How To Leg Ride

of course same position because if you can’t stay in position you you won’t score anything actually it’s really dangerous so what I learned is it’s got to feel weird somebody wants to go off to the side and that is a formal writing but from my experience it’s not it doesn’t fit me I don’t really do it very well but uh I learned to stay on top and so did dug out it feels really weird just not and if you can see turn a little bit Kelly’s got that ankle kind of splayed out this keeps me hanging on to this I feel like a little bit whatever I want it’s not a danger this keeps me up right people try to hook this other leg right here that’s just throwing me back onto my hair so I never with this leg this should be enough to keep you on top and she’ll literally feel like you just type in ahead and another the most important thing all your ideas tips there’s a big difference between this and then right so you see how Kelly up there again okay I’ll just kind of popping popping her hips and do that again popping her hips in on that power half as opposed to just try not muscle it use your strength use your power press is a lot about your hips and this is definitely one of those things to do if you don’t have you can take it anywhere so just and eventually this has gonna give up because it really hurts this right in their back and and as you’re popping that hip in you’re also splaying that ankle out a way to to kind of stretch them even more yes so paying attention to what’s popping in yeah right here that’s kind of splayed out okay don’t you I’ll talk about your focus again you essentially want your hips parallel to theirs right on top this is where you’ll get the most pressure the way they can get in trouble with like riding is when the pressure falls off of their edge in other words your hips fall out of position so the most common ways that admins is when you fall off inside pressure has not been taken off there it is remover airborne another common way is when it gets too hot like your leg riding from up here that has been taken off her hips good way to keep positioning on top a lot of kids try this like riding all the way like stuff right through you’re naturally getting yourself back after a good leg right your leg isn’t too far snake and honestly my leg is barely in and right here I have a whole lot on your lips there’s even a little bit of space there behind done yells me and Callie’s thigh right here my leg is it too far snake did but it’s not coming out and this where I am a post pressure is my hinge are once again right on top and you see if done Yelp doing what Kelly did earlier a spot on the other side of the library playing that foot out and creating pressure against the joint of the knee okay so now what we’re putting the focus back on is a good position when there’s a little bit of scrambling going on the bottom person is trying to move whether they’re trying to sit to their hip or come up or whatever an important set that the hip stayed tight on top Kali tries to stay elevated tries to tries to stay off her hip as much as possible but her saving grace now is that her hips are still tight she’s tight to the hips so even sometimes when you end up on your butt if you’re staying tight

you’ve got good hooks whether you’re under the arms or working on power half or straight half you so we’re now in that whole series what you should have been seeing is Darnell’s hips big up on top of mine and even when even though at times you can’t help but end up being on your butt on side of your hip it’s that tightness that keeps you in the dominant position I mean it’s cliche we nobody’s perfect when your hips are naturally going to get out of position but it’s about readjusting see where look down and make sure that your hips get back up and see how silk tight this is yet and when he’s looking for hooks there’s got a little bit of leg hook there but he’s tight here to that there was something like all this spacing everything is yeah you can’t just cuz you gotta keep your hips together also music that like doesn’t mean you can let your upper body get away – you got a key right you gotta be like a sticky booger yeah really got spider monkey or something hey you are you’re a glint your chest is right up on their back you so what we’re showing here is just the entry the foundation of leg riding which is getting legs in and talking about positioning and you’re going to see there’s multiple ways to get legs in once the leg is in the important most important part is staying tight to the hips and staying up high so that you’re not sliding off off the hip so you want to stay up on on top of the hips another good way to get legs again right off the missile most guys will go right first and up when you stop that is you chop the arm that they’re breaking out with so as Callie goes up first and up yeah so you see dung out there is throwing the leg in on the backside stopping that initial stand up and then jump inside a little bit and doing the leg in on the opposite side that he started riding and again notice how the hips are are up up high hips on hips not sliding down you never you never want to be having your hips and butt sliding down towards the mat staying up high with the hips is you break up down let them come back up because they leave yourself wide open that’s a good time to throw in so it can definitely happen in the flow of wrestling and again Kelly’s last one there was do that again Kali so breakdown happens bottom wrestler comes back up there’s a window that opens up for the hips for the leg to go in bottom guy goes down to his hip because of that spiral ride and then the far side opens up to throw legs in so she’s gonna spiral a ride you see the leg kind of knee come up not space in there for the leg there’s not really like one single move you goes to be hidden hips and it should be like just like around all yes to do is find that opening so you just keep moving around keep bumping forward okay what we’re going to show now we’ve kind of seen a little bit before but didn’t

