George Hotz | Programming | minikeyvalue: a sub 1000 line key value store (for production!)

buklao: Supp SKPTCL: ahoy m8 thefacultyof: sup jay_al97: hello @georgehotz allthesm0ke: Where’s the prank Hotz? thefacultyof: what are your plans today allthesm0ke: You have 2 hours left if you’re in PST/MST lightofhel1: yo E_Pizza: effHi geo love ur coding big fan FalconJet_: sup george shr3knad0: Hype jay_al97: i was just watching an old video lonez: YOOOO sfmoose: Leeeeets Goooooo! tahecs89: hello everyone samwilliamson7: What’s going on George shr3knad0: I love it’s honestly insane sfmoose: I qira’d hard last night, thanks for the dockerfile SKPTCL: Use comma ai equity to acquire pure leaf? buklao: Pfff only spindrifts are allowed shr3knad0: Do you like the new stack overflow Cube_Is_Life20: George what are some not so intermediate level projects to do? and should I always use a libraries or write my own? buklao: You still own shares in comma right alienware997: Greetings from Germany! 7am in the morning here but perfectly just woke up sfmoose: What reading material should I read to become proficient with debuggers and qira? siggb: How is your instagram? sfmoose: 9-5s are a scam allthesm0ke: REDIS BABY buklao: So you’re erlich bochman of your company nice Toaster_PG: teach me java pls buklao: Java is a shit language buklao: Libtards made it Toaster_PG: y chase_higgins: yo George you quit? lightofhel1: sudo? buklao: It’s slow and id rather use rust ScrubLifeChoseMe: eyyy Cube_Is_Life20: instagrambot-py is a great library on github I got 200 followers in a week with it…. too bad George only wants organic growth shutchie: Memcached? ScrubLifeChoseMe: commai Pog chase_higgins: George how do I join the church? Adriasian: says 90

ScrubLifeChoseMe: bro u got 90 canardppc: what’s your name on linkedin mate ? FalconJet_: says 90 on my end ScrubLifeChoseMe: and its only been 5 minutes c chase_higgins: @canardppc it’s George Hotz lmaooo skout23: AWS dynamodb too expensive? Erichmoraga: It’s pretty late, George. People like to sleep dorkmo: filecoin shutchie: @skout23 wants local I think Adriasian: papa george canardppc: well can’t ind him, maybe bc i’m french, i don’t know Cube_Is_Life20: George it’s fucking late 10pm eastern 1am western Adriasian: golang baby chase_higgins: now working for Church of the New Hackers wilderel: yo when are you putting more shit on soundcloud anudeepgi: but early morning in India 🙂 buklao: Lawl types “verbose” wilderel: much love from your ROomanian boys Adriasian: sudo kiss me shr3knad0: 10:45 is not early in the morning shr3knad0: This incident will be reported Toaster_PG: hows ur instagram doing sfmoose: My cat is #27 FalconJet_: hey george, do you like the touch bar when dev’ing on laptop or nah? anudeepgi: PogChamp PogChamp shr3knad0: Kappa Prest0n1337: What are you workin on tonight? onu4r: I bet he can’t reach 1 M by the end of the year sfmoose: You’re 1% the way to your Instagram goal. We believe in you KrakkenTM: does he read chat? Prest0n1337: not really zeccran: @georgehotz do you know how to get user input in 32 bit protected mode of a booatloader? chase_higgins: George when’s your bed time? lmao it’s so late Ahxs: yooo chase_higgins: like 10 pm man buklao: It’s 1:17 am rvggggg: ghnghh Prest0n1337: I understand jay_al97: I do i_am_sneaky: yo KrakkenTM: not me Prest0n1337: You just dont’ explain much bro chase_higgins: we got you george rvggggg: wait it isnt subscriber only chat? 🙂 wilderel: no one bro SteveATZ: because we like watching you work thefacultyof: im just here to see smartman do code word zeccran: I like learning things from you, may not be my focus, but i learn new things buklao: I care lightofhel1: qira is love wilderel: what the fuck is this shit code minecraft 2 thefacultyof: this dude disses his audience too much shutchie: << shr3knad0: Kappa arisnotle: I enjoy this shit Prest0n1337: I been doing learning on writing STM firmwares and doing C buklao: How you structure your projects is in my interests SKPTCL: We care but we aren't all at your level thermalterm2: never do meetups man thefacultyof: oh man yourself, pal i_am_sneaky: twitch slam was legit wilderel: did you invite the bots in bangladesh? KrakkenTM: @georgehotz whats your keyboard? sfmoose: Django might be a better choice if this is something that needs to be async and production quality CamBaiL: LUL

sfmoose: Or flask async chase_higgins: did anyone claim that cash? Toaster_PG: clean room = new man Cube_Is_Life20: George can you explain what a “key value store” like if you need to save a value just edit a file? Prest0n1337: I think most of the people who know who you are are the people in the live coding crowd i_am_sneaky: right? piano gone? wtf rvggggg: i can only code python am i a lame ? Erichmoraga: It’s interesting to see how George thinks. Dissing the audience is fine, folks i_am_sneaky: yes sfmoose: Me Prest0n1337: Or folks who’ve seen you on G4 back in the day when they showcased you buklao: Yell mother f*ck and it’ll work Prest0n1337: bout the Sony stuffs vaporwave_memes: I miss G4 sfmoose: We’re also here for the rants Prest0n1337: I love the rant about contributing nothing Prest0n1337: explains my life goolulusaurs: A lot of the best twitch streamers are really good a commentary too while they are playing games. I think it would help a lot if you talked/explained more as you were going so people could keep up and follow along more easily Level_002: im here for the VIM orgasm sfmoose: Lemme guess, introverted nerds on insta? Prest0n1337: hilarious buklao: Lmao it’s a scam alienware997: Im here to learn and because you entertain…right now studying IT, second semester so i can follow you for around 80% of the time @georgehotz KrakkenTM: stop fkin complaining and keep streamin KrakkenTM: stianHaha stianHaha Ahxs: Front end Web developer PogChamp sfmoose: We’re hear to ask what keyboard you use every 10 mins SKPTCL: What do you want your viewers to be like i_am_sneaky: @goolulusaurs bro you ever try explaining shit as you code? Shit gets hard a few hundred lines in Adriasian: blinkxFood Cube_Is_Life20: who wants to explain to what a key value store is and why it’s not just just stored in a text file? thefacultyof: like its not like everyone is going to be even remotely familiar with the project shutchie: Logs wilderel: when are the hot chicks arriving geohotz? i_am_sneaky: @Cube_Is_Life20 google does bro OArtero: are you saying that in a MTG with instagram you saw that your audience don’t know what are you coding? Adriasian: what are we using the key-value store for Prest0n1337: I think he’s lacking screen real estate and doesn’t read our chat much bakztfuture: is flask debug mode on? Cube_Is_Life20: @i_am_sneaky im on mobile I’m not trying to leave the stream to Google that shit SGK7: Nah he only listens to subs @prest0n1337 Prest0n1337: Waiting for my twitch prime to hit it said on the 2nd so any minute Prest0n1337: The whole talk only to subs bs though won’t win people over i_am_sneaky: 2019 you cant multitask on mobile? goolulusaurs: @i_am_sneaky No, I bet it is hard, and I know even with games a lot of streamers have trouble talking while they play, I guess its just a skill you gotta practice bastianbeps: hi Prest0n1337: thats like people who sit and wait for donos Ahxs: That’s a sick UI Prest0n1337: How’s the last project you streamed going?

