BMW Speaker Upgrade/Installation | M4/4 Series Coupe (F32/F82) 2014+ | BAVSOUND Stage One HiFi/HK

welcome everybody here we are 2014 f/32 4 Series Coupe all new for 2014 so it’s it shares a platform with the with the 3 series so it’s if you’ve seen our 3 series video it’s very similar but there are some subtle differences mainly with the rear speakers and the way the front panels come off so we’re going to cover it anyway so let’s get started to get this off we’re going to use our plastic panel removal tool and you can see there’s a seam all down through here so what we’re going to do is we’re going to come with this plastic tool down here along the bottom edge and we’re going to work out what good this one’s tight that’s good you guys are seeing this so we get that off like so and then come out this bottom is always tricky it’s got a little plastic this little hook down here so basically we’re coming out and then off and you can see it’s just held in by little Clips back here it’s a really straightforward process that is going to expose us to one and two Torx t20 five bolts and again we’ve got that here in our tool kit the Torx t25 we’ve got our bass sound driver here and then we just simply go in there go fishing unscrew it super simple you can see there’s little there’s nothing complex about this so as we do this we do one door at a time of course we roll our windows down I was like to start on the passenger dry it’s just it’s just the way I work I like to go around the car so passenger door center channel driver door driver rear passenger rear just a nice little circle and once you’re all done take a nice audition so we hop up in here then you can do something else while you watch me book there we go fumble for this thing down in there so get these guys out of there and you can see these two screws are exactly the same so you don’t have to worry about keeping them separate we’ve got these two torques t25 out the panel is now loose so the way I like to do it there’s a couple ways but truth of the matter is the easiest thing to do is to just take a firm grip down here on this bottom corner of the door and just with one little strong motion in that’s funny I say that is boy this one’s tight that’s good that’s good usually you can get them to pop free so you just come back here with your plastic panel removal tool you get one clip free you heard that kind of give and then once with one of them is free you can see the whole door just frees itself so I’m going to kind of pull it in and then there’s Clips along this top edge as well the whole panel just off like this you can see now we’ve got the panel in our lap if you just pop this out like so you can see again how I did that this is the door handle so we just slipped with our finger just pop it out so you can see the door panel open closed open closed so when you put it back together make sure it’s closed so with that out of the way we can now let’s do this let’s unplug our lighting here that out of the way we’ve got our let’s grab our metal panel removal tool it’s popped out this clip here these clips rather holding in this is going to the window that out of the way so and that leaves us actually let’s get this out of here too let’s get all this stuff out of the way you get our lights my BMW did a thorough job of clipping everything down here so again we’re just prying these little guys out unplug the light down there just by pulling out like so all right so now that we’ve got all of our Clips out of the way everything’s free the last thing we need to do and we’ll do this on the drivers and the passenger doors disconnect this factory window switch there’s six little it’s hard to show you guys but if you look down through these holes there are six little clips that we need to free up so that we can pop the

window out the control out of the door so you need to use your metal panel removal tool here because it’s really tight and just see like that it just comes out like so now we’ve got it coming out of the front as you can see and we just unplug it like so pull this out and now our door panel is free it’s up out of the way safe we’re just going to unbolt the midrange unplug the tweeter unplug the wires coming from the factory amplifier which we will reuse these we will not reuse just use our Torx t20 pop the Midd out like so say goodbye to your anemic factory system it is on its way out so factory drivers out of the way you’re going to get this tweeter pot off all right so to get the tweeter pot off there’s a little tab up top that just pops in and then there’s one in the bottom that goes into a little slot so we actually need to remove the top half first and so and then we lift up and out you can see right back here this little tab so that it sits down in this little you we lift up and out and it comes right off so lift the top out lift up and off and then the tweeter pod comes off and then we just pop out the phone take off the 37 feet of wiring we’re going to take this up to our workspace so we can get the new tweeter installed so here we are with our front tweeter pod it’s the same in the passenger and the driver door so what we’re going to do we’re going to pry out the factory tweeter there are four little tabs in here and holding it all in and you can really just pry it out it’s really nothing complex it just pops out like that here’s the new tweeter as you can see so pretty and then our tweeter just goes right back in the way the original came out heard it snaps right in perfectly it’s like so and then you can see from the front side you see that beautiful machined aluminum ring which matches your gauges on the dash perfectly so it’s a just a fantastic fit so the tweeters end I like to go ahead and do this now so you can see we’ve sent you add two little harnesses either for the front doors look up little harnesses that snap in line between the tweeter and the mid-range absolutely imperative that you do this this must be installed before you then plug into the mid-range which is you know it’s got its own little plug right here so this just must go between the two of them so just be conscientious of that so with our Twitter in place we take the factory stuff that’s the technical term get it back in there like so actually let’s you know they’ve got this little funky little routing for the factory wires through the student let’s do it the way they do it Oh fantastic we’ll do it was already doing so let’s put this back on I thought of everything so you can see just like the factory wires that you might have noticed that you can see the factory wires through the factory grille it’s a really weird design so the wires you can see just going to fit in that channel and then they just pop out back here like so and then we’ll just make the connections right here with everything else so one thing I did forget to mention it’s very important that the tweeter terminals are not up here near this tab you can have it the tweeter turned around that way we want them down here on the bottom out of the way because it’s a very snug fit in there so we just want to make sure that those terminals are not interfering with this clip right here so noted let’s head back to the car and knock this out alright guys so here we are got everything we’ve installed our tweeter we’re going to put the tweeter pot in we’re going to install the mid-range we’re going to put a block of sound deadening on this speaker to get this nice and dead for the install so first thing I want you to do however go ahead and plug in the window so that we can wait is that the window you can order this go in now I don’t know I look the same later let’s see I think that’s no I think that’s the window yeah that’s the light this is the light this one’s coming from the back is the window you plug that in we’re going to roll the window up because we don’t want to scratch the window while we’re working or especially if you’ve got tent on the windows like this car does I’m going to turn it off and unplug it so now we’ve got ample room plus what we’re doing is we’re going to put the sound deadening down then we’re going to fold it back around so that we can get the sound

