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hi guys welcome back to the Talley style today I wanted to do a video for you that I’m hoping would be helpful and I I’m hoping one of my girlfriends are watching these videos this video because a lot of these gifts are going to be for my girlfriends even though I ordered new ones for them so because a lot of these are mine pallets but I wanted to do like a gift guide for your girlfriends for like beauty stuff really can tailor to two different personalities and you know different they’re different takes on makeup and me somebody might be really into makeup someone’s new at makeup kind of breaking it down that way for you so I know I’m rambling so I’m just gonna get started right away now you have to excuse me because for this purpose of this video I have a I five gifts I have some of them in these cute little Christmas bags gift bags and then I have one in a Christmas book tour a secret bag because I just didn’t have enough bags but for the purpose of the video i am gonna obviously get all new products for my girlfriends and package them up properly but let’s get started the first gift is going to be for the girl in your life that isn’t necessarily totally experienced in makeup but it’s starting to get her feet wet a little bit and you want to get her something nice but you don’t want to spend a ton of money because you know if you want to get her look something like a makeup palette like a naked palette she might just be like oh it’s fifty bucks but you know so what I’m suggesting is together this palette which is by Sephora and I show this in a recent haul it’s called the does I have a name I don’t think so the microscope collection now I’m gonna open this up this is my personal one and I know there’s a new one of my girlfriend’s this is $34 and it’s really really nice and you open it up and you’ve got tons of shadows you’ve got tons of shadows you’ve got bronzer you’re gonna blush and a beautiful highlight so I thought that that would be really really pretty it’s kind of like an all-in-one gift for a special girlfriend of yours and now I know the specific girl I’m giving this to she’s not that much into lipstick but she does like a bit of a lip gloss so I’m with Jes gifting her a couple of lip glosses and I’m gonna give her these two again new ones these are the Lauria color riche lip glosses these two particular colors this one is watermelon crush and this one is new touch so she could kind of wear one every day and one if she’s feeling a little fancy and I thought it would be really nice to give her like a primer now I’m gonna give her the NYX HD primer for her I you know I I primer I just stuck this one in there because I have the HD the NYX HD one another in another palette but this is a good one as well this is the Too Faced shadow insurance and then an eyeliner this is even one or two weeks you can give her this side or not I know an eyeliner like this one which is the Maybelline master drama it’s a really nice call it’s black it’s creamy it’s really good quality or you can give her one of these which is by Physicians Formula this is a cream gel liner and it’s a little set for brown eyes but what I like about this is that you’ve got like a bronzy color a gold color and then a black colored eye should be use of black for like a traditional eyeliner or she could use the gold right here which is really really pretty enough you can see that and the bronze for an eyeshadow base so it’s kind of like two and one really so I mean that’s what they look like let me see if I can swatch before you really really pretty colors and of course with all of my girlfriends for their gifts every single Christmas I always get them little sets like this from Bath and Body Works this is just the little bath and body lotion and a little spray so this again is for one of my girlfriends who doesn’t particularly know a whole lot about makeup and it’s just kind of likes makeup it doesn’t necessarily really invest in makeup I figured this is a good enough palette that I think it’s high-end which she’ll appreciate because she doesn’t really shop supporter of things like that so I didn’t want to really get her super expensive one if it doesn’t really make that much of a difference to her so I’m gonna give her that with a few other goodies and I think she would really really like it now the next gift set here it’s gonna be for one of my very best friends now she is a neutral girl she doesn’t really wear dark colors in her eyes or her lips and hardly ever wears any blush or bronzer but I wanted to get her palette that was good quality but I knew it would be colors she would wear so for her I chose to go with the Stila in the light palette I feel like this is a palette that is perfect for her it’s got all neutral colors apart from a couple of darker colors right here which this

isn’t too too dark it’s kind of like a purply purply purply purply grey color but I think that she’ll use it super super pretty it’s not too too dark and it’s not darker it’s not too dark for her so I think that’s really nice it also comes with an eyeliner so it’s great and I like the Stila eyeliners as well the smudge stick proof eyeliners are great so I might add something like this because I know it’s all colors that she will wear I didn’t want to get her to Naked palette because there’s too many dark colors I know she will not wear ever and when she came over at my place and I was wearing that I was putting my makeup on to go to a party and I wore it i po i makeup on in this palette she went ahead and used it as well and really liked it so I know that she’ll definitely appreciate this and this is about 37 dollars and I think it’s worth every single penny and I know that for a neutrals girl leads to right up her alley and it comes with a great eyeliner but then I thought I wanted to get her something that kind of like an eyeshadow base kind of thing so I decided to go with one of these Revlon this is called a Revlon a cream shadow a little quad here these are really fantastic and I never hear anyone talk about them but I think the quality is great I have a ton of different color it’s kind of different palettes but this one’s mine it’s used but it’s all cream shadows that she could let layer underneath you know any of these shadows right here and they’re all neutral they are all shadows I know she will use and they’re super super creamy I mean look at that super creamy and I just think that she’ll get a lot she’ll get use out of this one as opposed to get her like a few different