GCP: Motives Cosmetics Review

hey guys my living room because I’m doing some stuff in my studio and so I my setup isn’t um up the way usually is so I’m gonna talk about motives cosmetics and I’ve mentioned this in a couple of videos so i wanted to get it out to you guys cuz i’ve gotten quite a few questions about the stuff that i’ve shown you guys so i’m going to talk about first i guess i’m gonna start off with what i like the most and then go from there i met up with a rep from motives cosmetics to talk about motors the company and she brought some stuff for me to check out and try out and I asked her if I can use them you know and review them on my channel or on my blog and she said no problem so that’s why I’m doing this review so this stuff was given to me by the rep I had heard of motives cosmetics before a couple of years ago and I always wanted to try them because you guys know I love trying new on brands and products and stuff and I did see them at the makeup show last year but by the time I got to their booth or they’re spaced it was like the end of the day and I had no more money I definitely have been wanting to try their stuff so I was really excited to try it I have to say before I even start the review that I’m pleasantly surprised by the products this stuff really surprised me in the fact that pretty much everything she gave me I liked you know so I was excited about that okay so the first thing we’re going to talk about are the nail polishes she gave me three and this one you’ve seen this one is spanked me looks like this and this was in a few videos back maybe two or three and then this one is cold it’s a party girl and that is what I’m wearing and then this one is called Oh Maryland so first we’re going to talk about the packaging I like the packaging because it’s square and it’s different and I like the handle because if you guys can notice it is the same as an arse packaging which makes it really easy for opening if it’s too tight um you know sometimes you have to grab something that doesn’t slip this is very easy for grip so I like that and I just like the packaging I think it’s cute and it’s different these run I believe 525 on the website which is decent I mean you could find some cheaper but it’s decent enough and I think that they last really really long I mean I’ve had this three weeks and it’s just now kind of you know getting to to the end where I need to kind of change ain’t no chipping arm or anything like that its pretty long lasting and I have to say the consistency is really nice I don’t know what it was different from this from others but it goes on really smooth this is what the brush looks like it’s kind of I didn’t compare it to anything else that I have but it seems to be a little bit thicker then the other ones that i have i guess maybe that my mac so maybe that’s what helps with the application I don’t know the consistency is any different than anything else but it really does go on easier and kind of neat usually when i’m doing i do my own nails so usually when I’m doing my right hand with my left hand it’s usually a hot mess and it was actually you know like a lot of cleanup i should say but that was in the case this time you know this is a minimal amount of cleanup so I like that ok the next thing I’m going to talk about is their eye base it’s actually there I primer this is what it looks like I showed it to you in the last video and this is the inside and I’ll of primers and bases but this primer I really like because it’s in I like the packaging the packaging is really like just classy and simple you know just kind of like the black the pot nothing fancy so the consistency to this is really nice ok first of all it goes I’m really smooth this is what it looks like here and I’m just going to put a little more top when you’re putting it on it if you don’t if you’re not looking at it you don’t even know that there’s something on your skin because you don’t feel it goes on like silk the other thing about it that I like it goes on like a cream to powder type thing so you know how sometimes you put on your base your your primer and you’re not going to put on a base like a paint part of something and you decide to put like in all of a wash of color to help the other colors blend easier this is a two-for-one you don’t even need that because this turns into a light powder and it really does help the shadows blend effortlessly and that was the one thing that really drew me to it the shadows blend in you know they grade e-8 together really nicely nice gradient effect I got so I really like that and the next product i’m going to talk about is the eye shadows which work really well with this bait with this primer or they call it I base but I also tested them separately so i’ll talk about that

