Karle Pyaar Karle {HD} – Shiv Darshan – Hasleen Kaur – Superhit Hindi Film

‘Yes. You are right I am holding the gun.’ ‘It is someone’s head.’ ‘But whenever I am in a deep problem only then I think that how did I get into this.’ We have got the 12 contestants of Chills and Thrills One amongst you will be one of those three crazies Statutory warning Wannabe losers need to be outside the gate Last two minutes Do something super crazy or become worms for life Or rot in this crowd Come on. Jump There are two types of bums One contains shit and the other contains courage Are you from the first category? Damn you jump! Otherwise I will throw you out Come on. Hurry up. Hurry up Someone call a doctor He is shocked with fear ‘I am allergic to fear.’ ‘The side effects of this allergy.’ ‘It might lead to fractures, paralysis, death, police and jail.’ If your parents believed in birth control then I wouldn’t have wasted my 30 seconds today Shit! He does this to everyone Sir, someone has turned all sideline traffic signals into red And the main road is green 60 seconds ‘This is my chilling zone.’ ‘Between the sky and the earth.’ ‘We have to place bets on life sometimes.’

‘But simple calculations.’ ‘The more the risk the more the kick.’ This boy has stolen your show He is the thirteenth crazy You are mad I was looking for a psycho like you Dude that was your ticket to Dubai Dubai? – Yes I don’t want to go So why did you make this entry? I had a question for you – What? Are you born fool or have you done a special course? You are over smart too. I like it But you have gone too far I can give you another chance Come and say sorry You think you are God right And I am allergic to self-proclaimed gods What did you say? Your pack up I am hungry, bro From sector 8 to sector 88 Did you turn all traffic signals green for an hour? Why did you do this? Because I don’t like red light areas That’s why I turned all of them green Accident in sector 10! Accident in sector 10! Breaking news! Another collector’s face was blackened The rebel students have rebelled again You have made us sit here since so long Do what you want to but at least give us some food Boss. – Yes. – Please give the menu They are crazy They are troubling us so that we start worrying Yes. I want to go home. I am hungry Don’t worry. We will trouble them now Hello? I am calling from Laskar-e Baghdad Laskar-e Baghdad? One of my fat soldiers is sitting in your police station Fat soldier? He has a bomb in his belly The bomb can go off at any time Where did you find the police station’s number? Baburao Dandekar Sir, he is the fat soldier – Hands up. Up Show me your belly. Belly Where is the bomb? Where is the bomb? Bomb? Inside – Sir, a bomb inside the bum Shut up. – Sorry sir Who is Preet Sihota? Me The commissioner is calling you Baburao Dandekar, come in Fat soldier Kabir Son. Son, are you okay? I am fine, dad Sir, we have shifted here two days ago I am sorry One minute, son. I am Manohar Sehal My wife Radha Sehal. This is son – Manu? Manu Sehal Chulbul. Chulbul Pandey Didn’t you recognize me? Chulbul’s brother, Bulbul Pandey – Bulbul When did you become an inspector? Is this your son? That is what Radha has said

Good one, dad “How I have fallen for you?” “Get me some anklets and then she me walk.” “Come on girl.” Where are you going, mamma? I am going to see my darling Dilip Kumar shoot Sheila had arranged everything Mamma, aunt Sheila has died ten years ago And Dilip Kumar has retired Liar. Dilip Kumar is an evergreen hero And don’t you dare to say such nonsense about my friends Granny Who are you? Have you forgotten your boyfriend? Really? – I swear Look, I have got hot bread for you Will you eat? Yes Manu These are the checks for this month I will bring pancakes for you tomorrow And what is this transaction worth 5000 that is showing in your credit card bill That I had bought some paint over the net for my artwork Was it important to buy paints? Didn’t I tell you? And yes, did you speak to Kabir? His problems are increasing Kabir, can you keep a low profile? Seriously? I am 6feet and 2 inches How can I keep a low profile? Come on, dad Turn his life into a joke like yours if you continue thus Manohar, tell Kabir to finish his food. Kabir Mom, please Kabir Son, after changing so many cities I don’t dare to shift to yet another city Mom, I love this city But more than that, I love you I promise we won’t go anywhere now No more issues. – Sure? Seriously. Hail Mogambo Love you, dad Let me go. Please, bro. Please. Please Why are you so worried? I have classes, assignments. I can’t Give me blood I will give you freedom. – Please Come on – This is no fair. – Come Take care he shouldn’t run away again – Okay Preet Our blood donation camp has flopped May I help? You don’t look helpful Just because I am good looking doesn’t mean that I am heartless Nowadays there is even service tax for transactions of heart Your antics and tongue is both expert in demolition And you are piling on I just wanted to help you Okay You can help me. But I have a condition We can’t get married so soon We have just met Good one, bro. Sorry. Sorry Very funny. – I know Do you see that girl? Yes Her name is Angela. – Okay Go and take a lap dance from her Lap dance? In this blood donation camp? – Yes And if I do this then? – Then? Then you will lap dance on me too Okay. Game on Game on Hey Yes. Have you come to donate blood? Ma’am, may I have a lap dance please? What? Oh no, brother. Get lost Please, as your younger brother I need it Everyone needs something or the other I need a chalet in Switzerland One of my kidneys has failed and the other will fail soon My girlfriend. Sorry My girlfriend has agreed to donate a kidney only if you give me a lap dance Can you believe it? Your lap dance can save my life No – No? Your lap dance can save my life and also arrange 15-20 bottles of blood too Do you want to see a lap dance? – Yes You will have to donate blood? Done. Done. – Now or later?

