LG&S Episode 5

hi I’m Bridget edell welcome to another edition of lip gloss in a sander the show where we take people out in the hunt for that perfect piece a special piece of furniture and accessory that they’ve been looking for to just make that space in their home look that much better so today’s guest is Dave elder and welcome to the show Thank You Bridget want to tell everybody what you’re looking for well we just redid a pub room in our house we have the bar we have the fridge we have artwork on the wall what we’re missing is a pub table and we wanted something with a little character okay great well this episode of good cost miss tanner is going to be slightly different many times people call me and they’ll say hey Bri can you be on the hunt and look out for like a whole tree or that perfect bench or dresser in this case sad dave had contacted me and said free when you’re out and about junking and and yard saling can you look for something for a pub table for our house and this past week and I was up in Pennsylvania and I found this really amazing wooden barrel it’s a wine barrel that I found and I called them up and I said what do you think many times I’m out and I find our old dilapidated wine barrels that are very expensive and in bad shape but last weekend I was so excited because i found this barrel and it was in a great price and it was in great condition so today’s show is going to be slightly different we’re going to start with this wine barrel idea for a pub table and go on the hunt for something for a top-four it and we’re going to try and get some inspiration for top and what do you think of that idea I think that sounds great it’s exactly what I’m looking for yeah also I wanted to tell everyone the really great thing about this wine barrel that I really liked was the man that sold it to me told me there was a history of the stamp on the top was the company dates back to the corneal times and had a history with George Washington so it’s really kind of a neat barrel for the price we got an amazing barrel in great shape and so it might be worth it to find maybe something that’s maybe clear so you can see the actual stamp on it and you’ll have a history and a story behind it when you’re using it for you know cards or games or when the trends are over i’m enjoying a joint gossipy or something in your tub so what do you think raising it sounds great let’s do it okay great we’re here at the Germantown historic flea market they’re open on the first saturday of every month that’s a beautiful Saturday morning and we’re going to go looking for a suitable top for the wine barrel so the great thing about being at a flea market is that you can hit all these vendors all at one time one stop shopping so I noticed here that there is a glass top table that might be a good idea for your wine barrel top so let’s take a measurement of it for wine barrel at its widest part is 25 inches so we would need something definitely larger so let’s give it a try okay that’s 24 all right well I’m already so sure yeah unfortunately it’s smaller than the widest part of the barrel the top of the barrel is 22 inches I think 23 so we just cover the top and wouldn’t be the right size little too small so let’s keep looking my friends okay well we’ve spent some time walking around the flea market we’ve had a great morning so far we’ve made some new friends we bought a sign for your bar area in your house and got some ideas for the top of the wine barrel but unfortunately we have not found the right piece so we’re gonna keep looking for a little bit longer and see if we get some more inspiration for the table sounds good all right you trying trying then I really like your outfit how good we look together nice color coordination always good about all right off we go so I’m looking here and I see this class right at this booth what do you think that’s a measure cuz that could be perfect it’s definitely bigger than the last one all right all right okay so let’s measure here and see from the widest part is at least 32 inches oh my gosh perfect okay you think that’ll work I think that would work because the other one was how many inches was the other one 24 money for you so I think with the top of the table 22 inches and then the widest part of the barrel 25 like we’ve said I think 36 inches would be absolutely perfect they’ll give you enough of an overhang on the top let’s see if it’s kind of if it’s a thick thickness of the glass yep it’s all right $25 that’s not bad that’s not bad let’s see if maybe she’ll take 20 okay we’re gonna ask and see if

she’ll take 20 will find the booth yes absolutely you’re asking 25 yeah I promised it to somebody for 20 but they weren’t supposed to be here by 11 13 they’re not soon oh my gosh that would be great so perfect that’s perfect thank you thank you yeah I didn’t want to take it home we’re going to use it for a we’re making a pub table out of a wine barrel so yeah so be perfect time how many bustos thank you for before okay thank you okay we’re done with the flea market and we’re heading to the workshop here we are back in the studio and it’s your first glimpse at the barrel that I found last weekend at the flea market in Pennsylvania so it’s lovely it’s beautiful yeah and you’ll see here that what we need to do first is to try and work on these metal pieces and first thing we’re going to do with those is to try and use a wire brush okay and see if we can scrape off any loose loose rust