Homemade QUAD 6×6 WHEELS With CAR ENGINE ?! Part 2

What a machine, traded this for Golf Guys, in this video expect disunion of this car and maybe if we had time, don’t want this video to be long, we will put the engine on the quad. Enjoy! One thing I forgot, I’m a total amateur about cars, it’s just a hobby for me, so if everyone who will write in comments “you don’t do it like that, engine doesn’t go out like that…”, I know it doesn’t go out like that, I don’t know better because I’m not a car mechanic, but we are here to learn. Enjoy the video! And they let things like this on technical inspection, things that you put yourself good like body kits needs to go on testing, but this is much greater danger for me than body kit And that’s it when you buy a car and you don’t know if it was crashed, you don’t see that behind plastics. But never mind, I’m only gonna use the engine, but if someone would buy himself a new car, watch it Here is one more crasher Now that we placed the engine on chassis, I figured out that the chassis is too small because I didn’t want to place engine at the back because I’m planning to put some kind

of mini tippper trailer, and here I should have a front quad-like end so we will cut the chassis in half and add around 30cm of iron here. Enjoy!

So we now have more place here, we will easily operate the vehicle and we will have more place to sit. Enjoy in the rest of the video

Regarding the steering controls and bearings I mentioned in the part 1 video, so I ordered this bearings but the thing about them that they are in housing and they have every 5mm in store, for example 5mm, 10mm and so on. But, this rod here is 14mm and here we have clearance. So, we will make shell or place piece of sheet so it holds. It would be easier to weld, but one day when I will dissamble all of this, it will be easier to just remove it than hone old welds. Well, let’s get to work Regarding the steering system, I made a little exception, for example, if we are steering to the right, left wheels makes too much rotation, more than right one,

the steering won’t be good so we will try to make up something else. Let’s get to solution number 1 Guys, as you can see, we fixed steering system, both wheels now have similiar rotation and that’s great. Let’s go on the next step So, I’m thinking about drilling a hole here and just place it here and weld. Why? Because if I make handles like this, I think it would slide around, if you would go to the right, I’m worrying that wheels will go onward, so I think it will be the best to just weld that here So guys, as you can see, regarding the steering system, it all works perfectly, I’m very satisfied how it turned out, and that’s it. Let’s go on the next step We welded left side, I wanted to do it on the right, but you can see I’m missing some profile here, that’s 60x20mm profile, I didn’t want to weld some add-ons, the vehicle wouldn’t look like Frankenstein so we will leave that for the next video And that’s it guys for this part, of course, write down in comments did you like it, so specifically, in this video we pulled engine out of Opel, put it on chassis, made

carriers, we extended chassis for around 40cm and that’s it. In the next video you can expect getting engine to work and we will see how all that will turn out So, hit that like, share and subscribe button, and see you in the next video. Bye!