Best in Beauty 2015! (Yearly Favorites)

hail so today I’m going to be doing my 2015 beauty favorites and I already filmed and uploaded my 2015 random favourites so if you guys want to see that I think it’s like a few videos back but if you want to see the beauty products I’ve been loving this year then go ahead and keep watching first product is soy face cleanser by fresh um it works really well for my skin so a long time ago I used to have oily skin and then a couple I think yeah like a couple years ago my skin randomly turned dry it’s super gentle and it does enjoy my skin but it cleans my skin and it just makes my skin feel really soft so I love it the first a beauty facial radiance polish exfoliates brightens and purifies and it’s safe for sensitive skin so you put this on and as you’re scrubbing um to do your scrubbing it’s removing a dead skin and when you rinse your face um you’re my skin feels really really smooth it does not dry my skin it doesn’t break me out and it just makes my skin feel really smooth and I tried other exploiters and they’ve been fine but none of them have made my skin feel as smooth as this one does it doesn’t over dry my skin and like I mentioned before i do have dry skin so i just i love this for moisturizer i have the supergroup city sunscreen serum this is so good it’s actually it’s like a serum but also a sunscreen so the way that recommended it said that it would be super nourishing and it would prevent like aging and so I was like okay I’ll try it and it is so good in my skin so soft and I just I also felt really good about putting it on because I know that I need to get better at using sunscreen I love that my next my next moisturizer is the fresh lotus youth preserve face cream and I’m actually out of this one like completely out but this is also my second jar to this again it’s really nourishing it makes my skin really soft and I’m at the point now where I want stuff that is like preventative for aging for my skin I don’t think I really need like super intense remover cream but i do want to like take care of my skin and you know just prevent it from future aging so this is awesome it makes my skin really soft and this is my second bottle that I used up I honestly I kind of want to try something new but this is so good that I actually don’t want to like branch away from it you know my last skin care that i’m going to talk about is these simple micellar water along with exfoliating cotton realms so these two are amazing this is honestly like my fourth bottle I have a bag of empties that I want to film and I’m go through this really fast like you can already tell but this is just really good um I’m not super great about skincare I know that’s really bad but a lot of times in the morning I don’t wash my face every single morning I’ll put this on the explain cotton round and I’ll just like wipe my face and I’ll feel refreshed or if I work out you know like later in the day I kind of just feel gross I’ll wipe my face I will also use this after I take a take off all my makeup just to make sure I get every last drop so this is really really good so for foundation I have my shake it my urban decay naked skin foundation in the shade four point oh I love this foundation it’s really really really thin and liquidy almost watery but has a really good coverage and it lasts a super super long time a perfect it evens out my skin tone it provides like a nice blank canvas for whatever else i’m going to use and it’s perf one more foundation i was going to mention but i decided not to you is the I should like sit up properly is it too Faced Born This Way Foundation the reason I’m not showing it in this video is because I got it in december the Too Faced Born This Way has like a really satin finish the Too Faced Born This Way honestly looks like your skin it’s so good but I got it in december December eighteenth to be exact so i can’t really like justify putting it in here because it’s like not fair but that’s another foundation that i really really love ok so for concealer

have me just really really good I don’t really have very many other concealers to compare it to but I mean it’s weightless it’s full coverage that’s a little dough actually is this a dope but I really like this applicator um it’s like okay see it’s like not a joke but it’s really thin really like flexible oh no I’m gonna get out of her game we like I know I know it’s not focusing but you’ll see it’s super flexible eye concealer is great it’s full coverage it lasts a long time and its really really easy to blend like I just you swipe it on and blend it so love it the next thing I want to talk about is bronzer and I love this bronzer it is the hourglass Oh every time I show this you see the reflection my camera but let me try the hourglass here we go the hourglass ambient light ambient lighting bronzer and the shade Oh turns all right rating it bronze light looks like this I’ll swatch it so that y’all can see here’s a swatch of it um the reason i love this bronzer so much is because the lens so easily and it’s the perfect like I’m all I’m also wearing this today it’s the perfect hint of warmth it’s not it’s not dark it’s not super orange um and it’s not like muddy and dirty looking it really I don’t know if y’all can tell but it really warms up the face beautifully it blends really nice and if you look up close this is from my swatch but you will got close I don’t know if y’all can tell but when I move it you can see it kind of has a sheen and I don’t know it I think I think when a bronzer has a sheen not glitter not shimmer boo but when I has a sheen it kind of makes it look more natural and skin like so i just i love this bronzer so so much i love these powders actually blush i have to blush favorites this is the kat von d blush in wish looks like this going to swatch it for me I would call this like peachy but I don’t know like if a lot of people would call it peachy here’s a swatch it um well it’s like pinky peach but it’s more so pink I mean oh sorry it’s more so peach that it is pink like it’s more orange but this blush is beautiful it looks honest okay so here it looks like it has a sheen but when i put on my cheeks it looks mad I don’t know it like brightens up my face and I have y’all seen me without makeup I have really really really red cheeks so I was scared for the longest time to use blush because I always thought it would like accentuate my redness and my cheeks but then I got into foundation and concealer and I love it so which is super super super super pretty I love blushes this color my next favorite um is from makeup geek and i hope this shows up like sure to panic true to color on camera this is called bliss and this is also like a really nice bright pinky-orange so swatched next to wish you can really tell how like orange wishes which i love it’s like not a problem for me um here is wish here is bliss by makeup geek bliss looks like a really bright pink oh here’s concealer that’s really wet here’s a bronzer um list looks like a really bright pink but it’s more of like a coral this blush I’m being really dramatic right now but when I played on I just it’s that type of blush that just makes you look like really healthy and I don’t know it’s like brightens my face up I know that sounds crazy but when I put it on I just feel like I don’t know like I just I feel like it makes my cheeks look really good it’s just I love this color it’s so super pretty um and on me it doesn’t really show up pink