Do you even need to ask that? Do you want it for free? – Come. Come. Let’s go Lap dance I said I am your girlfriend I said you are a kidney donor Sorry A piece of advice Once your girlfriend donates you her kidney you should change your girlfriend Who wants a girlfriend with just one kidney? – Correct Bye Parking lot Hi. I am Ali Bro. – And I am Bunty Bro Ali Bro. Bunty Bro – Yes. – Is Bro your last name? Wicked By the way you made Julia Roberts perform an amazing lap dance in just seconds. So cool She addresses all girls as Julia Roberts So original – Angela had never been saw us But she turned back and smiled at us today It seemed as the president of America had named Bhutan That’s really original – But you… – Hey, lap dance boy I am Jas Welcome to the club Do you call the parking lot a club here? Consider this university as my club This is fight zone Anyone can fight here Guys girls. Girls-guys Fight for sex Fight for your ex You don’t need a reason to fight here All we need is a damn good fight By the way your fair face gives the impression that you have never had a fight in your boring life It is also possible that no one had ever touched my face Hey! No way! I am fasting for Goddess Santoshi today I am not fighting – He will fight. Please. – Please fight This will be the best fight of your life Ask me why? I don’t feel like asking. Later Okay you don’t want to be beaten in front of here But you know what you have to be the best to impress the best girl in the college That’s right Now we will now, who is the best? Best. Best. Best. What do you mean? Grow up, Jassi. You can have the girl Hey! Don’t be so upset Hey! With your IQ you will find the entire world smart Goldie Chill! Oops. Study. – Bournvita body Naughty boy I don’t expose much for boys Don’t be so greedy. Okay. Happy now? So let’s not fight Are you scared? If you are so confident then come to me

and make me lap dance Hey, lap dance boy! We will be in trouble. Let’s run Hey you. – Yes Are you a fresher? – Yes On the very first day of college. – Sir Once again all this has happened because of me Go to your classes Attend your lectures. Quick Bunty. Where is Bunty? What? The fight is still incomplete – Anytime anywhere, due Call the medi-claim people What happened, Veeru? I think Thakur has gone insane after getting drunk What did he say? He said that he will drive the car There is a power failure again Thakur. Thakur. Thakur Thakur? – Thakur. Thakur Thief! Thief! Thief! – Thief? – Catch him. – Thakur There is a thief in the house. – Thakur Call the police Papa – Kabir From painter to panther. What an attack Very funny Kabir, what kind of drama is this? – Drama? I am practicing for the inter college day play Modern day ‘Sholay’ I am acting Thakur in it With a helmet? Yes? Here the Thakur is a biker and not an inspector Right Lies Preet Sihota Oh my God I wouldn’t have come back to this city if mama was not suffering from Alzheimer. – Mom Kabir, you know that Preet had always got you into trouble Mom, let her come home Preet will never come to this house Preet Sihota Are you being punished too? No, I am just chilling in the detention room Kabir Sehal – You have two golden stars If you can see two then there are two Give me one – No My papa says that if you want something special then you have to fight for it And my mom says that I am the best fighter cock in the world Prove it Tell me. What should I do? Open the door to the detention room Game on What are you doing? Catch him

