Let's Play ICY: Journey to The White Wasteland – Icy Apocalypse – Part 1 (Gameplay)

payee everybody welcome to Falcon plays I see journey to the white wasteland this right here is gonna be a treat I’ve been keeping an eye on his game for I wanna see almost two months now just keeping up to date with the development blog themselves to press releases and I finally got the copy of the game here today which is thirsty this video should be coming out on Friday wanna stay in the game itself will be released on Steam on Monday the 27th July by have made it here correct now was I see you’re probably wondering at a very good question if you are familiar with the channel itself you probably know nothing really brings joy to thousands hard to display in post-apocalyptic games that’s what I see in tales I think I’ll be setting where civilization the you know what today just came to a screeching halt because the distance same weather climate change they completely froze everything over thats were I see kinda takes place all dole quite a bit of time removed from that so you can imagine civilization is just about extinct is only a few people left over tribes here and they’re bad people good people just trying to get by by whatever means necessary the gameplay itself kinda place at least some teen Adam Neil scavenger in if you’re familiar with channel again you would know that you know it’s one of my favorite games they played in a bomb showing off an agenda beforehand has all the elements and Neil scavenger is also elements about God’s will be watching because there is a bit of a group dynamic you not over here rolling solo although you probably will have the option online but initially with your bbm tailing is gonna be a group dynamic it’s up to you too can have make the right choices to lead his people to a better place and there’s a really story a big story emphasis in IC there’s also a mod replayed to the survival tab game we’re kinda bomb removes all the story elements from the game am really excited about that because a lot again should really encompassed at No Sunday’s his focus on story but on that the story is really really good relief mature there’s a lotta bomb touchy subjects here in there so just keep in mind that it’s a series game in that regard but it’s also really fun to play and also free to make the choices right up to bed have a choice having a making a meal male or female character doesn’t really matter which one and he’s in a really affect much but you have seven points over here distributed Danny Obama would see the stats for your body represents the overall fitness at the character it affects the overall HP how much we can be carried is useful in different situations where a strong agile body is required to survive that’s really good we have mine represents how smart coming in clever the character is it affects the experience gained it is useful in any situation where a quick mind and a difference and wheels leftward represents a charisma in the social attitude of the character in affect the relationship with the party and is used when any situation where a strong personality is needed so I E still again I’m really need the game s even released his yet so I’m not entirely sure what would be like the Mean Max intact the way over here but against this kind of more be survival game it’s more fun for you come up with your own build sold normally like to roll with initially is something like really strong in charismatic some to meet this guy like a really big dumb ox but is a very big dumbass who happens to be charismatic some thinking body maybe up to 85 and then will pump Charice ok deal the word charisma up to four obviously only one mine so I’m not sure exactly how great it is to be said to be here based on this but again I hadn’t really Spears a game beyond 20 minutes so I’m not really sure how this is going to impact down the line but I like this now over here these are gonna be different easy you can actually focus on to you helped the overall events that are gonna be coming down the line yes forty experience with a Taser on over here and again as this are here mentioned you will actually acquire experience in games he has all been RPG type a mechanic in their wearer the more you survived a Mormon to get through you will kinda keenly more experience to pump the stats are the skills back up a little bit as well I’m a start off with however bowl just because I feel that you know in the post apocalyptic scenario firearms to be kinda scares and maybe bosie kinda may go be a little more useful something we upgrade is badly media up to four again every single level the pump into this will require a bit more experience some sort of a 14 hour 34 by bringing Bowl up to four males come over here in scavenging obvious season be really i do. important have to imagine the skill exploring ruined building searching for anything useful so obviously the hired a skill is probably the mornings will find which is going to be really important something can we go up to you more if not five will do for right now we’re kinda wait out here a little bit now hunting the skill finding praising hunting them down to decrease the chance of getting in trouble while hunting allows the player to use better tactics deal with animals again scavenging actually hunting game will be really ideal something to search this has to be pretty important is also into an addict is up to the kids 4 Rd now exploration the skill travel in exploring unknown lands improves the overall traveling steven is useful in many different situations to find a better way to reach a certain place sounds really i do. as well maybe like at the Rio on this one for now stellt basically avoiding detection beans safe I’m gonna say maybe a 30 now as well I’ve not even higher we’ll see medicine sounds really important to me but I also wanna get speech crap intimidation up