Cube_Is_Life20: @i_am_sneaky lmao yeah I got it Prest0n1337: By the way @georgehotz nice hair cut Level_002: this guy is limited by the mac. Need some windows or linux on his life Prest0n1337: I like better when you look like Bob Ross’s lost son maruchandayo: hi maruchandayo: HeyGuys HeyGuys Prest0n1337: I like seeing you program though George seening other experienced people actually showing how much they use reference docs instead of pretending to be a unicorn who knows everything maruchandayo: sanic is also very fast sfmoose: He had Linux servers he sshs into frequently. Plus docker and rendering farms, he’s not limited by a Mac Prest0n1337: I’ll hit you with my Prime sub I think I have to wait like another 30min un3okapi: sonic the hedgehog thefacultyof: Kappa Bloodspark_: really LUL TimmyName: I don’t think a lot of these people realize who george is

onu4r: dude there’s also FASTAPI onu4r: it’s new but great cjoelrun: aiohttp fast maruchandayo: sanic is not that bad. i’m using it on production without any issues jocal17: who george is? Prest0n1337: Well correct me if i’m wrong others helped George but he got most of the public recognition over the lawsuit Toaster_PG: george == god Level_002: Entrepreneur son of Tony Stark @jocal17 Cube_Is_Life20: I’d like to see George write his own api framework that’d be some real entertainment Prest0n1337: you could write an API but api framework not sure what that is supposed to be Level_002: @Prest0n1337 ehhhhhhhmm… example Slim Framework TimmyName: DarkMode Smithygmx: hes typing so fast SKPTCL: give me mod SKPTCL: ill clean this up dorkmo: oh hey maruchandayo: @fraudulentfarmer both of em is shit funwayz: LMAO Prest0n1337: George can you time me out sfmoose: Bitches love env vars Erichmoraga: Stay focused Prest0n1337: I can’t talk to these idiots Hexybu: purge drxPog

leond53: LOL SKPTCL: Thank you sir MrBankster: WOW alienware997: Here want mod too:D Ahxs: ban hammer George coming in hot PogChamp Cube_Is_Life20: that’s the George we know and love Level_002: nice TimmyName: alienware997 wants mod MrBankster: george i am really into your beard TimmyName: python3 TimmyName: ban me lithiumx4900: I like the frequent streaming times. It’s hard to find consistent programming streams maruchandayo: @lithiumx4900 the best stream is here boi Prest0n1337: i’m doing learning on ARM M4 tonight so i’m drinking a pot of coffee it was that or bleach so if I talk to much syska: you have 127:0:0:1 viewers sir 😀 Prest0n1337: thats my excuse mrpentakills: You are insane with vim my man. Saw some video of yours yesterday and realized you are on twitch. How long have you been here? Glad you are here anywho maruchandayo: SeemsGood lithiumx4900: I live in LA. Sorry about the traffic in advance

Prest0n1337: I can hook you up with Paul Denino MrBankster: la >> sf TimmyName: bruh that rap you made back in the day fire Prest0n1337: I actually can tho sfmoose: Make us proud Prest0n1337: Yo it’s geohot for those who don’t know Prest0n1337: I guess i’m a nerd for knowing the first line Prest0n1337: fml sfmoose: If only there was a way to analyze the binary Cube_Is_Life20: @sfmoose kek Prest0n1337: well you’d wanna analyze in hex Ahxs: Double os import Kreygasm lightofhel1: double import os btw z0di4ckx: YOOOOOO! syska: import os OmegaLul cjoelrun: I use docker compose for env stuff Cube_Is_Life20: gotta import it twice just to be sure lmao maruchandayo: lol

Zealeigh: That jumper is fucking with my OCD Prest0n1337: for that person who asked how to get started in RE there is Ghidra and lots of new tutorials on the topic Prest0n1337: just check out youtube fa_k: what is he actually working on? Prest0n1337: hey key value store he explained part of it a sec ago sk84uhlivin: I really enjoyed your SXSW presentation George ^_^ Cube_Is_Life20: @fa_k database stuff syska: i hate mongo TimmyName: yeah the SXSW Prest0n1337: I started to watch it but from what I gathered in the first few mins if we are talking about the same talk seemed a bit of a odd talk Prest0n1337: maybe I stopped to early fa_k: @Cube_Is_Life20 oh ok fa_k: python stopped working monkaS Zealeigh: If python forks does it become medusa?

sfmoose: I’m here for the jetskis Toaster_PG: cool… but can you code minecraft in 1 week?? Cube_Is_Life20: can’t fork = he writes his own version of leveldb jagger_rsw: but python sxxxss, rust rulez poobum999: BCWarrior TimmyName: good mods shutchie: Memcached

jagger_rsw: Also, why are we looking at puting to and getting pieces of text out of files. Gerge, why won’t you program AGI live instead? 🙂 sfmoose: Nginx is god abhinavneelam: Everyone follow @georgehotz instagram dorkmo: inception key value store dorkmo: a key within a key th3_maj0r: yoyo dorkmo: yooo poobum999: yo DogFace

th3_maj0r: are you drinking jack daniels?!? nizero: sup george redeagle1881: I like your terminal set up, have you got your dotfiles up on github or something? nizero: i watched your sxsw talk, it was pretty good th3_maj0r: @redeagle1881 yes redeagle1881: @th3_maj0r on the /geohot gh account? th3_maj0r: yes Cube_Is_Life20: check out HyperLevelDB or substack level-party they may help with your leveldb problem?

