Flosstube #87: Join Kimberly to see our new Stitch-Tober plans and more!

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s September 2nd, 2020 I’m Kimberly Jolly from Fat Quarter Shop, and I’m super excited today because we’re gonna start talking about Stitchtober And of course, with Stitchtober, we have three brand new patterns to help you sew along So a little bit about Stitchtober is it’s a way to stitch fall stuff in October But this year there were so much fall stuff that I actually am going to do 45 days So I’m going to stitch from October 1st to November 15th on fall projects In next week’s live stream, I’m going to show you everything that I’m doing But this week’s live stream, we’re going to really focus on the brand new stuff so that you can pick the one that you like the best That’s what’s great about us at Fat Quarter Shop is we’re always trying to find something (loud crashing) Oops We’re always trying to find something that’s going to appeal to someone So I’m going to kind of start off and show you all of our new patterns The first one is “Fright Night” This one we’re going to zoom in It’s going to be a five-part series So this is part one, and this is very similar to “Mistletoe Lane” and “Feels Like Home” So it is where you sign up, and every Friday in October, you’re going to get a PDF of five different sections It’s really awesome. Now this one was stitched by Cheryl She stitched it on 28-count Hazy Gray from Fabric Flair And I’m going to show you kind of all the things that go with it So you can decide which ones, if you’re interested in sewing this, which one appeals to you, because we’re trying to give you lots of options on thread and fabric so that you have something that is going to appeal to you So the first thing is the bag So super cute bag And we wanted to do, since there’s so many canvas bags out there that are cream, we wanted to do something different So this is kind of a hint to what you’ll be stitching So obviously you can see this part in the stitch piece that Lily just showed you, but this obviously is going to be part of it So that’s super awesome So inside of your bag, we have an enamel charm and this is so cute It would just go with anything So this is our first, or our second item that goes with it So there’s the pattern, the bag, the charm We have a brand new item that we just, Lily just released the video on Monday of Floss Bitties This is a pack of 20 floss drops There are four different designs and five each So you get 20 floss drops You can watch our video and it’ll show you exactly how to use it I’m going to actually open these and I will show you Now, these are going to be in stock around September 19th So that’s the first one So those are our Halloween Floss Bitties Now, these are limited edition And so we’re going to be doing a lot of limited edition Floss Bitties And once they’re gone, they’re going to be gone forever We are going to have another Floss Bitty that we will keep in stock And I’m going to show you that real quick That’s going to be our sewing themed Floss Bitty And these are also coming September 19th And there are also four designs. You get five each And this is a great way to affordably store your floss And in the video, I talk about how you can label, even if it’s fancy floss, how you can put that on, or if you put on a DMC sticker and I had some people comment that the DMC sticker falls off, but for me, it does not So on this plastic, the DMC sticker does not come off So now I took a little detour But one thing that we like to do is we want to plan our projects for Stitchtober So we put together these cute little calendars, and you can download this free at the very link below

The very first link should be Stitchtober, and that just has everything on it You can download these free from that site, or you can just, they’re just part of our free patterns on our website So it’s completely free, but it’s a way that you can plan out your projects So I will fill this out today and we can show it next week when I show all of my projects And that’s completely free And then for fabric, we decided to go with Fabric Flair this time, the 28-count linen, even weave, sorry, the 28-count even weave is what Cheryl stitched on I’m going to stitch mine on 14-count aida And this is from the same manufacturer, Fabric Flair, but you can see, they look a little bit different And the reason why is when you die a fabric, just different bases take the dye differently So, but I’m going to be using this one And then for thread, we have two options We have DMC or Week’s Dye Works I’m going to stitch mine in Weeks Dye Works And that is what Cheryl stitched hers in And we also have an option for DMC I do want to be totally honest and show you that if you look at this that Cheryl did, you can really see the variegation from the Week’s Dye Works And so if you do the DMC, you’re not going to get the effect, but we do want to be able to offer this since it is a much less expensive option I just want to be honest and tell you that you’re going to get a different effect ‘Cause there are three different oranges used in the letter So it’s like dark, medium, light, dark, medium, light, dark, medium light But within this, you can see the Week’s Dye Works has a lot of variegation So it’s kinda up to you, but I just wanted to be totally honest about that upfront so that you guys know what you’re getting into We also have an enamel needle minder, and it will look great on your bag So you can just put your little needle minder on your bag, and then when you’re stitching, it will hold it And this one came out really nice When we get all these things made, both of these came out super nice And we kind of wanted to go with a different theme so not everything was spider web, or ghosts, or a moon, or a pumpkin We wanted it to kind of appeal to everyone And this is the supply list So if you buy the PDF today, or before we start, this is