Nerd Time Makeup! The Shaman King Edition

we’ll just put a whole big giant spoiler alert yeah let’s haul it this whole thing is not safe to watch if you’re interested and you haven’t seen or read it especially with the reboot coming out we are two fans that have been fans for more than a decade now hello i would you like to introduce yourself i do not want to uh sure tyler’s king sure uh my name is andy i’m a they them pronoun user i don’t i’m not active on youtube but i am active on my twitter which is private so you don’t get to know it my camera that i’m recording on is on my phone which is right in front of me but annie’s on a separate messenger right next to me so if i look over here it’s because i’m talking to annie but i’m gonna try looking here and then i might be looking over here sometimes um so uh what we were getting together to do today was doing some eye shadow looks inspired by shaman king this is this is just for fun this is just for fun to see my homie and hang out and do a fun little thing um this is not cool by any means like a cosplay makeup tutorial today i was going to do a look inspired by anna kyoyama anna’s iconic um yeah yeah and i was going to do a look inspired by uh anna’s fiance yo yes yes that little boy that hangs out with her sometimes yeah this is not a i’m not trying to look like yo i’m just doing a makeup look inspired by him first i’m going to do my eyebrows and i’m going to start with my eyeshadow first i’m a crazy person so i just straight up do my eyebrows with black eyeshadow and i i’m not twisted psychopath see like i’m not like a very oily person so like things don’t slide around like i can get away with just like black eyeshadow i am a very oily person my skin is one big pore and all my pores on my skin produce a lot of oil so i have to prime prime again set set again the other thing that i wanted to do with these brows that i sort of forgot to when we tried to film this video the first time was i want to make them like real angry like rico nasty looking brows that just go straight i wonder what a good character brow would be for a character who like i guess doesn’t super care about his appearances because yo is he’s too busy um wearing cargo shorts to care about his eyebrows i guess you always too busy caring about his friends to be like i’m gonna get my eyebrows threaded i can see anna going and saying listen your eyebrows are out of control we’re going to get them threaded and then he’s like all right i don’t think anna’s a very like glam makeup kind of gal so i don’t think she would ever wear it yeah but it’s the look that i think represents her personality and that’s all i’m really aiming for yeah my look is also not something yo would ever wear i don’t think he’s the kind of person to care about makeup at all whatsoever i think he’d be supportive of it yeah i don’t think he’d be the kind of guy who’d be like haha queen you look so much better natural i feel like you just mind his own business and i appreciate that oh wait i don’t have you gotten too fast in the moment yes okay all right so then that’s fine in the manga i don’t remember i don’t know how like recently you’ve revisited that part but faust is horrifying yeah he shows up in that in a graveyard he shows up oh spoilers he’s holding manta hostage and slowly dissecting him while he’s fighting yo and that is that shit is horrifying i mean i’m not saying that these things are related but i definitely was reading the shaman king manga in seventh grade and seventh grade was the last time in my um conscious life that i peed the bed i’m not saying those things are related but i’m saying that they could be because they did happen in the same year i just um re-watched the english version because that’s what i had access to as a kid i look crazy with one eyebrow while i’m saying all this staring at the camera pointing one eyebrow i have to commend four kids because they um had faust nail manta to a gravestone and like they did the vague gestures of it which is more than i thought they would

um like the vague gestures of performing surgery anyways just i’m so excited for this anime um because i hope that they nail the overall tone of the series better than they did in the because like you can the way that the four kids anime try to make it like a oh wacky monster of the week thing when like the premise of the show is about death and the people that deal with death is like really weird to me yeah it’s really not something four kids would typically let fly at all because they were so against any kind of violence gore even the suggestion of violence is like oh no no we can’t let our children see that so it’s weird that they even chose to translate shaman king at all well you can do this in broad strokes but if you could just give me a summary of what you remember of shaman king that’d be cool okay uh so part of it might be modeled what you told me about shaman king because oh i talk about it 24 7. i’m so sorry i mean i love shaman king too it was a part of my childhood that i watched when i was really little like below the age of 10 and i remember really enjoying it when i watched