who is about standing up to bullies they do as good of a job mode hopper though my love hopper like there’s there’s no villain in gratitude the really isn’t like no they per tray the food critic But he’s not is really not the hopper is president i think the best part is a perfect line delivery i can think of any better line delivering the pixar movies From a village and it is where he is the the shit out of the little little flick And the year after they find out of the words fucking figures like you think this is a game well guess what you just lost, in a fucking adult to the shit out of fucking flicking is bullshit dirty to mike okay those x mucky not over your fucking hot version of slim slave these fucking as is and i know what the fuck he’s doing it i, yeah so bug’s life is about standing up to bullies and ratatouille is about being what you want to be even if people think that you can So both good messages i think ready to just delivered a little bit better now here’s what’s funny monster’s university is not on this list, that message is you actually can be what you think you wanna be yes and i think that’s a change in, how we raised is this generation are having a lot of people are now saying do what makes you happy and i do whatever you wanna be you can be anything that’s unrealistic message it’s not and i would put monsters, university above ready to eat you because i do like that anymore and that is like is that a more realistic message find any movers is inside out The inside now it really yeah find me now really sylvania enough i guess, the thing i take away most from finding me more the story lines of people just repeat p twenty two lb weight in mt sherman st whatever, one the verse i’mma messages inside out is about a v, father and daughter type of relationship a girl trying to find her way into growing up to go through puberty especially when it is, and all parents that have daughters it because it is different like no people goldman and when i take whether to grow differently and within this case it is a daughter who is going through something very real something that People with daughters go through whereas funny nemo’s about a single parent is about single parents story it’s like they’re both very grounded in reality And maybe it’s because i love deep-sea things more than like this should i it never like the concept of Anger is a person in your by like it’s too fucking much for me i don’t like the personification of emotions and all i like Four fucking below or whatever his name is, where he dies the ends to whatever hole up and no ged on and i cry i cry because he was god i’d really like either of them and what do you think gratitude better those men next monsters inc vs the first cars, matching, yes monsters inc it’s the shit lose great i cry every time to and i like cars but monsters inc rising means wonderful the friendship between mike and sully and i give a shit a credit to the voice actors, john goodman coming right back and kicking fucking ass he’s one of the main characters and then you have mike Mike was lc who killed billy crystal like st look use the fucking roll no ask do that should have ended in months university debated, the tractor pull a, a mask of the phantasm with cast and a louis giglio who gets what did they say to try to recast these characters cuz they don’t know where, or should we give them a shot and canon cameras like let me try to persuade let me try to persuade in and i guess a german amount or whoever was a very good enough, you got it and haven’t with arkham asylum to the election we have someone else was blue so you’re fifty eight years old and he’s like let me try and he didn’t like thank fucking god cuz fans unite,

even if he sounds old arming sword and sound old harley quinn Who is leonardo gonna be like ten, you’re fucked up brilliant yes he’s calling me in the green thank you leo my supporter buzzing has agreed to i put that thing back where it came from soil needs a, yeah great was to like never expected, what’s his name to be behind this all is our new saturdays and then fucking laughter is the way to go it was pretty growing like the No this for the cars i get channels lot people he cars and everything back when i release the people in like it this it was the first pics are floppies and now it made a shit ton of money i make off but that was another one of my first we raise was cars and i’mma put in on I remember a time when tvs were as good as they are now it once it is no do you would never understand that Where like you can see the during breaks and there like fucking little rocks and everything and all that we are just perfect also is here moving, and that was a big deal jon was when makeing and other income of dollar for a while and i’m bright blue actually think where do the podcast and i was like fucking mush is ex finally coming out why like me four years ago, i was going off about this later review your smiling do you grease And it’s like i don’t care if it’s outdated technology the fact the hair follicles look is good but we’re gonna get a number and we did and look the fucking phenomenal Back to the bracket the credible sources well in cali molly The relationship is between the two churches were you most related to yes it was really sweet baby crier ever seen that movie in theaters to That’s the parent i think or most people and most cats can disagree with us because it seems like people fucking a day consider incredible