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hi everyone and welcome to my channel thank you so much for tuning in today I am back with a monthly favourites video and this one is for the month of June I’ve made a few discoveries and there’s lots of fashion favorites in this one so I hope you stay tuned to what what I’ve been loving throughout the month of June but before that don’t forget to hit that subscribe button I upload a new video every week and also don’t forget to check out to my Instagram so we’re gonna start everything off with Skincare’s have a bit of a change in this video and I firstly want to talk to you about a very recent discovery which has been this eye serum by a brand called pure from the brand or fika I’ve never actually tried this product before and it was actually sent to me and I have to say I am so impressed with the results if you don’t know about it or fika is a brand that works with mostly natural skin care products so they do everything based on like plants and basically they’re inspired from nature and most of the stuff that uses like plant extracts and natural oils and that’s how they make all the products they do you have quite a few products for around the eyes so like an eye serum which is this one they also have like something for your brows for your eyelashes and then they have a few masks night cream and a few other products I will link their website down below and I will be back here on the screen now because to go and check it out I’ve only tried this product so far but I have been so so impressed with the results the serum comes in this little bottle but actually you need a very very little amount of product every time you use it so a little bit definitely goes a long way and they say that this bottle can last you up to three months and I can definitely believe it because I’ve been using it for about a month and I would say very used about this much it’s a little bit hard to tell and you have to tell from the weight because the bottle is opaque but I love the fact that it has this little pipette applicator cause it’s so easy and the product comes out like a kind of very light cream product and it melts really easily into the eyes they suggest applying it kind of massaging outwards here and massaging outwards on the top of your lid and basically what this is meant to do is it’s meant to target kind of fine lines improve the firmness of your skin reduce puffiness and reduce darkness for me as you guys know if you’ve been watching this channel for a while I don’t really have a lot of puffiness under my eyes but I do have a lot lot lot of darkness and I’m always kind of looking for products that are gonna reduce this I use in the daytime at the triple aid cream which I absolutely love because that has a little bit of a salmon tint to it and it really kind of helps to brighten that under-eye area but this one is a night product and what I do with this one is it actually targets the darkness to make it actually naturally go away so it doesn’t really cover it but it really kind of it’s treating and I have to say I’ve noticed a huge difference you do you have to be consistent and you have to use it every single night like I said I’ve been using it for about a month and I have noticed that slowly but surely that darkness is improving my darkness is a little bit because of genetics as well so it’s never gonna go completely but I have to say I have seen it fade this one basically what it does is it hydrates the skin a lot it really kind of helps moisturize that area but it doesn’t leave your skin feeling kind of oily or greasy which I really like because I am prone to breakouts and I like the fact that the textures really light because it just kind of absorbs really really quickly and I love it as a nighttime product I also really love the packaging although I don’t like the fact that you can’t see how much product you have left but I like I think that clinical packaging makes it look very nice and something that I would like to keep in my vanity as well I also have to say that I love the fact that it’s really good on sensitive skin my skin is really really sensitive and this hasn’t reactivated my skin it hasn’t made it red it hasn’t make it kind of break out or get like any weird kind of rashes which sometimes has happened without creams just because this area is so so sensitive I’m gonna show you a little bit what the ingredients in this product basically I’m looking at my friend here because there’s so many things but basically it has an abyss Ian or Abyssinian oil which basically helps with the hydration and it helps kind of smooth it out your skin and then it has sodium highly Ronit which strengthens the hydro lipid barrier and it has algate extract orange extract and pomegranate extracts which are all really good to kind of stop oxidizing in that area and that’s what actually makes your skin tone improve and kind of even it out so I’m really impressed with this product if you do suffer from under-eye puffiness and darkness I would definitely suggest you go and check it out and I’m excited to try other products from the brand especially the stuff their brows I’ve been using the brow bar oil on my brows and I have seen the difference but not a huge difference and they have something from brow growth so definitely excited to try that one out next up is another skincare product and it’s a face oil I’ve been recently very much into face oils as you guys know and when I discovered the Clarins face oil it totally revolutionized my life and now I’ve tried this one from Sunday Riley I tried from Sunday Riley her Saturn mask which is like a medicated

