TruAxis Deer Hunt LIVE!

so all right barely even got going in time might have forgotten to make a thumbnail and that might be why the uh thumbnail is a little bit subpar but it’s all good we’re gonna go out and do a little true access hunt i know i’m seeing some of you guys saying already big broken mail i know some things are a little bit off of them it seems like there are quite a lot of uh level five showing up but we’re gonna roll with it we’re gonna see what happens we’re gonna try to fill the trophy lodge with whatever shows up and yeah kind of see what’s going on got a pie ball to elk yesterday nice man just got my first sheep last week what kind of sheep are you hun that definitely sounds interesting was that white i swear that’s white i almost didn’t see it but i swear is that a tiny little albino red deer and that leads me to the next question if it was did they do some sort of little like proper set on parque because i mean i guess i have shot red deer maybe that could have been a respawn what’s the scope that i use i use the argus on pretty much everything it’s the 8 16 power one and i just like that additional zoom axis or busted yeah they’re a little bit common on the diamond front it would seem what’s up danny got that lion wait which lion big ol yikes on this update i mean if this is in fact an albino red deer i’ll take it i’m pretty sure i saw it again oh yeah definitely cool and there’s another fake nine i hate those that’s like the third or fourth one i’ve seen and they’re always on stream as well all right um i guess we’ll head up there and see what’s going on um corey thanks so much for the super chat man time for the big mail donation thank you so much dude really appreciate that thanks for the awesome content over the years you’re the best well i appreciate you man thank you so much that was way too generous what’s the map we’re planning we are on parque fernando for albino red deer and true access deer apparently interesting way to start out a stream that’s meant to be chasing axis we’re falling a red girl around and we should kill both of these but we’ll sort of just see what happens many big males yeah this is this is quite the way to start off a stream i like it fake nine yeah definitely i really don’t like those antlers they just feel like a i don’t know there’s way too much mass there up top like they’d be top heavy is that a rare true flint hunting true axis i’m currently chasing true red deer apparently but yes that’s that’s the uh that’s the life there g what’s up bottom boy go to the hole are you talking about like the the big crater on the tiger man i’m not sure what you’re referring to there 16 diamonds in one stream well if i ever let this uh red deer catch the smoke maybe we can get on to chasing all these diamonds they’re right there are they going to try to come back really appreciate it if they either do or if mr albino just gives us a nice shot oh i see him all right nervous but maybe i just have the 30.6 i didn’t bring the m1 today and of course he’s just going to go down over i mean he clearly stopped and he started angle back this way let’s just sort of sneak up here and of course i made it like exactly 5 a.m so it would be very dark but it’s all good holy psycho’s in here what’s going on man got my first diamond goose last night good stuff man i was hoping that i could get one in that video yesterday but the gold grey was pretty cool are they ever gonna add access to your

to classic maybe someday i mean i feel like they could fit on bushranger’s run at least so i don’t know i think that’s something to maybe hope for fallow deer as well i think would be a pretty cool addition i sees you i wish i had gotten over this hill a little bit faster can you just come up like a little bit more over that hill i can see him moving back in there never going to be easy um matthew thanks so much for the super chat man you sent me the big mayo power last stream got a legendary spring buck you must mean like a five medium spring book legendary lion albino spring block piebald reindeer and piebald pronghorn dude sounds like a heck of a hunt good stuff i never did get him spotted there did i no don’t want to spook him again but we’re going to have to scoot over here closer because he’s not going to come in any kind of call yet don’t act surprised or anything i haven’t seen you in years man need to only use the 22l stream i think i don’t need to do that but danny thanks so much for the super chat man maybe someday there’s still plenty room in the hr for more reserves you know if they ever come out with another reserve i will be thrilled and i’ll probably do like several weeks of definitely majority maturity majority uh classic content but who knows what’ll happen how big does this have to be to be a diamond if it’s a mule deer uh level five and i think it’s something like 3 14 they got to be trophy rating wise did they come out today or is this early access they came out today i don’t know why like they gave us their release date as being tomorrow and everything but why ever they decided to release it today they did true rack access deer are out i believe on all platforms i didn’t see any anybody like saying they didn’t have them yet i see you again don’t spook that’s the the fake nine there too okay i don’t know what just ran in front of him but we didn’t hit him i’m almost sure i swear another deer just took our bullet and why does that have to happen i don’t even know which deer we just hit another one like ran in front and whichever it was it didn’t die i.e you really gonna do me like that that’s the nine i see the albino we might just take a shot since it’s a a four can you go broadside the other way was not the best i don’t even know if that’ll bring him down if nothing else that’ll slow him down a little bit and maybe we can get another shot in him just frustrating when i want to hunt other animals hey fro went to go hunt legacy axes and had an update i woke up and just got on discord and i saw like all kinds of pictures of diamond access to you and i was like what’s going on they didn’t say they were going to release that he died already well then ken oof that one but he would have been us over to begin with so not too big of a worry i want to go around the other way and see what’s going on for access to you over on this side so to be perfectly honest kind of happy to get him down mr president yeah literally just jumped right in front of my shot i don’t know which one it was it might have been the nine to be perfectly honest because i think he was getting ready to run big old hoof it’s all good had he been a bigger one i wouldn’t have taken that shot but i already had a five that i replaced in the trophy lodge like uh there’s a look at the new sounds um yeah i wanted to be like gold or better and wasn’t going to chase him for forever trying to do this but kind of a cool way to start off a stream have you even shot an axis dude yet i have not i have shot a small male albino very tiny all my rare red deer end up like this like there was this is the second time by the way i’ve had a fake nine in a herd with a rare actually in this same general area and you know if i could have just had the fake nine spawners three that would have been a lot cooler but even still i’d i’d be quite disappointed would be better if it was a real nine got a gold albino reindeer yesterday nice i don’t know do i have any

gold rare reindeer or caribou in the new lodge i don’t think i do i know i had some in the past has there been a property set on parque i think there has i would be pretty shocked if i had a rare and a legendary in the same herd and those were both respawns i don’t i don’t know that i’ve hunted parque and red deer specifically enough to see that i mean maybe but i don’t recall shooting stuff since the last time i was here like we did that access to your hunt i don’t think i killed any red deer during that did you do any archer hunting in real life i did um on the on the several streams since i’ve been out i’ve basically just committed to not giving any information whatsoever so that the videos can be uh more highly anticipated i guess but yeah i’ve been out a couple of times uh jayden thanks for the super chat what is true rack i’m still pretty new so truex actually stands for true random antler configuration system and that’s a big fancy way of saying that all the racks are basically unique like their tines have different lengths and bends they can get and there’s different frames and all kinds of stuff and basically they’re measured and scored specifically based off like what you have there whereas before with what we refer to as legacy racks basically legacy racks are the antlers that animals had before they had a tree racks and there were just like a couple of different base models for them any let’s just say diamond red deer since we just shot that one any diamond red year between like 955 and 1000 all had the exact same antlers so it was basically just a randomized thing whereas the truax at least has some level of um like i can’t think of the word i want basically correlation between the actual size of the antlers in the score the people want information hey maytag wonder what’s about to happen big males loving the resize yes i did go out in multiplayer and hunt the access to earlier i purposely saved my single player for uh you know this stream but you can spot them a lot more like quickly i think in brush and stuff because they’re not so tiny i think it’s good where are you getting these names psycho none of these are correct i don’t buy it i just hear hi let’s just take care of that now because i don’t want him trailing us all the way over there they ought to do is the in-game audio too loud by the way because it looks like it probably is i turned it up a little bit i think just one go back down to 30 that was loud for me anyway how do you think they could add squirrels and trees for classical well be a feature i’d love to see yeah so the biggest thing is that there’s no real like hitboxes with the trees like above a certain distance or above a certain height i guess i’ll say in at least call the wild i believe classic works the same way so i think they’d have to make a hitbox psycho could probably speak better this better to this than i could but without any sort of hitbox it would be difficult for them to properly navigate it i think but yeah i’d love to see it like i think that sort of uh that sort of a little small game species not would be good let’s get that for there are a ton of access to you in there echo down through the valley is actually really cool and then maybe we can spot well you can sort of spot them when they spook but not all of them did that’s a cool one get him too that should get the rest out there’s another nice four in there not seeing any super huge ones which is probably a good thing could definitely be missing things but they ought to go around the end there so we can just run up here uh danny thanks again matt looking for a computer what do you need to run classic call the wild and planet zoops still love your content well thank you man glad to hear you’re still loving you’re not just here against your will um i mean what do you need to run them it really depends because uh i’ll get back to that in one stack psycho it really depends because like if you want to be able to record it or stream it you’re gonna need a lot more power but like if i were you go like on your phone or whatever on steam and go and look at the um recommended specs for all the games i would say call the wow is going to be the most demanding but planet zoo actually is fairly demanding at least at the highest settings so yeah i’d look at them all and see what you need based off that if you want to stream it you’re gonna have to go a good bit above and beyond to get like decent quality because if you watch my old streams like uh i think it’s gonna be really

