GLOCO's Gaming Setup / Condo Tour

so a lot of you guys have been requesting me to do a gaming set up video and yeah we’re gonna do that today guys and I’m also going to show you around my this this [ __ ] no its home guys so and also watch out for the end of this video maybe in the middle of the video I’ll be giving you guys details about my giveaway for these holidays guys it’s going to be a steam wallet and riot points I don’t know guys but anyway let’s start this [ __ ] so guys that’s my workplace yeah from here it looks very messy but if we zoom in its gonna look a bit more Messier ok let’s check it out guys here we go okay so here’s my PC guy suppose assembled my my friend and number one hater Leland burn ah ooh poor cable management ok guys so let’s start with this box so this is a gtx 770 and intel i5 4 570 and 8 gigabyte ram unit and that’s pretty much all I need for now and also here’s my my condominium keys yeah look at that from baguio city lots of those there guys check him out alright and also um here’s how this is pretty much my setup I have two monitors here one for my game and one for 4 I mean I’m sorry hentai I mean I’m sorry I’m for my other stuff [ __ ] why hello there mister is j-4000 otherwise known as go poor action camera yeah it’s so guys actually um this has been my FaceCam ever since and it’s very reliable as you can see my videos are pretty clear now this costs around when I bought it goes around 5000 pesos but now it just costs around 2000 because there are better more better ones than this one so oh yeah check out its its mouth look at that look at that look at that move its teeth on the freaking and a freaking on a freaking picnic because cuz tripods are too mainstream guys guys I think you recognize this character it’s don’t [ __ ] actually Domo Mike good this is my Mike guys this is a oh [ __ ] it’s amazing the wrong way oh here we go it’s a Sampson cos vu condenser microphone it’s very reliable I’ve been using this microphone ever since I started my channel and it gives me my you know it makes my annoying voice a lot more clearer and less annoying than it is now karati what’s up with this angle there you come again the night I used to have a pop filter over here and but now I use domo-kun thank you very much Matt decent for giving me this domo-kun wallet now I have a makeshift pop filter so you don’t need expensive stuff to to produce quality audio okay guys here’s my keyboard so it’s illuminating Yi this is courtesy of of Milan gadgets actually turns purple turns blue and turns red that’s pretty much it I always put it on red cuz it invigorates me so umm yeah this I want this a surprise get away from that ramble royal radio show that was on for a couple of months ago so shout out to rumble Royale community guys they’ve given me a lot of cool stuff and then my mouse is a simple a4tech mouse and then garena mouse pad it’s written dirty already that I got from the rampage 2015 event ok back to my monitors guys so my big monitor is around 23 inches and it’s a KTC brand what I really loved about this it’s actually not a monitor it’s a television unit and what I liked about it is that it had – it has sorry it has two HDMI ports and also it has a USB port that can actually play a multi formatted videos and stuff you know you can play subtitled stuff guys it’s nice this one on the other hand is a Philips I don’t know I bought its it’s 18 inches so I just wanted to have a new secondary monitor so that I can record games a lot more efficiently and very efficient and so far it works yeah all this stuff here is my whiteboard I don’t know you’ve seen my unboxing videos I always put this there and my other headphones which

is I use this for my it’s a cool out headphone I use this for my for the ps4 controller the child show you later on as for my main um my main headphones it’s a razer Carcharias cybot the second hand it’s actually dying already like I had to suck I have to googan the [ __ ] out of it of the cable just to keep it working so I’m very sorry guys and the mic doesn’t really work that well so that’s why yeah you pker right it’s pretty cool sounds are still pretty nice on top of my monitors it’s an a4 tape PK 920 I think so it actually records in full HD 1080p but I don’t use this for my videos I only use this for live streaming and for Skype so yeah I recommend this this thing yeah now let’s go on to the top of the desk oh god Jesus Christ what happened here don’t ask me guys oh look it’s ducky ducky gorilla remember my my unboxing video guys godlike you can make him pop or something let’s see wait a moment oh no ha ha ha ha ha that was too fast good ok let’s see you guys whoa whoa so on top of the desk yes of course my desk lamp I always turn this on when I’m recording some videos so that you can see my dark face so pretty much take forward and guys here’s one of my babies our babies guys so our ps4 which was born out of the hard work and the support of everyone and my channel thank you very much again for this ok guys this is our unit and this is the ps4 control and I put the remember that this headphone I actually put it here in this this thing whole something yeah cool and lastly I want you guys to see my background it’s ever a lot of people are curious what’s behind glop oh it’s just a freaking life illustration board big ass illustration board too you know see you can’t even you can’t even tell what’s behind me with its zoom in like this so but what’s hilarious is how I managed to do this one of our electric phone units got busted so I decided to turn it into makeshift stand right I yeah yeah yeah I like a body’s I can move it around on different angles so it’s pretty cool that might change this to a green-screen future so I’m gonna miss you oh yeah yes so guys I’m just outside my room so it’s over here and I’m gonna tell you where I knew all right so we’re gonna come in guys I’m gonna show you my crib yeah life is over all right guys so here we go let’s start the condo tour so welcome to our condom that started the kitchen guys so here’s let me put all our drugs and also this is a table full of dirty dishes and whoa what’s this Oh KFC man ice tea from three days ago yeah what’s over here the [ __ ] is there the [ __ ] is this holy crap all right so this is the kitchen where I do my show cookie you remember that trouble get your video guy is this [ __ ] this we’re all it happened so yeah we puts the used oil here and we reuse it you know someone’s been cooking here and also some rice from five days ago yeah Jesus Christ what are you doing there dawg all right okey celebrations there yeah guys to tell you the truth it it’s usually a lot meant more messier in this place like aa whole lot Messier believe me guys my name is Natasha ganito ganito Paulo Manila snake eyes Melissa ho is I gonna do the get it on each other and more dirty dishes yeah I need to fix that dripping Ricky thing punch on my friend

