274: The Struggle is Real & Wilderness 101 MTB Race with Brian Strauser

yes we’re live good day everyone that’s right we’re back podcasting in the garage again so I just got back from some business travel and Brian just got back from doing some business stuff that’s right it’s Brian Strauser so yeah standby I’m going to give my little intro for the podcast life and then you guys are gonna hang out and catch up with did I say I think we’re going to go with The Struggle Is Real today and you’ll get that theme in a few minutes and then obviously some wilderness 101 racing updates there’s some bikes in the background so if you’re new to the show yeah we like to bike all right stand by guys all right good day good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome back to a new LIVETHEFUEL podcast episode live from This Old Garage that’s right it’s my giant garage behind my very old house and we’ve only recorded i think one or two other podcasts in here so for the regular listeners of the show that’s right the only gentleman to ever join me to record a podcast in this old garage is none other than the founder of the Strauser Project somebody who might have a little bit more passion about cycling than even me welcome back to the show Brian Strauser!! Thank You, so thanks it’s always nice to be hanging out in somebody’s garage. Yeah right I mean well let’s see to be fair I think we actually only did record one other show in this garage and then we did one in your garage so now we’re back to my garage so what’s one thing I guess we gonna say to the listeners if you have a garage and you got some space we could set up a couple a couple of chairs we’re always looking for different garages to sit in and get that there we go we have something like that there’s a beam here yeah I think we’d better we’re not really that classy we had a you know squat rack behind me some some horse toggler a math underneath to be very CrossFit esque I think we’re before my camp chairs that we’re chilling in that also serve as ski C’s and tailgating chairs in the park Blue Mountain and then obviously a box of the Box jump saw which also serves as a great table so yes nice nice I’m supporting you know Parrikar hearts with about eight hours worth of dirt on them from the SEC I was just remodeling in Emmaus so yeah we’re always know it’s not the watcher is the guy knows how to work with wood I mean legitimately did an amazing headboard for me off of old wood that I demoed out of this garage there used to be giant shelves from behind where Brian is sitting right now so when you give him new life I love my wood that’s absolutely so many ways I was traveling in New Jersey today so yeah yeah so yeah you were rockin roll with some custom deck work today yeah I had a couple uh a couple of this this summer’s been insanity the last couple of kind of gotten increasingly busier and just having people that I worked with overtime now I haven’t looked for a job and I can’t tell you when for all my side work and different things I got going on because I have so many people now that I’ve built up over the years that I really just stick with the the call back to people come it’s like every year I did something the year previously we might have worked on a deck and then this year they want to put a new door on the back you know it kind of feels like from what I’m you’re telling me all these updates because like you know we chat we’re not odd casting to so but a bit we used to try and work a podcast in to catch up and like the maximum potency of it but you you seem like you’ve always had the side muscle right obviously now you’ve realized it’s even better amplify the side muscles you really see in the cash flow benefits which I love it from the entrepreneurial spirit that were talking about on this show too but it also seems though these people that have known you for a long time when you said you have a list I almost feel like they’ve been like waiting to do projects until you make time for this again and now all of a sudden everybody said Oh Brian’s back and he’s full-motion so let’s go ahead and just dump all this on yeah that tends to be the case I was out because my knee issues for probably two years or so I was not a little bit before that because my daughter I just was working all the time and it was just good to the point that I wasn’t to be in the debt that I wouldn’t if he had spent the time of her and seeing what was going on from day to day then I took a big break and did very few things in the first couple years now we’re in a better place as far as you know every day is not quite as amazing as the next you know now she’s a little bit older but I still one of the best things I think I got iron doubt now finally is the happy mix to get my work done do a lot of different stuff that’s been tons of time and have been insanely busy well I love the fact that for newer listeners in the show like you’ve just dropped in another big powerful nugget

is this man has definitely grown and I’ve known you for a few years since running chainsaws I have not liked his heart but you do epitomize the power of fatherhood if you do really like to embody the importance of that balance so I respect that because that’s come up in many different ways over our conversations that you never hesitate to remind us of that that lifestyle balance yeah I truly live for it like I really look for my kids and wanting to be a dad since since I was a kid and you know I just don’t want to miss any of those moments especially with watching that little girl grow up you know every day is pretty cool right now for some soccer she loves soccer so I missed the first day then it was probably shows I was working for years old I tell ya before you kick the ball around for them so yeah a lot of things started out like a for I think I hear about like my buddy Jason his kids for and that kids rippin on a bike I mean holy crap no training wheels not sitting just crushing it on a bike down yeah yeah we got her a nice new she’s got a big girl bike as we call it she loves to ride we do everything every weekend I try to do what we call it venture day we’ll pick a day in a week and we’ll go all over the place I try to hit every activity to plus possibly do one of the most recent things we did was went up to the town that’s basically like a ghost town called Centralia and it’s basically has a it’s not that one with the coal mine or ground burn yes with the burning forever and people have painted like artwork all over the old roads yeah so we went to what’s called the graffiti highway wasn’t you know that itself wasn’t that amazing I had a friend of mine asked me you know his word taking her family there was it fun like you know was it a cool experience whatever I said well it’s it’s a road covered in spray paint I said so as far as fun I go with my daughter we I started you know week prior talking about no next weekend maybe we’ll go go to it you want to go to a ghost town she’s like what once it goes town then a short pictures and all this stuff and kind of build it up then we went to two lows on the way there she picked out her own paint color so we could paint the ground like everybody now I mean obviously for people who don’t know about this town I don’t even know you you not know more because I’ve never been there but I know obviously years ago a coal fire erupted on the ground and the coal mines and they never put it out and over the years it just degraded it everything in that area and then people just needed to move out because it was poisonous gases and everything else right yeah they couldn’t make everyone move the awkward thing about going in there is you can see all the crossroads like if you look at the old pictures it’s really amazing what used to be there used to be a pretty nice-sized semi thriving town and now I don’t know if any people know what the show Silent Hill which I don’t watch much TV but the