acne and recently my skin has been horrible I wax around this area of my face and I have gotten really really really bad breakouts this last time like literally it was a very severe breakout of acne on both sides of my face so I was desperate to find something that would help and I have to say this as helped loads this is the UFO ultra clarifying face oil by Sunday Riley and I love the packaging it comes in this beautiful box and then you’ve got the oil inside I have to say it is a pretty expensive product but most of Sunday royalty products are but the results have been amazing this one is basically a face oil but it’s actually for acne prone skin and it’s meant to treat acne it is a little bit drying and a little bit kind of harsh on the skin so I wouldn’t use it all over my face I kind of was using it as a spot treatment on the areas where I needed it so I was kind of patting it on around here and you can use it around your whole face if you are very very acne prone everywhere but because I have combination skin and it is really sensitive and dry around here I mean if I used it once nothing happened but I if I used it every night my skin would tend to go a little flaky and just dry out a little bit so I was only using in the areas where I needed it but I have been using it every night and I have to say it’s worked really really well I never thought I would use an oil to treat acne but I have to say the results have been so impressive basically this is meant to like prevent blackheads and it has a 1.5 percent of salicylic acid and it’s a medicated dry oil which is meant to clear congested pores and it also has tea tree oil and black cumin and I have to say because it is an oil it doesn’t leave your skin feeling so stripped as some kind of screams that I’ve used to treat acne so the oil hydrates it a little bit but at the same time it has all these kind of tea tree oil and all these other products like salicylic acid which are going to kind of cleanse your pores and leave a really clean so I love the fact that it comes with a little pipette applicator the texture is a pretty runny because it’s a dry oil it just it absorbs really quickly into the skin as well which I like it doesn’t kind of stain anything it does have a green tint of it but when you apply it on your skin it doesn’t really have that tint anymore but I have to say the smell is not the most pleasant it smells a little bit medicinal it does smell like kind of things with plant extracts and smells a little like grass actually so the smell is not the best but I have to say because it’s worked so well I love using it every night and just kind of patting it on I would say I would only use this one I actually need it like if my skin is completely clear I might use it once a week just to kind of prevent blackheads like around my nose area but because I’ve had so many breakouts I have been using it every single night the oil also has chamomile extract which is really good to kind of soothe your skin I use the chamomile water as a toner and this works really well when you have kind of acne prone skin and when your skin is really kind of aggravated just because it kind of helps it calm down and it turns down the redness so this definitely has helped together with my light therapy mask which I’ve spoke about in my last favorites video and which I’ve been using religiously every night from Neutrogena if you haven’t seen that I’ll link the video on the screen now so you guys can have a watch and also with my chamomile water turnout which I’ve been using for a long time now and by the way guys I’m doing a updated skin care routine which I don’t have it’ll be on the channel now but if it isn’t stay tuned for it and I will link the video on the screen now so you guys can go and have a watch next up another face oil and this is the banish oil which I’ve been using a non-stop I think I featured this in my last favorites video but I’ve just been using it so so much that I want to talk about it again again this will be featured in my evening skin care routine but basically this is a vitamin C oil which is really hydrating but it’s actually meant for acne prone skin so what I’ve been doing is I’ve been using this one on the areas of my face where I’ve not been using the other UFO oil from a Sunday Riley and I use this one as maintenance I literally use this one every single night when I’m not using the other one as well just because it’s really hydrating but it’s not greasy at all again it’s a very kind of liquid oil it comes in this pipette and it literally feels like water it absorbs into the skin really quickly it’s a dry oil so it doesn’t feel greasy or anything on your skin when I do need a bit more hydration on this area where I’m really sensitive I still use my Clarins blue can oil which is specific for dehydrated skin and I sort of Pat it onto this area but I’m using this one all over my face and I really like it because it doesn’t leave my skin greasy but at the same time it really hydrates it and it’s also helping with like acne pigmentation that I have from old acne marks so def winner and it’s not that expensive I will link all their details down below but I’m on my way to purchase my second one because I’m almost run out of this one finally for skincare our products that I’ve talked about a million times before but I’ve rediscovered it and it is the Omani prima glow on moisturizing balm basically I’ve been using the magic queen by Charlotte Tilbury because I couldn’t find this one anywhere and I have to say I really like that one because it’s very plumping but this one just gives you the most beautiful glow because I have oily skin I find this once it’s a little bit better under makeup for me because it doesn’t kind of make my skin so kind of glowy and a

