goodbye uiuc :') | MY COLLEGE EXPERIENCE

and I know in semester ends thank you so much today is Thursday May 14th 2020 and I’m about to submit my last assignment in college ever I can’t believe I’m saying this but I just finished college so before I go I want to take you around to some of my favorite places on campus just so you know it took me two days to hit every spots I’m going to be interchanging between both times I went by myself and then miss Tiffany and Michelle great so I thought it’d only be right for me to start where it all began this is Weston hall where I lives freshman year I still remember it like it was yesterday with my family all drove down and dropped me off my experience what it was like to live in a college dorm for the first time go to our very first frat parties I broke up with my very first boyfriend right there we made a lot of crazy memories in this place this is a walk that I would make so many times I swipe your ID card right here behind me is the SCR P as a freshman this is normally where I just go for a dining hall this is where I live my sophomore year this dingy place called Gregory towers so this is the first apartment I ever had the first time I signed a lease first time I had to figure out utilities and gas and the first time I experienced roommate drama so actually I did not really spend a lot much time here to be honest and so instead this is where I actually live right there so this is where I live my junior year the stuffy the nicest apartment I ever lived in in the best location to I would literally wake up seven minutes before my lecture started and just walk right over this is also where the iconic you belong with me music video recreation I did with them okay happens that night really solidified our friendship this is the armory I want to include it because this is where my favorite class in all of college metallics classes like six people and sometimes we even had plot legends which was like the bar on Green Street that was one of the most influential classes I took in college not only because I learned a lot but also because the professor really made a connection with us I was genuinely excited to go to class each day and even though the workload was heavy and there’s so many readings I was so happy to do this so this is the best well now it’s called the keys culture business but back in my day it was called a bit this is where I have my very first internship ever my freshman year I was a multimedia manager for a startup called maker girl basically the first thing that I joined on campus where Tiffany used to live and because she lived here I also kind of lived here and we would always meet here and I go to chapter and meet here and then go party first time for 16 talking about we pulled an all-nighter at Grainger the morning we walked over here and ate breakfast in the dining hall especially here so wholesome where I had my first job on campus it was totally crazy Joe’s they have the best half off burger and fries on Tuesdays and Thursdays and this is also the very first time I went to a bar so this is undergraduate library and I didn’t really come here to study all that often but there’s this one time freshman year when I was working here at till late so maybe like 2:00 a.m. this is the time of clowns were thing okay when clowns are really scary and I was so terrified of them that i lure just sat here until 7:00 a.m. with the sun rose from like 2:00 a.m. to 7 M just sitting there stone-cold in fear the Sun finally rose and I grabbed my stuff and ran home like two blocks freshman year me I’m still it’s good again it’s the clouds were salting right now I probably do the same thing normally when the weather is nice like this the quad will be filled with people and they’ll be playing games playing frisbee have hammocks out those picnics on the quad the first two weeks of school and then the last two weeks of school it was so fun the first place freshman year and the place would come every single chapter I fell asleep here multiple times on the couch really oh yeah but we also have the best banquets here the food here oh my god the Illini Union salad it’s like what favorite food this is the Illini Union bookstore and you will come here for a lot of things but this is also where I had one of my first campus jobs at Starbucks Hank Drake for Tiffany which I keep my voice down because there’s like a decent amount of people around actually but this is where I had my most embarrassing story ever so what happened was I was closing at Starbucks I’m supposed to leave at the back door I normally work during the day and it would be through the front doors so what happened was I literally got locked inside this Lobby and I was the only one in the building and I had to call the police to come get me the worst part was it was kind of cold outside and there a lot of people waiting for the bus out here and then they would be like knocking on the door they’re gonna let me and can you let me in his cold and I would have to try to explain that to them by yelling through this like crack I was already sitting there in the corner by myself as all these people are looking in the window at me and I waited for the police to come and that my manager came and lectured me I was there in there for like over an hour that’s all that was my most embarrassing story in college so this is the South quad I’ll always remember this place because this is where we hold our iconic rush barbecues just imagine like a hundred people out here at grilling having fine and that’s particularly I would always do really well so it was always a great way to kick off the first impression and right there is where I met my little Jana for the first time I’m at the far part dorms right now and while I did live here I feel a special connection to this place because I spent a very good portion of freshman year living at the far door on the fourth floor if I remember correctly