Hi Hi Hi. – Hi Your impact created by the lap dance and the fight in the parking space has been great Bro, I have better news Have you seen the headlines today? I don’t read headlines on Tuesday Why do you read it to me? – Okay Dhanraj’s rivals fired on him But the DG escaped You have concealed such a huge matter from me What? – That you are DG’s illegitimate kids Illegitimate? Then why are you so happy because the DG has escaped Because DG is Jas’s dad And whenever he and his rival Tejpal has a tiff then Jas goes undercover And these losers are safe for the time being Are you fasting today? – What? Today is not even Woman’s day Have you recovered from your spinal cord problem? What? – Can you bend down? What? – Can you bend down? – Of course Then bend. Lap dance Lap dance is banned in the city today Then it will be more fun – Go hang yourself “I will commit suicide. You die too.” “My heart wants the loan of love.” “I will commit suicide. You die too.” “My heart wants the loan of love.” “You fanned the fire in my heart.” “You had started a forest fire.” “Get lost. Take your procession away.” “Get lost. Take your procession away.” “The devil has overpowered you.” “Darling you are smoking hot.” “My heart is Delhi You are the government.” “Darling you are smoking hot.” “My heart is Delhi You are the government.” “You rule my heart.” “Please accept my request.” “Yes, I am guilty.” “Darling you are smoking hot.” “My heart is Delhi You are the government.” “Rub the lipstick off your lips on mine.” “My life is at your feet You tread on it if you want.” “Why should I kill you? You are bad.” “I won’t be entrapped by you This is not love.” “I am crazy about you.” “I love you Imprison me in your hair.” “Punish me with enjoyment.” “You have been very bad.” “You don’t have permission to enter my heart now.” “You are exiled now.” “Darling you are smoking hot.” “My heart is Delhi You are the government.” “If I get you, I will take you out on the road of my heart.” “You are shiny car.” “My heart is Delhi You are the government.” “You are the matchstick of my love.” “Ignite my youth.” “My heart is stubborn.” “Lull him to sleep with love.” “Save sleeping pills.” “Save yourself from me.” “You will get extinguished in short circuit.” “Get rid of your bulb.” “I am smitten by you Do you have a doubt?” “I can’t live without you.” “Get into my heart like a knife.” “Cross all your limits.” “No pecks or kisses.” “You didn’t even hug me.” “This is not even love.” “Darling you are smoking hot.” “My heart is Delhi You are the government.” “Don’t flatter me now.” “I am starting to like you now.”

“I am ready to be smitten by you.” “Darling you are smoking hot.” “You rule my heart.” “Please accept my request.” “I stand guilty.” “Darling you are smoking hot.” “My heart is Delhi You are the government.” Look. This isn’t funny Ready for lap dance, baby? Get lost I thought even you felt like me But you were against me You will pay, Preet I don’t care what you feel I don’t even know you Psycho. Let me go Done. Is that what you can do? It was just a stupid bet You know that no bet is stupid I won’t spare you if I am able to leave from here You mean you doubt if you will leave from here or not Let me go. Please Please. Let me go You are manner-less Look what I have got from my mama’s dressing table? I don’t want it. – Take Please, keep it with you Think if you run away from home because you are sick of Ballu Balbir – Mummy, look Kabir is teaching me wrong things again We will recognize each other by seeing this bracelet Please, you might need all this to recognize me I will recognize you as soon as I will see you Preet Sihota. Game on. – Kabir Sehwal I will win – You will win! You will win Kabir Sehwal Preet Sihota You didn’t recognize me. Caught you This was cheating Preet Sihota, you have lost Kabir Sehwal, you have come I recognized you at the police station Then why didn’t you say anything What would I say? Hi Preet. I am Kabir Let’s catch up in jail. – So tell me How many times have you been imprisoned till now? I haven’t been imprisoned yet But we are together now So we will go together You haven’t changed at all You are still a psycho You haven’t changed either You have become an even bigger psycho And you seem angrier Yes, life has been such pain that I had a short circuit At least you have a circuit I have lost my fuse in my India tour Is this your permanent posting? No Look at your face It seems as if someone has taken away your ice cream Mom. – No Preet, please assure me that you haven’t forgotten to take the prescription from Dr Khanna’s clinic If you have then nobody will be surprised Mom, I have taken the prescription But nobody can save you from the surprise Give me the phone, girl Yeah Aunty darling, what are you preparing? Red beans and rice. – Yes Purnima! Shut them up. They are so noisy The manager said that the money never reached the bank Will you serve money instead of food? I am asking for food and you are arguing about money Your father argues a lot Kabir, he is not my papa He only stays in our house My real papa died long time ago What did you say? Am I thief? Why don’t you teach manners to Ballu Balbir?

