DORM HAUL 2020 | University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

what’s up everybody welcome back to my channel it’s your girl deja and i’m back with another video i feel like it’s been a long time since i like sat down and talked to you guys but i’m so excited about today because i have a dorm haul yes yes yes another college series video if you haven’t checked out my other ones make sure you do so after this video but if you don’t know i’m going into my second year at u of i so i got a few things since i am going to my second year i had to go too crazy this year but i wanted to show you guys some of the things i got because some things are cute and expensive so maybe you can go out and get it as well if you want to see make sure you like comment subscribe to my channel alright for the first item i got a comforter i wanted to get a gray one because gray pretty much goes with anything and i’m going for a more mature vibe this year so i feel like gray is just a great color to go with i got mine from kohl’s for around 60 and i know walmart usually has cheap comforters so you can always check that out but every time i go to walmart like nothing is there nowadays so i was happy to find this comforter and it came with some pillow slips and also i get a full size because full to me even though i have a twin bed like a twin xl to me full it’s just better because i don’t know just more of a comforter and i kind of like my comforter to hang a little you know cover up some things that may be underneath my bed but yes since the comforter i got is very cute along with the comforter i got my sheets and my sheets are for a twin xl bed because i do need my sheets to fit properly and i just got like this gray and white design i think it’s very cute i got it from walmart so it’s inexpensive which was nice and of course i had to get my mattress pad if you haven’t seen my other videos from college i stress getting a mattress pad because it will make a huge difference within your bed it’ll make it so much softer and much more comfortable to sleep in so i got mine from walmart as well also i got this nice white pillow it’s so funny it’s so cute and nice and i think it goes perfectly with my bedding since i am going for like that gray white theme but also have a little few hints of blue and yellow in there if y’all want to see my full dorm make sure you follow my channel because i will be doing a dorm haul to show you guys all of it put together but yes i got this nice cute pillow and i got it from target i’m not gonna lie it was a little pricey i think it was about like 20 dollars but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do so from target i got this body mirror as you see you kind of see me but it’s just a nice long mirror that i usually put up on my door and i get the lighter weight one because i can put like little sticky stuff on the back to hang it up and again i got it from target for around six or seven dollars so it’s nice and cheap but yes i feel like this mirror is essential to have in college so you can see your full outfit see if everything’s looking nice and cute i also got this mirror from tariq and now you may be saying why do you need two mirrors this mirror is perfect for makeup if you want to get clothes put on your lashes to make sure they’re on properly i love this mirror like one side you know it’s closer than the other side a little bit further away so i got this cute mirror also for my room i got this light up box now for this i could pretty much put up any signs it says it comes with 100 letters numbers symbols and emojis so you know really i love positive quotes so i probably put up something positive and change it weekly or monthly depending how how i’m feeling you know but like on here it says relaxing and max and on the back it says light up your life i think that’s cute because the lighter box but yes this is so cute and i got it from five and below so i was shocked to see this i was like okay have i been sleeping on five and below they had some some very cute stuff there so i think if you want to find like some inexpensive cute little accessories from your room definitely check out five and below also from target i got my calendar i love this whiteboard calendar because this is essential to have because in college going to have a lot of dates to put so go to target and get a whiteboard calendar this is so nice and then you don’t have to keep buying one over and over like once you get it you can pretty much just keep it and you can always get the markers to change the colors but this is the color that it came with it’s blue on this side and black on the other and it comes with a little eraser i also got this lamp from target now last year i did have one that little compartments but since i am going

for a certain room theme i just wanted to get black it’s very simple you know cute little lamp and lamps to me are essential because you said at your desk you want a little a little bit more lighting so get you a lamp i got mine from target nice little black lamp this reminds me of disney like when it’s like if you know what i’m talking about you know you know that those were the good days so got a broom and a dustpan to sleep but yes my dustpan just failed but i got mine from the dollar store yes the crazy party is like watch hold on it came in three parts my my dustpan failed hold on here’s my last pin it came with three parts so really it was three dollars you would think it would all come together but it did not but it’s okay because when i went on amazon like the brooms are like 14 and i’m sorry but that’s too much for a room so you know you just put it on twist it boom got the pan sweet because we want to keep our room clean that’s essential you want to keep it clean so if you have anybody coming over but even if you don’t like you just want your room to stay cleaned of course i had to get my hangers yes of course i got way more than this but i like to get a white just just because i don’t know why this is so cute to me it’s a nice neutral color and i’m kind of like what’s the word i’m looking for i don’t know the word but i like to keep my colors a certain way and i want to just keep it white like either white or black i have to have either white or black hangers and of course disinfecting wipes we have to stay clean like now because of the virus like even beforehand like last year i stayed cleaning my door and i love these because it’s so nice to clean your desk with or your refrigerator or your microwave if you want to get some disinfecting wipes and now you need to load up with that i got my hand sanitizer i got the big one because we don’t need a lot it’s probably gone you know probably more after this but i have a big one so it can last a decent amount of time and i also keep little small ones in my purse all the time and along with that rubbing alcohol i like getting alcohol and putting into a spray bottle and just like spraying things down like if you can’t tell like it’s important to stay safe and clean so if you are going to college and moving in don’t think because you’re staying in a dorm like oh things are good like you’re still going outside and coming back in so you want to make sure that you keep everything nice and clean there’s some fans huh big lots i also got a fan now this is so important i got it from big lots it is nice and small but it can get hot in your room so i think it’s important to have a family one and i know some people like to sleep with it because they like the noise so make sure that you get a little fan you don’t need a big one because remember your dorm is pretty small so you want to get a little fan and i got mine from big lots also i got an iron your clothes are going to get wrinkled to get your own iron last year me my roommates shared but since i do have my own room this year i just figured i got my own i don’t know i don’t get like a thing to iron or because i just use my bed like does anybody else do that but i got mine from target so get an iron i’m sorry i don’t have the box to show you guys because i took it out because i wanted to test it beforehand but yes get an iron lastly i got a poster from amazon i don’t want to take it out because i want to wait until i get to my dorm but i’ll insert a picture i love this poster because again it goes to my room theme and make sure that you guys subscribe to my channel because i want you guys to see how all this is going to come together you may be like hmm how is this going to look but trust me it’s going to be cute i made like a whole little plan of my room and i feel like pictures so i can really see how it’s going to look so make sure you subscribe so you can see that also have other college content coming so make sure you subscribe so you can see it make sure you like this video if you enjoyed and also if you’re going to college good luck with your journey and thank you guys so much for watching this video bye