the best person, it we doesn’t things i have to go back to much incredibles i don’t remember particularly liking it, now again in this is my whole life goes back to as a parent me view this movie definitely as someone who is very close to middle age in being stuck in you know where i am and knowing that there’s, my glory days are behind me i maple different things from this movie now, looking at as early twenties when i first watched right there wasn’t really a lot of things for me you know i was out of is where i was a kid trying to discover myself, i was at the age where i was a parent trying to be a parent raise my kids right and relive my glory days, so i could do different things and that’s exactly where the credit incredibles is about it is about this family unit it’s about He’s unhappy at work and he’s not he’s unhappy with this family is opportunities out there when they’re eating dinner is just not there at all and that’s where the movie begins and i think that’s about all i turn is when they become super heroes again, they relate to each other they solve problems they become family everything works you right then maybe that fact we just don’t relate to that But i do i really need more to the characters and wally i don’t know it’s a love story we were younger watching a unit we’re still young and that’s it or there’s a be me behind you Forever tomorrow will always be my florida idea how i view it that’s that’s a good way to look at it yesterday when i stay while i was the first real political Pixar movie though like that the message was very much we are fucking destroying american white guy gal we are on the staff looks like floating around, sweet movie it was a fun movie a note was, again that love story in an in the get actor that’s real cool that’s right ready to the vs monsters inc monsters inc One hundred percent one hundred percent I think we have a message around to which is a flawed one of you can do whatever you want it’s beautiful it’s nice person fell and i love the fact that the critics that ready to take that by and will forever reference if he just, has vietnam flashback of when he was a child, her disney and his mom a battery may not of been the to him it’s the best ratatouille ever because the associated with that memory and i think that remind him of what being a critic is And it’s about cooking from the heart and it made me that was the best ratatouille ever had been brought back to the moment so i don’t read it to a ford is the monsters inc It works on so many fucking levels great message to all pixar movies have great messages maybe incidentally it Monsters inc message is don’t don’t criticize somebody before knowing them essentially don’t assume that the evil Because maybe the people you think are good really evil one of the most common elements out history vs monsters inc monsters inc A blessing is the best pixar movie where he lives that wasn’t even if i have a ira with all this this hoopla on the internet is all about

The monsters inc movie is the best movie from pixar and if if you disagree Yes this pleases you just threw up all the way to fucking things of your opinion that this is the definitive list Of nursing we will door that movie is so fucking good now here’s here’s where i guess things are supposed to get difficult and I guess i have to remind everyone what is the better film what is the better movie what is a it not just the best pics are not the best disney movie what works as a fell And it is the best hand drawn animated movie in our opinion from disney beauty and the beast vs is computer animated movie in our pinion from pixar so far, which is monsters inc the monsters inc vs being the beast wednesday three fucking beast uses what price this is not of the beat everyone’s not with you just fucking answer for people it is for people is of a and what both of these come Come down to is what is your favorite movie that’s really what it comes out all right and what is your favorite movie, and for us is not big screen the beast that they have the many adventures of winnie the pooh if they had that on there that would be runner up for me to meeting the sum of the show i probably wouldn’t struggle without one Because i feel like winnie the pooh is a very complete movies lol is that it’s made out of different stories and ones where is being these thousand one complete story it does but, well listen to it does fully also tells the complete story, it’s many different stories but this is this child’s life and then at the end the child has to grow up and move on with his whole thing was, i’m still gonna love you like forever and we need is essentially a parent to tap out i’ll in love with you As well but is bracket beauty and the beast wins because again it’s the most complete film You know you have great songs great story telling great voice acting Whereas you don’t you don’t get that much from the pics are side effects are has some great movies mixer has angry messages processing is excellent rising yes and but as far as a complete story behind getting baby kisses, i really like the grease thank you leo So there you go bro cats the defendant be enjoyed that segment at a good amount on the disney bracket and i think you could bookmark this if anyone ever asks us what our favorite disney film of all time including obviously have see you and your company involved, being that this movie is better as in my top five movies of all time So there you go everyone lets