Get Ready With Me! Using Vegas Haul Products …

okay your life no I don’t know my shirt I think maybe with the pattern oh shoot tap off the excess and then the excess hi everyone welcome back so today’s video I’m sharing with you just a talk through kind of makeup tutorials so just kind of did my makeup for the day I am off to my nephew’s first birthday party so I was just kind of doing my makeup thought I would turn the camera on and just kind of show you step by step what I do so I used a lot of the products that i purchased in Vegas so I talked about all of those in my Vegas hall I’ll have that link down below if you haven’t seen it yet but yeah I’ve kind of been doing this look a lot lately using these products a lot I’ve really been loving them so I thought it’d just be fun to kind of share with you what I do step-by-step when I do my makeup so if you want to see how I got this look step-by-step then just keep watching I’m going to start with my Smashbox photo finish primer I’ve been really liking mice it just feels really refreshing to just kind of spray it on the face it’s super easy and yeah it just really freshens up the face I also like to use a tiny bit of my hourglass primer also so that’s this one here this mineral veil primer I just use a little bit like that much there and I just kind of dot it on remove it in so just like that next I’m going to use my makeup rubber mat velvet plus foundation so this is just my very favorite foundation I am in the shade 30 and I’m using a damp Beauty Blender so this has just been my very favorite way to apply my foundation and then just start dabbing it on you this beauty blender just blends out foundations so well and if you’re ever worried about it being a little bit too heavy something like that it just shears it out slightly where you don’t feel like it’s cakey just gives really beautiful coverage before my under-eye concealer today I’m going to use my mac prolongwear concealer this is in nw20 you just need the tiniest bit so you can see there how much I have but just need the tiniest bit I just kind of warm it up on my finger and just place it under my eyes so yeah I just kind of Pat it like in a little bit of a triangle kind of there just to really brighten under my eyes and then I take the Beauty Blender again to blend that in so for setting my under eye concealer I really like this laura mercier secret brightening powder so it’s just like a loose kind of translucent powder but it’s just got a little bit of a brightening effect and I find it really makes my concealer last all day without creasing so for anybody that doesn’t know you always always want to set your under-eye concealer otherwise it will crease it will make your eyeliner or eyeshadow kind of fall down below your eyes so you always want to set it with a powder and this one is my favorite next before I set my face with powder I’m going to use my Chanel bronze Universal makeup base the so late and a Chanel so I talked about this in my last video my Vegas hall and I’m going to use this kind of more pointed brush from Real Techniques this is they’re actually really their actual they’re blush brush I’m going to use that because I like kind of the domed shape of it I think it’s really great for applying bronzer and I’m kind of

going to be contouring a little bit with this as well but not a harsh contour because it is just daytime so I start just up at my forehead and you want to put this on before you put on your powder on your face like setting powder because you can’t put cream over powder so so I just kind of put it where the Sun would naturally hit so just on my forehead there and then I’m just going to kind of sleep i’m not going to do a really intense contour but i’m just going to kind of sweep it like under my cheekbone there you can see it gives a really really beautiful natural contour i’m loving it and you would you might think or worry that a cream product might be hard to work with but i haven’t found that so far so far it’s such a light cream that it um it just blends in so easy and kind of quickly goes to like a powder finish I’m just going to do a little bit down the sides of my nose that’s it for that and then next I’m going to kind of set that cream with an actual like contour powder so I’m going into my Anastasia contour kit this middle shade here is really great for contouring it has kind of a cooler tone to it so um that’s kind of the idea with contouring is creating a shadow so you don’t want to go with anything too warm shade so like a traditional bronzer doesn’t always work because you can risk starting to look kind of muddy um and not really as natural like the idea again of the contours to create a shadow so a shadow would typically be more black or gray we also don’t want to put black or grin on your face so it’s more of just like a bronzer tone with a little bit of cooler with it but I find with my skin tone it’s a little bit too cool tone so I kind of like to mix these two here sometimes I mix all three um I find it it works either way so I just tap off the excess and then the excess not the access and then I just kind of go over where I use that cream bronzer and always work it right into your hairline because you don’t want it to just stop right before your hairline you really just I really like to just make it look as natural as possible I like to look I obviously look like I’m wearing makeup but I don’t like there to be any harsh lines anything like that so again just go over where you contoured before so the idea of contouring up here is number one it does warm up the face because it’s kind of where the Sun would actually hit and then number two its limbs out the face you’re kind of creating a shadow back here just slim out the face and brighten a in front then I kind of just take my brush and pinch it and do the sides of my nose now everybody has to do this like if you have a slimmer nose then you maybe wouldn’t want to do this and then you kind of do under the lip too just to create like a little shadow for a powder your lip um but I always you don’t you want to be careful with contouring your nose because you’d never want it to look like there’s dark on your nose so always really blend it out as much as you can and then next I’m going to set kind of the rest of my face just with my regular face powder so I really like the mac mineralize skinfinish and I where the shade medium it looks like that I’m kind of almost out of that and I’m using for this the Sigma tapered face brush this is the f 25 if I forgot to mention any other brushes I’ll list them all down below the ones that I use and then I kind of just put this on the rest of my face that I didn’t just put that contour powder just to set my foundation because I don’t want to move and you always want to Pat it in especially areas like down here where i concealed you want to Pat in the powder it’s that way you’re not rubbing away what you just did and then

