Smokey Brown + Gold Eye Makeup (full face tutorial) =)

hey guys this is going to be the makeup tutorial for that smoky brown and gold look that I have in my one video which I’m also wearing right now it’s a summer look that I like to do a lot I think it’s fun to do during the summer especially with the gold and the brown tones I think it looks really good on tan skin especially so if you’re interested or you were one of the ones that requested it from my when video just to be for watching oh and also I’m going to go ahead and list all the products that I use down below in the description box just in case you will get a chance to catch the name or the color and you’re interested in purchasing these products that only you’re able to find out the information on it okay so first off I’m going to start off with a BB cream i like to use Orioles BB cream in light now when I film that other one video it was summertime and I don’t like to wear foundation on my face during summertime so the only thing I had on my face was BB cream actually during that time so I just like to kind of put it on my finger to put it on my feet and dots my hair back I normally in my hair back and i like to use spread this using mine this Real Techniques stippling brush I like to use these brushes just because I feel like it blends better than using your finger and especially with like BB cream products they’re really creamy and of course this one is tinted and I just don’t like to get some of that stuff on my my fingers this is a good alternative what I like to do during the summertime just because where I live it’s really humid over here so i’m not a big foundation person at all i just feel like it feels cakey and then you know when you sweat it just kind of feels like makeups leaking and then i just felt it feels heavy on my skin and I don’t like to feel like my pores are being clogged up so I’m just prefer using a BB cream alright so next I’m going to apply online it’s a white eyeshadow too shimmery why I show this is forgery from Mac and we can see has a lot of shine I like to use that sort of as a base for my eyeshadow so I just lightly apply it come on the tops my problem and the inner tear duct of my eye on the inner half I like to lay a lot of this down on the inner half of the eyelid it’s the base for them gold and somebody s will pop through this makes it extra shimmer so the palette that i use on my eyes in the one video as a victoria secret palette it’s called desert night and this is where those brown and gold tones that I get they’re all from this palette so we’re like compile tap I can’t even tell you I’ve had this for quite some time some of you not they still have it at the store but I’m going to do is just take a fluffy brush this is an elf blending brush I believe it’s like a dollar at the store I’m going to pick up some of this light brown color I’m just going to dust it on the outer half of my eye and the real trip to this is really just

blending you’ll see right now we’re going to bring some gold into this look now I’m big in the cat I looked so I like to really sort of bring it out in these corners right here so now I’m going to take flat angled brush any flight angled brush so now pick a bet same color and go and go on the outer half of the eye and then just connect this to the eyeshadows now what I like to do again the outer corners and the outer be is that it this is one of my favorite Brown College by the way I think I wear this every day this is bronze by Mac and everyone should buy this color it’s a really really really pretty brown color you can see that right there it’s sort of shimmery bronze a little bit of gold in there as well I’m just going to take a flat brush right here pick up some of that color go ahead and Pat it down from the outer V of your eyelid and I’m also going to take a pencil brush pick up some of the brown color as well and then I’m going to go and mix it in on the outer portion of the model okay now we’re going to go back with our blending brush and I’m just gonna blend this into the brown that we laid down before she can understand she says Oh that gold color on the victoria secret palette just for the flight fluffy brush up there where we put the light make sure you get in the corners I yay okay now with that same pencil brush which i’m using the same one so just make sure you wipe off the brown team handles and pick up some of that gold tones and where you go on these inner portion of I is time for the liquid eyeliner I’ve been doing the pen

eyeliner for God years maybe over 10 years probably over 10 years right but i like to use well right now i’m using this avon eyeliner that my mom sent me which is really good actually but before this I was using the l’oreal liquid eyeliner comes in a gold to my don’t have it written right now but right now going to be using this one in this is and dark brown so high do my winged eyeliner as I start from the corner of my eye and I draw out towards the end of my eyebrow however long you’d like I kind of do my mom because I like that whole cat eye effect like Alison so once i have my line out I just start from the center of my eye the top of my lashes and I connect it to the bottom of that line this is really hard to top and Venus and I just sort of keep going over that line or on top of that line i’ll get about three four nah once I have that I just continue going over my it also helps if you’re looking down at an angle in the mirror so you can see the tops of your lashes that’s one night so now we have our liquid eyeliner I’m going to do my mascara the one that I much fear that i’m using right now is by a bomb also my mom likes to send me a lot of stuff through Avon and this is yvonne super shock so I’m going to do is I’m going to use this first and then I’m going to go ahead and use l’oreal voluminous thinness of the mascara that I’ve been using for years I just really like the wand on this one it’s really like I don’t know it really helps up for your lashes you go ahead and apply the mascara okay so after I’ve lied about two coats of the Avon mascara I’m going to go ahead and lose the Loreal voluminous mascara and the trick that I like to do with my eyelashes is like I said I like the whole cat eye effect so with the l’oreal the voluminous mascara i actually i just apply it to the outer lashes on the outer half right here so make sure your lashes on the outer parts of your eye look thicker and they fall in with your cat eye effect and I put about two coats of this on as well I’m go ahead and apply mascara to the lower lashes ok so next I’m actually gonna do my eyebrows do my eyebrows i use this eyebrow kit it’s by benefit it works really well i haven’t been using it all that long and in the one video actually just use an eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows so now i’m going to use this wax from benefit i’m going to do is pick up some of that wax coat my brows in it malavan phillippe I razem gonna go back to the ice and what I’m going to do is I’m going to line my waterline with this brown eyeliner and this is tagged by neck this is a really pretty bronze I love your as well and I think it goes really good with eyeshadow you guys hear that oh my cat so now what I’m do is I’m going to touch

