University of Toronto Faculty of Law Class of 2013 Valedictory Speech and Awards

now introduce another story so it’s my great pleasure to introduce this year’s valedictorian and as you probably know the valedictorian is chosen by the members of the graduating class as the person who best exemplifies the law school spirit and I’m very very delighted to announce that this year’s valedictorian valedictorian is Lane Crown varices but amazing and I’m sure so I it might be the first time there was sort of a standing ovation in the office or a few announcements of a valedictorian that’s probably says a lot about Lane he’s done a massive amount of work in the hospital across a whole array of different activities that really when I said you know when you leave us you’ve left us better lateness a fantastic example of there let me just mention a few so he volunteered as a protection intern for the UN High Commission for Refugees in Uganda and also for the firm of lawyers counsel in Thailand he assisted clients at home in a tenant housing and criminal law division that DLS was a great mudar he acted as a senior member of the indigenous law journal and he was very very active in our wonderful high school outreach so loss program that only touches the tip of the iceberg that gives you a little bit of a sense of the great things that Wayne was done and then let me just as with the wonderful recognition of Martha read out a comment of what your classmates that were in a denomination they said Lane is such a warm welcoming compassionate person he goes out of his way to brighten people stage he also has a wig sense of humor and it’s legendary at the faculty for these moves on the dance floor at night he’s one of those people whose charisma and charm elevates every room he’s in a beautifully put good afternoon everyone and congratulations graduates we are officially JD’s juris doctors not only does this mean that we have law degrees but we can totally pretend the real doctors for those who don’t know any better sort of comment brother the dentist suspects I have to say that having only ever rehearsed this in the mirror this is a little overwhelming not to mention this this is a much more attractive audience than I used to see you don’t drink buttering up the audience it’s an honor to be up here but I have to admit that I am a little nervous sandy worked didn’t help even when he helpfully reminded me that his parents would be here one week after attending his sister’s convocation at Harvard where Oprah well I would love to give you all cars to tell you about my favorite books Scotiabank already owns my right arm and I can guarantee you do not want to read the solicitor’s materials for pleasure I have to admit that when I was preparing for this I did ask the Google what a dollar tree address should include the first tip that the Google gave me was that I should not talk about toilets I can see that my mom sort of getting nervous if you have ever tried water let’s now but rest assured I thought this was the best the internet had to offer that I would just fix my own experiences our use the faculty have been an important period personal challenges and transitions it has also been a period of transitions for the faculty the building project officially began Gord Houston turned into hipster faux pas fell victim to Toronto’s condo boom and for a brief period males muffin

madness was renamed Dean Douglas donut delirious I have a hard time believing Law School is over it seems like just yesterday I moved to Toronto at that time I literally could not have known less about what I was getting myself into I legitimately wondered where Bay Street was why so many people seem to want to work there with a little bit of a geography background I wonder how that could possibly be helpful on the exam and now I can confidently say I know where bees do this I know what a map is and I find on that last wiki and as a bonus I’ve learned all the laws or at least I know how to use an index by the balls around innocently courtesy on behalf of the graduating class I’d like to extend a heartfelt welcome to all family and friends in the audience it’s so special to have you with us to celebrate our day and it is your day as well I know that every parent or relative and significant other in the audience knows how to tell their graduates incredibly intelligent talented compassionate you are not mistaken this is a diverse group of people who possess diverse and special skills talents backgrounds and personalities contrary to what most people think about all students boring and argumentative political study students there are few of us in this class there’s much much more there are musicians and athletes artists actors and writers there are doctors chemists accountants physicists and engineers and journalists further there are parents there are role of scholars and there are even some flip cup champions in my time and faculty but wide-ranging talents of my classmates has been displayed by monthly editions of ultra Paris at La follies and coffee houses and through various other academic artistic and athletic pursuits leave individuals in this class that have done some simply remarkable things in their time and faculty there are students who won trials and hearings as volunteers and Don’s on legal services who had articles on wide ranging topics published in national and local media we’re involved in challenges to the court of appeal in the Supreme Court of Canada and who worked at the world’s top international criminal courts there are a number of students another who worked with the Equality of them an organization that just last week won a case against the Kenyan government in a Kenyan Constitutional Court in addition there are students at the faculty who have founded valuable clubs and associations and perhaps most significantly I’m not just saying this because of the introduction I didn’t know that was going to happen but there were students here besides me who have really made names for themselves the dance floor at bps LS Fong’s I was usually dance with them that I was good what daughter very talented further there are many incredible students who were involved in non law pursuits during their time here to give some examples Andrea Wong sang Mitrano Mendelssohn choir throughout her love and throughout law school and even sang backup to Barbra Streisand earlier this year Martine Garland completed law school while playing the highest level of competitive women’s hockey and Rebecca Sutton took two years off with the first and second year to head up for child’s mission and got through her sit down I heard that word that we learned an important lesson in not going to the bathroom while wearing the hood I would also like to do all of the graduates here today who didn’t start at the faculty in September 2010 with most of us transfer students students who did their studies part time as students who did concurrent degrees you’ve all been impact in your planet and faculty and I am so so thankful that you’re graduating with us here today in addition I would like to give a very special shout out to those of you who can have children or raise families while in law school coming from someone coming from someone who regularly eats dry pasta dipped in Tabasco sauce as a snack I heard Lee took care of myself in the past three years absolutely astounding I would also like to extend a huge thank you to the faculty we truly have some of the top stars and advocates in the world at the school but the faculty here are

