[alarm ringing] [Ronald screaming] [inaudible] my hair Now let’s go! Jacket And We go! Yes! Yes! Yes! Hmm, what to do?

Nah sweet, go! Hey, what are you doing? Great. Well, I just finished my homework, and watched a YouTube video Nothing much to do now What? Whoa That’s cool Alright, sure Alright Bye Come on, please

What else is there? Ah! Here’s how people were reacting to your channel while you work That’s awesome Okay, let’s tap Super quickly Just don’t press the button, that’s the name of this minecraft And I think I’m going to struggle because whatever I do there’s someone– Tickle my feet So those, let’s pop those back What about here? That’s all, there we go, I’m gonna grab all of these paintings as well Nah It’s the weekend! It’s weekend! Yeah! No more school! Eh, now I’m hungry

Eggs? Ew! Yum, yum! I love bubble baths Pretty cool Why didn’t you ever tell us about it? What? Wait, what’s that? Karina, what are you doing? I’m bored Ronald wake up We have to make a video for our gaming channel Okay Ronald, did you get out of bed? Yeah

Okay Ronald did you wake up? Almost Hmm What to play? Ooh! I got an idea Hmm, what game should I play today? Hmm, let’s play Meep City again Check out the new jetpack toy for sale at the toy stand located at the playground? What?! We have to check this out Oh my god, I need that! I need it! I think we’re going to get some fish so we can buy it Okay I think I’m ready to play the game Hey guys! This is Karina Today, we’re back inside Meep City We’re back inside my– One of my favorite games in the entire world Alright guys, I need to show you something insane There’s literally a jetpack here You can literally actually buy a jetpack So what we’re going to do today is get that jetpack no matter what it costs So guys, I hope you liked this video If you did smash that like button, and I’ll see you guys all next time Good bye There we go Ronald, you’re not ready yet! Oh! I’m ready! Let’s make a video You’re not ready you’re in your pajamas! Oh, yeah Nah! Ronald, you’re still in pajamas pants They wouldn’t see that Okay Oh my god, Karina’s account is crowded We need to log in to my accounts There we go Now let’s record a video Oh, yeah. I’m still naked Let’s play Robloxian Life I need my lights on There we go Hey, peeps! It’s Ronald and so welcome back into some more Minecraft, wait I mean Roblox, sorry And we are playing Robloxian Life And we already got three little friends here And I’m again naked which is really unfortunate because I forgot to change my skin Just a naked guy with a bacon face Oh, there’s a, there’s an ice cream shop Mmm Hey guys hey! How’s it going?

There’s a giant stinky foot in my living room There’s a timer on the top left of my screen I have no idea what I need to do So guys, I really hope you liked this video and if you liked it, make sure to smash that like button and be sure to subscribe and I’ll see you all next time! Good bye How was the video? Good It’s gonna be viral for sure That would be awesome viral video in pajamas Yeah Actually, I’m going to make another one Okay, I’m gonna watch more DanTDM Is today the day? Summer Summer Finally, it took long enough I’m kinda tired Okay Minecraft all day long Alrighty Okay Slash level search There’s levels about me Oh my God Ronald, if you are playing this map hacker– No um, please do a shout-out message [inaudible] name cyber to hackerdcyber and send up 006 Would you rather? Wow, this is my own level What? I’m stuck Wait, what?! Do I need to take a kit one? Ugh! Come on, come on, come on Yeah! Ooh! I won, I won, I won So close! So close! So Close! Ooh, ooh that was a closie Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God Oh, I can’t believe I made that Okay the lava sushi Come on, let’s go The lava! No! I’m gonna have to start from the beginning Okay, let’s try again Whoa, Ronald Why are you in your pajamas again? Mm, just give me one second Okay What to wear?! What to wear?! What to wear?! Now I’m ready! Now it’s time to brush my teeth Ehh, I don’t feel like it I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready Meet me in the garage See ya Oh! Pancakes! Okay Let’s go Let’s go, Ronald Go Ronald, you’re good

Let’s go Um, I don’t know what to do here All I see is wood chips or whatever this thing is And this thing Oh okay What are we gonna do? Nintendo Switch! >> Nintendo Switch! Yeah >> Oh my God Let’s go Let’s play Zelda, kay? >> Yeah Summer finally! Ooh! Pancakes. Yummy! Yo, I just found this sick treasure chest, and it had the witness– it has the darkened sword Oh my God, that’s amazing Dad, can you take me to my art class? Yes, of course. Let’s go They’re just like, Sidon and the king and blah blah blah [inaudible] rush on him Oh nice What I’m going to do is I’m going to go to the Oh, I see the volcano over there I just got hit I need a defense >> So, what I’m– Wow! That was cool High five Let’s go Guys, how was the park? It was great! We had so much fun Yeah Karina, you know itsFunneh commented on your video She did?! Yeah What?! See >> Wait! Let me see, let me see She commented on my video! She gave me a smiley face! She commented on my video! Ronald! Ronald! Ronald!

Ronald! Ronald! Ronald! Ronald! ItsFunneh commented on my video! No way! Yes way! Can I see? Yeah! Yeah! Karina, you’re so lucky, itsFunneh commented on your video I wish Preston comments on my video one day It’s okay Maybe he will one day Right now, let’s enjoy our sushi So good! I love sushi! It’s another school day PT kit Notebook Pencil case Reading book Ronald wake up Okay, I’m getting up Ooh! Delicious! Can’t Get Up Yes Hello Hey, how’s it going? I’m Dan, just in case you forgot because I’ve been away for a few weeks What have I been doing? Well, I’ve been in Australia for two weeks finishing off the DanTDM tour which is now complete Which is crazy 97 shows, 250,000 people So cool That’s like way better I mean, it’s kind of like– you could be like– a little more aggre– I mean dude,

that’s sick! Oh my gosh Okay, I feel like Jen is better at killing, and you have a better weapon Please die No! My ears are ringing Mm, that was so delicious Ronald, get off your iMac, we have to leave right now Ronald, I don’t think they’re gonna let you in school like that Oh my God Much better Now, let’s go before you ruin your outfit Ronald, when are you gonna grow up? Tomorrow Ronald, get back here