it and then i got back into it in middle school but from what i remember the part where i actually stopped reading um was right after they met lyserg what i remember vividly is that leicester was just introduced and his little fairy ghost familiar thing um he like just introduced the fact that he had dousing and his fairy helps him i don’t think i remember that his parents died in like a fire of some kind and he was trying to avenge them and that’s about where i last left off with shaman king i know how the series ends because he told me um but i mean i asked you to tell me um but that’s the last thing i read i think in the anime i did watch the four kids version on four kids um when i was little and i think i really only got to the part where frost was being fast with manta and that’s about it i see you’re doing like an orangey kind of situation on your lid what were what were the steps in your thinking to get from the character to what you’re doing yeah so uh yo has a lot of orange accents in his outfit um it’s mostly usually like black gray and orange um i figured i would just go with the orange and run with it because it’s a nice bright color i like bright eyeshadow the colors for anna that stand out to me are her red bandana and her black dress so i’ve got some uh nyx eyeshadow base the white one i know most people will put it on the lid i feel like that doesn’t work for me all the time when i do that so i take some i scoop some out and grab the red here and then i’m going to like dump it onto this red and then mix it and then put it on my eye because that that gives me a way better like color payoff than like putting the eye primer and then patting the color on from um experience trying to do cosplay looks but for characters that have like non-human skin colors yeah yes i actually have never thought about doing it like that i always put like the white right on my eyelid so now that um i’ve like mixed it uh i could put a little bit more red in but i am gonna go over with oh there was some on my finger and i okay so i’m gonna put this on my eye and then pat the red red shadow over it and it just like it it it ends up looking better than if i hadn’t done all that i promise i think when i think about shaman king my fondest memories of the manga um are of the beginning of the manga because that’s really where i am like beginning to like the first i think third of the story um because where i am in the manga they’ve gotten to the us but um i think my fondest memories of the manga is um when they’re on the airplane and someone is like motion sick and horohoro says is there a doctor on board and foss turns around and he’s like never mind i’m not not you yeah i don’t need a doctor anymore my life since drama king has been announced has been a little different um because the first thing i did was immediately binge all the anime the second thing i did it was almost reread all of the manga i’m like two-thirds done at this point and then i um like passed out and i made two horror horror wigs why i made two of them i did it because i had the supplies lying around um and now i have two of them i just i would like to do

a streetwear cosplay group at some point um for shaman king would be really nice anna is a very like unique character i feel like a lot of the female leads in her position are like begging their fiance in this case don’t like risk your life and fight um anna’s always actively pushing yo to uh to risk his life in a fight yeah and she’s always pushing him to go train so that he can like fight uh increasingly difficult battles in their world it’s like literally what’s necessary yeah it’s like do or die because being a shaman is not easy or the shaman king which is basically you know being god right yeah that’s yeah so you know i i’d assume that a lot of tough training is involved is there a human character that is your favorite and then is there like a spirit character that is your favorite uh from what i remember favorite human character uh probably rio oh yeah i i care him very much first of all i love his pompadour i tend to find myself being drawn to characters of pompadours um he was like i feel the first one who awakened my love of that kind of archetype of kind of like lovable goof who’s also violent um another character like that that comes to mind is josuke from jojo and i do have a framed picture of josuke in my room you do i do so that shows you my love is real and deep um i love ryo’s backstory i love that like he’s this mean tough gang leader but his entire gang is just a bunch of softies that will do anything for you um i like how he got together with his ghost guy yeah that he was also like a dastardly villain who eventually was like it’s a little more fun to be nice to people than to be garbage so i don’t know i just he’s sweet and nice and i like him andy i need you to stop i have to pee so bad i can’t say me as well okay was um was the idea of like death in the series like a turn-off for you i find that i’ve always been kind of like not afraid of the concept of death even as a child um but i mean there’s only so much you can understand about what death