before we do that you actually going to put on your safety the bono glasses and your mask because you have to make sure you always have safety equipment on so you don’t get injured alright so my glass is on a mask on I’m just going to take a brush a wire brush you can get local hardware store and just we’re going to scrape along the metal bands and see if we can get loose rust off so here we go we can see immediately this color changing from this so well let’s say work on the top 1 i’ll work on the one below it and just look lightly using a brush you can see color changing and the rush coming off okay so we’re done with this portion of the metal we’re using the wire brushes so you can see from our method here that we’re really lucky and we got a majority of the loose rust off um if you notice when Dave and I were working we used all three sizes this brought you use this tell everybody about this brush well this is uh you get a lot of surface area one stroke with this one so this was real good on the on the fat part of the bands okay then i use this size brush and I just kind of went along on just a regular stroke and just kind of got off the major parts right here um but then we needed this little tiny brush do you want to show everybody what you did with that brush well we had to get into the get into the edges with the small brush so we could get the tops of these wire bands pretty well and down at the bottom of the of the barrel um so right now I think we’re ready to talk about what we’re gonna do with the next step of this now that the wire brush action is done so what are you thinking about for this part you know Bridget I think there’s um there’s some interest in getting back the original metal but in my house where this is going to go I think it would actually look better if it was in a kind of like a bronze or a brass finish so I was thinking that since we got all the loose rust off maybe we can go over with some metal paint and create like a bronze look of the metal I think that would look really good with the in my house yeah well that you can kind of see almost a different color with this loose the loose rust color there we’re going to end up standing the barrel part the wood part and then if you weren’t going to paint it and you want to get down to the original metal color what I would suggest you can take to some baking soda and a little bit of water in a cup and you make a little paste and then you would just kind of rub it on this metal parts like we’re they ours where we just rubbed with the brush and that would cut it you can see on my hand that’s why I didn’t wear the club so we could show you I’m how much comes off and then we can that baking soda paste would actually stay on and then you would wipe it off with it with a wet rag and that would help bring the metal back to the original finish but they’ve wants to paint it so right now I think we’re okay we would just get a wet rag and clean off this excess that’s on here now yes if you felt like you didn’t have enough with the wire brush got enough rest off you could also take a sanding block and work a little harder we don’t ship by putting a little bit more forced into it a little more effort and it would help get some of those spots off but right now I think we’re okay as far as the rust we’re very lucky but that’s also the next step if you wanted to do that and then the third step would be if you want to use your sander and you can use a standard actually here’s a very coarse paper and try and blast off the rust without having to use a harsh chemical that would be our suggestions for that so I think we’re ready to clean this up and then start understanding of the wood sounds good okay so you can see we wipe down the middle and you can see already how much cleaner ready for pain it is so we’re going to be on to the next step the next step we’re going to take the mouse sander and we’re going to

lightly sand the wood thoughts to even out any splinter areas or any excess debris or anything that’s on and we’re going to get ready for staying so since dave is pretty handy in the woodshop he’s going to go ahead and I’m gonna let him go right to it so first you gotta push so Bridget you think we should spend a little time on the darker spots spots yeah I do I think what we should do is definitely if you want to try and even out the spots you can see where Dave is already sanded it’s lighter but some of the other Spaccia haven’t been done yet we’re definitely lighter in areas than I’m sorry darker in areas of Heather’s so what you would want to do is either change your paper to make a coarser or just really work harder on that one spot and try and get the color to be a little more consistent with the others so you think we need okay see this may be a new sheet would be good right now we’re using secret for our mouse camera so you can just show everyone how this is so simple you just take it’s like velcro so you want to just appear it’s so easy it sticks right on and then go ahead you want to sho shweet trip try to go on the hood also before you turn the favor when he was doing that if you notice that i took my individual block and i’m kind of going around the edges and using my hand to feel where it was rougher where the splinters work so luckily this block goes right almost exactly same size and between these metal pieces so a good way that’s also just follow along with your hand very lightly to see if there’s bumps where the wood is not