Knarez: LUL vybhavb: Hello! aMulisha: LUL Quad___lol: lmao nizero: loll aMulisha: It’s Y2K bro ab289528: 4Head 2knucklechamp: I dont think thats april fools either lol Quad___lol: i remember when internet was an anonymous place FeelsBadMan Quad___lol: @georgehotz what do you think of Tery Davis! do you think you can compete with him?

2knucklechamp: What is he trying to build? The title didn’t make much sense to me zutchbell: an hashmap probably? josalt: Hey everyone

TimmyName: ban that quad guy Adriasian: very cool ab289528: oh got it Cube_Is_Life20: so it’s just a database with 2 columns? Lazysloth: what keyboard is that trashcan___: hhkb 2knucklechamp: Lol yeah that keyboard sounds hackerman ab289528: ^ Cube_Is_Life20: @quad___lol Terry Davis was a schizo who was stuck in the 90’s George is easily on par with him

kougithings: @Lazysloth If you get the same keyboard your programming skills will increase by 30%! Lazysloth: so 0 x 1.3 th3_maj0r: sub the channel increase ur skill by 35% th3_maj0r: sub > keyboard Cube_Is_Life20: @kougithings same thing happens if you switch from atom to vim Lazysloth: spacemacs, with vi bindings reverseIRA: ugh! i still stuck on visual code with hundreds extension BibleThump 2knucklechamp: I wanna learn vim 2knucklechamp: Python in vscode makes me want to kick a baby Lazysloth: they got vi bindings in vscode reverseIRA: yep kougithings: @cube_is_life20: I tried out vim, couldn’t figure out how to quit it. Now I have stockholm syndrome zutchbell: i prefer atom Lazysloth: its !letmeout ab289528: @kougithings 4Head mudmud17: !time reverseIRA: my mentor said that using vim make u discipline

Lazysloth: in russia vim disciplines you AFROH4CK: they should m0etaz: is this the new Redis? pau1riddle: Yo, George! th3_maj0r: 119 viewers josalt: You are popular George! joker2k999: Lol Lazysloth: how many lines do we have left ab289528: you are Bombapil0t: 9.942 > 9000 PogChamp pau1riddle: Comments and blank lines usually don’t count MrVehe: You’re popular, but in spain it’s 8:30 am, NOBODY IS AWAKEN TO THIS TIME joker2k999: Lol Lazysloth: MrVehe aren’t you though? ab289528: 3am here in brazil

RaketenTier: not Popular? LOL. Suecase with Sony. Kicking Teslas ass abhinavneelam: @georgehotz why don’t you keep posting on insta? th3_maj0r: 8.30 here too MrVehe: I’m working, that doesn’t count 🙂 @Lazysloth Lazysloth: georgehotz only posts on tinder bourbaki77: I like listening to you hack while I work on my abstract algebra homework B) iHench: %s/tinder/grindr pau1riddle: @bourbaki77 I was reading Algebra: Chapter 0 trashcan___: append only >> delete pau1riddle: @bourbaki77 best book on abstract algebra bourbaki77: Is. that the one that blends in category theory? pau1riddle: yeah Lazysloth: yo i think his hoodie is insideout pau1riddle: it’s not for newbies though bourbaki77: Nice! I tried but I was still to much of a noob Lazysloth: probably doesn’t even wash his hoodie, just turns it insideout Lazysloth: lifehax bourbaki77: We are using Shifrin enlightenedwaterfowl: Don’t forget to support PATCH Lazysloth: can’t you make a script to run a test on ur server instead of running the command repeatedly

abhinavneelam: I think he said it didn’t work because of an environment variable or something and that it had to be a command line variable enlightenedwaterfowl: The strongest trees grow in the harshest winds ericswenson15: Micro service ericswenson15: Rip monoliths v0lko: what’s wrong with consul? Lazysloth: your mom is a monolith joker2k999: Lol Ni3uS: @georgehotz hey.. could you write some kind of a code, that can help me find my real mother? risky_banana: I’m subscribed and I don’t wanna say shit like that joker2k999: I never worked with ngnx bourbaki77: my god it’s full of stars Bombapil0t: 😀

Bombapil0t: good ppl subscribe on twitch and follow on instagram. don’t forget guys joker2k999: Gotta re-factor bro Lazysloth: did he say what this kv was for? yamesboard: just joined, what are we building? Grimonja: Or volume server registers with master on boot joker2k999: I see we back in tmux boys poobum999: monkaS joker2k999: Lol Bombapil0t: haha Lazysloth: i thought a cat was on his desk when he tsk tsk MrBankster: TDD? ab289528: hahaha joker2k999: Gotta be subscribed bro. Everyone knows this pau1riddle: But if you want to change code, you have to change tests. The more tests you have, the more difficult it is to change code th3_maj0r: yes MrBankster: i like space seperated lists, like in clojure jay_al97: pass it a set enlightenedwaterfowl: 😉