actually means before you experience it yourself and i haven’t when i first uh started watching the show um but i’ve always had an interest in death not really in the like um not like in the gothi kind of sense but more in like the medical aspect of it yeah i mean i because i know you i know that you’re specifically interested in like the practical yeah the prac like the industry of death i guess yes um i was going to be a uh i always for medical examiner there we go for a while i was going to be a medical examiner until i wanted to be something else but um i always thought the concept was really interesting and that’s why i also really like fost like the physical aspect of his involvement with death as well as the more like emotional aspect of him dealing with grief that’s always been very interesting to me i know that a common trope in a lot of just media in general is if you can’t let go of someone who died then eventually through your character arc eventually let go of them do you know if like he ends up being like yeah my wife’s dead time to do something else now or if he just keeps himself attached to maria i think her name is um no um oh my god it was at the tip of my tongue and then the second you asked me it like disappeared from my brain and there’s yes yeah so i don’t i like thinking about him because i figure if i was staring at my dead spouse’s bones all day every day that would cause some serious psychic damage oh yeah for sure um but i mean foster’s a character is pretty um joker tattoo damaged so what ends up happening is that the entire team does not like love faust like the only one that had impressions of him were montagne he dissected manta and and for yo he dissected yo’s friend but what anna did is she reached out to him and she basically yeah she basically like resurrected eliza’s spirit back into the body or like the bones and then he like channels his spirit energy but what that does for him is that now that his wife is possessing her own skeleton um

he can like talk to her and he’s like eternally grateful to anna that he’s like i will do whatever you say which in my opinion that’s some queen shit she knows exactly what she’s doing she knows that she wants her man to be shaman king and nobody’s going to stop her except for the events that happen yeah foster be a very powerful ally to have because he’s um he’s insane and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants so if what he wants is what you want then that’s that’s what you want on your team he wants his wife to be alive and very big i love my big wife i mean the only reason he wanted to be sean king in the first place is just to resurrect his wife right like get you a man who’s willing to be shaman king to get you resurrected i don’t know why my eyebrow game has been off consistently for a while i don’t know how to fix it and that’s okay we’re going back to 2014 eyebrows what are 2014 eyebrows what i’m doing to my face right now just very bold blocky dark all the way around i remember in middle school i tried getting literally anybody around me into anime and sham and shaman king is one of the animes i tried to get people into yeah and i think i managed to get one person two people to watch it but then nobody talked to me about it so what’s the point oh what ended up happening to uh the girl who had a really huge crush on yo but and she lived like on the grounds but she like oh thomas yeah she was like too afraid of anna to like do anything when they’re all older yo and anna are traveling abroad not to give too much away because they’re away from home so much ta’amu is like taking care of their properties and stuff it is revealed in the shaman king manga the only volume i own which is 29 or 30 i think i can’t remember um which the only reason why i own it is because when i was buying shaman king manga i didn’t have a lot of money so i just wanted one and i wanted it to be the one that i care like i wanted it to be the section i cared about the most which was how you and anna met so she was being raised by yo’s father and then anna was being raised by yo’s grandma we don’t really see them interacting as young kids but we do see you and anna interacting as young kids but obviously she is not picked by yo to be his marriage candidate he picks anna anna’s like whole thing throughout the series is if shaman king doesn’t if if her backup plan for if yo doesn’t become shaman king is she wants to own and onsen so that’s kind of what they end up doing i’m so happy because like i didn’t realize that you liked sean king until i don’t know why we brought it up one time and then so i’m just happy that i live in a world now where like i know people that like shaman king because before the only person that i knew that like shaman king was redacted because i like made her read it in middle school yeah there’s a lot of anime that i watched when i was little that was airing on like my home country’s version it wasn’t even their version of four kids it was just like a channel where they would air anime and a lot of the animes they aired were very adult themed i know shaman king specifically was on four