little bit oily I would say which the other one does I have to say the magic cream doesn’t break me out but this one just gives me like a really beautiful glow but without making my skin greasy at all makeup guides on like a dream and it lasts on the whole day this cream is actually specially formulated to be worn under makeup it doesn’t have any SPF so you get new flashback and foundation my primer just goes on so so nicely on top of this one and it does make my makeup last longer which I really really like it is very hydrating but it has some kind of property it just makes your foundation stay put for the whole day and now that it’s been a little bit warmer in London I definitely need it up next up a little bit of makeup and the first product I want to talk to you about is NARS orgasm blush this is not a new product and I have had it for a while but I have to admit when I first bought it I didn’t really use it all that much and but I have to say the last few months I’ve just been loving this one I featured it in a recent makeup tutorial that I did which was a sunset kind of really summery eye I will link that video on the screen now so you guys can have a watch if you haven’t seen it but basically it’s a beautiful sort of peachy coral E blush with a little bit of a pink undertone to it and then it has a beautiful kind of golden glitter shimmer running through it the glitter is really really small it’s very very finely milled so it’s hardly detectable on the skin but it just gives you a really beautiful glow and now that I’m a little bit more bronzed and I’ve been using my San Tropez summer glow I have to say this color just look so nice and recently I’ve been going for a very very light makeup look I’ve been going for kind of a lot less eyeliner on the bottom my eyes I don’t know if the cameras picking that up because I use mascara and sometimes in the with the mascara it can look like I’m wearing eyeliner underneath as well but I’m going for a very kind of bare nude eye on the bottom lashes and very light eyeshadow I’m not going for such kind of heavy eyes shadow looks I’m really liking this light to look for the summer and this blush just complements my makeup so so well and I love that kind of glow it gives you it almost makes you feel like you’re only a highlighter because you already get such a beautiful kind of peachy glow on your cheek so I’ve definitely been loving this one very finely milled and super long-lasting moving out on to eyes and like I was saying I’m going for a much lighter makeup look and I would always go for a brown eyeliner in my bottom lash line so and also in the bottom waterline but recently I’ve been loving this one which I got a while ago but I hadn’t used it so much it’s from Barry M and it’s that cold pencil and it’s like a bronzy shade sorry it’s kind of almost completely out I need to sharpen that but it’s a beautiful bronzy color and I find that it looks so nice on my skintone because I’m a little bit kind of malt and I feel like it doesn’t show up as much and it just looks like it is a little hint of kind of glow in the inside of my waterline I find that when I use kind of beige or white it just looks too stark again my skin so this one looks almost the same color as my skin but just with a little bit of a glow it brightens my eyes but at the same time it leaves them re– kind of bare and just a bit more summery and a little bit lighter than the looks I go from in the summer it’s really long lasting it stays really well put in the waterline so I’m really loving this one and finally for lips guys this one which I’ve already mentioned before it’s the Victoria Beckham by an Estee Lauder collaboration and it’s the lip liner in the color Victoria and I absolutely love this one I feel like it’s really nice with kind of mutual lipstick colors it’s basically you will lips but a little bit darker so I like to use this either all over my lips or just to line the edges just even if I’m wearing like a lip balm I feel like this gives it like a nice base because my outline around here is not very defined so with a little bit of this and then kind of a lip gloss or a lip balm anything on top just looks great so if you want a neutral lip pencil I think this one is discontinued but the Baldy bear one from Mac is a really really good tube for this one and it’s a great kind of neutral lip pencil next up is a lipstick it’s actually one I’ve never used before but I got this one from Sigma I love their brushes but I’d never actually tried any of their makeup products and this one is in the color in spades and it’s such a beautiful kind of nudie pinky color it’s a little bit similar to mine ours Anita but