necessarily talk about it is what Callie’s going to be looking to do is try she’s going to be putting in legs whenever dong yowls knees and elbows are fairly far apart if his gonna put your elbow down towards his knee and elbow are close together he’s defending that well so Kelly’s got to get that opened up he’s got to get she’s got to get space in there I soon as there’s some space in there that’s when the legs come in that’s off that spiral again you can see the knee and the elbe are relatively far apart or space is created and again keep getting the hips back up your hips your butt never want to be on the mat you want his down on the mat you do not want your own down on the mat sit stay high the main point is to have your hips always against theirs as soon as you get that separation here in trouble yep tight to the hips tight and up tight and up tighten up okay next we’ll go to finishes okay so what we’re going to show here is a couple of breakdowns after the legs are in so we’ve got good position now we’re just going to brick the person flat to the map okay so Dungey out goes to a tripod position Kali throws the other leg again notice the hips are tight yet and popping kind of at the elbows yeah and when you get out there and do that you’re going to feel varying levels of you know resistance she’ll cut some variations off of that so it’s either popping or grabbing the wrist yeah whatever you’re going to be able to do to get those arms knock him off his base those arms aren’t supporting him as I tripod it up Kali have really good pressure in with her hips honestly before she even popped me at my elbows easy thing would to do which spent up get broken down because it’s talking down there but what she pops at my elbows there’s not much you can do to stay up on this one again recording yeah so hips my hips are up high and tight and what I’m trying to create is like a 45 degree angle in here not at 90 that more at 45 right in here and I’m shooting across using my off foot to push and leg that’s hooked is just going to stay hooked and shoot across the country house handy so across crossface ahead at the same time and then from here you know good Russell is going to be back out but not you’ve got that the breakdown here sure from facing us so I can see that catching across face so there’s an angular motion here so leg is in then and I’d like to look right here is on us you know you can keep those hips up high so shooting across and then catching a face at the same time shoot across and catch the face Hey there you go so this is his legs going back to the crossbody so shooting across and when Darnell comes back if I can’t catch him here on his back and he comes back I’ve got the leg in that come right to the power half and now I’m going to get off the legs just finish half Josh left inside because it’s hard to see the like but what you’re doing legs so crossbody is just the break down shoot across he’s he’s a good wrestler and goes right back to his stomach I’ve got him broken down so now I just come up on the back of the neck hit that polar half here and now jump off and finish nice and perpendicular all right good thing to do is extend them right here you can grab right here push this out and just because the farther out of the base gets while you’re riding on illustrious live right here you can I have a turn okay so paying attention to dumb yells the

