GRWM + Life Chat: Cheap Wigs, Deep Thoughts, and Stray Hairs

– Hi my name is Anna and I’m a hot mess Hey everybody, today’s video is completely unplanned, I was gonna put a haul up today and I filmed a haul and I was really ready to share it, but then when I went to go check and see, you know, the links for the items, nothing was available, in fact this is happening to me a lot right now, where I will purchase things for a haul and they’ll just like sell out, I guess everyone’s just shopping their stress away So I’m like, okay, well if I put that up people are gonna be angry that you can’t buy anything from it, so I was like, what am I doing today that I could film that might be interesting? And I was like well, my friend Courtney is doing this amazing mermaid challenge and I promised I would give her a mermaid post because I like to support people that I love and I love Courtney So my plans for today were to create this like, avant-garde, high fashion mermaid with whatever I can find in my little fashion closet, I actually already kind of have that planned out, and as part of it I obviously had to do makeup and put on a wig And I was like well, maybe I’ll just film this process and it might be a hot mess and it might be amazing, but like, we’re here together So I did put a base on, except for this like little stubborn butt head right there will not allow itself to be hidden, it wants the world to know that I have had a stressed week and ladies and gentlemen I have, and now you know because this little mother came out to play Today we’re gonna be primarily using a new palette, which is also kind of fun, I just got this in the mail, I bought this myself, it’s the Naked Urban Decay Ultraviolet Why are we using this palette? Because it’s got this really pretty mint shade for this look I’ve not tried at all, I’ve not clue what I’m doing, let’s preface this, this is not a tutorial, this is literally my hot mess makeup that you’re gonna watch me do I wanted to use this palette because I wanna use this mint, I wanna do like a pastel variation of how Ariel’s makeup’s typically done, which is like a green on the lid and a purple in the crease, which when you say it, sounds awful And I just wanna have a little side rant here, Ariel’s hair is the worst hair of any Disney princess, I just, I feel like people need to know this and nobody’s like hmm you know what I want? I want a candy apple red hair color, it’s just so beautiful No, nobody wants that, real redheads don’t look like that, so I hate her hair, so instead I’m making her hair pink ‘Cause I feel like maybe that’s what it was, Ariel was a little rebellious and so she had a little bit of like a sassier hue, but it wasn’t like this terrible red color that I do not like at all So I’m regaining her hair color, just a little bit, just a little bit, please give me that artistic license And I’m kind of tinting everything on the pastel end as well just to kind of fall into this high-end Ariel look, it’s really more inspired by, I’m not gonna look like a mermaid, like, let’s be real here But I’m gonna make it work, I’m gonna make it work So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m actually gonna like, add some white around this area because I think I’m gonna, I don’t know, actually I don’t know what I’m gonna do I’m wanna just, let me just start with the eyes, I think I should just start with the eyes So I’m gonna open up this palette, which I’ve been like looking for an excuse to open it and I said you can only open it until it’s on camera, this is how I justify buying stuff, it’s really pretty, it’s very sparkly, and the color that I’m excited about is this lucid color, which is this lovely mint Now because it is so light, I know that I’m gonna have to put white down otherwise it’s just gonna get lost So I’m gonna start doing the crease in all of these crazy purples to get like a really popping crease and then go in here with that lucid color I also think I’m gonna need some other greens from another palette, but we’ll get there, we’ll get there together First, eye primer So I’m just gonna rub that in, while that’s setting I’m gonna do some brows Do I have a reddish, pinkish brow? No I do not, I’m gonna just do this like warm auburn and it’s called moneda, what a terrible name Go do my brow right now I never can get my eyebrows to look like both good You get one, you get one eyebrow I feel like I’m having a “Babe” moment with these eyebrows, which is remember how like the owner’s like “That’ll do pig, that’ll do”, that’s how I feel Also, I don’t view that as a negative term on myself, I’m not attacking myself by saying that, I just, I always think of “Babe” when I am gonna just accept something, that’ll do So because I’m lazy and I don’t wanna dig for a brush I’m just gonna use the brushes that are in here, which may or may not be a smart decision, but we’re gonna play around with it,