just so what speech grab you can actually no ticket manager water for level 1 were here something in speech path should be even five and reason why I’m doing this because d better you are communicating and and I have a higher speech Cresskill I believe that opens up more paths in terms about interacting with your party members to keep the morale up in also when certain events come up we could probably talk yourself out of situations this would be pretty useful so we’re up to like a five min out one intimidation now this was a little bit different the school using violence and threats to persuade others in a lot a lot a spare special dialogue options for this kind of almost compliments Beechcraft little bit so what’s going you know what was his task the last few points we have in to that still this may be the spread I can I can tell you sonya great spread or not it looks decent to me but we’ll see how it goes out some bertie you’re good to go I guess you to pick a portrait from a character here let’s see would when we have three only okay by the way the art in his game fantastic the music amazing in the scheme as like everything that I like in the game it’s a scratching at little special place in Falcons hired now that I really want to scratch my heartbeat away me I guess I’ll go with this young stunning individual be here let’s go forward now very story heavy soul expect to sit back relax have a good time makes use a little a couple Coco or maybe something called is kinda hot right now but anyway it has been two years since you lost your memory in a freak snow side incident your savior debt they are now you’re nomad Stanley today’s the day just like any other you are out hunting in the forest which a companion to friend Rome you wake up in the woods surrounded by the snow in ancient trees a cold wind is blowing on your face and you suddenly feel your arms and your legs are chilled to the bone you feel a gentle touch in your shoulder it’s Jerome that woke you up the BBQ set up two hours ago finally lowered the beast wake up we have some pray inside he smiles at you and keeps carton come on don’t be lazy with the fuck up he’s still puking peers in the white blowing snow dazzles you but you still manage to get on your feet deal man is watching you with a friendly smile just waiting for your brain to start working again properly I guess he looks kinda Bowl nothing really to hold it and has a good Hugh Jackman settlement to an end can you really put in a deluge Ackman I don’t think you can view Jackman is like you know forever young anyway we have the option to return again the higher speech have you actually open up more options over here Serena Williams 3 displayed by the way that the two reapportion the game which I normally skip in games in just jump right into the game but the tutorial actually does a great part in terms of introducing the characters and it seems we’re doing a story mode it’s really ideal to keep in this video soon as he picks up on so let’s see here we have three options give me a second just give me a sec I can barely feel my legs what’s up or whether they come why did I come so let’s go ahead and see what’s up look at the Majestic deer today maybe our lucky day I so you’re damn right let’s we freed we’ll see so let’s see who else is all you’re damn right I agree my friend it’s been months since the last time waits and ear let’s get ready what’s do it dear gets closer learned by the baby play some hours ago it’s a truly majestic BZ could provide food for several days now you have two options the alleged room shield where you should be yourself says I feel we are relatively easy at least I pumped bows for a reason must take the shot ourselves John smiles at you and always has Bo it’s all yours but if you miss I may shed some not so manly tears all I think I didn’t mince you saw the dryer ball playing the ball directly at the deer’s head you stop reading for some seconds as the laser aim then you shoot it’s a perfect shot in the dear falls in the snow with muscle sound nice fucking had shot his seat that’s why I want you to come with me let’s go grab for dinner drawn start stocking for walking towards the tears car kits you closer to the deer the majestic beast is dead in with my food provide ease the food to your family was Gardiner home looks up at the Sun it’s not even noon Hector will have something else for us to do you can be sure that you tell your to a strong poor and you can add back to camp Jerome keeps talking for all the trip still a little excited Georgia bringing back this were here introduces to the world map itself now obviously you’re on party or yourself will be indicative is like on over here and most times when you have again a goal or pleasing you to go to it will be indicative missile pin over year am we avoid messing around with these things here for now I will actually talk more about them as we go along here but just give you a little small under said he isn’t your inventory system which you can actually a good stuff to yourself and I think we should do that was going to put our park on over here much a website instantly equipping you start off but hey will put a gun over here party year now the crowbar can be used as a weapon but I’m gonna hold off for now because I rather use it more as a tool and that’s all we have written down to rate we’ll set a few dynamite saddam Mahtab in maybe some but is a smoke grenade night sorry to get so we have that his detriment to rate here over here will tiller diary which actually she was similar active quest and also are complete a quest and then this will be here actually tells about her party members again you will be controlling big number of people down the line it’s up to you keep them alive and keep them healthy et cetera

its cetera over here you can zoom in on your map as well beside him as an option right now this will tell you I’m your rations and everything you have sorry now we have to medicine 25 food 6 deal which I’m not entirely sure what that’s for just yet maybe a start fires and you have an ammunition as well our rates right now we want to go back to campus anonymity year and developing gone so you are free to our just leave their looked yeah apparently close enough made me change course there for a second lol you’re moving through the map you will be taking down times is when it’s really something he doesn’t actually work but once we get added to real story introduction all that will actually start taking place you able to see the tens if your camp from a distance he followed around the wrist and didn’t drop due to the ground well we’re going to eat fucking deer for dinner John smiles and put his hand on your shoulder well well well suddenly koran appears behind you you brought back a week’s worth the food Garan where the others you C Hector coming out his tent he doesn’t seem to be too well