head into our customers that were creeping up on what might be a two hour episode of december customize some do And with the bracket out of the way was having her kitchen shut up Music This we’ve got several page of shells that’s right wheel will help with the picture show that’s and extra bang for your buck great there jared on twitter at spoon sandwich, he retweeted the dragon ball super slash infiniti crossover if any war crossover that’s image of If go who was in the avengers he gift pain os, the in stones just to see how strong he would get ceo says that’s false that would be plenty of eleven didn’t realize depending on any, now he would lose to and then go to would have to be faster and that’s only because ariana likes to go to bed in his writing them What is my next big so much jared your support next shout out goes out to scott on twitter at lazy gaming guys also app and then me He put up in arkham city lets play on the you tube channel It is the best batman game of all arkham city was a lot of fun franchises so much for batman games it was like the first game where you were batman And have come and had the me series is come right back although arkham asylum was a true batman the animated series casting because i had arlene sort in, as harley quinn no lease game guys disagree they think they’re strong get a fine job harley quinn be clearly they have not seen enough episodes of having me shoes were all wrong about several things, where on every single fucking weekend, is now you i’m wrong and why you is next song goes out to alexander on twitter you at Swordfish show or purple swordfish dot com and number to purple starfish dot com you can it will redirect you straight to use you to channel is being killing it on fucking you tube he recently reached Four thousand rolling hours handle is now in review stays monetization awesome congratulations what a fucking hard work due to the shooting the streets treating you to, he’s using to your which you are my destiny i to it is switched at,

time for me to take my per ride is fucking mad as a he’s gonna get is my decision back each needs to does radiation back Find us at a goes out to bobby on twitter at you and slam He wash ready player one this week and strongly recommended on our discard lounge to at everyone to all of our bro cats are this old i must not be signed and then alert me You gonna should now be in the vocal lord color i always tell how right now baby The pot has a new theologically where one with what time There’s one thing i was like when i go to chicago next week when i’m up at c e two maybe i’ll have time to wash ready player one if i watch a movie it’s gonna be ready player one salty that bobby and i don’t like if i don’t like ready player one Then it doesn’t there’s no there’s nothing hedging on resume if i like a great if i don’t find So i will watch replay one if i go to the theaters when i’m up there which i should have enough time, is there a hotel that’s within five minutes of a movie theater so while i’m waiting for mr razor claim to pick me up i’ll go watch fucking i’m are watching with enjoy your vacation away from parenthood We have free time on sunday really weird i’m gonna be really pissed elevated i And have free time i’m gonna get texas and how’s leo evict snickers to thank you so much picture on bro cats, if you two would like your shout out every single mother that does not stop is all you get i see summer picture on campaigns where do i get a shout out once for five bucks a month, that’s it no every fucking month you get your shout out every donating a dollar a hundred dollars a month you get your shout out once a month so if you’re getting, at the minimum o gotta get one dollar month twenty five cents an episode twenty five cents of entertainment Julia’s like to work more than dollar twenty five sense of entertainment and information every single week I don’t know where to put your dot com slash the reasons i broke and you two can help support the channel re not over to our next goal Which will be my monthly giveaway we will give away a trade paperback or hard cover for some of our hand curated hand-picked recommendations every single month And if we hit the goal you will get some when the ph on back or we’ll get A special prize a special giveaway to guarantee giveaway every single month after that will do an android application android app for android user so, that’s far off in the future working and focusing on next to next show which i believe is gonna before but of course number seven is the jelly bean i love jelly beans shirt Add goal number eight is a talk about some fake news video games now call number ten is i write fan fiction chapter week goverment i’m sorry chapter about And will do nothing the cal avenue dot com for the help at the five dollar fee cal reward tier what is that head on over to patria on you’ll see what kind of the cows were sending you At the five dollar reward tier us leaves a voicemail you wanna be heard on the podcast when ask a question, and alot of you ask questions on this court which is amazing thank you so much for joining her on the show and never to speak pipe dot com slash the reasons i broke there’s a link in today’s episode But of course i pod cast will always be free this thing you can do is let your friends know about us, download more episodes head on over to the reasons i broke dot com click on merging by a teacher that help support the show was well thank you so