show on TV is actually about that town that church is there is actually it’s still there there’s a beautiful like well-maintained gorgeous Church at the top of the hill and then everything else is pretty much gone do people celebrate out there and maintain the church oh god yes it looks like it was built yesterday it’s been there for years and years and years so you can go up and look at that and there’s just a couple of people that refuse to move so there’s just it’s just nothing but trees and weeds and rundown Road it’s kind of neat well mother nature will take over if you don’t maintain yeah and basically it’s like it’s like a four-wheeler and motorcycle you know during fight even up there now yeah that’s that’s pretty much but it is so is it not dangerous then we cuz it’s my thing my my history of coal mine fires in the ground are there worried about is the earth giving way or you know cracking or you know sinkholes stuff like that is that still a high risk in that area I don’t know that it would be a high risk but I know the highway there’s a highway that goes through there the cars through there all the time but it’s always a risk you never know what the exit signs that there’s like that road that piece of the highway that they shut down and that people spray-painted on it’s it’s got heaves in it three feet tall and then it’s got gaps it opened up maybe two feet wide two feet deep from the heat right yeah you don’t know everything going on underneath so you know I guess you could never truly know what was going on it well so do you still see visible smoke fire heat any kind of temperature fluctuations anything like that growing up I did but we’d go through there years ago I was a kid but I when we were there the other day I didn’t see any any smoke anymore okay and they used to see it all over the place like in different areas coming out of nowhere different different areas well it’s like it’s funny just like the theme of this show we don’t normally happen if it’s like everything you’re going on we’re gonna get into today and even me it’s you know the theme of the air quote here for the video is you know the struggle is real right and I’m just trying to imagine the struggle of people of that town trying to keep that community

together when all that started going down and then obviously year after year the years ago I realized we had a lot of Dodge and but there’s still a few people who just never left like this yeah yeah it’s there it was their home yes Wow throat where they raised their kids the next closest town not far away the towns you go through your real big towns to begin with but it’s a couple of miles of sign it’s not this weird inaudible part it’s pretty good oh yeah it’s pretty remote there okay and like you call it a ghost town but like most of the buildings still standing and some of them started out it’s mostly weeds and trees that once understand these people are living as everything else is pretty much going on the cracks it’s what you hear when they closed that time yeah so I don’t know how I was born in 74 so Ted IV 84 somewhere around it yeah I would say somewhere else early he’s maybe an hour in 2019 so what that’s like a almost 30 plus years ago yeah well hey let’s go with the struggle is real break so you and I decided to sit down today because one we were just getting out about GoPros before we hit record today so yeah that’s basically the basically required accessory of any real adrenaline junkie and I’ve been slapping like I finally got around to getting mine after our ski wedding but I did borrow a friend’s GoPro for the ski winning because I could not miss out on getting footage so but now like okay now that gave me excuse let me figure out exactly which model this by the way for anybody listening this quick GoPro hacks if you’re shopping for a GoPro do not buy the hero 7 white do not buy the hero 7 silver go right for the hero 7 black and my my biggest reasoning is you can swap the batteries and the hero 7 Black has the new motion basically anti-vibration sensory software in it so you can just shake the crap out of it and you’ve got a beautiful still image I borrow the hero 7 silver for the wedding trip and it did not have interchangeable batteries and I was like oh because I use an old one from years ago and I just thought all GoPros swap batteries well apparently may have changed that I mean now you’re getting into the GoPros again did you do all that research like I did or like I guess I needed to talk to you see there we go why waste time where you know somebody else is already just go to the last guy she did geek out on one thing I touch on he just said it kind of cracked me up here here this isn’t why me it’s got me along too low because his I don’t even know how to put this into words but the how much he didn’t make sense there makes perfect sense to me in the way that if my wife heard me say you know you know like the must-have you know item for a adrenaline-junkie is a GoPro that makes perfect sense to me as soon as my sister actually gets a lot of like mission trips and stuff to Africa she wanted one to be able to record some of her like super cool I never do that until you told me that last me yeah a lot of deep stuff she’s done she actually went to live over there for a while but unfortunately the the place that she was staying and ended up being what you wish it wouldn’t be where you know there were suitors many situations and not using it for the right stuff and and it just wasn’t for the right reason so couldn’t be a part of that and ended up coming home which in hindsight was great because her daughter now has a little boy so she’s a grandmother which is awesome she got to experience and be there with your sister couple years 11 years older be snow bunny yeah 56 that starts to jump to be brown so yep good so you know and the fact that I was already talking about it because they’re thinking about it because my little girl and all the crazy stuff that we do and I have a diary that have been wrecking in ever since she was born of everything cuz one of the most disturbing things to me was to think about all the time and effort I put in my kid no he’s awesome experiences and things that we do and then you grow up and you don’t know that they ever did that for you right there so I have a really cool book with a really neat saying on a dead now I don’t write in it as much because she’s a little bit older and will go a week or two without doing different things but any any first of anything that we did like that trip to the rapini highway I wrote about it things that we said stuff that she did color the paint cheese like Chris Maron there’s basically cataloging I mean the newer verbage of long you just it’s not walking on line yes it’s your own internal blog and then I guess now with a bit of GoPro you could walk yeah and when she gets when she’s old enough and I’m not writing in it anymore and everything’s you know she’s remembering everything and experiencing the stuff and like a different level I’m gonna make being the woodworking stuff I’m