not just respected scholars many are extremely talented teachers and fantastic advocates for students interests their involvement in a school is remarkable for example professors Rogers and Austin Fernandez an assistant dean artful inventive delicious concoctions for smoothie days professors Stewart and Phillips entertain us at coffee houses professors done in a kabuki niblet and a Lurie participated member of Lee in law colleagues and sported high heels for walking day in her shoes well I was unable to attend the graffiti event held a new courtroom and ambassador demolition pictures from Facebook would suggest the Dean Moran or were best oompa loompa White’s that day the list goes on and on and on behalf the class I would like to thank the faculty for everything they have done in the kitchen I would like to express our appreciation to all the staff at the faculty from John and John in the library actually original originally wrote that as the John’s in the library but from John and John your library who stayed up all night so that students could have access to the library the night before the paper deadline to the women in the coffee shop who some home a studio is 600 Coffee deprived law students every day to everyone in the dead man who keeps the school running thank you at times the last few years were extremely challenging there’s a reason that many significant others friends and families probably felt snob during first year exams thank you for sticking with us ball school can be emotionally draining I’d like to extend a big thank you to get to anyone who went out of their way in their time in the faculty to make this a more positive place whether you brought your dog to document we’re involved in the health and wellness committee or just made a point of going out of your way to ask people how they work as a listen to Landon here when you yourself in a long list of things to do thank you look law school doesn’t always lend itself to the real world intervening I know that there are far too many people here today who’ve experienced breakups their injuries had relatives deal with health issues or lost loved ones over the past any addition I would like to take this opportunity to talk about someone to be almost this year Samantha Clark started with the faculty with most of us in September 2010 and subsequently decided to pursue a joint JD MBA Sam very sadly passed away in November sounds extremely intelligent woman and with an unforgettable a truly unforgettable smile and as a tragedy that she could not be here with us today these real-life interventions remind us that there are more important things than our studies and more important things in our careers I encourage you to remember that to take care of yourself and to make time for loved ones as you enter into a profession that will command a lot of you I’ve already spoken about some of the talents and accomplishments of this group of graduates more importantly though is the welcoming nature of this group and of this community this is a community and a group of individuals that not only welcomes but celebrates differences in socio-economic background political or religious belief sexual orientation race culture and ethnicity one of today’s graduates who transferred here after completing a first year in another school wrote an article and alter peers at the end of the semester saying that he came to the school expecting it to be full of and I quote competitive Gunners who do not have any fun further and more importantly he did not know what to expect in his new community as he came from a different country a different culture where he been rejected for his sexual orientation I believe t he found a community that was invariably accepting where he was consistently treated with respect and dignity this is not a perfect place we were definitely not entering a perfect profession but this class is made up of exceptional people who have the incredible opportunity to spend 3 or more years building lifelong friendships with people of varying backgrounds and experiences this is an opportunity that we have all benefited from and for which we should all be very thankful as I spoke about earlier this is an extremely accomplished group but even more exciting than what this group has already accomplished is what I know this group of students will accomplish in the future I have not one doubt in my mind that I am looking out amongst other things future politicians judges leading lawyers and criminal family labor law professors social justice advocates successful businesspeople and of course a few partners on base people it would also not surprise me if some of you pursued