Bombapil0t: type speed like a sewing machine Cube_Is_Life20: do you still do bounty hunting? joker2k999: Yea when he’s not shilling for the gram enlightenedwaterfowl: I honestly forget the semantics. Most people get it wrong though. I don’t think it’s necessarily true that one is meant to be idempotent enlightenedwaterfowl: (I’d have to dig around myself) pau1riddle: Bountry hunting is low leverage position, better become a full-fledged security consultant, that eat scraps from bug bounties

enlightenedwaterfowl: PUT vs POST, yeah joker2k999: you haven’t had a rant in a while bro. U feeling ok? lol jay_al97: are on the side of making software now that you’re done with breaking software? Lazysloth: you can’t break what is already broken enlightenedwaterfowl: -H “content-type: text/plain” ? enlightenedwaterfowl: Didn’t read the full args lis tactually

enlightenedwaterfowl: Yeah you probably want to specify content type via curl Cube_Is_Life20: please be a one stream project. I unironically don’t want to sleep tonight TimmyName: I’m glad I subbed to have access to your VODs, because I’m lost currently enlightenedwaterfowl: oh nvm, saw the request body sam_disgusting: ASMR 10 hours of rhythmic spaghetti code key tapping to fall asleep to | MOST RELAXING (10:00:04) Knarez: are you wearing your hoodie inside-out th3_maj0r: twitch app use white text on white background?? wtf is this TimmyName: get betterTTV TimmyName: dark mode TimmyName: android th3_maj0r: on the mobile app? Cube_Is_Life20: my chat reloaded but whoever mentioned the hoodie, he’s probably hiding (((their))) logo

joker2k999: something IS better than nothing wall_streeter: should one use python over php for web dev? if yes, why? Thank you! joker2k999: python / (everything) = gucciGang Varicode: Past broadcasts behind sub wall now 🙁 TimmyName: jsut sub Varicode: Wonder if they’ll still be posted to YT Varicode: Yea most likely will wall_streeter: @joker2k999 , why? 😀 Varicode: Just noticed that wasn’t the case some time ago

Knarez: LUL Yaak0v: weird flex joker2k999: but apparently only py3 because if you use py2 your a degenerate nevroje: LUL joker2k999: but ok wall_streeter: @joker2k999 LUL wall_streeter: @joker2k999 but still, why? joker2k999: i don’t make the rules` bro wall_streeter: @joker2k999 you just follow them? 🙁 Are you a government employee or smth? Lazysloth: man the gov is rich, they got funds to infiltrate a twitch stream HoodedCloak: I watched your video interview. Super Hacker George Hotz: I Can Make Your Car Drive Itself for Under $1,000 and I just wanted to tell you that you remind me of Dr. Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis and he was my favorite character. You have the same mannerisms, especially in that view interview enlightenedwaterfowl: High praise HoodedCloak: Video interview* Varicode: @HoodedCloak <3 HoodedCloak: :) joker2k999: lol, bigSwag return is always good Varicode: LUL

th3_maj0r: ahahah ericswenson15: You don’t like point and click editor? Keyyyz: hell yea got to catch a stream joker2k999: more or less being inflammatory joker2k999: time out hammer incoming. lol HoodedCloak: Dr. Rodney McKay was an absolute genius of the Stargate universe ericswenson15: That’s cool HoodedCloak: So that’s why people are saying it’s high praise, probably Varicode: LUL ericswenson15: You prefer it? joker2k999: lol! ericswenson15: Lol i never know what to do next while I’m actually building, so I draw out plans sometimes Cube_Is_Life20: has geroge done any projects like his own os or browser? I’d download those in a snap ericswenson15: And then build to that ericswenson15: Then I can get a bunch of iterations on the plans ericswenson15: Low coupling is everything ericswenson15: Based on what I’ve read lbucci3: – what problem r u trying to solve? ericswenson15: For testing ericswenson15: For refactoring ericswenson15: Pub sub drastically reduces coupling ericswenson15: You don’t seem coupled to any framework that is good

enlightenedwaterfowl: There are other messaging patterns beyond pub/sub, but yeah, decoupling is a good idea ericswenson15: Yeah ericswenson15: Scatter gather ericswenson15: Coupling is where you have low dependency between components Varicode: BIGSWAG ericswenson15: It’s small functionality joker2k999: trying to solve whether to more work later, or less work now joker2k999: *do ericswenson15: It’s the same reason microservice is better than monolith ericswenson15: It means you can easily pull apart code ericswenson15: So less than 20 line functions ericswenson15: Short files ericswenson15: These thing naturally enforce low coupling ericswenson15: Single imports in segregated files enlightenedwaterfowl: Looks like 409 is a good status code for already-exists (“Conflict”) ericswenson15: That provides sing point of reliance toolegit2quit_: watching ads for you george aresfour: george, did you go to uni? joker2k999: lol, not sure if i like any enough to watch adds for em ericswenson15: The opposite of low coupling is a single file with every import and 1 function doing everything ericswenson15: Long function and file names also reinforce low coupling

enlightenedwaterfowl: I dunno about that one ericswenson15: Because specificity naturally introduces a need to separate functionality pau1riddle: I saw some madmen disable hjkl in vim. So that they use / sor navigation ericswenson15: Robert Martin recommends 5 to 6 word variable names enlightenedwaterfowl: I’d take that with a grain of salt pau1riddle: Martin is a scam ericswenson15: So idk but I extended that to file names joker2k999: haven’t used vim is so long ericswenson15: Yeah idk it’s just what I read itsyaboyegg: as someone new to programming, is learning vim useful? ericswenson15: The author of testable JavaScript says low coupling is the best way to combat untestable code fowlmoves: what type of keys are those? pau1riddle: %s/start_response/sr/g fowlmoves: @itsyaboyegg its completely optional ericswenson15: Iright ericswenson15: Your pref Lazysloth: itsyaboyegg if you are new to programming you have bigger problems then learning vim, but eventually it will be useful ericswenson15: I use atom which is really nice fowlmoves: @itsyaboyegg IDE will do just fine, just as emacs would itsyaboyegg: is there any advantage learning it? ericswenson15: Yeah joker2k999: learning everything is useful. what not to learn…. theres a start ericswenson15: Robert Martin says your terminal is like your workbench Lazysloth: cool story ericswenson15: But I like atom because it helps me mentally ericswenson15: Yeah idk lol joker2k999: until they turn off your power Cube_Is_Life20: I think you forgot to change one of your start response’s izhosrs: hey @georgehotz can you send me a self driving car? fowlmoves: @itsyaboyegg there isnt any inherent advantage to knowing vim, other than being useful when you remote into almost any *nix machine Lazysloth: well there is more advantages then just remoting, its a great editor fowlmoves: DELETE should retuen just headers. no?