this is also where I got my bed for kt5 par is where my little skatey and Trish lives I would always come here to pick them up before we go get food or go somewhere the Aces library not only is this the place where I worked for the past two years but this is also one of the first places where like me Michele if my life started getting very close in front of the clear window is where I learned my first dance a college and then I learned that I’m really bad at dancing so this is the arc that basically was the biggest gym on campus we had a lot of dance practices here that’s just some big crash team later UGC that’s your chance this is Searcy the gym that I would actually go to favorite thing to do was come here in the morning after I was hungover go to the treadmill that was right there perfectly in the center that overlooks this beautiful view and this is my favorite view on campus after I was done with my workout I would just come down here take a couple laps around this Lane because it’s just so beautiful and so peaceful this is Illini Grove we would also hold a bunch of rush friends here too I used to be scared of this place because I used to walk home past these woods like at 3:00 a.m. but it’s not so scary during the daytime if I remember correctly the spirit met my first little Katie this is also where I did my very very first Russian photo shoot for Katie Phi where we had like the blue and couple smoke bomb collab as lambdas and that photo shoot was featured in the news that’s pretty cool those are the steps that I marched out when I was super sick with the fever to go sign the papers to drop out of an Atlanta crush and made a much better decision to drink 85 for me of course so the specie eopns which is home to the best dining hall ever doodles which is only available Fridays at lunch and oh my god I will be dreaming about the food at this place long after graduation this is where I would always crashed gypsies apartment I don’t know if we’re gonna go to land a house but lambda house is like right around the corner it was in Urbana freshman and senior year his doors wide open classic my best memories of college ever there dr. lucky the Asian American cultural center this is where I went to my first or second rush event for Katy PI this is also where the big and little reveal happens to be held when I picked up with my little that moment when you finally reveal that I’m your big is so special we totally did not cry my birthday sophomore on the dance floor I was like Tiffany you’re my best friend I was like the first time I said it to each other green hole this is the home of where a lot of her advertising classes are once Tiffany became an advertising major everything changed um pretty much took all the same classes together did all the same club totally to a tee our lives with the same literally every single time I feel like see you tomorrow and you like what’s tomorrow like I don’t know probably to see you oh yeah that is like the definition over there is Granger fourth floors of social floors so that’s where he’s been a longtime freshman year but after that I really like going to the second floor it was so quiet and peaceful I would like to be pour some wine into a mason jar and bring it with me fair honestly though this guy always creeped me out I’m not gonna lie even if right now he’s kind of curvy me I better just take that clip for fun but I was like actually scared oh my god this is evil he’s the most memorable thing I did here was when I ran for president for United Greek Council I still remember standing outside the door reading to go in to give my speech it’s like making small talk awkwardly with other candidates who ended up being my co board members and that was just started a really crazy busy but fulfilling year and I met so many people I got so many opportunities I was able to develop so much as a leader as a person those are memories speaking of you do see this is the hub where it all happened there on the fourth floor that’s where the fraternity and sorority affairs offices so I spent my disproportionate amount of time in this building the staff that are so wonderful Alex Ashley Andrew Michele MJ it was such an honor to work with them as well as the other nine members on the UGC board right there and one of those lounges that’s where I’m going small group for the very first time we watch this like anime movie that was released at my junior legend just where are we gonna go to dirty a lot and it’s also where I ordered my very first alcoholic drink at a bar and I completely embarrassed myself because I don’t know what the I was doing got a shout-out to 12 this is where Joe and I touched at Felicia’s lip every house needs it as dessert events here it’s the funnest present other in college I’m not gonna forget the place this is : jure aka one of the most iconic spots and UIUC sat on the steps and then we decided that we’re gonna get started pick this together I do brainstorming today is April 16 2019 we are about 21 years old with big hopes injuries over here this is the iconic photo shoot location like when you come to you what you see as a freshman like you have to take a photo right there this is the eternal flame if a couple of kisses there it means there’s supposed to be a turtle and like they’re gonna last forever I never been here but we’re inside the statue this is the iconic Reed Street intersection type-i cafe is right here none of us worked there like as baristas but it means so much yeah yeah believe it or not they threw bangers in there like witness after hours I closed everything and people are just playing beer pong and taking shots yeah and the next morning it’s a crime people still be hugging those cushions like the county has open 24/7 but they stopped