Forget it. He is crazy My father never drinks – Your papa is the best He also plays monopoly with you, right? Only on Saturday My real papa also used to play with me. – Preet You are feeling sad again Come, let’s play It is important to go to the bank Shut up, I say. Don’t you get it Uncle. Your zip is open. Bye, Balbir Come. Come. – No Preet give it here. – Preet, please Kabir, don’t What are you doing, Balbir. Don’t You are always in this house Today is your last day – Balbir he is a kid Let him go Everyone becomes crazy until you hit them No, Balbir Preet Kabir! Kabir! Madam, the kid had stabbed a person We have to file a case If this man files an FIR then he will be arrested too I told you, this kid Kabir Sehwal entered our home Have you gone mad? I won’t allow anything to happen to Kabir If you file an FIR then I will file one against you too Really? You will file an FIR against me? Go ahead Because I will have him jailed today He will go to the child remand home I will destroy him. – Enough Balbir, what are you talking? -Balbir, you will do nothing of that sort Balbir. Please, Balbir This is what Balbor will do. – Please Please don’t ruin Kabir’s life We will leave this city Mind blowing. This is delicious Because Punnu’s red beans and rice is awesome Awesome. – Love you. Yes He is the only one who eats my food like this That’s why you always prepare his favorite dish She is still jealous, Punnu darling I will always prepare your favorite dishes whenever you come Did you see, she loves me more? No, she doesn’t – She does She is my mom. – Do you own her? I am pleased to see you two together Thank God, there is someone to take care of Preet now Why? Where is Ballu Balbir? He is missing since last year We tried to find him a lot but it was futile I am sorry, aunty Did the dratted man die drunk? Or did you kill him in the end? This is not a joke, Kabir. Be serious I am taking the red beans seriously Happy now? I am pleased so easily Of course, you need regular doses of madness every day You cannot do it. Forget it Challenge. Challenge. – Game on “I have got drowned in your eyes.” “And have taken the risk consciously.” “You don’t have any idea.” “Just ask me once.” “I have got drowned in your eyes.” “And have taken the risk consciously.” “You don’t have any idea.” “Just ask me once.” “I am feeling lucky for the first time.” “I cannot stop feeling now.” “Fall in love. Just do it once.” “Fall in love. Just do it once.” “Fall in love. Just do it once.” “Fall in love. Just do it once.” “Lazy. My dreams my lazy.”

“After your magic they became enthralling.” “Crazy. My heart was not crazy.” “I have become crazy after meeting you.” “My feet are no longer on earth.” “I want to touch the sky.” “I see this world flying.” “Feelings are making my heart restless.” “My feelings are not getting stopped.” “Fall in love. Just do it once.” “Fall in love. Just do it once.” Preet, what are you doing with him? Go away. – You are Jas’ girlfriend Goldie, have some smoke “Find a way.” “Find a way.” “Show me your heart.” “The moments are very interesting.” “Come, let’s live them together.” “Come let’s be together and miss no opportunity.” “We are on a high.” “There should be just love everywhere.” “Feelings are out of the heart now” “I cannot stop my feelings What should I do?” “Fall in love. Just do it once.” “Fall in love. Just do it once.” “Fall in love. Just do it once.” “Fall in love. Just do it once.” Bye I don’t feel nice when you say bye Why? Bye doesn’t suit you How about get lost? The last time I got lost you were in a fix So if leave this time then think what will happen Hi You have to meet my papa tomorrow I can’t come tomorrow We are not asking you We are telling you Be ready tomorrow evening at seven Tell your sidekick to remain on the side Keep your Kabir aside We know everything Be in your limits. – You… – Goldie What is happening with lap dance? I don’t need to give anyone any clarifications Seriously? Me? Jas, I know Kabir since childhood And it’s his birthday tomorrow Then say so We will all celebrate it together – Really? Yes. – No. You are joking, right? Preet You don’t trust me despite all that has happened Jas. Don’t be so emotional Why are you tolerating her so much? I am telling you that the two are having an affair Just tell me. I will kidnap her now You want to party with your friends. Fine But if Preet is attending that party then I won’t give you a single rupee The cake has not arrived yet

