Akiic ToDaHead Play Farming Sim 15 Mini Series on Gamsting E3- Map Update

hello hello hello friends and neighbors it’s me a kick to the head we are back farming sim 13 our correction farming sim 15 on the gamma stick map and we are back now what we’ve done is if you remember last episode we had harvested the field collected all the straw soda straw and then we bought field number six over there by the main farm and we got that seated with canola now full disclosure the map has been updated but in order for me to use the new map up the new map update I had to reconstruct my entire game because it was no longer compatible with the old safe so I just got through complete and doing everything that I did the first episode and the traffic has been reworked now the traffic is much better or doesn’t cause us as much issues as before so what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to get this guy started doing the field here and we’re going to have and drive the course hopefully we won’t have too much problems here and we’ll we’ll see how he gets along with cultivating and stuff and I put them on I believe three headlands that should be good to get him going back and forth but we’ll come back to him we’ll see how he’s doing let’s jump over here to the steyr now we got to get this field fertilized as you can see I’ve got it all ready to go got the field all cultivate it and we’re just going to jump in here we’re going to turn our fertilizer on and we’re getting a little bit in the other field but that’s okay now let’s go ahead and we’ll do a quick circle around this this should do most of it in one pass we’ll have a little bit to do in the center when we come through here just like this now this would be a fairly short episode today I got a lot of stuff privately I got to get done today so I’m going to have some issues trying to get a full thirty-minute episode I hope you guys don’t mind that but what we’ll do is we’ll get the field cultivated this fertilized and we should be good to go and the next episode we’ll get the other field seat it what I’m trying to do is try to get a offset so they’re both fields aren’t ready at the same time we try to keep a field ready with each episode and I’m missing a lot here not a problem we need to shut this off it’d help if i put it in the right gear and i’ll come back through here this should get the majority of it it’ll be a little bit left we got to get just like this okay and I’m just going to hit a couple spots i think i missed it’s just my OCD kicking in that’s causing that so get that then we’ll get a little bit down here but don’t take long to get hot in my room when I shut that fan off for you guys oh I am smell Turing here there we go a little bit more over here now as you can see we got the combine parked right there underneath the shed by the Sheep I had a lot of you tell me about that so why aren’t you instead of fighting it to take it down through the farm why don’t you just park it there so I’ve done that I’ve listened to you guys and I parked it there does make a big difference let’s go park our cedar up and what I want to do is get the trailer out and I want to get a little bit of the wheat actually need a front end loader to do that I believe don’t think there’s actually a conveyor belt to be able to offload the wheat and stuff out of the bins I think we’re going to actually need a front end loader to do that let’s take a look yeah there’s nothing out back where we can do it yeah we’re going to need front-end loader and I don’t believe we have one of those let’s park this in here and I want to grab that coin let’s go grab that coin not that it matters but we’ll pick it up okay so we’ve got that let’s just Park this up we don’t need that anymore we can see we’ve got the weed in there let’s just Park this here we don’t need it okay and let’s jump over here let’s

see how he’s doing looks like he’s doing fairly decent we’ll have a little bit the redo right here but for the most part it looked like you did pretty decent think I’m getting the hang of the chorus play here not entirely sure why he’s done that but okay so we’ll have a little bit to do on the corners and stuff but this should be a third head land that should be good now let’s take a look back ordered farm here so we’ve got if we take a look here we’ve got just shy about 29,000 litres of weed in here and let’s just see do we have a front end loader we do have one somewhere manure fork here we go we do have one somewhere so let’s see where we can find it because we do have this dire so let’s go ahead and we’ll get this fired up and what I want to do is I want to drop the weight and let’s drop the weight let’s drop the weight right here we don’t really need it and we got to find a front end loader now if I was a front end loader where would I be i’m thinking somewhere over here yep there it is so if we come under here grab that grab that there we go now we need to go get the trailer so we’ll come over here we’ll grab the trailer actually may not need the trailer we might be able to do it with just the bucket because it’s not going to take much let’s see if we can don’t know if it will let us do it with this don’t look like it’s going to unless that’s not the right one no that’s not going to work okay so what we’ll do is we’ll get the trailer out we will need the trailer now we don’t have any chickens yet but I’d like to get some put in there that way we don’t have to worry about it and I can sell the rest of it and we’re about to check to see what our cell points are let’s take this out we’ll drop that right here for a minute ok and now will back up will connect and now let’s see not sure which one the water is and which one the food is so we’ll take a look here let’s say in there so let’s go ahead and fill that up okay so it is that one so we got the weed in there now we can now check let’s see what our prices are if we go shift I will come over here and so canola is up corn is up and potatoes is up canola 1000 837 1187 so it looks like 1187 is the highest one we’ve got and that is at the restaurant that’d be one trailer load weed is unchanged so we’ll never make it to the restaurant I don’t think before the price changes where is the restaurant now it’s clear down south I don’t think we would make it before before the time changes so what we’ll do is let me just pull this back around hopefully the wheat will go up at the top of the hour you just come back in here and see if I can offload this there we go tight fit in here for sure okay let’s pull this out we’re going to leave him here because we’re probably going to be offloading are filling up and selling some stuff here shortly so let’s just set the brake will kill the engine let’s jump over see how it Phillip is doing over here now you should start his up-and-down motion now that should be the the three headlands all the way around that should give them this time you can start doing the up-and-down motion now I’m still not entirely convinced that course play is the way to go as you can see is leaving quite a bit of mess behind that I’ll have to go through and clean up after him so I’m not entirely convinced that course plays