color like pencils I think like that because she’s not she’s never had a cream eyeshadow base I felt like this was a good way to go uh also I’m getting her I am she’s gonna know exactly who this is for because of this mascara this is her all-time favorite mascara this is the Alma get up and grow mascara she absolutely loves this mascara hope you realize that this is for her but cuz if she watches this video this is gonna give it away that it’s for her but this is her favorite mascara so I’m getting her a new one of these it’s a great great mascara it gives you like I’m more of an amped up natural look to your lashes it’s not too crazy but it’s it’s it’s really really nice it’s one of my favorite month from the drugstore and I’m gonna give her the NYX HD primer because it’s a good primer and I know she already has it and really likes it so I’m gonna give her a new one of those and of course a bath and body little kit here I got her this one because I know she’s particularly particularly love the scent and this is the vanilla bean scent so it comes with a little lotion a body wash a lip gloss and a little tiny candle which is like right in the bottom of this right down there so that is going to be for girlfriend number two now for I am my next girlfriend now this I’m getting her I got her two specific little kit here because I know she travels a lot for work and one of my favorite palette tote to bring with me when I travel is the lorac Pro to go palette this has everything I need to take with me it’s got all my neutral shadows which I absolutely love and it’s got two blushes and a bronzer now what I love about this is that literally when I travel for work normally I’m not doing any smoky eyes or any dark colors on my eyes I’m trying to keep things neutral I’m trying to keep things looking professional I don’t want to look like I’m going out to a club or something so I truly feel like this is the perfect palette for that I usually put this color right here chai so it’s yeah try all over the lid just it’s a shimmery color the matte color to blend it out and maybe just maybe I put a little bit of the sparkly color right here in the inner tear-duct but that’s it it’s so so so beautiful and perfect if you’d like to try out if you travel a lot and it’s kind of it’s a small palette it’s not too too big which is great it doesn’t take too much space and because that doesn’t have a highlighter I figured I’d get her a little highlighter and one of my favorite from the drugstore is the Physicians Formula translucent pearl highlighter this is one of my favorites and I know that she likes Physicians Formula products so I know for sure she will like this one but I also know she doesn’t have it and because um she likes kind of like light pink lipsticks and things like that I doesn’t like too much heavy color on her lips I’m gonna get her an Rimmel lipstick in pink blush which looks like this it’s a pretty pink lipstick not too crazy but you could definitely amp it up it looks a lot darker on camera than it is in person and one of my favorite lip

glosses which I’m actually wearing right now it’s the NYX mega shine lip gloss in salsa right that’s aweso yeah it’s all that which isn’t what I’m wearing right now and of course she’s getting a little body mist and body lotion as well gotta take care of my girlfriends you know so that’s gonna be for my girlfriends and travel a lot for work and it could be perfect even you know for your mom or for someone that’s on the go a lot and like to take their makeup with them they’ll it’ll make a palette with them to do their makeup when they get to work or one nah I feel like it’s kind of perfect because that way they have everything they need running a little tiny compact the next makeup little kit tear is gonna be for the girl that’s really into makeup she knows her stuff she loves a good bold look and I feel like this is perfect for her this is something that I’m gonna give a special girlfriend of mine because on she loves the brand and two it’s just one of my favorite palettes of all time if not my favorite palette of all time I don’t know if this is limited-edition or non but I know that they have come out with a different with a with a new one this year but this is the Smashbox photo op mega palette this is what I brought to Italy with me last year it is absolutely magnificent it’s got tons of different eyeshadows I think they have all of the Smashbox eyeshadows in here it’s got tons of eyeshadows it’s got a couple blushes great highlighters lip products so I hear it’s the eyebrow products up here and it also has some cream colors up here cream eyeshadows as well up here this is a bit pricey I believe this is around $100 and I got mine from QVC I want to say but I know that Smashbox came out with a new version of this I think it’s a bit smaller but it’s fantastic than this if you have a girl in your life that you know loves makeup and loves experiment with makeup and things like that and doesn’t have this palette you go ahead and get it for her because it is absolutely truly magnificent the colors are I mean whether you’re going for a sort of more of a neutral look or you’re going for more of a smoky look you you have everything here you could possibly want you have two great blushes I wish it would have put a bronzer in here as well but that’s okay I loved this color this shimmer color so much right here that I ended up buying this which you saw in my previous haul I ended up buying this highlighter separately it’s phenomenal and everything is just buttery and just great quality absolutely great quality so yes it’s pricey but you really don’t need to get her anything else besides that because it’s it’s that good but I did throw in a couple of little things in there we cut in here because I know she’ll use them one of them is false lashes and this is one of my favorite pairs these are the number for 400 for 15 from red cherry these are really inexpensive I get mine from Amazon I get like in big packs I do trim them a bit because they are too wide from my eye but these are one of my favorite eyelashes and I know for a fact that she likes them too so I went ahead and got her a few pairs these actually are new for her and I got her my favorite mascara the rocket and long thing in my hand and of course you need to have the glue for good lashes and this is my favorite eyelash glue this is the Revlon precision lash adhesive this is fantastic and and oh yeah if you want to go ahead and pick up a couple of these Sephora jumbo crayon 12-hour wear jumbo pencils because there