fowlmoves: return* fowlmoves: Optional body aresfour: 204 no content Harm133: thats what she said KAPPA itsyaboyegg: @fowlmoves cool, thanks for the input ericswenson15: Coupling is the boundary where you say, if I change this I also have to change this ericswenson15: So you want to introduce boundaries between those two pieces of code Harm133: what are we building a key value store for ? ericswenson15: Because if each has a different rate of change joker2k999: a bunch of SR. programmers use vim fowlmoves: Yeah API interface boundaries ericswenson15: Then you can minimize on adjustments joker2k999: since emacs i haven’t looked back. still can’t write lisp to save my life. lol ericswenson15: An api with lots of function implies low coupling enlightenedwaterfowl: Redis is great ericswenson15: And yes that apis exist joker2k999: go Redis bro pau1riddle: People say Redis is already pretty minimalist enlightenedwaterfowl: It is ericswenson15: An api decouples your app from the api functionality Lazysloth: !uptime fowlmoves: It is very minimalist Lazysloth: rip no bot fowlmoves: But has most features you need ericswenson15: High coupling means it would be hard to swap out your db enlightenedwaterfowl: Yes it is ericswenson15: Low coupling means you could switch in any db enlightenedwaterfowl: Redis is highly configurable. You can put it into append-only file mode and maxmemory = 0, it’s a quite different service at this point enlightenedwaterfowl: Can be as reliable or unreliable as you want ericswenson15: Highly configurable is good apparently enlightenedwaterfowl: Did George Martin say that? Lazysloth: burn 0TestUser: close to the 10 k on insta 😀 ericswenson15: The author of tao of microservices says you should build so the app is highly configurable pkacprzak: is posting link to AI/CV app I’ve recently published on reddit fine in chat? I’d like to get your opinion ericswenson15: And yes lol he also says it ericswenson15: George Martin says to build from configurable functional requirements

foxubu: The warmest greetings from Germany 🙂 ericswenson15: Though with microservices that mayb be harder Lazysloth: ericswenson15 change your name to GMsays ericswenson15: I suppose you could use a dashboard foxubu: What? Python 2? 😮 ericswenson15: Haha ericswenson15: You first joker2k999: lol ericswenson15: Idk foxubu: Oh sorry. Just the docs joker2k999: gonna miss py2 ericswenson15: Uber switched to microservice ericswenson15: One exec wrote a book enlightenedwaterfowl: (FWIW geohot, Redis definitely backs up to disk, per configuration) ericswenson15: Def from a non dev perspective ericswenson15: But really insightful ericswenson15: She says chaos testing is the most inportant test for microservices ericswenson15: So random extreme tests ericswenson15: Like high load enlightenedwaterfowl: Yeah she’s probably wrong Cube_Is_Life20: @pkacprzak no? he’s not doing code reviews atm ericswenson15: Or simulate failed service ericswenson15: Lol idk enlightenedwaterfowl: “Chaos” testing is not useless but it’s not “the most important” ericswenson15: Oh ok thanks ericswenson15: What is most important? pkacprzak: @Cube_Is_Life20 I meant for chat, not George ericswenson15: Regression is what I do ericswenson15: Integration is hard for me enlightenedwaterfowl: “Chaos” testing is something you do when you’re massive company like Netflix, Uber, whatever, and people are actually depending on your infrastructure ericswenson15: Right enlightenedwaterfowl: It’s not something you need to worry about until you’re an engineer at Uber ericswenson15: You’re smart ericswenson15: Haha ericswenson15: Is the whole world moving to microservice? ericswenson15: Where I work it is

ericswenson15: Apparently it reduces developer ego ericswenson15: Because it’s not 1 person building the whole app ericswenson15: It’s a bunch of teams ericswenson15: Makes for more pleasant people lol enlightenedwaterfowl: The thing is, it doesn’t really matter. “Microservice” is just a pattern for structuring programs. It doesn’t necessarily make anything better or worse ericswenson15: At Uber they measure microservice quality by availability kanogger: will we hit 10.000 today? ericswenson15: They us 9’s ericswenson15: So 99% availability ericswenson15: Vs 99.9% ericswenson15: So getting Dow to the actual seconds ericswenson15: Lol Varicode: PepoG ericswenson15: That’s bug ericswenson15: Big ericswenson15: That’s a macroservice joker2k999: you can doo it bro ericswenson15: But I don’t worry about number of lines til I’m done building ericswenson15: I go back and break apart Jiggletoes: if it works u eat ass ericswenson15: But I do use tiny functions that are extremely explicit ericswenson15: Robert marring says no arguments to a function is best ericswenson15: Followed by 1 enlightenedwaterfowl: No arguments means it’s probably a side effect enlightenedwaterfowl: Which is actually the worst ericswenson15: And it gets exponentially worse as you add arguments enlightenedwaterfowl: Please take everything you read with a grain of salt ericswenson15: Because each implies additional coupling joker2k999: tabs looks like my browser when I’m trying to remember the pip update command ericswenson15: Yeah I have no clue ericswenson15: But reading is insane

ericswenson15: It’s like better than a whole year of coding ericswenson15: No joke ericswenson15: Good job on your function length @georgehotz SGK7: Ppl appreciate what u have to say but ur sounding like an evangelist now enlightenedwaterfowl: Pretty sure this guy is a high-level troll ericswenson15: This other book recommends learning a language a month ericswenson15: Haha sorry I’m a troll joker2k999: update that py3 bro joker2k999: lol alienware997: alienware997 is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 1 in the channel! alienware997: alienware997 gifted a Tier 1 sub to Harm133! Harm133: Pog alienware997: 😉 Harm133: Thanks mate 😀 Harm133: Mate Im the best joker2k999: a lotta love in the chat bro’s enlightenedwaterfowl: This eric gentleman is a high-level troll alienware997: i randomly gifted to somebody so…as long as its not eric:D