much for one bottle teacher gonna does not let us know about the shirts if you did Tell us on twitter page take a picture when your seizure tweeted at us and we’ll give you a personal thank you for buying the merge is probably yes So on tour comic book highlight of the week Music As i said in the very beginning are coming to cali this week is dark make model number six is the final issue too dark nights metal written by scott snyder in jamestown in the fourth, are my great polo mechelle jane and other martinez and rolf rolf and now this with colors by june chong and brad anderson So i have been on this whole dark nights middle journey And i like it just as much as i did when it began which is not at all it wasn’t as bad as the previous issue i don’t even think i read that i felt very lost as i have through this entire, series spoiler if you have not read dark knight model number six yet and i think of explorers probably the part of the book that i enjoyed the most, i thing as we continued on in the series we found out that we didn’t like this you knew ahead of me that is there’s gonna suck stanley now it’s fine and then i kept reading as hell yeah the darkness flow kinda sucks but, it’s i love it for how well it sold i love it when we are in the minority for now like a gas said that’s good so i’m glad we’re enjoying it

The main thing is an all happens this issues they are able to Merge with the nth metal with the metal that is able to defeat the dark multi verse dark universe the dark batman and i think the big plot point in the whole story Is when you have, the batman who last barbados is a fucking bitch like he goes out like a punk in this thing and it is it’s metal shit in this with this whole book is it’s goofy it’s fun, it is if you’re okay with that if you okay with junk food and that’s with this mini series has been a lot of junk food and great you know that’s a part portion of comics and all accounts are that, but with with this particular issue british goes off the big guy, in this is the batman who laughs and he faces off in the battle of c is not familiar with it, it is what happens every twenty is affected by the joker toxin and and he is as deadly as batman, what happens when he goes up not just against batman which alone you went back to fucking when just like to be in the base of the disney pixar shit, but the fucking joker as well as the joker teams up with that man to say fuck you batman who live and that’s always the one thing that never crossed my mind, what would the joker fucking think of the back who is across my mind but yeah that was a great moment, and even say it again spoilers the the battery lasts like shut what’s going on and, much going out with you only think like batman and that means he’s practicing his little laugh batman would never think the team of the joker so that’s a bat man fucking that a batman sat there and said what would i not Think of me as fucking data he’s genius, what does the one thing though is it it’s also have joker in a way right because i mean i guess it’s not the joker he the joker fox off is dead in the darkness covers it is the batman affected by what The joker the bed and left is a the, merging of batman and the joker how did the joker not romanticize that character that merging st one bit and i was like there’s some good how to be some part of the joker that he struggles with and not liking, this is the batman laughs i don’t know i really like, you know the joker we have so many countless comics like what makes joker team up with batman and not with what is a merging of the two i think It stems from the joker’s love for batman and okay if this if this joker this batman joker six around there’s not gonna be about me anymore and then what is there for the job now batman they are right is not about me anymore batman that did The joker who laughs about me last, would it kill that man would destroy the world and what is there for the joker do the joker’s purpose the joker’s life is chaos to get that man of items that that is the joker’s home invasion so if anything threatens that, he’s gonna do what he needs to do to take out that been going to him and saying we need to work together to do whatever the fuck he said its like okay sure one c with that conversation was Joker you seen this like it was in a, i love that you’re coming with me and has probably always and then they went to fight him, and batman trusted the joker enough like he held the batman left arm at one point joker doesn’t spray both of them, he just praise the guys hand and right off the fucking fingers it’s like jesus there’s some major trust going on between us to get i think Joker or batman both that means come to the realization that joker doesn’t want the easy way out of running and that’s what would be like up up two bags like it took is gonna be and he’s gonna fucking say I beat you at your best when you were fighting for me who lives in your distract you right and if it was not his doing and aunts and In some way it was cuz it was a multi dark multi verses joker’s plan to have this happen batman but anchovies mine and my right leg like that’s not me Write that is not do that right i don’t care for two children under the dinner from diffuse fuck him that is not me and i think that’s where came down to it and i know its like oh it’s reading this it’s not the joker knows who is he has a plan does all this, and it it’s i think that’s probably the biggest pay off so far aside from san mention of an issue one or two of The joker teaming up with the batman and fuck off me and last and i like the batman left them fighting keys in order to save you after it happens again photos that i use the over watcher whatever right it, what he say that the thing i didn’t like about this issue and i like that part was a call this is cool the show but no where with temp model like surprise got the shit, and then suddenly barbados is dead and then suddenly the world to save and then suddenly reading a fancy dinner and i’m like how do i this felt like it should have been several more issues and it was but i thought that with every issue

