okay guys so today i’m going to be showing you how i created my website using the wix platform this is for those of you who are interested in creating a website for your business using wix so click the link in the bio if you are interested in creating your own website using wix this video is sponsored by wigs so just keep that in mind and we are going to hop right into the video okay so as you guys can see wix is the bomb it’s a place that you can go to and not have confusion on how to create your website they have it set up so easy as you guys can see um i have three different websites here and i can show you all three of these websites okay so this first website that we have here is my shop which is the house of glitters absolutely love the quality of this shop i love how it’s pretty much easy to navigate as you guys can see everything is set up so nicely you have the subscribe form get in touch you got your few images instagram feed and a few of the products with the strolling bar this is a nice clean setup and you also have the main stroll menu the navigation menu which is up here on top and you can click shop and this loads everything that you have in your shop so we are going to create a website like this today as you guys can see this is super simple but i’m also going to show you the other websites that i created this website here was a website that i created for my daughter she was going to get into selling watches and this is what we came up with um i did this entire website by myself so as you guys can see i’m pretty experienced in creating websites that’s why i’m making this video for you guys so that i can help you guys out with your websites i’m going to make another website so i’m just going to go to create a new site and it’s going to ask you what this website is going to be for and we are going to go to where it says online store and you have the option of let wix create a website for you or you want to create your own website with the editor so we are going to go to the editor and choose a template and as you guys can see they have the options up here you can just select whichever market you’re in so i’m gonna go with beauty and wellness or i could also go with fashion and clothing because i do both so i’m just gonna take a quick look at these templates that they have here and see whichever one i like to use so then i’m going to go to beauty and wellness most likely i’ll use beauty and wellness because i love these templates that they have like i like something like this i think that template is super cute so yeah i think i might go with this template makeup store i also like the hair extensions so we’re gonna go with this template here i think it’s really pretty and straight to the point okay so we are gonna go and press edit then we are going to edit this website and pretty much make it our own because you just don’t you just don’t want to take a website that you find on here and it’s pretty much not made for your brand so you want to customize it before we hop into the video i just want to familiarize you guys with a few of the navigations on wix so on the left side of the screen we have here which is where you would add your pages these are the different pages that you would want like your shop page or you can um differentiate everything on your website like eyes lips face cheeks you can have it like that then you can have where you have your website your press your blog you can have your about page the account the contact page shipping and return store policy and your frequently asked questions these are your store pages and you can edit your store pages by clicking on them so this would be a product page this is your shop page each page you can control individually the shop page is everything that you have in your store okay so heading back to the main menu these are the different backgrounds that you can add but of course you would want to add your own images for your business your website pretty much the pictures that you take um this is how you can add text to your website we’re going to navigate back to the home page which is the main page so we’re going to navigate there that’s how you do that you just click on the page that you want to edit and then i’m going to show you guys if you want to add a text to your website you just pretty much go to the text that

you want to add you can add a huge title and you just click it and it will automatically be added to the website and you just press in the text that you want to put on that pretty much that selection that you just made for the text um as for background we’re just gonna go with a pink background and then you have the wix app market these are apps that you can add on your website like your instagram feed and sales pop-ups and like bookings if you’re doing like airbnb or something like that they have a lot of amazing apps for wix so definitely check them out media and content so you can put videos and music and photo galleries on your website and then this is the media that you have this is the media that you uploaded to use for yourself and this is the blog for your company and that is your store pretty much everything that’s in your store okay so we don’t want this i just put that there to show you guys how to do the text okay so the first thing i’m going to do is mess around with the colors because you guys know i’m extra and i love pink so we are going to find some colors and of course we’re going to find some pink so we got some pinks here these are really cute pinks i’m gonna go with this light pink here okay so we’re gonna click on color and then we’re gonna go to add color and then i’m just going to select my own pink because i like that like bubble gum pink shade so i’m just going to stroll along the line until i find the pink shade that i want and this one is pretty good so i’m just going to add that pink to the website and as you guys