gonna make a really cool box to put it in and I’m gonna give it to her it’s something I haven’t decided I’ll know when the time is right it’ll either be like a an 18th birthday 21st maybe when she gets married you know I don’t know how long I’ll forward you know hold on to that thing until I decide to give it to her but I wait for something special or when she starts talking about it was when they’re acting out and you need to remind her of how awesome a relationship you have when she’s acting out because I feel like everybody has said that every kid especially the daughter will eventually do that yeah it’s gonna happen I’m sorry bro like I don’t know what I was an asshole I know a gray hairs my parents got came for me yeah I think nowadays it’s a big faux pas but I mean I was such an asshole everyone so well I got the belts you know I got a got a yard I never that’s funny because we always had the wooden spoon and one of the things that I guess being the youngest I don’t know they’re all over all that at that point I never I don’t even know my mom used to smack the shit out of me just being nutty but more that was more like that kinda like a swarm of bees but my dad I always had a lot of respect for my dad still have a lot of respect with my dad he would say stuff like you know either call me a dipshit would be about the extent of it but the biggest thing you can do to me to upset me is just tell me that I let him down you know because it’s just not something I wouldn’t do now so that was all I needed to hear there any tips people I mean hold your kids accountable I mean I turned out someone already yeah semi semi spanked my daughter maybe ish yeah good show I’m sorry I I really do appreciate how I was raised whether you want to promote a spanking or a yardstick or a flyswatter or you know or a developer I just promote discipline I don’t care how you get it no I’m not I’m not for hitting your kid that makes no sense to me for you know thank you so do it yeah not meaning that what was nobody was wrong I mean I smacked my kid yeah but I mean I’m not saying like Oh beat the shit your kids ain’t gonna do stuff but if I have to smack my kid behind after telling her five times and explaining something to her she’s still not getting it and she’s sitting on the chair and I’m smack her ass but my god oh my god through beat once across the room because I swore and said the f-word to my mom and obviously I was too young to say something like that but it wasn’t just because I said it it was because it was in a very disrespectful way and I got to go airborne across the kitchen I believe in it across the floor right into the dog of the button room where the dog in the leg they had ding Joe I just learned this big jumped up and sprint it out of there and say landed into the coat rack next to them so yeah good times people wonder why they might bite I’ve been I was raised in the air time so but hey the struggle is real right speak it away minute let’s get into some dirt talk about yeah a little bit of some things going on here with with white P world and we’re probably we were surrounded by bikes and my bike stand you guys can’t see it off of off the screen here but literally the tripod is separating from my maintenance stand cuz I was moving around the workmen shop area but Brian man you went try to tackle a little race to train for the race it was an eye-opening experience leave me not go what you wanted it is what I can tell correct okay so less time in what was the race it was Baker’s Leesburg baker’s dozen 13 hour event in Leesburg Virginia went there with a friend of mine that I worked with got him into riding again he wrote a lot before he came to work with us but since being there his work areas about to work areas for me and it only took about two months maybe I think he’s bought three bikes work stand you probably like sports as though you know that’s a great story by the wind last episode you want because you talked about how it was a perfect embodiment of how we surround ourselves with the right people right and we helped create positive influence on others so even if you’re not running at your tip-top shape that’s already a great success story correct yeah and I’ve always never done this stuff to have fun I’ve never done this stuff to I’ve never been competitive both mentally or physically in the way that I’m trying to beat someone outside of just trying to better myself I was always the Baker guy my entire life I was an extremely bigger guy at one point lost a ton of weight ran marathons did all sorts of crazy stuff adventure races and things when I got into my biking which was before all that the biking was just to become healthier and it was something I loved ever since I was a little kid

and I did some cross-country stuff a lot of those guys are lean mean fighting machine super fast and it’s a short race so I was ending up riding less racing that I was if I just be out with my friends on the weekend so that he wanted to do endurance events because I’d love to torture myself like I truly enjoy finding out what I’m made of not compared to what they’re made of or somebody else but you know just sending some some points and trying to better myself the next time I’ve done the least bird raised twice that I would say I actually showed up and race like a human being am I ever fully prepared I would say with my work history and the way I handled myself my work I get pretty obsessed with some of these things and I work a lot and then my family is such a high priority I tend to put myself on the back burner a lot like fun a lot of times my fun is with my kids or my wife or whatever it’s just not to the level of quote unquote training and the first couple times I did at least burg baker’s dozen I did it on fully rigid single speeds too so the the one year I did real quick for the newer listeners who don’t have the obsession about mountain biking please define fully reducing fully rigid single speed the actual bikes were called a coating unit it’s an all steel bike has no suspension in the front no suspension in the rear and I’ve got one gear so I’m gonna jump off mic and do a visual for the video feed so every very scaled back kind like a BMX bike for adults and at the time although I’ve always had knee issues they’re not nearly and what they became through my running and all the other stuff going on but I to me it was just me against the mountain type of things and that’s why I like this kind of bikes now I ride a full suspension similar it’s the Cannondale scalpel boson engine I ride a pivot Mach 429 trail and it’s like the Cadillac DeVille of mountain bikes it’s so cushy compared to what I used to ride in it allowed me just to do more and still try to get out and do some of the things I was trying to do in the past but going this year I didn’t have enough time to prepare well I had enough time days wise but my work had gotten so out of control and we had a lot of things going on at home and stuff with my wife’s work and having three kids and whatever so you’re forever chasing the almighty dollar and I just was working enough but not there working too much and not riding enough and my knee problem is continuing to to worsen so as I got to the event and started out I shooting before I didn’t would have a number in my head but I ended up only doing I think it was two laps the weather was actually great can’t complain about the weather my bike was I’m the one that works on my bike it was fully tuned and ready to go my hips locked up I was getting an awkward pain in my hips and it wasn’t so much even my knees I wouldn’t even say my knees quote shot me down my hips were cramping up and I couldn’t even pedal my damn bike but it literally got to the point where I was just going to leave myself sitting out there I was gonna really end up hurting myself and unfortunately at this point I’m not the 20 year old kid living out of my car you know driving around a little Pontiac Vibe and I slept the darn thing and everything else abilities mountain bike events now I got a lot more stuff on my shoulders to deal with so I ended up with just to be safe pulling the plug which I would say it’s probably the first time I ever pulled the plug on anything that I would have to do well let’s be real I mean are you really necessarily okay I think yes some people looking at an opponent flunk right but is it is it for intelligence or is it for just being like I need to pull the plug there could have been some stubbornness tied to that which we both have and then other things could could happen in a more negative way right like your knees are pretty beat up I i I’ve known about it but I had no ideas it reaches to those points of severity yeah I just recently went to Pottstown again and get shots I get this CinemaScore something that’s called basically lubrication from my joint actually past couple times it was a lot more helpful yeah this time I also question whether I did it too soon because there’s kind of like it was the week prior which I thought would be plenty early enough and I thought it would actually be a good time to do it but I’m thinking that could have also been a bit of a problem because the biggest confusion to me was I was going up really early on the weekends to place like Jim Thorpe Parkin and ride and I forget 40 or 50 miles or something one day ripping around the woods and climbing Flagstaff Mountain which is a crazy steep the least Bert baker’s dozen is almost flat as far as what I would