Harm133: haha enlightenedwaterfowl: Thanks @alienware997 Lazysloth: they need to reneg a sub option lol Harm133: do we get any emotes? MrSnoopDog: mac so clean enlightenedwaterfowl: Can you ignore people on this Twitch thing? Lazysloth: yes i blocked him a couple min ago enlightenedwaterfowl: geohot: Redis uses disk kanogger: nice didn’t know that, thanks alienware997: alienware997 gifted a Tier 1 sub to Lazysloth! They have given 2 Gift Subs in the channel! enlightenedwaterfowl: Thanks Harm133: LUL Jiggletoes: lmao Varicode: LUL kanogger: PogChamp joker2k999: LOL RomanNYC: LUL Lazysloth: wow thanks alienware997 😀 i can talk shit now anatoly1974: how many languages do u code with @georgehotz joker2k999: so you’ll show up at…. 9:05? kanogger: rip joker2k999: damn… that power tho joker2k999: lol Varicode: Wait why did we ban @ericswenson15 Cube_Is_Life20: @anatoly1974 he uses python3 for everything he can Varicode: George was engaging with him about the code joker2k999: because people sometimes don’t like enthusiasm Varicode: :/ Jiggletoes: george hotz long weiner Knarez: could you use a lock waterpringles: handsome alienware997: @joker2k999 espacilly when somebody spams. i mean no Problem to write more and often but for every sentence a new meesage? so i’m fine with that:)

alienware997: alienware997 gifted a Tier 1 sub to Cube_Is_Life20! They have given 3 Gift Subs in the channel! joker2k999: i figured George was gonna make him sub if he wanted to spam like that Harm133: since Im a sub now and you answer sub questions, what do you think about go ? @georgehotz Jiggletoes: so many gifts why Lazysloth: i like go’s mascot that’s about it 😀 giovannag: Why not 😀 joker2k999: lol Lazysloth: oh gofmt is cool too pau1riddle: I remember George said about Go, it was “disgustingly verbose” Harm133: 🙂 joker2k999: i think you use what you know best/first then port alienware997: im a little bit languid….or maybe im just friendly and like to make a gift to somebody. And when the gift is also helping this entertaining guy in this black box on my desktop gg:D Cube_Is_Life20: oh sgiz I just looked at chat thanks for the gift

alienware997: np:) Harm133: host immortal.local Harm133: /etc/hosts JumpTwiice: what keyboard is this? kougithings: @jumptwiice: probably a HHK joker2k999: dang, i gotta use 3/4 my screen to actually read whats goingz on Harm133: I contributed to opensource Pog JumpTwiice: PagChomp mmmmmgrayonss: PogChamp ericswenson15: Sorry what was I banned for? enlightenedwaterfowl: Trolling. Stop trolling ericswenson15: Oh ok sorry enlightenedwaterfowl: Oh JumpTwiice: Oh ericswenson15: What dB you guys like? andreas_bylund: oh jay_al97: urlopen is easy ericswenson15: Oh ericswenson15: I read MySQL has nore accuracy? alienware997: anybody interested in an indian ctf? Should run since two hours now and its organized by the Computer Science Departement of University of Delhi. check ctftime when you’re interested in helping me)

ericswenson15: Have you guys tried multiple dbs? Cube_Is_Life20: ay the instagrambot-py library I used uses requests ericswenson15: What are we building? ericswenson15: Nice giovannag: @Cube_Is_Life20 Is that a bad thing? ericswenson15: What does it do? Cube_Is_Life20: @ericswenson15 comments, follows, likes, etc. @giovannag no I just thought it was interesting JumpTwiice: LUL Harm133: LUL PeterBensch: PeterBensch subscribed with Twitch Prime Varicode: LUL joker2k999: LOL. oh wow bro alienware997: Twitch Prime is free! myaocat: YouWHY joker2k999: LOL pau1riddle: He is a stalker andreas_bylund: LUL Varicode: Tfw Preston tries to work for comma but forgets he has to get into google first mmmmmgrayonss: ya yeet KhaosVFX: esketit myaocat: ba geobitz: i dont think youre an asshole Varicode: LUL giovannag: @Cube_Is_Life20 Oh, nice ^^ myaocat: block him too for lols iamchoco: Any reason for not using python async features? This would seem a good fit pau1riddle: I would work at Google, though, to be honest 🙂 geobitz: i think youre like the donald trump of coding but not so narcassitic Knarez: LUL joker2k999: then he passed the weed right.. lol pau1riddle: It’s 2019, lol myaocat: he said 2018 PhillipWei: the hotness is startups geobitz: neither is donald trump TheTastefulToastie: these days it’s landing a job at netflix myaocat: yo im geohot and those who dont know im getting sue by sony B) B) B) myaocat: are you building backend why no rust/elixir/nodejs? is python better than them?

kanogger: LUL joker2k999: told ya myaocat: rip myaocat: god you dont know elixir xyz: LUL joker2k999: better because you have to think less myaocat: how many left to 1m followers? th3_maj0r: around 990k th3_maj0r: only 990k* joker2k999: that back 990k is gonna be a b*tch steffeKutta: that keyboard sound PogChamp

Yaak0v: that’s me alright. always puttin question marks enlightenedwaterfowl: Header, response body, escaped query param Cube_Is_Life20: damn George is giving up on instagram already? he just needs to promote it more with his YouTube audience

myaocat: 🙁 joker2k999: i think all google(recent) employees finish their term, then go and start a youtube channel. interesting cycle… can’t say its a bad idea. gotta get that passive income somehow Cube_Is_Life20: apparently the alternative to requests is httplib2

joker2k999: doesn’t requests always take a while? anatoly1974: ping it ?? sadko12: hey Knarez: fzzPepega Levent133: hi sadko12: i wonder if he sees the chat kanogger: maaaaaTanner maaaaaWhut bleiloHija

Ishaan96: Hi george!! Cube_Is_Life20: chat is on another screen to our left, if he looks that way then he’s reading chat Markus_47: killall python ^^

anatoly1974: what are u coding Man @georgehotz ?? Cube_Is_Life20: create 100,000 keys and see how it goes?