alright and a full trash bin guys what did you expect is this this is a gamer’s then guys we recently had an extermination yesterday and then they’re all dead like there are hundreds of cockroaches here guys and they’re even living in my keyboard okay guy let’s now go to the living room so here’s the casting couch this is where I sleep and this is where we put our clients in this is the tripod to set things up you know and then this that’s where we do the interview with the girls or young boys or something okay so we need to make a profit guys the guys it’s spider-man and he has a stiff neck why because he’s freaking full guys oh god this thing Elliot’s [ __ ] I’ve been filling this guy up with five peso and ten peso coins and he’s almost full that’s just a little bit more I’ll make a video of unloading him in the next time next time look at how dirty this glass this mirrors are Oh God Jesus okay guys so here’s a POV of my of the casting couch so it’s you me there yeah okay guys so I actually want really I actually chose to sleep here this was supposed to be a couch for visitors but I decided to make it my bed because it’s closer to the PC so if I need urgent business I’ll go right away there Oh I’ll show you guys the the view outside okay I think a lot of you guys remember me like doing stuff outside this place all right here we go here’s a nice good old view of Vito cruise there’s the V kuis LRT station and yeah I guess now you know where I live yeah law imagine commuting on that yeah so now guys I’m gonna show you the bedroom here we go this is oh by the way there are four people living in this condominium me my little brother and two my other roommate so this is where they usually are with all this see or do their business or you know if you have customers we put them here and then they have fun or something okay so I’m by the way our rent in this condominium is around 20,000 pesos only so for four there are four of us we’d like to pay only six thousand each with two big and corriente already I can say this is the bathroom pretty nice and let me show you the toilet why is there by gun here you know guys you know the terrors of bathroom and there are spiders or cockroaches Theresa so yes nice take a shower guys all right what the [ __ ] am I doing with this video Oh guys so that’s pretty much it for my gaming setup and condom tour now guys I have some other announcements to make umm so I want to I want to use this time to thank you guys for all the support you’ve given me for my channel for go for gaming or um for the 1 million total views in my channel for the eight thousand five hundred fifty something subscribers that I have in my channel right now thank you very much guys now I also want to announce guys that I’ll be giving away steam wallet codes and riot points so I vow to give away around 500 pesos worth of steam wallet or signal or not end or riot points so this is how we’re gonna do it guys so I’m going to leave a giveaway link on the description below now I’ll be choosing the winners all right drawing the winners okay a lot of people have a problem doctor choosing okay so I’ll be randomly drawing the winners around the end of this year guys so because I’ll be on a holiday at some time next week so I won’t be online that much so what’s nice about this giveaway is that if you’re the winner you get to choose whether you’ll get a steam wallet code or a riot point code so but either way um each of them will be worth 100 ok guys so that means I vow to give five lucky winners a

