Human Resources Management with Cherwell

hello everyone this is Matthew Peeples, president of advanced marketplace I appreciate you taking the time today to join us as we show you our human resources demonstration of our HOR service management solution we build on the Cherwell platform, the agenda today is introductions again, you hear me host these all the time again I’m Matthew Peeples president of company, I’ve got Mary Lynne Lawrence with me today Mary Lynne’s gonna give us a high-level overview of the solution that we’ve built and walk through a demonstration of the product and if you really think about the solution we’re gonna show you today, it is broken into two separate pieces it’s focused on the onboarding processes which we will start amd spend most of our time showing you how you can on board in new employing and then we’ll move more into case management mode of employees that are existing in the company and they have service requests that have to be handled if you’ve got any questions like we normally do on these calls you point those questions directly to me in the chat window in the bottom left hand corner I will cue up those questions and bring them up to Mary Lynne throughout the presentation but also at the very end we’ll have a a Q&A session if for some reason you’ve got a question and you don’t want post it in the group and we get those all the time feel free to email them at and we’ll be happy to answer those to you as well Mary Lynne are you there, I am here excellent so go ahead. ok perfect so let’s start we have a couple of power points to go through and the reason I wanted to do this before we get into the demo is there a lot of different moving pieces to this and alot of time to break this demo into two pieces where we’re doing the on boarding side and the case management side but we’re gonna try to cover the high points of all of those and in the really nice thing about the solution that we’re providing here that we’re showing you is that we’ve used some of the components that Cherwell has already provided in their M app exchange and then just configured the incident module around case management and input something we’re really good at which is our own portal design on top of it so we’re gonna hit two different areas were gonna go through case management and the new hire process and I want to just tell you briefly about the components you’re gonna see, we’re gonna wing through these powerpoints pretty quickly though and get right into the demo so the system components that we’re using for the new hire are two M apps that you can download any time you want from Cherwel the job tracking and the candidate tracking module now we’ve modified the candidate tracking module to have check lists that are specific to HR and these checklists have things configured such that they are modifiable by the end user the end user or HR manager and then service request of course for new hire and then the portal jpb tracking is something that’s been overlooked by lot of people just been out there for a while and and some people really like it others do their jobs tracking in their own way so I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the job tracker componet but just know that this is out there and available to track jobs from when they become new and just a thought in a hiring managers mind, through being offered filled and closed as functions for HR there is also a candidate tracker you can see by the PowerPoint here all of this the different phases it can go through, we’re definitely not gonna spend a lot of time here but what’s really nice is there is a very structured way that makes a lot of sense to be able to track candidate now everything we talked about today can be used or not used as part of the solution so we have a lot of customers that already have systems like Kronos or Workday or other hr’s system that are handling a lot of the candidate job tracking function and so at that point we can integrate with those systems for other customers is a really easy way to start tracking your jobs and candidates and in the demo today we’re gonna be launching from a candidate who has an offer for a specific job and launching it into the HR’s service request side what’s unique about the flow that you’re gonna see today and this is a big conversation that we have with customers where does the new hire request originate? is it

from the hiring manager, is it from HR? And in our experience this past year with a couple of customers that are both IT and HR it seems to be a hybrid so generally HR manages the hiring process but HR does not know the specific details about what that candidate needs, that’s the hiring manager and so the solution we put together has an HR initiation with an IT input as part of it so as you can see from these from these swimlanes we have the job and the candidate in the HR swim lane, the HR group is also populating some checklists that they have to have in some professional development areas our experience with HR in some companies is that these things are just kept in multiple places and they’re important and they really do appreciate having them as part of this Cherwell tool. Once a person is hired then it drops into what many people who are already using Cherwell are familiar with the service request process flow in this case, HR initiated it and there are as example here three different tasks that are generated, there’s HR tasks professional development and operations tasks and they just are to represent some of the multi discipline areas that have to be involved in an onboarding process but you notice that there aren’t any IT tasks until we go through a supervisor process so once the new hire request is initiated the supervisor they new hire supervisor receives an email goes into the portal and fills out the remaining portion of the new hire checklist that you may be familiar with from the onboarding one out of box and at that point the IT tasks are then generated so it’s a flow that includes both HR and IT from case management side we have modified and configured the incident object to also manage cases and so as you can imagine