Hey guys! I would say welcome back to my channel, but this is my first video of this new channel. For today’s video, I did this really fun, cute fall look and I’m highlighting a brand that I really love Pérsona Cosmetics. I’m using this palette right here. It’s so gorgeous. Stay tuned if you want to see how I did this look Like and subscribe too if you haven’t already. So I’ve already done my foundation, concealer, and all that and set that I’ve already primed my eyes as well. But, I do need to set it still. I’m taking the Charlotte Tilbury Pressed Powder in 2 Medium I prime my eyes because I have discoloration in them that allows me to have a more even base to start off with So, I really wanted to use this Pérsona copper palette and this is part of their Color Theory series and it came in this cute packaging. It’s an eye kit, so it not only came with the palette but it also came with a really nice brush. I really like this brush. It’s a very unique shape and it’s dense yet fluffy. So, I feel like it’s multi-use which is really great. I feel like I can do an entire look just with this brush alone. And then, it comes with a 24-hour waterproof eye pencil in brown. And, you can get this online at Ulta. Looking at this palette…this is what it looks like. It’s so pretty Very fall-like. I was not kidding. I’m gonna take a fluffy brush. This is the Morphe M441 and I’m gonna dip that into Light Brown, tap off any excess, and go into my crease And for me personally, I like to start off with a softer hand, less product, and build it over time so you can have more control over what you’re putting down especially if it’s a new product if you’re not used to it. I know it takes longer to build up the eyeshadow but I definitely have seen a huge difference when I actually take my time and do this And this is definitely not something I do every day because, you know, we’re busy people. I actually hate the word “busy.” We got places to be. It’s a luxury to be able to sit down and blend your eyeshadow for 20 minutes and that’s just not realistic most of the time I’m gonna take a flatter, fluffier brush and I’m going to take this color right here it’s called Brick. So I’m going to dip the ends of it–the ends of the brush– into this color here. And so I’m gonna take this so we have our transition wash up here. I’m just gonna take it down a little bit So it’s just a little bit of color and to the crease we kind of build up that intensity. And you can really like manipulate the look of your eye right. So like, I can kind of see like when I fully open my eye like half of my eyeshadow is missing. So I’m looking here and there’s kind of a dip so I’m gonna bring this up a little bit more There we go. I’m liking how that’s looking I feel very fall but can you see the difference between the two eyes now that we’ve added that Brick color. Very cool So I’m just gonna repeat this on the other side It’s all about the blend So, I’m just gonna continue deepening the outer corner. I’m gonna use a flat shader brush this one is from Sigma E57. So I’m gonna take this Dark Brown–I’m just gonna try to use this entire palette for this tutorial. I think that’d be cool. So I’m just gonna take this and dip it in there and then I’m just gonna focus this kind of like in a V. I’m gonna concentrated near the lash line first I’m gonna bring it up. I’m gonna take the blending brush that we used originally

with the Light Brown color with no additional product on it and just blend that Okay now, we’re gonna get into an exciting shade–it’s Copper. So, I’m taking a kind of longer shader brush and I’m gonna take some setting spray this is the Urban Decay All Nighter and I’m just gonna spray a little bit on my brush and what this does it helps kind of grip that–these more like iridescent eye shadows better so you get like maximum payoff. It’ll look really pretty so I’m gonna put this in the center of my lid And so for me, like I said, you can manipulate your eye shape a little bit so I kind of extend this up above my natural crease and then I’ll just blend it out. So this palette is great I feel like you just have all the colors you need. And so, the last remaining shade of this palette is actually the lightest one, Off-White, and I feel like that’s perfect for highlighting the inner corner and the eyebrow I’m just adding Off-White into the inner corner and I’m extending it onto the inner portion of my lid as well. I’m going to use this shorter flat shader brush. This one’s from Sigma the E20 and I’m going to [take] Off-White and putting that in the highest point of my brow bone. I want to do the lower lash line. I’m basically gonna replicate what I did on my lid on my lower lash line. So I’m going to take Light Brown on a tiny pencil brush and run that along my lower lash line. So to line sort of or to define