can see that header is now pink um up here it says free shipping over 50 dollars plus a sample so we’re going to end up changing that you can edit to say whatever you want to i’ll just keep it as free shipping over fifty dollars with every order we’re gonna take out the sample free shipping when you spend over fifty dollars okay so that’s that as you guys can see the first thing you see here it says nude i want to change that and i’m just gonna put the house of glitters so that’s house of glitters you can change the size you want of course it has to be selected first so no matter of fact i’m going to keep it small because once you change it too big then it goes to the second line i don’t want a second line so yeah whenever you hover on a selection of the website you’re going to get the option to change that selection or wherever your arrow is pointing so right now we’re going to move down and we’re here we want to change this image because this image is not an image that’s on our website so when you have wix all of your files will be stored on your wix website so once you upload them once you will not have to upload them again okay so now i’ve chosen 17 different pictures and we’re just going to choose from these pictures just to create the website for you guys again you would choose your images that you took in of your products or just like cute pictures that you want on your website and then we’re just going to upload them to our wix platform here um we’re not going to be using these so i’m just going to delete these we’re going to be using some of our images so right now i have this cheetah no set selected and this is just how this nail set would look as the backdrop but i don’t know if i would put that there because i don’t i just feel like those images together are kind of distracting so i’m gonna choose another image again once you upload them they’re on your site you don’t have to worry about uploading them again i don’t think this looks bad and as you guys can see you can click here and go to settings you have the option of the navigation arrows the play button i think it’s so cool how you can adjust

everything on your website and you can also add effects you can have it fixed or you can do it auto cropped i’m just gonna go with fixed that way you can have it like where the picture is centered okay so i’m happy with how this looks um these words you can put something like your company’s slogan and like different texts like that i’m just gonna put what a girl wants that’s usually what i put on my website again make sure this is selected when you’re increasing the size and then we’re going to change this color because i don’t really like that i like this light pink right here so we’re going to go with the light pink and we’re going to make it bold and that’s how it’s going to look and of course with everything you can add a link to that so if the person clicks on that word then they will be linked to a page a product whatever you want them to be linked to so what a girl wants um you can add something extra hair but i’m just going to leave it as what a girl wants so we are going to delete that one and just have it like that um this is actually supposed to be a slide so that means you add multiple images that’s why one is selected and you can just pretty much have it slide and feature a lot of your different products like that and that’s how it would be it would just keep rotating so the next thing we would change of course is this image here because we don’t know who she is we don’t know who this person is so we have to change her we can’t have a random woman on our website so i’m gonna go to site files and i’m going to pick one of my pictures and i’m going to put this glitter gap here that’s so funny that random lady there okay so i’m going to put the glitter gap there if you guys want to be extra you can make your site completely pink again just change the background page color i don’t know if i want to do that let’s see how it looks i don’t want to put like too much pink i think that color i think that pink looks pretty so yeah we’re gonna leave it that light pink as you guys can see i changed the background color so now we are going to add something here i guess i’ll put another product so i’m just going to look at it i like i like okay good so i like that because the picture is in frame of course you can um mess around with the image and crop it and all that but you don’t really need to i’m just going to leave it like that okay and then you can put words here um i don’t really know what i would put i would probably put the name of the nail set which is pas pastel drip now set and then of course make sure this is selected and change the font size make it bigger you got to make it another color because black does not show um this color is pretty and it’s kind of close to white so i would leave that like that and i would remove this so just go to this delete button here and then that deletes the section and then i would move the shop now button here the text so for this text you can add buttons to it i think this button is pretty but i just don’t like how it’s see-through so you can add this button you can go to customize design fill color we don’t want it to be black because we’re extra and we love pink so that’s how my button would look let’s see the text it cannot be yellow because we need to see so we’re going to make that black and then i’m going to x that out okay and then that’s how that looks and then of course you would do the same thing with this set we don’t need an extra text so we just delete that one and then we go back and then we put the name of this product pink gummy gap of course select it so that we can increase the size