the only downfall that i saw with this is that I felt like if you use too much you’re going to get creasing so you have to definitely go with the little goes a long way rule you don’t need a lot if you add too much to it you’re going to fit especially if you have oily lids you’re going to get that creasing right in the crease and it’s not cute also because it kind of turns into a powder you’re gonna get like it’s not going to blend properly so you definitely just need to use a light hand apply it and make a clear smooth canvas out of it and that’s it you don’t need extra product at all so that was the only thing that you have to make sure you use the proper amount okay next but I will say it’s long lasting if you put the proper amount that was no creasing whatsoever I used it all day you know like I guess an eight-hour workday or whatever now we’re going to go on to the shadows these are the two that she gave me and this is what the packaging looks like okay this one is plum cold sweet plum and it looks like this and I’m wearing it right now on the lid okay underneath i have artifact paint pop but it’s pretty much like the same colors this this is a really pretty beautiful plum color I like the packaging because it reminds me of inglot the frosted and it’s a little bit thick but I think it’s cute there is a nice simple packaging and these shadows remind me of Urban Decay’s deluxe shadows the consistency really smooth almost kind of creamy but not if you know what I’m saying because obviously they’re powder but um yeah and it go they go on again they blend really easily at first I thought maybe it was their base that kind of works together with the shadows but I tried the shadows with my other bases and my other arm primers like to face and they work the same so I know it’s the consistency of the shadow itself then I also tried the eye base with other shadows like urban decay and mac and they also worked well with this you know with the eye base so they work great together but they also work great separately so it’s the product itself and not just the fact that you put them together so I wanted to make sure of that they also have a like a list of dupes that they have for mac they run I believe twelve dollars for a single so the couple dollars less than mac but they’re the same size and you know some people there are colors that they just can’t find maybe in their store it’s always out of it or they don’t have a store and they have to order it or whatever the case maybe even just to try a new brand it might be a good idea to you know for a couple dollars less to get a dupe of a color that you can’t find or dupe of a color that you want and kind of try out a different brand and you know I think that’s a great way to try you know a different brand and still get on something familiar and i have here bedroom eyes and this one is a pretty topi color looks like that and i have it on my crease right there okay so it’s like in the outer corner and in the crease just kind of blend it in there and it also this one is more of a shimmer the other one is has a like a little bit of Sheen to it but this one’s more of a shimmer you could see but if the consistency is still the same it’s not chunky it’s still smooth and easy to use but it does have quite a bit of fallout so you have to be careful you know with that but other than that I mean I think the shadows are pretty nice at least the ones I tried ok then the next thing I’m going to show you is one of my favorite products which I’ve been using it is the powder blush bronzer jewel that I showed you guys in the last video again the frost is you know black and big mirror and this is what it looks like so really pretty you can see I did swatches here and I’m just going to swipe it over one more time this is the blush this is the bronzer the bronzer is kind of like a brownish peach color and the lush isn’t like a peachy pink I would say the blush reminds me of deep throat it’s not like orgasm it’s more pinky than orgasm what I want to say about this is the consistency of their powder products are really easy to work with really blendable I don’t know what it is it’s kind of like makes everything effortless with whatever brush you’re using I mean that’s what I found in those products the shadows and this um you know blush bronzer door I’m wearing the bronzer now just kind of like here it’s almost like

my skin tone just kind of leaves gives my skin tone a little bit of a peachy tone to it so you know I use it with a light hand but it kind of like I can blend it into my skin so if you are darker than me I you know wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re going to use some kind of base underneath because you’re not going to be able to see it as a bronzer but you it does have a sheen to it so you could probably use it almost as a highlight i would say because it has this really pretty chin to it let me see if i can show you his you see it it kind of has like a glow so you can probably put a cream blush underneath and then pop this on top with a sheen either here or even here if you’re darker if you’re lighter you can use it as a blush you can use it as a bronzer and the blush definitely if you’re darker you can probably use it a bright base underneath and then pop this on top because they both have this really beautiful Sheen to it so it’s going to give you color I definitely this is one of my favorite things i would recommend i really really like this okay then two thing three lip products the first one is for t FY lip treatment this is what it looks like and I’ve been using this since you gave it to me a couple of months now and i’m going to show you the consistency it’s like this it’s just seeped through even though it looks pink it smells kind of minty and the consistency is really nice is really smooth and from what she told me this is a treatment so the more you use it the better it helps your lips the consistency is really smooth and moisturizing but at the same time it leaves you this nice like glossy look I’ve wanted by yourself and gotten compliments like what lipstick am I wearing so it definitely brings out the pigment in your lips if your lips are pigment it has helped with my lips because I do bite them I’ll put this on it it will immediately soothe the area and also you know with it a couple of hours I’ll see a difference of you know the area looking smooth and not so cut definitely doing its job is it better than any other lip treatment that I’ve used I can’t really say I think it’s kind of like the same so I think it’s just a preference of brand and anything is gonna help my lips doesn’t really matter i will use it you know i would recommend it definitely be looking to try a different type of lip treatment something that’s going to be long lasting and kind of be an actual treatment we’re at the end you’re going to see on better results for your lips whatever definitely would recommend that i’m going to talk about the lipstick which i’m wearing okay it is cold DEP you know this is pinks and this is what the packaging looks like okay and it’s like pink color it’s just so simple packaging and this is the color and it’s a pretty pink I’m gonna say and it’s a blue pink looks like that I’m wearing it now and i’ll show you what i’m wearing on top of it but the consistency to the lipsticks are really nice they are smooth they’re satin like they’re not too creamy and they’re not Matt they give you you could wear it with a gloss you could wear it alone if you wear it alone it still looks like you kind of do want a little bit of gloss so it gives you a nice Sheen they’re not drying and their long lasting so these are definitely worth it i don’t know if that have different ones with different consistency but this one in this particular package if it’s the only one because it says he rich formula lipstick so i don’t know if there’s a different formula very pigmented and goes on very smooth so i like it on top of it i’m wearing deputy Tom pink lip gloss this is what the packaging looks like it’s a little bit smaller than Mac a little bit shorter and a little bit skinnier this is a peachy pink looks like that and I’m wearing it on top of the lipstick what it does is if you wear it alone it gives you a nice Sheen with color especially if you have pigment ellipse it will really come through if but it’s buildable so if you want more color that out of it you’re going to get it they’re not super pigmented but they’re not sheer so you can build it and get color you will be able to see this PG pink color if you wear it over a lipstick it looks really great because it gives that lipstick the pop of color if you wear it over lipstick that’s not like the exact color whatever it will it’s pigmented enough that it will change the color of what you’re wearing because I put it over this pink and they’re not exactly the same and it sort of made the lipstick a little more peachy than pinky so it will change the color of your

