To Hell & Back: the Impossible story of Audie Murphy

a word from our sponsor this video is brought to you by books they’re not very popular anymore they’re going way out of style but you should read them yay for books three cheers for books let’s have a cheer for books here we go books all right hey folks wanted to introduce you to a dude named Audie Murphy and that’s right it’s history some of your eyes are already rolling back in your head and being like dude history is the worst and it’s not history is awesome and this is why you you don’t have any identity without a knowledge of the past personally you know if we remember Jason Bourne amnesia and the first one he didn’t know who he was at present because he didn’t know the past and the same is true for national identity without a knowledge of the past there can be no real identity in the present so history is important and to quote George Orwell those who controlled the past control the future and those who controlled the present controlled the past so it’s really really important and if my little rally call toward history didn’t win you over at least it’ll serve biographies from great people who’ve accomplished great things can do amazing things to help spur you on when you’re in dire straits and dark seasons of your life to provide inspiration and also it can kind of set the carrot a little bit farther so that you would aspire to a greatness that you wouldn’t have shot for or it not for the inspiration of other people that were before you Audie Murphy is an incredible hero here and he’s a story of an underdog I’ll tell its story the general details of his life and what he accomplished but generally speaking he it’s an underdog story it’s like this guy you never would have expected him to go far at all I mean he just completely defied the conventional wisdom of what a soldier should be now blew it out of the water so anyway and not only did he just do incredible things in world war ii winning every single medal the army could throw at you to include the Congressional Medal of Honor holy cow but he would go on to be a celebrated actor starring in tons and tons of different movies and also write music perform it as a country singer so this guy was like uber mega celebrity now some of you will be upset thinking that I’m praising the celebrities of the past thinking that this guy had anything on the great Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga who’ve accomplished so much and we’re all indebted to for their important political opinions and when they’re not in rehab or shaving heads or odeon and on their 12th marriages they got a lot to offer right um from there yeah so Audie Murphy let’s see let’s talk about the details of his life pick up the book to hell and back if you would like to and I’ll provide a link below in the description including a warrior poet reading list that’s also going to be below in the description if you want to check out all the different books against a whole bunch of just different genres and disciplines so that we can be well educated philosopher poets so that’ll be good also subscribe if you haven’t already done it like share comment all that stuff is really cool so I’d appreciate it anyway onto Audie Murphy and the story of his life he was one of twelve children he lost his mom when he was pretty young already and he dropped out of school so that he could help hunt and provide for the family one of 12 his dad also skipped out early leaving him just against all odds in pretty dire poverty he ended up lying about his age to gain admittance to the military there the first time he tried to enlist underage he was also underweight and was rejected by the Navy the Army and the Marine Corps finally after forging his birth certificate he was able to gain admittance to the army but they did not want him in any type of combat unit because he was so tiny and he was even nicknamed baby face because I’m like dude this this kid is not gonna be an asset this is a bullet catcher right here but anyway he he defied all their recommendations and ended up going infantry anyway and did incredible things I’ve got all kinds of stuff of his exploits kind of enumerated here but also I wanted to eat a little bit from the book and just things that popped out to me when I read I’ll underline and circle things that are cool and important and quote worthy so anyway this was talking about a guy named Olson who was cracking up like losing it as soon as start stuff started going now Olson is the first to crack up he throws his arms around the company commander crying hysterically I can’t take it anymore the harassed captain tries to calm him