your supply list and it gives you the number of skeins, Week’s Dye Works, and DMC And so now I’m going to let Lily ask questions on “Fright Night” So again, that is “Fright Night” that was designed by Fat Quarter Shop Cody designed that And I do want to show you up close the difference Can we show that Lily? So you can see kind of the difference So this is that even weave 28-count, and this is the 14-count And then, this is what Cheryl used, which is Week’s Dye Works And this is DMC Can you zoom out a little bit? Show the top, the Halloween part So there, you can see kind of it’s similar, but you are going to get a very different effect with the DMC But we do like to offer all of that because a lot of you guys are on a budget A lot of you like DMC better, so we’re just trying to offer some things so that we have all of you covered And you know, if you like to stitch on over two, you have that, if you want to stitch on aida, you have that – [Lily] All right, from Lois Stoll, so it’s a onetime fee for “Fright Night”? – Yes, it’s a onetime fee And then on Friday mornings Denise emails, and she emails out the file around 8:00 AM, Central time And if you don’t get the file, you just email us Email Denise@fatquartershop.com She will verify that you have a membership or that you’ve paid And then she’ll email you the file – [Lily] All right, from Gail Stale, “how many projects should we get organized for Stitchtober?” – So for Stitchtober, what I would do is kind of think about what you can really accomplish so that you don’t overwhelm yourself I will tell you that I am going to overwhelm myself

I just could not pick between all of the wonderful stuff And you’re going to see next week, all the stuff I do decorate my house for fall and Christmas Other than that, I don’t really decorate So for spring, I just have some stuff out, but it’s not really decorated So I kinda went a little crazy picking the projects, and you’re going to see why next week, but I did spread them out over different days So I gave myself five days for this one I gave myself 10 days for this one So I’m spreading things out over a different amount of days, so I can actually accomplish things But you can do just October I went to November 15th because I just could not decide And I didn’t want to not do a project that I loved And I just figured, I’ll just do 45 days It makes it easier, too, when we have these stitch alongs, because it gives me a lot of content to be able to show you guys what you can do, because I actually stitch along with you, and it’s fun – [Lily] And Lori Holt was saying, “if you use DMC, use the three orange colors to make the letters.” – Well, that would be a little bit bulky if you did three strands instead of two But you could mix two strands – [Lily] From Adeline Santiago, “is this good for new stitchers?” – Yes. Very good And so this one, we have color instructions, and aida, and I’m going to do it I think it’s great – [Lily] From Patricia Lewis, “Can you purchase ‘Fright Night’ pattern after it comes out?” – Yes And so what happens is the very last day, the very last day that the PDF that we send it out, we just sell that as a regular pattern, which is what we’ve done with “Mistletoe Lane” and “Feels Like Home” They’re just regular PDFs now – [Lily] From Amber Malone, “when will the floss packs and other supplies go out for shipping?” – So everything, we’re back to normal on shipping So if you order now, it’ll ship in the next one to three days The only thing not available now on the “Fright Night” are the Floss Bitties And so, and I didn’t, I don’t think I showed you the back The back has our fabric shop logo And so you’ll only be able to get these Floss Bitties that are limited edition at Fat Quarter Shop The ones that are going to be stitchy, these will be the ones that you can get from other stores – [Lily] All right Oh, and Lori was saying, “Not three strands, LOL the three different oranges to make the letters look like variegation.” I think she meant like– – Right, and that’s how the pattern is written – Oh, okay. That’s cool – To mix ’em – Oh, to mix ’em? – Yeah – Okay. Yeah, I don’t know – [Lily] (laughs) Okay, from Bebe, “I ordered the pattern and floss yesterday Would I be able to add the bag to my order and have it shipped together?” – No So right now until we’re 100% caught up, we’re not combining orders So sorry we can’t, but you could just order some other stuff to get free shipping or something Yeah, no, we’re caught up almost, but yeah, we’re just not adding Especially with the social distancing, customer service can’t walk out to the warehouse anymore And like, what we used to do is we walked to the warehouse, find your order, and customer service would literally, like, fix it all We can’t do that anymore So until social distancing is over, we really can’t do all those little things because we are trying to keep our employees safe – [Lily] From Cecilia Bass, “What is the name of the fabric you framed “Fright Night”? – Okay. So I forgot to go through that So we’re going to go over that now So this was, I’m so sorry, this was finished by Priscilla Blain from Stitching With the Housewives She stitched these. So first of all, Cheryl pieced it So I gotta give Cheryl credit Cheryl pieced this, or stitched it These two plaids are from Priscilla’s pretty plaids that are coming out in later in September This is a board that came and had some text on it The number is in the description box below, but it’s Hobby Lobby frame 5320635 Priscilla finished it And then on the back we put Lori Holt’s library card So it has all of the information So next year or in a couple of years, when I can’t remember what I did, I’ll be able to go back and see the pattern and all of that – [Lily] All right, and we have a few more questions, but I’m going to save those for down the line, ’cause they’re related to different things we’re talking about