this one is a little bit more peachy and I really like it it’s like a nudie peachy brownie color just basically your lips but better I love the fact that it’s super super hydrating the packaging is gorgeous and for the price is really good I love that it says Sigma hair on the bullet it’s very very nice I’ve only just started using it but I’ve used it so much in the last few days that I wanted to feature this in the video also from Sigma I got this thing to clean my brushes I’ve been after one of these for a long long long time I used to use this small one that comes with the soap of the Beauty Blender but that one’s really small and it hardly has any elevation so I really want to get this matte and basically if you’ve never used one of these what it is is you basically I love this one because you can just attach it to your sink you just kind of it just goes on with like a bent on the sink and then you can just use it there I have it on a firm base and then you can just scrub your brushes on this and then rinse them out basically what I do is I put shampoo on the brushes wet them

clean them all up and then just open the water and just use this texture as well just to kind of rub the brush and get all the soap out and I find it just cleans your brushes so much better than if you’re doing it with your hand it has a different kind of patterns to use for different brushes I think this one’s meant to be for the face brushes this smaller one is meant to be for the eye brushes but to be honest I just kind of swirl them around everywhere I just find X scrubbing them against this kind of saves you some energy with your hands and it also cleans them a lot better also from Sigma a few new brush discoveries I’ve made I ordered a bunch of brushes and this one is a one up there like a big ones I think it’s meant to be like a blush brush but I actually use it to kind of pop on a little bit of bronzer basically what I do is I don’t turn my face even though I tan my body because I’m really into my center perfect tan right now but what I do is with this one I just once I finished my makeup and I’ve used setting spray and everything I just pop this into my bronzing powder and then I just dust it all over my face and this just gives me a little bit more of a tanned look to my face it’s not meant to be for contouring or anything it’s just literally to change the shade of my face and I find this brush is really nice because it’s got like a dome shape but it’s very very very soft and then it has kind of very loosely packed bristles so it just gives you a very very light dusting and it just kind of gives you that dustin without kind of leaving kind of blotchy bits of bronzer anywhere I also really love this one of applying it on the body so I like to apply a little bit of bronzer around this equality area or even a little bit of highlighter down the center of my legs and the center of my arms if I’m gonna be going out at night or even on the shoulder area and I find this one just leaves a very light dusting so you can use it for highlighter as well and it’s very easy and because it’s quite big it’s really good for the body because it just kind of applies it seamlessly over a large area so I really love this one and I have to say Sigma brushes have improved so much since I first tried them I think about ten years ago but the quality is just amazing they don’t shed at all and they’re so so soft so yeah really been loving this one and finally from the same collection which by the way is this rose gold collection which is so beautiful I have the eye shading a 55 brush and I’ve really been liking this one again super soft and I’ve been using this one to kind of smudge my eyeshadow very lightly on my lower lash line like I told you I’ve been going for a lighter look and I’ve been using kind of my nudie kind of eyeshadows so anything that I use on the crease or like a bronzer shade and I’ve just been done of dusting it here and using a pencil brush which is what I was using give you a more defined finish but this one because it’s a little bit more loosely packed but at the same time it’s kind of very narrow and straight it’s good to apply on such a small area like here but because the bristles are a little bit more loosely packed to get a lighter finish than you do with a pencil brush so we’ve been liking this one as well moving now on to fashion favorites the first one I want to talk about is this top which I got from lovely pepper collection so she is actually a blogger and youtuber as well and she has her own fashion range so we’ll link all the details down below and I was very hesitant to get stuff from her just because you know when it’s a brand that I don’t know and they only have an online presence I’m always very worried because I don’t know what the materials gonna be like what the quality is gonna be like but I have to say I am so impressed the quality is amazing for the price I expected it to be a lot less petal quality but I love this top it’s got like a really beautiful frill around here I think I’m gonna get so much wear I did but I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I got out I took it to India and I was wearing it so much I think it looks great with like jeans it looks great with shorts and all sort of looks really nice with like Chino trousers or like a high-waisted skirt I think it’s really nice and