but Olson will not stop bawling so he is sent to the rear and we watch him go with hatred in our eyes if I ever go if I ever throw a wingding like that shoot me says Kerrigan gladly I reply in North Africa I thought he was one tough boy yeah he threw his weight around plenty he seemed to be everything the War Department was looking for he was my idea of a real soldier and this just goes to show you can’t judge courage courage and the weight of a man just by perspective I remember this in in in my prior military dude days some guys who are just the PT studs that they looked like Captain America and their resume seemed to dictate as well and then you have some nerdy kid over here with with a not impressive physique by any means and the nerdy kid goes the distance and may accomplishes great things while the PT stud washes out for bad attitude or arrogance egotism or just not having mental toughness though they had the physical toughness and that’s not a that’s not always true sometimes the PT stud goes on and does great things but the whole point is is you can’t judge a book by its cover and just because someone shoots well moves fast is strong has to look they may be a coward and only fire will tell you what they are so don’t judge a book by it’s cover when it comes to courage and also don’t sell yourself short guys you don’t know what uh what what your medal is either until you’ve walked through the fire and don’t quit ever so anyway that’s a pretty cool thing to just kind of contrast Audie Murphy who was against all odds and Olson who looks like the spin everything the military wanted the interesting switch who is able to get stuff done let’s talk about some of his exploits one of the most well known memorable things that Audie Murphy had done and by the way before we continue to go on let’s meet Audie Murphy personally let me place him just quick clip so that you can see the man in the flesh acting I think I said that once he was done in the military went on to be an actor and so yeah I said that here let’s roll some stuff here we go what do you want done with these bags mr. Saxon I’ll be glad to help with it you don’t learn very fast do it just like elect you name it sure nice girl she doesn’t seem to like you very much it’s nothing gala girl very good not your type of television but back then and the day this was pretty riveting entertainment you’re like where’s all the CGI shut up let’s see one of the best exploits that Audie Murphy is known for even though there was just tons of them this one was just particularly insane where he should have died many times over his company was being overrun he was an officer at this time and his company was being overrun by a company of Germans he had already ordered the retreat of his men but I guess just on some wild hair Audie Murphy stayed back he ended up jumping on to a tank one of their tanks that was on fire probably going to explode at any moment he pops on and he starts just raining down thunder on the Germans using this machine gun while at the same time he’s pinning them down a company of Germans he keeps calling for fire so in between calling for fire and lighting them up he’s there on a tank and it’s just covered and smoke and stuff providing some concealment but the Germans were even standing off into distance because it looked like that thing was about to blow any moment then he pins them die he lets them off for an hour until finally he calls for fire on his own fighting position fire for effect and then ends up strolling down the road not looking back cool guys don’t even look at explosions always wanted to play that clip somewhere his memoir is also just replete with all types of types of examples where he’s volunteering just to get out of the foxhole the safety and security and misery of the different foxholes he’d be occupying from night tonight to go out on these really really risky patrols the the mortality rate on going out on a patrol and enemy occupied territory when they’re already dug in and watching man it’s really dangerous but he would time and time ago go on these risky patrols whether it was to track down a sniper kind of counter sniper activities and kill them or single-handedly take out multiple machine-gun nests where he comes up and kills him flanks and kills a machine-gun nests then turns the machine gun and takes out all the other machine-gun nests it’s just absolutely defiant I had heard that when they had

made the movie on to hell and back they had ended up cutting out key scenes because Audie Murphy didn’t think people would believe it because truth is actually stranger than fiction because we’ve made fiction to suit ourselves but um GK Chesterton cool quote anyway man look at these rabbit shows my mind is like a bag of stray cats of all kinds of quotes and histories and who knows what’s gonna come out of my mouth but anyway pretty cool stuff unbelievable stuff that’s true you want to check it out let’s talk about a discord discourse on fear and then I’ve got some cool quotes that just had vivid imagery that really resonated with me as well here’s a discourse on fear this is page 96 it’s story time with John here we go the weather is sunny and though it is January beads of sweat roll from our skin fear is moving up with us it always does and the heat of battle it may go away sometimes it vanishes in a blind red rage that comes when you see a friend fall then again you get so tired that you become indifferent but when you’re moving into combat why try fooling yourself fear is right there beside experience helps you CERN soon learned that a situation is seldom as black as the imagination paints it some always get through yes but somebody usually gets it you do not discuss the matter it’s quite personal but the question keeps pounding through the brain this time will I be the one that gets it I’m well-acquainted with fear it strikes first in the stomach coming like the disemboweling hand that is thrust into the carcass of a chicken I feel now as though icy fingers have reached into the my mid parts and twisted the intestines into knots each of us has his own way of fighting off panic I recall Novak and trying and try working myself into a rage against the uniformed beings who killed him but that proves futile at this distance the enemy is as impersonal as the gun that blew little Mike’s pathetic dreams into eternity I turned my mind to far away things The Meadows at home with the wind and the grass a forgotten moment of laughter a girl’s face but this also accomplishes nothing the frosty fingers tighten their grip sweat drips from my forehead anyway I thought that was just a really neat picture in a detail a study of fear itself and just a in recalling up and recalling different times where I felt that icy grip as well and then all the different little tricks that different people find to be able to mitigate its debilitating effects and wrestling with that whether it’s anger faraway thoughts or whatever you’re trying to do sometimes you can stave it off and other times it just overwhelms you and so I thought that was really neat imagery here’s some other vivid imagery there artillery fire is pulled up from the rear and once more the earth is seething hell a flame and whining metal of screaming cursing men the ground erupts and thunderous explosions and the ghastly rain of debris are the limbs and flesh of men here’s another one and last one in the heat Barnes who is a new soldier learn coolness and calm fury he becomes a valuable man I just love that he learns coolness and calm fury there’s a calm fury that a true useful soldier will develop and then he does become a dangerous man Combe fury so anyway guys pick up the book even if you don’t read this one reads something yeah you’re quick a word from our sponsor this video is brought to you by books they’re not very popular anymore they’re going way out of style but you should read them yay for books three cheers for books let’s have a cheer for books here we go books anyway guys train our train smart and read it’ll make you better see you guys