We did have two super chats that came in First one from Valeria Bauer for $19.99 Thank you, Valaria – Thank you – [Lily] And Valeria put the little pear that says “Thanks for being you”, and it’s got the marigold necklace – Aw, thank you – [Lily] And then the next super chat was from Princess P. Holly Martin for $5 And Princess P says, “From your doppelganger, thanks for the inspiration – Aw, Thank you – Yeah. Thank you so much – So the next item that we have for Stitchtober is called “Mix and Match” And so Lily’s gonna zoom in so I can talk about it I don’t want to move it ’cause I don’t want it to fall down So this is, Lori Holt put together the border, the black and white border part as a free chart, that’s a free chart And you can download that now on our website, on the Stitchtober page And what you do is you fill in each square with a different stitch card or design from Lori Holt So we framed that on Hobby Lobby number 5442454 Denise and Cody painted it black And then they painted gray on top of it They followed Lori Holt’s video So if y’all have questions on how to do this, go to Lori Holt’s video that we linked below We used her SKU 7633 green for the fabric and 7371 orange for the bow And we used beehive large vintage trim for this little section right here And so that is that, but now I’m going to show you kind of how it works So this is your free pattern So this right here is your free pattern It lists what SKUs were used Denise stitched this, oh, sorry, Cheryl, stitched this And so these are all the DMC that Cheryl used So if you want yours to look exactly like this, these are your DMC This is completely free What you would have to buy are the items that go within it Everything’s falling today. I’m so sorry So if you see within here that gray box, all of Lori’s quilt stitch cards are 24-by-24 So you could make this with anything You could make it Christmas and change your black So from this stitch card, we are using the “Spring Blossom” and you can see that we have recolored it So there’s the block and here’s the original So you use that stitch card, that’s stitch card A Stitch card C, she turned her hot cocoa totally Christmas She turned it pumpkin spice latte Set D, you can see that she has this bright zinnia here, and she turned it into more of a sunflower by changing the colors And her set F that just came out, she used all four So that, if you are in the Stitch Card Club that shipped to you last Friday If not, you can buy this separately And then going forward, you are going to get G, H, I, J, et cetera The other ones she used are in here So this is “Farm Girl Fall” And she used the crow from that And from “Quilty Love”, she used this block right here. I think This block, sorry, this block So it’s a fun way, and so you don’t have to buy all of these patterns You can pick the ones that you want So you obviously would need stitch card F, ’cause that’s Halloween And then if you want to fill in, these are just the ones that Lori picked And so I’m going to stitch along in Stitchtober following what Lori did Now with this, I’m going to go over the patterns again Stitch card A, stitch card D, stitch card C, stitch card F,

“Quilty Love”, “Farm Girl Fall”, and this is free And we’re going to be doing a lot of mix and matches with Lori For this, we stitched on 25-count overcast vintage cloth by Lori Holt We stitched over two with two strands, and we used DMC So Cheryl stitched, and so these are the two options that we have Now, if you want to stitch on an aida, you can use the Hazy Gray by Fabric Flair It will be darker, but it will look good And then in the thread pack, Denise put this together So on the back, you see that when we give you a thread, we tell you what’s included But on the other side, Denise has listed for you, exactly which block to use and what threads we use within each block, so that you’re able to easily follow along with Lori’s design So now I’m going to take questions on 2020 Halloween mix and match And I’m going to show you what we did for mix and match in 2019 also, because that’s kind of where we started with that – [Lily] From Bebe, “What size are the stitch cards?” – Size in terms of? – [Lily] I guess what size, like, the squares (indistinct) is my guess, but- – So this is kind of the size of the paper They finish, can I have a ruler? I don’t know. (laughs) They’re right here So they’re 24 squares by 24 squares, plus the border I’ll have to measure to see It depends what, I think it’s 34-by-34 So 2 1/4 on 28-count – [Lily] Okay – From Karen Amarin, “What’s the difference between aida and vintage cloth?” – So aida is just aida Everybody knows what aida is Vintage cloth just is the name of cross-stitch cloth that Lori Holt gave So she’s going to have aida, she’s going to have, that’s coming soon, she’s also has 25-count So vintage cloth is just the name of cross-stitch cloth that Lori came up with This is the 25-count Lugana, but it’s just, so the color is overcast, the vintage cloth is the product, and the 25-count Lugana is the type ‘Cause I don’t know if you notice, like, when Lori does stuff, she doesn’t name it Like, she has vintage trim. That’s right here She doesn’t call it rick rack She calls it vintage trim because it’s Lori’s So she always names things so that it’s branded as her, since it’s her idea, and her colors, and all of that And it makes it easy to differentiate her stuff from somebody else’s stuff – [Lily] Oh, and Lori was explaining what she meant with using the different oranges “Use one of the oranges for H and then a different orange for the A, and then a different orange for the L.” So like, to- – That’s how the pattern’s written – Oh, okay. Cool – So that’s how the pattern is actually written – Gotcha. That’s really fun – It’s just hard to tell with the variegation with the Week’s Dye Works Their variegation’s pretty, it’s pretty big on this one – [Lily] Mm-hmm Also for size, we can also just hold up one of the little pillows – Oh, let’s go over the pillows I forgot Okay, stitch card F just came out, and I’m going to show you all of them finished by Lori This is the jack-o-lantern And so these are what is stitched right here So if you made this it’s exactly what is in the pattern And she has a tutorial on her YouTube that we can link below to tell you exactly how to make these pillows So if you want to make it exactly like Lori, she’s got a video And she uses different fabric each time So there is the jack-o-lantern, the witch’s hat And that is “Farm Girl Fall” fabric, October 31st, and that is,