do hunting snout to be here you’re much she can simply stand doing nothing Samithi choices will be here sources apparently had indicated he’s sick the say hey look sexy and 9 I’m fine Hector casa couple more times for speeding and it’s just a cold it would kill me maybe a little bit of foreshadowing rent well thus the reason gonna chop it up into pieces what had started maybe we’ll have time for another run let me do that I’m stuck here anyway my ankle still hurts and it better not walk around go for another run try to get as much food as possible there’s a long road ahead and I don’t want a lot I don’t want to lose time every fucking day hunting one stock up on some food now a weekend John what’s up the Sun we have time so I guess we to go for another run I so I’m ready dog just don’t fall asleep this time I’m the old one I’m the one allowed iran ima go to sleep yet you got drowned come on let’s go you take the lead this time exons we go back to the fore severe huntress down some more food again this is ok I just teaching you the basics go along over here but it can have a really big impact in story tutorial hint so this’ll give you need yes when you can hunt basically whenever you’re near eighty actually have game around this review will light up no tell you know when you can actually hunt here so once you’re hunting this all not when you hunt is on to be completely automated as we saw just in the first portion once you go into hunting you have a few options and is gonna be depending on your stats and everything like that and also the time so for instance you’re in a dark area the forest where the vegetation blocks most the sunlight yep three options right now what happens two hours four hours in six hours and as you can see two hours is gonna have a really high risk attached to it end and for you know like a little bit over halfway and 6b probably at least says we’re going to the tutorial fees are now I don’t use it really bothers too much listening to leave for our one ol shit but I was wrong on this didn’t happen the first time it took it for a spin a small pack a wall surround you an attack your group now this’ll be things from you we should you’ll be seeing a lot of when you actually playing the game outside the door just random events that happen and you can have to deal with them in different ways sorry now we have use bow and arrow secure the walls is that gonna be a 12 percent chance of success absolutely not randomized my friend based on your Scion stats and skills use guns to kill the Wolves we do have guns but they did focus on both a bit more n and we have drop some food in the ground and run away I’m not entirely sure we should be fighting wars the list take it out for a spin your we use our bow and arrows to kill you successfully killed the walls thank God now that sometimes not it bill something will sometimes followed that event Sunil you see a walk charging a companion appears unaware of the danger so you have a few options now usable nearly should the walls down use your gun to shoot a beast down or run to push a pain and the walls reach so we have a few options here amigo in distrust my a multi-year the air lands the targeted waterfalls dead on a groundout then gotta be at sixteen food and eventually that’ll actually to give you more food but if it fails you can imagine you will take some damage or whoever is in danger and you probably won’t reap the rewards as much as possible we got 16 food at a disco excursion and we also have some wall for over here which you can den use for some other crafting a line which I egg and have not all markets yet so let’s go forward alrighty so go back to camp perfect so now we don’t agree with the hunting tutorial in a sense we’ll come back over here meet some more of the survivors and the shits soon enough actually trigger something for us finally I need some rest you take a glance at the camp two campaigns are talking and taking here dinner it seems everyone came back and safety go run approaches you so how did it go not too bad come near the fire dinner’s almost ready you need it for tomorrow Hector seems to be eager to move as soon as possible in the morning you take your seat near the fire while the others creature herma go runs wife start looking sides getting plates have cooked meat to the group Sarmad Sindhi Korans life really important for you to remember names and I’m who is who just for later on purposes but so be thankful to our hunters for the mead were about to meet Hector concept for speaking I’m not sure about taxes looking to get their man we tell us where we’re headed not far from your tomorrow we’ll go scavenging in a town nearby I hope to find something useful for upcoming travels

no I mean where we going to end up after the long run where we spend the winter we will travel sounds far from any common route we must get away from the plane sector cost again the planes are becoming dangerous and I’m not talking about all the band activity there are rumors about more and more red horseman swarming around here what does it mean I’m tired of traveling without a purpose we have always stayed in the plane’s why should be travel to unknown Lance don’t worry it’s all snow in Co just like here you don’t miss anything special yes my tats I don’t care what we do with the planes have become the dangers we should probably leave I would put my children here is we had a reason in traveling away from any known route is a huge risk especially when the only thing we know is they were going south sunny she does have a point you know i me we would like to know a bit more so now we have few options here in this maybe business thank you we have a pretty high speech press we have a few things that he actually go here does it really matter it would help to know more that should be enough I agree Hector failed never failed us and say nothing so a seat it would help to know more I had to give her credit for that there’s no need to worry about that were already been sounded weird Rome looks at you and you should remember that it’s where we found remember we’re found by these people abroad a sin and made as part of her family here still in analysts see here say we and n1 will keep walking will spend the winter there exactly it will be a hard winter we have to spend it walking on the mantle I don’t wanna do that I have two children picture seems quite annoyed