It will be here soon. Don’t freak out If the cake doesn’t get here in the next 15 minutes then I will smear you in cream and cut you Two minutes You dratted guy I will fix you if I don’t receive my cake in two minutes So don’t say yes, ma’am. – Yes, ma’am Why are you saying yes ma’am again? Yes, ma’am. – I told you not to Ma’am, I am standing behind you Oh shit. Kabir. – Answer the call It’s a surprise party, fool One minute, if we are here then who is bringing Kabir? Kabir is nearby. Jas is getting him Is Preet not receiving your calls? Try her other number Does she have a second number? – What? You are his childhood friend And you don’t know that she has a second number Hey Jas. Your girlfriend here Pick up the phone Hello? Yes, Preet. Where are you? Hold on for a minute. Want to talk? The subscriber you are trying to reach is busy at the moment Want to talk to her? Just say please Say please. – Okay Preet bye Hey Jas. What can I get you? What can I get you, baby? You look tired What the hell Jas, don’t pass gas and stop acting like such an ass Wow, that was good What say? – Yes This is not how you impress girls Then how do you impress them? Shall I teach? – Bet Wow so you are serious about him We are just friends Lights off. Lights off Lights off. – Come. Hurry. Hide Do you have a boyfriend? – Three Now you have four Come on. What are you thinking? Preet, your friend has won the bet My bar. My girl. My plan Happy birthday, asshole Preet. Preet, listen You sent Jas to bring me to the party. Seriously Preet I needed money to celebrate with you So do you get money to seduce girls nowadays? You are over reacting Over react? It is not normal to seduce any random girl, Kabir It is normal for you to go around with a rogue boy But if I look at a girl I should suffer from conjunctivitis Look at all the girls you want to Have girls delivered to your home if you want Let me go You have a boyfriend and you expect loyalty from me Then do something which will bamboozle Jas Can you do it? You can do it if you want to Get lost now Preet, where are you going? – Home. – I will drop you I don’t need you free pick up and drop service today Preet, enough of your drama Hey. I am talking to her Be in your limits otherwise I will bury you here All right then Round 2 is still pending Stop it both of you Preet. Preet. Board the car Jas, I am not impressed by your driver uncle role Drive uncle! Hello, uncle You cannot control Preet At least keep the car under control Where is she? Why is she not receiving my call? Romeo, let’s go home We are without security And we have collection money of 2.5 crores If DG comes to know of it… – Who will tell him? Are you going to tell dad? – What? Then shut up. Shut up Give cigarette – I don’t have What are you doing?

Preet is not answering my call that’s why I am calling from this landline Where is the bag? What? The collection bag that was in the car I have lost collection of the entire week I am done for Papa will kill me, bro Shit! Why? Why do you behave like this? Death sentence for a kiss. Unfair Did you find on Angela? Seriously? Forget Angela First tell me, what are you? What is this? – A crying Jaswinder Gill please I haven’t even placed the order and it is delivered already Oh my God, Kabir You shouldn’t have done this Me. This is your award How can I take it? What? – But I love it I will put its blow up in the college canteen and name it a Crying miserable man If you haven’t done anything then what are they doing here, Kabir? Where is the bag? In the bog shop Is it? – Wait. I will check Kabir. – Move What is happening? Who are these people? Why are they in our home? You cannot even manage a bag How will you manage a girl? You want to play a game, right? Come, let’s increase the stakes Kabir! Kabir! Kabir! Kabir. You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into Did you take their bag? – Preet, I didn’t take the bag Then what is this? I found it in the bedroom Kabir. – No. – Poor boy Preet, your best friend is a thief Preet, are you going to believe him? Kabir, tell me Actually pass. Tell me. Can I do this? My vote. You can do it Jas. Jas Please listen to me. Jas, please Jas, please listen to me for a second Jas, please Please. Please For you everything is a game, challenge and a bet Kabir you have really lost it I want to talk to you about the bag Have you gone crazy? – Jas Preet, talk to me Don’t you have permission from sir? Sir, give us a break for two minutes You are still alive only because of her, understood? Are you trying to mess with me? – Jas relax Stop it, Kabir Everything doesn’t happen as per your wish This world runs without you to Like breaking news Jas proposed me yesterday And we are getting engaged next week Were you on a secret sale or was it an auction? Why? So are you hurt? Now I know why you have got engaged in such a hurry So angry? What? Rebound, Jassi Steroids can only increase your biceps Your brains will always remain small Kabir, your brain had been dead a long while ago We two have a manufacturing defect I don’t have brains and you don’t have a heart Have you even gone to Uganda? Are you sending me there?

Shut up. I was just changing the topic Because you won’t be able to talk much about brains and hearts. – Listen I can tell you in three seconds that you are wrong One’s feelings don’t change overnight Kabir Don’t tell me that you thought that I have some feelings for you Then what were you doing with me? Time pass Preet! Enough Kabir Preet. What you’re doing is wrong Prove it – You love me Preet I love Jas Prove it Jas Let’s get married Preet Sehota You’ve messed with a wrong guy Kabir Siyal, game on “When I remembered you in my loneliness.” “When I remembered you in my loneliness.” “The eyes shed tears often in your absence.” “When I remembered you in my loneliness.” “In loneliness.” “When I remembered you in my loneliness.” “Loneliness, shadows and stigma caused sufferings.” “Your breath mingling with my breath.” “Return those nights of mine.” “I feel you everywhere.” “But you’re not there.” “Stigma makes life feel like a punishment.” “Stigma makes life feel like a punishment.” “In loneliness.” “When I remembered you in my loneliness.” Stop it, Kabir! What were you doing with me? Time pass “I’ve never seen such exclusive style, you treacherous.” “My body and mind are crazy for you.” “Why did you take away my peace?” “I have a burning desire for you.”