deadening on both sides of the metal basically doubling up on it so we can further dead in this panel so I’ve kind of cut out a little you know we don’t have a lot of room here as as usual so I kind of cut out this like so we just want to I’ve got a razor blade here so just basically adhere it like this and then what we’re going to do is to apply it down with our fingers and you’re not going to hurt anything by just doing this and again remember like we discussed earlier we want to get it nice and tacky what I like to do usually is take like the butt of my panel removal tool and then you see what’s getting a nice you’re getting it nice and adhered back there you can see how I’m able to just roll over this and get a nice adhesion so at this point what I like to do again our windows up I like to cut just cut some little strips like so and then I just take these guys I pulled them back around on the inside so we’ve effectively doubled up on this sound deadening so it’s dead which is what we want so job done well done I should say then now which is kind of silly now what we’ve got to do was actually a couple things we want to point out so here’s our new mid bass driver so you see we’ve got this little ring on the front side we actually take that off and we put it on the back side like so so then the driver actually is oriented like this so what we want to do it’s a little I would tricky neck to work so what we do is we just peel back this really thick gooey stuff here and that’s what we’re going to pass the wires up through like so very straightforward that stuff’s dummy so just be so we get the wires like so go ahead and get our mid-range secure you can actually see the holes let’s go ahead and take our Torx t20 and we’re the little where the factory speaker kind of mounted in here you can see like these little you know just poke a hole with your Torx bit so put it on all three points like that there we go that’ll get everything nice and started then again we just make sure our little ring is there perfect line it up start it with your hand you don’t want to inadvertently poke a hole through the the speaker obviously also just get it pretty snug grab your next screw like so and that is perfection so we’ve got our mid-range securely mounted like so as you can see I’m just turning a little bit going around and that is nice and snug can we pull up nice and snug on these put this back actually know what we might as well do put that down so and then put that back down like that and then everything is nice and sealed again at which point we take our blue connector plug into our blue connector like so that is nice and secure out of the way and then we will plug the tweeter in but let’s do this first let’s put our window back down so plug our window back in color on window down color off unplug the window and now the tweeter housing ready to go so again we’ve got this little front edge here this front lip that hooks around this front lip right here and remember we put our bottom piece in snap it down and

