The MAPK Signaling Pathway

dysregulated map case signaling has been implicated in a wide range of cancers and occurs via multiple mechanisms including activation of receptors and activating chaos and b-raf mutations these may lead to increased or uncontrolled cell proliferation resistance to a photo sis program cell death and resistance to chemotherapy radiotherapy and targeted therapies a vast array of growth factors exert their effects by the recruitment and activation of signalling molecules of this pathway which include wrasse RAF MEK and ERK also known as mat cave map case signaling is activated through binding of a growth factor to the extracellular domain of the tyrosine kinase receptor signaling molecules grb-2 and sauce our next recruited to the internal docking site resulting in wrasse activation of the membrane the efficiency and duration of signal transmission is regulated by the scaffolding protein kinase suppressor of wrasse KSR wrasse triggers a phosphorylation cascade involving rath MEK and ERK proteins leading to activation and translocation to the nucleus once in the nucleus arc activates several transcription factors that mediate gene expression target genes thus activated by map case signaling contribute to higher proliferation and survival Genentech bio oncology is researching new ways to inhibit map k pathway signaling you