nearside leg and his far side arm hand as you have this leg in with her far ankle foot reach with your arm the same arm that you have your leg in so for my case it’s my right leg and my right arm reach inside of her right armpit and then the way you’re gonna be stretching her is in these directions this act will going that way and this arm going that way as you’re doing that keep pressure in with your hips and she’s naturally going it broken down okay.what dungey I was going to show here you’re going to see his right leg hooking Callie’s right leg his left on her right and he’s kind of scooping it and he’s going to bring it up over the top of his own leg so he gets that leg right in there again go do that again so Dungey I was left leg on Callie’s right leg and he’s going to pick it up and slide it kind of over his right leg and right leg kind of goes underneath now he’s got it crossbody here keep that leg him and keep it elevated so you have pulling room and you just quit your right or left me behind there but and then hook your other leg over put your foot over your knee hits I guess when we put figure-four from bone leg take your form like on your own kneecap the tighter you have it the better and the higher yes you know it’s a way up here I’ll pop I don’t want it sliding down on my knee up in there jam it up you have more leverage the high end up so you don’t want it down here you’re not a little is really turn than that once I hit it up by their hips so your hips are touching and you want the sink tight your ankles monks you want your knee pit in your foot hooks so then emotionally I’m going to go is in and over at the same time so you really got throwing your hips and you got pretty much just one other this guy before you do that Kelly um I again just to make sure that that that was heard when Kelly’s figure four in her own leg her foot is above her knee she doesn’t want it to slide down to her calf she wants it at the knee or above sometimes you can even block this elbow so you can’t post out but as your hipping over really hard to catch his face and doing ask for a space and then football it like this keep your legs tight you don’t let that loose and just squeeze and keep throwing your hips in and a lot of times you can’t pendulum here so you can get your five back points then you can try to go this route which is the over hooking arm and throw down Matt the heart is right here looks like he Internet’s me but you really can’t if you put the pressure yeah put that pressure right back in as soon as you steal and starting to come up a little bit that way and then when I’m football in his head like I said before I kind of forgot some of this you it’s easy to fall right here at first but make sure right away you’re back up here your stomach’s should almost be completely on the mat so you don’t want to be blame on him no spooning right there all right my favorite room this is pretty much the only thing I did was the power half to do that yet right here you have a really tough you go right here and you just crank in the farther out you can get your elbow like the closer you can get your elbow to there’s better it’s gonna be zoom here he’s using a lot of these muscles that’s harder but when you get it down here it’s uncomfortable for him it’s a little bit harder to resist with the smartest just his shoulder muscle so here here and there’s one cool and I can point this up and then the key to this is throwing the hips so now again this is this is really important that Kelly keep her hips up high because she is going down to side of her hip so she’s

got to keep those hips up enticing and I like to throw this other wagon yeah if you can get that other boot in turning if I leave it up here he can turn in soon and I’m still in good position but it’s not something that I could have gotten points off over very good so I showed you how I get them down and once you get them down and also I don’t push off this leg I throw my hips right into their back right in their spine like kind of sideways fine it’s going to feel like it’s going to break so that was very important that’s what I do throw another leg once you have this other leg there’s a first one to get your back points don’t go from the pen right away so what I do is I let go of this hand kind of leave it under like that and hold on to this one but that could be some people don’t like that I think it’s dangerous so I think is keep this right here the one that you were using to push down the hood keep it right there across your face and go like that like it pulls in for a camera and just push away just there ball here yes they found pretty much so once you get your five back points you can loop it in right here keep your hips tight this takes a little bit of practice in the feels weird but kind of just like slowly it’s not one fast movement it’s slowly scooting on top if you try to do it really fast you’re probably going to create too much space and you really gotta stay tight when you’re doing that otherwise they can slip out or turn you with the power half it’s a good combination of loosening up and then tightening up and then as you’re settling that’s when you’re going to get the most Falls is by slowly settling in yeah I think it’s like some other printing combinations it’s there’s there’s a justment within the pinning combination how it starts – how it finishes it can be very different but the idea is the same you know so it’s it’s a half power half but you might slide off the hips to get perpendicular or you may get your body more angular so there’s there’s some adjustment within from beginning to end okay so done yells power doing power half also but it’s going to look a little different and accent the differences Kali’s power half or off to one side while mine takes you more at a 45-degree angle the way I do that is once you have this lever another important thing is a lot of leg riders will try and this power have to hook at their own head and right here I mean you’re not going to slip off but you’re not putting too much pressure the way you add that extra pressure is by looking at your forearm is then you can really crank your neck down um one thing that I really like doing with my power hat is with this like in Drive off the bat towards one side because that’s where you’re going to get a lot of pressure on our shoulder with my finish I like to throw this other leg in then finish off and you notice there in that I’m going to have done you know do that again and you notice there the adjustment that Dungey I’ll makes which is what C goes to the mat he brings the tips back up again readjusts and gets up on top of Callie’s body to be in a little bit more advantageous and dominant position so once again hooking her left ankle and my leg hooking at your own for our driving off of this glut and now slides just broken down throw the other leg in get your hitch back on top hips back up and even bigger fall not figure-four but not figure-four he’s our this is one all the way a lot of kids get in trouble by going too far over the top is most hotly for this power half this power app isn’t so much taken over the top as is beside which try to kick it over the top