even so that’s what I’m doing so I’ll try to work on some of these dark spots so almost done with the sanding process and before we finish the very last piece I wanted to show everyone the difference now between what was done or done now and what we’ve wait looked earlier so let’s look down the very bottom of the barrel and you can see the real dark spot that’s where we haven’t sanded yet and then above it you can see and by the side of it a nice light wood it’s ready for stain so we’re almost done so Dave once you go ahead and finish that bottom portion okay then I’ll finish with mind how does that look would you well I think it looks terrific it’s amazing just by rubbing my hand over and you can feel it’s so much smoother and most important thing too about sanding it’s very time consuming but it’s really a very very important step especially if you’re going to use the barrel as a pub table inside your home because if you have guests standing by it or sitting in a chair by it you don’t want them to rub their legs and get splinters that would be really uncomfortable so it’s one thing if your barrel is going to be out in your garden or in your backyard where no one’s gonna be sitting there or touching it but it’s another thing when you have to cut your company so do not cut the steps especially for standing take your time this time consuming but in the long run it’s worth it so great job you too on to the next step we’re back in the studio now with Dave and we’re ready to apply the stain to the barrel before we go ahead and apply the scene I wanted to talk about some different methods of application and also containers to use while you’re doing the same so two different ways to apply the stain one is to use a brush and the other is to use a lint free white rag and I think what we’re going to try and do we talked about it we’re gonna do both methods okay uh which one do you prefer i prefer the brush but we’ll we’ll see which one comes out better so Dave seems to want to use the brush so I’m gonna go ahead and use the rag so we can show people at home the two different methods of applying the same I also wanted to say that before you use the same make sure you read the back of the label the writing is very very tiny so I need my readers to use that so make sure you actually read all the instructions on the back before you go ahead and do it okay so i wouldn’t use these goggles use these glasses as goggles but to read the back you really to make sure you have to read the small writing so okay remember safety first don’t forget to wear your gloves and have your goggles on and we’re ready to go ahead and start with the application of the of the stain so let me put my mask on and then day is going to use the brush and I’m going to go ahead and use the bag we’re going to start with the first band and we’re going to work in between the metal no matter what method do you use whether you use the rag or the brush you have to

always have another rag to wipe down so we’re going to apply with the brush and the rag and when you apply you want to take your other rag and kind of blend it in and take off the excess stain so Dave’s going to have a rag and I’m going to have a rag and we’ll show you how this works safety first how’s it looking over there dude it looks great nice this is exactly what I thought it would look like when we saw this color stain it’s nice and deep and rich and I see what you mean about the excess stain so you just want to kind of blend it in yeah if it gets on the metal band just take your rag I don’t worry player can wipe it off now you can see Dave using the brush method and i’m using the rag method and we can kind of compare and see if there’s a difference in the way the stain looks on the wood so I wanted to stop and take a look at the project before we continue to show you the two different techniques and how it looks on the wood on my side I use the rag and you can see that a little bit more of the grain is showing through on Dave side using the brush it applied it a little bit heavier and you can’t see the green quite as much with the brush application so what do you think for your for your project what do you think for your home yeah Bridget it clearly I like decide that you did better with the rag it looks like I had too much stain on the brush and you were able to control it better on the rag so I’m gonna switch to the rag and to do the rest of it i really like other grain pops great okay so then that’s what happens sometimes when you’re working on a project it’s okay to switch gears you just want to make sure you don’t do too much of the project I’m so you don’t have to you know rewind and fix what you didn’t like so we’re gonna go ahead and both use the rag method and go ahead and finish the wood part of the barrel perfect let’s go great so now that Dave and I are done with the rag application of the stain to the barrel Dave’s going around and making sure that it’s uniform spots that he did and the spots that I did now there’s also a couple spots where the wood is chunked out a little bit so he’s taking the brush and dabbing it so you can get on the inside but we couldn’t get to with the rag so he’s just going ahead and that’s what he’s doing to kind of finish up the application of the stain still making sure to wipe off the excess like you said so we keep that grain showing which looks really really good so you can see what the saying you can see how it absorbs into the wood and