more the lower lash line I’m going to dip into that dark brown color with a very flat brush this is called the flat definer. Yay! This is what we want to do. E15 from Sigma. I’m just gonna dip into the palette like so. Tap off any excess and really get close to the lash line. So now I’ve defined my lower lash line and what I like about this rather than doing black liner in your waterline is like for me like I already have smaller eyes so I just tend not to do anything with my waterline and so this kind of opens up the eye a little bit more in my opinion. I’m gonna go back in using a pencil brush I’m gonna dip between Light Brown and Brick very lightly so I don’t want too much of that Brick color and run underneath to blend out a little bit more Okay, so before any mascara and all that I want to do the rest of my face and set that. We’ll start with bronzer. And I use this bronzer to contour. I just can’t be bothered with separate products when you’re on the go and all that stuff so the key to being able to use your bronzer as contour is that it’s gotta be matte and it’s got to be a neutral shade. A lot of them can be very, very warm, very golden, so I tend to be more drawn towards neutral shades for my bronzers just so I can get that multitasking element. And I’ve been loving this one from Fenty Beauty. Most of you know I just love Fenty Beauty and this is in I$land Ting. Take my favorite contouring brush. This is one from Sephora. It’s double ended and so I’m going to take the angle brush side and dip it into the bronzer. I’m just going to start on my cheeks then bring it up to the forehead Then when you can use your bronzer as contour I even go underneath the chin to add definition there. Does it look like I’ve been in Barbados with Rihanna? I’m still waiting for all of our products to make me look like her because she’s gorgeous. Moving on to blush this is just one I’ve been using. It’s pretty neutral so I feel like it could match a lot of looks

This is Melt Cosmetics in Honey Thief I’m going to take a brush that’s flat on the top. And this blush, okay, it’s pigmented. So, I literally like just do like that okay like that’s really all you need. And so for me where I like to place my blush I start in the middle and kind of go outwards. I’m just gonna show you so start in the middle here bring it back you can already see like hopefully, I’m seeing it and then bring it towards the front. You can see it kind of gives like a subtle flush if you will. So I’m gonna do the other side. See, doesn’t that look pretty? I love this blush so much. Let’s get into highlighter. So this is another product from Pérsona. This is their highlighter it’s the Cali Glow Highlighter and I got Zuma, which is this like champagne-y, golden shade. We’ll go into highlighter and I’ll show you a trick on kind of how to make it beaming. So going back in with the double-sided Sephora brush. Okay, with highlighter you just really have to know your face and it’s basically personal preference. I get it if you want to go full beaming, all that stuff like go for it. There’s no rules in makeup. If that’s your preference, you go girl! But for me, like I have like large pores and I get oily and so with my complexion products I’m trying to combat all that oiliness so I’m not gonna put highlighter on to make it seem like I’m oily, you know, what I mean. Like make it appear that i’m oily when I’m–that’s what I’m trying to go against. I literally concentrate it like at the highest, highest point like just right here like [clicks mouth]. Like we’re not bringing it in here we’re not–we’re stopping. So just go here. You can bring some up here. It’s just such a pretty like subtle highlighter. To make your highlighter more poppin’ I guess is to set your face I’m going to take this setting spray, again, Urban Decay All Nighter and set the face. Oh, that feels good Okay so before it dries down completely rush back in with your highlighter while it’s still wet go over it again. So as you can see it’s just blinding just wow, right? I’m actually going to add a little bit of this in the inner corner with just my pinky. I like to do this sometimes just to add a little bit more Just be careful not to bring it too far down into your under eyes because that’ll be tragic. Perfect. I mean you can you know highlight other parts of your face like sometimes I’ll do tip of the nose, down the nose, cupid’s bow for sure but I don’t like to go too crazy with the highlighter like up in here and down here because, again, I have oily skin so I’m not gonna, you know, prematurely make my skin like oily when it’s already oily. So, that’s the look so far. We’ll finish off with mascara. I’m gonna put that on off-camera since my camera is being a jerk right now and wants to cool down and take a break. Honey, we ain’t clocked out yet I’m gonna need you to get it together or we’re gonna replace you. Sorry to tell you. But anyway, I’m gonna go do my mascara off-camera, let things cool down, and then I’ll come back and we’ll finish the look with lips. Be back! Okay I’m back and in true Lisa fashion I can never put my mascara on without getting it somewhere so that’s just a fact of my