i like mine to stay one line then we’re gonna go to this button and then we’re gonna go to design again then we’re gonna go back to this black button here but as you guys can see now i have this one preset because i changed the other one so now that one is preset and now i can just use that one instead of creating a whole nother one and then i’m just going to drag that up so that it’s matching we love it we love it as you guys can see oh my god i love this so we’re gonna change this button also now that we have the preset we can just click on that and now it’s there saved as you guys can see we’re coming along and now here you have the option to change your products and to do this you would have to add the products from your store to the website so as you guys know this is a brand new site so i don’t really have products here so i’m just gonna create like um product templates just for you guys just for the purpose of this video so i’m gonna do these lashes and i’ll just put 25 millimeter lashes and then i’ll just save that then i’m gonna do another product again this is just for the purpose of this video showing you guys how to add the products because if it was your product you would be adding your products to your website so let’s do barbie phone case and then we’re gonna add that i think three products should be good so i’m just gonna x that out and then we are going to add as you guys can see it added some of the products but we are going to add other products i like how it just like manually added some of the products so if you guys want a separate video of how to like add products from wix and add in the product info and the titles descriptions and stuff like that i’ll be happy to do them for you guys so we’re just gonna go to products and as you guys can see in the other product the hp was selected that’s why it was featured on the front page so you can also do that make collections where just that collection is featured on your page like best sellers and those will be on the website as you guys can see like this popped up here now we just have to um switch out this one okay so now we have the three images that we want from our website as you guys can see it says the name of the product and the price and then we are just strolling down as you guys can see this is such a nicely created website um not sure what you guys want to put here but there’s a lot of things to choose from you can add different pages a background you can add all different you can add apps media blogs so this is where you go to add text figure out what i would put here let’s see if we can put the instagram so this is instagram we’re going to install that there and of course you would just go to settings and enter your instagram information this is probably going to put my regular instagram on there which is not my business instagram but just to show you guys a sample of course we would delete this back here because we don’t need that like i said i don’t know what i would put there because that was just like a random space so this would be the instagram feed of your business you can choose the layout you want if you want it to be a grid if you want it to be a collage if you want to be a sidebar you can choose how many rows you would like if you wanted to be like this super tiny that’s actually fine but i like the four um you could select the spacing if you wanted to be far apart if you wanted to be close together i would probably do it as close as i can together display you can change it like that so i really like the way that looks

again guys i like my page to be pretty easy to navigate um this is where they put their instagram feed but i would probably put something else here or i could just move this down there it’s up to you guys so then i would take like a picture and put it there and of course you can make this picture shoppable by clicking link and then you can just link it to a new page like it will open a new window once the person clicks it and that’s that you can link it to the product or whatever shop and that’s how that is so here you would have it where people can enter their email and join your newsletter and that is how you collect subscribers um here you would change it how you want it to look facebook instagram pinterest you have to have your store policy and shipping and returns so this is what the website looks so far as you guys can see like without a breeze so now we’re going to navigate to the shop page and these would be where you have the products in here so these will be your products that comes default um this is press this is like um that would be this one here this could be like blogs that your company was featured in or you could change the page out and make it whatever you want to it doesn’t have to be that you can just make it whatever you want it to be so this could be your about me you could put pictures of yourself and just pretty much tell your story of why you started your business who you are what motivates you what drives you people like to hear stuff like that so then you have your contact page where you put your email um your po box don’t put your address um if you’re gonna use a phone number you could use a google number stuff like that as you guys can see this is not complicated at all and then we are going to go to the shipping you just click on it and you added it and this is how you edit your store policy to get a store policy you can just google store policy templates and then you will have your own store pals and that’s pretty much it guys we’re gonna go back to the home page so this is literally what i just created within a matter of minutes if i can do this so can you guys again this video was sponsored by wix and if you guys have any questions about creating a website for wix feel free to let me know in the comments i will gladly answer any of your questions if you have any more questions about how to create a website for wix and also if you guys want more wix videos let me know in the comments and i’ll be super duper happy to make them for you guys until next time bye guys