when i was streaming only august to october of 2018 with my old pc you’ll notice it’s very jumpy like dropping frames all over the place and that kind of stuff but yeah with this one it it’s mostly smooth every now and then it’s going to happen due to things that are beyond my control i really like that tall narrow kind of rack that’s pretty cool all right the hitbox thing psycho so trees in caldwell and classic above a certain height don’t tend to have hitboxes so we’ll maybe choose this one 40 meters and then we start getting a kilometer so there’s no hitbox like up through here we’re talking about maybe adding like squirrels to the game but wouldn’t there need to be a hitbox like all the way up the tree for the squirrel to like properly navigate through a tree without it looking all kinds of weird oh it’s a nice piebald in there that’s a five all right i guess there was a good one in here so do i really want to take a running shot not necessarily am i going to quite likely we’ll see what happens they might slow down um around the end here see what they decided to do all the super chats and hit my headset on the mic that works really well uh roy thanks for the super chat i saved the whole stream but i’m going on a thanksgiving hunt hopefully find a grouse or a moose maybe a whitetail good luck with that man hope you get something if you do make sure you post it in the uh ira hunting section of the discord we’d love to see it some of these guys are stopping over here so did the five get all the way through or did he slow way down honestly i have no idea probably oh wait that’s the big piebald4 where did well i guess we’ll wait here a minute and see what happens anyway um maytag with a super chat as well i made psycho play phasmaphobia with me last night now he’s big scared he actually i knew about that because he invited me but unfortunately i was not even home to uh have the potential to play what’s he big scared of i don’t even know what really happens in that game where is mr big male they’re all coming back so eventually i assume we’re gonna get a shot here that’s gotta be him that’s a four it shows you how much bigger they are there we go okay let’s try to get him when he turns back around says 194 to 236 but the score estimates don’t actually um like tell you exactly what the score is anymore which is definitely a good thing it’s not very fun to like spot a max level animal and immediately know yes that is a diamond or especially no that’s not a diamond like it just really takes a lot of the fun and uh anticipation out of things i don’t know what he’s trying to do or what he’s going to do but eventually i think we’re going to get a shot at him meanwhile the super chats are rolling in snake had got my first moose yesterday in real life did you post that anywhere in the discord i’d love to see that man oh that’s him right there all right get both of the cool ones that echo there’s a lot of stuff that maybe isn’t so great in this update but the echo of the gunshots i am definitely a fan of all right we got a’s uh cooper the super chat thank you so much man appreciate the support and forever andrew with the super chat pitt or penn state um i’m not much of a college fan so pit i don’t know technically penn state would be closer to me i think is a ghost hunting game that much i know if you actually saw a level six axis here are you talking about on my stream because there was a red deer in there i’m going to get a screenshot of this because i quite like it they turn your light off when you use the camera now i don’t necessarily love that 208 pi bolt when 217.2 is diamond so we’re actually going to texturize that because i’m thinking we’re going to be replacing most of our legacy axes and that’s going to be one to take the place of something and then wow 2 30 on that guy i’ve only seen a couple reach 230s today and he’s lower weight kind of like that the brow tines aren’t even there’s like little let’s go to true score here there’s little tiny stickers on both of them that’s kind of cool and i think up top it’s gonna be tough to see but maybe like at that angle there’s almost little forks forming they definitely look good they’re maybe a little bit wide to be honest

like it almost maybe should can i get him to stay still let’s just do it like this it should maybe start to go up more like here but they’re way better than the legacy racks that’s for sure was a red deer i got big hoofed it happens man happens to the best of us do you do this full-time or do you have a job this is my full-time job and officially has been my only full-time job since january of 2018 no night fix anymore yeah so i know they made it here we’ll do a really easy example they made it to where aiming with a scope or i thought is it binoculars okay yeah binocular shuts off your light aiming with the scope leaves it on so certain things they’ve made it kind of nice to where that goes away but yeah i don’t know why they got rid of that one yeah it sounds good maytag what was the update uh there were a lot of things but the kind of main feature of this update is that accesstear got their tracks and they definitely are a lot better than the legacy rack so i think that’s good andrew thanks again man you should play the this game with kendall gray i saw and have heard that he uh started playing i’m not sure that our styles would uh mesh that well but you never know that’s realistic you’re saying like the the width of the antlers i almost just try to take a drink out of a closed bottle that would have went well when is axis drink time 4 am to 8 am there’s a big male so big that he doesn’t see us running like 12 meters behind him oh god wrong gun turn tracks back on yet almost oof that one but i’ve seen it that is minimum weight right there at 30 kilograms absolute brute would have been a bronze to begin with but slightly move that i kind of like the sound that you get like when you harvest an animal but i feel like that’s going to get old like there’s that little i’m not sure how to necessarily describe it but it’s kind of like a gun sound that plays when you get your weapon score and then you have the kind of just monies down i don’t know it’s weird to describe but there’s a little money sound there when you uh claim an animal i think that stuff’s good but i think it’s gonna get old so i hope there’s gonna be a feature to turn that off yeah i just saw that brook there’s uh 1100 people in here that is crazy but i hope everybody’s enjoying the stream it’s been a long time since we’ve had that many people in here that’s really cool i’m radiant glowing is that what you’re saying we’re gonna skip a little bit here this weekend i missed a more than 20 inch wide buck with my bow it happens man i mean you know all things kind of considered maybe it’s best it was a miss and not like a a poor hit that could end up with him you know just dying of infection or whatever it is so just gotta keep at it dude i have never caught the stream well i’m glad you can make it to this one man great what’s going on dude 16k away from 200k it feels like i grew up watching this channel holy that’s actually cool ben i never thought of like that kind of thing growing up watching the channel but that’s actually kind of like a a cool thing to think about but yeah we are right around on pace i think to hit 200k i don’t want to say by the end of the year but i would say by the end certainly of january 2021 we’ll be at 200k and be looking at a 24-hour stream over on twitch which uh i have a plan for that we’ll see what’s going on at the time but i’m wondering about starting that stream with like a um diamond or bus kind of thing so i can’t go to another game until i get a diamond and call the wild i think that would be a fun way to start that out and then you know classic um maybe planet zoo or farming sim farming sim’s a great game to do i know you’d actually probably want to see it graham but farming seems a great game for a 24-hour stream because there’s always something to do you don’t like really get bored of that one but that kind of stuff shall be happening fairly soon first time watching your stream i’m not disappointed well glad to hear man hopefully things can continue to be interesting with these access to i had a ton of luck up here the last time we went for legacy access so i’m hoping that can possibly continue always looking at the time on mondays waiting for this stream that’s cool man i’m glad you look forward to it going deer hunting next weekend nice is that to be with the bow with the gun