like I’m wearing it today and I don’t know if you all will be able to tell the lighting is kind of weird it’s like getting dark but it’s more of like a peachy coral but i love it i love these two blushes okay so a few more things for a phase this video is actually gonna be super long I should probably hurry it up um highlighter Becca champagne pop let me swatch it I mean I can’t not watch it really really pigmented um oh my god it’s so it’s so pretty like what it’s not glittering it’s just so it’s so shimmery and its really it’s almost like peachy like I don’t know it’s really really pretty i love this so much my last face like makeup item is the hourglass ambient lighting trio i don’t usually set my face with powder because i have dry skin but these powders are amazing they’re so finely milled very sorry they’re so finely milled that you can sweep it over your face it doesn’t look cakey and they have like the slightest bit of luminosity so it makes your face glow I’ve highlighted with it but it’s not um like super BAM intense like champagne pop but it is pretty so it’s like good for I guess normal everyday but i love these powders they’re really finely milled and it look really natural in the skin to my last favorite um face item is mac fix+ and i love this for a lot of different aren’t not really a lot Elvis for two things one of them being if my face is like feeling really powdery oops really powdery take it away now it somehow looks really natural and glowy but I love this I I haven’t noticed it making my makeup last longer but it does make my face like my skin look nice another thing I like using this for is wetting eyeshadows I’ll get powder eyeshadow my brush and then I’ll spritz it with vicks plus and it makes a normal eye shadow a foiled eyeshadow i use it today with champagne pop actually you’ll see in the tutorial i got some champagne pop on my brush i sprayed this and then it just really intensifies it and makes whatever eyeshadow highlighter whatever you’re using like super glowy and just really really pretty for primer I have two things one the math prep and prime 24-hour extent extended I base mac paint pot and layin low these two are so good I am really oily eyelids and I swear every primer that I’ve tried has crazy Tommy except for the Smashbox photo finish like I primer I don’t even know what that was called like it’s such a different consistency okay it’s a really different consistency it’s like it’s like a cream like it’s a cream it’s not liquid e at all it’s like a I don’t know it’s a cream but it makes my eyeshadow last all day it doesn’t crease um it’s so good I’m so glad I finally found something that it doesn’t crease my eyeshadow halo looks like this I don’t know this is focusing maybe I have to be further away but it’s a dark it’s not dark but for most for a lot of skin tones this would be too dark I have painter no I’m hiding it I don’t have paint really i have soft ochre it is too light for my skin so this is like perfect so if you’re tan um try this out if you want like or if you tried other paint balls in there too light try out layin low it’s so good so for eyeshadow palettes my number one pallet this year has got to be the mac gosh it’s so pretty the mac warm neutrals palette okay so quickly my favorites I’m pretty sure this is amber lights saddle I love this color I’ve never heard of it um hey we’re breeze no it’s not it I don’t know what this color is lemon tart oh yeah I think this is lemon tart it’s like a yellow but I love putting it on the inner corner which I’m wearing this eyeshadow palette today and I did put some glitter on the inner corner and like under here but I love