consider mountain biking so what I was doing at Jim Thorpe was to prepare me for the wilderness not for Leesburg Leesburg was apartment so yeah Jim’s for people that have gone further with Jim Thorpe the terrain up there you are kind of tucked into this river cutting through there so you have a lot of different terrain shifts so we can relate this to fitness because you’re you know I get it is your former trainer is it’s a bet it was more interval training right yes it is the longer stretch endurance style yeah yeah and just climbing I would go up there to just ride uphill it’s the only place that has really long uphill so you can ride the switchback is called then there’s this place called Flagstaff Mountain but by a macho quake it’s just a lot a lot of climbing yeah in the past I’ve gone up there and this is the soil talking about enjoying the torture myself there’s nothing funny to go to a year’s villiers to be a gym floor mountain bike weekend it was like four-day event is awesome and one of the big rides that we used to do you have to go up flagstaff mountain to get to the actual beginning of the trails which eventually ended up coming down through the woods you had enough that close to can but there’s nobody in the right mind that ever enjoyed climbing up that mountain so when I would prepare for things in the past I’d go up park my car watch on plate just go down to the hill and I just ride up it to the top and then I could roll back down and I can ride back up and I can roll back down I think I did it three times in a row is the most ever and if you see this hill it’s it’s one of those when you see such a distance oh my god once you get there it hangs about 30 degrees to your right can you see the whole thing again and once you get there it hangs about 30 degrees to let you see the whole thing again and then you’re fine like resting so it’s bigger than what you realize it’s it’s horrible and I love it nice yeah so it was I was bummed so I came back I’ve been getting slack since the day he signed up for the womanís my wife just because she knows me better than I do I think as funny as that is but uh she knows that she runs she’s done half marathons and stuff she saw me training in the past for a lot of other events when I was doing this stuff more often I didn’t have the knee issues as much in the way and she basically over time nothing she’s not super supportive of me and my nuttiness but she was always telling me no you just don’t have time you know your schedules too crazy you work too much you got too much with the kid we got soccer baseball you know all this different dance class one thing after the next and I want to beat on it you know some people want to be on their bikes and push that stuff to the side and let their wives deal with all of it but I want to be in all that so I ended up she was writing safe but I just wasn’t getting out riding as much as I should yeah but I’m not then again I don’t have any injuries yeah like it’s fighting United top of us right now because we again theme of the show this one is kind of going with the struggle is real it’s like he and I are gonna have different struggles like I’m also quite I don’t have the kid and why not like so I do have that but I don’t have the kid he’s the ring thing and but I also worked a lot when I travel a lot and I’ve realized like you know I’m not ramping up my training like I normally would have by now and I granted that all those 101 signs at the end of July and it’s we’re recording this now in approaching the middle of a Meg or be anything whatever what it is is I’m like now because what you just did you reminded me oh yeah other years in the past I would train for events leading up to events so now I’m signing up for a couple of Road biking events it’s not mountain but it’s time in the saddle one of them goes up Hawk Mountain so I’ll get some Hill training in and they’re usually like 60 Plus miles events and that’s hard to train for on a map like right yeah I’ve seen I’ve been to the wilderness 101 before and I made it to a second rest stop whatever till I got pulled for time and I think that was about forty two miles or something like that that had done up there the majority of the beginning was I was just getting into the stuff that I’m good at which is the tight twisty single track and that and the more technical riding up until then a good 35 miles at the beginning was a ton of gravel climbs so so the road was climbing and stuff like that yeah okay mostly I mean you’re teaching me something I know I don’t know anything about road I wrote a property shut up any any climbing you do is going to be good because that’s basically what you do the whole thing’s like one good climb because you you might climb for half an hour forty minutes to get to the top of something insane and I don’t care if it’s twice as long downhill it only takes you a third of the time you know you go right down and then you’re climbing again so basically you’re you’re climbing all day is what it feels like okay but I wouldn’t say I was scared the last time and I still did forty some miles you know that’s where mental comes in super bummed when I got pulled and I was still able to ride

I just wasn’t keeping the pace so there was going to come a time that technically I don’t know could I have done it they let me ride till the next afternoon and sometimes sure probably but do you have to keep a certain time as a cutoff how like an Iron Man type of thing but it is it is no joke it is definitely something that you need to be prepared when you show up and after least Berk in heaven what happened and just knowing my schedule and this week I’m trying to get the million things done took off from my regular job one of the stuff I do is my side jump side work stuff just trying to get a bunch of things going on get some health issues my dad which you’re going through your father as well so I want to spend some time again get back to my family life a little bit it’s not always about the only dollar so it just was a smart decision to say you know this one just isn’t for me yeah alright so part of the update is I’m still signed up for any other reason why I got signed up or is because he was doing it and then it popped into my head because for the newer listeners back in January I decided to collapse my left lung that was a fun adventure but I feel great now so I’m rebuilding the fitness since then and so I’m still gonna do the race I decided to do it not just because Brian was doing it but it became ended up being like an goal of my I’m like I don’t like being kept down right so earlier in the episode you dropped a key word of discipline right we were kind of joking around about regarding our parenting but that discipline carries through life in many different ways and in this situation where it’s like okay I need to be disciplined with my training I have my old road bike in my office set up on a trainer right now so when it is raining I can spin my legs so I’m putting those you know the components in place but in the end I slightly discipline have to put the I mean I’ve gotta spend time in the saddle for me it’s not always about the legs it’s also about like your book like you’ve