the different forms and fields that are shown there are different but we like keeping it as an incident object rather than another new object because in an enterprise service management implementation HR and IT tickets are often exchanged and it makes the security a lot easier and we can talk in more detail about the underlying structure of this at some point so the two pieces of the case management that we’ll see are the case management which is the IT object modified to be HR and then again the portal and when we talk about the portal piece of case management it’s built so that it can provide knowledge and information that’s specific to HR request so instead of like an IT service portal where most of the time if I want to order or I have an issue the HR cases are things the end user needs to be presented with valuable information at their fingertips either launching them to site benefits site for providing specific benefit documents and hopefully we have time to cover that at the end as any of you have worked with us know we are really really excellent at portal design, we will be showing you one of our portal designs for the enterprise service management areas today but this is just a sample of the different types of designs that we can do Cherwell portal design is just configuration everyone should do this because it does not take a web designer uses the dashboards and the tools in the tool for case management you’re gonna see that is called HR in each case but it looks an awful lot like an incident so it has a familiar look and feel that capturing only the critical information within the case it’s some of the common things that you would know that go along with incident management but we also have an understanding that printing is important for our HR consultantsior companies and so we have print forms that are available already set up as well so let’s go into the demo, so lots of different components here Mary Lynne, while you’re getting that ready to show the demonstration Ido have a couple questions I want to bring up to you, while we’re talking about this. so one of the questions came in when you talked about the difference in work

case management and employee onboarding, a question came in pretty quick is if they are using an existing systems so we’ve got two people asked about Taleo their using that already for their candidate management system if they don’t need that functionality but they really need another piece of what this HR solution can deliver do they have to use everything in it, or can they turn off pieces they are using for somewhere else? yes they absolutely not use the components and I’ll show you when we do the demo here for the new hire, that basically you would ignore the job and candidate area and we would just generate the new hire request so we are totally familiar with the Taleo side of it too I should have brought that up already but that job piece and the candidate piece are optional pieces for sure they’re free and they’re in the system but they do not have to be used in order to take advantage of the new hire functionality. perfect, anyone else if you’ve got questions bottom left-hand corner in the chat window and I know we’ve still got people joining the webinar today you can ask your questions direct those to Matthew Peeples specifically, I’ll cue those up and aske Mary Lynne as we go through the presentation Thank you Mary Lynne. okay so I’m picking you in to the technician view as an HR technician, an HR service desk person and so our dashboard is a my work dashboard, it has the my work by cases you can see the different case types that are coming in are very specific to HR, when we go in and I’ll take you quickly into a case just to show you what it looks like we’re not going to spend much time in a case at all because if you’re familiar with incident you’re familiar with the case but we’re capturing all oft he information that would have come in from the portal or on the phone we have catalog behind here with the different HR categories and subcategories as well we have a follow-up piece part of this so that you can put this out to actually on your own exchange calendar as a reminder so this is comfortable feel but specific to the HR categorization and specific forms if you want to you also can tie the candidate if there was a candidate, I’ll show you that on a new hire, they are linked together as well so let me go ahead and talk about the new hire piece in this so one of the pieces on my portal here says job postings so again if you’re already using another system for the job piece don’t worry about this we replace it with something else but in Cherwell you have these job posting that have been put in here and then you have candidates so the candidate tracker allows you to have a talent pool of people and the status of the different candidate now a lot of times even people that are using Taleo or other recruiting kind of tools or job tools still want to use the candidate to get that candidate information into the tool and that record can be used during the new hire process to refer to the information that’s specific to them like they’re role and they’re hiring manager etc so let me go ahead and go into a candidate because we’re going to launch from here into the new hire process so I’m looking at Chuck Santos and I have at this point I don’t have him in a job yet he’s in a talent pool and I’m gonna go ahead and associate him with a job at this point so let’s associate him with the junior admin job you can see that there are these fields were already part of the map here the common field and we now have a hiring manager and this is going to be important in the new hire process because this person is going to own a piece of the overall process you can track the service requests that are created you can track interviews and we also created checklists that we’ve gotten some ideas from our HR customers that are tracked and other spreadsheets, put em’ in the tool and so we have these checklist that can be easily modified they’re not specific to this tab either so just some good handy information to store I’m not gonna go through each one of these phases in detail but what happens is that you can take a candidate you have new you’ve screen you have a phone interview you can do a first round interview second round interview and for those of you familiar with Cherwell again the configuration of this to remove phases is very easy so if it has too many phases for you that can easily be