another move that’s real simple but real effective is just a cross face cradle with the legs in so essentially all it is I’m looking behind the knee while I have her ankle hooked so that she can’t post her ankle back and get her knee away from her face because that’s when crank cradles can’t happen is when the knee and I had our together so blocking on behind the knee would this mic hooked one of your crossfit is locking and then with this cradle you can finish it in essentially every direction my favorite way is taking it backwards again with the cradle looking up her left ankle locking up at her knee hitting your cross face looking right here another important thing about the cradle that a lot of kids mess up on the part where your elbow bends should be where her knee and her head is at a lot of kids will think that just because this is locked that the cradle is good well sometimes they can be too deep this direction where the bend to this elbow this hole is that almost your shoulder in which case she’s not going anywhere because you don’t have any power there and sometimes a lot of kids will try to cradle with the bendy part of your elbow at almost her hip in which case she’s not going anywhere yeah and you’re sliding off that’s your elbow and her head and underneath okay so dead looking at young gals feet along with the again good position in the parking this ankle block the knee in your cross phase an issue for backwards time another finish to the cradle that’s a little bit unorthodox but can really work well is when you’re trying to crank her down and this hip but she’s being strong which case she’s not going down in this case she’s probably playing her pressure in this direction so that you can’t take her that way then dive through and then roll her over the top of your own body it’s called a suicide cradle kind of like submarines underneath it doesn’t have a name I call it the banana chain label so all right name this is nuts I’ve got touching back all these hits what you want to do is hook up their arm just like with your guillotine and this ride with your leg in and this arm folk is called a guillotine ride and then what you want to do is start taking them back for the 18 but a lot of kids will know how to defend in which case they’ll tuck this arm this hand into their crotch so that you can’t put it over your head all you want to do here is reach underneath their crotch behind the back side with your free arm start tilting them back this way as your tilt in the back they’ll be putting pressure on their shoulder which case as you’re talking the back die through of the top for your backwards yeah restrictions ah so again hooking this arm with your guillotine ride if he knows how to defend against the guillotine he’ll be tucking his hand into his own crotch right here reach underneath the backside notice all toenail pulls his elbow out now he’s kind of dog yeah yeah if you have your elbow all the way in here you can crank this elbow and faceplant me and that sucks so guillotine ride once he tucks his aunt head into his own crotch snake the elbow out a little bit this is really all your knee just make a fist and it’s really isn’t going anywhere reach underneath the back side starts helping you back bait them and then dive up through over the top so we’re back please another real nasty move from the leg ride is called the guillotine with the guillotine you want to hook their

opposite arm to your leg so in this case it’s my right leg is in it’s coached left arm you want to hook that about the same arm that you have liked it so in that case my right arm and when this sends your tag at the arm and not the face you can be real master with hooking it and rest aren’t really gonna call you for anything so it’s not the this direction and then what you want to do with the guillotine is hook over your own head and then take him over his post arm as you’re doing that hook behind the head block here so does the body and right here you can even toss the other leg in get your fly back points and after that we just for the fall one more time sleep started taking over your head locking around his head keeping pressure there leg getting backwards another variation the guillotine would be once this arms closed and taking over your head instead of hooking behind coach’s head hook underneath his arm and then take him over his post on with his own body with this move it’s important to make sure that your leg right leg still has pressure in because if you let up with pressure on this leg coach can just turn it into me traversal one more time hooking up the arm take it over your head hooking inside there are taking over his own body weight keeping pressure with your leg right leg grab your back points readjust perfil this last move is called a banana split so one thing that I want to note turn they see one thing that I want to note is the way a lot of kids get in trouble with the banana split is once they have this leg and they think meant the banana split is a move they just power and crank in which case we’ll just try not look here and then do everything they can to get her to her back it’s it’s not going to happen you don’t have enough power in your arms to be able to lift her hips over yours I do but you probably know um where’s you with the banana split mostly it actually comes out of scrambles so with your hips on top of theirs to be going for different views like your cross face cradle your guillotine then the mistake that the bottom guy will make is they’ll try to stand up and because you have pressure in with your leg they’ll still be standing up with their opposite leg so once she puts this knee up she’s in trouble for the banana split you want to hook right at her knee what I like to do is hook at my elbow because the deeper you can get it on your own arm the tighter it’s going to be right here she’s she’s screwed like um she’s not going anywhere once this knee is hooked um you can essentially just settle in now there’s different ways to finishing the – but you can take it over the top to the side or even back in this case the best way to take it would be to the side so just settle in drag your back one so we’ll mute out the sounds ah and that’s that’s a you know very safe way to take it back I’ll show this last me that we’re going to show is call this cradle thus Plato is really just a variation to the banana split so once again it’ll come out of a scramble where you’re hitting your other leg riding moves with your prostates cradle your power half and then if she makes the mistake of stepping up and then you look right here you can take her backwards for the banana split but if you get you can take her over the top instead I finish here for your back point said she’s pinned so one more time with this plane off it’s coming off and your different leg riding it was like a power half or your cross face cradle then once she makes the