I believe B basic fabric The black cat He’s cute. He’s light gray cat So I’m going to show you, these are the four new ones So that’s a brand new pattern And obviously we came out with this so that it would go along with Stitchtober And then these are the backs And so anything you want to know on these definitely go to Lori Holt’s video, ’cause I haven’t made them And so if you ask me, I’m going to look at you funny ’cause I don’t know the answer because I haven’t made it So yes, and I’ll put these back in the little tray They’re so cute Hopefully nothing else will fall on me today So funny So what fell earlier in the video is, I bring stuff to and from work in laundry baskets And so I guess the laundry basket fell off Denise, I mean, Lily’s desk, or something over there it just fell off – [Lily] Yeah Well, crazy part is we hadn’t touched it – Yeah. It just was like sitting It just like, I think it was just sitting there and it went kaboom, which is funny, but, like, at the beginning of the video, it’s like, I can laugh about it now, but at first it makes me nervous – [Lily] Yeah I think the gravity is just extra heavy in the film room today – Yeah Oh yeah, and then I wanted to give you this bag is made by Kristie with Crosshatch Quilts Her Instagram is linked below And this is the back And there’s actually two other bags I was going to show you Can you grab them off my desk? I totally forgot to bring them upstairs – [Lily] I think I’ve seen Kristie in the chat today Hello – Oh, hi Yeah, I have two So Lori had that made for me So I just got it, I think Monday, Monday or Tuesday I’m so excited ‘Cause you know I need more bags I need lots of bags Okay, so let me know what questions you have on “Mix and Match” – [Lily] From Jamie Mislan, “When you stitch with Fancy Floss to get the variegation in color, do you still do the loop method?” – I do So that’s what I like to do ’cause I can go faster Now, Cheryl, she’s a truest, so she does it square-by-square So you’re going to get a lot of variegation if you do it like Cheryl Now, I do really like this variegation, so I might for the fun of it, do it square-by-square, but it just kind of will depend on timing But Cheryl does what you’re supposed to do I do, yeah, what I feel like at the moment This is also another bag by Crosshatch Quilts So just look her up on Instagram And this is Granny Chic Fabrics So Lori had these made for me Look how cute And then, I also got this bag from Dot Dot Goose Design and it’s so cute It has my dog So it’s called “Bah Humbug” fabric – “Bah Humpug” – Oh, say it right, yeah What’d I say? – [Lily] Well you said it where it comes from Bah humbug, but it’s “Bah Humpug” – Yeah. So we sold out of this fabric, but we’re going to have more soon, but if you want this bag go to Dot Dot Goose Designs on Etsy So I have lots of new bags today And I had them on my desk to bring, I don’t know how I forgot And I did want to show you, also, last year’s mix and match So last year’s mix and match, Lori did this as a free setting So this is your free setting And then these last year was more of a fall This year is more of a Halloween So this used different stitch cards, and you can find out exactly what I did on the Jolly Jabber blog And you can find out exactly what Lori did on the Jolly Jabber blog We listed patterns, fabric, paint color, everything So if you are more of a fall person and you didn’t do this last year, you could do this Or for Stitchtober this year, you could do both You could do this one that’s fall, and you could do the other one, which is Halloween So lots of options on Stitchtober And my kids kind of have thrown this around a little bit Can you tell? They just like hit each other I probably shouldn’t leave it out, but I do – [Lily] Okay. From Perry Francisco, “Would you recommend stitching the entire border from the free pattern first and then filling in each square afterwards?” – Yes And so I’m going to talk about that next week, because that is going to be, one of my days is going to be entire border And then one of my days will be block one, one of my days will be block two, and so on and so forth – [Lily] Gabriel Fuenta said, “Or it’s haunted.” And then he put the little ghost emoji about the things falling in here – Oh, the stuff in here I don’t think it’s haunted

Only good stuff in here. (laughs) I don’t know I’ve never been anywhere where I think it’s really haunted – Yeah. Let me either – I don’t know if I believe all that When I was little, I did When I was little, I slept in my parents’ bed ’till I was, like, in middle school ‘Cause I thought that poltergeist was going to come get me because my aunt and uncle let me watch “Poltergeist” when I was like eight – Oh, no – But yeah, that’s what you get when you have, like, a young, hip, like my dad has four brothers, and so all his brothers were like younger, but like the youngest one is quite a bit difference in age So, it’s like, you get these aunts and uncles that are young and do whatever Plus, it was the ’80s ’80s was a different time – [Lily] And then we had some super chats from Deborah Schultz, $5 – Thank you – [Lily] And Debra says, “Look forward to each special project, a much needed enjoyment.” – Thank you – Thank you – [Lily] And then the next super chat was from Charlane Bates for a $6.99 Canadian dollar – Thank you – Thank you Yay – So our next project