Cube_Is_Life20: @anatoly1974 read the title of the stream rage_au: watching this guy is inanse thisisweeezy: looking great enlightenedwaterfowl: Rocksdb? joker2k999: lol enlightenedwaterfowl: What’s your hesitation with Rocks? BonchPatrol: apache ignite? Cube_Is_Life20: CodernityDB claims 100,000 get and post requests per second joker2k999: yea then BOOM. lol enlightenedwaterfowl: He’s looking for an embedded k/v store enlightenedwaterfowl: (I was an early employee at Ripple. We went through a bunch of embedded DBs) enlightenedwaterfowl: Rocks is good. Not really sure what your issue with leveldb is though

joker2k999: he’s gonna go hit the bong MokBeBek: What about Pickle ? Cube_Is_Life20: zodb allows your multi access enlightenedwaterfowl: Redis ftw rage_au: Redis enlightenedwaterfowl: Probably put it in AOF mode joker2k999: looks sketchy huh DrRobotvinnik: you’re my personal maxkeyvalue George <3 rage_au: Redis is crazy good anatoly1974: MongoDB Cube_Is_Life20: how long would it take to make your own? BonchPatrol: put instead of post?

rage_au: his keyboard skills are next level Markus_47: What keyboard is he using? Grimonja: didnt return it from Get Grimonja: Oh well keepingtrckofthisacct: !uptime alienware997: Who wants a gift? gerntt: me BonchPatrol: yeet me a gift brother RomanNYC: me 🙂 joker2k999: theres a joke in there somewhere alienware997: i’m going to smoke some and when i came back, there will be gifts!

RomanNYC: PogChamp gerntt: PogChamp Twitch0xme: u need apt update && install on same RUN line keepingtrckofthisacct: what’s the uptime, please? Yaak0v: @keepingtrckofthisacct Current Uptime: 3 hours, 44 minutes, 34 seconds keepingtrckofthisacct: @Yaak0v thanks gerntt: 33 days LUL fowlmoves: Istn it just ADD or COPY?

aresfour: ADD req.txt /path/in/container aresfour: or COPY OrdinaryRamblings: @Legonigel sup fowlmoves: repo update? fowlmoves: aha last_pacifist: slam lefg7: lol

aresfour: Dockers one process per container policy flew out the window lol murat_kvebekov: @aresfour, it’s one program per container 😀

murat_kvebekov: not one process Trenz2: Ariana Grande Kappa astr0nils: for ariana grande its worth Kappa TODNESSISBAE: hi TODNESSISBAE: just wanned to say u are fucking inspiration Trenz2: you have to follow on instagram to be inspirational :)) aresfour: @murat_kvebekov then they changed it, pretty sure docs used to say one process per container Trenz2: @georgehotz when u gonna do some ctf’s , that was fun 😛

alienware997: alienware997 gifted a Tier 1 sub to aresfour! They have given 4 Gift Subs in the channel! aresfour: ure right, it was changed in 2017 TODNESSISBAE: yea i have alienware997: alienware997 gifted a Tier 1 sub to Trenz2! They have given 5 Gift Subs in the channel! Trenz2: ty dude <3 aresfour: thank you @alienware997 <3 Trenz2: u're awsome na_chaos_Pepega: PogChamp gerntt: PogChamp alienware997: alienware997 gifted a Tier 1 sub to RomanNYC! They have given 6 Gift Subs in the channel! giovannag: PogChamp RomanNYC: :o Trenz2: PogChamp MokBeBek: Do a bash PWD ! Shinnosky: OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog RomanNYC: thank you!! keepingtrckofthisacct: everyone's getting Twitch0xme: its just not test/ murat_kvebekov: i thinku should remove test/ murat_kvebekov: and it will work murat_kvebekov: just bash -c "cd tmp && ./" murat_kvebekov: now it's other story xD BobbyFlo: whats up man murat_kvebekov: the problem in "copy" command was that u added extra slash i think murat_kvebekov: so bash copied content instead of directory murat_kvebekov: it self murat_kvebekov: imho

alienware997: @georgehotz try Kitematic, its a gui for the docker container where you can rename them and much more:) ActionIsComing: ayyy man

Xavur_: wassup man Xavur_: How long you been streaming for? ActionIsComing: !uptime alienware997: The one who helps solving the porblem in the chat, will get a tier 2 subgift:D Lazysloth: i hate writing dockerfiles 🙁 so i can’t help ActionIsComing: lol who cares about subgift oOocouchpotatoOo: that was mean :(‘ alienware997: @actioniscoming nobody but its funny Xavur_: he looks tired af murat_kvebekov: @georgehotz found solution… darkzade: !uptime

Lazysloth: dark there isn’t a bot murat_kvebekov: @darkzade, 4h 16m murat_kvebekov: ± darkzade: @murat_kvebekov ty murat_kvebekov: yw Xavur_: so he started streaming at midnight? or where is he from local_root: there you go my g imma sub local_root: local_root subscribed with Twitch Prime Lazysloth: its probably san diego murat_kvebekov: @xavur_, 22 AlSweigart: 43 raiders from AlSweigart have joined!

alienware997: Why you just not mount/share the filesystem you need with “-v” when you create the Docker Container? Lazysloth: Kreygasm alienware997: alienware997 gifted a Tier 2 sub to murat_kvebekov! They have given 7 Gift Subs in the channel! Lazysloth: no sub emotes i guess we spamming commas , , , joker2k999: HeyGuys Shinnosky: VoteYea

joker2k999: who says garbage code gets written after midnight davidsit_site: thought it was garbage in garbage out joker2k999: sounds like basic. lol joker2k999: like a boss Lazysloth: commit -m “dockerfiles are hard” joker2k999: Cheers to you Sir Trenz2: border 0 , ink 7 LordOfSubs: twitchRaid twitchRaid twitchRaid twitchRaid twitchRaid twitchRaid twitchRaid

Jiggletoes: big peen in the chat Mua_987410: where? Jiggletoes: my hand LordOfSubs: true Grimonja: Python is just black magic tbh risky_banana: you ever start coding and then all of a sudden the sun is coming up and you can hear birds and your wife is super pissed off…. ah wait, that’s me

joker2k999: im in that club as well LordOfSubs: It sucks that we require sleep joker2k999: i know! i can’t believe someone hasn’t solved that problem yet LordOfSubs: Meth looked promising, but we know how that turned out Lazysloth: i tried to not sleep and nap, it worked but i got bored and lost track of time joker2k999: facts cmanatlan: Modafinil supposedly works, although I wouldn’t personally trust it risky_banana: modafinil will get you there joker2k999: ..get you somewhere Roundlay: Been using it for 10 years, works a treat joker2k999: *ahem Lazysloth: where do you get it?