modified now I’ve gotten down to the point where Chuck has gone through a reference check and I’m ready to offer him the job so I’m gonna click on job offer it’s gonna update the job that I have in the system and say that that person has been hired so I now have job offered here you can see that I have a generate HR request this is just a one step it’s gonna initiate the opening of a service request if you were coming in from Kronos or from Taleo you have a candidate already you know who the hiring manager is and you want to open up an onboarding request we can just take modify this case take the inbound email or if it was database to database and initiate the same button Im gonna check here if it came in from another system you just wouldn’t do the candidate piece of it I’m gonna go ahead and click on the generate HR request notice that HR owns this, this can differ by company with the past few companies we’ve worked with they do believe HR does own overall through hiring through the fulfillment HR owns it however there are multiple tasks that are going to be happening throughout here that are going to be a signed out to facilities and to other organizations so as you can see I got Bruce Robertson came in as the requester the reason we did this is that if you’re familiar with the rules on using the portal when you log in I can edit my own request so this is gonna give Bruce the hiring manager, the ability to go through the portal to pick out the specific pieces of IT information that he wants to have for his new hire now when this ticket was opened and it just now populated with the automation process I can see that I have three tasks that were automatically created those three tasks just represent the other non IT type of tasks that have to have to happen for a new hire and these may be happening in other systems we have customers who don’t want to have you know re-key into another but it’s really an advantage to be able to have all of the different pieces of that on boarding in one ticket it’s easy to get a status for it is easy to determine what pieces haven’t been completed yet now you notice that there are no IT requests that are in here at this point now Chuck Santos is our our new hire in this case and Bruce Robertson is the supervisor so what happens in the map and let me just get back over to email here so I got an email as the hiring manager and let me just pull that up for you You can see it over here. That Bruce got an email saying that Chuck has a new hire request has come in for chuck and this is your ticket number and so chuck is gonna go into that ticket from the portal and be able to specify the equipment and the other associated items that his new hires going to need this is the enterprise service management hub that we’ve created the advantage is that you can have multiple tenants on the same Cherwell implementation and allow each area to have a little different look and feel while still maintaining the corporate skin and theme that you want to have for a place that your end users request assistance the other advantage is that from an end user perspective whether you’re asking for something from HR or facilities or IT frankly you don’t care you want to be able to go one place and get all of these things taken care of but you also want to be able to see the overall status of all of your different request so I’m going to click on my items and tickets hopefully I’m still logged in and it’s gonna allow me to see the different areas that I’ve already reported tickets against now I’ve already done a high level four-minute overview on the facilities side as well the facilities is part of the enterprise service management suite that we have and they have their own different look and feel that’s important to them so here I am I’m logging in as

Bruce just to remember where we are on the hiring supervisor I went into my items and ticket and I can see that I had been a hiring maniac I’ve been responsible for forming this brand new team and I’m the hiring manager for lots of different people that are coming in here but I also have other things that I see on this overall service to my overall items so as a person of this company I also have iT issues that I may have and request so I can see all of the things that are HR related but it can also see that the status of my virus issue and I need a projector request as well so here’s the new hire request for Chuck Santos that we got the email about that got initiated from Chuck as a candidate we clicked on generate new hire as the hiring manager I’m in here I can pull up this new hire request and I am going to edit this, so I see the form and I can see that all of the things that I need to populate are blank although they are available for me. So I’m going to go ahead and edit this well first of all I can see that there are three tasks that are already generated so if you’re not putting these extra tags on your portal so customers can see approvals on task you’re missing the boat a little bit I just learned about this not too long ago and so I can provide a vie of right down into the task level for your end users so I’m gonna go ahead and edit this new hire and I can put in the facility and any other information that’s appropriate for those of you familiar with Cherwell you will know that this is a specific forum that anything on this forum is actionable so if this full time vs if it’s part time means that something different has to happen in the fulfillment process the Status field can be checked and trigger different activities if i dont have not listed request new cost center this will actually generate a new task that says request cost center so a lot of actions are taking place here now as a supervisor is applying specific details to what he wants his person to