with the slingshot finally breaking in my seven mil in real life with a cow elk tag this year there you go that’d be a good way to break it in standing here absolutely shocked at the state of the big males in this map just take care of that real quick i think we spooked some axes here are they red deer yeah they are axes there’s a tiny little pie ball up there but not a special one sounds good maytag i played farming sim12 wait played farming sim for 12 minutes and got super confused i just uninstalled yeah the first time i went to play it i couldn’t really grasp everything but once you kind of understand what needs to be done it’s a lot of fun play some minecraft with you invector maybe one of these days dude i don’t know where you going that was creepy please don’t do that again i don’t know if that was just a like ragdoll sliding down a very very slight decline or what the deal what that was two minutes in i spotted level five yeah we got a five at our first lake here it seems to be the state of things but i’m not going to complain too much i figured if nothing else it’s an opportunity to replace my uh legacy diamonds that i put a lot of time into and they just don’t look good enough to keep now because these look way better so we’re just gonna do that um i’m probably gonna say your name very wrong is chang at least relatively close because that much i can kind of say but thanks so much for the super chat man and the sticker i appreciate it i bet graham i can only imagine i’m sure your neighbors are not fans of that slighty puma i’ve seen them like you know slide down as a slight little angle like that but never to that degree i missed a super chat from matthew i don’t know even where that was but thank you this update is nuts for diamond axis as well as an albino and melanistic female axes yeah there certainly seems to be quite a high number of them i do wonder if it’s going to be similar to the mule deer where you know we had such insane um numbers of like sixes and sevens and then there’s no diamonds after that this by the way i was talking about being in multiplayer earlier this is the first thing above level three i’ve seen for mule deer so kind of good to see would certainly prefer that there are more fours out there but get him for a respawn i must have the release command disabled mcleven uh andrew thank you again do you have a discord i do um maybe mclovin can get that link up because i did switch it to where only mods could do it because every time i mention it it just gets absolutely spammed in the chat have to go see you later mr big male sounds good dude we’ll hopefully catch you in a future stream that was a black buck generally access to your don’t drink this far north so let’s go to let’s actually check here super fast then we’ll go to my favorite access dear lake went bear hunting in real life didn’t get anything that’s something i need to do someday i’ve never done it like i’m not a huge fan of the way bears tend to be hunted here it’s kind of like doing drives is one thing but the the amount of shooting that goes on hi okay wow that’s a really high estimate 221 the 262 well let’s see what happens here oh you know what let’s not let’s see what happens with like a bow at least make it a little bit interesting i’m gonna regret this because what’s gonna happen is there’s gonna be a puma or something that shows up it makes this much less fun than it was meant to be but let’s get i haven’t shot the longbow in so long did they fix it does anybody know because i don’t need to spook this guy to take a practice shot here but just because they seem to be relatively uh common this is oh do we need the small game arrows we do well this will be interesting all right let’s just uh get more than 200 meters away i want to take a super quick practice shot just to be sure that i’m not bad what can we aim for what about like that point in the tree there’s a little bit of a like lack of audio at times i feel but we’re gonna try to hit

that little like that general area i think we’ll be okay let’s see what happens what a rare level five axis dear dude i’m stoked i’ve never seen anything like it okay that three one attentive what is the deal it’s often when your binoculars are up the like footstep audio goes away it is fixed good deal crossbow tell you what if we find another one i’ll get the crossbow i wouldn’t be too shocked if we do they said they fixed it but i haven’t looked at the passengers or tried it myself well that one this guy right here was attentive and he was pretty far from the shot so i wouldn’t say i’m fully convinced they fixed it but i think they probably did have a backpack on or something i feel like they’re noticing me a little far away uh james thanks so much for the super chat man really appreciate the support in the sticker what’s up radioactive boss it has been a while i don’t have this map should i buy it i mean i would have recommended it definitely even before truak access to it’s a great map for red deer pumas are always cool um i like black buck quite a lot i really can’t wait to get their true racks and it’s more like true horns but yeah i think they’re a cool species uh the two are nice you know random little bonus and of course the true rack access to out here pretty cool and i think i’m missing one species what did i forget milder yeah they got their tree racks that’s quite nice as well this is water buffalo all over again water buffalo wait is mistress here with our pies hey aaron what are you doing in the chat and james thanks again for the support man really appreciate you mistress is here didn’t see that one coming well you should have looked harder okay he still knows nothing this grass is going to be ideal because the wind is really not so good and the only kind of hears us the only hiding place we have that’s going to keep us like with decent wind he’s gonna be over here to his left in this grass so i think i’d like to get into that stuff does he he’s calm if we just get out here far enough we can go prone we’ll try to make sure we’re gonna be good call the wild logic cannot carry six guns we can carry 168 tripods that is too accurate man you’re lost is that is that why you’re here and all antler species have truax indeed how many pies so far just one mistress but we’re attempting to get number two he sort of knew something was up but we should be all set come on down here shoot you with the longbow bill nye thanks for the super chat man just go to max weight 227.6 axis as you are stocking this one nice dude what did you say was 227 that’s not bad good 10 above diamond get in here come on come on stop drinking and get in here there you go it’s gonna say there’s no shot i’m hitting it at 40 i’m just not very good with these traditional bows i can get them into 20 and make the shot but i know all the above could smoke that at 40 no problem have you been have you ever been hunting in real life or owned a gun uh yes and yes there will be some real life hunting videos here uh shortly on this channel actually this friday on meat hunters and then i think it’ll be next tuesday on this channel will be my first real life hunting video for this year do you have a problem with scoring i should level five he scored 230 something and requirement is 358 that sounds like some kind of messed up update because the requirement now should be 217 358 is the old requirement that sounds broken ask clinton if you took the backpack off from the goose video i believe i did that is much cooler than watching one of those tiny little stubby fives coming all right let’s see if we can do this here oh not yet i guess i mean the closer the better oh we might have been low where are we it’s very tiny arrows so i’m not sure he would have dropped immediately

oh i don’t think we got it are tracks off again no hmm i bet you that doesn’t even kill him i was trying to make sure i didn’t shoot too high and hit him in the vertebrae but that wasn’t the recurve either oops i don’t know why he’s not leaving tracks i wasn’t aware this was an area where tracks are like bugged so now that’s epic yeah it’s a lot better than the small boys now we’re going to kind of just trail him we’ll see if he tries to come back and we can get him again otherwise we’ll try to smoke him with the uh the mosin if he dies i’m not super worried we already smoked one so he hold it it will good shot thanks hunter man how kind of you to compliment my shooting i actually don’t think he’ll die kind of useful that you have to use the 350 rain arrows in this uh particular juncture so if i just kind of aim like base of his like right where his legs start to meet his body we should be good if we get another shot anyway now we can’t use for the traditional bows mclovin we have to use the 350s because the the 540s are four to seven which you know there’s some arguments to be made that access to you should be made a level four class animal but tis all good this could be a problem he’s not leaving tracks we may return to this area to stock a wounded access to you later look pretty good to me i actually thought it was too low from the beginning i think i shot him right like right under the heart essentially but um yes those are immortal words all right let’s see if we can get tracks or something if we can’t like literally the only thing we can do is reset the time and catch him back here if there’s no tracks and no sign of him coming back i don’t know what else to do that’s pretty good bottom boy oh is that him i think so it’s like hobbling if he tries to come back i’ll definitely go for another bow shot though hit me with that bro like that dude just run don’t worry we got this turn my flash on oh there’s a sound nice is that why you told me to do that got a diamond fireball to access today i think i probably saw that in discord though i saw several being posted all right i really wish i could have gotten a spot on him oh i just saw his antler flip right down through here right there we can’t be hidden anywhere which is not good the chances of him just coming into 20 i don’t love it they seem to have made it to where you can’t lift your binoculars while you’re crawling you can still crawl with them lifted stop that’s better i think is it tell me we messed that one up i can’t even go pick up tracks to find out i mean at this point i guess we might still just shoot him what was wrong with that shot i’m so confused have you went bowhunting in real life i have okay there’s some tracks at least he’s leaving tracks i don’t think we got him i mean he’s starting to die i actually don’t know what to expect out of these 350s so it’s hard to say if i think we got along or not especially with no blood i’m seeing no hunting pressure so i can’t imagine that that got him i mean he’s dying something pressure back there honestly i have no idea let’s find out what the deal is here i mean that looks perfect that’s exactly where i would want to aim

i don’t know hey 223 tell me i messed up oh you guys with no trust oh that one was terrible though that was real bad 12 meters what if he just doesn’t have lungs dude i was starting to wonder it’s just because they’re way big for those arrows then we’ll all right never using that again on an axis here i think i missed yeah danny with a super chat thank you dude all right 7 40. uh things took longer at that league than i wanted but let’s get up here imagine if you get a great one this stream this will be difficult on parque because there are no great ones you got lucky what are you talking about man i i did perfect big meal marks down second pie i think i only deserve one and a half for completely oofing that first shot at 17 meters did get along yeah that was just the uh the severe oofage of those arrows i almost started to wonder if um if it wasn’t possible to reach long because i felt like that shot was good it’s a nice looking four i really like that because there’s one i’ve seen somebody posting pictures of access to your in real life and there’s one that looks just like that with like there’s no like sharp bends in those main beams they just sort of slur slowly slowly curl up and around go figure though another five so let’s get the crossbow the good news is i only had two diamond axis in the lodge before i think i am going to replace both of those because the legacy ones just don’t look good next to these three rack ones but i do think that uh it shall work just fine to get some bonus ones all right drop this get the camo crossbow because that is the coolest one get the sights and i don’t know that i have the bolts equipped for that we need oh 420 that makes sense 420s work for them okay uh danny thanks again man what are your pc specs are they not in the uh the description there i thought they were this game is stupid i don’t know what the spawn rate is i’m just hoping it’s initial spawns and then like you know after this severe uh infestation of diamond axe tier gets taken out uh you know it returns to normal spawn rate double diamonds it actually would be triple we got one already we had gotten one before that so i suppose we’re gonna sneak up the hill here and try to call him around he’s a nice wide one was that battery either oh yeah danny thanks for super chatting can you use the 357 all right if we find yet another five it will be taken with the 357 no worries clips table what’s up yo clinton how was your uh how was your stream what did you find there they tiz in the description look at mclovin out here doing the mod work finding stuff that i don’t know for sure if there were throwing knives i could get a diamond with those i feel like that may be more effective than that long bow there i mean he was already hurting and he didn’t drop for a long time weird sound today when i spotted spotted a max bison was it the sound for the new like the nude sound for discovering a neat zone nothing like a nice wide one oh i know what you mean psycho those antlers are just so majestic what a flex i’m just saying man just trying to you know just set the record straight i’m a lot closer than i thought i was probably gonna be spooking him so this is probably gonna be another case of or no these are the 420s we’ll probably drop if we get them good hello the heck wait what are you doing up there i guess they’re leaving their zone what is that 40 i’m not real good with um the in-betweens here never have been 40 is a really easy one to mess up i’ve