is by Lori Holt also I’m going to hold it up because it will not fit on the table, it’s huge So it is called “Pumpkins for Sale” It’s designed by Lori Holt It is a paper pattern A PDF will come out later, six months later Denise stitched this, she used DMC thread and barley 25-count Lugana She got the frame from Hobby Lobby The SKU number is 1592666 She used Prim fabric and BQ natural lace And we listed on the pattern exactly what we used So we listed the SKU numbers for everything used, so that if you buy the pattern, you will know And I knew all that because I just read it from Lori Holt’s library card So it’s so beautiful Denise stitched this in seven days So it is definitely doable for yeah, for a beginner I was thinking Stitchtober So this is that I’m going to show you all the items in-person, but yes, very big So that is stitched on barley 25-count And I’m going to show you all the items available with it So this is Lori’s Prim Stitch bag that we sell Now, I wanted to mention when this bag is sold out, we’re not going to reprint it We’re going to be doing a lot of different bags with Lori So they’re going to be a onetime thing So if you want this bag, get it now, because I don’t think I’ve ever told you all that So this is the fabric, we stitched on barley 25-count Barley is the color, and I’m going to stitch mine on that as well This is the pattern It’s published by It’s So Emma, but it’s designed by Lori And just so you can see, it’s really nice color instructions And we also list on the back exactly what Denise used when she did the sample and what Denise used when she finished it And we list DMC and Week’s Dye Works And so with Lori’s patterns, we’re going to do different thread each time So we might have just DMC, we might have DMC Week’s Dye Works, we might have DMC aurifloss We’re going to kind of just change it up a little bit Everything is hard to get right now, so we’re being flexible So there is the DMC thread pack that is in stock This is what Denise used And this is the Week’s Dye Works pack And that’s what I’m going to use. And it’s in stock So let me know if y’all have questions on “Pumpkins for Sale” It’s so beautiful. I love it And it fits perfect in the bag The little check on the bag reminds me of the check on the scarecrow’s arm Can you zoom in on that? – Yeah – See how it matches? Sorry It kinda matches And so for Stitchtober, we put everything in different bags, and we have a bin that Denise bought that’s really cute and it’s black and white, and we’re going to use that to keep everything And we’ll show it to you next week We got it at Hobby Lobby. It’s super cute – [Lily] All right While I let some questions roll in here, Crosshatch Quilt said, “Hi, friends I had so much fun making the bags for you, Kimberly” – Thank you. I love them – [Lilly] Gabriel Fuentes was asking when we will be getting part three

of Tiny Modernist Ouija Board stitch along? – Whenever she releases it So Denise will have to look after livestream But what we do is as those are released, we just order them when we see them on the distributor site – [Lily] From Sarah Hardy Wilcox, “I’m new to cross stitch. I’m excited I just received my Prim pattern and floss Just wondering what type of needle I should use? I have embroidery needles received in August So fun. Would that work?” – I would use size 26 needles The best needles that I use are Pat Carson My second choice would be Bowen and my third choice would be John James, but whatever you do, use size 26 to start – [Lily] From Carol Johnson, “Is that a bag you stitch on or is it just a pink bag?” – Oh, it is red I guess it could be pink, but it is red You can stitch on it So it is mesh just like our Gingham on the Go bags Same company made them. So it’s white on the inside So you could stitch So maybe Lori can do a video on it and come up with something to stitch So cute – [Lily] Gabriel Fuentes was asking, “can you do a silk floss conversion for “Fright Night’s” stitch along? – No – [Lily] And then question from Louis Stole, “On another Flosstube, you showed a patriotic stitch along that I thought would begin January, 2020 And can you tell me where to find that info?” – So that one is going to be released in February, and we’re going to do the stitch along in March And it is awesome Lori, you got to finish that and send it to us You’ve got to finish it It’s cute, though Okay. So now I’m going to show you another brand new item This came out this morning Priscilla and Chelsea from Stitching With the Housewives, every Wednesday on the month of September, they’re going to release four Halloween ornaments on Wednesdays So I’m going to show you this So this is available as a PDF And look, I already stitched it So it’s called “Catoween Wanda” And it was so easy. It only took me three hours So I use the called for Classic Color Works And so there’s going to be four of these You can get them at Fat Quarter Shop or you can get them on Stitching With the Housewives’ Etsy account And it’s just a PDF. So this is today’s I’m so excited that I have mine done The one thing I am going to do is I’m going to stitch all four of these in September So that I can have them finished and I’m going to put them in the tray with Lori’s stitch cards over here for decoration for Stitchtober And I’m going to have Priscilla use this fabric So I’m going to have her use her, and I think that’s what she used So Chelsea stitched the samples So she’s going to stitch hers See how she stitched it I mean finished it. And then she’s Lori’s trim It’s so cute. So that came out today Now, also in September on Fridays, they’re going to have four What’s in my Cup, Halloween patterns, PDF that are going to be loaded every Friday in September Now, I haven’t seen those, but I’ll get to see the first one tomorrow ‘Cause they send it to me the day before So I’m excited to see those So you can continue your cup series or you can do your ornaments or you can