you can still see the beautiful grain underneath and some light spots that came through that wasn’t absorbed by the stain so it’s kind of look really good getting ready for the next step so the next step is going to be to apply the polyurethane Dave had mentioned that he wanted a shiny look to the top coat so while we’re waiting for this to dry I thought we would go over some of the options for the top we had gone to the flea market and we found this option so let’s go ahead and put this on and show everybody this option okay this was the piece of glass that we found at the Germantown flea market originally I you want to tell everybody what you thought about going with the glass and the label well I think because the the barrel has has some history in the company that that made the product in the barrel dates back to George Washington it would have been nice to see the stamp on the top of the barrel but you know because it’s a pub table and just for its general use I got a little concern from a safety aspect with the with the long glass overhang that if someone was to slam a bottle down I was just concerned that you know it could crack the glass it could chip the glass and someone could get hurt so as much as I like seeing the stamp I was a little worried about the glass so we talked about this and we care about some different options instead of the glass so that’s what happens sometimes sometimes we have in your mind what you think the vision is you thought glass and it looks amazing but for practicality wise it’s really probably not the best you talk for your use so we came up with a different option so let’s remove this it’s down is a piece of granite on top so what the plan is I had gone out to a local granite shop in town here in Gaithersburg and I went and looked at some remnants that they had four possible granite top I thought that this color this is just a sample this might not be what he chooses but the thought is we’re going to go get a round piece and what dimensions did you think would work perfect probably the best option is 34 inches so again just a couple inches shorter than the glass but for the space i have I think 34 is the right dimension and it still gives people a little time to little space to get their knees underneath the table top when they’re sitting at the table so this is going to be the option we choose I think we’re going to go to the granite shop and look for a 34 inch round piece we’re ready for the final step in the process the application of the polyurethane have my readers back on because I needed to read

the back of the polyurethane can and it’s the teeny weeny writing and just want to make sure if you know sometimes i’m using all these different products and even i forget which ones do you stir which ones do you not stir the polyurethane you do not want to stir because you don’t want the bubbles you want it to be as smooth as possible when you’re applying so we’re going to go ahead and apply with a brush and that’s really with this type of polyurethane you want to use a brush there are white bond Polly’s that you can use with a rag we’re not going to use it for this because you wanted a pretty glossy finish so dave is going to work with a two and a half inch brush and he’s going to work on the larger portions of the woods and I’m going to use a two-inch brush and work on some of the smaller portions so what you want to do is make sure you go with the grain still dip it in do it go light on the poly want to just kind of go with a light coat try and be very cognizant of not hitting the metal go up and down north and south still like you did with the application of the stain I made the cardinal mistake of not remembering to put on my goggles and my safety mask so we have to make sure we do that always remember safety first and make sure you’re all prepared with your goggles your goggles your safety mess and your gloves so dave is just touching up little spots have the polyurethane for code number one we’re going to let this dry and I’m going to go ahead and apply with David probably two more coats of the polyurethane but for right now we’re just finishing up this first coat will do two more coats and then we’re off to the granite man so it looks great I love it seems happy and now we’re off to grant it we’re here in location at the Thomas marble and granite shop in Gaithersburg and we have an appointment with Alan to go over some choices that Dave’s going to look at for the remnant piece of granite for the to finish off the pub table so great I’m looking forward to it I understand that remnant pieces might be a little more cost-effective yeah for this for this project it’s really going to be beneficial to be here they have spare pieces of granite that they use from projects that are left over and they call them remnants and it’s usually cost effective for you to go to these shops and ask if they have these pieces because you can get something made to your specifications that would work for the budget most likely so let’s go meet with out and see what he has I’m good hey Alan how are you are you gonna see you again this is Dave hey Dave you want to tell a little bit about what you’re looking for for your project so Alan we have this beautiful old barrel that we’re turning into a pub table and we just refinished the barrel and now we’re looking for the top and I was thinking that uh you know granite would be would be a nice alternatives we’ve tried a couple things and