life. A constant struggle but we have it on and here it’s what the eyes and the rest of the makeup are looking so far. So last but not least we want to finish off with the lips but before that I want to set my face again and this time with the Too Faced Peach Mist. This is a mattifying setting spray and I think it has maybe like some powder in it or something. There’s something in this but it definitely makes my makeup last really long. Like it’s the only setting spray feel like I’ve used where I’m like this looks just as good as when I did it and it definitely makes me feel like I like my makeup is like airbrush. It just makes it a lot better than I probably actually did it. So, I appreciate that. So it says, “Shake me, baby,” so we’re gonna shake it and I shake it pretty hard because one time I didn’t shake it and, girl, talk about a tragedy It was just like–that’s why I think there’s powder in it because it was just like specks of powder or something on it and I literally was like holy crap. So, let’s not do that. So we’ll spray it now I will say I mean it should be clear from the name but it has a peach scent to it which I wish it did not but I get it. So, if you’re sensitive to smells or fragrance it’s probably not gonna be that great for you. Make sure all of that is dry. So things are looking good, no specks, except for pimples but whatever So, we’re gonna finish off with the lip Pérsona has lip glosses and liquid lipsticks which are fantastic. So I’m gonna be using their liquid lipstick in OG, which is a really nice nude color. I thought it’d be a really nice color for this look and then they have glosses this ones in Honey. I’ve been into glosses lately and I think their glosses are one of the best I’ve tried because they actually moisturized too. Like, I was at Lollapalooza and I brought sunscreen lip balm but I would just slap this on and it would moisturize my lips which not a lot of glosses I’ve come across do. This is the gloss and this is the liquid lipstick. So I thought that’d be a really cute pairing. But first, we shall line ze lips and to do that I just found this randomly as I was setting up. It’s a cute little sample of a lip liner. This is Sephora’s brand and it’s called nothin’ but nude. I’m gonna try this out. So, you make the best faces when you do lip liner. Let me tell you. So I like to get like under my lip. I’ll probably go into it more detail on another video, but my lips are a terrain to conquer, okay. So, I start with my bottom lip and I make this face–hello, nice to meet you. But, it allows me to get under there. So, because I’m kind of like getting like under my lip, I like to bring in the liner a little bit onto my actual lip. So I’m going to over line my top lip.So what I like to do is kind of like x marks the spot, kind of go over, but make sure it connects to your natural lip at the very end because otherwise that’s when you get a little clownish So as you can see a little bit overlined nothing too crazy. I’ll do the other side The trick is getting them even. That’s good I think this is a nice color. I think it’ll

work. So I’m gonna start with OG the liquid lipstick and this is matte. What I love about their liquid lipstick is the applicator. It’s like dipped so really I don’t know if it’s focusing I really please bear with me but it has a dip in it, so it really hugs your lips and it’s kind of pointed at the top so you can like really line perfectly It’s such a pretty color. Ahh! Okay to finish off the look finally is the Pérsona lipgloss in Honey and this applicator is also really interesting it’s like a flat paddle. So I only concentrate gloss in the middle and then like on like the Cupid’s bow area a little bit to make it kind of look just juicy, juicy, juicy lips. So do you think we nailed it with this look. I hope you love it just as much as I do. Let me know Also let me know what other types of videos you want to see from me. I would greatly appreciate it. I am here for you guys and I’m just excited to embark once again on this journey of doing makeup, showing you guys tips and like having you guys you know join me on this journey of exploring makeup because I am NOT a makeup artist I’m definitely not the best at it but I love it and I just want to share that all with you. So until my next one bye. Like and subscribe okay bye. Okay, [gasp] Just ran my fingers through my hair with lip gloss and that lipstick on my hand Ah I hate my life. In this video