you can also kind of leave it out if you don’t want to tuck it in because it’s really kind of beautiful and flowy the material is very thin but at the same time it’s not transparent so it looks really nice I love the Bardot detail the elastic here feels really good quality it still gives you mobility but it also kind of stays put and I love the fact that it has a double throw because that means that if you don’t want to wear a bra you don’t need to worry because it’s not transparent at all and because it’s really flowy you wouldn’t be able to tell so yeah I really like it I like the little detail around here I think it just makes it look even more expensive than it actually is but yeah I think I’ve been so impressed with the quality I ordered a few of the items from her website and the prices has been really good I’ve got my items in four days which is what they promised customer service is really good I had a few queries and the respondent really quickly and also their returns process is really simple and for European shipping is free so yeah I have to say I am so impressed and I love the look of all the outfit she wears on her blog and a lot of the stuff is from her own brand but now that I’ve tried it once I’m sure I’m gonna be ordering a lot more from her next up is another item from the lovely pepper range and you can’t really see it very well here but I’m gonna insert a clip but this is basically like a really basic kind of cotton sort of t-shirt sort of strap dress I actually wore this for the first time when I was out in India and I have to say it was so nice because the cotton is so nice it’s so smooth and a very very light fabric but at the same time it just kind of clings on to the right places the fabric is really smooth a very soft but it does feel very good quality it’s not kind of

a flimsy cotton it holds on to the right places it doesn’t kind of accentuate any kind of lumps or bumps which I have a fear with any of these kind of body fitted dresses it’s not too fitted which is nice for the summer because it doesn’t feel kind of too heavy and it feels a little bit kind of more daylight as well I feel like you could style this up in so many ways you could wear it with a t-shirt underneath you could wear it with a blazer over the top with Ag layer over the top you can just wear it by itself and I love the slit down the front I think it looks very sexy but at the same time very day where appropriate because it’s a little bit longer it’s kind of that midi-length which is so in right now and I think the straps are really really nice you can’t regulate them so that’s a little bit annoying but they are a little stretchy so I feel that it could fit a few different body types and yeah I just love the silhouette of this dress and I think I’m gonna wear it so much over a lot of summers and finally for my last fashion favorite are these a quiz or flats which I’ve had my eye on for so long and I was thinking about them in so many videos but I finally took the plunge and purchase them I decided to go for the suede in this dark green color just because I was gonna go for the black but in summer I think black can be a little bit too harsh and with most of my outfits this color would go because it’s pretty dark and most of my outfits are neutral it goes really well with beige with white with kind of denim jeans so I think I would kind of go with most things in my wardrobe so I decided to go for this one they are in suede and then they have this puff here that in the inside it’s all leather and then I love this little gold detail around at the back they are really really flat but I find that I can wear them with dresses and with like midi-length stuff which I wasn’t usually a fan of which wear with flats because they’re very pointy and they really kind of streamline your silhouette they do go quite high up on the foot but I still think they look really nice and that’s actually what makes them really really comfortable Maceo weathers in the summer so that’s why I thought something neutral but still lighter would be good because in winter it’s just a bit too cold in London to wear kind of anything that’s kind of open on the back the inside is actually all leather but I’ve stuck these suede insoles inside which I will link down below if I can find them because if you suffer from hyperhidrosis these are honestly a live Savior I got this shipped from the US and they were a little bit expensive for insoles but they are honestly worth the money they last for quite a long time and basically they are meant to absorb any moisture on your feet and they are so so comfortable so if you suffer from a problem like mine these definitely make wearing shoes without socks a lot more comfortable during the summer and yeah I’ve just been wearing these loads I love the fact that you can just kind of slip your feet into them and then you’re ready to go out so very comfortable and a great great shoe for the summer so that’s everything from me guys I hope you enjoyed watching my monthly favorites do let me know down in the comments below what was your favorite outfit on this vlog and also let me know when you’ve been loving it throughout the month of June you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell button and also don’t forget to check out my Instagram and I’ll see you in my next video thank you so much for watching bye