we’re gonna make it happen And I’m gonna start really with this warning, I’m gonna start with a warning to all of you, why are you watching this? Start with a warning, just go at it Okay straight up, I hate when I have a hair on my face, I hate it so much! This is exactly what, oh god it’s there, where are you, I can feel it, I can feel it on my face, but I can’t see it, oh you devil hair Where are you? I’ma find you, I’ma take you out Now, this is actually kind of the intensity I want, I don’t want an extereme, it’s like pastel, I’m really thinking light here so, this is actually perfect Now there’s this color next to it called optimize which is like a lily lavendar and this is a little pink, right, it doesn’t look purple and I really wanna be true to that like purple mint green vibe, sorry that’s not my vibe at all, but it is for the shoot because we are pastel regal Ariel So I’m just gonna try and take that over and see if it makes it a little bit more purple and less pink Yeah so now you can already see that this already has like more of a like, princessy purple to it, than the other side So I’m just gonna go over, repeat I’m just using the same brush I used for the pink And I’m really just going ham It’s kind of, I’m like resisting the urge to go full on fantasy makeup here, because I think when people do mermaids, like, that is the urge, is like full fantasy where it’s like scales up here, I’ve done it, I’ve 100% done it, where you do like the scales here and around the cheekbone I’m gonna do straight up glam high fashion, like we are not, we are not gonna go there, though I do want to go there, like I’m sitting here going oh these pretty purples, we could contor, no we are not contouring in a color today Just want you to know that I do want to do that, maybe I will do it in the future These colors are working really well, I really like the pigmentation on them, I’m gonna go a little bit darker So I’m gonna go with this euphoric color, I like it ’cause it’s more blue, we’re trending a little pink here and I wanna just bring it from the corner in, giving us a little bit more like, definition, right? ‘Cause I like eyes that are defined, and I’m gonna go right here and I’m gonna stab it a little bit and then blend Oh my gosh, like the color, once we add that blue kind of color to it, do you see how it just deepens this purpley pink color in such a magical way? And I love that these colors are just so nice and the cool thing is because they’re so light I can just literally just blend them in so it’s almost like my eyeshadow just disappears out, oh, which I kind of really like, that vibe it’s giving Now what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna take this end, but first I’m gonna put some of this Morphe white stuff in, now I have to work fast on this, I’m gonna be real, when I film stuff for TikToks I always cheat the system, I put some on and then I immediately go in with the color and the reason I do that is ’cause my eyes, because they are a little hooded or whatever, it gets all the way up in there and it’s a hot mess, so I’ve gotta go right as soon as I put it So I take the white and I’m just gonna put it right here, then I’m gonna keep that eye completely closed, go in with that lucid color that I’m obsessed with Try to move to fast, try and move fast, starting to go up into that creasey area, this looks a little hot mess, don’t worry I’m gonna fix it, I just haven’t fixed it yet Oh I love how bright that is, it’s a lot brighter and I love actually, it coming down here Okay I don’t hate that, I actually really love this color Oo, she cute So now I definitely need to add some like darker green notes into this, it’s just too, it’s too pastel, so I have this Violet Voss Essentials palette and I’m really gonna just use this emerald color here and what I’m gonna do is take the same brush I used for the lucid and I’m gonna mix it into the emerald a little bit I’m getting like a kind of subdued version of that green Oo see that’s perfect, that is absolutely, exactly what I wanted Your girl is obsessed, your girl is obsessed, your girl is obsessed with what is happening to her eyes So I’m gonna take a brush and just take the lucid and just make sure we’re blending here