lipstick you know so that tells you that it does have pigmentation to it I like the consistency it is not sticky it sort of reminds me of spell on cosmetics lip glosses just a little less moisturizing these sort of remind me of that and that’s what I like about it it’s not sticky it goes on well they’re pigmented or they can eat just kind of like a sheer gloss over without being too sheer without color I’m gonna leave the one product that I wasn’t crazy about for the end so this one is cool 10 years makeup setting spray looks like this okay this spray I’m just going to read you what it says hydrates and smooth surfaces it’s a weightless missed holds foundation eyeshadow blush concealer its oil free and paraben free and this is for Flo ounces in the back it says anti-aging for your makeup provides natural glow and hydrates to keep makeup from from setting into lines and pores so you guys know how I feel about like sprays and stuff I like the cinema secrets I like makeup forever and I do use fixed plus this one I like because of the fact that it is an anti-aging for your makeup which is great I love the way this smells it smells really really good when your spray is like a nice missed it dries pretty quick and how and really does help the makeup to stay in place and what I do sometimes when I use like something powdery because I do have though I spots that I talk to you about I spray this either over it or I put it on it in a sponge or brush and dab it on and it really helps to take care of those dry areas I do feel that it hydrates and smooth my my face after I put makeup and I even use it you know most of the time I don’t wear makeup so I even just spray this and just sprayed all over my face after I’ve washed it and just like moisturize and do my regular routine that doesn’t include makeup and put this on and I feel that it has helped with the dry areas and has kept my face hydrated which is very important for me and these dry patchy areas that i have so i would definitely recommend this spray this is thing that I’m gonna definitely buy again I’m going to see they’re gonna have it at the makeup show because I’m gonna pick up another bottle of this one they do have I think two or three more different sprays this is the 10 year younger one but they do have I think maybe another two more so I might even try the other two and get another bottle of this to have so this would be great also in your kit for people with older skin you know will help to hydrate the skin and smooth the surface and any type of lines the last thing this is the gel eyeliner in little black dress looks like this this is what it looks like inside so as you can see I’ve used it I have it on right now here on the lash line I don’t have it below below I have urban 2k0 but on the lash line I put it on just so I can show you guys what the makeup looks like on okay to be fair I think that this one is dried out okay if you can look into it right there’s no dent I’ve used it several times but it’s not creamy it’s hard you can’t even dig into it you could see is pigment it’s pigmented and you can use it it’s not dry to the point where you can’t use it so I don’t know if this is how they to be or if this one is just drying out and you know because I you smudge pots and you know when you put your brushing you dip it it goes in to the product this one I kind of have to just scrape on top of it and you get plenty of product because I used it but it doesn’t dip in and I feel like you know you have to you know you have to scrape on top which is fine it might save your product because it still does work but it’s what you have to work even faster to put it on because once you know it sets pretty fast because it’s not Joe like like it’s supposed to be or like I would think it would be you know when you call it a gel eyeliner so when you put it on your kind of like you know you got to work fast and you know you kind of have to drag the brush to get the color on and then go over it again because you know you I feel like you’re pulling you know tugging at the eyelid and I don’t like that so especially here that’s what bothered me about it so in defense of the product I don’t know if this is dry and maybe that’s why it’s like or if that’s the way the product is supposed to be then I’m not crazy about it so yeah this was the only thing that I wasn’t crazy about but everything else I really liked the if this if this is actually you know gel-like and that’s the way it’s supposed to be and I think it’s you know just like any other gel eyeliner maybe like black track or whatever it is ok so I hope you guys enjoyed that so all the information is going to be down below all the prices that I could come up with I’m gonna put

a link to her website a link to her blog and any questions on any other products just let me know put it in the comment alright guys thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you