do both And these are great items for Stitchtober So if you want to, you can incorporate this into Stitchtober Because my Stitchtober is already full with 45 days, I decided I would go ahead and do these in September and then it’s going to be really cute because I can put them on this little tray over here when they’re finished And this also fell on me earlier It fell on me. I was just like, not warmed up enough to talk about about that anyway, it went over here I’ll put it back, but yeah, it fell on me Maybe it is haunted – [Lily] Oh, man. It’s I’m blaming the full moon There’s gonna be a full moon – Is it a full moon? – I think – How do you even know that? – [Lily] I don’t know I’m into that kind of- – Numerology, is that what it is? – Astrology, a little bit – Oh, okay Yeah. That’s what I meant I don’t even know the word, but yeah, that’s what I meant, ’cause it all, yeah, it all goes together – Yeah, the stars and all that – I have a podcast you should listen to, then – Ooh, I’m interested – That they talk about all that stuff And I don’t know anything about it So when they talk about it, I think it’s really interesting, but I’m confused It’s kind of like when I watched that movie It’s like, if you you’re listening to someone talk about something that you don’t know what they’re saying, but it’s interesting, but you don’t know what it means – [Lily] That’s funny Well, I’m very interested

Oh, Priscilla and Chelsea say, “Love your Wanda, Kimberly” – Thank you. She’s so cute – [Lily] Is the cat modeled after their cat? – Yeah. It’s Calvin – Okay – So a funny story is yesterday they sent a picture of, they were picking vegetables to make, what is that? – Yard sauce – What? – Yard sauce? – Yeah, yard sauce So they were picking it and they send me a picture and it was really cute And it was the dog What’s the dog’s name? Piper And I thought it was Calvin And I said, “Look, Calvin” I thought it was Calvin And they said, “Oh, Calvin’s not allowed outside” I thought that was funny But yeah, I think that’s Calvin It’s just, Calvin’s a boy, but this one’s a girl – Yeah – So it’s the girl version of Calvin Maybe you needed another cat that can bite – [Lily] That can bite. Aw, okay A question from Cecilia Bass “What fabric count did Lori do the stitch card pillows on?” – She used overcast 25-count Lugana So she used her Lugana and one thing she’s going to do on the stitch cards, every time she’s using a different fabric So sometimes she uses 10-count, 14-count Her 14 count is coming It should be arriving. in the next couple of weeks So once her 14-count is available, she’ll do it on that because she wants to always show you different things you can do with the stitch cards And she has a big bowl of pillows And so every time she does a stitch card, she makes it, puts it in a bowl, and then you can just like seasonally, change it out Like you could put the Christmas on top when it’s Christmas and then hide the others underneath I need to get with that and do that – [Lily] A question from Gwen Smith “I’m stitching 1/4 and 3/4 stitches on 14 aida Never done that before They’re kind of a pain Wondering if there’s an easier way?” – That’s just really hard to do The best thing to do if you’re doing 1/4 or 1/2 stitches is to use a, like, a different count, like a 28, something where you stitch over two, I will generally avoid any pattern that has a 1/2 stitch or 1/4 stitch, but there is no magic There’s no magic way The only thing I can think of is to use maybe a size 28 needle so that it’s a little bit sharper and makes it easier to go into that part, ’cause you’re having to like kind of stab it So maybe a size 28 needle, you could maybe get a little bit more accuracy into that little hole ‘Cause it’s not a hole you actually go in You’re making your own – [Lily] A funny comment from Lori Holt She said, “You look in the sky. That’s how you know.” ‘Cause you asked her how I knew about the full moon So she was like, you just look in the sky – Well, it’s supposed to be tonight – [Lily] I think it was last night – Oh, okay Yeah. I didn’t leave the house yesterday at all It was lovely to not leave my house I usually have to go get Emma So she gets out of dance really late And it’s really far from the house And last night Kevin got her, I was so excited So I’m gonna move on to our cross stitch alphabet So if you are subscribed to our Fat Quarter Shop Flosstube channel, you have probably seen all the wonderful videos we did on this So we did five videos on this And I’m going to go through them and show you in detail So this is a PDF pattern You can see how many pages it is. It’s huge So I’m going to show you all the different things that we made with it So this is the PDF The first video we did was with our Gingham on the Go bags I stitched the word stitch I show how to do that on our YouTube channel So if you have not subscribed, we would love for you to subscribe And you can see it does look nice on the inside And this bag will sit up And also Lori’s bag will sit up, the Prim bag that I just showed And this is from our Gingham on the Go bag set I stitched on the smaller size So that’s the first video we did The second and third video we did is a split monogram And we show you in the first video, how to take the pattern, how to use the small letters for here, how to add the divider, and how to add your large letter here So our first video, I show you how to do that using the graph paper that is included, which I’m going to show you when I find it So this is graph paper So it’s got graph paper so that you can chart it And then our second video with it shows how to turn it into this zipper bag, which is super cute So I’ll have to use this for Stitchtober So that is our second item Our third item is home Okay, so one thing I forgot to mention is

