Hi My Beautiful Love’s, and welcome back to my Channel! If you’re new here my name is, Faiyza Beg And in today’s video, I’ll be doing my all-time favorite makeup/hair tutorial Not a hair tutorial actually but basically the whole look I really like this look, it’s my all-time favorite, especially with this Kurti from Khaadi This look goes so well with this Kurti I wore this at the HUM Awards too, during the rehearsal And I have done this look quite a few times. I really like this look I hope that you’re liking it too It’s neither too dark nor too light, it’s in between So, keep watching because I am going to teach you But before we start, please subscribe and turn on the bell notification, so you’re notified every time I’ve uploaded a new video Because EVERYONE deserves to look beautiful! With that being said let’s begin So I’ve applied my primers and I am going to start with my base first I am using the Makeup Forever HD stick foundation in the color 118 I’ll apply it all over my face And then with a big blending brush I have used this in the past but then I stopped and started using beauty blenders But since I do not have a beauty blender at the moment I am using this This is also a very nice brush and it gives a very nice finish Now with a small blending brush I have used these brushes a lot in my previous tutorial videos but then I switched to beauty blenders This small brush helps blend well on the smaller areas Blend on the neck Now we’ll apply our concealer Today I am using a different concealer, this is Born This Way by Two Faced in the color Light I haven’t used this in a while It’s been months since I last used it so I’ve forgotten about its finishing a bit So, let’s see I am using my small pencil brush if you have a beauty blender you can use that too I am just blending it out Now I’ll set my concealer with a translucent powder Blend before setting to make sure there is no creasing This is done Now with a big Morphe brush, I am applying translucent powder on my jawline and my neck to avoid any creasing I think by now you guys know how I do it, right? Do let me know Now over here I’ll just apply in a stippling motion Like this Now applying on the outer perimeter of the forehead And it’s going in my hair Usually, when I’m not in my studio, when I am doing it in my room I wear a hairband to avoid getting color into the hair You can do the same I use a headband made out of cloth I don’t have it here Now that we’re done with the setting, we’ll do the eye work I am wiping off some of the powder that I applied under my eye Leaving some of it to let the concealer set properly It won’t crease then Wiping off some from here We’ve applied the eyeshadow primers

I will just do my eyebrows quickly behind the camera I have already done a tutorial on that I’ll link it here and in the description box for you I’ll be right back I am using the KKW Beauty Palette This palette is also included in the GIVEAWAY This is one of my favorite palettes You can create a lot of different looks with it If you’re traveling or even if suppose you’re meeting your friends or family at their homes Like if I’m visiting my sister, I carry this and Jacklyn Hill’s palette with me because I can create different looks with it And I think last year when I visited Pakistan, I carried this with me I was only carrying very limited stuff This is definitely the one you can use to create different looks with good finishing I also took my Jacklyn Hill palette with me and that is definitely a staple You get different colors in there and can create different looks So I HIGHLY recommend these two Also, these are included in the giveaway I am starting off with this color I am using a big blending brush for this And we’ll apply it to the crease I took this palette with me to the Hum awards So it’s DEFINITELY a nice, natural palette that can be used to create different looks As you can see, I’ve applied just a little but it’s pigmentation payoff is very good! I usually don’t have any problems speaking Urdu with my close friends But I don’t know why on camera and with certain people I have trouble speaking I can’t speak fluently, why is that? Since it’s been a long time I haven’t done this VERY favorite look of mine So I am having trouble remembering the colors I use from this palette And I actually remember that this is the color that I use first for the crease But that’s okay, not a problem We’ll just lighten it a bit and blend it Now using a smaller blending brush, I am going to apply this shade For eyelids, I am using this light color Now I am going to use this really PRETTY color I really love it! It’s so pretty! It’s like a peach color, a really pretty peach color I’ll apply it in the crease Like so And it looks so good! Doesn’t it? This is SUCH a pretty color Keep blending it along Your whole look is tied in with that color It makes a HUGE difference Now, I’m taking a small brush And from this palette, we’ll use this color Now, we’ll apply it here in V-shape There we go So pretty And then blend again Blend it one more time Now I am applying the same color I applied on the lid again, because I feel it has lightened a bit That’s why I’m applying it again I am just dabbing it on top Yeah, makes a HUGE difference And also if you think it looks flat and not bright enough, you can add shimmer too from the same palette, the color above it, has a little bit of shimmer in it I am applying it for you to see This color, right here Okay You have to pat it like this That looks good Now we’ll blend it again Now I am using translucent powder