done it a couple of times with the crossbow like when i used to use it a lot it’s alarmed though that works all right i think we’re going to do a time reset here because it seems as if their zones are just about over maybe get a screenshot of that too just since he dropped on nicely we’ll catch it with the tracer glow a little less stressful than the last but 229 diamond none of these have been max weight that’s the only thing that i’m actually kind of relieved to see right to the heart good deal but yeah um tons of max weight access to european spawning so kind of good to see that’s not happening too much here what are secondary brow tines i have no idea interesting anyway maximize that we might as well just go grab the 357 just in case there was another one wait another what hey wolverine uh that person what’s going on man thoughts on spears being added i feel like it’d be really difficult to capture like the difficulty of hunting with or like throwing a spear in a game like this i mean they did okay with the recurve and making it challenging so maybe they could manage it i don’t know i don’t necessarily have a problem with them doing that would just have to be proper levels of difficult otherwise it would just be silly really would really need to be like a good challenge what’s up jw long time no see man that’s a third mistress pie well there’s supposed to be 12 we’re we’re uh slacking a little bit the ears are the secondary brows oh yeah the ears are scored with access to that makes absolute sense somebody said there was another i don’t know if it was another big male or what but we’ll just check the other side here um i’m not sure which one of those showed up first but uh brook thanks for the super chat i wanted to say hi so hi that’s it thanks yeah no worries appreciate you making pies in her gaming shirt well of course just wheeling around the kitchen like no other and ryan thank you as well man hey man been playing for a week a week now and your beginner series helped me out so much big thanks i’m glad to hear man it’s definitely my pleasure um i know some things are definitely out of date there and i need to do an updated version but glad to hear it’s been helping you do that thing where you miss again probably will if i’m using the 357 on anything not the best pistol but we’ll make it work just open up a bakery it sounds like you got one open right now really got a puma over there by the way if they did do a pop reset maybe we can finally get a diamond puma because the fact that i’ve had like six trolls and no diamonds on the new scoring system makes me sad hello huh a couple of nice reds actually kinda seems as if that one accessteer is the only one so let’s get him and then we’re going to take the red deer with the mosin as well because we have the 357 now still love the echo oh i didn’t think he was close enough to flee all right i guess we’re not going to get the red deer totally could have stuck around long enough makes a coin jingle when you harvest something i kind of like it and there’s a little like uh it’s not really a pump action but it’s also not bull bold action like there’s some sort of little gun sound there for the weapon score when that pops up i think it’s cool i think like a lot of newer players are really going to feel like more of a sense of accomplishment for like every harvest initially like like hearing those sounds but they’re gonna get annoying and hopefully there’s going to be an option to shut them off there’s another five in that herd did anybody else see that because i didn’t see it i mean we can uh we can go back we’re gonna reset the time so um no worries did i hit that red deer something else or no wait there’s something pressure here already never mind

all is well all right oops new sounds are better for sure i like the uh like running on rocks audio is definitely better like there’s a lot of stuff they got right there’s just some little bugs that came along with it the proud times might be a little exaggerated there but other than that i like that basic frame it looks good a little bit wonky and let’s see i say i’m gonna go change the time but change from here and check to see if there’s any pumas here just because this has been the spot where i’ve had legendary ones in the past the first one up to 261 was the one i shot up to 269 maybe that’s how he appeared there all right we’ll go back then appreciate you guys uh keeping me filled in on this information because i missed it but i think resetting the time is going to be a good option anyway anyone know if population reset applies to every map it should just be parque fernando and i’m like i’m not certain it happened but the red deer at the beginning and then obviously axis deer did get a reset i kind of feel like they probably did not seen any super large males down here this is actually a good spot for access tier 2 yeah there’s one right there my sound went away again well we might as well go visit that herd i think they’re sort of in between drinking and feeding but the sheer number of big males in pretty much every herd we’ve seen probably means we ought to look the estimates being more random yeah finally you can just see a max level animal and not know the only time is like with our level 9 red do at the beginning because it had the the rack that never makes diamond but yeah it is nice to just to not have the knowledge of exactly what it’s going to score because if you know what the estimate is that takes a lot of the fun out of it a lot of the fun is like the anticipation of you know it maybe not actually being a diamond i’m thinking this is a pretty small herd that was a guess to where our shots gonna go uh billy boy thanks so much for the super chat dude missed the past few streams because of work but finally made it to another one keeps using them big males and have fun well thank you dude really appreciate the support and i’m glad you could make it to this one hope you’re enjoying it a bunch of nothing on the other side i guess because of the pumas remember them saying it was axis deer that needed it but it could have changed like as far as the pop reset i just find it unlikely that i would have missed an albino and a level 9 red deer like last time i was out because i don’t remember shooting any it could have been though could have just been luck like just little nubs for brow tines on that one like flat like a flat uh frame too just goes straight back good to see the variety with these though all right uh we’re gonna go up here because there’s no access to you in this area total guest shot aimbot it worked well i just sort of roughly knew where he was big axis looked like a six red deer which they probably should like it never should have been where you could look at a five axis and not know it’s a trophy size one because in real life trophy axes are quite big so it’s definitely a good thing that are looking a little better where would be a spot we gotta run to hmm don’t have a lot of those maybe well sometimes they spawn there let’s just kind of see what happens if we go over this lake for a minute and then we’ll go and look for axis deer does he not reach yet i’m trying man there’s 1300 people in here i can keep up to the best of my ability but um there’s no way i’m going to get everybody i must be the elmer foot i have been playing for a year and still do not have a diamond maybe maybe it’s uh you know part of being

related but i don’t know i think once you figure out certain things like just by playing the game your odds start to get better like you learn where certain species tend to spend a lot of their time and you figure out like when that species is active and like when you join a multiplayer game or even in your single player let’s say now it’s 5 30. i’m gonna be looking for red deer and axes here because they’re drinking and they’re gonna be most visible near the lakes and stuff so that’s sort of uh sort of what’s going on you start to learn more and more as you go is that caitlyn kellen i’m not sure how does say your name apologize for that but thank you for the super chat what’s your favorite diamond you got uh i shot up highball diamond whitetail on a twitch stream once and that’s got to be my favorite just because like it was the coolest stream kill i’ve ever had and also just one of the coolest kills i’ve had in general when i yeah when i spent the entire stream just reading chat i mean that’s kind of the point of my streams is to try to like interact with you guys as much as possible i don’t know i enjoy it a couple of beefs moving around not very impressive beefs your chat is so delayed that i keep checking to see if my stream lag then i fell 30 seconds behind but it’s just delayed that long for you yeah i never know what to do because what’s that listen i’ll find a water buffalo with very wonky horns yeah there’s there’s been a reset i ain’t buying nothing else you want to stop there well that’s a random lake to decide to go to and find such a thing so anyway um the delay like i could make it less and i’m probably going to to be honest but i know that it does make it to where some viewers like just can’t watch because they get all kinds of buffering i try to avoid that but then the delay is just huge with uh trying to respond especially when there’s 1200 people in here like if i try to ask one person a question the chance of me finding their response is very low especially when i have to wait a minute start to forget like who i’m talking to and everything we are not going to jump over that but just going to not bother with it beefalo very albino beefalo smoked hopefully he’s actually leaving tracks here because that axis deer did not want to cooperate with such things looks like we’re all good though how do you make your track direction cone so much smaller that is from i want to say yeah uh the the very first uh set of skill points here level one and three do it mechanical blade or fixed blade for your broadhead i have used mechanicals for i guess nine years now and it’s just is what i started out with because i think they were really starting to gain popularity kind of then they had started already but i feel like they really started to come onto the archery hunting scene at that point that is the ugliest water buffalo i’ve ever shot and of course it had to be an albino probably wouldn’t keep it because it’s a silver but just for those awful horns we’ll keep it and we’ll go back here and see if that other level five is there but anyway yeah i’ve never had a shot of the deer with a mechanical where like you know i did my job and put the arrow where it needs to be and we didn’t recover the deer like every time i use rage if you’re curious every time i’ve um used a rage broadhead and hit where i need to we found it so you know no point in in changing that what’s your stream viewer record it’s either 1800 or 1900 from uh silverage peaks content creator beta weekend i can’t remember if it was like just reaching 18 or just reaching 1900 was insane being rude to albino buffalo he was ugly it’s not my fault all right is there another five here or am i getting that’s a stick or is it no it’s not okay so i have a tent over here i’m a little worried just gonna spook them