have this is populated these items are in a catalog we can import that catalog or you can just populate it yourselves or we can launch out to a catalog as well this catalog has different prices associated and so for any service request whether it’s a new hire or request a phone kind of thing you can set approvals as part of your workflow so a common approval is one level up my manager always has to approve another very common approval is around finances so if the cost of this overall request is greater than $1,500 let’s say an additional approval can be set to this in the one step, in the Admin client if you go in and take a look at it if your version 7 or above this is a one step that is initiating the tasks and these tasks all say if this is selected initiate the task so I’m only gonna have tasks for anything that I picked on this list here my list is going to include both IT kinds of things as well as facilities if you want go ahead and just mark this as approved. If it didn’t have an approval it would go out and require a manager approval. I’m going to cheat just a little and go ahead and say that it’s approved and let me go ahead and say this and it takes us back out so I’m just going to wait for a second for the automation process to run here for chuck because what’s supposed to happen is that now that I have asked for the specific IT tasks to be generated those tasks should now be part of this workflow might just take a minute here but I’ll check not yet so I’ll show you one note that’s already been completed and it’s already run and I promise I will go back to this so you know it’s not smoke and mirrors so this was one for Randy Travis we hired Randy for a little musical entertainment in our team and you can see that in addition to the three tasks that were opened when we generated the initial new hire request I now have other specific tasks that are both I T and facilities related based on the

supervisor picking these for their new hire so let me just take a pause for a second here because I covered a lot of ground and to see if there are any questions on this process in general it is there so there’s chucks and all of the other additional tasks have been created and if you have worked with requests in Cherwell before you know that tasks are individual pieces of work that are assigned to different teams to work and this will show up in their dashboard as an item that that they need to go look at and when the facilities person goes into that task they’ll have a view of the overall request as well as the candidate so they can understand a little bit better about what they’re providing and the location for that I do have a couple of questions. You want me to ask them now or let you keep going? Yea that’d be fine when you’re talking about the HR case management and you mentioned earlier that we we made a copy or before I put words in your mouth the question is if HR case management is using the same object as the incident so the incident business object we’ve got normally in Cherwell, how are we keeping data separate between those two systems HR sensitive data compared to incident data, can you explain that briefly? while they’re in the same database but they are by security group and roll when people log in they have access to that or not have access to that so that the tenant rules that we have applied here or at a couple of different levels they’re at the level of the service category structure so if I log in as an HR person I have an HR roll only seeing HR categories HR dashboards HR options that go along with that so an IT person cannot get to a case management one unless they have the right roll that’s provided and we can provide that down at field level so in the case of a HR if you’re sharing that ticket and an IT person can see that ticket you can be down at the HR sensitive field level such as social security number or you know phone numbers or whatever and have that field restricted based again on the role and the role would be HR I think our roles at this point HR caseworker and HR managment. so a bunch of different layers we can go to. Excellent, good I’m going to save the other questions Mary Lynne, until we get closer to the end, so keep going. ok so this is going faster than I thought this is great so let me stay up here at the portal a little bit and then you know as the new hire stuff soaks around a little bit I’m switching over to the case management and providing knowledge up at the portal for another set of HR requirement but I’ll probably spend about 10 minutes on that max and then we can bump back over to any area that the group wants to talk about so again I’m in as a person that wants to have all of the different options available, I’ve got HR, I’ve got facilities. Let me show you something too real quickly so that’s the HRP from the facilities prospective it looks a little bit different but it pulls out the categorization structure a little bit differently as well so HR is gonna look very different so I think most of the people on the phone are existing Cherwell customers this will sound familiar if you’re not I think you will catch up really quickly so we all know that one of the core structures underlying Cherwell is the service catalog and I like a service catalog, I’m a huge proponent of what it does for you but I do not like how the dynamic catalogs are rendered in the self-service portal out of the box the great news is they are dynamic and the way that you modify that catalog is truly through cable it’s not even going into the big admin client to do it it’s a table where you just add entries and it can be pushed out that modification in the maintenance of that can be pushed out the challenge that a lot of our customers have is in the rendering of the portal so this is