then so kind of show you that the bottom piece in like so you see how we hooked it around here how that hooks in and the tweeter housing is back in the car so at this point we simply take this plug into the tweeter actually keep this nice and tight out of the way again you had that factory speaker it’s got its little thin foam ring on it it’s imperative that you do this as well on the new driver and we’ve custom cut some little cutouts for you the center pieces you can make frisbees out of or do whatever you want it’s absolutely imperative so that the mid-range sits flush up in the grille and at the front of the waves are separate from the back so it’s very important that you do this this just goes you can see it’s a brilliant like everything completely over engineered all this stuff so that when the panel sits on it sits nice and flush so panels done let’s get it back up here I’m gonna have to close this door a little bit to kind of come in here and work alright so remember our window Fiasco from earlier let’s go ahead and get all that connected let’s also get up here remember our door handle remember we want it closed so close the door handle snap like so alright boy somebody is enjoying themselves a nice bit of marijuana it smells like one of our neighbors perhaps Tallyho good sir you’ve got this guy down here yeah if I could even see I would like to show you guys there’s a little clip right there and we plug in our light switch like so so now all we have left to do is come actually you know what let’s let’s get this on the outside of that then we close the handle put that on clip clip don’t forget to plug in these fancy schmancy lights be very careful with this piece and lastly we just align that I like to align the top of the door first and I just take my hands and like so so the door is effectively on don’t forget we’ve got to still do our window make sure boy that is some strong marijuana but we are in California alright so at this point we just lift up a little bit you’ll feel all of the clips kind of settle into place your door is back on well for the most part let’s uh let’s keep it going up let’s keep it going so we’ve got this 20 Torx t25 these two to put right back in let’s not forget them one up top one down low boy I hope I am still coherent enough to continue on with this installation video alright so with that done we are effectively we need to snap these pieces back so again with our windows and see the key is got two little tabs here on the back that have to slot under first so we put them down reach through push back and down kind of finagle it in down here let’s order that guy go he goes right there and everything snaps back in place so it really couldn’t be more straightforward than putting all this stuff back together let’s see did that go in yeah that went did it yeah and that completes the front door and you can again look you can kind of peek in there and see the little aluminum housing and that’s how we do our f/32 front doors so let’s let’s pause it right here and rejoin you for a little bit of action on this energy alright guys so we’ve knocked out the passenger front door moving on to the center channel again here we’re in

the 4 Series this is a hi-fi car so what we’ll find under here is a single mid-range driver if you had the Harman Kardon vehicle system in your car would be an additional tweeter under here so in this particular case we’re just going to go ahead and take our plastic panel removal tool and very carefully get up under this edge like so and we’re just going to rotate we’re just going around this edge here and then we’re just going to lift up like so you see I’m just turning like that and then once we get it started well actually you know what these new cards are so tight it’s actually good let’s come around from this side same thing and then these are pretty darn fragile so just be conscientious of that and I’ll show you what I’m doing here in a minute you can see exactly how we’re working this out of here and you can see these are the clips work so we’re just freeing these little clips up that’s all and as you can see we’ve got another speak this car is about a month and a half old and the speaker used to be black and you can see the Sun just absolutely destroys these these speakers so using our right angle driver it is in the báb sound toolkit we’ll go ahead and grab each one of these Torx t20 s and we will loosen these out of here you do not want to drop these down there take my word you do not want to do that so get these screws out of the way we don’t want them going down inside the dash you will spend all not actually I’ve never dropped one down here so I can’t say how bad it would be to have to go fishing for it but rest assured it wouldn’t be pleasant and lastly this one by the windshield closest just make sure you keep your fingers protecting this windshield nice and out-of-the-way so I’m just using my finger as much as I can up here because I don’t I just like to be safer on the windshield so I’ve got all three screws out speaker just lifts right out like before just be again conscientious of this unplug it just by pulling down we’ve got the speaker out fantastic so we’re going to be installing our new actually show you guys this our new Bab sound driver so here is the new driver here’s the old one a little different as you can see there’s a couple things we’re going to do with the new driver number one you can see we’ve machined a custom spacer ring which we need to space the center channel out of this little area number two we need to pop off this rubber boot from the mid range just like we did in the door again these this is just aesthetic that serves no acoustical purpose in fact in our later generation drivers that’s no longer going to be there because we were wasting a colossal amount of materials and we don’t want to do that any longer so again not with the mid range out we’re going to reinstall our new one so the first thing we’ll do set our spacer ring in there like so then we shall take our mid range we won’t use the tweeter plug unless you have the Harman Kardon car then you’ll plug in the tweeter and of course the tweeter bolts in right here for those of us with the hi-fi systems not a concern for us snap that in just like so turn our speaker around let’s get everything situated out of the way and let’s see it’s hard to see from the passenger seat ordinarily I’m not filming this is a lot easier to to deal with there we go so we’ve got our mid-range there we just with our hands start each one of these screws like so pretty darn straightforward ah so get it back in flip the little switch get each one started don’t just go torquing one down and then go get all the other one do one at a time just get everything started