in the pattern, this is charted for you exactly So if you want to make this, it’s already charted You don’t have to think about how much to space it apart This is charted for you This is also charted for you This is, obviously it says home, and all the information is in the video of exactly what we used for the fabric and the board, and the pattern So you can find all that information here Denise stitched this one And so all your information on what she did is in the pattern And we show a video on how you finish it So of course you could put your last name here You could use small letters or big letters And then the last item is the cover of the pattern And we did a video on this one I’m going to go this way So this one, we have a video and this is charted exactly like this So if you get the pattern, you don’t have to figure out spacing on this, the home, or the stitch because we’ve included it in the pattern as a bonus to our alphabet And this is this video So we would love for you to watch those five videos Yeah, that was fun to stitch That took me about 30 hours or something crazy So let me know if you all have any questions on our cross stitch alphabet It comes with a large alphabet, a small alphabet, a stitch motif, a home motif, and the alphabet sampler, and some different options for different little frames like this If you wanted to center your initials in there, that’s also available So lots of options in the pattern And so we worked really hard on that So I hope you, like, really liked what we did, ’cause we were trying to come up with stuff that if you don’t sew, you could stitch on a bag – [Lily] All right, question from Glenda Reynolds, “Do the stitch cards show the aurifloss color chart?” – Stitch cards, show DMC And so her stitch cards are only gonna have DMC forever That was, like, a decision made in the beginning – [Lily] From Carol Johnson, “I’m doing a pattern now from the front of the Halloween magazine I got from you and it’s hard to follow Any suggestions?” – Get a magnifier So there are magnifiers that you can buy at an office store where you actually set it on top of the magazine, like a flat magnifier, and it’ll make it bigger to see And you can use a line keeper, which I don’t have any in here right now, but a line keeper, you can put it on the pattern, good, we have it These will help you keep track of where you’re at in your pattern So you can either put this at the bottom or the top and move it as you go And that will help you And you could use this with the magnifier, also But I think that is hard to see because it’s a black and white pattern And the reason we made the line keeper black and white is because of that ‘Cause it would go with any pattern – [Lily] From Katie and Mickey Nat, “What DMC colors go with the Gingham on the Go bags? I just got mine.” – We might have to just do a blog post on that How about that? We’ll just do a blog post Give us about two weeks, but we can list some DMC Basically we can do a photo and we can do all three bags We can actually include Lori’s bag in that, too And we can put some DMC on the top and some aurifloss on the top and just do a photo and show you what colors they are And we can do all different kinds of colors It’ll take us a while to do that ’cause we got to pick it all, but that’ll be super easy and we can just list it and that’ll be good So Prim Stitch series three is also Lori Holt’s design And I stitched this It is so beautiful It is called “Peace and Plenty” If you’re in the club, it will ship, your pattern will ship on September 3rd If you’re not in the club, we will have the pattern available online, September 8th This one was super fun to do And I actually did the French knots, I think, yeah, I did French knots here, or actually did colonial knots, but I was so proud that I did the knots And Lori finished this for me And I’ll read you how she finished it So this is from her stitch card from her library cards So it was designed by Lori Holt

I stitched it using prim aurifloss and Prim 25-count Lugana So the color of the Lugana is prim The frame is painted in “Picket Fence Farm Girl” paint, and she used her Prim fabric collection and her lace, Bee Cute lace And that’s what’s great about these library cards is, I cannot remember what I do on every single project, and having this in here makes it easy to remember And so this is part three of a 12-part series So let me know if you have any questions on the Prim stitch series I love seeing all of everything that you have been making Now, there is a photo that we’re going to show that has Lori, what she’s doing So she’s stitching hers as one piece And that is how hers looked when she was on part three And if you want that border that is available for free on our site – [Lily] All right A question from Maddie’s mom “If I signed up for Stitch Card Club now, woud it begin with the next release of cards G?” – Yes, it would start with G – Okay – Can you update that on the site? ‘Cause I think it says F – [Lily] From Nita Pool, “Will there be a lower case also coming?” – We have a volume two already in the works, but it might be cursive, it might be lowercase It’s going to be all kinds of, we’re going to do lots of different ones and I know is going Lori is going to do one, too – [Lily] From MJ, “Where did you get the frame for the Prim stitch?” So I bought it at Fat Quarter Shop It’s the medium vintage square frame, and I can actually show you the difference Look, this is it painted in one color and this is it painted in a different color Same frame, totally different looks, and Lori finished both of them So this is a Lori Holt frame that we had custom made and it’s the medium size And then she just paints them different with her paint And then I wanted to show, you guys asked last week for this So this is a tease to Stitch Quarterly, which is our quarterly cross-stitch subscription club It’s going to ship out this Friday and hint, if you’re joining us for Stitchtober and you’re part of the club, you can stitch this as part of one of your Stitchtober pieces And here’s your