Like there’s so much that needs to be explained And it wasn’t like figuring things out like it when the story comes together in an unconventional way but this entire series felt like it was so russian smushed together and they didn’t give me The pieces is like to give me the outline of the puzzle her and didn’t give me anything between and then it was over, the perfect example happens in this one issue with the tech of chip comes through right and is like yours the other batman as a whole fart man, batman red sun is and we got the frank miller batman look like one of them is dark knight returns batman like these all these fucking batman Are gonna kick ass no fuck them dinner this issue right what you just see the batman yeah and that’s exactly what you said stealing of the puzzle with and get the pieces we get to enjoy your dessert, it was mainly frosting and that’s the biggest issue with our next metal so the rca moments as we said the joker batman thing is probably the best part of this whole dark nights metal bitch But it happen at the very last minute was for few pages and yeah we gotta talk about what we what would joke two weeks for the joker we should have been doing this for every fucking issue not just for a part of the final one So overall i don’t know i it was weak for me again i like how much it sells i’m glad people like it starts middle I hope this isn’t what justice league as one thousand five takes over and start center has been i think faltering No it doesn’t matter cuz sales have been strong so scattered say fuck you daniel selling books and yeah that’s the goal so yeah fuck me But as a reader i am saying i want more i hope justice league is better a hopeless like your court of owls fast asleep yes i agree let’s see, so there you have it that is our comic book hi this week starts model number six and overview of you to join our discord is in the cup the link is and at the reasons i broke dot com and at today’s episode I do also i know a lot of people at the head is apple leave picture brings the first one last What was gonna happen when you’re gone when you’re fat chicago are going to napa so that we, and bobby cuban slim and stuff from lazy game guys are gonna help fill in so we’re gonna do an episode of bones episode i can release while i’m gone so that you still have something to listen to i know you guys have your ritual you and i was in a podcast myself, i have my own pattern of when it was to certain shows so we will have something for you that week personal page on never gonna give you fucking others of course So huge things to bobby and scott for filling and an episode will be coming up once again well i’m while i am at c e two And one last thing i do wanna say is the finger so much for tuning in every single week, march was our weakest month that only twenty eighteen it isn’t order bottom half months of all time there was a shooting, the thing is we’ve been getting higher average downloads per episode So it’s like how’s that possible for getting lower months what’s happening is that were not getting listeners listening to a shit ton of episodes in one mile so we’re gaining subscribers and are downloads per episode is higher, i think it’s ever been so where have we have more subscribers than ever but people are going back in and that’s fine i don’t care but Hey all goes into the the downloads forget of everything you’re enjoying up so that’s all i care about if there are listeners but i am that i will see that is why march was our weakest Cuz we had with and have as many people write going back and that might be a good thing itself because the newer listeners might be going back last month which is one of our Top five best episodes are best month of all time it was are second third best mother of all time tonight in and then they were going back and trying to sound three okay now will subscribe now with download once we, so that’s i think what ended up happening so now we have the most drivers, but you wasn’t question hey okay that’s what i want you guys to know the background of stats when a tweet amount i talk about So thank you so much for tuning in this week And four for listening to leo for the last half of about that’s right and as always like some people just stop doing the show stopping youtube cows were got were continuing and you’re going with us are here in leo you here in cali you’re in, me when i’m at my allergies kelly which is a, and leo as he’s growing i the only one they bbq me him a talk on light you guys don’t understand the strain on my body right now it wrangling is trying to touch all the clothes in the closet, and stand up and can’t stand up because of the balance to suck your fucking try he’s trying something new so much for tuning in this week i’m daniel in cali and we’ll see you next week Music