Smokey Eye Makeup Look with Limelight by Alcone!!

hey y’all this is monique diva designs in ua and this is my tutorial using limelight products for smokey eye as you can tell stay tuned hey everybody I don’t know if anybody is out about today in the in my limelight party page but this is a tutorial just real and leave it to beaver to lose what I oh here it is um this is just for y’all I’m going to do something a little bit dramatic which means just a dark glamorous smokey hi all right let me see I’ve already done my bro’s already done my brows what I’m going to do is do a little bit of a base frame base and I’m doing this first so that if i have any fallout which a lot of times you do when you do something dramatic any eyeshadow fall out I can clean it up and move on quickly without having to worry about fixing fixing it up of course since I know this is the middle of the day if any of you since you’re missing it you can catch this on the replay anime use just a little bit of my foundation for more of a natural tone closer to the brow I sure do wish Facebook allowed us to have music so I think that’s all blended in now I am going to take pushes a fluffy brush take a fluffy brush and my limelight palette and I’m going to do something a little neutral as a transition color always try your best to blend until your arm falls off

stepping that color down to a little bit deeper I’m gonna get another fluffy brush dry brush and just blend what I might do is take a little bit and that’s the otha tis the right palate I might take a little bit from the Lodi collection let’s color right here just add a little bit of interest so I’m take that first brush that I have add a little bit of this bronzy reddish color and blend that in these shadows are extremely pigmented which means of course they’re going to last for a good long time and it also means it takes just a little bit so you take a little bit place it this is my second fluffy brush that I was using just for blending and go back in and blend just a little bit more of this bronzy color place go back in with my fluffy brush and blend you really should not be able to see any definite lines you can take a towel wipe off the blending brush and blend some more alrighty since I’m doing a dramatic smoky look I’ve got a knicks chubby

stick jumbo eye pencil in black bean and I’m just applying this as a base so that when I go over it with my shadow I’ll get as much pay off as I can get go back with that little flat blending brush and blend that in to give myself a base if you want to go darker you can always go back in and apply more and because today is all about the drama let’s hit it again I suggest you try to keep this just on your lid as much as possible and see this this is why you don’t put your foundation on first so you can cover up and clean up whatever mess is you make but keep it as close down as possible to your lid because you’re going to go back and I need a flat blut brush so I can place the color exactly where I want it and i’ll be using this black from limelight I’m going to Pat it in so I can get as much color payoff as possible so once I have applied go back in with that first brush that I applied with and a little bit of that transition color tap it off and blend in that crease you want to make sure that you do not

take it all the way up cuz you blend blend blend blend blend because I want to get rid of all of it the edges I want the dark to fade into the lighter then I’m going to switch to that second blending brush that I had clean it off a little bit and start blending all right see I need a little bit of a highlight color for under the brow just a little bit of course these are all limelight alright wait let me see what do I have even though you might not see it still need a little bit of liner still need a little bit of liner see if I can do this I try not to do this on online but this is one of the easiest I have to look in the mirror behind me to y’all the mirror behind the phone Limelight’s liquid liner is one of the easiest ones to use it doesn’t have that hard felt if you wanted something a

little bit more dramatic you could also do like a gel liner pop a little bit of a wing on there it’s one of the hardest things to do is to get these suckers even because our eyes are different nobody is perfectly symmetrical hey everybody I’ve got a chance to join yay alright let’s pop some foundation on slime lights foundation is fifty percent over fifty percent pigment so it doesn’t have a whole bunch of those extra fillers in so you get a lot of coverage with a lot less product you can go as heavy as you want or as light as you want because our foundation is so simple most people do not have any issue with any types of sensitivities to it it is a professional foundation I’ve been using it in my kit for years because not only am i selling the product but I am a makeup artist so you can hire me out if you want to but I’ve been using this in my kit for years it’s been used on stage and screen for over 40 years you I want to cover something that’s still kind of sticking around can hit this up this makeup lasts all day if I had done my makeup this morning I would come home looking just like this if anybody has any questions about our foundation colors being color matched i’m also going to post it’s a little quiz we have to help with getting color match anybody that’s here in Memphis Tennessee can personally get me to help and to color match let’s see what did I do that from you see that you see that but i will post a little quiz it’s cute little quiz even though you get excellent coverage with this foundation you’re also going to find sorry that your skin continues to look like