the out of box rendering of the portal I think this is a 702 one, 8 looks pretty similar to it it got away from if you’re on an older version of five and six the out of boxing is not those I really dislike the boxes you know the blue boxes where you hover over and it sortof turns green so the rendering of the Service Catalog is something that i think is a challenge for a lot of customers and hopefully when I go through what we’ve done with HR it’ll give you some ideas on how that can be extended as well so you know you’re an end user coming in here and the word I use for this is meander you’re having to meander through here I don’t like how it left off it orphaned this service in this final subcategory up here but I honestly don’t believe that the other out of box options for rendering the catalogue are appealing at all either and you know I think I would hear few applauses if we were not muted at this point but you gotta have the structure and the structure is so very powerful because it’s what drives your assignment and it’s what drives your specific forms so you have to use it and you want to use it and it’s great for reporting but to have somebody come in here and let’s say they have an HR question, they’re having to go down through here and they say oh here’s my HR stuff and then here all of the different things well that’s a pretty good selection of HR kinds of things we took this, some of these ideas from the last two customers that we’ve worked with as their common areas for HR this is a little difficult to maneuver so what we’ve done and this is a continuing theme with most of our other portal designs is that we pulled this out and there are a couple of different areas that we absolutely believe in first of all you’ve got an announcement area here we’ve modified in this map so that they’re tenant based so you can have when you go into the discussion records if you’re familiar with the discussions table you will pick a tenant for who that announcement is applicable to so in this map we have an HR tenant a facilities tenant and an IT tenant and you can can extend that easily and we’ve also added an expiration date so that the announcement would no longer be shown after that last day but as you can see when I went into the human resources area this does not look anything like the service catalog but it is it is the service catalog I mean if you look back at what I was showing you in the service catalog these are most of the categories and not all of them so what our customers are doing they’re doing a review of what are the most common kinds of requests that come into the service desk and a lot of companies are finding is that about 75% of the issues and requests that come in from the end user can fall in potentially ten or twelve different boxes so what we encourage people to do is put those up here on the portal in big pretty letters that are easy to click and easy to find and these are the most common ones for our current HR customers now if you can’t find what you want you need a bailout but when we gonna bail out and I’ll show you this in a second we bail only to the HR portion of the Service Catalog so when we click into benefits we have here are some categories but guess what these are not the actual names in some cases of the subcategories because when you don’t use the dynamic view of the catalog you can name this anything you want and what happens underneath is a one step that simply maps so it says whenever I click on benefit enrollment that services benefit the cateories medical dental vision and my subcategory might be something called enrollment but we made it look a lot nicer here now from a maintenance perspective when I first started talking to customers about it this past summer getting away from the dynamic one at first I was not a proponent of this because I would say what but it’s not dynamic, you’re gonna have to put one steps underneath all of these things

as I started going out to customers I found out that almost all of them could care less about the fact that you just have to add a little one step here once you solidify your service catalog it’s not gonna change that much and the benefit of being able to render your services categories and subcategories in an eye appealing structure and format that you wanna do makes this really pretty easy I mean clicking on the one step to go with this is probably a two-minute process what we did in the HR side which is different than the portal on the IT side is that you expect that people are wanting answers up here and we would quickly need to get them to the right area so in this case what we what we are able to demonstrate and this was based on a proof of concept that we did for a customer that had a knowledge base that we needed sort of replicate but what we found was that knowledge and I’m using knowledge with air quotes around it that knowledge is really in multiple sources it’s never just in one and you know we went into this thinking we’re gonna put all their stuff into the Cherwell knowledge management system no way so what we did in the POC which was revealing for us that you can do this pretty easily that you know from an HR perspective your knowledge is in three different place your knowledge is external your knowledge is on a shared source or you may have the tribal knowledge that you want to store within Cherwell so here’s an example when I click on this I clicked on benefits enrollment here at advanced marketplace our benefits are maintained by an external customer oasis and so in this case I went from my corporate site that said benefit and it took me to the outsourced site and depending on what you have set up with your outsourced areas and if you have single sign-on enabled you could potentially even log them right into the system so that’s just an example of the knowledge that somebody needs or the destination that they need to get to being availabe with a click out here instead it opening up a ticket another example, enrolling in 401k now here is an example where the knowledge articles are maintained in Cherwell if you don’t have a common repository somewhere that you want to link out to you can store them in Cherwell and in this case it will pull up your document that’s maintained in the document manager and is provided and they can download it or do whatever they need to do at this point with it so that’s another way of providing that knowledge and then a third way to go out to a share end site so in this case I’m going to a place thats holding