My Go – To Makeup Look

hey guys okay so you may be noticing a bit of a different kind of background I did it change my bedding I’m still trying to get my room kind of a bit more homey and organized and all of that fun stuff so I actually love that betting so much it’s like orange and bright and fun so yeah that is different this look is a kind of like my go-to look in everyday kind of glam look I would usually wear this look unlike in every day when you want to look a little bit more glam it’ll stay nice it’s going to last a long time on your skin with long wearing products if you know that you’re going to be you know doing something that’s going to go from day to night where you’re not going to time to touch up and things I just think it’s like my go-to makeup look and it’s super easy and I hope you guys enjoy it right so if you want to see this look just keep watching okay so we’re starting off with freshly washed moisturize skin and we’re going to go in with the Urban Decay all nighter settings for it and now we’re going to go in with the Maybelline Baby skin instant or eraser this product is just going to make our skin look like we’re wearing a little bit less makeup and slightly reduce our pores I don’t find it is a ton but I do think it makes you look less on makeup eat so I’m just going to smooth that onto the skin nope you don’t want to rub it in too much because it is a primer and then I’m going to go in with a Revlon Colorstay foundation and a quo blending sponge that’s been dampened I’m using today I’m using the normal to dry skin one I do prefer the oily the combination oily one however they i bought this one by accident if so i’m going to go with all that much and michael blending sponge I find that by using a sponge like a beauty blender or like the call blending sponge you get a lot more of a natural um look to your foundation with the finish and the coverage which I really love this is I’ve never tried the Beauty Blender but this sponge from quo is absolutely amazing so if you can get it get it so yeah I just build that up until you’re happy with the coverage alrighty and now I’m going to go in with the Maybelline instant the Maybelline instant age rewind eraser dark circles missing the brightening shade so it’s going to be a bit more pink and it’s really going to cancel out a lot of the dark circles under your eyes I find that the reason why I’m using the products I’m using this up there very long wearing and I don’t have to worry about touching up or anything throughout the day like the Revlon Colorstay I’ve warned that for 21 hours before so that is why I’m using it in this tutorial because they’re kind of like no fuss you know basis and then the next thing I’m going to do is if I if you have any pimples I would just cover them up i’m going to use the max max i’m going to use the mac studio finish concealer in nw20 and this is actually a bit dark for me but i will blend it out so I’m just popping that anywhere that I have some

spots or some acne scarring you do anything that needs a little bit more coverage ok so now i’m going to set it all with the mac mineralize skinfinish natural and like I’m gonna use my Real Techniques powder brush so we’re just doing this lightly it’s not going to be a super intense powder okie dokie so now we’re going to move on to the rest of the face now that our base is done I’m going to go in with the benefit hoola bronzer and my Real Techniques contour brush and I’m just going to start putting that in the hollows of my cheek way you would not truly have a line I don’t usually have to do too many like faces like the fishy face because I can usually see the line but you can definitely do the face if you need I’m also going to add an extra little bit of Condor you don’t have to do this but because this is more of a glam so look at the bahama mama bronzer from the bomb and it is a very dark bronzer but it’s perfect for contouring it’s exactly the right color so I just took a little bit of that on the tip of my brush and just started the ear and then work your way down to get the most natural look and then you’re going to blend it out just a bit so now I’m going to use my mac mocha blush this is a very old but as you can see I’ve hit pan and it’s looking a little worse for wear but this is the most natural flush color that I’ve ever found for my skin tone and I’m taking that on the Sonia Kashuk number 115 stippling brush I found this blush applies this brush applies blush really nicely okay and lastly I’m just going to apply a bit of the bomb mary-lou manizer this is a gorgeous highlight and I’m sure all of you have seen it because this is a cult Beauty favorite everybody loved it which is very understandable it’s gorgeous it has a really nice kind of like fine shimmer to it which I love because I don’t like any chunky kind of shimmer on the face alrighty so now I’m going to move on to browse so the brushes that I’m going to be using other than my Real Techniques ones that i’ve been using are going to be Sigma so i’m going in with the sigma brown lochee 80 and the angled brow e75 so I’m just going to start out by brushing them out like so and I am just going to fill them in and I’ll be right back with you guys if you guys want a brow tutorial I can definitely show you but I just kind of fill fill them and I don’t do anything special so I’ll be right back with you guys once i finish my brows okay so now we’re going to move on to the pies okay so i’m going to start off with the NARS pro prime smudge proof I shadow base you can see that concealer that gone to my lid is already creased that’s how incredibly oily my eyelids are which it’s very weird and then I’m going to go in with the Sigma I shadow base and persuade it’s a really beautiful just like matte skin color that’s just going to cancel out any discoloration or veins that you might