the way to go I think Otto tractor actually works better now we’re course play does shine and where I do like it is when you have to transport and offload the cultivator and deliver the grain back to the farm and stuff that I do like that does seem to work really well so leave him at that will come back to this what we need to do now is we need to get a loan so see if I can remember where to get the loan stuff at so if we do is here we right now we have let’s get out here for a minute we have just shy ninety-five hundred dollars so let’s go back into that and let’s go ahead and we’ll borrow as much as we can will max it out there we go so we’ve got 109,000 now that’s what we’ve got 110,000 almost 100 9005 so what we need to do is you can see here we do we’re fairly good on this what I’m thinking about doing though is selling the deutz here and upgrading that but what else can we upgrade we can upgrade really not a lot that we need upgrade because we’re really good but what will probably do is we’ll probably buy a bigger cultivator bigger tipper for sure and I’m thinking about let’s go into the shop I wanna see mods and all see tractors I want to probably this here that’s the front loader though oh no i’ve downloaded the bad boys the case to my bad boys but i haven’t installed at me at that’s what I’ll have to do that’s what we’re probably upgrade to will upgrade to those so let us let’s go back to tippers for a minute come into tippers and these are all modded tipper so I don’t want maudit tippers let’s go here here think what we’ll do is we’ll probably upgrade to one of these here holds 32,000 liters fifty dollars a day we’ll probably upgrade to one of these although it’s awful tight for one of those maybe we’ll play around with renting and stuff first so let’s what else can we do we could get some animals that’s probably good let us get a few chickens so if we come over here we’ll grab let’s grab ourselves 20 chickens I hate having to do this one at a time when are they going to do a mod where you can put in as many you want with the slider or something grab ourselves 20 chickens like this and that will grab ourselves let’s grab ourselves tin cow that would get us started at least get the production coming in I don’t want to use too much of the money we need to buy a couple more fields as well that’s 10 so we’ll get that going let’s take a look here if we open this back up I’ve got 21 chickens 10 cows and nine okay that so that’s working out good now do we have a water trailer that’s probably something that we could purchase yeah we don’t have a water trailer so that’s something we’ll need to go so let’s jump over to mods and i’m pretty sure that will be under miscellaneous maybe yeah it looks like so so if we want there’s one particular one as for transporting liquids that’s 6,000 liters this is eighteen thousand five hundred liters that’s way too big we don’t need something that big right now we can just go with the small one there that’s seven thousand let’s see what they have in the non modded category mmm where’s miscellaneous here we go there’s that one there as well I don’t know what the difference between the moderate and the unmodded is let’s just take a look back in the mods miscellaneous and here I don’t know what the difference is so we’ll buy this okay and let’s go ahead and we’ll go pick that up and what we’ll do is fire this up what I’m going to do is I’m going to pull the trailer right

