How to Install Cement board, all the steps needed form cutting and installing to waterproofing.

so this is a how-to video on on installing cement back apart from cutting the board to throwing out the walls to prepping the joints and waterproofing the entire system everything that is required to install the board correctly okay so hey how do you cut the rock it’s actually quite simple okay so I need to cut like an inch and a quarter off that end I’m gonna make an L for the curb there cut out like a corner and then I have to cut a hole so to cut to rock also you really have to do with your score and snap it you actually want to try not to use power tools or anything that will create dust because to rock has silicates in it and it’s not good good for you to breathe in so you want to keep the dust down so like I said just score really well with a utility knife and then you bend it back and cut the backside and it’s all done very easy to cut if you want you could also use a carbide scoring tool but then that’s you still need to use utility and I have to cut the the backside of it when when you bend it over so you know durock usually cuts very well with utility knife and the same goes for really any kind of cementations back a unit except for Heidi board which is a little more difficult to cut because it doesn’t doesn’t score that easily so in that case you would use a carbide tool [Applause] [Applause] you’re not going to cut the the hole okay you can get all kinds of fancy tools to cut a hole easiest way to do it get a keyhole saw this is that okay so then you can’t use drywall schools you can’t use anything that’s not coded or protected or galvanized these are actually two rocks truth you can get these ones here get these ones here to rock do not use drywall screws because the chemicals in the the boards are just either away over time so I’ll show you gotta correct screws and you put one every eight inches I don’t want every foot every eight inches these screws first of all they have like a little on the inside they have a little bit of a an edge and what that’ll do is it’ll as you screw it in a grind the door rock sunkens it’ll sit flush and also drywall

screws which aren’t coated will be eaten away by the do rock over time okay so I put this level across here all the studs touch except for this one so I’m gonna shim that out that quarter-inch see this one touches I’m gonna catch it no one touches that one touches that means they’re all in plain but this one here is out by a quarter-inch this here this wall is way out of whack that put this level across yeah as you can see that’s big gap on this side on this side and it’s flat over here so I’m gonna furthest out so I’m gonna shim screw it on and then that’ll be all in place here’s the first thing I did let’s protect the tough this is a brand new tub I want to scratch it and only any crap on ok so I’m putting this new rock on and I further out on the back wall the blogs already episo– you can’t see it but on this wall here and so that the when I put the board on it’ll go over the lip and on top of the lip or behind the lip this way the board will come over this lip and that’s how it’s supposed to go so I’m supposed to go on top or behind that way you keep keep the water out of the wall [Applause] so you might wonder why there’s no vapor barrier well the reason is because I’m gonna waterproof the whole surface of this de Rock so you don’t need a vapor guard behind if you put one in front in fact if you put one in front you don’t put one behind

so I’m staggering the joints I don’t have one line going straight up and down and I’ll fill these pieces in as I go up so I’m putting in the fiberglass mesh tape which is a new rock tape is in its alkali resistant or corrosion resistant tape don’t use drywall tape and contrary well tape will deteriorate over time this has to be alkali resistant you can’t use the drywall version of this it has to be alkali resistant this is what I’m pulling up now and then I’m gonna matter [Applause] okay so this is just since that I’m gonna use and you want to keep that very very thin so you don’t get a hump when your tile it so you just cold over it

fill the joint and keep it thin okay so that’s all done when I try it waterproof it with no waterproof this shower now and in the corners I and in the knee wall I’m gonna put this fabric turn your faucet it’s a fiberglass fabric and let’s get impregnated with the with the little proofing and then I’m gonna call the whole thing with the waterproofing okay so I’m cutting the fabric fleece corners that piece goes in that corner my piece goes in that corner and this goes like this more than a corner like that in this piece goes like that now we’re gonna hit this one over here okay so this is do rock and everyone seems to think that it’s waterproof it’s not what a safe but it’s war not waterful I put a sponge on here just gonna soak up all the water she’s gonna soak it up so you need to waterproof this and coat it with a waterproofing over here don’t need to because Southside the shell but in the shower needs to be completely covered two coats just absorb some of the moisture sucks it right in you want to make sure you wear gloves this stuff gets in hand you’re not get it off okay so see how it’s been sitting for a while and it’s all settled we’ll make sure you start really good get all components all mixed together this is been sitting on the shelf for a while make sure it’s all mixed in together okay so I mixed up the gnarly okay to roll it on you can use a half inch or 3/4 inch in that role I have to be really like thick nap to get it on there good I am gonna give this two coats I’ll put some fabric around the bottom just to make sure everything gets sealed up nice and in the quantities but I’m not going to cover the ceiling now the rock is what is safe but it is not waterproof it will absorb moisture and with enough moisture it will soak all the way through so that’s why you coat it with a waterproofing membrane a liquid apply waterproofing membrane so that the water any water that gets on the durak even if the tiles on it gets behind the tile it will not go through the door the rock and penetrate into the wall cavity that’s why you waterproof it okay so I’m gonna give it a coat with a paintbrush and

see I have that tape after the it’s there I know that the time is going to cover all that edge there so I don’t have to worry about getting it on the top okay so I got it all although Colin isn’t everything on and I’m gonna roll it just in one direction let it dry and then going in

okay so that’s one coat I’m not gonna do the ceiling but that’s one coat on the walls and I went up and down the next coat when this dries we’ll be side to side and that’ll get you that’ll give it full coverage and make the walls waterproof so it’s pretty much dry so I’m gonna give everything a second coat okay so that’s two coats and everything is wonderful obviously it’s gonna dry okay so at the very end here these just a few shots of the finished bathrooms that I was working on I think there’s like four of them and as always and don’t forget to subscribe leave your comments in the comment section below I will leave some links in the description and in the cards and please visit my online store diplomat calm