right point or a steam wallet code whichever you want guys ok so guys I’m also calling out to those very generous people since this this season forgiving that you can p.m. me in Facebook in my facebook page or in youtube if you want to donate a steam wallet code or a riot point to be given as well on the by the end of this year so that means we there’s a possibility that we might have more than 5 winners courtesy of those generous people you can also give away some money call this not just steam wallet codes but also some game combs or something or a new game so it’s up to you guys just let me know ok guys and I’ll include you in the giveaway video or something so are we clear guys about the giveaway if you have any questions about the giveaway just leave it in the comments below ok guys and also I want to take this opportunity to thank my patreon and my three loyal patrons Lyndon Baines she’s been she’s been supporting me ever since much I hope and up by my my patreon account and also Jason imperio they’re the top paid my top patriots right now they receive around $15 from them every month that helps me out a lot and they’re the reasons why I was able to buy this this camera that we’re using right now so big big thanks to them guys and if ever you also want to support me in patreon if you have a credit card with something and you want support me financially for the channel for the upgrade of it for the betterment of the channel then go ahead and go to my patreon page in pledge or if you’re from the Philippines and if you want to support local gaming financially then just contact me in Facebook or in my youtube channel so that we can discuss terms on how you can help my channel financially or or whatever if you want to give but I want to assure you guys that all the donations and all the financial aid that you guys give me always go straight to the upgrading of my channel now I want to discuss some some plans as well in the future that I’ll be doing in this coming 2016 so I’ll be I have plans on doing some video games social experiments so this is kind of like mega64 what we do is I’ll be applying some video game elements in public okay guys it’s kind of like a prank but I’ll make sure that I won’t offend anyone I’ll just make I’ll make sure this the pranks are something that everyone will enjoy so I won’t do anything offensive guys I hate those kind of France you know pranks that will actually ruin your day now I’m not going to do something like that I am going to do some social experiments that will involve video games and also it will pop my aim is to give the people either a funny reaction or a what the [ __ ] reaction but ah but not to the point that people ruin their day okay so I assure that and also some comedy skits I’ve been doing some comedy skits for a while now just very short ones you know the anime first reality stuff and also I’ll be collaborating with other youtubers in the future gaming youtubers and also some I’m also planning to do this new channel where I repair these some anime opening so it’s still in the works guys so look forward to that if ever and yeah that’s pretty much it for my plans for this 2016 other plans will be a surprise I assure that all right so um what else oh yeah secret roll a lot of people have been requesting this okay guys I’m going to show you guys how to properly roll okay guys faker his role was fake he did this straight role that hits his spine that’s dangerous guys when your role you have to protect your spine so you have to make it roll diagonally on your back okay guys door I learned just from Assassin’s Creed Hey all right here we go guys so when you start off with this decision and then your hands over here so that you make sure that you roll to the side okay guys so here we go stupidity okay guys so for everyone who wanted a shout out from me here we go oh yeah by the way for everyone I I’m sorry I cannot do the requests right now there were too many requests so I can’t do that maybe in another video ok guys so anyway shout out to Allen Jason be RvR in Clarence he reserved video and we going to guilty Velazquez are red Marcelo San Miguel Christian die : vo Daniel by

Augustine jr. John Lester are a mousou Christian Paola velena and also what he called his hahaha increasing or even re LDPC ravenmane the opposite Francis Allen Topsy Daniel bruja tapasya Elvin Jones abou Yin dong Shi Wu ji Christian C Gonzaga cgn 220 just Rio Caya C Kimball Paulo cynical Sam Santos is Gerald Mercado CG Mishima C and moon surrender you perplex Giorgio Caius originally Mikkel see Alan Lawrence Caesars ex gaming’s zero elder gacho can tell Renzo Rondo the store Carl Jefferson Pegula and Max Salvador Brian Abadis jamjam proto Monty and Clemente Anton van divine for Tainan pardon me chanel dynamo Neil Matthew Lawrence Fran Aldo sloppier GI caverns very logical and Ernie Ignacio CRX in Valdez Valdez what see John Vic mundo pressin k-state abuse Paul Joshua L Cruz and usually Bo and see free Guinea Flores oh god guys Oh guys soon baboon okay guys so thank you thank you very much guys for watching my gaming setup condo tour give away information and shout out and faker tumble video so I hope you guys enjoyed SOTA nominee Chara Metallica I’m gonna do this in Tagalog already I think you know what I’m saying shout out thing Apple a subpoena my kendama by Cebu Mendoza by cos it ain’t Chan Chan I really miss you boy good luck in poeple ocelot Omega take no board exams a Lysander sing this coming Karen back I don’t know that was the Vatican in Alamut there are anyways good luck to them especially summer and all USD College of Nursing Jenny guys rule can you guys 100% guys ok I’m happy holidays to everyone I hope you guys enjoy your time with your families and also take care always guys and I’ll see you guys again in my next videos I hope you guys continue to support global gaming and we’ll have more fun in the next for the years to come put the paper on driver boy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year people