though okay so plan we’re gonna fast travel away basically if you fast travel too close to animals they’ll spook but they won’t do that if you’re out of render when you do it it’s really weird like all i’m doing that was odd all i’m doing by going down here is going out of the render and then fast traveling back to the tent where i’m gonna have a better angle and they shouldn’t spook from that larger shane buffalo just for being that ugly it’s not his fault it is he didn’t um do his exercises to straighten his horn out like he should have little six down there i’m not sure who that was directed at psycho but wow uh james thank you for the super chat again man always appreciate the support just shot at level nine poon nice can’t open we can find one of those during the course of this hunt how many pies do i get so far so far three i’ve been told there is a fourth level five axis deer down here i haven’t seen it personally but uh we’ll try to get eyes on them when did this update come out and did it affect other animals or reserves uh i would say the only effect it had on other animals that you know was intended is that the score estimates are a lot more random now so like you shouldn’t just be able to look an animal and know exactly what it’s going to score but i’m not aware of any major changes to other animals or reserves there may be ones that i’m not thinking of okay these guys all seem to be calm yeah you guys weren’t kidding there is another five over there okay well two in one spot so the other one went up to 269 you said like massive male numbers so 357 for this one so you can actually grind for a diamond mule here now i have seen one level four multi everything else has been three or below mix so i don’t know what the deal is with that but just putting that out there um tony thanks so much for the super chat man very much appreciate it lucy pronghorn effects yeah i’m gonna have to go to steel bridge peaks and see what i can see for that because they actually look good i like the look of them where was he at again must be like up behind this tree or i slightly forget but i know he’s up in this area oh the echo of that red deer call was a little bit weird i did notice some of the animal calls did echo like probably louder than they should it’s a little bit strange wait a minute really so there were three here that’s a dark but he’s only up to 227 so i wouldn’t be too shocked if that’s a troll yeah they might be a little overly common all right so we’re gonna try for a double with the 357 here because what what better do we have to do let me make sure these are the right bullets i can’t get it to work like that so i guess i’m doing it this way yeah these are it he’s still calm so if we get her shot off now at you of course you’re walking around hopefully we can get this double do you want to sit still stop uh corey thanks for the super chat man i’ll get to that in one second still just calm what is your deal up there dude why do you have the sudden urge to leave us e wait where is he god i couldn’t find him i tried could have probably hit him there i’ll do it with the mosin don’t really love a running shot with the uh the 357 of course that angle is no good i think we got him should we just wait see if he slows down i guess that’ll be the smart decision all four might have been 230 plus so far i’ve only seen a couple like

over 230 that have been posted there’s a pie bullet up there nicely done in that double dude it was a it was a dark prototype just just give me a break man it’s okay i couldn’t see him he was hiding in the shadows don’t even worry about it just eat him on the move well i would have but i’m pretty sure he’s behind the hill when he was actually broadside it’s never really been an issue before and now they’re bigger so shouldn’t be an issue now either they’re drinking nervous just for the wind we’re best off going over here the right lens of the binders is invisible so you can see through the side what what do you mean i’m not quite sure but billy thanks for the uh yeah billy boy thanks for the super chat and corey miller also had their population reset okay gotcha gotcha now i’m all set up alerts were backwards and stuff gonna be up to my butt in pies i kind of feel like that dark fur type is gonna be a troll if we even find it again but just casually three fives in one herd that probably tells you what you need to know but were you really hoping for that bottom boy i wasn’t i didn’t enjoy that too much with a mule deer okay they’re drinking nervous down there did he go back down there somewhere here too hmm maybe we shouldn’t have gone to the side i should have just kept in a spot that’s what i should have done but hindsight it’s 20 20 i guess hey lucky when you’re prone oh yeah it is huh i guess i’m never looking at that hey graham too windy to hunt this evening it is fair enough it’s not windy enough to keep all the level 5 axes from spawning over here i can tell you that much i don’t know where that other five got to just gonna walk over there see if he shows up probably should have shot him on the move on the way to 16 diamonds we’re we’re working on it that’s for sure there’s a bunch right there definitely saw a couple of good size damage i didn’t see anything that looked like a five i don’t know so there must be two herds that drink in this spot so there weren’t three in one herd i guess that’s a little bit you know a little bit of a good thing but not that much see that pie ball i think they were in the same herd i’m not really sure the guitar shaped lake uh this one oh this one is that i really don’t get many axes here at that one i get them hear more usually that’s interesting uh the flying magnet thanks for the super chat man you shot a 231.1 diamond axis is that big or small that’s definitely closer to the upper end they don’t seem to get too much above 230 all right are you in here somewhere oh yeah might as well use the 357 again if i can get out the proper weapon all right heart shot or bust hey see how many weapons we can kill a diamond axis deer with in one stream should i hunt that map you call on savannah’s overage leighton or cc uh gotta park it’s the the new interesting one all right we’re finally gonna get trolled nope 223

diamond dark i mean at least he’s different his forks go forward hard to really see it they’re so huge but i mean kinda and clutch thanks for the super chat man what gun should i carry in the savannah i would go with the 300 that’s going to be for like gems buck lion king buffalo uh then 7 mil that’ll cover kudu build a beast i think there’s a species i’m not thinking of there like midsize and then you want 243 for a spring buck and jackal and 22 for scrub here all right now where is the other one because we shot two here don’t have the slightest clue about where he was because we’ve shot three diamonds in this general area the dark was down in there so i thought he would have been like up this way i’m not too sure i mean center the hunting pressure kind of like the other two well maybe it was down here more because the other two were actually up this way i think i’m losing it that’s the third from this herd well the second one we didn’t claim yet i see the blood there though definitely smoked it’s just a matter of how high he scores kill one with the bow we actually got one with the crossbow and one with the long ball already we’ve used the mosin the crossbow the longbow and the 357 on two of them so this would be five if that if this guy is going to make diamond it’s over there gee thanks lucky good to hear psycho i’m glad you’re taking initiative there gonna be running low on gucci’s oh my goodness yeah don’t don’t be doing that at this point i think it’s intentional the amount of level fives mayhaps all i know is i’m just gonna replace a bunch of old legacy ones and go from there all right shocker he made it still no max weight ones which is good but that is wide as heck just tall and wide with big brow tines 229 i’m gonna say that’s the second biggest one so far shot just over his heart but yeah why not let’s just get that in there i kind of feel dumb spamming emotes but i’ve always been one to get my money’s worth out of a purchase i respect it down to see more emo spam all right we still haven’t gone here still having gone here let’s check the little lake first because it’s less running i don’t like the fact that they changed the recurve and longbow i mean to be the same i haven’t even used the recurve since they did that that’s the next one then is it the same because i swear if you uh if you tell me that i aim like it’s the longbow and it’s way off that would be 12 out of 12. all right oh i already committed to not doing this again because it was terrible but i mean why not okay uh we’ll go to the range maybe if we need to but aim for this sunny spot hey it’s pretty much the same saying what word brooke uh oh man was i supposed to just call you dream i can’t remember it’s been a while i’m so sorry man but thanks for the super chat man good to see you again got a 235 scoring one that would be the highest i’ve heard ever seen so far i think not too bad random puma over there that probably means very low numbers of access to you in that area so we shot a bunch of axes here or saw a bunch anyway last time we were here for that legacy axis hunt but not much going on here now so i guess we’ll just head back up and go where we were gonna go snakehead thanks for the super chat level 4 can still make diamond as well i did see that forgot about it but you’re right i think the diamond racks are fairly obvious so if you see a four with one of those definitely wanted to try to shoot i don’t think we’ve had one of those so far well our pilot maybe the pie bulb is big oh gucci’s yeah what you got a problem with that