up some of the lower I areas the lower eye shadows and I’m going to use this concealer and this is by Mac and this is a studio finish concealer and the color that I get it in is nw20 that’s just some warmer tones it has some pink undertones in it so I really like this what I’m going to take some of it on a flat brush I’m going to do is lightly you can use your fingers also i just i don’t know getting really close to the eyeshadow i don’t want to accidentally smudge too much off they’re just get really close to be using this this is what cleans up some of that eyeshadow just in case it it’s smeared a little bit or maybe the application was a little bit wobbly I’m sorry a little bit down pull the brush down but now I’m going to take some of my fingertip know what I’ll do a little lightly dab get under my eye and I just started do like a triangle from this corner this corner to this corner and make this triangle right here just dab it and that out so now I’m going to take my powder and this is a studio fix by Mac and my color is NC 14 and I’m just going to take this on a big power brush and I do this just because I just want a lighter application of it what they said during this time here I really don’t like to wear heavier stuff on my face so this big brush this gives it a liar application i blended with the neck now what I like to do to contour my face is I use this bronzer by benefit it’s called hula and I just again recently started using this I used to use or I still do use blunt by Max I’m just out of it at the moment but this one’s really nice never try to bronzer this one’s really good because it it’s such a light application you can blend it in really well and you don’t see it’s not round it doesn’t come on your face like really really dark so ya know with a blush brush just take a little bit of that so you can see it’s pretty light application so I like to do the top of my forehead the outer part over my temple area and I blend it all the way back to the top of my ear and now what I do is I take this little brush that came with it down a little bit on it just go down the sides of my nose now i use this blush this is one of my favorite brush especially from for summer this is style by mac and it’s this coral color and it’s really really pretty for summertime but I take another blush brush pick up some of that smile just on the apples of my cheeks by that you can see it as a little shimmer to it

it’s really really pretty and lastly for the base this is physicians formula this is a light bronze pro I like to use this as a highlight you can see it has all these shimmery colors and I believe this one this for all schools skin tones what I like to do is I take a fan brush just lightly go over it it’s like to the tops of my cheekbones it just adds this really pretty high leg I’m not sure how well it fits in camera hopefully it shows as for their face we are done I’m quickly for the lips in the video i believe i just find my lips with a nude lip liner and i believe it was from Jordana you can get it at the drugstore i’m out of that at the moment so i’m going to be using this nude color as well not sure this is my room oh I’m not sure this is the color it says a thousand kisses on it that might be the color I just go ahead and line my lips so this one is a little slightly different than liberty open in the one video this lip gloss on them and this is by jordana also it’s so squeeze and shine and this is colors this it’s called honey luau honey luau just like with the Sun it’s pretty shimmery so a little bit goes a long way yeah I believe we’re done so for those of you that requested this is the look that I wore in the wind video showing you how i applied everything the different products that i used i’m going to try and list everything down below just in case there are any questions a couple of parts i know i’m going to end up probably fast-forwarding through just to cut through the length of the video i don’t want to be too long I don’t even know how long this is gonna end up on my camera died twice so there’s anything that you want to see in more detail like my eyebrows I know I stopped recording at one point or things like that just let you know I’ll be more than happy to do it this is the first time I’ve done this I’m still testing out a little bit of lighting and cameras and angles so hopefully it turned out well I guess I’ll see right now when I start editing it well yeah hopefully you guys like this appreciate everybody watching this I will end up having a when update video also which I might just record after this I’m not sure which one will be up first but keep on a lookout for that whether you see that one first you might want to check out the makeup tutorial video if you’re interested and yeah thanks everyone for watching bass remove for being so nice to in the comments on my other video that I uploaded it was the first video that I uploaded of me talking I know I have enough a couple other videos up there that were more score related it was the first video or documentary or thing that I did or never publicized period so i really appreciate everyone’s common everyone being really really nice about it always a little hesitant to do things on the internet but thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in there to buy