🍋BIG Family What's for Dinner PANTRY CHALLENGE | The Freezers are Almost Empty!!

– Welcome back to week three of my freezer pantry challenge attempt I really am going to go grocery shopping by the end of this video, fingers crossed, toes crossed, we’re gonna clear some things out and get this shopping thing on the road There is a Benjamin dinosaur running around right now He was just growling before I hit record so he could show up Okay, are you coming this way? Are you being a dinosaur? Huh? Maybe? – [Benjamin] Dinosaura – A dinosaura, okay dinosaura Anyway, he’s having a good time I am doing something for dinner I am super, Jamerrill confession you ready? Super unmotivated, oh baby’s opening the dishwasher Hold on here Super unmotivated, don’t want to cook anything, don’t want to film nothing, don’t want to do anything Not even those dishes, but I know the kids will come home from dance class, Travis has five of them out You gonna move those water jugs for me? And people, people who live here will want food So, I found a bag of Italian chicken, one of those Instant Pot freezer meals, I’m gonna put that in the Instant Pot I have a big, like one of those 102 ounce cans of green beans, I’m gonna get those cooking in a pot on the stove with some butter You think that’ll work Benjamin? And then I also have a pan of fried rice, ’cause I don’t know how far this chicken will actually stretch, and how hungry people will really be when it really comes time to eat So I’m gonna also go ahead and put in the pan of fried rice and you know, we eat leftovers, so I don’t think I’m doing too much Look, you could do things with that There you go, could be a frisbee Yeah oh you could bang a cabinet So that’s good – Yeah – Here’s what unmotivated momma is doing So this is our Italian chicken and the chicken fried rice Again both of these are from October, so we get a whole bunch of freezer cooking in here soon And the green beans going down (country music) So then here is the chicken fried rice going in the oven So happy Wednesday afternoon, and I am working on, I’m gonna do some hot chocolate for Naomi because she’s already hard at work at school work Benjamin is in, we’ve been out all morning riding bikes, Benjamin I pushed him on his little tricycle Here let me get my hot water in my cup here Pushed him on his tricycle from just all the way down our road, nice long way, and we have Gabriel, Liam and Daniel are still doing the trampoline Few more minutes for that boy energy So, making Naomi this hot chocolate because like I say, she is hard at work, and I am serving up, because we’ve got a ton of french toast from the freezer, I am serving up french toast for lunch, oh yes I am And then we’re gonna have, I got this great low carb dinner we’re having for dinner, so it’s a mix of all the things right now Also yesterday Travis, he went to Wal-Mart because I was out of my K-cups, and I have to have coffee, we know this, so I told him to get coffee and he also got the kids a box of morale boosting hot chocolate So since today’s the first day of spring, yesterday on the last day of winter, and first day of spring, we’re enjoying these little, but it’s like the little packs so believe me, they will be gone fast, quick and in a hurry Okay I’ve decided this is what I’m having for lunch today This is one of my favorite Halo Top flavors Okay so this is our snacks being pulled together during some read aloud time now I’m gonna just get some cottage cheese and some cheese slices, yum, that Travis cut a big roll up from Sharp Shopper the other day, and the last of these kiwis And Daniel you’re having some cottage cheese? Yum And then Liam you’re having some kiwis and some cheese – [Daniel] Mmhmm – Okay so, whole lot of dinner stuff is getting ready to go down Thought I was going to use these shrimp and do like a stir fry with shrimp, because I do have some stir fry vegetables, big old bag from Costco, and I have sesame seed oil, I have a lot of the components I need But I don’t know what happened, I just started to tell the kids that I was doing something with shrimp for dinner, and then all of a sudden my mind saw shrimp Alfredo So, that’s what we’re now having for dinner I also was looking through, because tomorrow we have homeschool group, we need to pack lunches for that I don’t think we have any bread left at this point, so I’m probably gonna stop at like Family Dollar on the way there because I pass one, pick up a loaf of bread and like, I don’t know I’ll have to make myself a little list, some little odds and end thing so I can kind of make lunch and serve it out at lunch time