Roundlay: The pharmacy cmanatlan: get it prescribed joker2k999: gasp Lazysloth: are you like European? cmanatlan: i think you can get it prescribed in the US Roundlay: Expat in Japan risky_banana: its used for night-shift workers to reset their body clock cmanatlan: Roundlay oh probably can’t in japan risky_banana: or idiots to stay awake and super focused risky_banana: either joker2k999: spy? don’t answer that Lazysloth: of course japan would have modafinil haha cmanatlan: oh you’re the one who’s taking it. can you get modafinil without an Rx in japan? @Roundlay Roundlay: Not legally th3_maj0r: lol Roundlay: But sure cmanatlan: lol cmanatlan: meant at a pharmacy Roundlay: Nope alienware997: Kratom has become illegal in the US, isn’t it? LordOfSubs: no joker2k999: chat has gone so left.. lol LordOfSubs: well some States quickfloor: bro lostshiya: @georgehotz I’m an absolute zero in infosec, what’s the best place to start? cmanatlan: joker2k999 what do you mean? how is this discussion even political/social cmanatlan: we’re just asking what drugs are legal 😛 joker2k999: LOL.( <--) just means 'it took a turn' alienware997: @sheyjoko i thinkthats the wrong place to ask that:) Grimonja: They just dont want to die D: cmanatlan: oh you meant it took a left turn? Knarez: LUL quickfloor: Why George behind is ordered ? that is not a hacker room :( alienware997: @quickfloor George likes it clean, like his code xD Lazysloth: putting stuff in tupperware is ordered? NMODE: ko1ayPepeV ko1ayPepeV ko1ayPepeV joker2k999: true NMODE: ko1ayPepeV russian hackers ko1ayPepeV

murat_kvebekov: & – needs to be at the end murat_kvebekov: to make it background gprocess murat_kvebekov: ow murat_kvebekov: thanks for sub murat_kvebekov: didn’t realized it quickfloor: and you guys did you understand something is changed ? yaa that is tmux style joker2k999: your gonna be later for your coffee chat broSeph Roundlay: What time is it where George is? murat_kvebekov: @roundlay, 3 am EventHorizonxD: look at you go mate alienware997: @murat_kvebekov no problemo:) murat_kvebekov: @alienware997, ty 😀 Roundlay: O: murat_kvebekov: @alienware997, was concentrated to what he is doing, and didn’t lokked in chat for a while 😀 TODNESSISBAE: how long has he been streaming kanogger: !uptime joker2k999: !uptime alienware997: @murat_kvebekov same problem here:D quickfloor: !followage murat_kvebekov: 4:50± uptime TODNESSISBAE: !uptime Lazysloth: no bot guys, your commands are useless TODNESSISBAE: lol murat_kvebekov: @lazysloth, 4h 50m akbang47: no bot wa du HEck joker2k999: of course, hackers never use bots quickfloor: !keyboard quickfloor: Leopold FC750R joker2k999: lol joker2k999: thats cute NMODE: we are bots chat MrDestructoid murat_kvebekov: @quickfloor, 12 nov 2018 murat_kvebekov: @georgehotz for background & – needs to be at end of command quickfloor: Stackoverflow background is really Ridiculous Lazysloth: it was april fools, gotta wait till the person managing it wakes up

quickfloor: How does George focus on this keyboard sound? or that is loud for us NMODE: only this year I found out that fools day is in many countries myaocat: hack the gibsons joker2k999: thx for the stream broSki joker2k999: get them diffs in quickfloor: u going to Starbucks tomorrow ? Roundlay: You can change the SE april fools thing with the time icon up top JonThomasK: whats up george quickfloor: @georgehotz u picked the best category bro . this is so Basic myaocat: anyone can explain what is he doing? cant understand 2_kka: Finally caught the stream live, shoutouts to comma ai archive local_root: !uptime

Shinnosky: !favorite_sushi Lazysloth: yay passing you may sleep 2_kka: Also wasn’t George’s twitch channel named tomcroose or something before? I thought I had followed the channel in twitch ages ago but the name’s different now myaocat: hack the planet!! quickfloor: U won ! Roundlay: gg JonThomasK: WE DID IT quickfloor: Good game Roundlay: <3 TODNESSISBAE: nice skinzo1998: NO i just got here xd joker2k999: peace bro quickfloor: !instagram anudeepgi: PogChamp JonThomasK: we instagram famous? myaocat: thanks for streaming although couldn't watch from statt joker2k999: more rants bro Grimonja: Is it 302 redirect? not 307? Grimonja: Went afk for few hours PhosphoricAcid: comfy streams skinzo1998: time difference :( it's ok i'll still watch it on youtube TODNESSISBAE: when are u going to stream again PeterBensch: buh bye buh buy, sweet dreams PokPikachu quickfloor: Angur hoodi ? 2knucklechamp: Please be on tomorrow 2_kka: Quick! Ask about crypto before he’s gone JonThomasK: ill get qira docker going.. been really busy. @georgehotz quickfloor: *augur JonThomasK: bye

quickfloor: Could qira be secend ida pro 😀 ? joker2k999: yea docker gets good. good tool for the tool box TODNESSISBAE: bye pau1riddle: peace th3_maj0r: peaceee 2_kka: Later George Atxpert: i just got in 🙁 ggwpl2p: bye dude myaocat: bb Shinnosky: Grey hoodie cheerrr uuuup anudeepgi: bye TODNESSISBAE: when are u going to stream again Grimonja: Yea i did but on Readme it said 302 alienware997: Bb:) good night:) myaocat: hack the planet!! Grimonja: So just syaing joker2k999: lol Trenz2: have a nice one man ! JonThomasK: “Fuck off with the crypto”… new band name Shinnosky: U right ggwpl2p: lmao TODNESSISBAE: legend myaocat: hack the planet myaocat: hack the planet! joker2k999: he turned into Confucius there at the end. lol