got people who’ll do a lot of long-distance cycling events okay your butt and your taint there’s a million things will be quite a lot I don’t care how good of a Shandy you have in your bike shorts that long of a race I’ve never done 100-mile mountain bike race the longest ones I did in Colorado I did some in the Rocky Mountain Durance race series those were 65 and I can’t stress enough it’s not even a hundred bucks like it is you’re riding to the moon thing in this ride community you need to go out and climb your ass off every time I could get on my bike I the only turn I made was uphill if there was a way to go left or right and one of those uphill I went uphill because that’s the best thing you do is just literally climb your ass off preparing for this thing because that’s what it is you know it’s just a huge climbing so it’s all about training you yeah a lot for people who don’t like grandeur beating the easy that’s or spinning gear on your drivetrain so if you have a single speed as he referred to earlier you only have one gear so yeah sucker I asked you so what is the expected completion time not to win it but like what is the average time to take to do the wilderness 101 it’s got to be all-day event it is an all-day event I forget what the actual cutoff is I don’t know if they’re coming in you leave really early so I think you go out it like the probably start you’re pretty soft here either seven no it’s not seven or seven or eight bang is big gone in the morning which is pretty funny part of why I like racing mountain bikes is everybody does it’s crazy so like when do the people show up like everybody’s adrenaline junkie there’s not there’s not one boring human being at a 100 mile no mountain bike endurance event like you’re just walking around trying to see you know which guy is crazier than the next and girls because there’s stuff about there’s a ton of girls out there that handed my asking me more than you could imagine gross just like Celine yeah that’s that’s she’s a different lover one thing I love about Celine know I read something she wrote one time this is what’s cool about her about her is she said it was a time in my life you know where her fitness was coming up she’s getting stronger she’s doing this that whatever and she goes you know I thought it really had a chance like to be kind of as fast as the boys and then it wasn’t it was like soon thereafter she said to herself something like I can be better than the boys yeah nice yeah she’s hardcore so Mike what my little girl hasn’t seen Yeager’s yes yeah we yeah it’s like you know basically buddies follow her on Facebook I mean she’s a wildcat I mean well I gotta get her on his own okay slide podcast all right listen yeah she just they just heard another show I saw her post that I said really get on he’s just trying to match up schedules has been one super super cool person she’s met with me every time when I when I had never run a half a mile she sat down with me at a coffee shop because I’ve known her personally now for years and and you know the first question was I have a shot at this yeah like can I can I make this happen and she’s like absolutely and and she gave me some tips she met me for the

wilderness went along and I was going over some different things gave me a really cool book her go to climb or the climb which was great read that and that her book yeah she wrote a ton of books bunch of fitness books and okay and I’m actually in a book with hers unfortunately I’m not where it was at that point but it was a book on fitness and losing weight different stuff like that she interviewed me and everything’s and then she gave me a copy which is cool that’s cool of this book but yeah so really at this point in the game and it was funny a little backed up to my wife actually thanked me for basically making a smart decision she knows how I am you know how I feel about the stuff she knows I was pissed off in about my knees and and deal with this bullshit you know the doctors and everybody else under the Sun tells you like you know you know change the way we live basically which it’s kind of like the way you are live according to you know how I want to live you know what I want to do so I don’t want to not do some of this stuff like it’s it’s easy for people to say like I might be time to kind of give it a break or maybe you know hang up to whatever and no offense but like your mom you know that timing it was not saying I don’t think ever said the f-word for my demo that was not bad timing but I will say like his mom loves him but I you know we’re friends now and I see her commenting on your on your posts and he’s calming because she loves you as she’s concerned about you we would never say that to her yeah but really what like it’s and again I wish I wish for everyone I say this to my my stepsons all the time like I hope that they find something that they can be so passionate about and enjoy so much you know it’s it’s you can’t put into words what it’s like to do what I do and feel how I do about and and to try to explain that to someone you can’t so the way I do it and what I do is is I show people that like I just did I did that fun little thing where I had everybody guess how many miles I was gonna do it the debacle leesburg well the girl that won she’d been trying to get you never known kinda so I set up you know her and a friend and me and I said we’re gonna bring out the celebrity bugs my daughter and we’re gonna take her out where somewhere go pad then we’re gonna go to this amazing ice-cream place by dr. Vince everybody loves oh yeah Wow I gave her oh well cat oh yeah yeah so basically I gave her you know an adventure and anything I got like in my garage for the last podcast there’s very few outdoor items that I don’t have and I always offer it up there’s more space in this building but he definitely has board gears right here but he’s got a lot of gears very tight application I’m very impressed that’s why it worked so damn hard because you know growing up very small town my mom had a daycare in her house but dad worked for Sears and Roebuck laughter was back when it was something and you know we had everything that we needed don’t get me wrong my parents bend over backwards to make sure I had I would say more than what I needed but it didn’t have a lot you know didn’t have a lot of I always wanted a motorcycle always wonder for will I talked about it my entire life never owned one as soon as I got away like grew up and started making my own money I’ve had two motorcycles you know now I got kayaks and this that whatever but the kids want to do something you know I figure out a way to make it happen because it’s it’s just what makes me tick yeah that’s what I’d love goes back to the GoPro right which again full circle for that point he made earlier yeah Kristin new wife before we even got married I told her I’m gonna get a GoPro before the wedding and she’s like you don’t need it goes up she’s like half your friends have GoPros and they record shit and then do nothing with the content and I said okay you do know that you’re marrying the one guy who has no problem slapping content of everywhere so ahead of anybody in our inner circle I’m the guy that’s half ago so obviously I just got one cuz you did and I just sounded cool well see there we go wait a minute hold on that’s got a locking bag does that mean I’m gonna hear from your wife because if she ever hears this or watch this that means X got held accountable yeah she don’t even know anything why do so but the point is is that I love the fact though that we’re making a joke about buying something that and this is totally firstworldproblems right let’s be real as people out there who struggle there’s people out there trying to make the exercise I love the fact you define that you have these goals and that’s why you have the side hustles like dude I’m doing this to do these other things and I love the fact that you tied what can be considered a very expensive purchase right but you tied it for you and your sister two very important things that are tied to passion so your sister obviously cares a lot about your international