bag that everything’s going to come in – That’s so cute – It is And Priscilla finished this for us It’s beautiful. And we thank her for finishing it for us And the Stitchtober, I mean the Stitch Quarterly, it’s a club So cute Hand that, ’cause I don’t have any more room to put it down here I’m probably going to trip when I fall up, when I stand up I wanted to let you know that our sew by row, which is here somewhere, I’m going to show it to you Last week, we showed it to you Or two weeks ago, we showed it to you It’s a brand new Lori Holt pattern We’re going to do a stitch along in January, starting in January This is it But I wanted to let you know that Week’s Dye Works, thread packs are now available – Woo hoo – I’m going to stitch mine in DMC, but I just wanted to let you know that that is also an option And we have brand new, fall sunflowers thread pack that is going to go with the punch needle and “Primitive Stitcher Magazine” designed by Priscilla and Chelsea That’s coming out in two weeks So we have the thread packs while they last, we have some new Little House Needleworks patterns This one is brand new It’s called the “Hive” So it’s like a beehive with all the things within the hive This is months of the year And on this one, this is the full pattern set without the fabric So we offer both We offer this one, that’s just the pattern, and we offer six separate that include two months each and the fabric Thread, not fabric, sorry This is “Dear Daughter” by Blackbird Designs and “Casting a Spell” by Blackbird Designs And all the information on the sewing box and how you do it is inside And they also have “Sweet Summer Come Again” And I wanted to let you know, especially for our international customers, our PDF is now available for Prim village If you want to buy it as a PDF, that’s now available

And then our flash sale for today is the Stitcherhood “Quaker Love” and the autumn season sampler So our flash sale, if you’re not aware, is our daily sales that we have on our site So that’s what I have for you today, but I’m happy to answer any questions I know that was like a ton of stuff Next week, I’m going to show you everything that I did last year for Stitchtober and everything I’m doing this year for Stitchtober – [Lily] All right Lots of people are wondering when Stitch Quarterly is shipping – September 4th And we have, like, some spots left Last time we were completely sold out This time, we added some spots So if you want it, I would sign up now, because those spots were going to fill up, and they’re going to be gone And then you’re going to complain that we don’t have it And I’m going to almost cry over here and say, I’m so sorry, but we did have it So I do try to tell you, like, when I have plenty of stuff and when I don’t – [Lily] All right, that was the next question If they sign up today, will they get the September? – Yes, yes – [Lily] Okay Going back to some questions that were coming in throughout the stream From Morgan M, “Do you know when the black 28-count Jobelan will be back in stock?” – Three to four weeks – Three to four weeks – [Lily] From Stella 1710, “Good morning. Are you going to have an NPI club? If so, do you know when? – Yes. Starting in January So Denise picked out all of the threads and she’s working with them to get it ordered and we just need to put it online We’re waiting The only reason that’s not online is we’re waiting for some feedback on NPI, on delivery, before we can put that online because we don’t want to offer anything unless we can really fulfill it So yes, that is in the works – [Lily] From Glenda Olive, “Will y’all have My Christmas List Priscilla floss pack again?” – We will, when we get Black Coffee So Black Coffee, pretty much you can’t find it anywhere The cones needed to dye on that have not been shipped from DMC to Diane at Classic Color Works And we have a ton on order So whenever Black Coffee comes back, we will have it – [Lily] From Raylene Cheramie, “As a new cross stitcher, could you explain the difference between DMC and other threads?” – So DMC is your most inexpensive option, and it is just a solid skein The great thing about it is it’s a low price You can find it anywhere You can find it at Michael’s Joann’s, Fat Quarter Shop, anywhere Hand-dyed floss has a variegation to it Each skein is different and you can get a variegated look like this There are two different kinds of silk floss Some is variegated, some is not So, yeah, it’s just a difference If you’re just starting, I would just start with DMC There’s nothing wrong with DMC Just like I said, the sew by row that we’re doing, I’m sewing that in DMC So you’ll see that I do all my stuff in different things I always change up the fabric and I change up the thread I am going to be going back to using more aida, though I will tell you that upfront – [Lily] From Denise Marie, “What fabric is suggested for the cross-stitch pattern in Bonnie and Camille’s “Quilt Bee” book? I have the book ordered and want to be ready when it comes.” – It is Cloud 25-count Lugana by Lori Holt vintage cloth That is what Camille used – [Lily] From Cecilia Bass, “Is the Stitch Quarterly on 14-count?” – They’re all different And so this one, there was like a little tease You could kind of try to figure out, but it’s all different It’s always going to be different It’s going to be different, yeah And we’re working on next year’s and it’s amazing I can tell you that – [Lily] From Katrina E, “What is the board that the Stitch Quarterly is mounted on?” – We can read you the number Do you want to just read the number? It’s from Hobby Lobby – [Lily] And the number is 1798222 That’s three twos It’s very cute – And I’m that once that is released and out, Priscilla will do a blog post and she’ll show you everything she did And she’ll write that on her blog post once it’s public info So guys, thanks for joining me And I will see you guys next week – [Lily] All right, bye, everyone