are so many different colors and if she’s really into makeup maybe you can pick up a couple of like really cool colors maybe a purple maybe an Amy I just had some basic colors here I have the gold one and the champagne one but they’re fantastic but you really don’t need anything besides this palette because this palette has pretty much everything you want in it and it’s amazing and I’m sure she will love it and of course a little bath and body kit for her as well so I’m hoping that she would like that and now for the last one this is a pretty big one it’s a lot it looks bigger than it is this is for the girl in your life who isn’t particularly into makeup but she loves a good manicure and pedicure I figured this is like the ultimate mani pedi kit right here so let’s get to it now what I got here is the Sephora formula X 22 the 22 a little mini nail polish set this is awesome I’m wearing one of the colors right now I don’t even know what the color is but it’s already chipped so I want to show you up close but this is fantastic there’s 22 little nail polishes in here from Sephora’s new cover effect cover formula X line that

it just came out with there’s ton of different finishes or some lovely sparkly colors or some bright colors some neutral colors I feel like if she’s really into nails I like to do them at home you really can’t go wrong with this and I’ll show you if you wanted to you could buy this kit and then take out a few here and there and put them into different stocking stuffers or into little different kits that you’re making yourself for different girlfriends and things like that I just think this is really brittle and I’m really happy I picked it up for myself and for someone else and also now I have it in here because I lost the pouch but a nice little kiss for you no nail clippers and followers and things like that I know this is from Revlon ik that comes in a little silver little pack it’s like this big I think it’s called a travel pack but it’s really cute it’s got everything you need to give yourself a nice little manicure so go ahead and pick that up because I think you know it’s pretty good also don’t forget your favorite sort of pop codes and fines and stuff like that I am going to suggest the I mean I this the nail MV by OPI is my favorite this is the very first put thing I put on my nails anytime I do my nails it’s my favorites and nail strengthener so pick that up for her and also this sticky base by C and D this helps your nail polish stay on a lot longer and my favorite top coat of all time can’t live without it it’s the Seche vite so that i feel like it’s it’s already everything right there but if you wanted to go just a step further I love these and I have tons of them these are the nail polish remover pads these are great because you can put them in a purse and and if anytime like her nails start to chip at work and it’s embarrassing because of going here shaking people’s hands and things like that she can take one out and just remove the rest of her polish and she’s good to go so I thought that was kind of neat to include also a nice little foot scrub this is new having used it you know just as I should scrub her feet I you I haven’t I didn’t include it because I don’t I don’t have one but I thought be good like a foot scrub would be really good you know there’s tons of them at the drugstore so I’m sure that you could find one easily and also my favorite hand cream this is my favorite hand cream of all time it’s the h2o targeted care hand and nail cream I use this every single night and I have to tell you I had my hands in water all day every day I’m constantly cleaning I’m constantly cooking I’m constantly cleaning up after something so my hands get really dry especially around this time of year and I find that this works wonders now I do get mine from Amazon and I believe it’s around $20.00 so it is a bit of a splurge but I think it’s absolutely fantastic but I know that Vaseline makes one it’s like in a little pink tube at the drugstore and I feel like that’s a great great hand cream as well I’ve just been using this for so long and I love the smell and reminds me of my childhood for some reason so I just go ahead and use this one but you know if you wanted to include it and also if you wanted to include some cuticle oil to go that she can keep in her purse along with the little no polish pads because anytime I remove my nail polish with any kind of nail polish pad or an ax polish remover I feel like my cuticles get all dry so I like to use a little bit of cuticle oil right away to just kind of soften things up and keep things hydrated so she can keep these in her purse along with the hand cream well the hand cream I’ll probably keep it by the nightstand because that’s where I keep mine but I feel like that’s a great gift for someone who just loves to you know paper themselves with good manicure and pedicure you really can’t go wrong you have everything you need there so that is it those are my five ideas that you could get your girlfriend’s depending on what they like I hope this made sense I figured I’d share it with you because this is what I’m doing for my girlfriend’s this year and I’m really hoping they’re not watching this video because otherwise they’re gonna know what they’re getting but I thought it might be helpful for you to kind of understand one of my girlfriends are into what they like and what they don’t like and I kind of really try to put my little gifts together every year really according to things they’ll use because I can’t stand gifting someone something that I know they’ll never use it’s just so pointless to me because it’s a waste of money and also it’s a waste of present for them like I don’t want them to open up something they’ll never use so that’s why I went ahead and picked specifically these products because I know it’s products still use I know it’s products they will enjoy and there they will continue to use as time goes on so I felt very confident I put together five really good kids so that is everything if you have any questions or any suggestions or any videos you want to see leave them down below I want to start doing I want to do some makeup tutorials I’m wearable wearable holiday makeup looks for you coming really soon because you know it’s so festive it’s a festive time of year and by the way how do you like the black version my gray sparkly sweater from old naming I loved it so much I got the black

version I know but anyway I hope it has enjoyed spending time with me and I will see you in the next one bye bye you