kids which was available in my country but it was also on a channel that had a lot of adult content anime like sometimes it was like straight up soft core okay so that’s what i was gonna ask was it challenging ideas like fma or do you mean titties just a fun thing that i want to tell you before i do my eyeliner is that i was in middle school so this was like 2007 or 2008 i think the manga was cancelled around then or it was continued around then and i thought it was because i thought it had been cancelled because it was unpopular which like when i got older i thought was a little weird because i realized that shaman king while it didn’t have like massive popularity like boku no hero like everywhere like it’s not like dbz where if you think anime you think dbz you think pokemon hero yeah no merchant hot topic yeah um shaman king was like a low-key banger and like it was as i got older i realized it was really popular because of just like how diverse the whole series is basically um how they show like the death traditions of different cultures all around the world i mean don’t get it twisted there are a lot of character there are a lot of characters that are caricatures glycer

his name is literally just lsd and like that’s cool and edgy or whatever but it’s not cool and edgy or whatever to make your character a straight up caricature and name them something so like straight up offensive yeah i don’t know about that one other than it having a lot of this manga tries to incorporate a lot of different races all in all it had massive appeal internationally so when i was little i just assumed it wasn’t super popular but as i grew up i realized it was really popular just like all over the world not just concentrated i was today years old what i learned that he himself cancelled the manga because he uh was fatigued oh yeah so he’s doing a little uh hunter hunter so he was fatigued and then he just couldn’t keep up with he said that he couldn’t keep up with the story and i’m assuming maybe he didn’t really know how he was gonna end it i don’t know that’s fair um that’s i mean that’s me speculating he canceled it because of fatigue oh no i was right 2008 was when the like completed edition came out the khan zimban which is like the they marketed it as like the like the official and or like the official edition yeah um and then that finally had like the true ending of the story on that note i’m gonna do my eyeliner really quick i think for a long time i’ve wanted to cosplay um amita maru oh my god but then i keep thinking about his wig and i’m like you know what never mind i would make you an amita maru wig it’s so big though i’m just afraid of like having a headache wearing it ah this is harry me tomorrow oops not amy soulcalibur because he has like he has like drag queen hair like i he has like a he has like a really big like a bun or a ponytail right yeah it’s like the front of his hair is also huge if you were to do this again what characters would you pick and why and then like what would what colors do you think you would do uh if it’s from shaman king the characters i would pick um i feel like frost because i like his character i like thinking about him um we are thinking i like we are thinking i like him i like his character a lot and it would be a fun excuse to do a more goth makeup he’s also a goth but i feel like he’s like the opposite color spectrum of goth like a light goth versus dark goth well okay how much do you like leicester um i know that he gets i know that he becomes a cop so that sucks but in the beginning i find his sense of justice to be kind of interesting because like he’s not wrong for wanting to hunt down his parents killers um but from what i remember he was just kind of a very hurt young man yeah which i felt empathy for but i don’t i feel like i don’t know enough about his character to really say definitively how i feel about him i like lyserg as a character i think overall if the series wasn’t as good as it is then i would have been just straight up annoyed with him and not have liked him but like i do like him and i like the purpose that he serves just to juxtapose the different um like ideologies between like why someone would fight um and why someone would team up with other people and why somebody why people are drawn to certain ideologies i think he does a really good job like serving the people who can get misled along the way essentially i think they do a good job sort of showing that off also um it’s interesting in shaman king that they um discuss different ways in which people deal with grief yeah um oh yeah like very openly uh most of the time it’s pretty violent in leicester and in foster’s case but there’s also like more quiet grief i feel like some other characters experience yeah um because like horo horo experiences grief i guess mostly subconsciously but he still does yeah um and he treats it a lot more um he’s very much somebody who wears his heart on his sleeve yeah i guess horror deals with his grief in a way that’s a lot more healthy horohoro and yo are pretty similar i would say i it’s just that i think