have on your eyes alrighty now to start on the eyeshadow I’m going to take a sigma e55 and for this look you could use the Naked palette for everything but for my crease colors i am going to be using my Mac shadows but I’m going to start off by taking my absolute favorite lip shade lid shade of all time which is sin and you can see my naked palette is pretty it’s you know it’s well loved to say the least ok so I’m going to take that all over the lid so once we’ve done that I’m going to go in with my Mac palette and II 25 so I’m going to start off by going in with some soft brown and some brown script tapping that off and whew that was a lot of color okay and just working that into the outer corner and the crease so I did just put down a lot of color but I will blend that out with an e 40 you and you can just keep building up those two colors until you’re happy with that you alright so once you have built them up to your desired look I’m going to take a quo crease blender brush and I’m going to take any smaller brush and I’m going to take the shade handwritten which is this one right here and then a little bit of Swiss chocolate the one right beside it and I’m just going to put that right into the outer V to the outer corner and Jessica the grease just to darken it up a little bit and then I’m going to go in with my e 40 again and just blend you that’s looking pretty good i’m going to apply just a little bit more of some swiss chocolate into the outer corner now that we’ve done all those browns we’ve lost a little bit of the lid color so we’re going to bring back a little bit of that lid color so again i’m going to take sin arm in a 55 and I’m actually going to spread it with a little bit of fix plus you can also use eye drops just to give it a really beautiful Sheen so I don’t want to go over all those browns that we did too much I just want to bring a bit of light back to the inner third of the eye and then I’m going to go back in with my eat when T 5 which is what we used to apply those and just

blend out the edges of that that shadow just like that and then if you want you can go over it with a little bit more of this in color if you want a little bit more which I do because this is my favorite color of all time just like that ooh I got a little bit directrice there so I’m just going to take my e25 no worries and just blend that it’s like that alrighty so we can’t forget our bottom lash line so I’m going to go in with a short shader brush II 20 and the shade Swiss chocolate that one there you I’m going to stay with my short shader brush from sigma and i’m going to go in to sin in my naked palette that one right there and i’m going to apply back to the inner third of my lower lash line and just blend it in to that Swiss chocolate that we have as well just until the middle and now for highlighting I like to have a mat highlight so I’m going to go in with a pencil brush and Mac block type it’s just a matte white let me take that into the inner corner and I’m going to take it under the brow as well sorry guys my camera just cut out of it there so I was just highlighting and now I’m going to take an e 40 and just make sure everything’s completely blended out alright so now I’m going to go in with my physicians formula gel liner and we’re kind of just going to press press this into the lash line I’m going in with the Sigma small angle e65 and I’m kind of just going to press this into the lash line you I’m going to curl my she’s with my Revlon lash curler now i’m going to apply a coat of the number seven extreme lengths mascara it’s my all-time favorite mascara you alrighty i’m going to let that dry and then in a second I’ll curl my lashes again and add another coat you okay so I’m now going to assume you guys oak we need some lippies going on here alright so the lip gloss that I normally go for I don’t normally go for a lipstick I usually just go for this lip gloss right here and it’s the NYX lip gloss in tea rose I dropped it okay so it’s the NYX lip gloss and tea rose and this lip gloss is almost done I’m going I’ve ever finished a lip gloss before I’m not going to go for that lipstick then all or that lip gloss I mean I’ll usually go for my mac lipstick in syrup

which just looks like this which is kind of like your lip color but better for me it’s a bit more of a plum than my natural lip so but it’s super Bree ok so that is the finished look I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial it’s definitely a look that I wear a lot when I want to look a little bit more glam for like an everyday if I have something special on or something like that I just feel comfortable in this makeup so I hope you guys try it out and I hope you enjoy and i’ll see you in my next video bye you may be detecting a little bit of a different different different background not a baby skin actually no I’m not hello no and attended though it that is a finished look I hope you guys enjoy enjoy