the data so a lot of you may use share point or sharefolders, Cherwell is not a document management system i mean it doesn’t do that check-in and check-out inversion control its a great place to store documents if you want to use them across multiple knowledge articles but a lot of people have these in common repository so you can link out to those so if you haven’t tried this yet in your Cherwell system, and HR was a perfect way for us to try this out you can launch out to launch out from your sub category level you can pull up docs and you can also go into the knowledge side of things as well now if you’re in here and you haven’t found what you’re looking for I’m gonna go ahead and click on submit an HR request so this is the bailout I didn’t find the knowledge that I wanted you provided me with lots of different places to go and look and I just can’t find it the other thing you can do is up here I only have charts and items but I can also have documents up here that link out to a shared site what we’ve done here is you have the ability to easily identify something as a quick case in your system and let’s say that you know you’re in the enrollment period and the 15 questions that are all the same came in the last 10 minutes you can quickly put them up as a quick case selection where it’s going to provide the knowledge article that they want that is useful for that so it’s just another way to quickly get them instead of having to open a ticket get the information to them you can also search your knowledge, your Cherwell knowledge base

if that fails I hit ask HR now heres that same service catalog I’m still not thrilled with the way it looks I got an orphan here but what it does is it does at least segment this to the HR service and gives a shorter view. Almost all of these are represented by those links that were back underneath you know benefit and life events so I also wanted to show you that from here I can also open up an on boarding I’m not taking the onboarding away you don’t have to pick one way oh my gosh my HR people are not the ones that do on board initiation I can do this in here as a supervising manager so you still have the ability to provide the on-board form and the onboarding workflow if you decide that you want to initiate onboarding from the end user portal instead of from HR so I’ve covered the way to get knowledge to people for HR we can open up a ticket and that goes into the case management system I’m looking at my different cases that I have open here sort these a little bit here’s one that I had opened the other day I can track my journal notes back and forth in this case the technician who’s Henry sent back information to Bruce that he can see up here on the portal with the objective always being that they don’t have to call back in for status which drains the resources of any of the Service Desk so lots of information being provided up here as well wow I feel like I sped through that so we could get through everything and now we have some additional time so what kinds of questions you have around the HR process or the portal or the knowledge side so Mary Lynne you have quite a few questions here just as a reminder for those that have attended today’s webinar you can ask questions down the bottom left-hand corner just direct those specifically to Matthew Peeples I’ll bring them up to Mary Lynne as we go through this, this is the first time we’ve ever had this question how many people are actually in attendance with us today so I’m looking looks like we’ve got 36 people on the webinar today I thought that was a funny questions got now you’re gonna make me nervous now, good group of people on today’s call we had some good interactions with questions so I saw this question two different times in reference to H R you talked about social security numbers you talk about things that obviously are confidential and secure or at least should be so HIPAA came up in a couple different ways in questions so can you speak to HIPAA compliance and for those of you all that might not recognize HIPPA, HIPAA is what manages patient information or social security numbers to make sure that those aren’t just laying around on someones desk for anyone to easily see so Mary Lynne is there with Cherwell or this H R piece is HIPAA come into play in any of this you know we’re gonna do a follow up on that because I know that both 508 compliance and HIPAA compliancy are on the the short term road map for Cherwell from a data protection perspective the you absolutely can protect any field, I mean any anything down at a field level that’s secured by security groups and roles so the actual wraparound though for HIPPA a compliance if we can take up as a follow-up I’d like to do that as a more robust response. Excellent, I think this question plays in that same statement you just made about a field-level security so can you mask a candidate’s name or just information if you don’t wanna put their location of where their at maybe you need to hide their name or their last name speak again to be sure that that answered at a field level we can any of those things and so usually if you’re not talking to HR usually being able to segment by role and by service and things like that are good enough but in the case of HR where the tickets may need to be shared it’s absolutely critical that those get down at the field level in and Cherwell