But all that to say, I’m also going to make some oatmeal and walnut cookies So yeah, shrimp Alfredo, oatmeal walnut cookies, it’s going down right now Okay, so this shrimp Alfredo I’m gonna show you is amazing I’m gonna show you my blown up counter, other stuff blowing up over there, kids have had dinner, I’m packing up these leftovers, tomorrow is gonna definitely be a leftover night, right Benjamin? Because we had a little bit of chicken and green beans left from last night Tonight we have heavy shrimp Alfredo leftovers because I made four pounds of it You know how I do, it’s gotta be a lot And a bunch of brown rice, so let me show you how this turned out, but there is a total recipe video just on the shrimp Alfredo and the cookies that I’m currently doing, so look for that in the description below as well So here’s the blown up after cooking mess though And let’s see I cooked the shrimp Alfredo there, and there I am packing it up for tomorrow so as I said, the kids had it on top of brown rice I did that in the Instant Pot, dumping it into this big Pioneer Woman bowl, and I had, actually I didn’t even have it on top of caulirice I thought I would, but I just had the shrimp Alfredo with shrimp Alfredo Several kids had it on top of brown rice, fettuccine would have been amazing, but that is fine, and then I’ve got cheese sticks I’ve got to put away, walnuts, and old fashion oats, I’m gonna whip up a bunch of oatmeal and walnut cookies for homeschool group tomorrow So good morning friends It is of course another hat day because it’s raining again Homeschool group day, packing lots of food, getting out the door Because of the freezer pantry challenge, we have no bread left Now that’s a little quick store item I would have picked up, we just kind of ran out how it happened So on our way there we’re gonna stop by Family Dollar and I’m gonna send Zion in real quick to get us a loaf of bread, but I’ll show you everything else that we packed to take with us So, this is my lunch So I’ve got a bunch of, I filled this whole container with shrimp Alfredo from last night And then I filled this container with caulirice, and then I had a little bit of caulirice left, so I piled it in on the shrimp Alfredo Gonna put some pads of butter in there, and so I am having shrimp Alfredo, caulirice for lunch Kid lunches So of course we’ve got our peanut butter and jelly We have our box of cookies under there, a pack of homemade cheese sticks, some cottage cheese, and I have that on a ice pack, and then I’m gonna put the shrimp Alfredo with this ice pack on top So we will be having quick, made at the table PB and Js, cheese sticks, cottage cheese and a cookie if they want them and that will be lunch today at homeschool group Okay happy Friday now So, we have roller skating this afternoon We’re trying to do like a big breakfast and Bible time here Then we’re gonna do some read alouds and personal reading so kind of like homeschooling until lunch stuff, and then rollerskating party all afternoon Anyway, so for breakfast I’m going to slice these avocados and we’re gonna do the baked avocado with an egg I’m also going to do some fried eggs in a pan and we have some bacon in the oven So here are the avocados, each with an egg inside Of course a little bit of the white spilled out I dug out the holes just a little bit on a few of the smaller ones, these are the avocado pieces that are left from that, so I was just going to just kinda use that as another little topping You can add cheese with these, you could add bacon bits I don’t think we even have any shredded cheese left which is so sad at the Stewart house Okay so for lunch I’ve got this whole chicken in the Instant Pot, I had a lemon, chopped that up, also sprinkled in a little bit of dill weed, little bit of thyme, salt and pepper, put a cup of water so now we’re gonna put the lid on it, get this cooking And then breakfast is still in the works, but lunch is gonna be here before we know it Okay guys so chickens in the Instant Pot, Benjamin is ready to eat and he is getting in his, I almost said car seat, high chair It’ll be okay Benjamin But here’s the avocados with the eggs, there’s what’s left of the bacon, we’ve been eating it already, and then there is our pan of baked eggs Okay guys, happy Saturday Yes, this pantry still looks like this So I’m gonna take some time here, got some updates I’ll get to you in a few minutes But I started organizing that shelf and I thought oh wait, no, show my friends on YouTube So I’m gonna organize this pantry with y’all watching and then I’ll tell you what’s happening Okay, so here we go Have not added anything to the pantry during the last few weeks, right before I started I did that Aldi haul and I got two cases of the diced tomatoes So now we have diced tomatoes for days And I forgot I had that box of tomato paste

Found four more cans of tomato paste I have a nice collection of beans going, I haven’t gotten into those any further during the pantry challenge either We did get two of the bags of oatmeal used up, and so now, this floor is clean I need to sweep it, but still, did use some of my big cans of green beans, I have one left of green beans, one left of corn, so this the pantry base that we have after this three week pantry challenge Now I’ll show you the freezers and refrigerators Just know, we need to do a deep cleaning, so you’re seeing it, crumbs, little bits of spilled jelly and all If you want to see it clean, you can watch the cleaning video that I’m gonna film tomorrow afternoon That’ll be out sometime in the near future, but you’re just seeing, like I say, lumps, bumps and all, that’s my disclaimer So in this house freezer, and if you want to compare, I mean because I know some of you, I like to do stuff like that In my first meals of the week video with the pantry challenge I did a refrigerator and freezer tour But anyways, so here’s what’s left in here I still have three big bags of this cooked ground beef Now I am getting ready, I’ll tell you what I’m doing in a minute – [Benjamin] I just wanna be in the video – [Jamerrill] You just want to be, you got messy face Say hi friends – Hi friends – [Jamerril] Tell them what did you eat for lunch? – French toast – [Jamerrill] French toast, is it all over your face? Are you so happy mommy’s going to Wal-Mart for food this evening? – Mmhmm – So yes, the three weeks of the pantry and freezer challenge is ending because I have two of my home school mom friends, one just had a baby, and one was due like yesterday, so my little gift to them is we are doing freezer meals for both of their families What I’m going to do, is I’m going to be cooking up my large family freezer meals pack number two That’s gonna make 35 to 40 meals and I’m gonna divide it in thirds, give a third each to both of their families and then our family will keep a third because I have even more freezer meals coming up, so that’s gonna give us about 10 or 12 or so to add back to our freezer stash, and then like I say, whole lot more A lot of freezer meal videos coming up, so if that’s what you like, that’s what you’re getting Anywho, this evening I am going with Naomi and we are going to pick up just a freezer meals grocery haul because day after tomorrow I’m gonna take a few hours and do those meals and get them delivered to those families And then a few days after that, see this is my little grocery schedule, a few days after that I’m doing the big super mega once a month large family grocery haul for my family with even more food But I wanted to get these meals made and then out to the families that we want to give them to before I brought in all our other groceries because I know I have a lot of freezers and refrigerators but still it adds up when you’re making a bunch of extra freezer meals to share So, that ground beef that I just shows you that’s in the freezer I’m gonna use those I’m doing some pans of pizza casserole, and there’ll be some baked ziti, just some wholesome, momma’s gonna be thankful to have a pan of baked ziti, not low carb, or anything like that but it’s food Food is helpful So, that ground beef that’s in there I’m gonna use in those meals too Okay, so back in here That’s the ground beef, down here I’ve got some bananas that are frozen and ice packs, this is one thing of caulirice that I can put back up here at the top When I have my freezer cooking days, you know I have not had like several days to dedicate to freezer cooking in several months, so I’m gonna do a bunch of banana bread So we got caulirice up here, two freezer meals, these are the bacon chicken ranch bakes that I did One Halo Top, that asparagus never saw its purpose as of yet, and we’ve got some shrimp and another freezer meal and some freezer waffles Kids have been having a lot of french toast Like you heard they had it for lunch So kind of over the syrupy things Oh look yes, tomorrow though, tomorrow I’m resisting the urge today Tomorrow you shall be cleaned So then here in the house refrigerator, Travis has a steak defrosted, he never got, he’s been doing those in the air fryer, so yay for a man cooking his own steaks But we’ve got some brown rice left Up here I’ve got just a little bit of that shrimp Alfredo I made, and a little bit of the chicken from the slow cooker the other day And kids are still eating that for different meals So, gonna just keep picking away at that Got just a little bit of this cottage cheese left Daniel has been eating a lot of that You can see there just a little bit left Three pieces of french toast left I think we have six eggs in this big box, so need to get the box out of here And then those are just odds and ends, condiments, and you know, oh and look at this You know You know Jamerrill needs to go shopping when I have no yogurt in the yogurt drawer Actually tomorrow I wanted to do homemade yogurt I’ve done it in the Instant Pot, my refrigerator

is gonna beep, and the slow cooker, but I don’t have a video on either, so I was gonna do like a slow cooker versus electric pressure cooker yogurt, do it both ways and share that with you But anyway, this is my little bit of shrimp Alfredo left from my homeschool lunch the other day when we went to homeschool group Still some peppers and some onions, so I will stuff those into some kind of meal coming up soon But yes, here’s this cruddy refrigerator Okay so we’re in the garage now This freezer, again, super cruddy It’s going down tomorrow, but that’s it Nothing is in it, it is completely bare And then down here in the refrigerator, still those pie crusts from weeks ago that had expired I don’t know, should I still use them now? Still that bag of carrots, egg whites, cottages, stuff just has absolutely not moved In fact, in my freezer meal order tonight I put in to get like two things of almond milk to get to next week because I thought I was out But here I am, staring right at it But still, mostly bare This one you’ll see lots of progress, okay The overall view, pretty bare, huh? So what I have is I’ve got seven of the pasture raised hens left, then over here in the door, this is bones for bone broth, there’s another pack of bones, but then the rest of these three and half self fulls is all short ribs and spare ribs So we’re gonna have a lot of ribs Also, let me know in the comments below some of your favorite ways to do ribs I was gonna do them in the Instant Pot again, I know I can do them in the oven, just yeah, let’s talk about rib ideas And then so over here I still, you know, I kept saying I was gonna