it’s the best word there goes my challenge of using a recurve are you going to try to be the first one to kill a diamond axis with a recurve oh you just mean a challenge in general uh yeah yeah yeah for the great one that’s right yeah i feel you so would these diamonds be considered legit i mean obviously they’re responding too commonly i’m not sure how to answer that i think i want to see what happens like after these initial spawns because if they just continue to be that common like what are we supposed to do just not hunt them but if they are suddenly more rare and like for some reason it’s just like the initial spawns that are too common maybe they’re a little less legit like i don’t know what you’re supposed to do about it you got to shoot them to get them off your map oh hey there’s you again first axis i spot is a level five that’s not too surprising i did see some screenshots from the trophy lodges and they don’t really sit on those small plaques very well anymore so i don’t really know what to do about that they were really gonna be my thing to fill a lot of those like they’re okay it’s just they don’t sit in the center of the plaque maybe that can be changed i don’t know if it’s like a like there’s got to be some kind of anchor point with it like where what pixel they choose hello to be the one that goes in the center of the plaque at least i imagine a little bit shaky there i messed it up both times i tried so hard figures anyway uh yeah maybe that can be adjusted to where they sit better on the plaque but it looks a little bit off he’s deader i bet he is what is sck will be swedish crowns i believe i think that is the proper uh nomenclature got 12 diamond axes we’re at five all the above five in a new five bulb we’re a little over halfway so i don’t think we’re gonna get the 12 unless we get some hard to call it luck but you know higher amounts of luck than we’ve had second really big five but kind of oof that one would like to see some albino and melanistics i know somebody has gotten or there’s been diamonds of all three rare fur types already any diamonds yet i mean five diamond axes here but you know to what degree those really count hard to say does the m1 work for the axis deer right now it doesn’t the axis deer are a class 3 animal i wouldn’t be too shocked that eventually changes and they’re made to be class 4 but at the moment you want to use the mosin epic race to 12. i don’t know that i’m gonna be continuing after my stream so unless i get 12 on the stream mclovin’s probably going to beat me how many deer have you ever shot in real life um so just to make it to where there’s no possible way of trying to figure out what’s happened so far during this season i’m going to stop with my last my last deer in 2019 got me to 22 at 22 22 deer and i was 22 years old so easy to remember but hopefully i can get that up to 26 by the end of this year i’ve got four tags diamond rare shouldn’t be too hard yeah that’s the thing that i can’t decide do i want to just go grind the heck out of multiplayer now and quite honestly probably get some i feel like at this point like if there’s that many super rare access to getting posted and the rate of piebalds spawning for them like you could actually get a rare diamond access to you in probably a couple of days but do i want to do that is it really worth it do they really count i don’t know remember the seven diamonds i forgot you were guessing them all right that day and that was right before i went camping and it should have been eight i oofed that one axis deer at like 300 meters cory thanks for the super chat next one gets the 30 30 is it ethical yeah it would be the same as the 243 all right uh we got the recurve on deck now 30 30 will be following that up done keeping buck i might play just uh go get that

uh you know diamond access there all the above be looking forward to your video shooting it at 200 meters with a recurve it’s hotter than the sun in the blind i’m sitting in great hunting weather though i mean is it great hunting weather it depends on where you’re at i know like there are areas where like here if it’s above 60 degrees i’m not going to see many deer they just don’t move but there’s other areas where it doesn’t get that uh you know that cool for a long time so the deer just moved during warmer temperatures later lucky do i have four tags though oh yeah got a buck tagging three doe tags what guns work for access to your uh mosin 30 30 243 uh trying to think a bunch of shotguns with buckshot would work that’s kind of the main ones that are coming to mind there’s probably others that i’m not thinking of i mean i’m sure there are what am i missing some handguns the 357 works um meredith thanks so much for the super chat and the sticker i really appreciate that meredith is cool i agree if 300 grain arrows weren’t poop i’d do it yeah i just shot i shot one with the 350s and i actually messed it up the first time and it came back and i shot it again and like i was sure it was a good shot and then he was running off and not dropping so i thought i oofed it but it was just really really slow for his health drop what’s my biggest deer in real life it’s the nine point i shot on video uh last year it’s on this channel if you want to check that out i think that’s the biggest one i mean might as well take our shot and then maybe see if we can spot them running off that’ll be fine there’s definitely a kind of wide one over in there couldn’t tell how big he was though next time with a shotgun all right we’re getting to a point where i’m not sure that we can uh find this many fives but we’ll see hey squish what’s going on lost the archery buck in real life last week yeah that’s always tough man it’s bound to happen eventually like there’s just eventually like no avoiding it it’s gonna happen but it’s never fun when it happens i don’t think we’re gonna go over there unless a bigger male presents himself is m1 ethical for axis it is not axis deer are a class three animal the m1 is class four to eight another good sized dark fur type one i think those threes are probably what i saw i think we’re gonna call it good and go try these two lakes glad i’m no mod here then wait why are you glad for this oh i see aaron has uh made his degree thanksgiving is going on so much squash sounds like a fantastic time i always have to look forward to thanksgiving because like two days later now is the beginning of rifle season it used to be four days later but they changed it around here of course ours is later none here there usually are i think they’re usually on that end but i mean they’re big enough now like with the model changes we’d see them through the brush guess we’re just gonna go try the other lake then i don’t see as many here used to as i used to but some still show up at least last time they have i saw this giant 26 inch assume 26 inch

wide non-typical 4×5 mule yesterday that sounds like one to go after i hope they do a desert scrub map next either australia or southern us yeah i’d really like to see some kind of desert map kind of like for hunger but obviously what happens differences i think that would be a lot of fun kind of a decent red deer nightbot’s super quick on that one every now nightbots like every now every now and then nightboss like just ready to go and springload just jumps into action but usually just fails how long have you been streaming an hour and 25 minutes so far today we’ve managed five diamond axis which was to be expected i made a live stream no way welcome hope you uh enjoy your stay here nightbot be flexing he’s just trying to show off that he’s a capable little modboy all right um don’t know where those are coming from you know it could be could very well be these are the ones we spooked from here and they ran up this far because that is like the exact same four that we saw i don’t know about the score estimate though didn’t really pay attention it’s a little feed zone i think we’ll just keep on looking down here what’s your favorite animal to hunt and call the wild uh i mean probably whitetail because i hunt them in real life i also quite enjoy hunting wolves because of their kind of unique ai brandon carr raindu i think i just said reindeer and caribou just combine them into reindeer whatever anyway reindeer and caribou i like their models and i think i’d like to hunt them in real life but i’d really like for their antlers specifically caribou to get a little little love what’s up billy i hope i haven’t been missing you for like the entire stream but i just happened to catch your name are any of these particularly large males there’s a little three piebald they don’t look huge i want to get all the way around because i can still see some back in there what map do you think is the best i mean that really comes down to like you know personal opinion kind of stuff like the best map for diamonds it used to be parque but axis deer and black buck both were less common for diamond now axes they’re extremely common i would say like the best map to just you know find numbers of animals was maybe verhunga because of how open it is layton had some of my favorite species for hunger has some my favorite just because they’re like more exotic stuff for me literally just zero sound for that water buffalo and by the way by the way that’s not so good uh yeah i mean i like all the maps i think my personal favorite is probably layton silverage peaks is definitely a close second don’t know what these guys are doing but they’re not making it easy to try to spot them i guess maybe we’ll try to get that pie ball because we ran all the way over here be a shame to not get something and we’re gonna hide the water in case that water buffalo tries to come give us the touch i think i replied to a different billy bottom boy there there are several no you were so broadside what are you doing now you’re just full on running okay i think we got it dropped at a pretty good rate uh annie annie just read like your first name and your last name and uh thank you for becoming a channel member really appreciate you make sure you join the discord and link up your youtube to get the super stroll over there oh yeah i really appreciate that enjoy your emojis in chat and the green name is the update out it is i have no idea why they released it a day early but they did are piebalds still uncommon yeah i would say they’re more uncommon than