I think that’s going to be the most practical and probably the best-looking alternative so we understand you have some remnants and we’re just looking for one that we can cut 34 inches round alright sweet well basically you know all these remnants are available so anything that would give the size you know you can you know cut into any shape so in this case something round so you guys want to start looking around here take from here okay that sounds good and i understand that cost it does matter so it is a remnant going to be a little bit more cost effective oh yes mitch is the way to go if you’re trying to save money because they’re obviously leftover pieces from bigger pieces so our remnant prices start at thirty dollars a square foot so can’t go wrong with that okay well let’s look at what you have okay great what do you think of this piece Bridget I saw that piece when we were walking from the car I really like this piece I think this looks nice has a little more gray in it so if you wanted to maybe keep the metal bands the finish that they are right now that would look nice it would be a nice accent to the dark stain if you wanted to pull a little more gold to paint the band’s maybe a gold color I don’t know if this is the right the right choice I might mean that that’s nice i like the I like the colors it’s an interesting piece Alan this is big enough oh let me though it’s a pretty sure yeah that’s plenty big now if you guys don’t see anything out here we can go inside and you know take a look at my other room inside inside okay well you know I think this this is at the top of the list right now I like to add a lot bridges okay now what about there’s another one that we kind of looked through now it’s this one Alan not big enough let me go with this one I think Dave you had seen that um it has the colors similar to the one in the back but there’s not quite so much gray so I think if you wanted to maybe go with the gold paint on the band originally that you thought I think this

one would be a little bit better this one unfortunately is not big enough we’re only in 31 inches okay okay so that one is out but maybe they think size-wise I do like I do like the way that looks but size-wise Alan I guess we we can’t get a 34 inch top out of a 31 inch remnant so fortunately not okay all right so can we take a look inside horse okay let’s go so while we’re inside we looked at some other remnant pieces of granite and we determined that the piece since I was a little too light yeah there was a piece i really liked but you know with your advice I the darker piece is gonna have more of the warmth and it’s a it’s a very bright room I’m putting it in and so I think I think the first one of the first pieces we saw out here I think is gonna work pretty well this piece we also saw that we liked I think so it has a little bit too much of aren’t you you’re trying to stay away from orange so orange is not a favorite color in my house so I think I think a piece that has has the warmth of in the Brown family but doesn’t doesn’t sleep into the orange family is what we’re gonna look good that’s great so I think we’re gonna go with this first piece um all right great I am going back to our original one awesome let me just-okay target here there you go great so so you’re gonna be able to go ahead and cut that in a 34 inch round yes 34 inch rounds I mean it should be ready and about about a week or so okay perfect alright great so let’s what we’ll do we’ll go ahead I want to go ahead and cut that into around 34 inch tabletop for the pub table and I’m very excited to see how it looks I can’t wait yeah round thank you so Dave what did you think of the whole day in the whole experience you know bird did it was it was fun working with you on this project and I just I think you know rather than going to the store and buying a piece the fact that that we worked on this together makes this a special piece and it’s it’s custom it’s exactly what I was looking for it’s exactly the right size it has character and it was just a great time doing it yeah it was really really fun it was probably my favorite project and one of the ones I like doing the most from start to finish so thank you for giving me the challenge of finding the barrel and helping you work on well I feel like I helped you work on it it’s um it’s a great end product and it was a lot of fun it ok well cheers Cheers Oh left hand good luck Oh Cheers well that’s it for this episode of lip gloss in the sander you can follow me on twitter or like me on Facebook I’m bridge Vidal thanks for watching this episode of lip gloss in the sander was sponsored in part by Amy de preta and Patricia elder Remax metropolitan providing clients with over 20 years of experience offering superior marketing staging and consulting with VIP quality service Potomac basin group nsp company is a full service insurance brokerage offering affordable insurance solutions for businesses from two to five hundred employees and individuals for all of their insurance needs Towe McSally chiropractic serving the north potomac and gaithersburg area dr. Spiro Theodore has been restoring people to good health through chiropractic care for over ten years promotional consideration provided by delaware design company marketing communications with direction and by four dimensional real estate solutions working with clients to assist with leasing sales and all of your commercial real estate requirements you you you