non law career paths for example I’d be shocked at the start of the ultra beers club I plural AB Carla restaurant does not pursue a modeling career advisor whatever your chosen career path and wherever you end up I know that you will all make incredible contributions to your profession and to society I cannot feel like I have any wisdom to bestow on you too many people as team rad mentioned I’ve seen the America’s top of the desk or review be taken seriously anyway but I strongly believe that if you continue to surround yourself with good people and pursue the things that excite you you’ll reap the benefits of the work that you’ve put in a lot of the faculty I would like to thank my peers for the opportunity to speak today I’m still I’m so proud of social humble to be up here prior to this I would say that my biggest law school achievement may have been winning along with Jonathan Chou the very competitive very illustrious professor Sanderson first-year property small group – challenge all that note I would like to end in haiku U of T class of 2013 here reset finally changes and look mom and dad I barely mentioned toilets it’s now my pleasure to announce several awards recognizing the top academic achievers in our graduating class the enemy of super Tegel now is gifted friends of the late Angus Mukherjee he was a former governor of the university we’re also fortunate to have the Gallup poll prize named mr. Tonko the founder corner of BB offer banal fun and a generous support of the university both the gold medal and the gala prize are awarded to the student in the graduating year and the highest human average while at the law school this year’s gold medal and the Gauchos rise for Richard yes my talk by something trying to train me with the football but I’m not doing so well the wpm Kennedy silver medal honors wpm finish Dean of the law school from 1944 to 1949 and is rewarded to the students in the graduating class with the second highest standard the baggage while at Law School this year’s silver medal goes to Rebecca manager the jay-z Milner’s bronze medal named for James female her professor at the Faculty of Law from 19 its dimensional 69 is awarded to the student in the graduating class with the third highest cumulative average while at Law School this year’s bronze medal is awarded to Paul Davis

the general W short smells and accompanying prizes were endowed Arnaz Gerald Schwartz they were endowed by friends and Wilson and Robert Pritchard who were along our line of 1975 in recognition in recognition of Gerald short since nine years of the Secret Service and as governor of the University of Toronto they are awarded annually to the students in the graduating class achieving the highest cumulative averages over four years in a combined JD MBA program this year Sol medal for the student with the highest cumulative average and Jake MBA program is awarded to Shaun Adair this year’s silver medal in the student with the second highest king of the marriage in a jd/mba program is awarded to set Claire you move average of the JVM game program is awarded to Peter glasses what your pictures justice managed a multi provides gift to be honorable mr. justice Michael of whatever is awarded annually to students standing first in the third-year class this year’s law maker prize is awarded to the you found a quicker graduation the class of 1967 prize addicted the members of the class of 1967 is awarded to the students standing second in the third year class surprise for standing second in the third year class isn’t awarded to Rebecca Windsor any prize for the student standing third in the earlier class is awarding – in order to bend email now presenting for fundamental premiums the 73rd – medal for moody was established in memory Stephanie her husband she was the class 2009 through the generous support of her family the firm offensive sleep and many friends and colleagues stephanie was not standing murder and