mistake of trying to stand up you want to hook once again inside her name hooking at your own elbow that right here you had the option of taking her to the side or backwards with a banana split but if you get high enough instinct you take her over the top and finish with your splayed ‘el once again with this ladle of the issue well the mistake that most kids make is once they have this leg hooked they’ll try to go for the Salado and get too high without having a fully locked in yet so a lot of kids will try to get all the way to our head and this is where you would finish a slate off but I hadn’t finished it yet in which case her head will pop out and you’re in trouble so the correct way the key to a good label is a strategic process of loosing up and tightening up so once you have this leg look while I’m taking her over I’m not in position official yet my body is more on her shoulders and on her head but and I’m going over my body slows within and what she’s taking over my body is at her head in which case her shoulders will be flattened that yeah you want leg riding still be around after we graduate we’re really well last you kid on well just like talk about your experience alright so my students well I mean uh probably the few that I’ve ever like I like our moves like riding on top like that’s what we do people know us for that so like I packed like riding for two years with four different coaches try to get like a good feel and yeah in that two years I would do it on the mat a live match but only one I knew that this kid wasn’t that good like and it wasn’t putting at risk but uh and it’s a different feeling with a singlet on to its lot slippery so sometimes I have to come into practice will advance with my singlet on to learn how to get a good feel for that it’s different but it’s a big mistake that kids make when you just go out there and you do it because it looks cool it looks it looks fun yeah it’s like easy but it’s very precise and that you gotta have good technique when you do it otherwise you’re most likely going to get pinned it’s like one of those moves right you can do it well or you can’t and and but it can also be really good if you do get really good at like feeling it out you can just hold on there’s a minute left you can just kind of ride them out try to do stuff it could be a good move to buy you time and keep you sitting if you know how to do but I don’t like when I see people who don’t know they’re doing go out there and try it it’s ends up being like danger to the entire team so invest of time in it before don’t be cocky buddy be surprised how easy it is to get certain my first experience with leg riding was um when I was watching the state tournament in the Kohl Center my sophomore year it was state finals and it just looked awesome to me so that the next season I came in to this club team called Advance and first practice I went out and tried to leg ride and I got pinned ahead and one thing that my coach told me that really stuck was on he told me it’s like Aaron Rodgers playing quarterback it’s not that easy he makes it look that way but the thing with my riding is on you can’t take for granted you never sacrifice positioning don’t go out there and start riding legs that start going for all these crazy tilts and PA teams just because it looks cool never sacrifice positioning for offense positioning always comes first and that’s the most important thing that any way you can tell you about my writing is positioning it’s not about looking cool I do only the power back and the figure four cross body and it works almost every time and it’s not that cool but I

get a lot of points that way winning is cool well it oughta it’s not easy it can look easy but it’s not it’s like it’s like your you can sacrifice submission so easily so quickly and be at you know you can see people reversed in three seconds also frustrating watching somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing try to do it because it’s so dangerous yes a lot of time of it scramble and how to fight from it before you learn how to do move it thanks Kelly Thanks gun now I hope that who’s ever watching us get some great advice and tips on bike riding