i reset the plane to becoming dangers you don’t wanna read horseman claim to attackers in sleeper survivors do you it’s been better to you it’s better to walk in a mantle for the entire winter then face them the sooner we run away the safer will be ID soul I mean that he has a point me at the Red Horse mean are allegedly coming at the bishop really good at a year so we have no other choice yes but I’m confident we will be able to survive and maybe find a better place where to live I’m getting too old to walk all day anyway you not the only one but I’m clearly in better shape than you I can keep living this life for years to come and I the only one with the working bring around here will be running into the unknown already and was still in bed and Ayn Rand yet because no one ever got killed because he didn’t know what he was about to go space do as you like but I already know to all regret this for MacOS insider 10 before giving anyone a chance to see anything hoof I anyway a top-two primary to defeat in the endorsement scares me even more she wonder stand the bench Hector castle before replying I hope so I don’t discuss has ever again nothing important happens are interested the evening you eventually go to bed to prepare yourself for the next day you wake up in the morning here some voices outside hectoring the others are preparing the plan for today okay people now we will spread into pairs in search for anything useful in that small town over there is specially be on the lookout for any tools Journal stay here with the children guard our staff meeting happens you scream I will go with Jerome Garan you go and Mark pic returns to you and you will go with Demetra help it will be a waste a time goran puts on his backpack I’m tired it’s the only empty buildings thus ask about the area I’m and blowin shit it’s a little ancient ounces lotta buildings I hope to find something to scavenge something left behind and see what the family needs tools anything we can sell or use but I won’t complain AB bring back an assault rifle ID was the part Demetra not at you I’ll follow your lead so the same row rolling with Demetra suppose your own in this is our next objective over here so again we’re going to the tutorial fees right now so definitely once the right here will be giving free roam as to what to do so that tells about scavenging itself and scavenging you’ll be able to do in big locations while hunting you’ll be able to look in stores and things like that you find a small town now over here we have a few options again two hours kinda high risk for hours lot less in six hours completely decrease just about was good for you find a store but it’s completely locked down try to pick the old buildings locks we do have a long pic we’ll see how to blow up the secondary door or just sleep let’s try ah-hah I use this one off camera monitor the sound Sony go at this when CNN actually affect anything he successfully blow up the door and you’re able to explore the building a companion yours is about to fall off a cliff a clip yet to act quickly so quickly run to see her companion or carefully Tracy to convince you have two options all your base are skills in the items that we might have erred %ah on it at the moment so a messy quickly run because again are doing is relatively I’m athletic rape you made to see her companion grade we got seven medicine from this location no food to fuel no bullets and wheels have a frying pan toy truck maybe a toy train anyway and other lot be great we’ll take everything and go back to the psalm go back before sunset excellence that went relatively well in at some ride we should be hitting I’m touchy to rain pretty soon after a couple hours Metairie see others at the campgrounds party from a distance increasing by raising his hand you can see the sense in the space what’s going on this is not easy to say

ground XD bread Hector is badly sick he passed out a few hours ago and he’s now is 10 barely able to breed hoof will he survive the situation is desperate we have no medicine to cure it is kinda citizenry’s pretty bad now you see Joan coming out of factors tend his face painted with suffering as far as you know he an actor had been good launched a friends for a long time people gather around hackers tend to smart finally asked about him how is it it’s a moment arm a considerate and it’s over we can do anything holy fuck why did he say a thing about his health you know Hector he wanted us to get away from the plains and he won anything to stop us go on C silent for a few moments many races head its peace again I will prepare for the body for the funeral you go and take a break peoples gather around withdrawn comes near you in size again you two are now alone I’m at Hector more than twenty years ago and yet he said nothing not to anyone not to me he just died leaving a mess behind tomorrow we need to vote for a new leader and it will be a mess everyone will discuss a better mobile go crazy again screaming and threatening people so im peter is here we’ll get through this seems like the idea one we will as we always do but it won’t be easy rough times are ahead of us I need to be alone can even go ron is finished with her fire Jerome walks away and sits not far from the camp after some time your call by the metre everything is ready for the funeral all the people gather around a big sack of wood after making sure that everyone has their grunt rosalynn torch end up higher which slowly starts to burn shredding hackers body in the dancing a bright flames john is a sad face and says nothing he just stands in from the pyre and stays there after everyone else is gone you’re tired you perceive your tent hoping to get a decent nights sleep by a terrible scream wakes you up in the middle of the night you see strange lights com through the fabric a beer tent hear the noise and Clark something the ground several guns firing as well you are under attack and I think this is the perfect opportunity for us rapid the very first episode right hopefully eventually becomes doubly like to support really does mean a lot and I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am expect next episode on I’m missing two morrow right after this one tomorrow because I’m enjoying I wanna shop as much as possible a vid sold steeton excess episode leave a thumbs-up to support really does not I will catch you next time