international activities and getting back you and I both know that I care a lot about for purpose that could be says one reasons why you and I have connected you know the GoPro is gonna be more than just slapping and on my bike right we just recently in the past week or two I haven’t gotten the paperwork back yet but I now have started the process to finally create a not-for-profit that’s gonna be called as long as the government likes it it’s gonna be called fuel foundations and this will be the first episode we’ve even talked about it really and I’ve already named Brian as one of the trustees as well as Kristen because she’s the wife and I need somebody keep me in check though so I you know Brian and I have already just casually threw shits and giggles randomness so I did a few nonprofit activities in the past year just relating the bikes and one of the things that was annoying was like our voice people break like we got to hook up John with that new hand truck and it’s like dude or hammer and I said you know it would have been nice to help Steve tie whatever he’s doing to a not-for-profit and then I know we eventually want to help John get his going big he’s a busy guy and shoutout to John and but it’s like you know what the hell why don’t I just do it myself yeah I’m sorry your family is in motion this is one of those things could one note to self this doesn’t involve my knees so I can do a whole hell of a lot of you know for this city when we are right now so it’s the the struggle Israel with any situation lately but I’m real excited this because there’s a lot of different things a lot different ideas and stuff I have new my my son who’s kind of a stepson it’s taken after me or some different things he’s got coming up with helping kids you know it speed board is really in the snowboarding which I’ve been up 42 well you know the part the annoying thing with the paperwork process is this I just so for anybody who ever wants to start a bottle and c3 feel free to reach out I’m not gonna enjoy consulting on it but I can at least talk to it now they really want you to define what your what your charity is standing for and it’s hard because I the reason why I chose the old foundations is not because you’ll obviously use a big part of my brand and what I’m trying to embody you know fuel people but I want to have some of the freedom of to help in multiple organizations or more vice versa right like so John cares a lot about living with cerebral palsy so I want to be able to help him and that’s why we kind of tied together the bike projects so usually just like live the fuel the brand is tying together health and fitness and lifestyle so as long as the government lets me I want to be able to help multiple things so why not bleed over into skateboard activities if there’s somebody who needs some support and we can raise money the biggest reason why I did this is to create a vehicle right and I you’re gonna have to go decide in terms of the fuel and goal or purpose business model you know I talked a little about that bike I set aside a percentage of my gross income for nonprofit activities well now this is like the next step because I could literally just take that money and now put it right into a foundation that can help other groups or organizations who might not have their 501c3 status and one thing that you and I realized was like shout out to the the Jandal family right like they stepped up threw a grand at project I was like holy crap because I had no idea that he had a cousin that was living with cerebral palsy so even he didn’t like skip a heartbeat didn’t even care if we had a 501 C 3 or not which was awesome but there’s a lot of people out to but do want to see that they want to know that the money is being tied oh and obviously something with us one of them you know to write off more off the taxes so like okay let’s create the vehicle you know it’s kind of like let’s the old Field of Dreams you know if you build it they will come type of thing what if that is so that’s why I’m doing this maybe we start off small and we’re only doing one bite here but I also have my hotshots 19 project every year right I give back with with a CrossFit workout honoring the Fallen 19 Granite Mountain hotshots my brothers from my old career so it’s like great I definitely anytime back to it it’s so did we end up going with you know a theme around these health and fitness related type of activities in in the bylaws which I’m still getting documented what you’ll see so again this is all a siege on there this is literally very fresh like I think I told you what last week yep but I’m looking forward to having brine on the council because he gets it and I think that’s the thing that I wanted to have come up on this show is that this dev team who struggle is real he just was on to you guys in dude he’s never backed down from a racing he’s got he’s not backing down he’s just recognizing where he’s at and not sacrificing his lifestyle that he is built for hidden his wife and his daughters I respect that I wanted to make sure you knew that and he’s already volunteered to still stay in my corner which I don’t feel like I’m gonna be because I haven’t done a 65-mile mountain bike racing since

living in Colorado that was 2012 so it won’t be an easy rider it wasn’t that easy after 40 some miles up there let alone after 100 okay so I’m not gonna enjoy my life that day but yeah kind of the theme of the show though right that’s why we do these things I I’m twisted I like to break myself down to rebuild by some rate well then on that I do like part of what I started before I got off on a tangent my wife thanked me for being smart enough and just making that smart decision to back down for this you said it just it was the right thing to do right now yeah and she says it’s just too much it’s too much for any more you got too much going on you can’t order couldn’t have done it at one time but just now’s not the time and whatever you know it’s just not the event for you and I looked at her real serious milena in Venice and I know you know I agree with you hundred percent and you know it just sucks when you’re into this stuff you really wish you were at a different place or whatever and then I paused for a second I looked at her said doesn’t mean I’m up sign up for it again I don’t care and it was like 150 bucks something like that and I just donated a good group of guys I’d run a really cool event I don’t care about that miss Laius it doesn’t I don’t miss that hundred fifty dollars at all you know what’s cool about that is not to cut you off because I want you to keep going with that theme before the claim on that I said well just because you won’t ride in it doesn’t mean you didn’t you’re not a part of it and like you’re still gonna be a part of it because now I’ve got a corner man we were gonna kind of be each other’s corn men’s I mean I don’t know if he would even end up riding together because usually I tell people to ride the road race yeah I really can’t no you got thing I want to be right Wilson you’re my resident expert I’m going into this with like he’s actually basically becoming my little unofficial coach right because he’s actually done the ride you’ve done the research so you’ve you’re already you know you’re not doing the ride you’re actually serving them another purpose and still benefiting from the process I even thought since I’m going to be up there you know after we talk to stuff I might even contact with there’s something to do volunteer wise you know you know like pretty pretty good bike mechanic and kind of pick up that I can throw a ton of gear in or whatever if I have to drive around help people pick up well dude