even though I already contoured I’m just going to warm up my face a little bit more so I’m gonna do my Milani baked bronzer for that if I wasn’t using the cream bronzer so the chanel bronzer I would do my regular kind of bronzer first to warm up my face and then I like to go in and contour but again because you can’t use this after you powder your face um I did that first so i’m sure i’ll do another video one day kind of showing how I would do it the opposite way not using that Chanel product if you’re looking for a more inexpensive version of this I have heard that Sonia Kashuk makes a good one as well it’s aight just like a cream bronzer and i’ve heard good reviews on that so i have not tried it so i can’t confirm that but and then with this i’m kind of again just kind of going over where I did but I’m doing it a little more messy because I just want to again warm up my face I’m kind of just going in the areas that the Sun would naturally hit so I’m kind of going more the tops of my cheekbones here just kind of down my neck just to make my face look a little more promised I’m done with that next I’m going to go in with my blush sometimes do blush last sometimes I do it first so you know if you do a lot on your eyes and then you go and put blush on and you kind of feel like whoa it’s a little bit too much you can kind of control that by doing your blush first and then you can kind of work with your eyes and kind of step by step see how much you really want to do so okay I’m going to do my blush next I’m going to use my new one from NARS this is in the shade deep throat so it’s just a really pretty peachy color and I love my Sigma large angled contour brush for this this is the f40 just kind of dust it on do that awkward smile since that is the blush I absolutely love this blush I’ve been using it non-stop since I got it I like forgot about all the other blushes in there since that I like to take a big powder brush after and just kind of blend that all out just to make sure that there’s no harsh lines again I will go in and highlight a little bit narrow I’m going to use my Sigma tapered highlighter brush the f-35 and I’m going to use my Bobby Brown highlight powder in bronze glow looks like that it is so pretty there is one coming out by estee lauder i think in march called heatwave that looks very similar to this they launched that every every year than every spring so it looks very similar to this so i’ll let you guys know um even on my Instagram or something like that when that is launched because I’ll probably be going to pick it up so since you can’t get this anymore you might be able to get your hands on that which is really similar this is gonna be so pretty for summer and so I kind of just do the tops of my cheekbones here kind of if contours here blushes here think of highlight being there so you want to highlight your cheekbones so they’re kind of standing out more that makes sense and then see I’m over here I kind of bring it up a little bit kind of over my eyebrows down the bridge of my nose and then I do the top of my lip there because again we kind of put some bronzer under here or some contour under there and then you highlight up top so just kind of mix the lips a little more pouty okay so that’s it for the face next I’m going to do my brows I mean use something different today I’ll show you guys what it is so I just received this in the mail for my professional kit so this is the make up for ever aqua brow and I am loving it it looks a little bit intimidating because you’re thinking like why would it be in a tube how is that going to be easy to apply but I actually find it really easy my favorite brush is the stigma angled brow brush so I just dab about that much on my hand that’s probably even way too much and first I just brush my brows out just with a spoolie and then I just take a little bit of this on the brush and kind