competed in the grand new Twila hospital the medal of you awarded and it’s a student who has demonstrated outstanding performance in the moody program and strong commitment as both a participant and approach this year’s Stephanie clerk of the medal goes to Michael Port Newark a tremendous three years youth team Michael was very active in the news program and first year you competed for the remaining UT UT team and the assets brought up against Oscar in second year he participated in the grand oops where the question at issue was whether firefighters could enter into a home in a non-emergency situation when they suspected it of containing a meth lab also times that in year when needed for unity in the national court security summit push ut1 he then poached to first-year teams in the castle rocks happened in third year Michael appreciate stage there’s a man who organized it and approached the murders the problem was based on a television show to catch a predator and asked whether the conduct of the television producers and police in that show in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms this year Michael was also a member of the student or committee and a suit of activity out of this committee finally he coached youth team in the book security team unit the security’s new twitch new team watch course for a second the John Willis who were named in honor of John Lewis professor of the faculty of law through 1949 to 1972 is presented annually by the students of the Faculty of Law to a third-year student who has best displayed ingenuity humour and enthusiasm both in the study law and in the extracurricular life the Jena Colin rally Memorial Prize for school spirit was established in memory of Jena culturally who was a member of the class of 1997 at the faculty this surprise recognizes the JD student who has made a substantial and meaningful contributions to law school and was best demonstrated interest in the well-being of his or her fellow students on behalf of her classmates Danielle cotton against possession award accessibility work is my absolute pleasure to announce that this year’s recipient of the those of us who have had the good fortune and privilege of spending the last three years with HMA understand why she was selected for this award for family and friends I’m going to try to explain what he means to us into awesome community I’ll start with her extracurricular involvement was extensive she was co-chair of women in the law she’s an ambassador for the University of Toronto Ontario Bar Association student division she was involved with pro bono students Canada doctor legal services was and she would he had choreographer and dancer at La Folie Bergere this award is not just about extracurricular involvement it’s also about spirits and KJ is the epitome of spirit and because this award Lake Lanier Teaching Award was selected by her peers I would really like to to share some of the comments that my classmates me about Kate one said that Kate is simply the most bubbly and fall sick person I have ever met another said that Kate is likely responsible for U of T laws honorable mention for spirit of Augie existed but the big deal is able to find me outside and even in those stressful situations that I am connected to that is that even studies my favorite responses I received and I think there’s one that that really shows how it is said that Kate is probably the most positive person in the Union she’s the most positive person I have ever met I think their disappearance all their classmates and this positive video is genuine we all benefit from it not only does he make life more fun and she really really does she made the third year class go into a pact that we would attend every single pub night and her last semester of law school and she is one of the most fantastic things about me this is in the

email that I got through the at beam at the anything in our here she also deeply cares about her peers I have never met anyone with the capacity to care about so many people at once the Dean said earlier today at commencement that the future of the University of Toronto Faculty of laws in her hands and I can’t think of anyone better to trust moving forward with that task on behalf of the students Law Society undergraduate in the last 2013 I was presented awards to kitchen okay the Gordon Kresge student music awards recognize students who may have skin extra food and extracurricular contributions to the faculty of law or to universities before this year five of our students receive Pepsi rewards and they are Cliff Anderson on Cooper Danijela promise home Skinner and Albert Lin I’m gonna say a little bit about each of the best economy clip Anderson was a passionate volunteer mentor of Aboriginal initiatives at the Faculty of Law in the greater community he volunteered with the indigenous law journal Delta legal services and program where students can bed where he assisted with the preparation of legal resources for survivors of the Indian Residential school system he galvanized students and staff to raise $1,500 for the feet the homeless program at the Law Society of Upper Canada Stanwell bowling tournament on a Cooper found that the alternative dispute resolution society last fall to help increase awareness about career opportunities in aid in AGR she volunteered with the peer mentorship program which matches up greater students with incoming students and was a strong supporter of increasing the program’s talk and honest mandate as a member of the health and wellness Student Advisory Committee on a was instrumental in leading the administration and students can honest and instructive dialogue about what it means to have the imbalance law school experience Daniel glass dedicated yourself just in government in her second in three years while at the Faculty of Law coordinated all Club funding and organized many vibrant and inclusive events she represented the law school Anna Jessica MOOC but an international human rights program working group volunteered with oh he wrote for the student newspaper and was an avid intramural basketball and Ultimate Frisbee player downtown legal services the faculty Law Review MPSC also benefited from her volunteerism from this holistic home Skinner was a tireless volunteer dedicated to activities such as early 2011 the peer mentorship program and the accessibility of diversity committee she was also an artist supporter of Aboriginal Misha Tufts was the co-president of the Aboriginal Law Students Association and a co-organizer of the annual justice conference for Aboriginal youth and the fall feast she also founded the aboriginal log father and Albert men was a student’s Law Society president in 2013 where he worked diligently to advocate for and represented his fellow classmates in student government he was also the PBSC MacArthur Tantra internship volunteer coordinator and PBS each rung shattered coordinator he was an assistant editor of the University of Toronto Law Review as well as a story and unfortunately alder was unable to attend this area today so he working with this please come up