actually rare i don’t know why but seems they’ve uh kept them as they were was chasing the level 9 red deer this morning got flattened by a water buffalo yeah that’ll happen i can’t remember i had that with i think it was a cape buffalo when i was trying to stock up on a different cape buffalo they have a tendency to ruin hunts in that way you know what i believe we shot him in the like stomach intestine kind of area because he was dropping fast but yeah non-vital got two diamond axes in two minutes yeah we had three in one zone um not sure about the i don’t know if it’s a bug or just like i mean i guess it could be considered one but i’m not sure if it’s a spawn rate thing or like what the deal is with them there’s certainly issues it’s 802 so we’re doing it again we’re getting down here late but i want to check here i feel like he don’t read messages i i read like literally as many messages as i possibly can i try how many diamonds you got this now i think we’re at five and they’re all axis dude we did see a legendary red deer but he’s certainly too small yeah i agree he’s dial fishing those 350 grain traditional arrows are just not it they’re not good enough looks like they’re leaving their zone again but maybe we can at least get eyes on more of them or maybe they are still there that guy’s just a little late to the party i don’t we killed one down here didn’t we yeah so i don’t remember seeing that for might be the best one might as well try to smoke and jump for no reason see if we missed anything like in the reeds i don’t think we would have they’re big enough now like you’d see their antlers as they’re drinking they’re not even fleeing so that’s it over there i can’t read yep i dropped out of college my fingers keep trying to delete things i know the feel did they fix those silverage missions uh i don’t know was that in the patch notes i’m honestly not sure if they did anything with them i thought that i heard or read or maybe i just thought they were gonna try to fix that in this update but i do not know if they did anything with it why do you look up when you claim it’s pretty much just to take screenshots of the harvest screen because like instead of having like maybe some of this brush or like trees or you know part of the dead animal lay in there like behind the uh the harvest screen animal you have just like a nice blue background for the screenshot i used to do it mainly for thumbnail reasons because i could cut out the animal for the thumbnail really easily but now it’s not really necessary because i just used the trophy lodge but even still uh makes for nice screenshots so i keep doing it they did fix them that’s good good to hear probably should have waited one more week to do missions but then again they released access to and that’s kind of what i wanted to do instead what were you studying in college i was doing um software development that is a seriously like slow archwide boy i like it let’s hop over here see what’s up if given a full two hours clinton could read through the entirety of a youtube chat without having to go all supersonic no shot dude unless i didn’t have to answer them maybe there’s one nice four one small four ah i got touched i don’t even know where that nice four went help no touch there is a sun

i think i hit the one in front of him pick a direction maybe got him yeah i thought that was good how do you like the new trophy poses in classic dude i’m loving those i really can’t wait till they do mule deer i think that’s going to be good black bear they could like i really want them to do just like kind of the thing you see in real life just uh kind of laying forward with their legs sort of out and forward a bit uh wild boar should get the same ones as feral hogs and they may work for them i don’t know what was the other ones i was really thinking needed them bear species mule deer i mean black tail would go along with that all those kinds of things anyway maybe bison because they’re a tough one to pose properly i want to hop up here and here let’s change the time one last time here first though just part of the nine red deer but still no exterior what are the chances that that’s what happens i read all yours well i can it’s sort of just like a thing i don’t make like a conscious effort to read anybody’s chats necessarily i just like i glance over and sort of the first thing that catches my eye yeah it’s the gun that’s next to it’s the green name like that stuff catches my eye more quickly it’s not necessarily intentional it certainly is a flashy gun all blue and stuff do you think they should make a midwestern map i think it would be good i mean they got to find a way to make it unique and interesting but would be good what happened in the last 15 minutes i think pretty much we just had a couple of solid four axis the year and that’s been about it three herds to find one you must be bad pretty sure we found one in the first heard actually we pretty much found one of the first like four herds all those access to you were pretty much like back to back there weren’t many areas we were going and not finding any all right uh oh i wanted to go here too dang man there’s too many areas that i wanted to get to this is the one i wanted to go to the least so we can maybe miss out a little bit but i want to go check like down on that end mostly that’s where i usually see him i know they do go up on the north end but it’s gonna take so long to run over there we got like 20 minutes i think we’ll just check the south end last time i was up there there was like one access to here anyways so we’ll see it’s just a november map no one buys it but me and you i’d like a november map if they really programmed in like running action to the whitetail ai i think they could sell a map just based on whitetail like they could maybe do black bear coyotes bobcats like they could they throw some stuff in there that would maybe keep it interesting that it’s not just whitetail but i really think they could sell a map if they did like running activity uh edward thanks for the super chat i’m edward from last stream here’s some more money well thank you dude i i appreciate it always appreciate the support she shot at 227 dark diamond axes nice dude not too bad i like the dark fur type more than the common it’s ones that i always want to get riding whitetail specifically yes what’s the fastest way to level up rifle rifle score and level well if you want to do rifle score you’re just going to have to pretty much kind of try to hunt everything i would say you could actually do geese with the 22 though that might actually work pretty good once you have enough money to get a goose set up because you really can’t just fly through levels in xp and cash by goose hunting i i was grinding keys for a couple of weeks straight there to get like a diamond and some other stuff and i made probably like half a million and it’s not like i was playing like a ton it was just a couple hours every day you can really uh do well that with that uh apnea thanks for uh stopping by man enjoy the rest of your stream we’ll definitely try dude

hopefully uh knock out a couple of big males here before we’re done mclaughlin is going to rin the rin win the race to 12 he’ll win the race to speaking english too more thanksgiving to accomplish we’ll catch you later squish appreciate you dropping by for a little while all right so yeah i thought there should be access to your up in that area little four no big males that i see so i’m walking down maybe we should take our time you’ve got eight now mclovin you might actually get 12 what’s new in the update uh they changed a lot of the sounds they fixed the silverage peaks missions axis deer got their true racks obviously i know there are other fixes but i didn’t read super closely in the patch notes i don’t even know what they are you’d have to read through there and see bugle animations for elk would be nice yeah all the animal like uh vocalization animations are pretty lame they just kind of i don’t know they just have like a pretty basic animation for all them they just lift their head and open their mouth for a second there’s just a call that’s emitted they could definitely do probably more with that i think that four is as good as we’re getting here there’s another bible but it’s hardly anything to speak of am i fast enough nah didn’t even know where the pie ball was i got a glitch in multiplayer where if you lag you can claim the trophy a bunch and it gives you like forty thousand yeah i know um sometimes that works if it actually does clean but sometimes it doesn’t i know that’s happened to people at times just keeps giving you credit for the harvest over and over funny enough it doesn’t show up in your like latest harvests over and over it just there’s one animal but it gives you the cash like unlimited times oh you’re cruising multiplayer okay diamond axis for me yet just a level nine red deer 253 well that’s not too bad that rack b perfect yeah this uh oh there’s more over there this four there’s a couple of fours that i saw that i really liked and i didn’t kill the one because there was a five there but some of them actually looked really good wandering in from that side i mean maybe i should have waited but i don’t know yeah this is a good looking one brow tines might have a little mush mass but looks good all right uh price thanks for the super chat man best lake to hunt axis deer i would go to this one right here we shot three diamonds there today which is a little much but you know sometimes the luck goes that way had that and got 700k how many times did you hit a confirmed trophy dude must have been quite a few okay now i know i used to get access to you here could be that the tent’s a little bit too close and a zone right there not oh yeah they’re over there it’s gonna say we’re not too close to that one they might be sort of down over the hill or there’s just one we’ll just run over there and try to find out i went from level 48 to 59 like that mashed mashed in a line and it finally took and claimed it upwards of like 100 times was that weird to like jump levels like that and get all the skill points and stuff that would have been kind of a weird way to level i think looks like this guy is very much on his own i had like two herds of them here recently wait what’s this maybe there are more there’s at least one there it’s actually not too bad it’s gonna go down over before i can get a shot but we’ll try to get them coming up the

other side there maybe love your videos been watching a bunch of them they’re very helpful that’s good to hear man i’m glad they’ve been helpful for you what are you doing stop that okay uh making my life difficult yeah didn’t time that right that’ll work the echo’s almost like overdone in a way i mean i kind of like it we’re like down in this bowl here where you’d probably almost hear it like that but i feel like that’s done no matter where you are uh danny thanks for the super chat and the gg sticker i don’t think i’ve seen that one before appreciate you man all right so we actually covered ground a lot more quickly than i thought we would so we might go back wait a minute that’s a high ball that isn’t the one we had seen might as well take that too but we might go back down to like this main center lake here and go up to the north end just because there weren’t any at the south end i kind of wonder if there may be some hanging out on the northern part of it no have eye guards gonna get poked in the eye i found my first european bison today and it was a level five but three points short of diamond i was just thinking kind of recently actually i don’t know why i’ve seen very few troll uh level five european bisons that’s kind of unfortunate man hopefully you can find another the echo is scary on the hershfield map is it oh yeah he is missing the night guard this one’s just like a i don’t know completely different one side of the other but this one’s like a much straighter beam i also hit him in the skull i think and oof that all right let’s go see what’s going on at the north end of this lake they should add feeders i feel like the way zones are and stuff that probably makes it a little bit too easy i don’t think that’s necessary see what we can discover up on this end here have you got the track yet the track axis tier we’ve killed five diamonds so far which is absurd but ken just is what it is when it comes to them right now uh vulture thanks for the super chat dude really appreciate it how’s it going man uh what did i miss how many axes do your diamonds you got you probably just heard me saying it but yeah we’re at five currently pretty much missed that in one big five bowl that we kept you plan on doing an ira hunting series this fall slash winter i do uh been filming for pretty much uh an entire week plus a bit by now did no geese could get diamond level four but i got one last week and got trolled by a level three mallard in the same day yeah i don’t know i don’t know wenge started making diamond at level four but i’ve seen a fair amount of that went to that lake and immediately saw five oh good stuff good deal what a big male bottom boy knows what’s up it’s been really tough for me lately finding diamonds i’ve been grinding all drink zones any recommendations i mean i would say you’re definitely doing it right if you’re kind of focusing on drink zones uh if you’re feeling burnt out on that maybe try multiplayer and just you know take a break from the non-stop trying to make sure you shoot every single uh animal that you’re after for the respawns but yeah i mean it sounds like you have the right idea how many rare diamonds do i have if you count the new system and the old system i think