provides that capability to either hide fields make them only or maybe you only want to mask and see the last four social but the record has all of them all of those things can happen and the only way you would see them as if you have a specific role, good, Mary Lynne this comes back to the Taleo comments from earlier Brint’s asking about with this solution I know that you’re really really piqued the interest of a lot of people because we always get this question are you saying that they could if they did not want to use Taleo they could use this system completely standalone and not necessarily use a requirement job requirement tracking piece or they could use one piece of the other so go back and just kinda talk about that again about the Taleo, oh yeah because I want to be really honest to with one of the pieces that’s not here yet and it’s something that we are actively working on so if you want to use the job tracker component and the candidate component they are part of this now if you don’t we just wouldn’t put them in them the map and so you would take a job right from the very beginning as new and take it through all of the different phases that it would go through now the piece is not part of this that we’ve been asked about a lot is is posting them to a website and having candidates apply through that website and that part is not here right now we can take an inbound email and create a new candidate from that with all of the information in the email if it’s a structured email but we don’t have the application process on the portal at this time so this would start from a job being created candidates being identified and then kicking off the new hire process ok, good comment and so this goes back to another question of integration if they have tools and then we can seem to pick on Taleo pretty regular here so they are have an external tool that’s doing this and they want to be able to interface with those tools one the question was about if the other system could send an email could Cherwell read the email and update HR with some data another person asked about you know what level of integration is there can you speak briefly to what we could do from an integration with these third-party HR tools that are already out there yeah it’s really pretty simple you can do the Web API most people don’t bother going that direction what we’re doing with Kronos our most recent one we’re gonna do database to database in that case and what we’ve done for another customer I can’t remember what tool they had, theirs was initiated by an email but whether its database to database or formatted email we can do bidirectional information exchange you know coming from lets say Kronos or Taleo in to generate the request and then if Taleo wants some sort of information back at least the ticket number that was created and when the final task was finished or maybe they actually need to know some more information that part of that request that can be sent back over either the database to database way or via e-mail to update, so you know the challenge is always that other side and I may sound a little biased but its never Cherwell’s fault but you know the example that we’re working on with Kronos is that Kronos is not allowing us to write to them directly they do not want updates from another system and so in that case what we’re doing is we’re using a staging table that it goes into and we’re posting the updates into it or they’re sending that down and we’re sending the updates back into a staging table for them so the integration is really the easiest part of this with the bidirectional capabilities, Mary Lynne I have 18 more questions they continue to keep coming in so some of these I can answer quickly was this recorded? Normally I say that in the beginning that we’re recording it so yes today’s sessions been recorded if you want to copy of the recording you can email and we can give you a link to the recording as well so we’ve got a version question is what version was this built to support and then a separate

question which all just ties together I’m moving to version 8 with this work with version 8, version 5 would it work on 5 so speak briefly Mary Lynne to the versions that these things reside on and what they support, it was built on seven which is where the candidate tracker and job tracker they may have been six as well but we built this on 702 and we’ve upgraded it this that I’m showing you here is a 702 upgraded to 801 so if you’re on 6 you gotta get up to you just for your own good you need to get up to eight if you can there’s so many new enhancements in 8 along with the orchestration that’s available now in the improvements in the browser but this map could be put onto a seven system or an 8 systems safely at this point, so Mary Lynne this ties back into licensing, do they have to go to Cherwell to get this do they come to us to get it and do they have to buy a license to do this I can answer some of those type of questions right this is an AMP solution that we’ve built on top of Cherwell it does not require any additional licensing from Cherwell unless the fact that you’re using it requires additional users into the system the beauty of Cherwell is you’re really buying access to their platform they’ve got a really great help desk tool on the platform and that’s what most people buy it for but any other solutions whether it is this HR solution or facilities it’s really a matter of users accessing the environment not so much a license that you have to buy from Cherwell to make these things work So Mary Lynne you can answer this when I know that Cherwell, I saw this actually on their website today seventy percent of their customers are doing some level of beyond IT and the question got asked you build this off of user requirements so it’s obvious you’ve got customers interested in this, how many of our customers are doing some level beyond IT can you take just 30 seconds to speak to that. Beyond IT piece is big and little so we have a lot of people I would say that almost all of our customers are doing beyond IT but the gradients are you know are small middle and big so facilities and HR that’s why we built this enterprise service management platform HR facilities are just arm in arm with the IT one for probably at least half of our customers and then when you say beyond IT because of this platform and the fact that it doesn’t interfere with upgrades there are a lot of people that are just creating their own things on here i mean from an advanced marketplace perspective this is where we do our professional services project tracking this is where we report time against the milestones of our projects this is where consultants enter their time and enter their expenses and customers are extending this I don’t know if I have it in this one at this point but every time I go out to Cherwell I see them extending it also with maps I