This is a Morphe Angled Brush We’ll apply it here like this to get a clear line Like so See, how much difference it made! These little things in makeup can change and enhance your look If you’re wondering why I haven’t applied any color on the brow bone then generally, the color I applied on the lid can be used for the brow bone as well In fact, I’m going to apply it Like so Let me give you a few tips: to make this look a bit darker you can use this brown color or the one reddish brick color next to it it will make it deeper But I am happy with it for now since I am creating my favorite look, the one I mostly wear Okay, now we’ll work on the lower lashes and the eyeliner and mascara For the lower lash, I am using this color with a flat Morphe Brush And apply it along the lash line And then with the same Morphe — Oh! you know what? I just remembered! Yes, good! These brushes that I am using are also included in the giveaway I didn’t remember It just occured to me that this is included I use these brushes in my tutorials MOSTLY You can use these too and learn to recreate these looks by watching my tutorials I suddenly felt happy because i know you beauties often say that you don’t have these brushes So I am trying to be able to give them out to you Now with this pencil brush I think I am going to use this red color And apply it here I have applied it VERY lightly This is another Morphe brush, M139 And I am using it to blend And then with this Morphe JH39 pencil brush, I am applying brown color onto the lower lashes It will create a dark smokey depth See, makes SUCH a big difference Then using the brush that we used earlier, to blend it now I think I’ll just do my eyeliner and mascara off camera and then I’ll be right back Although, I intended on doing my mascara off camera, but then I decided to show you the new Huda Beauty Mascara ”LEGIT LASHES” and try it on camera So let’s give it a try, on camera So first, OFF COURSE, we’ll use eyelash primer I am doing so Now, wait for 5 seconds By the way, I tried it last night to check it’s finishing and the one thing I wish they had done is mentioning which one would go first Because on one side it says CURL & LENGTH, and VOLUME on the other So, it would have been nice if they had mentioned step 1 and step 2 on either side, so that you are aware I am starting off with CURL & LENGTH And the other thing I wish they had done is that it was in round shape rather than diamond

Because I like to roll my mascara like this But because it’s in a diamond shape, it’s hard to do so And the reason why I do this is because I start from the base and roll it all the way forward This lengthens the lashes and gives a nice look When you start from the base your lash band will automatically look thicker Like it does with fake eyelashes Okay, now we’ll wait for 5 seconds and then step 2: VOLUME I have started contour I have a seperate video for that I’ll link it here or in the description box Adding contour here would make this video lengthy So, I think I better skip it on-camera and I’ll see you when it’s done All right! So the contour and bronzer are done Now it’s time for the highlighter And I am using Hour Glass in the color Champagne Flash With a MAC M59 brush You can use any brush I want light highlight, not too much And for that, this is a good option And now chin highlight We’re just blending it out I have this Anastasia Beverly Hills Ambrezy Highlighter And it’s a really nice gold highlighter I am using a Morphe Brush for this You can use any highlighter You can use Maybelline’s In fact there’s a Maybelline highlighter that I could have used but I forgot Okay, so I am just gonna take and put it on my brush and STIPPLE it through This is stipple, like patting motion Looks good It’s a really pretty highlighter Okay then time for a blush I am starting off with a cream blush I think I have taken too much on the brush Now I am using this soft peach blush And it is actually a very PRETTY blush, it’s called Ecstasy And this is by Charlotte Tilbury So if you have a similar color you can use that. This is a soft peach color Using a Morphe brush for this I’ve taken too much, so I am wiping it off with a napkin Okay, and then circular motions So, I have a question for you all What other kind of content would you like to see on my channel? Do let me know Would you like to learn more about makeup? Or would you like to see the U.S? Do let me know Because I’m planning about content So I DEFINITELY want to create content you beauties want to see Along with makeup related stuff that I want to teach So do let me know Okay, that looks good! So, this is done! Now I’ll just do the lipstick I am setting my makeup with this MAC Cosmetics setting spray This is a travel size and I am just trying to finish this because I have four like this I don’t know why I bought so many [laughs] So I am just trying to finish this

OH! THE DEWINESS! Looks so dewy, so pretty and glowy Now I’ll just do my Lips and then we’re done I am using MAC lip liner, this is a pinkish shade I can’t pronounce its name: Staunchly Stylish I think I am pronouncing it wrong Now, this is LA Girl in the colour Enduring Mauve Using my ring finger to blend them together This gives such a nice, like natural color This is a pinkish color Like this I am trying this Yeah! I like that kind Using my ring finger to blend it I just want a hint of this color, not too deep Kind of like the lip stain Now we’ll just apply lip gloss on top And this is Gold lip gloss Oh! I just remembered that this actually plums the lips And that’s why it’s wand looks like this Like that! Okay! Now I’ll just put on my earrings and do my hair and then I’ll be right back Okay my BEAUTIFUL LOVES, now I am completely ready I am done setting my hair I have my earrings on These are small earrings And our look is complete I hope that you liked it as MUCH as I do This is my all-time favorite – For now at least – It’s my all-time favorite makeup/hair look And this makeup is appropriate if you’re going somewhere for the first time If you’re meeting someone for the first time and you’re confused about makeup, you can definitely do this look It’s VERY appropriate It’s not too much, and not too less It’s just in the middle And the hairstyle that I have done along with this, it’s wavy hairstyle I’ve added waves in it I did this using a curling iron, with a waver actually I really like this kind of hairstyle It’s VERY nice! It gives a very beachy vibe So I hope you liked it just as much as I do Before you leave please subscribe and turn on the bell notification, so you’re notified every time I’ve uploaded a new video Because EVERYONE deserves to look beautiful! See you in the next video, Till then, take a very good care of yourself And I love you beauties SO MUCH! Bye!