horohoro might be a little bit more simple-minded than neo he’s not necessarily he’s not like he gets harped on for being dumb i don’t think he’s dumb i think he’s just very straightforward i guess i think his priorities are different yeah he’s got different pressures from different places yeah but i think them two are an interesting juxtaposition because horohoro has the pressure of his like his community behind him and like the the little spirits and like extinction um if in another universe horohoro was the main character i would be down to read that manga like he has a good head on his shoulders and he knows what he’s doing and he knows what’s right and he probably could be swayed even less so than you um he’s also a very interesting character who gets dunked on by the other characters for being dumb but i think he’s just a very straightforward person yeah he cares about things in a different way than yo does yeah yellow’s very smart the reason like it’s so hard to describe him as a main character anna too every single one of these characters are like hard to describe because like they start they start off as like the trope the mold that you’re used to in anime but like yeah because it’s a well-rounded story and you get to see everybody’s side of things and everybody’s side of things fits together so understandably that it just strings along so many complex characters and so many like complex stories um with enough like slapstick humor and cliches to make it interesting and like funny still it’s just like such an overall such a good series that’s like definitely the most slept on shown in anime yeah it deals with a lot of very complicated topics in very interesting ways and it explores different ways of being a person in difficult situations in ways that i appreciate because they’re all very nuanced i love all the characters some more than others but yeah some more than others uh and well there’s a lot of questionable content in this very day manga um overall it’s one of my definitely one of my favorite animes that i’ve watched mangas have read and it’s the only manga that i currently own so oh really did you like sell everything no i was gonna give it away to everything else to goodwill before the quarantine really hit um just because i figure like can you imagine being a child who likes manga and then you’re going to go to goodwill and if you find any manga at goodwill it’s like volume 17 of this like 40 volume thing yeah and you find just like an entire series yeah with something you enjoyed yeah i want to be that for someone so i’m just gonna donate um everything that is in shaman king did you ever uh did you ever get manga from the library all the time oh yeah good times the i found out about um card captor clear i think because it started popping up in uh the library i read a lot of bleach in the library um i don’t think they had a lot of naruto um i read like a good amount of manga i would come home with like a stack this tall of just like manga books yeah you had a wonderful time reading i’d like to give a one last presentation ah yes the orange to represent yo’s energy and accent color the green to represent another energy in another accent color the shiny because i like it i think um the orange on the lids is very nice and then you picked colors that match his energy very well i would say um and then i think i’ve explained mine like maybe four million times but we’ll see how it comes out after i edit everything but i wanted to do i wanted the base to be more intensely red but i was talking and didn’t put enough pigment in it and then i was talking and then didn’t blend everything right then i was talking it’s really hard to talk and do your makeup is what i learned um yeah i did bitch brows with i wanted to do a intense red base um that blended out into black that is kind of what happened but when i’ve done it previously it was a lot more intensely red and then i did um silver on the lids with like intense liner um i couldn’t find my black eyeliner so i did brown

so now that i’m looking at the camera it’s not like it looks like i’m not wearing eyeliner when i am swing goes to like here but you can’t tell on the camera unless it’s back here interesting if anna’s personality was a makeup look it would be this with like matte matte skin i just don’t own any of those i don’t own a matte foundation i am a dry skin having bitch so that’s not an option for me not really that’s that thank you for joining me thank you for having me is the second time that we tried to film this and i’m just glad that you stuck with me thank you for slapping on a full face of makeup for me bye because they have to send me a pee cup in the mail because the doctor’s office is closed and i have to pay in it and then i have to send it back and then they have to test it to make sure that i actually am using my medication before they can prescribe me another dose because you never send me piss in the mail oops you don’t you don’t send me a piss cup i’m sorry yeah you don’t think it’s good i’ll tell you i’ll pee in and i’ll send her right back thank you of course how can you say you love her if you won’t even eat her poop