something alcohol at 12:00 so one Henry Lee really made her a bagged wine it’s printed all the way here I was here two days ago I bought the second to last one but this it’s cheaper here than it is up Vinny’s and lastly this is where I lived my senior year and currently live right now but this is the first time that I ever lived by myself by myself made my own rules decorated in my own way there are so many memories that I have from you a you sees that I can’t even fit into one video I’ve always wanted to move to California UIUC was my top choice but I also would have loved to go to like UCLA I’m so glad that it shows here I knew right away once I committed and once I entered this campus that this was the right choice for me this is my home this is where I grew up this is where I met my best friends this is where I became the person that I am today I’m extremely grateful to this place for all the memories that I made here my first internships my first relationships first time living on my own for real I made a lot of mistakes but I’m glad that I made them here and I was able to learn from one of them kind of blows my mind that so you know I’m gonna be leaving and Monday I’m gonna come back and be visiting as an alum and things I’ll probably look different there’s got probably gonna be more construction but some things will always be the same like walking down green street going to the Union hanging out on the quad those are parts of U of I that I don’t think I’m ever gonna change and I hope it never does I’m so incredibly blessed to have spent the past four years here I couldn’t imagine doing it anywhere else or with anyone else I guess I’m just kind of in denial that this place isn’t gonna be my home forever it’s crazy to think back when I stepped out at this campus as a freshman how different of a person I was if I met myself now I don’t even know what I would say I was so naive even though I thought I knew everything back that I definitely have told myself to go to more classes freshman year to use on my dining club so they don’t go to waste I would tell myself to appreciate every moment and to not take the people around me for granted because after graduation I’m not gonna be able to see them on a daily basis and live so close to them I would tell myself to branch out more not be so focused on one thing see what else is out there because this campus is huge there’s tens of thousands of people on this campus there’s hundreds of clubs and four years is barely enough time to explore all of it I would tell myself that the relationships and the friendships you make here are more important than anything else that you’re gonna do here so don’t worry so much about your classes or your clubs or stupid boys spend as much time as you can with the people that you care about because that’s what you’re going to remember when you look back at the past four years once those four years are over that’s it you’re never going to get it back you can never go back to that time at least back and say that you spent it wisely I can’t even count how many things I’m gonna miss about this school or just being a college student in general I’m gonna miss it so much thanks to my you see you consistently supported me I didn’t know how to support myself made me laugh came inside space key and it’s tiny when I kinda know innovation month you know how come you get to be some highest-earning to college I have one thing and I can you use props and I am of you I already told you this before but the Florio can be very relieving you were the perfect big group you were always there for me when I didn’t know that I needed someone I’m so excited to see you compete and get everything you want like and be the happiest to the next person and the language is Kelly okay so it’s only guys one pulls the my first time that I’m with you and I truly can’t believe I did this time last year I didn’t have you in my life you cannot change my life for the better has been an honor being your little and from the bottom of my heart I am so grateful you are my BAE I feel like the luckiest little in the world to have you as my thing your drive your work ethic your creativity and your passion are also inspiring and I’m glad I have a mentor and best friend that not only inspires me but helps bring out the best in me I truly came into the sisterhood not very sure of myself but you showed me that this was all worth it you constantly motivate me to work harder and seeing how you strive towards your goals and put out your best work encouraged me to do the same thank you for being my inspiration for being someone I can look up to someone I can go to for anything thank you for taking care of me and loving me with your whole heart I truly can’t wait to experience life with you and to get you and to get to know you even more I have so many things I want to do in here to talk I want to hear all your stories and polity and for us to become even closer thank you for picking me up and giving you the best family ever shoutout to my twin and Tripp and ultra birth doc they’re going to make some amazing memories mine I’ve already made a bucket list and some of these things are first you will screw me don’t worry I’ll make sure you’re there for the first time I get drunk together travel together die together plunder or moving together and do many more names honestly I think we’re made for each other I was prepared for having a big that would graduate the next next semester if I vomit I honestly don’t know what I’ll do without you next year but the end it’s just the beginning of something better I hope you always know know I’ll