So now I’m gonna do a little cleanup and see where we’re at and see where I wanna go from here Here’s what I’m liking, I’m liking the color payout on both of these sides, I really like the little mermaidish vibe, it feels good, but it doesn’t feel over the top Again, trying to avoid that fantasy vibe It’s kinda cute though, it’s kind of fun Okay so I’ve cleaned up a little bit under the eye, I feel like this still feels a little, there we go Just need to get that purple to feel like it belongs a little bit and what I’m doing is I’m actually just taking this and blending it into the ends of the green, so now you can see it’s a little bit more seamless it’s almost like a, it’s almost like a, what you call it, a smoky eye Badda bing badda boop Now, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing now Yes I do, okay so now what I’m gonna do is clean up my foundation and do all of that stuff I’m using the Tom Ford 2.0 buff stick and I’m just gonna put a little bit more here underneath the eyes and rather than blend this out with a brush or anything else, I’m just gonna use my fingers People are always like, do your foundation after, I didn’t feel like it I like this foundation when my skin is a little bit dry and because I had a long hiking today, I’m a little dehydrated I need it, so I’m just going in here and trying to cover up my baddies This is café a latte, Nars creamy radiant concealer, just the little butt heads, the butt heads gots to go, the butt heads gots to go Who’s got a flawless face? Not me, but it looks kind of like it right now Kind of, ’cause I’m not a great makeup artist, I’m a mediocre one Getting myself some brushes to do some thangs So I’m gonna give myself a nice soft, soft look, which means I’m gonna use a mix of the satisfy blush and this x rated bleurgh blush, both of these are from Urban Decay as well So I’m gonna start with the pink And them I’m gonna do the same, but I’m gonna use this little slightly orange color which is satisfy, and that’s so it’s just a little bit more depth to the blush Now what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna set this with powder and there’s a powder that I love right now, I just started using it, it’s from Laura Mercier, it’s the translucent powder and I’m obsessed with it, like I hadn’t used it before, I know Seth Obrien uses it and loves it I got sent some, started using it and now I’m hooked So I’m just going in and powdering everything, you really need to do this with the type of foundation I use I used a stick foundation and stick foundations, they are not gonna hold as well if you don’t powder them, so I’m powdering my whole face I also want that really matte look, I wanna do this kind of almost old worldy cherubic Ariel thing in my mind, I don’t know if I’m actually going to achieve what I think I’m capable of, but I have some pretty cool ideas so I’m just trying to like, get there, somehow, like maybe So now you can see my face is a lot more matte, which is nice for what I wanna do Now I need to finish this, so you would think it’s done, it’s not Actually this little blend here, you need to blend a little better, girl, blend I need to put a little bit of this purple power underneath my eyelid, add some lashes, I think I’m gonna put on false lashes, I never do that, because I’m terrible at them, but I’m gonna use that euphoric purple and I’m gonna go underneath here Beautiful, now I’m gonna line it, instead of using a black liner, I’m gonna use a brown liner, still liquid I’m using this Joah, I’m so fly liner, it was sent to me, I don’t know where it came from, but it’s brown, so I’m using it I’m gonna go across the top and I’m just literally doing a line, I’m not doing like a wing out And then I’m gonna go right under the lower line as well just a little bit in Now I’m just gonna put some mascara on, I’m gonna use this Fenty Beauty, I’m not gonna do lashes, I just, I hate them, I hate lashes,

I know everybody loves them so much, but I hate them, I think they’re so much work, they feel uncomfortable, I don’t know why people like them, I’ve never understood why people like them, I never put them on and go, oh I feel so pretty, I don’t, I don’t feel pretty at all with lashes on, I feel like they are an unnecessary evil, so I’m not gonna put myself through it today ’cause I’m worth more than that today, so I’m just gonna put some fancy mascara on This Fenty Beauty, I think it’s called full frontal, is really good at getting big, big lashes with like, just what you got ♪ Open your heart to me ♪ that’s what’s in my head right now and I can’t figure out where, I think I watched a whole bunch of Gap commercials the other day and they were, that was in one of them Did you know Missy Elliot and Madonna used to rep Gap? I just, Gap had a time, man, where Gap was cool, now it’s where moms buy jeans on sale, ’cause we all know nobody buys anything full price at Gap and also like, why do they have so many outlets? And like, who’s clamoring for a Gap sweatsuit? Because every time I go into Gap outlet it’s just like whole bunch of Gap sweatsuits and I’m like, who’s this demographic, who’s like you know what I can’t wait to get the latest Gap sweatsuit I don’t know who that person is but they confuse me, they confuse me a lot Okay that’s actually starting to look gorg, uh obsessed So I’m gonna go in with this x rated which is that pink color a little bit more, I just really want that pink to be like so over the top There we go, okay, so now