five well i’ve got three pie ball diamond teal that i don’t count um i’ve got an albino diamond and a pie ball diamond whitetail an albino diamond mousse a melonistic diamond cutie an albino diamond’s water buffalo and i think that’s it like i said as long as you’re not counting the uh the teal which are lame hi brooke uh where are good canada goose zones there are no zones for canada geese they i specifically remember on a duck stream when the mallards were being introduced because geese came out first the devs said something like the ducks actually have zones unlike geese and they made it sound like at least that geese just kind of spawn near you on the map and then if you have your decoys set out and stuff there’s a chance they’ll break away from like if you ever see a flock of geese going by a lot of times you can’t spot them and that’s basically to prevent you from just shooting them you know anywhere whenever you want which the ducks probably should have that uh feature too but anyway uh yeah if you have the decoys down they can break away from that and actually be huntable and shootable but yeah they don’t have zones that’s kind of weird i don’t know why that axis deer isn’t the least bit afraid of that boom behind him but go figure red deers what’s the best map to get i mean silverage peaks is definitely a good dlc map um is good rahunga is definitely a good one yeah i mean it depends on what you’re really most interested in i would definitely say uh still bridge peaks is my favorite dlc map though just get that guy super quick what is the map where you have glitched animals what do you mean by that i’m not sure what you mean just got a 235.9 access to your nice man it’s pretty dang good sizable the deer and puma are friends they must be it’s the only explanation just killed a piebald four axis deer we had one of those right at the beginning it was a pretty good size that’s cool man oh yeah the yukon uh there’s a good one because of the 300 i didn’t think of that the 300 coming with the yukon makes it very much worth it the map’s good too um i feel like it got stale for me pretty quickly actually i don’t know if it’s because like there’s actually so much water or why yukon didn’t you know keep my attention for longer than it did because it was kind of the map i always wanted in a lot of ways i i’m not sure what about it just didn’t quite work clayton has bugged ducks how are they bugged i’m hearing about uh certain things that i’m not aware of apparently all right one last lake to access your drink down here i think just red deer do we didn’t go here if nothing else we’ll see red deer let’s see are the moose fixed i saw nothing in the patch notes about uh moose being fixed i don’t know but i don’t think so maybe we’re oh yeah it’s gonna say maybe we’re not gonna see red deer but a couple of actually good sized ones i don’t recall ever really having access to your drinking in this area but i thought we’d give it a shot anyway because it does feel like things got shifted around a bit there’s some areas where i would expect to see more access deer than we definitely did but is a in general kind of similar to what it’s always been almost missed everything what’s up can it done you did in fact miss uh all five of the diamond axes tier but i’m sure that’s not too big a surprise

what’s going on with him being attentive i really feel like i’m wearing a backpack but pretty darn sure i’m not i know there’s only 20 units available in my inventory oh missed the neck probably should have got closer or at a better angle okay so how about we go to one more lake because that didn’t pan out uh could go here that’s the spot i actually wanted to check and forgot about econ didn’t have enough new species wolves are cool but not enough to keep a long attention span yeah i would pretty much agree with that why is the those doors keep creeping me out it’s weird i still think doll sheep could be a thing on yukon by the way if they just restricted them to like the mountains like in the far north area then again if they did have drink stones that would cause some issues because there’s like two legs for them to drink at and kind of just get all your diamonds there just get that guy super quick just in case there’s nothing else here got five myself just a bit too easy yeah it it might just be so three i mean if any deer that are down there are going to spook that way we can just continue down across and try to spot them mythical puma i guess we’ll just get the access to your sentence and access to your stream where should i go goose hunting i have a goose guide on my channel if you want to check that out i think it’s got some pretty good locations so one bonus axis deer for the end here should i go for who’s deer or to serve veg i would definitely go to starbedge i just feel like the way the game works you don’t get enough reward out of calling animals anyway i think you’re best off being able to run around and track and spot them at a distance so i’d go that way did get two of the longbow yeah i took one with a longbow and was just like i really thought i messed it up because i already messed up the first shot and the second one he wasn’t dying like at all leaving no track so i had no clue that i got a vital hit but it’s a little underpowered with those 350s anyway we got a couple of minutes we’re gonna head back to the trophy lodge and to my knowledge the uh trophy manager is entirely bugged so it’s gonna look like we didn’t taxtimize our access to here but we did what’s up manzy it has been a while just shot a level one axis dude that’s the true trophy man all right i think the play is we’re just gonna replace the legacy access to your now because they’re just they don’t hold up they’re just too small they don’t look good enough um i think we ran by one take this guy down and yeah so i i can’t figure out what it’s trying to sort by here but i know towards the bottom is our october stuff uh let’s do let’s do the smallest one the fact that 220s was the lowest we got it’s kind of insane that really dwarfs the black buck now i kind of think that’s just not gonna look good we’re gonna do two access to your here we’ll do the two like 223s that way we have a dark in here too most of those poses have an antler through the wall that one kind of works all right then uh where even is oh it’s in here so um there’s not much point hiding it since we killed five already today i did have one earlier which was also a diamond dark 229 but uh let’s do get rid of that let’s put the i don’t know the biggest guy here honestly that makes the elk look small but i guess that’s kind of realistic that size is probably pretty appropriate anyway i don’t know i might want to put like a

cape buffalo or something in there i could swap them around but i’m not going to do much of that right now we’ll go i think down at this side dolls and or stone sheeps would don’t you fit there and yeah i mean i liked these a lot but again they just don’t hold up we’ll get more access to you to replace them more rares and stuff eventually okay uh we only have the one rare one we’ll do both diamonds i guess they the same score might actually go with that but that was 0.42 what did this one say yeah exact same score go figure all right that doesn’t look too bad i think try to get some variety in here and we got the pie bold which will replace our pie ball from last week you should be an interior decorator lodge looks a little ocd arranged it totally is dude i try to like balance everything this goose like annoys me that i don’t have another one on the other side it’s got to be balanced or it’ll bother me all right new piebald i mean that’s pretty appropriate size when you compare to a whitetail i think it’s pretty dang good so i have to get a trek albino gold one of these days hopefully to go on that side and i think i don’t know there’s more small plaques somewhere there’s these two but we have the oh there’s the black book what am i gonna do with that geez uh i have no idea this will work for now black book that’s not him see everything being that order i don’t have a clue when i shot it just gonna keep scrolling to i see diamond on the new system you should be looking for like 49 or 50 not seeing it i really should have looked at the date before i took it down but i didn’t consider the fact that this stuff was all wonky there he is i was thinking of the weight not the score luckily we got that i’m going to get some of these ducks out of the way anyway there was the other mallard two get that one taken down and put that up where is that pose time to start a new lodge nah i’ve put too many hours into this one to start a new one trying to get pretty much everything as long as it looks good like with the the old legacies like the mule deer which they don’t look great but at least the size is still comparable to what they used to um i think it’s good but for the axes dude they just they’re not good enough like you compared that which was a pretty darn good size gold with that there’s really just no comparison gonna have to come down for the legacies but yeah uh i don’t know what to think about there being so many diamonds but as far as uh you know time put in to get the legacies at least we quickly got them replaced with some new better looking ones so there’s that at least but uh i think that is gonna do for the stream i think we’re going to wrap it up with five diamond axis and one pie ball added to the lodge and a little bit of uh redo and stuff but yeah as always thanks for hanging out um there was a huge turnout today it was really cool to see everybody here hopefully you guys enjoyed and