what do they do have do they have we call me dr pit stop areas but don’t they have like little rest stops and stuff yep there’s other starvation station stuff like that yeah you know probably gonna get you know get involved at least doing something like that yeah it’d be cold today you know you’re giving back to your fellow nutballs yep see so but knowing you you’d probably pick if you had a choice if I were you I would pick the stage like between 60 to 100 cuz then like their hurt is probably gonna be on people’s faces there’s probably a lot of dirt and salt and shit all over our faces and knowing you you probably want to be there later on I feel suffering I used to go rude on a bunch of people in there in running races and stuff and I’d be riding my bike around on a bunch of friends and it had race and stuff and I would always my favorite part of the race is a lot of people would leave and take off and I’d hang out but you know hang out at the end for a little while and then a lot of times I’d ride my bike from home you know to timbuktu to watch this race and then right back but I always liked to ride back through the through the people it’s not the people that win the race that are you know seasoned veterans and the hardcore runners that you know that it’s amazing what they did and give them all the props in the world but it’s the people that really made huge changes in her you know maybe struggling with a hundred different things that are coming in last that are just dying and still pushing through that last little bit there I love to go out to those people and like holler and say stop and pump them up when they’re when they’re you know finishing towards the end of the race those are the people that are really going through how that kind of comes through first he’s a machine god bless him you know the guys are wilderness 101 they come ripping through finish as fast as they went out the gate in the starter so it’s great yeah high five there you know they won that’s amazing but that poor guy that comes in into the last ten guys those guys are all but dead and it’s funny you’re bringing that up I remember I did on Leadville qualifier that’s us against it’s a metric century basically so 60 Plus miles but you know these are qualified if you guys if you guys ever heard of Leadville Colorado Leadville is that ten thousand feet so they have a famous running race there because it’s altitude and they were famous map biking race there but you have to qualify to build it so I did a Leadville qualifier but it was down in Texas outside of San Antonio on some I forget the name of the ranch that was my worst race ever I had every possible mechanical bullshit problem go wrong my bike like every lap I had a mechanical it was beyond frustrating but you made me think of it just now because I was one of those late guys like I was desperate because I wanted to make the cutoff time and you have to you have to finish it like under seven hours

to qualify and they got the point where like I was down to the granny gear chain lane I literally sheared off the pins because I was Brodie was running a triple back then on the front talking gear spec sorry guys but I was I’ve sheared off the triple and then zip tied with a pins me with the pins pop dog and then made the middle ring last one more lab lost the middle left I was down to the granny and so I had to shift the gears to tighten the chain just to keep it alive so I finished in granny and there was like there was half that it was a small race so there was a lot of people left nobody there was a lot of people there there was like five to ten people me say that I clapping everybody and like you’re saying and I appreciated that so much because like those people hung out and even though all the big you know finished your learning crushed it like our six or whatever so that means a lot you know people understand that it’s not always the big events to that are some of the most memorable events are in the realm of things that suck if you’re local to this area Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania there’s an event at the Trexler zoo called Quadzilla yeah it’s a nine mile trail run with hills that are almost as steep that he could crawl up like a ladder I ran it with a GoPro headband on one year so I videotaped the whole thing off my head I did it twice my wife I think it’s done it three times she loves it and it’s it’s so horrible you can’t help but want to go do it again again it was you got a little mentally miss white it was brutal I followed a guy at one point that I was running behind that I kept pace with him because I thought I’m gonna need to either resuscitate this guy or call for somebody because he was weaving back and forth into trail and leaving and I could tell something was wrong and then finally he just lost his whereabout and literally fell over the bank so I ran up and kind of helped him up and and are you okay and he’s like semi mumblin and whenever the I was like okay I’m okay and I said are you sure you know maybe you want to wait I’ll send somebody back and he’s like no I’m okay and he kept running so I just hung with him for a while then I ended up going up ahead a little bit and told the people at this the watermelon stop if anybody’s ever done the event it’s very well known yeah because it’s like a gourmet meal when you’re out there doing this thing coming across this watermelon and I said check on this guy he gave a description of his clothing and stuff if you don’t see him within 20 minutes send somebody back cuz he’s in bad shape and didn’t that guy finish – he finished the whole damn day but that event was a nine mile then I run the filling marathon I don’t ever talk about the filling marathon I hated it boring they put mile markers every mile you might as well throw knives at me if you nobody wants to ride run 26 miles and know every mile where there I remove that darman’s and every bullshit Under the Sun yeah you don’t need to keep reminding us with a billboard how slow this thing’s going see they did that on the way through that I didn’t do the Philly one but I did the Marine Corps Marathon down in DC that was my first marathon and I never even did a 5k before that and that’s because I didn’t know I was getting myself into organizer almost physically painful looking at those signs every for me it got worse after mile 15 you know once you start I didn’t really notice the signs until like mile 15 and then a cycling Shh well that was 2009 so here just so people understand that was in 2009 eight years buddy and I went two weeks prior to the to the marathon and was getting an MRI and had to go in and talk to my my doctor and asked if I could even because this time I was 100% ready I hadn’t been training my ass off for this thing and all my bike buddies were laughing their asses off that I spent so much time running and stuff and I had to ask whether or not I could physically do it that I would not destroy my knee to the point that I just would never walk again it was that bad and that was ten years ago and then all the stuff that I don’t know that maybe she’s a long time brother Oh long long time it’s funny you bring that up because I did my marathon in 2008 and I also had I had IT issue lock up because I was rushing my training because I never was doing I was promised I was a cyclist I was teaching spinning classes I figured I could just train in three months be ready for a marathon you really should be chaining for at least six months but no next thing you know the IT bands all jacked up my knees tight as hell and that’s what that’s how I found that’s my story of how I found chiropractic care and massage therapy and everything else but same thing I didn’t real quick for passionate runners out there dude if you have no injuries and you just built for running keep going I just personally do not enjoy running unless I do a Spartan Race because that’s more torturous and I again or miswired that way so that’s why I promote it but I don’t really do running events anymore because the knees I don’t like the damage I don’t want to