and then just snug get that one snug and again just be careful to always protect the windshield and you we’re not going to do any damage I mean there’s not that much torque going on up here but again and as you can see we now have a perfect fit for our mid-range in the dash so at this point we just make sure everything’s clear if your tweeters there again it would just bolt right in and now we take our housing line everything back up and just using our fingers snap it back down voila we’ve upgraded the center channel so at this point we would move over to our driver’s door but what we’re going to do is join you guys in the back seat to go ahead and get started on the rear mid ranges alright guys so here we are the back seat of our 4 Series Coupe and for you bigger boys out there you this might not be up your alley nevertheless watch observe see if it’s for you that’s still very straight forward so let’s get this back seat out cushion bottom cushion first there’s one two three little tabs we just lift up back seat pops right out like so it’s really straightforward just comes out like that and fold it up out of the way get it out of the car you’ll have your assistant maybe your child maybe your buddy alright so now we got to pull out one more cushion to get this panel out and that’s this cushion right here so let me actually move sorry about this it’s there’s two grown men in the back of this car it’s tight so all we’re going to do take our hand here pull straight back and then lift up and then there’s a little black piece here a little tab and see it just you show you right here they just put that on backwards because that just snaps on like that so that piece is out of the way we now have free access to the side panel and it is entirely secured there’s a line of metal Clips across the top and then there’s a perimeter of plastic Clips so it just comes straight out so the way we’re going to do that let’s see if I can get out of the way here so we come over here we take the trim off like this just exposing all of this and then I like to use my fingers here I really don’t like using tools if I can help it this might be really tight I’m not sure I do have a tool ready if I need it but you can see I like to use my hand and it’s tight so you get back here pull it your hands up under here pull you can see she’s slowly coming got this free and now these come straight out like so let me change position and again mind you this is it we’re only you know a couple of minutes end of this it’s really straightforward it’s not complex at all and so we just pull in like so and then for this last clip in the back where I am out of there using your metal panel removal tool I know it’s tough to see guys but once you’re in here you’ll see it and again mind you this whole process is we’re just a couple of minutes into it so it’s really not complex at all get this guy out I’ll show you how to move it all the way out of the way alright so we basically what we did was using our metal panel removal tool we just hook this we pulled it out and then we pulled this out to free up this little piece here it doesn’t look like that no we have one more right there you can see and we don’t want to misplace these as you can see that whole piece comes up and out of the way and will let us

conceivably really okay they just had a little clip up there so that snaps right out and that lets us take our panel so then you can see this little thing right here just depress this tab and pull out like so and then this little 3 pin plug was also connected right here so I just unplugged it then we unplug our speaker if there’s one more little tab over here and our panel comes out of the car and up to our workspace so really cool design and it’s not that involved to get it out it’s just again if you’re a bigger boy it’s not super easy well it’s easy but you know yet so let’s pause it here let’s head to the workspace let’s change the speaker out and get this ball rolling okay so here on our workspace again with our f/32 four series we’ve got our rear side panels out they’re both done identically left and right side like we discussed this is a hi-fi car if you had a Harman Kardon car you can actually see a little indentation in the panel there there’d be a secondary tweeter there which we would also be upgrading and again we’ve got videos covering that but this particular car if you’ve got a 4 Series Harman Kardon we were working on that video right now but in the meantime you get the gist with how to get everything apart and the tweeter you just pop out of its housing snap our tweeter in plug it in it’s done so anyway let’s get moving this is again held in by just three Torx t20 five bolts really straightforward process here this is super exciting probably never seen anybody unscrew a speaker like this and your life all right so speaker pops out one and done easy enough so you can see how it’s got a little foam ring around it like this ours we’re going to take off this little this particular foam ring that comes off and we’ve actually sent you a custom cut foam ring the center part we don’t need unfortunately it’s just part of the process center part pops out and then we take our foam ring peel off the gasket just drop it down like so as you can see it’s a perfect custom fit for the driver so now we take our speaker again this is you know you can actually know we might as well do it in this car so here’s what we going to do with the speaker off we’re going to go ahead and apply some sound deadening to this area right around the driver just to further deaden the panel and control the resonance from the movement of the driver and then this stuff is glued down they used to use a little adhesive pieces now it’s all glued down so it just makes things a little bit more complicated for us so what we want to do is why don’t we cut let’s cut it about right there and again this is just we want to focus on the area around the driver just to keep resonance under control this stuff’s really tacky I always recommend using a heat gun or a hairdryer to make it even tackier fortunately it’s about a hundred degrees in here today so it’s pretty darn tacky right now so then we can just kind of take this lift up our material get this or they put a lot of glue in here they do not want you getting this up out of the way there we go there we go so now let’s get this take you down like so using our hand then we’ll take our blade we just kind of cut around like that and get it nice so again we’re just deadening this area right around here and if you’ve got the tweeter again you would just cut out provisions for the tweeter and again there’s no this isn’t a real science sound-deadening it’s really just a coverage area but again what we want to do is focus on this area around the speaker itself so you know within reason I mean you can take all this off andreadd hear it which in a lot of cases I might do but in an instructional video we’re not going to go to that length but you know this is just all this area we want to cover so at this point we’re going to take our new driver after we’ve installed all of this again it’s going to sit a little bit higher because we’ve got that thick foam but again we want a nice tight seal so we start with our fingers guys are probably admiring my luscious hair right now yeah it’s it’s a it’s rough it’s rough heaven here like this ladies fawning over me pretty