just loaded up a training map the other day from CHerwell that allows me to track training classes and the enrollment in training classes and there’s a CI alone M app I just happened upon the other day as well that lets me morph configuration items as loanable and from an incident go ahead and loan that out so I would say about 75% are doing something about 50% are doing significant like HR and facilities good answer so this is talking about customization someone is using this HR solution that we’ve built, how customizable is, and Tina this is a couple of your questions kinda combined together so let me know if Mary Lynne doesn’t completely answer this so if they’re using this solution and they want to make a customization to the forums they want to edit the workflow how is that possible do they need us to come into that for them again because we built this or are they capable of doing it on their own no, this is all just general configuration I mean if you’ve been able to set up your portal, not even your portal we can help a little bit with that if you have service requests that are happening out there right now and know how to do tasks know how to update your service catalog this is just a dashboard here and I don’t mean to minimize it, I mean it did take a little bit to put it together but a lot of that was pulling together the requirements the configuration on this is just like you would modify an incident or a service request there’s nothing special, So Mary Lynne we’ve got multiple and we’ve got five minutes we’ve got a wrap up the call right at two o’clock today we’ve got multiple asking for things like go back and show me more around the work order piece or could you get little deeper into the new hire click some more buttons we’re not

gonna have time to do that today but if anyone wanting to see a deeper dive into this feel free to e-mail and we can easily set up a one-on-one session where you can ask your own questions and drive what we’re looking as we go through that. so you talked a little about document and that we are not a document repository but this question is more along the lines of template so does Cherwell offer document templates that incorporate the candidates information like email name and I’m assuming this question is we’re adding somebody new to the system is there a template thats already in the system that asks all the right information that’s important to HR So if I’m adding a new user right if I’m going back to your your candidate track and I got a new candidate and I want to make sure there’s ten fields of data thats important to the HR department for a new candidate, so this screen here right if we want to also add something how many children do they have or something along those lines if we want to modify that we can do that correct oh yeah you can add anything you want here get rid of anything adding fields are a piece of cake and one of the special things we have in this map this looks like just dumb-old checklist well because every single customer we go to wants a different checklist we’ve made these so that their their own little supporting object and can easily be modified and applied to the candidate forum so that you can have you know fifty checklists if you want, so Mary Lynne let me run through a couple more of these so we got two questions on we’re using the solution are we calling Cherwell for support who provide support to answer the solution so speak briefly to help someone so there’s nothing in here that isn’t Cherwell I mean this is absolutely their forms their database it’s the same as any M app that you would load up there is nothing special I makes it sound easy but I mean there’s nothing special or proprietary that AMP has done in here that somebody from Cherwell support would not answer so this next question you kinda went there a moment ago with sounded like you’re talking about new students coming in the question was asked earlier on the call is could we take this instead of doing a job applicant of someone hiring could we do this for student admission, if they want to take this and modify this completely away from HR but do something that handles students coming into the school is that doable oh yeah I mean it’s the same idea and you need to have those students at different statuses and in a way they’re a candidate for the school right and so the statuses might not be job offered but it may be admissions offered and be able to track that status of that student and then keep the collateral that’s associated with it all in one loacation it would not be a stretch that take this candidate model in to a student enrollment model so as the IT components are filled out with data and that reside in inventory area can that be accessed by the help desk when the employee has help desk request so this goes back to we’re doing all this stuff and HR, does the IT department have access to this data to now start working with another employee there is an assumption in there that when you fulfill a new hire request the answer is yes but you have to do a little bit to do it in these tasks here, when somebody gets a, orders a computer and then configures the computer if you’re not bringing in that person as part of your SCCM integration or your Cherwell ESM integration then whoever configures this computer needs to make sure that computer gets added to the CMDB and the person needs to be added to that as well now one steps could be created behind the scenes to do that and a lot of the discovery tools will bring in that information with it but it depends on what’s being captured and if it’s not being captured it either needs to be a one-step or it needs to be manually done. Well Mary Lynne we’ve got additional questions but we’re up against the 2 o’clock hour so I will address each of these questions back to the individuals that asked them, I’ll follow up with you after this I’ve got your email account thank you everyone for participating in today’s HR solution webinar again if you’ve got questions or want to see deep dive feel free to e-mail and we can easily schedule

that and show you the solution have a great day thank you thank you