jumped in with you two so now I have the pleasure of announcing and so the demon thief oh right DP is presented to the student who has displayed the most interest and the most activity and accomplishments in extracurricular and academic activities so it really is that blend of the wonderful activities that we have here at the law school as well as outstanding academic accomplishment as you can imagine in a group like this that’s a very challenging things everyone is just terrific here this year the Tiki is awarded to Rebecca son I hope to tell you just a couple of the amazing things that she’s done and she’ll she’ll continue to walk and she has a face that really exemplifies disease key in combining extracurricular and academic achievement so she served at the working group leader in both the International Human Rights program and also the Oxford Center for Constitutional Rights being very cold in both of those she also has served as a senior editor of the indigenous law journal now I think all of us would probably particularly recognize what that brought for her outstanding commitment to human rights and international human rights in particular she served as an intern at the African Center for migration and societies in Johannesburg South Africa and then perhaps even more remarkably than that after her first year of law school she took a two-year leave of absence from law school to work for War Child Canada and in worked in that capacity in Darfur Sudan she has written and Coco several articles and audience of a range of domestic and international human rights issues and she’s also somehow or other found time in the midst of that to be a caterer volunteer at DLS in Criminal Division gets better than us because there’s been amazing things but she also sits on the board of directors of Toronto roller derby going wrong here I cannot imagine someone better to represent all the things that we collectively and so many of you exemplify we all aspire to Rebecca and Aziz Oh time to go out and really celebrate just one every year as we know at the very end of this wonderful luncheon we have at Yale and farewell speech given by a professor who was chosen by the members of the graduating class to send them off with a few words and I am just delighted to say that this year’s professor it’s professor Tina Stewart and he is going to send you off with that panel of the farewell before he does let me just face I want many many

people made this event really wonderful Alexis Archbold has not been mentioned but she’s been up here all day she does as I think we all know incredible incredible work for the students and is always keen to try think about how to improve the student experience so I’d like to acknowledge all the other wonderful staff that make an event like this possible weakness many of us are able to get up here look relatively cook yurts and other people do a whole lot of wonderful singing for us and students English is sending you off with you and farewell this will be my formal goodbye new class 2013 I have to say getting a little choked off what I was good in there and just so inspired by everything you’ve done and everything that we all know that you will go out to the world to do but we’re as Martha said we’re gonna really miss you it’s just being absolutely wonderful and congratulations hey out of the class of 2013 it is a great honor for me to have been asked to speak to you today it really means a lot to me and I want to thank the class of 2013 for giving me this opportunity but I should begin with a warning my children who we are in a better position to know than anyone else have probably more than once that regardless of what they know is begin or regardless of the size of the audience whatever I said it always ends up turning into a lecture you began your duty to law school in a politically dispiriting time in the fall of 2010 and as professor Stein reminds us this morning to her ending your dreams we lost her when I politically the spiriting hi my name is Bob despite that or maybe because of that despite and continuing to follow from the financial crisis of 2008 times that we’ve all faced you would have been a wonderful class hard-working cheerful kind to each other reasonably find its faculties it’s nothing we have pleasure to know now I did not think she went in first year I was teaching to lots of ever miss out here instead for shooting the law and it’s so I didn’t get to know you in the same way that I would if we had had a first year together in intellectual home with my sort of semi subscribe method that I use it on my teaching but I saw a lot of you in evidence where are you as other finally a comment in pressing her questions made me rethink things I for years and cost me to write more explanatory memos to you than I’m accustomed to I hope that my answers in my memos were satisfactory and if they weren’t well I’m not going anywhere so when I think of this pasta by Aquino menu in evidence but when I think in this box I think you do more in terms of your extracurricular activities so many of the people that I specifically wanted to mention with already been mentioned order their accomplishments have been celebrated how much I enjoyed it and I really like to say also how pleased I am that this possible carry on the tradition of the SLS coffee house a relatively recent tradition in law schools history but one that I hope will continue not every group of students that I have known as the mutual respect and affection for each other that makes it possible better than the book themselves out there and perform in that way for each other and this wonderful thing that you would be able to do that you know here comes a lecture there are three points that I would like to meet in this lecture first I would like to explain to you you can think of this if you like as as the bonus track to the CD that their law school experience or on board the contract the first time I want to explain to you something that should have probably intuited in some sense but maybe not follow up as much as one should first of that legal reasoning