of wipe a little bit off and then I just kind of start filling them in I’ll kind of just take a splean and just brush that all through and I go pretty hard with this just to really kind of brush it out so it doesn’t look too harsh ok so my brows are done so now I’m going to just take my brow gel here and just kind of work that through and make sure they stay in place all day so next we move on to the eyes so this is just pretty fairly simple look so I’m starting with my mac paint pot in the color soft ochre and just going to put that on my lids and I like to kind of set that I’m using um this is the morphe jaclyn hill favorite eyeshadow palette if you guys want to see like a full video on this or see and he looks using this palette just let me know but um basically from the company morphe this is about twenty seven dollars for all of these shadows they’re really great quality I’ve started using some of them I really really liked them and Jaclyn hill is a makeup artist she is very famous here on YouTube and she basically just developed this with them and um she picked up all of her favorite shades of their eyeshadows so I’m using just this one here and I’m just setting that paint pot and I’m kind of taking that um highlighting under my brow bone a little bit as well this is a slight shimmer to it usually I don’t love shimmer on my brow bone but i find this one is just very slight so it’s not that bad then i’m going to take this shade here and put it in my crease as my transition shade you could also use bronzer as i have told you guys in the past but it’s figured since i have this out may as well use that best way to apply transition shade on your brush like a big fluffy brush like this is to kind of roll it in so just kind of roll it in there and then top it off and then that way it’s all over your brush so that way when you’re sweeping it back and forth it’s covered on all angles of that brush so you’re real going to get a nice blended out crease look and again like I talked about in one of my recent videos this is just to transition whatever color you put on your eyes um it’s to define your crease a little bit to kind of contour out that crease but it’s just to make it so you don’t just have I shadow and then nothing next I’m going to take my very favorite eyeshadow lately this is the mac pigment in 10 this is so pretty and I’ve been using it non-stop so you can use a brush I find I love putting pigments on just with my finger because you really get the color packed on that way and that’s one less tool you have to use to which is nice and I’m just going to take a clean brush so this is just a sigma e25 blending brush and just kind of go around the edges just to clean up and blend it out like that I’m going to take a little bit of that color that I put on my crease as well just use the same brush and put it underneath there too that’s that next I’m going to do my liner I’m going to start with just this julep gel I glider I love this eyeliner i find this stuff stays put all day and i’m just going to kind of put that i’m

going to go in a liquid liner so it doesn’t have to be too perfect so I’m just gonna do my liquid liner in my mascara and then I will come back I have a whole video on this so I’ll link it down below if you’re interested in seeing it but I figured no point in wasting your time showing you again because it’s the exact same technique so I’m going to do that and I’m gonna be right back okay so almost done i’m just going to move on to my lips so I’m going to line them with my two based perfect nude lip liner and i think i’m going to use my new lipstick from Mac that I talked about in my hall in cream cup I’m just really feeling the light kind of pink slightly but i’m going to put down a base first one of my other favorite MAC lipsticks and this is in the shade plumb full I absolutely love this shade so really pretty kind of plum shade and then i’m going to put cream cup on top of it sometimes cream cup is quite light just like that and then I’m going to top it with one of my favorite lip glosses this is from Gerard cosmetics in the shade shimmer of hope alright so that is it i hope you enjoyed the video i hope you enjoyed this little kind of talk through tutorial get ready with me style video i thought it’d be fun to show you guys some of the products that i purchased in that last haul from vegas I’ve really been using these products all a lot lately and kind of doing this look a lot so it’s fun to share it and that is it so subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already I’d really appreciate it give this video a thumbs up if you liked it if you want me to do more kind of talk through get ready with new style videos and I am off to my nephew’s first birthday party it is family day here in Canada so it’s perfect way to spend the day so yeah that’s it I will see you guys next week bye you