this palette I got it in this summer and I have a ton of makeup but I got it in the summer and I swear this is the only thing I wore for like a month and a half straight like for eyeshadow i could not like step away from this it’s so good these shadows are really good good quality and they blend so nicely you’ll see in the tutorial it’s just and I love these colors like I love this palette it’s I don’t wanna like mention any other palette because this one is so good I’ll briefly mention two others though because i have been using those so i’ve been loving the Kat Von D shade + light eye palette I’m sure y’all seen it I love shimmering colors but this is really great to bring in to any look so a lot of times I’ll pry my eyes and i’ll set my whole I with this color I like this warm brown for the crease these colors are really pretty i’m not a huge cool toned person but i love this highlight it is really stark but i like that it really like I I use it as a brow bone highlight I don’t know if I I don’t know if I said that but it really like lifts your brow and again it looks stark at first but then when you do like your face makeup and stuff it just makes your whole look look polished so I love this and I love the quality of these I said I did I love the quality of these eyeshadows they are so smooth and somehow these don’t have fallout like I don’t know how cat 1 he does it but somehow whoa somehow these do not have fallout at all and they blend really nice too so I am so impressed I love these eyeshadows and then one more haha the tube a semi-sweet chocolate bar I got this last year for Christmas and I love it it smells so good I actually like this one more than the original I love this peanut butter color I love all these warm colors and this palette is actually more cool toned than the first one and even though I’m a warm toned eyeshadow person I really like this color like rum raisin is so pretty um and this blueberry swirl it’s not super pigmented just putting on your lid but if you get a dense brush spray it with fit spray it with fix+ and then I have put it like under um the lower lash line it’s so pretty i just i love i love this palette and I’ll you know set my hole I’ll like pry my whole I with this after I do my normal primer um I love this palette i’m going to do a tutorial with i think i’ve included this in a tutorial actually but it smells really good they’re pigmented they’re really easy to blend and they’re really soft too and this black is so dark i love this palette and if you don’t want it like a black eyeshadow to set your liner you can use this dark brown i love this palette honestly these three pellets i love them they’re so good obviously i love them it’s my yearly favorites so for eyeliner i am all about liquid eyeliner i do not use pencil eyeliner on the top really at all i use liquid and then i set it with eyeshadow but my first favorite is the Maybelline line stiletto you see that it’s really flexible it draws a sharp line yeah so it’s really flexible that one’s really good for like precise flicking which I always wear a wink if I’m wearing eyeliner I’m wearing a wing because even if it’s like the tiniest bit of flicks like my eyes just look so much better with the wing the next one is the tart precision long-wear eyeliner since this is so fine it is perfect for doing flicked eyeliner I got this really recently and normally I would feel bad about including it in a yearly favorites when I get it so recently but this honestly just makes cat eyes so easy it’s so good and so precise and its really blacken it lasts long time but I usually always set my eyeliner with black eyeshadow or a dark brown eyeshadow so for my waterline I’ve been oh my gosh i love this eyeliner this is the mac coaster each eyeliner and it’s like a reddish brown i’ll show you it’s right here it’s like a reddish brown and other than today this is really dramatic but I like wearing brown in my waterline it looks softer and I

don’t know it makes my eyes look bigger than if i’m wearing black like black is cool and it’s fierce and it’s like statement but Brown is more subtle and soft and like smokier but i love this eyeliner it’s so good at first I hated this I wasn’t wearing any other I make my try it on it’s smudged in like five seconds but with primer and like priming under my eyes it’s really good yes it does wear away the mac eyeliners for me are not the longest lasting but it’s such a beautiful color and I feel like it looks really good with brown eyes that I get over it and it’s so good I love okay so i have two mascaras and the first one is the oriole telescopic shocking mascara I love this mascara it has a super skinny wand but I feel like skinny wands really like get in to the base of your eyelash and then when you pull it up it just Ivy League it just coats every lash and it makes each one like so long it doesn’t have a ton of volume it has a good amount but not like a ton but it just it like fans out your lashes it makes them look really long I love this mascara the next one I’m actually really excited about I’ve heard a lot of people talk about this so this is the Jordana best / extreme it has like a natural bristle brush and it’s bigger than the other one so i thought i wouldn’t like it i think i already said this with my camera shut off it’s just really good it makes your lashes look natural but not natural at the same time like it doesn’t look clumpy which honestly I don’t really mind super clumpy mascara as long as they don’t make my lashes stick together but this one is really good and again as time progressed after a day I was like to the study after a month I was like this is so good under two months I was like this is so good so this stayed good um until I was like it’s kind of old so I’m gonna get rid of it so I love that mascara i think i said i love that insert whatever beauty product at the end of every one but i do and this is yearly favorites so so now we’re going to be talking about lips and my first one is by bite beauty and this is in the color flush and this is BB for lips it looks like this it’s really sheer but it does provide like subtle color for your lips there we go this is so moisturizing like I don’t wear makeup to work but sometimes I’ll throw this on and it’ll keep my lips hydrated for so long I freaking love this oh my gosh it’s so good and it really does make your lips look pretty like if I wasn’t wearing makeup I would still wear this and it makes my lips look really pretty if I was wearing makeup I could still wear this and I would still make your lips look good so this is super moisturizing and it’s really pretty and again here’s a swatch of that next to our lip glosses and they are by the brand Gabrielle color I’ve honestly never heard anybody talk about these I got them at sprouts which is a grocery store the first color i have is iced mocha and this is the first one I’m going to swatch on my left left hand right there I kind of left another one um it’s a really pretty like nude but brown but kind of red I mean it’s a really nice color it is pigmented it’s a surprisingly pigmented it’s really moisturizing it’s a gloss it has to get it on a color payoff and again it’s not going to be too crazy I like subtle lips I will wear like red lips occasionally but I like really subtle nude lips and this is beautiful this is soft berry and I’m actually really proud of myself because I am like a nude person or like kind of reddish tint but this is a mauve and I’m so glad I tried it because it’s almost like one this is a really ugly swatch I’m sorry so this is the sorry middle finger the Sauk berry color it’s showing up a lot more berry on camera but it’s like a mauve and it almost looks like my lips but better I don’t know like you’ve heard that term it’s really nice it’s really moisturizing and I love it it’s hot I don’t think it was too expensive either but again i gotsta sprouts I’ve never heard anyone talk about this I actually don’t even think I could find excuse me I actually don’t think i could find like legit reviews about it either but this one is so good after the lip products i wanted to include a mirror this one is so cute has pineapples i love pineapples my sister got this for me another mirror that i love but i don’t take with me because I