do stir fry, but when I went to do stir fry it turned into shrimp Alfredo So still got the bag of stir fry vegetables, two different bags on frozen fruit for when I do that homemade yogurt tomorrow, which is still gonna be in this video so stay tuned for that I just wanted to do the tour now before I picked up some more groceries But I’m sure we’ll start getting into that fruit when I do all that yogurt So this is all the ground beef that’s left from my cow order from last summer Five packs frozen Of course you saw I’ve probably got about 15 pounds precooked in the house refrigerator That is going into those post partum freezer meals I’m doing for my momma friends, but this is what’s left Also cow wise, so I have the ox tail left I know there’s some different ox tail soups and things I can do, and then steak wise, I mean Travis has loved all of these steaks but this is what we have left We’ve got a New York strip, two packs of New York strip, a ribeye, a flat iron and a sirloin That’s that pile and then there’s the chicken, so yes, this is my big freezer You can see it’s ready for a bunch of freezer meals Now, I have another freezer this size I think this one’s like 22 cubic feet, my other one, I didn’t bring the key out for it, I forgot, but the other one it’s completely bare So it is also ready to hold the freezer meals and all those good stuff And then in this refrigerator, this used to be my old house refrigerator, I just have still some of those veggies left, but those peppers and mushrooms are going to be used up in those freezer meals on Monday and I need to chop up that cauliflower I used a lemon the other day for lemon chicken I need to get those lemons in the house too so I don’t forget about them any further So we are back from picking up our big freezer meals grocery haul, I’m gonna film that here in a second Because I’m doing some filming today and because we’ve been on this three week pantry challenge for the most part, and because Benjamin is full of joy running around with Nerf guns and light sabers, I brought home dinner, which was still cheaper than eating out I got these four Digiorno pizzas, a case of YooHoo and a box of Orange Creamsicles so I get my good mom award for the night Two pepperoni pizzas that are out, and we got our YooHoos, and them we’re gonna put in two cheese – [Benjamin] Yeah! – Oh, hi Are you having a wonderful time? No that’s hot, that’s hot Yeah don’t do that, don’t do that Go to Gabriel, go to Gabriel He’s who you’ve been playing with Woo, woo, woo, woo Okay, so, then ’cause you know Benjamin needs some more sugar, got them a box of these Orange Creamsicles and then refilled my mom Halo Top stash, yay Okay, Sunday breakfast is going down around here We got 26 eggs on the pan here, I got two dozen sausages, these are going in the oven at the same time Then we’re gonna do our breakfast and Bible time since we don’t have our van back yet, but hopefully we’ll get that back in the next day or two And then in the pantry, this is just showing you

what it’s shaping up, oh look Barbie dress Of course that’s what should be in there Shaping up to look like now after that big load of stuff to do those 40 freezer meals Lots of cans, we got the tuna there, the pans I’m gonna use, and yeah so this is how the pantry is shaping out, but a lot of this will be used and out of here before I do my big six week super mega grocery haul later this week I think for later today I’m gonna pull out my easy card I’m gonna use one of those packs of ground beef This is already cooked with onions and peppers and mushrooms in it I’m gonna use this ground beef and one of my big cans of tomato sauce and a few of these diced tomatoes, and I think, I don’t know, I’m not committing to cutting some of the other peppers and mushrooms and veggies I could add to it, I don’t know ’cause there’s just some other things I wanted to put my feet up and get done today, just like work type reading and thought things So, I’m gonna pull the easy card I think we will put all this maybe into that big Go Wise pressure cooker a little later, and Travis might even have to run out and pick up, of course he’d have to run out after picking up a grocery haul, but don’t want to use anything from my freezer meals tomorrow, and I don’t want to do big cooking today ’cause it’s going down tomorrow So I’ll probably have him run out and get some quick noodles for the kids, and then I’ve got Zero noodles and other stuff that I can eat it over Okay now it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m giving you a look at steaks in the air fryer, and I have the spaghetti sauce in the 14 quart pressure cooker Okay friends, so that is it for week three of my large family pantry and freezer challenge We will do it again here soon in a few months, but today is when I’m making about 40 post partum freezer meals, as I’ve said, two of which are going to girlfriends of mine, not two, a third each and then I am keeping a third, there you go, is going out, gonna get divided amongst us Anywho, all that cooking is going down now so I will be replenishing my freezers And then later this week is my big super mega I should call it my six to eight week grocery shopping haul and a bunch more freezer cooking days So I got kids going in and out Thanks so much for watching I will talk to you in those comments below, and yeah, that’s it, bye bye