“I am burning.” “Your treachery has made me cry.” “Your treachery has made me cry.” “The eyes shed tears often in your absence.” “When I remembered you in my loneliness.” “When I remembered you in my loneliness.” Two constables will be posted outside your house day and night Don’t worry about anything Thanks friend. Everything is so sudden that. – What’s the use of fighting a war we can’t win? Kabir, it’s you I am talking to I am not at fault in this Hey, Kabir. People like Jas and DG they don’t play by the rules, son – I know You might also know that these people can do anything anywhere at any moment? They call up the minister in case of anything serious And we maintain some law and order Kabir! Where are you going? I’ve some stuff lying with Preet I am going to collect that In spite of all that happened you’ve not understood. Huh? Son, please stay away from Jas and Preet. For my sake Jaswinder Paba can’t do without me I won’t let you go – Relax mom, nothing is going to happen Something happens whenever you say this No! You worked with me for 20 years But you didn’t learn anything – No! You were showing attitude in our last meeting You were staring at me No! Hello. Yes, I’ll have dinner Parathas. No, potato After firing at me, you ran on these feet, didn’t you? Which hand did you use to shoot at me? Right hand? Do one thing. Chop off both his legs So that he will never run Also chop off this right hand with which he had shot at We’re leaving one hand for you So that you wash yourself No! No! Dad thinks death is complete freedom And therefore he keeps the people he hates alive

So that they ask death every moment What the hell, Kabir? You’re engaged You don’t need this bracelet You know my needs? What will you do with this bracelet? I am not in a mood to answer today And I am not in the mood of time pass Leave me, Kabir! After meeting you I felt I could breathe I had started living after years of suffocation What happened? – Kabir, whenever we meet something bad happens We’ll be safe as long as we’re together No, that’s impossible Great! Then return the bracelet Preet! After marriage, neither your nor mine Everything will be ours I’ll come to fetch you at 8. Be ready Why are you so scared of Jas? Kabir! Kabir! Kabir, please just let it go! Please Please, Kabir! Listen to me, please. Listen to me Don’t go. Please, Kabir. No, no, Kabir! Listen to me. Stop! Kabir. I was scared

Thank God you’re alright Biggest news of this hour In an accident of a car and a bike at echo point industrialist Dhanraaj Gir’s son Jaswinder Gir has died Jas Gir’s body was brought to city hospital some time ago City hospital hasn’t passed any official statement According to our correspondent Jas Gir had breathed his last before reaching the hospital I killed Jas? Did anyone see you? Everybody knows – Oh my God! DG? You should not face any problem His son died because of me I think it’s fair if he kills me Son, you didn’t kill Jas purposely Kabir, you could’ve been in his place And they wouldn’t think like this at that time Son, if anything happens to you we will die, son – Just cut the emotional crap, Manu Don’t make him weak like you – Mom! Kabir, be practical That was an accident We’ll leave this city Mom! No! You’ve been running for the past 20 years There’s a problem, run away Change the city After 10 years you won’t even remember such an accident happened Today a 20 year old boy died because of me The truth is not going to change by making me escape I thought – He’s alive Because you were not with him, were you? You’re the cause of all that has happened today Stop this blame game, mom Please stop it! You couldn’t live your life the way you wanted to You put the blame for your frustrations on papa’s failures and me Papa couldn’t lead a life of dignity because of your actions And I went out to prove myself I am tough I am wild Everytime, everytime I fell down And today. I’ve stooped so low that I am scared of facing myself Look mom, Today I am doing what you’ve always done Today I too am trying to find the reason for my mistakes in you I am totally screwed up, mom. Totally I lived my life so recklessly This was bound to happen But now I am prepared for the consequences I’ll go to the police station right now and surrender Kabir! Kabir! Stop! Listen We’ll do as you say I beg you Please don’t ignore me like this Listen. You can’t live this city Game on! Preet. All the games of your and my life are over Whichever route I took to reach you I couldn’t reach you Why does this happen to us, Kabir? I don’t know Alright