is in many ways like a game of rock-paper-scissors you understand why that is second any fun is worrisome that little reasoning is rocking our scissors and so I’m going to try to say why this shouldn’t worry you and third are going to say why it matters to you that Google easily missus character no philosophy you don’t remember the game paper covers rock scissors cut paper but Rock crushes scissors and so on and so on one before an uncertainty now in the law the legal reasoning may be some Canada the rock is the common lost but people covers rock so what is paper statutes are people they are superior to the common law but soon as cut paper what are scissors scissors of a constitution you can use the dapat gets out of statutes that you don’t like give it another but we carry this analogy through and we would have to conclude that Rock crushes scissors that the common law is somehow superior to the Constitution this is a shocking proposition how can this be it’s certainly not something you will find any court saying because if I’m trade you our whole idea of authority over different sources a lot so how can it be how can I say to you that the common law is like rock that crushes a constitution of scissors I see that because a common law is the set of rules and the principles and forms of reasoning that can be drawn on legal reasoning at any level whether it’s a statutory interpretation around constitutional interpretation or in understanding the relationship between the Constitution and statutes the common law is always an available resource in this purpose and we’ll see this because particular legal rules and principles are not Constitution and respects Authority because they of their content there are constitutional or statutory or common law rules because of their source of authority and so any pixel could appear at any level at any time depending on you know even on holes and this is why one sometimes Steve Steve while having a suitable structure as students we know this law last term may remember my remarks on the case of Ontario against the criminal lawyers Association which is very much a case where rock crushes the constitutional scissors another have been example which also spend a little more time on its against court which I hope you’ll all remember from evidence thought may remember the problem important imagine a confused person in criminal trial was going to testify us society testified may he be questioned on the fact of this criminal record maybe the ask may be asked questions but remember if he has one now as it turns out there’s no common law authority months honest question for historical reasons which I can explain but I predict that if this is a question of first impression at common law the answer would be it depends on the exercise that the trial judge’s expression destruction to exclude evidence whose permeability is outweighed by a special effect it would be up the judge to decide in the particular case depending on the issues depending on what was relevant than what was not whether these questions to be asked however we have statutes governing this matter section 12 of the penalty Evidence Act paper covers rock the statute says the witnesses any witness including the accused made question and before 1988 this statute was interpreted to exclude that common law discretion of the travellish paper covers rock and that’s more or less of justice McIntyre says in his concurring judgment in court he doesn’t actually say paper part was wrong but but that’s the form of his reasoning accorded if you look at it a tsunami but of course not gonna start earth can ever guarantee you a fair trial rating secular literature there’s lots of empirical evidence that was reviewed in just a separate reasons at some length as to how this rule permitting the accused to be questioned on his criminal record can make the trial unfair so you might think as the evidence as the charter rap is urged in that case that this rule should not apply to the accused for constitutional reasons scissors cuts paper and yes if you remember the case you remember the answer of course if to this problem is Independence of the project is exercise is there a discussion to exclude excessively prejudicial evidence stone I’m sorry Rock crushes scissors the common law wins even though we have the Charter even though we have especially nonetheless the common law Venus now the way the common laws are enforced by a combination of statutory interpretation and constitutional considerations but it’s a very striking example of how what is essentially a common principle can become a constitutional principle by the

operation of these sexualities now you might think this is a little recent the key of rock-paper-scissors is it specifically goes round and round and round and so you wonder where is the difficulty where is it a little law where is the proper division of functions between the legislature and in Cork in think the reason is just a gimmick rock paper scissors I say don’t revive because this is an inevitable byproduct of any system where disputes are studied and necessarily and argue natively and of said authorities leave the power to decide based on the arrogance that they have heard this is inevitably when you happen in this kind of system so I don’t worry about it