over here out of the way we’ll offload that let’s go pick that bad boy up now let’s see if I can remember where the actual shop is I believe it’s down pass right next to the field where we are currently cultivating filled number 20 I believe run down there real fast and check it out how we doing on time almost 16 minutes sense what we’ll do is we’ll we’ll do the last little bit of water thing here and I think we can fill up right there’s where we fill up will give the cow some water and we’ll give the chicken some water and we should be good to go okay let’s get a little in cab action now they have redone the traffic as you can see the traffic no longer turns there and a traffic no longer do we hit maybe that hit the ground and the traffic no longer comes from that direction what happens is it comes from that direction and turns that way and comes from this way and go straight the traffic now go through town so it has helped the problem there and they do now stop for you as well so my my congratulations to the mod author he did fix that and makes it a lot easier to deal with the traffic now and why did I turn down here I wasn’t supposed to come down here so let’s come down this way now I definitely have to do some cleaning up around here I don’t want to resell the field as bad as this is looking that’s for sure so I’ll recall tube8 and he’s leaving quiet quite a bit of stuff out so what we’ll probably do is when we come down the cultivating will probably be using the auto auto tractor for that and there’s our water trailer so let’s zip in here we’ll pick that up it looks like we can get water right there as well so I want to give it a quick test we’ll check this one and then we’ll check the other one if we come up here yep ok so we do get water from there now hopefully we can get water down there as well otherwise left to come all the way back up we don’t want to do that oh send that one flying boy look at that bad boy yeehaw still going that one may you never stop it may continue to fly I don’t know where it went but it’s out there somewhere out there it is right over there okay and that’s the biogas plant I think are the heating plant one of the two now we run down here we’ll grab the water will do finish up give them the cows and we’ll call it an episode it’d be a little short some other exciting news though we did when I say we mr. Carver 76 mr. Taff in exile and myself recorded a couple episodes of Ark survival yesterday last night so that is coming to our channels as well so be sure to check those out we had a lot of fun filming the two episodes we had done door about 20 minute long episodes are not going to be a full 30 minute episodes 20 minutes seems just about right for what we’re doing and stuff so had a great time be sure to stay tuned for those and check those out when they come to the channel hopefully I’d be sometime this week yep so we can fill up here as well which will do and let’s just hold this here and kind of scituate it like that now I don’t think it’s going to take all this water I know it won’t for the fact that we only got ten cows in 20 chickens so it’s only so much water that the chickens can drink but if I come around and if I back up right over there that should be I get off of there and I’m stuck are you kidding there we go so if we come up and back up alongside the slurry tanker and the forge wagon we should be able to put some water in there I’m thinking hopefully this is the key trigger point right here on this end no okay so it’s probably going to be more over on that side so if we

let me straighten it up a little more hopefully the trigger points somewhere right there maybe the water is not there do they require water I’m sure they do straw a liquid milk straw feeding and doesn’t say anything about water let’s try the chickens because if the chickens have water then the cows will as well we just got to find all you know what I bet it’s going to be that that it’s going to be that right there and reserve anyway in there there is a way in there let’s open that up watch out Betsy coming through this is probably what we’re going to fill up with water and where do we fill it up at there it is so there’s the trigger point so we do put water in here let’s take it more and i thought i was going to take there we go so let’s go ahead and we’ll turn around will go and give the chicken some water and then we should be okay you guys stay in the field don’t leave all the way okay let’s see how do i want to do this there we go let’s go ahead and we’ll close the gate where’s the trigger right there there it is close that gate up now we should be okay to drop this off at the chick chicks if we come up through here there we go so they are done so both the cows and chickens are good to go they have food and water will just quickly take a look here perfect all that’s good to go we’ll jump back down over here one more time let’s just kill all this we’ll see what he’s doing yeah so he won’t be too much longer he’ll get that done what I’ll do then is I’ll finish this up and clean it all up off offline and then next episode what we’ll do is we’ll come back we’ll seed seed this big old field fertilize it get that done and then one of the episodes after that we’ll be ready for another harvest so once again thank you for joining me i’ma kick to the head this has been farming sim 15 not 13 but 15 on the gambling map be sure to hit that like up or a thumbs up button if you enjoyed the episode it really does help me out and be sure to leave your comments and suggestions right down there below it really does I am interested in hearing what you guys have to say I do listen to you as you can tell by the combined I moved it to where you guys suggested it and until next time be sure to follow me on all the social media as well as the steam group will catch you all later have a great day bye bye