skin you’re not harsh Kate face you can look as natural as you want if you want to blend it out with some of your skin care put some of your skincare in and use that to make it more into liquid this is a professional makeup a professional cosmetic so professional cosmetics can be altered so you can do whatever you want to do if you haven’t a time when you need more coverage you can use it just like I’m using it if you’re having a time when you want something that’s not is thick you want something that’s more like a BB or CC cream you can just use your skincare blend in with it or you must do that will give you a really pretty Dewey appearance and apply it that way the foundation can be applied with a sponge a brush or your fingers i prefer sponge or brush but fingers are pretty fantabulous too because they heat the heat the foundation up melts into the skin even more but does this look heavy does not look heavy at all and i haven’t done anything out whatsoever now if you are so inclined you can take a darker shade or you can take a concealer one of our concealers and you can do a little contouring I have a little fool fabulous face so little contouring never hurt anybody but you definitely don’t want to overdo it a lot of times when we do stuff for camera for television it didn’t translate well when it comes down to how it looks in person some folks don’t realize that just blend in blend under the jaw line to give me a little bit more of a jaw then blend me see I’ve lost my pattern and I thought I had everything hold on lemme powder this right here hold it back because the light is blowing it out this is our translucent powder it looks white because it is white but it goes on totally totally nude totally clear so no matter how dark you are how light you are works for everybody put it on and apply it in my earlier areas contrary to popular belief and what’s being done

online you do not have to bake your face that’s not necessary what I like to do is go in and apply the powder and then I like to take a puff and push it into the skin just like I said we don’t want to be cake face we want it to look a part of it once you get your all of your wit products on you can start of course I’ve done my powder so I’ve set the foundation then you can go in with your little dry stuff I want some glow on these cheeks because I want to look alive how’s it looking just looking pretty good all of our products are they cover the whole scale from the palest to the pale to the darkest of the dark so whatever you are I got you just let me now holler at me all right let’s pick a blush don’t anything too crazy just going to pick just a novice pinky blush if I go dramatic with my eyes I try not to go too dramatic with anything else oh and I showed you this this is this is our powder and this is our bronzer it’s hard to tell the colors that’s our bronzer all right oh let me see I don’t know if I want to do lashes or not um I’ll be going to work full-blown glam look at that glow telling y’all that is fabulous you come out looking healthy all right let me see this is our mascara are one step I’m going to skip the lashes today because I just don’t feel like working for the rest of the evening with lashes on this is our one step lash mascara and got the fibers in it but it does not it does not you don’t get little pieces of stuff in your eye it’s fabulous I should have curled my lashes but you

know start at the base wiggle your way up I love a good mascara oh my god it can make your world right you’re tired in the morning your kid capped you up all night mascara you been up all night cuz your husband’s been snoring mascara perfect did I get myself I got myself I swear y’all I’m the queen of getting through my makeup and then getting mascara on my face can you see that can you see it i know i’ve got the smoky thing going on it is hard to tell all right field I could use this black pain that’s what I could use I’m going to go back in with this NYX black bean and hit my waterline yeah I need a little beady pencil fresh something to smudge with didn’t like that like this and i’m just going to smudge some of that down here this is date night drama young and for me I guess a basic day at work a typical day at work get down there and underneath it with my brush and hit these bottom lashes everything that i’m using can be found on my website I always post the link if you want to wait until the last day to make a purchase for everything that you see or if you’d like to ask me any questions about what personally will work best for you I’m here for you just inbox me some of you have my number call me I said these are pro products they are made to last I’m going to take a brown liner this is a knicks line or two because remember i said if i go dramatic most of the time most of the time I do something nude and understated for the lip I am a sucker for a nude lip

man makeup just makes everything better don’t it this is faith this is our signature jeweled lip gloss I don’t know if you can see that it’s got the cute little rhinestones around there and it’s perfect for care and around in your purse because it also has a little mirror on there this is called faith again just a little bit more I love some faith matter of fact I think I posted the enduring lip colors yesterday the enduring lip colors are more matte some of them actually do have a little glisten to them like a little iridescent send them they’re gorgeous but they are the ones that are long-lasting you can actually combine the two you can actually put an enduring lip color as a base on the bottom then go back in with a lip gloss and change it up give a little bit more dimension and but I think I posted the pictures for the enduring lip colors yesterday I’m going to go back today and make sure I post the colors for the signature jeweled lip glosses these things are wonderful wonderful and that’s it I think it’s not too overdone not too overdone that I can go and fix hair tonight hopefully this has seemed easy for y’all if you’re interested I do personal makeup classes also just give me a call and we can discuss it too well alrighty y’all it was so nice sitting with you for the afternoon and just let me know if you need anything Oh website is WWII you ITIL koan com right / diva designs I see ya