be there for you and I know no matter what you do you will excel in it thank you for being the big sister I never knew I need it you’re a blessing in my life and I think the world every day in turn brought such an amazing human being into my life I can’t wait to take on the world with you I love you baby don’t miss me too much I cut my car this order but I’m innocent you more stuff later oh but okay here it goes Oh big I just want to say I’m so incredibly happy that you picked me up even though we didn’t even get to know each other at all different motion until sisterhood alright and we just talked the entire night I feel like we can make it very quickly and I love you so much you’re going to support the process it’s so much more unit after process is over I know you care about us it puts so much effort into us and it feels like even our best efforts could all the other return of traction all the love that you shine robberies he should have been able to make but I know that this isn’t goodbye and every now and then you’ll still come down I want to thank you so much if he has he’s never ever again try to do a perfect week a perfectly so perfectly explore a perfect month ever again this is actually so sad to me a big I just wanted to tell you that you were the greatest big sister EVER and absolutely nobody can tell me otherwise because big you don’t go the extra mile you go to extra ten thousand miles for little what could have buys your little m tickets and pays for her shares the Airbnb he gives her little Pandora bracelet and adds a charm every big event who orders a cake off the school website just because your little favorite cake is the one in the dining hall I could go on and on about how amazing of a person you are but I know it and every sister in the sorority knows that you will be so dearly missed and that this house will never be the same without you i brag to everyone in my line and even my parents how amazing of a big sister you are but make sure that they already know it I didn’t thank god you’re standing in front of me hopefully when it’s time for me to pick up I have the same connection with her that we did when we first started getting to know each other I’m sorry that we couldn’t have more time and asked to clip together but I know that you are someone who will be a part of my life forever and I mean that when I say it that just proves that our bond is a billion little is so close and incredibly cherished if there is anything I know about the future I know that you will be successful and all that you do you’re a smart girl who knows her Worth and won’t take no man there gonna be more than already getting picked up by you is one of the happiest days of my life and not everyone can say that thank you for all that you’ve done for our sorority and especially for being my trips I love you more than you know and let’s hang out soon so we can say goodbye the four loko crackhead style you have always been there for me and I promise I’ll always be there for you big don’t forget about me love forever your real life crackhead little of a pistol out again I love you all three so so much you guys make me so proud hey so I’m a mess right now the craziest thing just happened tonight I picked up too little and I just can’t wait for you to meet Jana I just feel so lucky right now and I don’t know I just have so many emotions I wasn’t expecting it to turn out like this a little Katie I know you’re mine the day I went to go get biology I just felt like I was looking into a mirror I felt like we had so much a comment let me clicked right away you’re so easy to talk to and so easy to get along with and I’m really really excited to be your faces and Trish oh my gosh when I finally first got to talk to you on a deeper level at the sisterhood soiree I was just blown away how hard-working you are what an incredible passionate person

you are I saw a lot of myself in you from back when I was a freshman I really hope that I can be a good mentor to you you know I I knew that I wanted to pick up the semester so I was working all summer saving up money so I could spoil the eff out of you guys I never ever thought that I would pick up twins in the same line so this is so crazy to me I hope that I can be the best success that you deserve this is the beginning of a really big chapter in your life joining Katie Phi is going to change your college career in so many ways so now you have me you’re gonna have your mom and your lives mysterious kind this entire sorority behind you I’m really sad that I’m a senior on the graduating but at least I’ll have two full semesters with you I know you’re gonna get one with solwold Liana cuz she’s literally the best a little message for you – Jana you are the best I can ever ask for thank you for being so understanding so patient so loving with me sometimes I feel like I’m a little and you’re the baby I’m so grateful to have you guys okay I love you guys so now we’re going to take an emotional intermission making this video I think I cried over ten times so I hope you guys enjoy we’d be standing [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