There’s no complaint lodged against you He also says that it was an accident But my bike was found there – That doesn’t matter If they see you outside Kabir! Get down low! Both DG’s men and police are looking for you Let me handle this, son I promise, you’ll live I am not scared of death But if because of me mom and dad You don’t worry about them I’ve shifted them to another place Yes. Remove the sim from your mobile Rascal DG will track an active sim in no time Uncle, you know I’ve already caused a lot of trouble to everyone Son, one doesn’t become intelligent by eating almonds but from obstacles. Understand? Kabir Siyal’s head will be lying here in the next 24 hours You like Kabir That’s not the true DG sir, Preet and Kabir are childhood friends You know that Jas and Preet had got engaged The wedding date was about to be fixed But Jas is dead No issues Her wedding should not get canceled Sorry? – She will get married Right here, on this farmhouse To whom? “I’ve sacrificed myself for you.” “I can’t live without you.” “I can’t see, my love.” “I’ve sacrificed myself for you.” “I’ve sacrificed myself for you.” Yes. Okay. Pratap – Yes, sir My informer just saw DG’s men going towards the mill And I suspect my officer must’ve leaked this information

Sir. Sir, Kabir’s cell is on, sir “I’ve sacrificed myself for you.” “My love, I’ve come adorned for you.” Sir, I found this tiffin – Where? There Sir, Kabir is still inside the mill “I’ve sacrificed myself for you.” “I’ve sacrificed myself for you.” Kabir! What the ***k, Kabir? Shameless girl. Is this how you welcome guests in your wedding? Mr. Guest DG wants to chop off your head I know. Dr. DG wants to perform a surgery on me DG calling Kabir Siyal. Game on? Kabir! Please Kabir! Let me go! Leave me! DG sir. Kabir is abducting me! Help! Come on You can’t abduct me from here First you tell me why I would abduct you Because the chances of our death are higher today Why not try dying together? – We’re not going to die today Because I am not in a mood to die today Preet Siyota Get in or you’ll actually be the wife of a black bull. Come on. – Hey there! Preet! Stop there! Preet! Faster! Hey! What happened? – Our first kiss I wasn’t even ready No problem I’ll give you a countdown next time 1..2..3 Only a lunatic can marry you Hey! The black bull had agreed Miss him? Should I drop you back? Wear the seat belt Will the bullet not hit me if I wear the seat belt? No. You won’t fall Call up uncle Bulbul – I don’t have his number

Preet, police control room, dear Come on. – Oh! Go! Please inform inspector Bulbul Pandey that Kabir and Preet are going towards Manikpur in a car on the railway track Kabir, what is this? Sandwich massage DG at the back and train in the front Back! Take it back! – Keep coming, keep coming! Take right! Take right! Our plan was to go away from the train Why are you going towards the train? Shut up Preet! Let me concentrate – Concentrate? On what? To kill us? What will you charge to shut up? Greedy for money. What will we do with the money if we get killed? I’ll build a Taj Mahal for you Kabir? Where are we going? Hey! You’re asking as if I come here for a round everyday Thank God! I can see something ahead It’s not a ground ahead Hold on! Kabir! Papa! Lord Ganesha! Preet! Preet! Preet! You would’ve cried if I had waited a couple of seconds more, wouldn’t you? I think we lost them Yes, yes! We did it, Kabir! We did it! You were scared, weren’t you? Yes? I am scared for you more than myself My wrong decisions And you had to suffer the side effects You’re taking my credit, Kabir? I hid something from you After you left Balbir’s situation had worsened Leave! Leave! We shouldn’t have taken Jas’s help that day Or I should’ve thrown Balbir out of the house long ago My Preet has suffered because of me Whatever we do, we do it for our kids We always wish good for them But sometimes things go wrong Enough No more wrong will happen now

Manu, if Preet and Kabir don’t return I will never be able to forgive myself I am sorry, Manu – It’s okay, Preet You didn’t kill him purposely It was just an accident Preet, listen I am sorry, Kabir – Sorry? Say it to those poor birds Hearing your shriek they left their ancestral nest and escaped Sorry birdies Hey, come back. She stopped crying 15 years ago you had to run away because of me After 15 years, today again you’re running away because of me? We have a common problem The destiny always poked us Why? – Hey! But the same destiny gave us another chance in the idiots quota No matter whatever we born as in life We had to be together “My day and nights are with you.” “You give me peace.” “You’re in every moment of mine You’re my future.” “You’re my love.” “I am going to be with you.” “I am going to live with you.” “I am going to be with you.” “I am going to live with you.” “I’ll reside in your breath.” “No one will be able to separate us.” “I’ll embrace you in such a way.” “No one will be able to separate us.” “No matter what the journey, walk with me.” “I’ll be madly in love with you.” “You can test me.” “I’ll reside in your breath.” “No one will be able to separate us.” “I’ll embrace you in such a way.” “No one will be able to separate us.” “Your footprints are on the land of my heart.” “You’re my world, my love.” “I was walking lonely.” “I met you and found a caravan.” “I’ll be your words and you be my voice.” “You be the morning of my darkness” “I’ll get lost in your tresses.” “No one will be able to separate us.” “I’ll sleep in your arms.” “No one will be able to separate us.” “Your body shines like morning dew.” “My eyes are stuck on you.” “The desires of my heart are smouldering.” “We shouldn’t commit any crime.” “Don’t punish my desires.” “Come in my arms. Erase yourself.” “I’ll emblazon your every nerve.” “No one will be able to separate us.” “I’ll beat in your heart.” “No one will be able to separate us.” “No matter what the journey, walk with me.” “I’ll be madly in love with you.” “You can test me.”