bed the lease Bert Baker’s doesn’t that’s how I end up started running and I wasn’t running around the block that was in April so in April of 2009 to September I ran the half marathon November ran the full so it was just one summer from April to then I’ve had year did did that whole thing hey it’s 10 years later but here’s that here’s one view thing in this I know the like it sucks you might be bowing out of the will over smaller ones but you’re still gonna be there I’m excited but also look at look at the side benefit this this is something powerful people listening and paying attention signing up for events committing to an event changes everything it changes your mindset changes your training right like look at all the riding that you were able to add in this season that you otherwise probably wouldn’t have done like you were going up like pretty sunrise freaking rides I was watching on Facebook yeah oh yeah as much as I could until this work insanity yeah well you think about it Fitness wise even though your knees are bothering you you’re actually probably in a much better situation right yeah absolutely and as soon as I get through this this week I’ve devoted I haven’t been in the gym at all this week but I was going a lot you know the past you know prior to this week is devoted money like gym today was more deck boards and you could ever possibly imagine but you know once I get through this week I’m gonna you know get focused on getting more back in the gym and just doing my regular and stuff but uh you know just reel it in the insanity for now until we see what goes on with money it’s just a matter of time it’s not an if it’s a went with money situation and my outlook on that anymore is it’s not right now I’ve got a new guy that had been deal with that actually have a lot of respect for my nice work there with them and knows it personally or whatever and I feel like he’s the guy to be messed her out this next time around so god forbid something happens you know it’s just an opportunity for me to get it better shape than it is now and hopefully you know work a little bit better not cause too much pain I truly agree that these situations might suck but what they’re doing is they’re an educational process right you’re gaining something new out of this to take away and that’s what I really believe like it might suck right now but with new therapy or a new professional board looking at you working on you and you rebuilding I truly believe that yeah you might mean I’m just signing up another will this 101 maybe we’ll just to give it money uh-huh but you’re gonna come out of this with even more knowledge for in a better situation with the right amount of you so instead of just tearing yourself apart yeah absolutely yeah and again your big picture is your dark and white so it’s like okay what’s better you want crutches or are you going out and still be able to do fun rides you know so well listen we’ve already backed down an hour look this is very easy clips so what we do we hang on grudge we hang on Raja’s and we have to get the gap I mean by way since last time you here as you can tell the stickers yeah I know you guys can’t see it on camera it’s on my Instagram but like massive sticker collection and I’ve had this tool box the only had like five stickers on so I probably covered it as much as possible with as many cool stickers that I needed to get out in there and the next 11 probably another 150 stickers they still have to I might have to go get like garage fridge just so I can cover that what Snickers but the whole time podcast least I have a garage bridge because before taking my other problems love for craft beer go at this not idea that does not help me recover you’ve inflammatory responses but Brian air he knows that anyway well listen Brian guess Co goes my friend like we definitely hit on many different ways today to define what the struggle the struggle is real really means right waiking standpoint we talked about it from the old ghost talent standpoint people have to move on light me recovery will this one one updates watching a fuel foundation that’s a whole new chapter that you’re very excited about that so I guess for today one of the things I put on Facebook I’m gonna leave with the face be basically sorry one word that I kind of live by and helps me kind of keep my head in the right place and I posted on Facebook a lot tagging on to a bunch of different things that come across and it’s the word perspective you know I may have hurt my knee and you can’t do this nutty bike event but I’ve done many I’ve done more things at this point my life and I ever thought I would come including a little town that I did and you know I didn’t even know all this stuff was going on out here in this world you know there’s crazy events and all these nutty people how much fun it is nutty so so you know it’s it’s all about

perspective to me I wrap myself around all the right people I was just dead John diligence this past weekend I put a custom cap door in our buddy John diljit young man is liquid more pain than I could ever possibly understand and to sit there and bitch about the fact that my knee and I gotta walk a little bit weird or or whatever you know it just doesn’t seem right to me so I just try to keep my head in the right place and like you said before just the sales and and keep doing what I do just just tweak it and in the way it’s necessary I just tell you’re going to keep a good perspective on what you got so many people again and think I need something similar before because many people are so upset about some of the most trivial bullshit and they’re like and and sit around just making it miserable for their spouses for their kids and and don’t even have a grasp on what they truly have so I try to live by knowing what I got I’m extremely happy man I show that gratitude all the time and I try to get back to as many people as I can because it’s just the way I think he should be so keep a perspective out there keep your head up and shit happens you know learn looking around it there you go well there you go ladies and gentlemen another update with the brief Brian Strauser of the Strauser Project thanks for hanging with us in the garage it actually since we did a couple of link drops today if you guys are home and this is long go on LIVETHEFUEL.com use my little search tool on there and look up DILGEN for John Dilgen who he just brought up from Staten Island New York his story is powerful there’s a couple of podcasts that are heavily key worded about him over the past year or two you need to go listen to them and then the other John from the bike project is John Lahutsky so that’s L A H U T S K Y right okay search for that LAHUTSKY. I’ll make sure we get the stuff linked in the show notes on the website too so you can just go to a little common on this episode we’ll have those past episodes linked in there because their stories are powerful and if you’re looking for some inspiration or for some people outside of Brian and I to get you to think outside the box and get you moving on some of your own you know for purpose ideas or to help shift your perspective holy crap those John’s stories are amazing so anyway thanks for hanging with us guys again we talked about on time we’re here FUEL Your Health, Business, and Lifestyle Brian shared some powerful words with us today so keep in touch on the wilderness 101 project the race is coming up in July my training continues he’s now gonna be basically my coach in the corner guys so thanks for hanging we’ll talk to you guys again soon remember you too can LIVE THE FUEL! Thanks a lot Scott yeah that’s it for the pod people thanks for hanging on the video light thanks for hanging the garage I’m gonna shut this down later