[Applause] I feel like I need a quarter they’re emotionally unstable you’re Caitlyn that was so good thank you so much on the next question or event is that we wanted to play a quick game of hot seat with all the seniors but anyone who has alcohol in their home can we take a shot you have anything to say dear sisters all my happy memories are from this organization and I’m beyond grateful for everything it has given me but honestly now that I’m in their employ this look I think really a saying that time zooms get it cuz well zoom do all the crazy things that you think you’re too scared to do like honestly just do it I am hundred percent believe that a hadith I now is truly the best it has ever been in a PDF I will only become better by the day be sure to visit and I love you are because of apne fine I can look back and be absolutely proud of how I spent my college years Katie fought has also made me kinder a harder worker prouder to be Asian and an alcoholic is the words of wisdom I have for you guys is my favorite quote which is work hard in silence let success your noise I love you guys so much and I’m gonna miss everyone please swipe me into Moodle dear sisters expect with my sisters I tell you I reflected back for this speech it’s because it feels like nothing all this time slides still fast because I’m having the time of my life with all you guys thank you for that happiness and love that you’ve given me thank you for paving the way for younger sisters like me and everyone else to have the most amazing college experience I could have ever asked for there are countless things I’m going to miss about I can wait till little ms are being hung over in the road trip home seeing all of you arrives one-by-one tracked water shoots looking bomb as hell’s the nervous excitement you feel in the night a big a little reveal on the way your heart pounds and they walk up the stairs and you try to keep a straight face or similar feeling on the evening reveal let’s do it anxiously wait for the curtains open sweating in your lifejacket that’s always a little bit too hot showing up stupid hungover – quad day and the sweltering heat but still handing out flyers and matric shirts like crazy people and most of all the endless encouragement and love that we share with one another no matter when or where cluelessly messaging the new iuc ekt find facebook page as the confused freshmen three and a half years ago was arguably the best decision I’ve made since committing to this crazy college town where we learned about ourselves made mistakes grew up around our lifelong friends that is the University of Illinois to Yanam my first little you had no idea but when I picked you up my entire world flipped around thank you for showing me on relentless love and care to me sometimes I forget who’s the big and who’s a little – Tricia Katie you were the cherry on top – my senior year and the best gift of replicated by experience you took me by surprise that made me complete and it brings me smiles make face whenever I think of you my only regret is that I can’t share more time with you on campus when the four of us are together my heart is so full it feels like it’s about to burst and it wouldn’t want to any other way because of a key defy I also have my best friends so – Tiffany a Michelle you’re the first real group of girlfriends I’ve had and in just a few short years to meet you embody the true meaning of love and friendship there’s no way I can individually name and thank all of you in under three minutes but please know that every single what have you had an instrumental part of my life that I won’t forget and strangest thing I saw each and every one of you start his clothes numerous and now you’ve picked up little start on the exact I bet shaped into a better person and everywhere he thinks this sisterhood and it’s been an absolute honor to spend it has for years if you were I’m so project witness as my own eyes are active house group grew from 11 to soon over 40 octaves with that my single piece of advice with you all is to simply leave this house better than you found it so needless to say 885 has had an incredible impact on me that lasts beyond just these past four years I’ll be visiting with other sisters as much as I can so get ready for some Scrolls tonight is our last night as college seniors I don’t know I feel like time isn’t real time flies so fast I’m in denial it’s very real for years graduates I know we’re not celebrating today exactly the way that we expected but we wanted to be the first to say congratulations College of media is

really just editing videos yes so believable look at the shading yeah bring your girlfriend Ellen that’s rough buddy yeah let’s start from the beginning you like that now you’re gonna find your purpose over and you don’t know [Laughter] three out of three of the people here so they were depressed after graduation [Laughter] [Applause] Korea ha ha now that’s pretty kind of Gaussian units tariana turia kunana yeah I should need a hood yeah I’m sweeter serve wha it’s you it’s in a thing you know there’s no one else in the world exactly like you and I hope that you’re gonna move to the Bay Area soon so that we could all hang out together yeah congratulations are gone hi that was amazing huh so many twists and turns and surprises this truly reminds me of home happy graduation thank you everybody 1999 I love you you

you you [Applause] [Applause]