much constantly Wow just random women want to run their fingers through my hair don’t hate fellas so we get everything snug then work our way around that’s the six o’clock train so everything is snug and so this is for the the tweeter if you’ve got the HK system we of course will plug that in here this goes to the factory BMW plug that’s in the car already so what we’ll do just a interest of keeping things clean we’ve already got a little hook down here for the wires you can see so we’ll just put those right in there plenty of room like so to get those out of the way and then we’ll just plug those back in the car when we’re done so that’s how we do our rear mid-range drivers and again if you have the tweeters we’ll show you that in another video but it’s very straightforward these hi-fi cars are the most popular setups so this is what your setups going to look like so let’s uh we’ll get this back in the car alright guys so the party resumes here in the backseat that just sounded worse than I thought so alright so just make sure these little tabs are all pressed back down nice and and their proper locale like so and if you recall from earlier our friend the seat thing just keep it out of the way for right now what’s the last thing we’re going to do so we get our panel back in place and stuff you can’t see right now is going to be me plugging things in so just plug things in Hey look at that you can’t see a little tight back here but anyway we’ll plug in everything in the plug in party plug in that plug in all the magic cables over here I don’t know what they do doesn’t really matter I’m just kidding I’m sure they’re all important cables oh that’s the LED lighting and I just tend not to concern we’re music guys all right speakers plugged in everything’s plugged in so we just take our panel line it up like so you’ll feel it kind of settle into place and just snap and then what we kind of do little ledge or something in it really hope doesn’t look at that then we can knock that back into place and you can see we have a perfect fit down here as far as the back goes just there’s a little clip right there look at that oh there we go they all just fall in place and the panel is perfectly back into place as you can see so then we just fold down our seat like so so you get the little tab that goes in there the tab that goes up there trying to make this pretty easy for you guys see again so this all just goes just like that and we have our little clips that we had removed earlier of which we managed to lose none it’s always a good sign right so then we just get this guy here lined up like so get these guys pushed in like so everything just kind of falls into place cars are very very well built and we just insert the little center pieces like so these little guys like so this guy like so then we grab our back seat cushion I go ahead and even close that now you can see we’ve got a couple of little copper pieces little pegs they slot in right here and so one slots in somewhere around here I don’t really see where it goes yeah you know it goes in there somewhere it’s not hard to be so let’s get this the key is getting these guys lined up properly you know I think we should let the seat down it’s just hard to do this with two dudes back here all right so it’s very simple we’re just lining up like so tucking the leather under there pushing it in damn perfection the back seat snaps back in the party’s over the hard work is done we can now enjoy our stage one after we’ve had a beer or four and let’s let’s head up to the front of the car and get some tuning done and rock on so it’s quite simple we’ve got

the car on we’re going to go into our settings we’re going to talk a little bit about the bass the treble etc so we hop into our tone and again this is the hi-fi tuning this is relevant to most sedan and coupes three and four series so boy look at that he had his factory treble wide open I actually kind of liked it around plus one base flat always flat it’s absolutely key to keeping this car balanced fader back in the middle now that we’ve got those adi add it to the rear back in the middle we want a nice balance in the car and that’s it that’s where we’re going to set our settings now what we can do if you’re a little bit older in your 40s 50s 60s you can have a little bit more fun with this only because a lot of you know we’re losing that top-end of our hearing so but it does still increase the distortion over above 2500 Hertz so kind of be aware of that so you know somewhere around there 2 3 4 4 you guys in your 70s or if you’ve been to a lot of rock concerts but bass always flat always always flatten these cars it’s absolutely critical you’re not going to create any more bass in the car by turning that up it’s just going to increase the distortion so that’s all we’re doing with our settings and from here we just rock out I mean at this point it’s the work is done the party is over pat yourself on the back go have a drive enjoy the tunes and we’ll see you guys next time you