don’t lose it it’s this one huh if you guys have ever seen Sailor Moon yes this is amazing again my sister got it for me um I love this mirror and it’s so cute but I don’t take this with Ming Tsai don’t lose its it’s too awesome but i just thought i’d do that in nail polishes brand has seriously impressed me as his nails inc Lillie Road and this is such a pretty color like I want you all to be able to see it’s more lilac than baby pink and it’s so pretty it looks so soft so feminine and really polished on your nail honestly like I feel really like clean and classy when I wear this nail polish i freakin love this nail posh I also love colors like this too even though I’m wearing like a glitter bomb another one these two are nails inc by Victoria Beckham there’s like a red there’s a red orange and like a cream nude color these are really pretty but i love the formula of nails inc you paint it on your nail it doesn’t like it’s not streaky um it almost evens itself out like if you paint you know when you’re painting your nail and you go over like a part that overlaps and sometimes the line will be there these polishes don’t do that they really even themselves out beautifully and I love them and they last a long time I just I really really love nails inc I’ve heard so many p i’m sorry the lighting exchange but it is getting dark so i’ve heard so many good things about these polishes and they’re true these are amazing the first color that i love is tokyo nights this is an amazing blue color it’s like it’s a true blue you know how sometimes like dark blues or dark purples with black on your nail which i don’t really like this really does look like a navy blue it’s so nice i love it this formula is just like the nails inc although i don’t i mention this but the brushes on nails inc are big so i really like them it gets your whole nail like in one swipe but the next color i have is liquid metal and in stuff like my favorite ro rose gold polish I went to a wedding and I was wearing a navy blue dress and I wore this on my fingers and it looked so like it oh my gosh I was like a match made it was so beautiful it’s so like it’s so reflective and so metallic but it’s gorgeous um so yeah nails inc and julieg i love love these polishes first one is my eye makeup remover this is the Michigan the Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover this is the best eye makeup remover I have ever used I’ve tried the lancome one and it is good it’s really expensive though and this one I feel like works so much better honestly soak a cotton pad hold it for like three seconds and wipe it off and everything is gone so this is like the absolute best one so my next like random beauty favorite is Matt cleanse off oil but this is like the tranquil version um I went to Mac and I said that I had sensitive skin so he suggested this one oh my gosh this is amazing so you don’t wet your face or your hands and you spray like three or four pumps and you rub your hands together and then you kind of like wipe it on your face and it seriously like dissolves all of your face makeup it’s just it’s so good and then you add water to it and it’s like it turns kind of its like a milky cleanser but every last bit of makeup is to solve up your face so if I’m wearing face makeup I have to use that to remove it it’s so good and it will also remove like eye shadow and stuff last thing is the body shop lotion this is my second one the first one I had the shea butter this one is the Olive one and I like the way it smells it kind of smells like clean I don’t know if that makes sense but I’ve used a lot of lotion this one is so moisturizing and it’s not one that you put on and it’s moisturizing for like an hour and then you’re dry again no I feel like this one truly deeply moisturizes so I really like it to be honest it can leave your skin greasy so

I’ll usually put this on at night or like I’ll try out avoid putting it on the morning or I’ll avoid pudding and I’m like if I have to go somewhere but i really really love this lotion okay so that was my 2015 beauty favorites thank you for watching and again I filmed our random favourites that should be up already so um yeah I hope you had a really good at 2015 and I will see you later bye