I’m gonna put my wig on, we’ll do my lips last, but first let me spray myself down Right now I’m using setting spray, but the past three days I’ve been spraying myself down with so much bug spray, it’s disgusting, my entire house smells like child’s bug spray that I bought and I can’t get rid of the smell, I can’t get rid of it I’m gonna put a wig on, this wig is a hot mess, it is a wig that I don’t think I’ve ever worn, I don’t know why I haven’t worn it, I’m sure I’ll remember why I haven’t worn it right when I put it on, ’cause that’s usually what happens What I’m doing right now is braiding my bangs back because they are terrible, and I’m gonna do one braid here, one braid here, one braid here, the rest I’ll lob into a ponytail, but they’re just difficult when putting on a wig a lot of the time, so, just take out the trouble Here’s a wig cap, I generally always feel like I’m sticking my head in a giant tube sock Here’s our beauty and when I say beauty, she’s gonna need some work, ’cause she’s rough, she’s rough, but she does have a little bit of that orange tint to it, but it’s more faded, more luxe I feel like this is closer to what I would want Ariel’s hair to look like, I hope in the movie they give that girl a decent wig and they don’t put her in like ultraviolet red, and for all of you out there who are watching this going like, I love Disney, I love the ultraviolet red, don’t lie to us, nobody needs those lies It was a weird time, people were making bold choices and that ugly hair color was just a bold choice I don’t know how much work I’m gonna need to make this look natural, I don’t know, we’ll just see together, just put it on So I need to pull it forward, it’s like tiny, my head is so big that often times these wigs like hurt ’cause I just have a big-ass head, okay? It’s not my fault that I was born this way, Lady Gaga told me I was on the right track This is the wig, she is, well she is a wig I think this is supposed to be centered, yep It’s honestly not as bad as I thought it would be, but it’s bad, it’s bad So I’m gonna go try to fix it a little bit I’ma not do this on camera ’cause it might involve tears and the eventual destruction of this wig, that’s also possible too, gimme a little bit, I’ma be back So this is the end result, I basically just re parted the hair to a side part and then straightened out the wig, it’s a little bit rough still, but I think it’ll look good in pictures and then I added this little sea urchin flower nod to Ariel and hopefully, hopefully it looks great in pictures I like it ’cause this is soft like pinkish reddish color which I think is much more in line with what I wish Ariel’s hair color looked like,

instead of that nasty bright red I can’t stop touching it, ’cause I’ve done so much work to get it to feel like this and this is a synthetic wig, guys, which is like the hardest thing in the world to work with, but I did it, I mean it worked ah! I’m proud of myself, this one was hard, this one was really freaking hard to fix Okay, now what I’m gonna do is lips So I’m gonna do a little trick for this one, the reality is, is I want like a want a really frosty lip, so I’m gonna take this Fenty color from last year, which is called starlet The color’s not right, I get it, so what I am gonna do is take, oh god, my favorite highlight, which is Master Chrome by Face Studio it’s a Maybelline product, it’s like cheap as hell, but I love this stuff, it’s an amazing highlight, every time I wear it, people ask me where I get it and it’s cheap So all I’m gonna do is dip my finger in here and go ham And I love a frosted lip This gives me want I want color wise and then what I do is I take a little bit of this jelly tube from Lancôme, hello 1990, still good guys, still good, back with a vengeance, and I’m just gonna go on here and give your girl some sheen Oh obsessed, I’m obsessed with how I look right now, I’m also kind of into this I think I just like that I have hair that covers the tattas I’ve always secretly wanted that So now what I’m gonna do is go put on my outfit and take pictures and if you wanna see how the whole thing turned out just go to my Instagram, ’cause I will have posted it today and ’cause it’s going up the same day I filmed all of this so yay So thank you so much for watching me turn myself into a pastel high glam Ariel Okay, so it’s not as high-end as I thought I would be, I have a lot of fun playing with this hair by the way, but I’m actually really proud with how it turned out, I think it looks a lot better than I thought it was gonna look, okay and didn’t plan this, so I didn’t know where it was going and it went somewhere kind of nice, so, yay So check out those photos, links to everything I used are linked down below, I hope you guys have an amazing rest of your day and let me know if you wanna see more videos like this, I’ll check you later and peace