“I’ll reside in your breath.” “No one will be able to separate us.” “I’ll embrace you in such a way.” “No one will be able to separate us.” Everytime when a problem does hip hop on my head I start wondering how I got into this My life is in danger This is not happening for the first time But this is the first time I am scared of losing my life due to my recklessness My life. Preet Preet! Kabir! Kabir! After a point, whether you wish to play or not life doesn’t give you any option Kabir! Preet! Preet! No DG, no! Preet! Let her go, DG! Let her go! No, DG! No! Preet! DG, no! Preet! Kabir! – DG, please! Let her go, DG! Let her go! No! No, please DG! No! Preet! You like to play games, don’t you? Let’s play This poison will reach her brain in the next 15 minutes Preet! Preet! Preet! Preet! Preet! Preet! The hospital is 15 minutes drive from here Now you have the last 15 minutes of her life And be careful If she sleeps, she’ll sleep forever Game on, Kabir Sayal! Get up! Watch your life die in front of you! Get up! I want to experience the same Jas’s death was an accident Jas was shot in his chest But I didn’t have a gun This is not the time to tell lies I am telling the truth

I didn’t shoot Jas I shot it from this gun, uncle DG Come on Happy journey to hell, uncle DG DG’s dogs, drop your weapons honestly Or accompany him there I am the new king – Preet! Wake up, Preet! Run, Kabir. Run You have only 14 minutes And my men are too many Let me see how you save her Game on, Kabir Sayal Why did you throw the bullet in fire? Because Physics was my favourite subject in school Kabir! Go, Kabir! Go! Preet! Wake up, Preet! You’re not going to sleep for the next 13 minutes Game on! – How much will you play? Won’t you let me win for the last time? – This is not the last time Preet! Preet! Should we go for a movie in the evening? Is there a theatre in heaven? – Hey! You won’t get an entry into the heaven If I don’t, I’ll tell you Kabir, send me to heaven Game on For that I too will have to die and go there Come on! Can’t you do just this much for me? You traitor! I am trying to save you Preet! Go! My last wish is that you kiss me Leave me here and go away I didn’t listen to my father when he told me to run away Kabir, this is what you’ll do if you love me. Please That means you don’t love me, Kabir

I don’t love you so much as to follow everything you say Preet! Unless I don’t come back, you’ll not stop honking. Game on Game over, Kabir Sayal You’re back, Kabir Sayal? – Yes, Preet Siyota After marriage I want to eat Rajma Chawal cooked by you We wanted to do a lot of things It’s all incomplete Darn! All our life we either fought with ourselves or with the world Why does this happen only to us? Because problems are our step father, Preet We will definitely do a lot We’ll get married We’ll go on a honeymoon Rascal! You never took me out on a date And you’re planning about marriage? Rascal! We’ve been dating each other since the age of 6. What is this? I love you, Kabir Sayal – I love you too “Your sweet chat and eyes.” “Come with me girl, spend your life with me.” “Your sweet chat and eyes.” “Come with me girl, spend your life with me.” “My crazy mind is beating fast.” “My crazy mind is beating fast.” “Pretty girl, don’t waste these moments.” “Fall in love.” “Fall in love.” “Fall in love.” “Fall in love.” “The night will become lively Come with me.”

“Give your hand in mine Dance like crazy.” “Increase the temperature of love.” “Your naughty antics make me go crazy.” “Increase the temperature of love.” “Your naughty antics make me go crazy.” “Let’s make mischief, it’s a wonderful moment.” “Let’s make mischief, it’s a wonderful moment.” “Come closer, let’s get cheeky.” “The life is for four days Enjoy, my dear.” “The life is for four days Enjoy, my dear.” “Fall in love.” “Fall in love.” “Fall in love.” “Fall in love.”